The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I really wish I wasn't doing this in the omake thread. Musbi cannot keep a secret no matter what. Not even when expressly told how dangerous it is. That's just beyond her grasp at the moment. Spilling anything to Haruka isn't a good idea either. Really none of his business, and he won't be protected for long if he tries to use that info against Shirou.

Kissing a drunk Matsu.....hell yeah that would shut her up right quick.

5/8/2011 #421

Oi you lot, the WMG section is over there, this be the Omake section. Anyway, mainly to get this part on tract, I did a short fragment with Sun Tzu the Assassin.

"Unprepared Master is stupid master. Stupid Master is dead Master. "

Receiving a blow to the back of the head, Shirou muttered briefly under his breath. His recollection of recent events was rather hazy, partially due to all the running and hiding. There was a man in blue, that stabbed him through the heart. Then there was more running, and finally a flash of light. One which quickly turned into a rather foul tempered old man. Who had said something only to be drowned out as the man blue came back for a second round.

Rather then his expected fight however, he only came across air. The old man did 'something' which Shirou couldn't understand and then they were out of there, seemingly unseen by everyone else. Which lead to them being here now, in the dojo and Shirou himself being rather confused. There had been a quick conversation, something about spirits, tournaments and wishes. Then the guy introduced himself, called himself Assassin and said that he was his servant, so could he explain his game plan.

Which then lead to the current situation. Namely an old man walking around him, ultizing various applications of a wooden bokken to prove his point. "The general who wins a battle is the one who has prepared many plans and calculations before hand. The one who loses a battle is like stupid master and make no calculation at all. Stupid Master get us both killed."

Whack number three was soon to come, as well as plenty of what sounded like muttered comments and curses in Chinese. "Why must I always get stupid master, stupid me getting involved with this. Why oh why."

Not knowing what else to do, Shirou fell back on courtesy. "Forgive me for.. slighting you?"

"At least stupid Masters manners work. Very well, I suppose we can work with this. I've made more from less." As the old man began to smile, Shirou had a sinking feeling that he wouldn't be getting out of here alive.

5/8/2011 #422

@ Gabriel_blessings

I see what you did there. Except I think you got the wrong thread.

@ Everyone else

You guys might want to take this to Wild Mass Guessing or Chapter 22-25 Discussion. It's a pretty major derail for this one.

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #423

A little nitpick. All heroic spirits when summoned as servents are all in their prime no matter when they died. Isn't that why all of them appear young looking?

5/8/2011 #424
Shioran Toushin

Not the Zoken version of Assasin Hassan-i-Sabbah aka the old man of the mountain

but it should summon them at their prime, it just varies to at wich point of their existance their prime is.

5/8/2011 #425

The True assassin that Zouken summoned had a skull for a head.

5/8/2011 #426
Shioran Toushin

it was a mask ¬¬

NVM yes it's a skull, if Hassan was not being a liar to Sakura

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #427

No. I think it was the part where Kotomine fought TA that his mask came off to show that underneath is a skull.

Ah yes my bad it was the part with Sakura that the mask came off.

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #428

@Shinkir0: Yes, but Heroic Spirits are also based off of their legends, and people don't think of Sun Tzu as a young fighter, but rather as a Wise Old Man. I think a good case could be made for his being old in appearance. Besides, its not as if the apparent age of a HS is necessarily indicative of their strength or vitality. For a non-HS equivalent, one need look no further than the Wizard Martroll.

5/8/2011 #429

This quote is probably applicable:

Rule One: Never act incautiously around small, wrinkly, bald, smiling men.

5/8/2011 #430


Especially if the are named Lu Tze, though Sun Tzu can do as well XD

5/8/2011 #431

That is basically the vibe I was going for. Hes an old hero. Hero's are like Magi, if one of them manages to get to old age, your buggered.

5/8/2011 #432

This scene occurs after some time when Shirou told only his flock, Uzume, and Miya about Magecraft and when Yukari is visiting her brother. Sorry if it was a little tedious but I'm not a very good writer.

It was a busy summer day at Izumo Inn. Since Shirou didn't have time to go to the beach due to his work at both his jobs and in Izumo Inn, Yukari turned the courtyard into a semblence of a vacation spot with all the other resident's help.

Yukari: "Onii-chan come and play volleyball with us. You should spend more time with your precious imouto."

They all seperating into teams consisting of:

Miya, Matsu, Yukari, Shiina, Tsukiumi,Homura

Shirou, Musubi, Akitsu, Kuu, Uzume, Kazehana

(The reasoning for this lineup is because of the landlady and Shirou choosing and since Miya is stronger than everyone else she chose the less physical of the team, with Tsukiumi raging of course)

After an hour Yukari had given up and was resting. Kuu suddenly jumps towards the ball with the aid of plants due to not having many chances of participating.

Tsukiumi: "Hmmph. I see. So that's how it is is it? Water celebration" A stream of water consumes the ball and smashes itself on the opposing field.

Kazehana:"Oh in that case Senbonzakura." Saying so she sends the incoming ball flying to the other side, burying it in a hole 10 feet deep.

Shirou: "Um..." turns the inside of his arm into imitating Monohoshizao assassin's blade and reinforces his arms to the max, "Tsubame Gaeshii." He simultaneously punches the ball and flattens it turning it into a buzzsaw tearing a furrow into the ground.

"Bear spike"

Homura: "Falcon punch"

"Hop" Akitsu sets the ball.

"By my calculations the ball shall have 83% chance of being a spike and landing-" Takes out a rocket laucher "-here in half a second." Matsu fired as the ball landed in her customized rocket laucher.

"Love love beam"

Uzume: "Hard ball" The ball is manipulated out of everyone's reaches and lands on Miya side of the court.

Shiina: "Mirror force"


20 minutes later

"My my everybody's so enthusiastic. Death from above." Miyas sends the ball into the air with a serve.



2 Minutes later

"Ah Miya, I think we lost the ball." "Nonsense, the ball is right-" CRASH "AAAAHHHHHHHH" "-there."

The ball barely touches Shirous hand as it smashed into the ground and nearly clips his ears on it's rebound.

"Very well then I think it's my serve." Miya states while locking eyes with Shirou. Shirou couldn't prevent a shudder from travelling along his spine. Now that he was focusing entirely on Miya he fought down a blush at her choice of attire, like the rest of the females she had on a very revealing clothes that is commonly found at the beaches.

"Oh my now that won't do. Death from below." Saying so Miya throws the ball into the air and jumps lightly, the contours of her body tensing to pack as much punch as possible.

Shirou barely saw the blur and jumped away before the ball smashed into his court creating a small earthquake and throwing dirt all over.

After another hour of the game going on in a similar vein the game was concluded in Miya's favor.

"That was great we should play again sometime landlay," Musubi exclaimed.

"I still think some of those hits were out of bounds," Shirou mutters.

"What was that Emiya-kun?" The hannya manifests around Miya.

Kusano was angry. She didn't get to play very much due to how fast the ball was going and when she sees a chance to hit the ball everybody else gets in her way and hits it instead. Her onii-chan also kept things from her, things like his swords. Kusano was terribly fustrated so when Miya showed off her hannya technique and everybody focused on her Kusano snapped.

Shirou grimaced and was about to calm Miya down when he heard a 'fuuuaaarrgghhhhh' noise at his elbow. When everybody looked over at Kusano they were gripped with the epitome of madness for she had mannifested her own version of Miya's hannya technique and they were treated to the sight of an eldritch abnomination with many limbs and orfices that contains a lot of sharp teeth. For a moment the Izumo house as a whole was shocked speechless. Then several things happened at once.

"Fuhuha ha. Matsu won't lose." Matsu panted and a manifestation of questionably shaped tenticles appears.

"Musubi won't lose either." A bear appears behind Musubi

Shirou jumped away and showed off his Asura mask in defence of his sanity

Akitsu wrapped herself around Shirou

Homura, Uzume, Kazehana, Shiina, and Yukari cowered in terror due to the sudden increase in the users of the technique. Tsukiumi?

"Arrrgh. This isn't possible I'm the strongest," she roared. By that point she also snapped because of the sheer number of times she was in the presence of such a technique. Her body subconsciously tries to shield her mind from the insanity of Musubi's bear, Matsu's tenticles, Shirou's Asura impression, and Miya's hannya combined. Kuu adding on her eldritch horror was too much, so much so that combined with her fustrations gave her a power up and unconsciously created tonnes of water, that water then takes on the form of Godzilla. Before anybody can react the giant body of water shaped like Godzilla roared and stomped off from the lands of Izumo Inn. Everybody stood frozen and silence waffed through the courtyard.

Tsukiumi: "Umm. Oops?"

5/8/2011 #433


Dang man you sure cut into Metsu and hard. Not the best way of doing things but still good.

5/8/2011 #434
origin of summoners

and that children is how godzilla started war world 3. shirou told his children as a bed time story.

5/8/2011 #435


Oh man, I go away from these forums for a weekend and a whole new batch of OMAKES comes up along with an unwanted (but unfortunately usual) side-tracking of things. I have a lot to say to everyone, but first things first.

NamelessEpitaph , a fellow member of our sent me the following OMAKE in a PM asking to add it in the collection. As not everyone follows the collection (and for reference purposes) I'm re-posting it below. Please note, it's tricky to keep formatting consistent across copy-pasting things on the site, so if anyone is upset with the formatting do NOT blame the author (NamelessEpitaph) for it. And now here's the fic,

Minaka's Revenge

By ______

AN: Inspired by Bad End Heart of Swords.

Obviously not to be taken too seriously, but I could easily envision Minaka doing everything he could against an outside force meddling in his game. He willingly turns a blind eye on what those within the game do, but given his response to an unspecified government trying to steal from him...


There were many things outside the rules that Minaka would allow, for sake of seeing how inventive and determined those he was the game master of actually were. Love and destiny were important, but if anyone were to be allowed to ascend they would need to overcome those that would defy the rules for power without breaking them themselves.

It was a game with dire consequences for both the players and the world.

But it was still a game. His game.

And someone had interfered with his game. Someone outside of it had barged into his city, attacked what appeared to be the current front runner, killed his sekirei and stolen away the bodies. Who were they to dare interfere? Who were they to trespass in his territory, to defile his ritual? Who were they to take his toys? To take what was his while he was still playing with them?

Fools. That was the simple answer.

Minaka was a madman, true, but one in his position did not exist by being careless. Idiotic, perhaps, but not careless.

The moment the invaders had entered his city their every move was tracked and recorded. It wasn't a big deal or particularly intentional, every citizen of Shin Tokyo was spied on on one level or another. Those recordings were stepped up once it was observed that they had an interest in one of the Ashikabi and stepped up again when said Ashikabi was witnessed participating personally in the tail end of a superhuman conflict with an unknown being that was later confirmed as a human male from his meager remains. The Ashikabi himself earned one of the unused satellites as a result, the ones for his flock were clearly insufficient even if he did keep the scrapped number by his side at almost all times.

The smug fools comprehended so little of what technology had to offer. They cut off sound and vision from outside their meeting place, but a laser through a window detected vibrations even better than a typical audio recorder. And blocking out part of the spectrum did little to infrared or ultraviolet imaging.

It just made it take longer to process all the data.

It was only the human element that failed against them. Sending troops to regain his property failed each time, despite knowing exactly when and where to strike. He had ten tracking chips and eleven satellites devoted to trailing them, after all.

They had accounted for many things, there was in theory very little Minaka could do against them, legally. And, given the failure of his personal army, perhaps little that could be done physically as well. It appeared in many ways that these mysterious, superhuman individuals were unassailable by MBI. After all, attacking them once they were on foreign soil would be an act of war.

Of course, to Minaka, interfering with his game was a declaration of the same.

There was no warning when the MBI satellites fired selective buildings in London. Well, no warning to anyone not watching certain channels, promised by Minaka to show an 'amazing display', a 'great unveiling' and other such flowery, meaninglessly vague statements.

To see the satellites fire upon a building in broad day light was one thing. To see the magecraft defenses kick in against the assault was quite another. The mages were roused by the attack, realizing that there was another hand behind the creatures they now realized were not human. That there was more going on than the involvement of Emiya himself.

At the other end, the assault was the final nail, the last bit of proof before Minaka spread the word through every level of every network he could reach. With the data collected from the enforcers' team, a few canned demonstrations by the remaining sekirei posing as magi and various clips of the numerous battles, both every single sekirei one edited to fit the context and the few instances Emiya fought, the man who had devoted his time and wealth to a now spoiled game ruined the only thing he knew was precious to his enemy as surely as they had ruined the only thing important to him.

Magic was real.

And now everyone knew it. Or at least everyone who used the internet, the magi themselves didn't find out until nearly a week later as they had wasted their initiative rallying and preparing for an assault by enraged Not Humans out to avenge their kin that never materialized.

5/8/2011 #436

Hum... it will be interesting if Shirou makes a deal with the world to 'save a hundred and some' from a 'great disaster', get betrayed by them because they think he is a madman and die alone in the end. You can pretty much put the entire Sekirei story with that.

That's why Fate and UBW still gives him enough chances to become a Counter Guardian. In one he keeps his delusions, and since he won the Grail War he will think he is 'justified' in to keeping those unrealistic ideals; where in the other he will keep to it since it is something he will choose to do and try his hardest, but have a very realistic chance at failing miserably depending on the nature of great disaster that will happen on his life. HF he would even become one, but them again if it would protect Sakura he would do it in a heart beat, not regretting it later when on Kill Bot mode.

5/8/2011 #437

Muahaha! And suddenly, the masquerade crumbles.

I like. ^_^

5/8/2011 #438

And them, with the magic being real, creatures that where more or less in hiding start to get out in the open.

Like Dead Apostles Ancestors.

People will start to do some stupid things that could threaten humanity, thus Alaya sends the clean up team.

BAD END indeed.

5/8/2011 #439
Shioran Toushin

Alaya and Gaia, and before that TATARI will feast on humanity.

Good End if you are descendant of a TYPE, like most of the DAA are

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #440
Amoral Philosopher

Very nice omake. I love to read when someone gives a big FU to the Mage Association. It is very therapeutic considering how big of a bunch of bastards they are and that no one can ever really do anything about it.

5/8/2011 #441


Oh, I so wish that would happen. Magic-hiding-in-plain-sight-in-a-world-of-technology is one of my biggest pet peeves ever, period.

Same reason I can't stand anything tied to Harry Potter, and to a lesser degree Harry Dresden.

I might adore the characters that Kinoko Nasu writes up, but the world(s) that he has crafted? That's a whole other can-o-worms.

5/8/2011 #442

Hell, the world of Notes could come much earlier than that depending on what they do. In the end revealing that the supernatural exist when said supernatural wants to kill you dead is a Bad Idea.

5/8/2011 #443
Shioran Toushin

i just assume that they naturally create a field that messes with the electromagnetic spectrum and the perception of non-magi. in the end it's easier.

5/8/2011 #444
Amoral Philosopher

I don't think Minaka would really care about the consequences of his actions, no matter what they turn out to be. He would just be concerned with hitting the people who ruined his fun where it hurts. They take away what is precious to him, he will do the same right back to them. The dude is just that crazy.

5/8/2011 #445
Shioran Toushin

and if

Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

EDIT: then the Magic can be disguised as more complex technology

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #446

I prefer the deliberate application of Command spells, Memory alteration spells and old plain murder.

The magi had time to adapt to the modern age for at least 500 years. There is also the church with it's 200X years of history.

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #447

No offense intended towards you, Shioran, but that unofficial corollary to Clarke's Third Law offends me on a level that mere words cannot possibly describe.

Surely I do not stand alone in this opinion, yes?!

5/8/2011 #448

@Shioran Toushin Not really on Nasuverse. Normal technology works on a different set of laws than magecraft, and magic simply tosses the rules out of the window. Remember that the world laws of physics is a reality marble of Gaia, while other planets have their own RM set up with their personal view on reality.

Only a few things would affect the whole universe, if at all.

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #449
Rabe Addler

Sufficiently analyzed magic is technology?

5/8/2011 #450
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