The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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[chuckles] The White Day would be the day the MBI Financial Division would have to spent a LOT of money on rebuilding the MBI HQ XD I was writing this little piece assuming that Shirou is as oblivious to Winging=Mating connection as he was in the canon story. Though it probably wouldn't work considering that Karasuba wouldn't wait very long before raping him.

5/4/2011 #301

Looking around the room currently, I was beginning to wish I had been able to say 'no' when Karasuba suggested this particular outing.

Unfortunately, despite being a bunch of arguably psychopathic maniacs, my flock had managed to master the dreaded puppy dog eyes. So here I was, in the middle of the Easts territory, in the middle of a karaoke bar. Apparently Haihane was particularly fond of it. It wasn't like we had anything better to do, considering the third stage was yet to have started, and Minaka had promised (after I dangled him out the window for a couple of minutes) that he didn't have any surprises planned. The last thing we needed was a repeat of the Homura incident.

Still, here I was in the middle of a bar with three lovely ladies and a rather nice bottle of sake. Not much of a drinker myself, but the girls insisted. It had been Karasuba's turn to choose the song, and so she had taken her usual care and pose to choose something that was appropriately dignified. I never exactly found out what she did to Benitsubasa when the pinkette had snuck a beyounce song onto the playlist, but it still gave the girl nightmares.

Raising her mike to sing, I gave my usual presong toast, while attempting to drink as little as possible. I had learned not to drink too deeply after I awoke one morning to find her curled around a projection of Gáe Bolg. Normally it wouldn't have been a problem, but we'd both been naked at the time, and the resulting fight to remove it from her left us both at Mothers tender mercies. Which naturally meant she mysteriously took time off after we had been strapped down, leaving Benitubasa to mind the fort.

It took the combined powers of Avalon and Karasuba's norito to restore blood flow into my penis. Even then it came close. On the plus side, she actually managed to get her work done that week. Another one of Minaka's great decisions. Have the short tempered Yandere train up those who were meant to evacuate the city. I almost did drop him out the window after that stunt.

Anyway, there I was, sitting down trying to drink as little as possible (so Haihane wouldn't force it down my throat), when I realized that the bar had mysteriously emptied, and my nose was twitching like crazy. Sure enough, Karasuba caught a rather large spear through the chest, causing the three intact members of our squad to face palm. It was her favorite dress as well.

Turning to face the threat, I sighed as the Ashibiki began to clap. It was obviously a small timer, even with his four sekirei. It took less then a second to determine that none of them were actually his, which could only mean that Higa Izumihad decided to make his move. That was his first mistake. His second was sending such an obvious thug to do so.

"So that was the Infamous Black Sekirei. If that was the best you go do, you MBI dogs don't stand a chance."

Such an obviously stupid Moron at that. Higa was supposed to hold one of the Information types. Surely he would have pointed out how much of a bad idea that was. In my head I began to count down from ten. It was something I had picked up quickly, a trick that my mother frequently used when dealing with idiots. As expected, Benitubasa had already moved to intercept before I hit five, with Haihane quick to follow. Nodding to them as I moved past, I made sure to undo the top two buttons of my suit as I did so.

It was a well rehearsed move, something we had practiced before. The sheer dismissal in it tended to infuriate people, and it proved just as effective on the thug as it did on Minaka during one of his more gilgamesh moods.

"MBI dog, how dare you ignore your betters."

Huh, the thug even sounded like Minaka. Was almost tempting to get involved himself. Only Karasuba would likely hide my swords again if I tried to leave her out. Giving her a 'corpse' a kick, I ignored the gasps of the thugs flock as I did so. She pulled the same trick every fight, most likely for the fact that it always seemed to work. Normally I would have let her, but she currently had the microphone. Both my flock and my mother had expressed their feelings on entering the fights myself, something I tended to ignore. It was bad enough they had me in a suit, let alone tried to stop me from fighting.

It was only the threat of being switched into Haihanes body and locked into a room with my sister that prevented me from doing so. The first time they had threatened it, I had thought it was a joke. Three hours of trauma later, I conceded the point. After getting them to agree to me taking part in the later rounds of course.

"Mind if I take this."

Her response was only a groan, as she politely held out the microphone for my use. Three seconds later the thugs control snapped, with one of his sekirei attempted to kill me for disrespecting one of her 'sisters'. Unfortunately the silly bint ran straight into the Blue Sekirei's glove, thus teaching a valueable lesson to the higher number. As for me, I cleared my throat and began to sing, deciding if the song was good enough for Karasuba, it was good enough for me.

"This is your time to pay, This is your judgment day We made a sacrifice, And now we get to take your life."

Dripping with blood, Karasuba seemingly rose up from the dead, all covered in shadows and blood. Resisting the urge to kiss her as the scent filled the air (takami was sick of paying for the shrinks she claimed I needed), I simply enjoyed the look on the thugs face as she ran towards him.

"We shoot without a gun, We'll take on anyone, It's really nothing new, It's just a thing we like to do."

The first one of them was up, or was it down. Either way, Karasuba's sword of the day quickly finished off the girl stuck on Blues arm. I still winced at saying that, or even thinking it. Hopefully the real blue wouldn't get offended when she found out. He didn't think even MBI had the funds to repair the damage.

You better get ready to die (Get ready to die) You better get ready to kill (Get ready to kill) You better get ready to run, Cause here we come You better get ready to die!" Numbers two and three didn't last much longer. Benitubasa wasn't that fond of fools, something she happily shared with them. Generally via the application of blunt trauma. Such as the sign post that number three managed to end up coping to the face. The poor bugger didn't even get a chance to say her name before she caught it. He would have to speak to her about that. Just because they technically had immunity to the rules, didn't mean that Minaka enjoyed having his fun spoiled.

"Your life is over now, Your life is running out, When your time is at an end, Then it's time to kill again."

There was one Sekirei left, who was obviously looking for a method to escape. Unlike the others, who had obviously been borrowed, this was actually belonged to the Thug. More importantly, she was the one who had launched the spears that destroyed Karasuba's dress. Which is why I politely looked away, as my flock started an impromptu game of Sekirei ball. Which normally would have been over quickly, except Karasuba was making sure to heal the poor girl between each hit.

Briefly I had to admit that his firsts control had improved. A little two well, if this was how she was going to use it. Stopping the song mid flow, Sekirei's elite group of enforcers, assassins and general errand girls immediately stopped as well. Shooting me slightly worried looks, they realized that had began to backslide. Haihane, the reliable, sensible and controlled of my flock (average test result slightly below sociopathic) finally gave the poor enemy the relief of knockout blow.

If there was one thing I had to watch for (other then Minaka's usual attempts to inflict great embarrassment via stupid missions) it was them testing the boundaries. Giving them a very stern look, I didn't bother to acknowledge the thugs existence, even when he pulled something from his coat. Even as he began to cock the gun I didn't react.

"Higa sends his regards."

The pistol barked once, and the nameless thug slid to the floor, a rather large chunk of his stomach newly ventilated.

"This doesn't get you out of trouble you know." Sliding her sword back into the sheath, Karasuba began to laugh. A quick burst of black energy, and the sword was as good as new. It was the second best thing that she could do with her powers, even if it took the fun out sword maintenance. But without that as a stress relief, there was always the enjoyment of kicking minaka out of a window. Sure, we always had to norito him back again, but activating the norito was almost as fun as the actual kicking.

5/4/2011 #302

@HubiKoshi: I think he would feel very violated after learning that.

@whodidthewhatnow: Similar with UBW's lancer on the meta side of things (he killed Kotomine and then allowed himself to die).

5/4/2011 #303

Ok, I'd ask if GB himself would make a pair of Omakes at this point. The first one should be Matsu's reaction up in her room that led to her rushing down and being as blunt as she was about Shirou and Akitsu having sex.

The second should be Takami's reacton at MBI to Akitsu now being winged and listed under her son's Sekirei.

5/4/2011 #304
gabriel blessing

Damnit. I had just finished typing a brief omake for you all about just how it was Matsu figured out that the two of them had sex, and then my freaking finger slipped and it all went away. Stupid over sensitive laptop touchpad.

I'll type it back up later, so don't worry. It just occured to me that this does seem like a good place to put it in little blurbs showing off what some of the other characters are thinking that can't be displayed in the 1st person. Whenever I think of one that is actually canon, I'll put a note at the top so you all can know. Maybe even collect them all at the end and repost them as a side story once In Flight is finished...

Now I'm thinking of all kinds of extra scenes...

Damnit, if this delays my chapters I'm blaming all of you!

5/4/2011 #305

Damn good reason for taking the blame in this case!!!!! :deadpool: :D

5/4/2011 #306

or blame kirei kotomire.

5/4/2011 #307

Musubi's fist crashed down onto the fallen Sekirei's face, sealing off any possibility of her getting up again. Shirou's shrine maiden huffed as she rested her weight on her knees over the fallen Ichiya. Higa's final Sekirei was defeated, her skill not enough for the number eighteen to prevail. Musubi really had come a long way.

"So, Minaka really will win," stated the man who controlled her. The expression on Higa's face belonged to someone about to be hanged. Those rumors of his evil deeds really were a pain to deal with. Useful during combat, but it made just talking to people troubling.

"Minaka won't get what he's after," Shirou answered him. Walking towards the man, he continued his explanation. "Whatever he has planned, he needs the Jinki. And that won't happen."

"So, this is it." Higa's expression became more apprehensive as Shirou stopped right in front of him. There was dread there, and more than a bit of disappointment even if he was trying not to show anything.

"Stop being ridiculous, I'm not going to kill you." The scrunched up face Higa made showed that he wasn't believed. "Honestly, you aren't a threat. It wouldn't have any point," Shirou tried to convince him. Really, the man might have been twisted. But so were his Sekirei, at least the ones he didn't force. "I'm not happy with you, but I'm going to fix this mess so everyone is happy."

"What a disappointment." Shirou turned towards the smell of blood that had just arrived.

"Karasuba." The Black Sekirei was standing there, her two cronies behind her looking uncomfortable. "You want that fight now I guess."

"Watching you let that trash go is boring, but killing Mu-chan and crushing her ideal will be more than worth it."

Shirou turned to look at her. Musubi was still breathing hard, but the stubborn look of determination on her face showed that she wasn't going to back down. Both together showed that she was going to die.

"Musubi, calm down. I'm going to fight her."

The shrine maiden jumped, disappointment warring with terror on her face. "No Shirou-san! This is Musubi's fight!"

"Musubi, you want her to see that love will prevail. You want her to keep being your friend."

"Yes! I will beat her, just like I promised back then."

Shirou had to sigh. "Musubi, I love you." The girl blushed and tried to stutter out a response, but no sound was coming for her. This was the first time he told her. And he did, distortions and all. After all, he made her put up with his. "Loving someone means that you'll protect them. That even if I can't beat her, I'll go out there and do it anyway."

"That's true…"

"I know you were looking forward to it. But you'll just have to settle for sparring with her when I drag her back her and make her admit to you she's been wrong."

Musubi pouted and tried to make a puppy dog expression.

"I'm willing to help support your ideal. Let me support mine too. So that when its over, we'll all go back to the inn smiling."

She crossed her arms, looking conflicted but not able to think up an argument. It really was a shame that Ichiya took so much out of the girl. Both of them had grown so much, watching their fight had him terrified. He wasn't going to go through it again.

Shirou turned his back on her. "Wait for me." He stepped towards Karasuba and walked towards his next battle.

5/4/2011 #308

Ten meters. He had maybe a second once she charged. No, not even a second. The moment he made a threatening move, her blade would be at his neck.

"Brave Minato-chan. But not smart. Once you're dead, I'll just kill her next."

Shirou looked at the smile on the woman's face. For him, this battle had already begun. Not enough time to materialize Unlimited Blade Works. Projection then. Gram was considered and then discarded. Gugnir was inappropriate. Durandal wouldn't be enough. Shirou went through the blades in his head, searching for the most useful, a trump to break past this barrier in his way. All would take an extra moment to process and form. At the end, only these two swords were truly his. Of all of his weapons, these were wielded with his skill and not borrowed from the history of their use.

An attack that would ensure his victory was in his hand, black and white blades spinning through the air towards Karasuba's neck.

"Divine skill, flawless and firm."

Her blade flashed out with contempt, deflecting Kanshou and Bakuya with ease as they continued to fly behind her. She takes one step before he charges. Shirou is unarmed, but that means nothing. His body is made of swords.

Black and white blades catch her attack, deflecting the blade to the side. The image of these blades is easy for him, he has them all prepared. It shouldn't be enough as the Black Sekirei changes the momentum of her blade into a slash to cut him in half at the waist.


"Strength moves mountains."

The flying white blade attacks Karasuba from behind, but blocked by her katana.

But it is an opening. Without hesitation, Shirou slashed with the black blade in his left hand.

His wrist shattered, Karasuba's leg lifted up to perform an impossible kick. It isn't important. Musubi's face flashes through his mind, crying. That won't happen.

"Blade cuts water."

Karasuba is already moving, dodging the Kanshou that he had thrown at the start. These blades will always return to the other. Kanshou would return as long as he held Bakuya. Shirou slashed the white blade towards his opponent's chest.

She crushes it, her katana shattering his blade into so much shrapnel. But she left herself open. She disarmed Shirou, but his body was made of swords.

"Life approaches the Imperial Villa."

His hands are already moving, blades appearing from nothing even as Shirou attacked. Two swords pierced his foe.

"Two great men, shared life!"

5/4/2011 #309

Overedge is always the answer. ^__^

5/4/2011 #310


We need a prinny EMIYA and a prinny Kitsurgi to set off on adventures together with the prism rangers as the sidekicks for the Hero's of Justice

5/4/2011 #311


5/4/2011 #312

Sorry about that. This is the first time I have used the time I have used the forums on Haven't had much intrest. Anyway I had an idea for one of thoese Haruhi crosses where Kyon is trying to protect Haruhi and uses the unlimited blade works by accident. I don't have the skill to write it myself tho so I guess I am making a challange.

5/4/2011 #313
Mereo Flere

I knew that I couldn't avoid it forever. Children were curious, and Kuu was exceptionally so. I had always known that this time would eventually come.

"Where do babies come from?" she asked, tugging on my apron.

It was something that many parents dreaded. Kiritsugu had been no exception, and I knew even as a child that the day he had finally been forced to explain it to me was one of his most trying. Even after I had found out about his involvement in the Holy Grail War, and all of the things he had to do to earn the title of Magus Killer, I didn't have any doubt that that was one of his most difficult struggles. However, someone had to do it.

If it hadn't been him that day, it could have been Taiga in the next and if it wasn't me today, then it might end being one of the other members of my own flock that taught her tomorrow. While letting Taiga handle it might have been a disaster, I knew that leaving it to one of my Sekirei would prove to be nothing less than a complete apocalypse.

Musubi would be blunt. Matsu would be worse than blunt - and though I doubted she was foolish enough to show a video example underneath Miya's roof there's no telling what educational aids she would use. Tsukiumi would probably get flustered, before telling Kuu that it was something only the legal wife could do; that would no doubt lead to Kuu demanding she could be included, and Miya sharply reminding me the rules of her apartment. As for Akitsu, well... I don't know what she would say, though there's a possibility of her simply recounting her own experience, which would be a terrible affair no matter how she remembered it.

That left me and Homura - and this was not something I would wish on another man.

Thankfully, I had a plan. I liked to be prepared, and this was an event I had seen long ago. It had taken me several nights to come up with an explanation that would satisfy her curiosity without going too much in detail - but when I finally did I had immediately committed it to memory.

"Babies come from MBI," I answered coolly, not even looking away from the pot I was watching. "You remember, right? That's where you came from too."

I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that answer, to be honest. Sekirei, despite their appearances, weren't human - and as such each had a background that differed from a normal human's. All of them were raised similarly - inside the confines of MBI's walls while they were being tuned. Explaining that MBI was the one that brought them into the world wasn't entirely inaccurate... but, of course, I should have realized that there are very few plans that ever go off without a hitch.

"I know that," Kuu said, nodding her head. "But where did we come before they took care of us?" Kuu asked, tilting her head to the side.

I tensed up. Of course Kuu wasn't going to leave it at that - but to be honest I had not been able to come up with a back up plan in case that explanation had failed me. Perhaps I had been too relieved that I had found any answer at all, but...

That was foolish. Naive. I would have been ashamed at myself, if I wasn't too busy trying to recover from being caught off guard.

I thought back to what I knew of the Sekirei. It would be too tactless to say she was a test tube baby, and the simple truth was simply out of the question. Then I ran my head through the scenarios that adults had come up with in the past...

When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...

No, Kuu would no doubt question why we couldn't be a mommy and daddy since she did love me - and I knew it would break both our hearts if I said I didn't love her the way a daddy does a mommy; first hers, when she took it the wrong way, and then my own when I saw her sulking until I made it up to her.

Kuu, let me tell you about the birds and the bees...

On second thought, the bird symbolism would either go over her head or just be plain confusing... and I'd rather not have her ask if, as a bee, I would be stinging her. Maybe my father's own method would work...

Son, sex is like Russian roulette. Babies are the bullets, and you'll never know if one will come out when you pull the trigger.


Come to think about it, that had been a really awkward talk that day. It was also completely out of the question. Still, there had to be something I could use...

Of course!

"Kuu," I said, tweaking the 'knowing brother' voice I had saved for Yukari to take on a slightly fatherly tone, "Babies come from a spaceship."

"A spaceship?" Kuu asked, tipping her head to the side.

I nodded. "Yes, a spaceship," I repeated, hovering the ladle I was using over the pot as though it was a UFO. "It comes down to earth, and," I said, as I poured some of the stew I had earlier scooped up back into the pot, "Drops the babies off where they are wanted."

"Really?" she asked, her eyes widening.

"Yes," I said, with a nod. "That's why Sekirei are called aliens. It's because all of you came from outer space."

"I see," Kuu said, energetically nodding her head. "That makes a lot of sense, Onii-chan!"

I smiled back at her, just glad that she had accepted my answer. "Now, run along - dinner will be ready soon. Could you go help the others set the table?"

"Okay!" she said - before running off.

The crisis was averted. Or so I thought.

A few seconds later, Kuu came running back. "Wait, Onii-chan," she said, and I knew from the sudden pressure I felt on my heart that she had caught on to the one mistake I had made.

"If Sekirei babies come from outer space, where do human babies come from?"

And things had been going so well lately too.

5/4/2011 . Edited 5/4/2011 #314

D'awwww. Kusano is awesome. All that awkwardness she can inspire in the situations the rest of the inn finds themselves in. Poor Shirou.

5/4/2011 #315

@gabriel blessing,

Congratulations on the sheer number of OMAKES you've spawned! It's quite frankly, just ridiculous. When I started to make a collection of them all, for some reason, I thought that there would be, at best perhaps around 20 or 30 of them - scattered between here, TFF and possibly Beast's Layer.

But I was wrong. Horribly wrong. As of now there are more than 50 omakes for "In Flight" ! With even more added on today. Just look at the posts above!! And that count only includes the stuff I found here and TFF. I haven't gone to Beasts Layer just yet, but only God knows how many more I'll find there!

It's amazing, how much time I'm spending, collecting all the omakes. The copy-pasting is simple, but the tricky part is sending PM's to all the authors and sorting out all the replies I get (or do not get). It's especially annoying and frustrating when someone actually replies "no", but refuses to respond to any further PMs I send their way. Still, I'm taking the safe route and keeping those omakes out of the collection (unhappily). BUT, at least most others respond back favorably!

I'm not going to stop any time soon, and WILL keep at it. Seriously, it just amazes me the kind of deviations people write up, in omakes. On the good side, it provides a good distraction between your chapters. My only REAL loss, is that it prevents me from writing any myself! But I'll catch up soon. Just you wait guys. Soon! He,he.


The UNOFFICIAL "In flight" OMAKE collection! Read it here -

5/4/2011 #316

Here Here!!! It is a damn good fic and i can't wait to see more chapters. Also i love that you are posting the omakes in the regular fic section chrono

5/4/2011 #317


Thank you for your kind words! (chronodekar blushes a bit) But please remember that all I'm doing is just making a collection of stories. You should direct your praise to the author's of the omakes themselves. There is a reason I'm leaving the original links in the individual chapters, you know. My favorite ones so far have been the "snakes in a plane", "repair my washing machine" and "Karasuba as Shirou's sekirei".


The UNOFFICIAL "In flight" OMAKE collection! Read it here -

5/4/2011 #318


I have to agree. Also I am not crediting you with making the fics but praiseing you for making them easier to find. I almost never go into the forums at all but you brought this one to my attention and i must say it is one of the best forums I have come across.

5/4/2011 #319

Hmm I was thinking a bit about yesterday's chapter and Miya's apparent fondness for BDSM and...

It was their wedding night. It was supposed to be the happiest day of their life. They prepared for it, together, embracing, happy they joined in bed, and...


Takehito's pained scream echoed through out the Izumo House, it was supposed to be a sound of passion, of love and bliss but somehow it turned into a sound full of pain and suffering as exuberant Miya reacted too strongly, breaking number of his ribs and at least one of the bones in his legs.

He laid, broken on the bed with panicked, almost crying Miya next to him.

"Tahekito-san... I'm... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to"

He tried to smile reassuringly but it took all of his iron will not to scream as his various body parts sent their damage reports, repeatedly.

"It's... it's okay Miya, just some... just some bruises is all"

He fought a valiant battle with pain in order to reassure his wife.

"But... I think... it might be... a bad idea... to call MBI... I might need... a bit of help"

He uttered slowly, his lungs hurt by the broken ribs.

"Ah, I'll call them immediately"

Responded Miya throwing on a robe and running for the phone. Takehito could only smile at his wife's dedication, and smiling was the only thing stopping him from crying at the damage he received.


10 minutes later he was already strapped to a strecher and loaded into a helicopter, Miya holding his hand gently, gentler than usual, worry, fear, confusion mixed on her face. He tried to smile reassuringly, painkillers and endorphins already flooding his system.

"Heh, this is not how I imagined our wedding night"

He smiled, trying not to laugh cause that caused only more pain.

"Yes... I'm so so sorry Takehito-san, to think that I would loose control at a time like this"

Miya was actually weeping, something the white haired man just couldn't stand and so, and idea formed in his head

"You know... I think I might have an idea... though you probably won't like it"

But she was already looking at him with those eyes filled with hope, he gestured her to lean over and whispered something into her ear, something that made her flush like a red rose.

"You... are not serious"

He just shrugs, as lightly as he could without sending himself into abyss of pain. Miya tried to wrap her head around the idea and finally resolution appeared on her face

"Okay, if it's for you Takehito-san I'll endure this. Ah what is a poor young wife to do with such a perverted husband"

She shook her head.

And thus, not out of perversion but out of neccesity and love, Miya embraced the Dark Side of Ero.

It just crossed my mind that Hey, Miya is pretty much the most powerful character around, meaning she could be as much of a danger to her lover as Akitsu. In other words, she is speaking from experience.

5/5/2011 #320

She also seems to be one of the most controlled characters, power-wise, though one could make a case for her learning said control after such an incident with her husband.

5/5/2011 #321


I christen thee "Karasuba route". Could you please continue the story the day after Karasuba gave Shiriu his swords? I am interested in the morning after :D.

@Gabriel Blessing

You are ungodly dude. Please release the omake of Matsu's reaction, I want to know what her eaction was!

5/5/2011 #322
gabriel blessing

@HubiKoshi. Yeah, that's pretty much how I saw it happening myself. Makes you wonder what the original Ashikabi had to go through, the ones in the distant past where they had to deal with the Sekirei right off the production line and all.

5/5/2011 #323

@gabriel blessing

Who knows, maybe that's why Gilgamesh hated our present world, cause humans became weak and fragile when compared to the people in the past ??

5/5/2011 #324
So, I wonder about two possible Omakes... Akitsu, after seeing the sword spam that shirou did with Archibald, her norito is actually "Unlimited Ice Blades" Which, in fact, makes some twisted kind of sense, Swords are sharp... 2nd- the Other Scrapped Number, learns of Akitsu fate, and wants to get winged too (Was he number 63?)... But too bad, he's a male sekirei!! I'd like to see this chapter from Akitsu POV. Also, wonder now that she's winged, what opinion she has on the Sekirei plan, would she want to participate in it? since she doesen't care much on following it's rules, i think it's unlikely, but who knows...
5/5/2011 #325


Okay, now you just added a layer of fridge logic squick onto Gilgamesh's unknown sex life. Anyone up for a dose of gorn? DX

5/5/2011 #326

"Foolish mortal! I am Gilgamesh, the King of Kings. Behold my rain of golden pen0rs. Gates of Babylon: The Unkindest Penetration!"

I don't know where the fuck my mind comes up with such things... -__-;

5/5/2011 #327

Yeeee GODS... What have I Done...


I doubt it, Akitsu was never told much about the Plan, meaning she wasn't indoctrinated like Musubi or Tsukiumi into wanting to fight. She just wants to be with her beloved Ashikabi, love and protect him... and she'll brutally screw anyone who'll try to threaten him.

5/5/2011 #328

Another possible experiment, wonder if GB is going to expoler this possibility in canon:


Tsukiumi, Could you please come to the workshop after work?I want to experiment with something.

Tsukiumi froze, and suddenly, her face could the vibrant red of a tomato. Her heart started to race out of control. She stuttered.

"ah, Shirou... I... Experiments?"

"Yes. You are the ideal candidate on this matter. I doubt homura will be amenable to try this, and kuu-chan may not be able to understand some concepts."

Wait, what? Kuu-chan? Homura? what kind of experiments was her husband contemplating? She opened her mouth,as to say something, But even then, she would yes to any experiment shirou had in mind, right? Shirou didn't notice her confusion, and continued to explain. "do you remember the shared dreams? how we were meeting in the rooftoop night after night? I even was able to hear Kuu-chan while awake. We already shared several dreams, so I was thinking we could try to expand on that, see if we can comunicate that way, shar, and eventually talk over long distances..."

"oh" Tsukiumi said, her dissapointment plain to see.

Tsukiumi has a sarcastic reply in her mouth, when she had an epiphany. Her husband was going to spend time with her, even if it wasn't on 'Those' experiments. Even if it wasn't in the program, she could get to "experiment" with him if she played her cards right, but even if she could not, she would enjoy it. Spending time alone with her husband was rare, and even if she didn't get to experiment, the idea of mentally communicating with her husband was something that intrigued her. Chances were that if she succeded she could tease Musubi and the rest fiercely, and she wanted to be the first to be able to mentally join Shirou.

Wonder if Musubi could manage to do it... Tsukiumi would fight fiercely anyone that even implied it, but she was well aware that the mind of the Ursine Sekirei worked in strange ways.

Nonetheless, If she coud make distance being meagniless between herself and shirou, between husband and wife, she would gladly take it. Imagine it, able to talk and mentally connect with him. Oh, yes! The idea really appealed to her.

And, maybe, she could share with her husband some of her more explicit mental images, some images that were not proper in polite company...

Tsukiumi blushed.

"I'll be there, Shirou." She bashfully whispered.

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