Left 4 Dead RP!
In a world were zombie invasions seem to happen every other generation its you turn to join the fight. RP as Infected and/or Survivors. OC's are welcome.
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Kagahara Tobi

Survivor or Infected:




Weapon of choice:


3/5/2011 . Edited 3/5/2011 #1
Kagahara Tobi


Name: Sandra

Age: 18

Appearence: about 5'3'' tall weighing bearly 120lbs, she is wearing a school uniform; white button up, black sweatervest, red and black plad skirt with black leggings and knee-high boots.

Weapon of choice: Rusty pipe and a katana

Personality: Loud and wild, very determined and hardworking. She cares deeply for others and tries her best to keep everyone from gettinng infected

3/5/2011 #2
Mike Kagahara



Age: 22

Appearance:about 6'4" and 150lbs, really hot ex navy seal wearing a standard issue uniform with own modifications: dark blue camo pants, dark blue camo shirt, Long Black Jacket, wears silver dog tags around neck and has on black combat boots.

Weapon of choice:Martial arts and weapons expert but when needed uses throwing knives and automatic pistols

Personality:Very smart, kind of shy but not afraid to risk his own life whenever someone elses he cares about is in danger, will do all he is capable of to make sure his group gets out alive

3/5/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #3
Kagahara Tobi

good job boyo ur OC is accepted ^.^

3/5/2011 #4
Mike Kagahara

YAY!!!!!!! o

3/5/2011 #5
Kagahara Tobi

you can jump into the rp ~ Hello Zombies Goodbye Home

3/5/2011 #6
Mike Kagahara


3/5/2011 #7
Acrylic Stain


NAME: Simone "Mango" Koivert

AGE: 17

APPEARANCE: 5'6". 137 lbs. Black braided hair. Dark brown eyes. Brown skin. Brown short-sleeved hoodie, brown gauchos, brown tiger shirt. Glasses.

WEAPON: stainless steel chain (used to keep big dog attached to stake in the ground) [if more weapons appear, will gladly use]

PERSONALITY: Readily accepts people, but still a loner. Can be loud, but also extremely attentive. Bleeding heart (couldn't turn away any injured/young creature, no matter good or evil). A bit talkative, but a good listener. Avoids conflict between others. Fast shot, takes time to aim. Loves books. Happy and outgoing (can have her mellow days)

3/7/2011 . Edited 3/7/2011 #8
Kagahara Tobi

accepted. PLz join when you want ^.^

3/7/2011 #9
Tachi Kagahara

Name: Xena

Age: 15

Appearence: 5,4" purple hair, red eyes, black cargo pants, crimson long sleeve shirt, black bullet vest, book in right hand.

Weapon of choice: twin Katana, well use bat and af-47 when one becomes available

Personality: realistic, pyromaniac, points out the obvivous, shots firsts ask questions later, wont leave a man behind, clutsy.

3/7/2011 . Edited 4/20/2011 #10
Kagahara Tobi

Accepted join in Tachitach

3/7/2011 #11
Kagahara Tobi


Name: Screetcher

Age: who knows anymore

Appearance: a pink/purple blood stained mid drift low rise sweater, torn black skirt, blue jenes, and red shoes. Eye glows bright red under hood. Has huge claw like fingers and sharp teeth.

Abilities: Very agile, fast, flexible, and can pin someone down by her teeth and claws and rips them to shreds.

3/7/2011 #12
Kagahara Tobi


Name: Steven "Rave" Andrews

Age: 20

Appearence: rugged looking man with red hair that stands near 6 feet. He wears an orange prison jumpsuit(kept it from when he was in jail), and underneith he wears blue jenes and a white blood stained t-shirt. He lives underground with Sandra, this is the only friend she's ever allowed to get close to her.

Weapon of choice: Bats and roller blades with knives attached to the front and back.

Personality: Alot nicer than he looks, He's calm and quick witted but can be very aggresive and possesive if allowed. Not very tempermental unlike Sanda and like to talk things out so he can stay alive.

3/19/2011 #13
Chiyo Kaze


Name: Nethie Moran


Appearence:indigo colored hair. wears a gray short skirt and black skinny jeans with a black stripped long sleeve shirt with a grey hoodie.

Weapon of choice:kanatand a giant posticle sticka

Personality:very crazy but a quiet girl likes to follow her friends

3/30/2011 #14
Kagahara Tobi

go ahead and join us chiyo-chan

3/30/2011 #15
Chiyo Kaze
3/31/2011 #16

Name: Sam Mathews

Age: 20

Appearence: Skinny guy that stand at five foot ten. Messy brown hair spills out over tired blue eyes. Wearing a blue denim jacket with pockets hastily sewn all over, a black t-shirt and worn green cargo pants.

Weapon of choice: Small crossbow with home-made bolts

Personality: Tries to be kind and understanding with other survivors, but shifts into a serious, no nonsense mode when fighting the zombies. Has a knack for making small gadgets and weapons.

4/4/2011 #17
Kagahara Tobi

accepted. join when you want ^.^

4/4/2011 #18

Cool, but later though, when more people are on.

4/4/2011 #19
Mike Kagahara


Age:he doesn't even know

Appearence: Tall, has on cute blood stained bunny pajamas and snores very loudly. when awoken has spikes that come out of back and the sides arms and legs and razor sharp teeth.

Abilities:He is extremely fast and shoves people plunging spikes deep into them. Very agile like the hunter and though he doesn't look it as strong as a tank.

4/25/2011 #20
Kagahara Tobi


4/25/2011 #21
Tachi Kagahara


Name: Stalker

Age: ... really?


Weapon of choice:

Personality: stalks the survivor's never attacks them, he writes down there every movements. when stalker is around the horde is alerted and flocks the sufhslig by the 50's. it alerts all Infected, startles witch, wakes sleeper, ect.

4/25/2011 #22
Kagahara Tobi

i hate it go kill yourself. jk accepted

4/25/2011 #23
Chiyo Kaze

Name: Inker


Age: Should he even care?!

Appearance: In his right hand has a very huge heavy claw with a ink Gland in the middle of it. His left arm contains two long razor like blades. has brown close to black like hair. Has on a blood stained black shirt and black pants along with soft padding combat boots for sneaking around has. the right side of his face is clawed out and covered with his hair.

Abilities:He is fast and speedy. He likes to hide in the shadows in the dark. He follows his victims until he thinks is best time to attack . When he attacks he sprays out black inky substance making it hard to see or hear then attacks the victim by his claw and blades some times his legs.

4/26/2011 . Edited 4/27/2011 #24
Kagahara Tobi

you should probably add an inking abbility instead of a smoke gland because of his name

4/26/2011 #25
Chiyo Kaze


4/27/2011 #26
Kagahara Tobi

now its good ^.^

4/27/2011 #27
Chiyo Kaze

Name: Jeff The Eraser (for Zombie life


Age: Should he even care?!

Appearance:neck length hair, purple


4/29/2011 . Edited 5/13/2011 #28
Patched-up Matryoshka

Survivor or Infected: Survivor

Name: Shane

Age: 21

Appearence: Tall, ginger, green eyes, glasses, wears a leather jacket, navy striped shirt, ripped up skinny jeans, piercing on left eyebrow, speaks with a slight Irish accent, cross tattoos on both hands but ya can't see 'em because he wears black gloves.

Weapon of choice: Chainsaw

Personality: quick-tempered, sharped tongued, sardonic, a bit bitter, anti-social, and not afraid like Eminem.

5/9/2011 #29
Kagahara Tobi

accepted ^.^

5/9/2011 #30
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