Night World ROLE PLAY hahhaha
the name must say it all I think...pretty sure. Oc can come too.
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OC z : name, age, history, gender, soulmate, looks ect.

Name: Sam Adams


Age: 19

Looks: black hair, blue eyes, tall about six foot, large eye laces,

Gender: female

History: can't remember cuz she was locked up her life.

Likes: cats

Dis Likes: dogs

Nick Name: Sammy

Soulmate: David


Name: David

Age: 21


Looks: light hair, green eyes, taller then Sam,

Gender: male

history: nice child hood

likes: being with Sam

Dislikes: being away from Sam

Soulmate: Sam

3/5/2011 #1

Name: Kim _ Age: 25 _ Human _ Looks: Dark hair, brown eyes, kinda short _ Gender: Female _ History: moved around a lot when she was a child never had a home found out about the night world when she was little_ Likes: Dogs?_ Soulmate: none yet.

Name: Tom _ Age: 26 _ Werewolf _ Looks: brown hair brown eyes _ Gender: Male _ History: father was killed and sent whole life trying to find his killer_ Likes: other werewolfs_ Dislikes: humans_ Soulmate: none

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they both are swell!

sure! thanks for joining !

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