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Captain redryuranger11

I had a few ideas that didn't make it the first time around during the writing of this fic. However since some of you may be wondering what they are, I'll put them down here as I try to recall them.

The first is Gokaired. Most of you may have noticed that Gokaired is a character named Mark and he has a boisterous personality and has a sister. My first concept was actually not so much like Mark. As some may notice from Gokaired's debut into Academia, he had a slightly different personality then Mark has now. The original concept for Gokaired was made before I even saw Gokaiger, and quite frankly, I judged it too early due to their ability to transform. Gokaired was simply going to be a character called Captain Red and he was going to be extremely minor, only appearing to help a bit sometimes. He was going to be a rude guy that just barged in and ran out. Instead however, I came to like everything else about the Gokaigers that isn't the transforming into other rangers, and then Mark came to be.

Also originally there wasn't going to be a Leila character. Captain Red was going to be by himself with only his Gokaigalleon as his only companion.

3/6/2011 #1

Tendou's role was meant for Akiko or her Daughter but Rynn filled it up and I created Tendou in place. And Akiko doesn't have a daughter as Tendou, her son was created.

3/7/2011 . Edited 3/7/2011 #2
Kamen Rider Tyranno

what did we suppose to discuss here ?

3/8/2011 #3
Captain redryuranger11

Actually there isn't much to discuss. I'm just telling people what my original ideas were before putting them down on the net. Bet you didn't guess Mark would not have such an impact right?

3/8/2011 #4
Captain redryuranger11

Some of you may have noticed that in Chapter 8, there exists a whole entirely new location called 'Tamashi Frontier'. Well originally there wasn't anything like this in my first ideas, and I have mentioned that Chapter 10 was meant to be Chapter 8, but I decided I wanted to try something extremely different. My original plans for chapters was going to be strictly formula. Some focus on a submitted team, then team up with Team Lightning (or rarely, Elements) and boom, end of chapter. Then after that a filler chapter. But I decided that was too boring so I tried something different.

Tamashi Frontier was inspired when I watched the anime, Macross Frontier. Go check it out when you can.

Also speaking of original ideas for a chapter, chapter 12&13 were meant to chronicle Taiga training Reiko and the Gekiblue character how to summon their Geki Beasts. Gekichopper was also going to join up. Unfortunately . . . Gokaiger aired and as you all know, I liked it because its MARVELOUS! So those chapters ended up focusing a lot of Mark who was originally going to be Captain Red.

3/9/2011 #5

well the real name for Shadow Takers was gonna be called team wing blade. why because i was gonna put with red hawk? a female magiyellow and boukenblue but they were already taken so i pick Blue Dolphin and TigerRanger and the name Shadow Takers, so that it.

3/12/2011 #6
Captain redryuranger11

Were Team Wing Blades going to be just like Shadow Taker and hunt down and kill Evil Rangers?

3/12/2011 #7

yeah, but Shadow Takers they don't just kill Evil Rangers, they are like bounty hunters they can kill Evil Rangers or take them to jall.

3/12/2011 #8
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