The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I might be wrong but didn't Type Venus have multiple bodies that were controlled by a single hive mind?

6/24/2011 #3,001
Bloody Hero

You know I just realized something if GB were to ever do the Freezing crossover he could make Ortz the Ultimate bad guy and all the Novas significantly weaker parts of Ortz. What do you all think does it tie in pretty well?

6/24/2011 #3,002
Shioran Toushin

no, actually that was a side effect of it havin been 'killed' by BB and have her soul mixed in a weird reincarnation cycle with V/V having most of the TYPE 'soul' and the 'angels being a byproduct of the corpse RM

6/24/2011 #3,003

This is going no where can we get back to making omakes

6/24/2011 #3,004

I don't think there's going to be anymore Omakes without GB updating so that we could leech off of his creative juices.

6/24/2011 #3,005

Could someone do omakes of kuu-chan finding out she has magic? I think it could be adorable and funny.

6/24/2011 #3,006

Normally I would interject this public outcry for omake with just that, but I'm still working on 'em. (It's amazing what sunshine and work will do to one's desire to sit inside and write :D) Sorry guys, dropped the ball there. I totally need to get glasses for my third eye or something.

6/24/2011 #3,007

Suddenly, I want a really good and really heartwarming ShirouXMiya omake. For some reason I feel they are totally fit for each other,

NOTE: Drunk me talking.

6/24/2011 #3,008

I wonder if there is anything on the internet than can make someone emotionally drunk.

solopy567 Begging you to make such an Omake.

6/24/2011 #3,009

I do not have the ability to write fluff. My mind is already full of a Heaven's Feel route for In Flight and FSNxKoihime Musou crossover. Fluff is not my strong point.

6/24/2011 #3,010
Silver Sun 17

you know somthing, TVtropes is right about us, we are a ShirouXMiya Shipping fleet.


you want omake, here is an omake:


based on the Unlimted Blade works moive omake (who did thoise again?)


Yukari gets the disk:

"Mistriess we have mail from Matsu." Shiina called to Yukari as he came down the hall from the door.

"what is it?" She asked turing away from her terrraified guests of Haruka and Kuno.

"A movie about that Grail War Aniki was a part of."



(several hours later)

"MOM, MOM!" Yukari yell as she dashed into her mothers office.

"What is it Yukari?" Takami sighed wondering what form of temoary insanity caused her to sleep with Minaka and have two kids from him.



"A MOVIE ABOUT SHIROU?" Minaka asked as his head popped out from the ceiling. "PUT IT IN!"

6/24/2011 #3,011
Silver Sun 17

before i get any funny looks; would you really put it past Minaka to install air vents he can crawl through with ease?

6/24/2011 #3,012

@Silver Sun 17

That does sound like something he might do. I bet every time he pops out, he says "Heeee~eeey".

6/24/2011 #3,013
Silver Sun 17

YOU TOTAL... I'm going to have nightmares about red-eyed blue haired Minakas now. I hope your happy.

6/24/2011 #3,014

Minaka obviously hasa complicated system of air ducts, completely unprotected and large enough for a human to use, with easy access via any room in the building. After all, he is supposed to have one.

That or he is Genre Savvy and although he has one, it has heavy security in it that only he knows how to bypass.

6/24/2011 #3,015

Starts from the discussion around the dining table in Ch. 24.


"You said something interesting earlier, Emiya-kun," Miya murmured. "About the Sekirei Plan being a game. I'm very interested in hearing you explain your reasoning behind such a statement."

"Even you call it that, Asama-san, a game," Shirou reminded her softly.

"Heh.. heh.. hahaHAHA!" Miya cackled suddenly. "You're right! Because this is a game, a gameshow!"

Shirou was about to question the landlady's sudden and strange change in demeanor when the walls of Izumo House collasped around them. The shogi walls fell to reveal that the Inn was some sort of TV studio. Shirou's mind reeled as the setting changed, there was a TV crew standing nearby, a silent audience behind the crew, and overhead were neon red signs with words such as 'applause', 'laugh', and 'boo'.

Suddenly a sterotypical male announcer voice spoke up over a loud-speaker system.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the premier episode of 'The Sekirei Plan'. Where 108 Sekirei and their Ashikabi fight, fight, fight in various contests of skill, talent, and intelligence!"

"This programme is sponsored by MBI, Moronic Bunch of Idiots," said a irritated voice over the same system, Shirou recognized this voice as his mother, Takami.

"Takami-saaaaan! It's Mid Bio Informatics!" another voice tisked childishly.

'Minaka!' Shirou thought. 'B-but how?'

"Yeh, whatev-"

The announcer interrupted Takami and spoke up again.

"Tonight, Team Emiya Shirou face off against Team Sahashi Yukari! With commentary provided by #01 Miya Asama and #04 Karasuba. Winners of each contest will receive a prize at the end of the show. Losers have to take over commentary duty in the next episode."

The red neon sign labeled 'applause' lit up. Cheering erupted from the audience.


Shirou's head swiveled, switching from the camera crew, the audience, the spotlights, and finally settled on the large cardboard box in which Miya and Karasuba occupied across the stage. It was labeled 'Commentators' box: aka Peanut Gallery'.

"Oh my. Emiya-kun don't look so shocked, you're making a fool of yourself infront of live international television," Miya called out casually. *

"W-what fresh hell is this?!" Shirou yelled indigantly. "Did any of you know about this?" he managed to asked as he turned backed to the dining table.

Uzume, Homura, Kazehana, and Akitsu appeared to be in a state of petrification, all four frozen from shock.

"W-what is this? I don't even..?" babbled Tsukiumi.

"Zzz...Swords...Onii-chan...Unlimited Blade Works...Zzz..." It seemed that Kuu, miracously, was still asleep in Akitsu's lap. Shirou chose to forget the last bit of Kuu's mumblings, for now. **

Thud. Oh no, it seemed Haruka fainted. Next to Haruka's limp body, Kuno splashed and flailed around, trying to wake her ashikabi, and failing.

Seo and the lightning twins had somehow vanished from the dining table. WIth a quick look around, Shirou noticed that the threesome were being dragged off-stage.

Unlike the others, Yukari seemed to be taking this turn of events in stride. "Woohoo!" she cheered, "Come on Shiina! It's time to show Onii-chan what we're made of!"

Shirou worried for her. He really did.

Finally Shirou turned to the only two who hadn't reacted yet. He looked at Musubi first.

Noticing her Ashikabi's expecting gaze, Musubi responded "Ah.. um.. I knew it!" She placed her closed fist into her opened hand in a gesture of comprehension. "Musubi knew this would happen all along."

Thinking that she was just trying to impress him, Shirou doubted her exclamation.

Shirou turned to face Matsu and said "err.. well?" Know that of everyone, it was her that most likely had a clue as to what was happening.

"Erm..." Matsu started, "Remember when Matsu couldn't tell Shirou-tan about the third stage?" He nodded slowly. "This was why..." Shirou continued nodding.


"Well then," Karasuba spoke from inside the cardboard commentators box, "with that over with, we begin our first challenge... hehehe..."


* - Before all this omake happened, Shirou was explaining the Holy Grail War, so yes everything he said is out on live international television. Consequences? We'll see.

** - had another idea where Kuu's fascination with Shirou's swords became something more. Shirou starts training Kuu in swordsmanship, and Kuu grew up like Archerko. Then Kuu gets summoned as a servant in the 5th Holy Grail War.

Depending on responses, the challenge might be

1) Cooking Contest (only Sekirei allowed cause Shirou is OPed) (already have an idea about this one, so it'll be easier to write)

2) Ashikabi Death Match (lols, something Karasuba would suggest)

3) Other suggestions?

So yea, this was my first attempt at fanfiction. Ever. But I like GB's writing so much I couldn't help but write this omake. Hope it was ok. I probably won't write anymore beyond the first challenge (unless I get struck by a plot bunny again), so if anyone wants to contribute to this idea, feel free.

6/24/2011 #3,016

Corsaires911: heh heh heh good omake there, now i predict that the Clock tower will sent many enforcers to kill shirou and it look like the only chance that shirou and his group has of surviving is zelretch unless more than of shirou's sekieri has AA luck.

truly it look like the root once again make shirou's life much harder he is probably cursing the root in him mind so much that it would make even EMIYA stares with his mouth in suprise.

6/24/2011 #3,017


I demand you do all 5 routes and do at least one Omake a day.

Lol. Yeah seriously though, actually really liked the Omake and hoping you continue with several different routes.

6/24/2011 . Edited 6/24/2011 #3,018

@Silver Sun 17

My day isn't complete until I've scared the sh*t out of someone.

6/24/2011 #3,019

In response to Corsaires911's second challenge:

"After a rather thrilling first match Shi-chan emerged victorious over his little sister" Karasuba droned. "Seriously, who puts this crap on the teleprompters?"

"For Great Justice!" Minaka called out in the background before he was floored by Takami.

"As stated earlier, the losers would become the next commentators, however, it appears that Sahashi-san and Shiina-san have gotten themselves kidnapped by the ashikabi of the east, Higa Izumi" Miya muttered unhappily. "So we have to run commentary on the next match as well."

Karasuba stopped sharpening her sword and gave Miya a critical look. "What."

"We're stuck doing this again."

Karasuba's face went through a range of different emotions from loathing to hate in the span of a second before settling on a beatific smile. "I have a plan." She leaned over and wispered into Miya's ear before she got up to inform Higa that he had been selected to take part in the second round. Miya got up to go and convince Takami and Minaka that Higa would be in the second round.


Higa arrived at the field with a smug arrogance of self assurance.

Shirou was at the other end of the field serving tea to his sekirei, Miya, and Karasuba.

"Ara, ara, Shi-chan, maybe I should have let you wing just so I could be served like this everyday."

"Not in my home, dog," was Miya's harsh response.

Higa strode up to the arguing commentators and his opponents, Uzume, Shiina, and four other sekirei he was blackmailing in tow.

"Emiya-san, if you do not forfeit something unfortunate could happen to your little sister."

Shirou crushed his teacup in anger, he looked over to Uzume, a pang of betrayal began to form before it was ruthlessly squashed.

"Sorry bro, he's keeping my ashikabi hostage."

"It's time for the second round." Miya stated calmly.

"Yes, it has slightly different rules than the last match," Karasuba said demurely, her eyes alight with glee. "This is an ahikabi death match."

"Wait, what?" Higa asked, taken aback.

"Ara, ara, this is what happens when your cheating pisses off the two most powerful sekirei" Karasuba continued in her eerily docile voice.

"How did I do that?"

"Yukari-san was supposed to be the commentator for the second match, but you have made it so we need to fill that role again" Miya plainly stated.

"We don't like filling that role" Karasuba added.

"I could go and - "

"To late! Match start!" Karasuba called out with what was possibly one of the most beautiful smiles ever plastered on her face as she leveraged herself up from the table in utter glee.

Shirou moved. There was no other way do describe it. One second he was at the table, the next he was at Higa's falling corpse, tea tray in hand with Higa's severed head upon it.

The sekirei that Higa had brought with him were stunned. Then, as one, they rushed Shirou, hoisted him into the air and began to sing 'For he's a jolly good fellow.'

"Ara, ara Shi-chan, you certainly know how to show a girl a good time" Karasuba called from the table as she continued to sip her tea in contentment.

Shirou beaned her with Higa's severed head.

Karasuba's smile changed to one of pure ecstasy. She liked a man with fire and the will to fight in him; and blood.

6/25/2011 #3,020

@LegendaryGamer: I think that so long as the members of Clock Tower avoid things technology related (T.V., the internet, newspapers, etc.) like the plague, Shirou will be fine.

6/25/2011 #3,021

@UNSpacy on "One second he was at the table, the next he was at Higa's falling corpse, tea tray in hand with Higa's severed head upon it." and "Shirou beaned her with Higa's severed head."

*falls out his chair, howling in hysterical laughter*

6/25/2011 #3,022

nice omake, i can only imagine shirou's expression, if he heard that yukari is kidnapped by higa then he would be out for higa's blood and when he arrive at higa's place he would use Unlimited Blade Works with his asura mask on seething for blood.

6/25/2011 #3,023

Oh, Spacy, that was the most wonderful story I've seen all day. Granted, I just woke up, but I doubt I'll see much that's better today.

6/25/2011 #3,024

Does anyone here remember the name of the sword that Miya used to own but threw away? It was something-no-Tsurugi I think.

6/25/2011 #3,025
Bloody Hero

It was the Totsuga No Tsurugi solopy.

6/25/2011 #3,026


Bwuahaha! Well done sir!

I vote for cooking contest! If only for the lulz.


Hehehehe. Syroc approves of this randomness!

6/25/2011 #3,027

@ solopy

Not to bug you around boyo, but you never did write the epilogue to your omake. Last omake had Shirou telling his flock how he nearly died everyday for 8 years.

6/25/2011 #3,028

I second the motion to continue that omake.

6/25/2011 #3,029
Bloody Hero

I third the motion plus we need Yukari to see it and tell her mother. Hopefully she won't squeal like a fangirl and finally know that the world isn't made of rabbits and sunshine.

6/25/2011 #3,030
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