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Really not much else to say here. Pretty much all the description needed is in the name. So... go nuts. Seriously.
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This is where you submit your Ocs for approval. I really don't see why I had to tell you that but whatever. You can also play as a canon character, if I allow it. Which I probably won't, but there's always a chance. Anyway, here's the format.









Strife Specibus:

Fetch Modus:







Other Details:

And there you have it. So, like I said, go nuts.

3/2/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #1

This seems cool, I guess.

Name: Elizaol Borrue

Gender: female

Species: Troll

Chumhandle/Trolltag: rebelArtist

Personality: Rebel, as seen in the Trolltag.

Appearance: The usual colors for a troll: Grey skin, black hair, and orange in the white of the eyes. Her eye color is green, and has long black curls/waves of hair. A heart shaped faced, and big dragon-like horns (Unlike most Trolls, she was born with a Chinese Zodiac instead.) Mostly wears black skirts with blue and green designs on it, then a black shirt with her symbol.

Interests: Drawing, reading, pulling pranks/ sneaking into others houses with ninja stealth, then messing up their room (if already a mess, she just throws the stuff out the window.)

Strife Specibus: Throwing stars/ kunai.

Fetch Modus: Draw / Pictionary

Land: The Land of Holy and Demons

Title: Bandit of Dark

Sprite: Like other trolls, she threw in her janitor. Which was pretty hard, considering he is a giant dragon.




Other Details:

3/24/2011 #2

Accepted, though normally, both parts of a title are one syllable. I'll post my Human and Troll characters in a bit. And you actually guessed the theme I wanted for the Trolls very well. We're going for Chinese Zodiac here. My Troll will be the Rat.

4/1/2011 #3

Name:Artner Rollus


Age: Eight sweeps.



Personality:Artner is a sadist, a coward, and a lier. So, pretty much standard for a Troll. He frequently performs experiments on a variety of subjects, willing or unwilling, living or dead. He also tortures sentient and non-sentient beings as practise for when he becomes one of the Sinterrogators. However, since Alternia will inveitably be destroyed, this won't happen.

Appearance: Artner's horns form two triangles with his head, giving the appearence of ears. His hair is diry and greasy, always caught in some unfortunate tangle. He wears a pair of thick goggles to obscure his eyes. The symbol on his shirt is indeciferable from years of wear. He wars a thick leather apron and gloves. His blood is blue-green.

Interests:Torture, biology, knitting.

Strife Specibus:Chainkind.

Fetch Modus:Jigsaw.

Land:Land of Iron and Wind

Title:Heir of Heart.

Sprite: His Lusus and a disembowled Troll.

Guardian/Lusus: A 7-foot tall anthropomorphic rat.



Other Details: Yes, I did intend for him to be a despicable asshat, why do you ask?

4/1/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #4
Doc Scratch

Name: Lingua Prytan

Gender: Female

Species: Troll

Trolltag: lucidWordsmith

Personality: Lingua, like most trolls, has a very aggressive attitude. Unlike most trolls she is also surprisingly hard to piss off (most of the time, anyway). She has a lot of dreams and aspirations but is typically too lazy to get anything done, though this could just be due to her youth as she is the somewhat volatile age of nine sweeps, the very cusp of adulthood. As a Greenblood (think Nepeta) she is also smack dab in the middle of the hemospectrum, but she likes to think this doesn't matter. She lost one of her horns in a fight with a highblood who wouldn't leave her alone, though she managed to kill him in the end. Despite this she's typically the social type and will sometimes forget that not everyone understands everything and go on long rants to whoever will listen about her favorite subjects (see Interests).

Appearance: (Yes, I made a sprite edit of her. I am this much of a dork.)

Interests: Language, writing, maps and globes (even though she is terrible at geography), history, and psychology.

Strife Specibus: Scythekind

Fetch Modus: Index

Land: Land of Ink and Sand (LOIAS)

Title: Scribe of Thought

Sprite: First Tier Prototype - Her lusus, Second Tier Prototype - None

Lusus: A very large tortoise. She likes to ride on his back sometimes when she's not in a hurry.

Consorts: Tortoises.

Denizen: Chimaera

Other Details: Despite her love of language and grammar she tends to speak in kinda a lazy drawly way usin' words that ?rolly don't actually exist and basically breakin' alla the rules.

4/2/2011 . Edited 4/2/2011 #5

Oops. Forgot the last part (:

Guardian: As mentioned before, a 20 ft tall, 25 ft long dragon.

Consorts: Anything that falls in the lizard category.

Denizen: Hephaestus

Other Details: A certain power, I suppose. You know how Sollux has his lazer eyes? Well, whenever Liz breaths out, she breaths out fire. But she needs to redeem herself to breath more. Her stomach, however, has a separate spot for it. There is a separate tube that goes down to the stomach, which has this spot for oil, in which she drinks to breath out fire more. She could also eat fire (not blown out by her though) to refill it.

4/2/2011 #6

^^Wow. Accepted, for sure. I'll start the RP up in a bit.

4/3/2011 #7
Doc Scratch

Awesome, I can't wait to start playing!

4/3/2011 #8

Um, hey there.

Name: Atroxi Metise

Gender: Female

Species: Troll

Chumhandle/Trolltag: macabreSeamstress

Personality: Atroxi is considered a little bit weird by troll standards due to her mothering-like tendencies as well as her optimistic attitude, which doesn't mean that she wouldn't gladly show off her extensive blade collection to anyone who pisses her off (though it is rare). She is into FLARPing so much that she sews costumes for when she plays in an attempt to make the sessions seem more real and will even try creating clothing for everyday wear, more weird points for Atroxi. She's a perfectionist, especially with sewing, but hardly ever gets things right. This can cause whole outfits or accessories to be throw out in a fit that usually is accompanied by a string of self loathing, followed by an hour or two of sulking before she tries again. She can spend hours researching almost anything that peeks her interest, most of these sessions being focused biology and how things work, but it is mostly to keep herself busy as she gets restless easily. Her~words~tend~to~be~precise~but~rushed~with~a~wavering~nervous~tone~to~them.

Appearance: (A picture is easier then explaining everything)

Interests: sharp implements, horror, biology, learning new things, and sewing

Strife Specibus: Swordkind

Fetch Modus: Memory

Land: Land of Knowledge and Candles

Title: Prophet of Time

Sprite: Her lusus, Morpheus

Lusus: a very large sloth

Consorts: sloth

Denizen: Eris

Other Details: Yes, she's a blue blood.

If anymore is needed, I would be happy to write more.

4/14/2011 #9

(Just gonna go ahead and throw in the first app for a human here, since there is far too much trolling going on to be entirely safe. ;) Hope you all don't mind.)

Name: Alex Nicholas

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 17

Chumhandle/Trolltag: indolentMiscreant

Personality: Laid back, protective of friends, and doesn't take shit off anybody. Corny enough to crack bad puns and snarky enough for sarcasm-offs, she doesn't take life too seriously. Puts everything off until the last possible second, but shines under pressure. Except when she doesn't, and things of a fecal matter hit the metaphorical fan on an epic scale.


Finding it hilarious that I have a sprite made for her too. Hair's brown, eyes are green-gray. The shades are not, in fact, any sort of coolkid or badass accessory; they're just Transitions glasses that go pitch black at the barest hint of light and stay that way, leading to many unfortunate "Oh jesus, didn't see you there, sorry about the stab wound" shenanigans.

Interests: Taking things apart, listening to pretty bad music, growing strange plants, editing, cracking dirty jokes, and procrastinating on very important things.

Strife Specibus: Screwdriverkind

Fetch Modus: 52 Card Pick-up Modus (If the item she's looking for is not on top of the stacked sylladex, the entire thing is ejected and she must re-captchalogue everything so that the item does end up on top. Pretty much any time she actually succeeds in getting something she needs, it's dumb luck.)

Land: Land of Blaze and Sponge (LOBAS)

Title: Smith of Doom

Sprite: Sedum Gagadolphi (first prototyping: dead succulent plant, second prototyping: "The Fame Monster").

Guardian: Ma

Consorts: Newts (Cynops pyrrhogaster)

Denizen: Salamander

Other Details: too lazy t'press the shift key, almost everythin' is lowercase when she types, 'cept for Proper Nouns; tends t'drop any letters she deems unnecessary t'gettin' the point across, but is meticulous 'n her use of 'postrophes t'denote it

4/21/2011 #10

Both of you guys are in. So sorry about being gone for like, two months. And changing accounts. But I'm here now.

5/24/2011 #11

Might as well make a human character as well, since having just one would be stupid, wouldn't it?

Name: Randy Ericson.

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Age: 16

Chumhandle/Trolltag: recurringNote

Personality: Randy's, overall, a pretty laid back guy. Kind of an ass at times, a bit mean spirited, constantly thinks of himself as a 'lady's man', but at the very least he's tolerable. He likes things to be done in as epic a manner as possible, preferably with a bitchin' song in the background.

Appearance: Long, unwashed black hair, a plain white t-shirt covered in grease stains, tattered blue jeans, brown eyes covered by filthy bangs. He is, in essentium, a filthy, disgusting excuse for a human being.

Interests: Heavy Metal, robots of a transformable nature, Norse mythology.

Strife Specibus: Guitarkind.

Fetch Modus: Blind Man's Bluff. Self explanitory and a real pain in the ass to use.

Land: Land of Bones and Static (LoBaS)

Title: Bard of Void.

Sprite: Bear Prime. (First prototyping: Optimus Prime figure. Second prototyping: Stuffed bear.)

Guardian: Mother.

Consorts: Moles.

Denizen: Fenris.

Other Details: Types with normal spelling and grammar, bUt capitalises U's becaUse he feels like it. Hates KISS for reasons he's not willing to divulge.

5/28/2011 #12

Name: Vortex Descartes

Gender: Male.

Species: Carapace

Age: N/A

Chumhandle/Trolltag: (does he need this?)

Personality: Quite mean and vindictive, he always looks at the dark parts of life. Basically an ass, he does not care who he verbally attacks, he has a particular tendency to start augments, and has fin doing so.

Appearance: he lost an eye due to a virus and he is not about to replace it.

Interests: Runes, totems and codes, he likes a good challenge

Strife Specibus: Knifekind

Fetch Modus: War Ottoman

Land: Midnight city

Title: Vindictive Decoder (on Derse)

Other Details: Types with normal spelling and grammar, bUt capitalises U's becaUse he feels like it. Hates KISS for reasons he's not willing to divulge.

6/8/2011 #13

Name: Munichuk Kaban

Gender: Female

Species: Troll

Age: 13 in human years

Chumhandle/Trolltag: teenyBoarski TB

Personality: She's fiesty, rude, and often makes inappropriate jokes at the wrong time. Munichuk hates when you call her by her full name, and will try to take off your face. She's not a follower of the Hemospectrum superiority thing, she usually breaks it by tricking 'higher' bloods into doing things for her. She's cunning, often sneaking into some dark corner to think about a new prank, or how to take over the worlds. She finds it hard to resist eating the goo in her pod, so she often is whacked out of her mind.

Appearance: She's abnormally short for her age, standing just beneath the height of Karkat. Her hair is wild and kinda looks like a bird attacked it. Same gray skin and yellow eyes as the rest of the trolls, except for her left. Her left eye is a puce that frankly annoys the shit out of her. She's tried to scrape it out numerous times, which is why she has tons of scars on that side of her face. Munichuk's horns are very short, sticking almost straight out of her forehead, where they are located. She was born under the sign of Sagittarius, which means she is a b100 b100d.

Interests: Trolling, pranking the older trolls, giving a midnight makeover to a guy troll, kicking boulders off a cliff, and making a Spearkind that won't break.

Strife Specibus: Spearkind. She combines a large piece of shale or sharpened rock to a large stick.

Fetch Modus: Meat Modus

Land: The Land of Rain and Trees

Title: Jester of Youth

Sprite: Boarsprite, he basically just lets her do her own thing, while he goes off and looks for anything that's relatively edible.

Guardian: Her guardian is Gredian, a huge snake who lives on the floor of the forest, who just creeps her out.

Consorts: None

Denizen: None

Other Details: Her pod hangs from the ceiling and sometimes drips out the goo, which needs to be cleaned or it'll eat a hole through her floor. Which is also the reason why she gets whacked out of her mind.

6/23/2011 #14


Denizen: Typhus

Consort: A little snake that she found drowning in a pool of fruit juice.

6/23/2011 #15

-- You can use this to come up with a Land and Title, as well as some other stuff :3 I love finding random stuff on the internet!

Name: Revelin Knight

Gender: Male (yes, I know I'm a girl, but I'm more comfortable portraying boys, and idek why, but.. yeah)

Species: Human

Age: 17

Chumhandle/Trolltag: rebelliousWarrior (Literally what his name means. Revelin - rebellious, knight - warrior)

Personality: Revelin (Rev for short, or he will hit you, don't doubt it) is a quiet teen, who normally keeps to himself. He's incredibly self-conscious, and doesn't like confrontation. But, (as is proved when you call him by his full name) he can be violent when the need calls for it. Plus, if you can unlock it, he has an extremely sarcastic sense of humour, favouring dead pan. Was taught to use a variety of guns from an early age, by his father, who was a member of the army.

Appearance: Dark, reddish-brown hair, that reaches his neck, fringe length just below his eyebrow (similar to that of Jack Barakat from All Time Low, if you don't get what I mean). Somewhat stylish glasses that are normally slipping off his nose, resulting in him having to repeatedly push them up. His eyes are sky blue, but when he's angry, darken to turquoise. Wears dark jeans, and a pair of black converse. Wears a dark(ish) green shirt with a white pentagram (five pointed star in a circle, if you don't know :3)

Interests: Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy films and TV shows, rock/punk music, collecting things to do with ghosts/demons, etc.

Strife Specibus: Gunkind.

Fetch Modus: Operation Modus (all that gun shooting has given him a steady hand)

Land: Land of Horror and Shrouds

Title: Monk of Death

Sprite: First prototyping: box of matches. Second prototyping: a poster of Castiel from the TV series "Supernatural" (Don't ask. I never said Rev was normal).

Guardian: Father

Consorts: Owls (because they're nocturnal)

Denizen: Erebus (Greek God of Darkness and Shadow)

Other Details: Types like a normal human, But capitalises after every. single! Type? Of. punctuation except full stops.

8/1/2011 . Edited 8/1/2011 #16

Name: red yin

Gender: female



Chumhandle/Trolltag: teethBiter

Personality: she has three types witch are happy and bubble manly and swears alot and keeps to her self

Appearance:she wears a black banadna with a red shirt always wears shorts she has short hair like a guys and is usely mistaken for one

Interests:likes to pester people she likes and she loves to rp no madder what rp it is

Strife Specibus: joker kind

Fetch Modus:will just try to pick it up and fail then just kicks it

Land: the land of heat and clockwork

Title:king of time

Sprite:is a cat mixed with some shades and a mask

Guardian:is a little albino cat


Denizen: hephaestus

Other Details: acts as if she is a guy loves to bite stuff is very found of fire

8/27/2011 #17

Name: Tsovay Gelzat

Gender: M

Species: Troll

Age: 6 sweeps

Chumhandle/Trolltag: gastrophyTauticus

Personality: Tsovay is a bit snarky, quick to make sarcastic and offensive comments to others (especially trolls) just to laugh at their reactions. Unless he's sad (which is almost never), he always has a raised eyebrow, showing his amusement and scathing brain at work. When he does start talking/trolling, he likes to keep doing so, going for long periods without letting others talk. To stretch out his speech, he uses, well, a lot of commas, over, and over, and over, in his sentences, and also, he likez to zwap 's' and 'z' juzt becauze he'z that crasy, and, alzo, he failz at uzing any capitalisation whatzoever. He also has kind of an interest in learning about medicine, which at first seems kind of charming, but is really just his ploy to bend the troll psyche. He is considered quite similar to Vriska, although he hasn't actually tried to hurt anyone. He is generally paired (by most other trolls) with Kanaya, although in reality she is more like his moirail.

Appearance: His horns are sort of in a line, with one upward and one downward, wiggly like a snake. He has yellow green eyes with blue pupils. He has four visible fangs, two outer going up and two inner going down. His symbol is Ophiucus (looks like a U with a squiggle through it). He wears simply a black shirt with his symbol, a pair of blue scrub pants, and very stylish dark blue shoes. His level on the hemospectrum is just below Vriska and above Terezi.


Strife Specibus: flaskkind

Fetch Modus: Scientify- objects are relabeled with their scientific name, and then are put onto one of 26 cards based on the first letter. The letter must be input to retrieve the item. If another item has the same first letter as one in the Captchalogue, it will not be accepted. If something doesn't have a scientific name.... well, it will on Alternia ^^

Land: Land of Pills and Calculators

Title: Dean of Health

Sprite: First Prototype- CD , Second Prototype- Recuperaccoon (he doesn't like to talk about it), Forms Sleepymusicsprite

Guardian: A head sized cube with a face on one side. He has no idea what the hell it is.

Consorts: Rabbits

Denizen: Oedipus *waits for onslaught of arrows* XD

Other Details: He tends to sleep almost never.

9/23/2011 . Edited 10/21/2011 #18

Name: Zeek Mkoy

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 17

Chumhandle/Trolltag: theoneAndonly

Typing Quirk: endS everY worD iN A capS.

Personality: Zeek is a lazy, happy-go-lucky slacker. He sees the world through a filter of mindless bliss. It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt, then it's twice as funny. Zeek doesn't think ahead and when his actions come back around to bite him Zeek is quick to point blame elsewhere. He is nice and happy to everyone, never seeming to get angry or mad at people, especially girls. He likes Coca-Cola and pizza more than anything. He is rather laid back and easy-going. Zeek has problems with arriving to meetings on time and seems interested in finding a way to accomplish a job quickly. His lackadaisical attitude annoys most people he hangs with, and is no stranger to the two words "shut up" usually followed by his name. But through all that he is willing to work hard at things he cares about.

Appearance: Zeek has one blue eye and one murky brown one, and he seems unaware of it. His blonde hair is messy, spiky and of neck length. His face is thin and angular, feline-esque. His body structure is the same, thin, light and petite. He has a fair bit of body muscle and can lift heavy things to a certain measure. About as heavy as a TV is when it get's tough. Zeek normally wears a black short-sleeved shirt over a longsleeved white one, black leather gloves and worn-out jeans with lots of tears. His feet live in green high-top trainers with red laces. On certain occasions he wears a blue coat over a green shirt bearing the caption "BOOM".

Interests: Old movies nobody likes, chiptune music, coca cola, SNES, JSRF and TV.

Strife Specibus: Batkind (Specializes in baseball bats, but things like golf clubs and tennis rackets can be used if you bend the rules a little bit).

Fetch Modus: Backpack. Allows up to twelve items to be stored, and any can be picked out at random. Two items can be held out of the backpack at one time due to POCKETS and the equipped weapon clears up another space letting Zeek have fifteen items on him at once.

Land: Of Pumpkins and Fire. A pitch black empty place with floating jack-o-lanterns, the lights a dull blue colour. Small blue fires light paths through the abyss. If you step off the path, it may lead to a long fall.

Title: Bard of Time ((I just spun the Random Land Generator and used the title it gave me)).

Sprite: First: Used a plastic pokéball toy and got a half red half white orb. Second: Used his phone and got an all black sprite with a glowing green face. Can only communicate through text on its screen.

Guardian: His ass of a father who doesn't really do much guarding.

Consorts: Little pumpkins on legs th at giggle a lot.

Denizen: Chronos ((See me taking a random word from the wiki page of Greek mythological figures lol)), Keeper of Time.

Other Details: NOPE.

10/15/2011 #19

Sorry messed it up here is my other post


3/10/2012 . Edited 3/10/2012 #20

Are you the person we send our replys to??? Well here is mine, I forgot to add some details in my last one!!!

Name: Lumina

Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old or technically 4

Birthday: Born 1996 February 29th

Species: Human

Chumhandle: lightningStriker

Personality: Friendly, she is pretty gullible, speaks her mind (aka doesn't think before she speaks), tends to get lost in her thoughts or zone out, often uses her age as an excuse for being stupid at a lot of things.

Appearance: Short hair light brownish hair, maroony brownish eyes, sort of like this

Interests: Baseball (ADORES IT), writing tiny stories about mystical creatures (she wishes they were real), flying (not on an airplane like just soaring through the air like she had wings), Bird watching/birds (favorite bird is Kiwi Bird a bird that can't fly she feels that she relates to it) , and roleplaying (i actually like that so i decided to add that in)

Strife Specibus: Baseball bat

Fetch Modus: Pyramid

Land: IDK if this was supposed to be a real place so I just chose a a fake one okay: Land of Dusk/ Dusk City Where it is always dark and gives off the impression of gloomy

Title: Maid of Light?

Sprite: PapaSprite (First Prototyping Babe Ruth Bobble Head, Second Prototyping Papa's/Grandpa's Ashes) (Not trying to be like John here okay just needed something that talked.)

Guardian: Adoptive Daddy just called Tata (Roman word for Dad)

Consorts: Birds?

Denizen: Kiwi Birds

Other Details: Father Daughter Relationship: They like to ambush each other, the dad throws baseballs at her for her to hit with a bat (results in having a lot of broken glass around the house)

Room is decorated with Baseball bobble heads, bird watching charts, Kiwi bird posters, and Babe Ruth posters.

Replaces e's with 3's because three is her favorite number.

the Symbol on her shirt would be this

Yeah so... :)

3/10/2012 . Edited 3/10/2012 #21

... Is this RP closed???

3/10/2012 . Edited 3/14/2012 #22
Name:Matthew Martins Gender:Male Species:Human Age:13 Chumhandle/Trolltag:Knightspace Personality:strong,confident,arrogant,a bit stupid Appearance:brown hair,yellow eyes,purple hoodie vest,white shirt,Jean pants,black sneakers Interests:Trolls,Medieval figures,swords,history Strife Specibus:swords,shields,armor Fetch Modus:Medieval things Land:Frostbite Title:Knight of blood and darkness Sprite:n/a Guardian:unknown Consorts:unknown Luses:a grey hound with six eyes and can talk Other Details: And there you have it. So, like I said, go nuts.
3/14/2012 #23
Karkat? Please?
5/20/2012 #24

Name: Drake Glimon

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 13

Chumhandle/Trolltag: draconicallyFlowing

Personality: Drake sees himself as a freak. In real life, he doesn't know anybody with his same set of interests, except for his BRO, but he doesn't care about it. He holds himself high, and treats everybody else as inferiors, quote, "until proven otherwise…" He also tries to look mysterious, but doesnt succeed.

Appearance: Drake wears a black t-shirt stamped with a white dragon, with a grey hoodie on top. He wears jeans and grey, stylish gym shoes. He used to wear glasses, but today, he uses contact lenses. He has brown hair, and his eyes are weird: the irises are white, but have a black outline.

Interests: Dragons, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Videogames.

Strife Specibus: Keywandkind. It's a strange weapon he created mixing things from his interests. It's unique because he carved it himself. It looks like a small, wooden Keyblade. He uses it for CROSSOVER ROLEPLAYING with his BRO.

Fetch Modus: Hammerspacekind

Land: Land of Light and Darkness

Title: Mage of Light

Sprite: Sorasprite (Pre-entry protoyping: Shadow Heartless plushie. Post-entry prototyping: Final Form Sora action figure)

Guardian: His Bro

Consorts: Small dinosaurs

Denizen: Hydra

Other Details: Usually ends his sentences with "…" instead of "." because he attempts to sound mysterious. His room is full of posters of Ciruelo's artwork (for those who don't know, Ciruelo draws dragons), Kingdom Hearts and Harry Potter merchandising, and videogames consoles.

9/2/2012 #25

Hello I don't know if this RP is still open because not only has it almost been three years, and it seems to have come to a stop, but also, I fear it might have been to late to join ! I guess I'd like to be gotten back to, or I'll keep on checking the forms for an update/note type thing I guess? The RP seemed to be coming along nicely, I hope to continue it !

11/21/2012 #26
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