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It's a new year. Anubis house has been completely reconstructed to fullfill regular "dorm requirements." New students are coming in and old students still remain. Secrets have of course been unveiled, but is there more to come? Only the new generation of
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Nicholette Kingston

Nicole: America seemed so far away right now. A complete ocean and continent away in fact. What was I thinking? Moving from freakin paradise California to gloomy Great Britain is something only an imbecile would do! Well, maybe that's what I was then, because what other reason could I possibly have for joining the exchange student program. Princeton and Richton private had warned me there'd be no turning back, and now I finally realized how serioud they were. Worst off, my back ached from the long plane ride over here, and the taxi wasn't all that comfortable either. But the driver had been nice enough, and he had helped me with my luggage and told me all about the school. Apparently, I was lucky to go here. What really cheered me up was the school's all-star cheer team. Something that seemed mighty fine to me right then.

"Well here we are, lil' miss." the taxi driver smiled and got out, ready to hand me my bags.

I stepped out and looked up at Anubis House. According to their website, the Anubis House had been recently renovated to obtain minimum standard regulations for dorms. I never expecteded it to be this huge...or old fashioned honestly. Nevertheless, I grinned. I waved good bye to the taxi driver and picked up my rolling bag along with my JC handbag. My heart beat along with the clicking of my black heels. Here goes nothing....I reached for the iron knocker and used all the might in my tiny self to pound at the door. Only minutes later the door creaked open and I found myself face to face with a woman a little taller than I was, but, of course, at least twenty years older than me.

"Hello, hun!" she smiled broadly, "You must be one of the new students we're getting this year!"

"Uh huh." I looked around, "I'm Nicholette, and it looks like I'm the first one here."

"Well, everyone else just seems to be running late." she grabbed my rolling bag, "I'm Trudy by the way, and not only that," she gave me a sheepish grin, "but I havn't finished cleaning out the bedrooms. I'm so sorry Nicole but if you don't mind me running upstairs and finishing quickly?"

I gave her an "ok," and wandered over to the living room area. Everything here was so outdated, and completely "in." I loved it. With a light heart I sat down on the sofa, wondering where everyone was and hoping they'd get here soon.



"I'm going to be so late!" I couldn't help but pout. Everything had seemed to be going fine this morning than BAM! Mom has a last minute meeting and she can't take me to freakin boarding school. Worse, the chaffeur had the day off, and the butler isn't liscensed. So who gets called for the job? Thirty miles per hour grandfather Ben. Wonderful.

"Oh, it's fine Joy." He crinkled his eyebrows, as if suggesting otherwise, "I mean, we just got a little bit lost on the way, and I'm sure the traffic will clear up!"

I leaned back in my chair, not used to doing anything slow paced really. Thank God Anubis house was only eight more miles from this exit. But those eight miles dragged on and on. Enventuually, talk about "modern cars" got a tad annoying and I began to disappear into my little world. In fact, I didn't even notice when we pulled up to Anubis House until Grandpa shook me. Without hesitating I jumped out of the car, grabbed my bags, kissed Grandpa goodbye, and ran up the stairs of the porch. I opened the doors with my free hand and practically jumped inside. "I'm HOME!" I almost yelled, but instead settled on a whisper. But even that wasn't enough because immediatly after a glowing pair of blue eyes peirced me. Someone had beaten me here...

((btw! your's obviously does NOT have to be this long haha))

2/28/2011 #1
I Slay Darkness With Belief

I'm just browsing, and I could very well be wrong, I'm not too experienced in roleplaying, at all, but I'm pretty sure you have to "claim" every character that you use or make them talk or something... I'd be deighted to join, anyways! I'll make a character as soon as you respond =D

3/6/2011 #2
Nicholette Kingston

Well technically you do have to "claim" a character. If you go to the forum page it'll have a seperate page for that. :)

Hope to RP with you soon! :D

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Lizzy: I'm not sure if I am excited or nervous about going all the way to England? I mean I have always wanted to go but I'm gonna miss everyone! Maybe I should stay here in Henryetta! No I already know there's no way I am stayin here to many memory's I want to forget and its either England or going and traveling to California for my mom's new job and of course my dad being who he is he can go wherever! Why did I pick England over California IDK! Oh well that's how I ended up in this airplane flying to England all the way to... House of Anubis according to my school papers I received also saying that they are giving me the scholarship (that I don't need)! I decided to play some Miranda Lambert on my iPhone and fall asleep till I heard: "Lady's and Gentleman this is your pilot please buckle up as we are about to land!" so I put on my seat belt and looked out the window of my new home England! After I got my luggage of course I see the typical chauffeur with the sign that read Lizzy McCourt dad did it again, sending a limo after I told him I wanted to blend in! Anyway, I go to the limo and the chauffeur puts up my luggage and I head to my new home.

"We are here, miss." The chauffeur says. I must of fallen asleep on the way. I stepped out and looked at my home it was nice I was a few minutes late so that was not a good first impression so taking all my luggage in I ran to the house and knocked on the door. Obviously the house mom came to greet me.

"Hello dearie, welcome to Anubis, I'm Trudy I'll be your house mother." she said welcoming me in a hug.

"Hi Trudy, I'm Elizabeth, ugh Lizzy." I say.

"Well go on in and sit in the living room or you can go would you like me to take you to your room?"

"Um...If you don't' mind can you take me to my room please?"

"Sure dearie follow me." I followed Trudy up the stairs to my room and it I began to unpack. So far this place is nice! I think I'm gonna like it here!

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Was I supposed to right it here or on my own?? sorry probably should of asked before I posted!

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