Alice in the Country of Hearts Roleplay :
Currently this is the only anime/manga that i would like to do a roleplay of and that i cannot find one of : so please people can you help me out here :
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Oh just to let you know that the topic marked is where you write the characters , incase you didnt know :)

3/1/2011 #1

Wat about our Tokyo Mew Mew roleplay xD

5/6/2011 #2

Hi, I've only read one volume of the manga so far, but I'd love to join. Is that okay?

5/24/2011 #3

Fair warning it may be a couple days before you get an answer because she tends to only come on every couple of days

5/25/2011 #4

Sure you can join Fanless and yes DarksOnlyAngel99 , sorry for not coming on so often.. its exams and stuff over here and whilst i do get the notifications through on my phone i am not always able to get straight to a laptop however now that i have my own and that i am gaining more time to check the website i shall hopefully be coming on more often :) ...

Fanless feel free to do a character and whataver :) x

5/25/2011 #5
I was just teasing xD It doesn't really matter if you're only on every couple of days. But you would end up not replying to the roleplay :p
5/25/2011 #6

I might not be able to post that often myself... school, ugh.

6/3/2011 #7

:) thats okay fanless :)

6/10/2011 #8

Um guys un petit problem I'm not gonna be able to be online very often for the next couple of weeks. Between getting ready for my senior year, sports tryouts, and work, I'm barely gonna have time to breath. But pleeeaaase don't leave me behind in the roleplay!

8/8/2011 #9

Thats okayy Darks and to be honest i'm not going to be on much for the next couple of weeks either got stuff to sort so this roleplay may be a bit slow for a while overall guys x

8/9/2011 #10
Death101- Fox Version

I have a question. What does this have to do with +Anima AKA Plus Anima?

+Anima is a manga that I will not explain because I doubt any of you really care. Not +Anime (Whatever that is.)

I think you wanted the Misc Anime forums not the +Anima forums. If you could please move it, the fans would be deeply grateful. We're running into trouble with people just tossing random fics into the section because they are either:

1) too lazy to find the actual section


2) new to the site and have no idea what they are doing.

So please help us +Anima fans by spreading the word and moving your forum and any stories if you have any to the proper sections. Please. We already have a lot on our plate trying to get the regular fics section clear of stuff that isn't +Anima fanfiction. Our crossovers are also over run with stories crossed with the wrong section. We can't really take having the forums messed up too. So please just switch the category (super easy by the way) and Please help us clean up FF +Anima section by spreading the word. Thanks.


11/6/2011 #11

Thanks for that, um the moderator isn't on very often but as soon as she gets on I'll let her know and get her to change it

11/10/2011 #12
Death101- Fox Version



11/10/2011 #13
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