The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Yep, you do.

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Well, agree to disagree then.


I'll always side with the science faction in a magic vs. science setting.

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Does anyone else want to see Sabers reaction to Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

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Shioran Toushin

what i meant, is that they can be 'disguised' as either, Technology can be mistaken for Magic to the uneducated, and Magic can be disguised as Technology by the cunning.

not that Magic is Technology.

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Amoral Philosopher

Eh, I wouldn't exactly say that I am offended, but I also don't agree with that unofficial corollary as well. It's not that big of a deal to me. Everyone is free to their own opinion.

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@Rabe Addler No, again because modern magecraft can only be attained by those with Magic Circuits. There are only very rare magecrafts that are more lenient on it, like certain branches of alchemy if the wikia is right, or the use of Unified Language to cast spells, but practically anyone with pure magical potential or supernatural potential had some kind of magic circuit or had those abilities at birth somehow. Barring Origin, certain psychic powers (who are normally magic circuits activated naturally), it is nigh impossible to emulate those powers, being impossible for the general population to use it in the end. Technology on the other hand is avaiable to anyone that have the correct device or know the correct laws, regardless of birth related unique talent or potential...


People need to understand that:

A=}B don't imply B=}A;

but rather ~B=}~A;

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Wraith of Shadow

@ Hanashinobi: Yes, yes I do. XD

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Amoral Philosopher

Oh god no, not discrete mathematics! I thought I was done with that stuff once I graduated college...

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Rabe Addler


Your wrong technology is any tool one makes to manipulate their environment, if one needs magic circuits simply grow something with them and kludge up a feed back control system till you understand what is happening inside the jar well enough to do it dry.

Magic is a technology they are not separate things

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Rabe, give it up. Nasu-verse is just too slanted against technology in general, barring very specific exceptions like Kiritsugu's feats in Fate/Zero.

Not sure if tech-use remained high as of Notes, fell out of favor, or otherwise. It's just another of the many wall-bangers present in the setting.

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Rabe Addler

I have trouble stopping in the face of such ingrained willfully arrogant ignorance. Its a character flaw.

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It is easier if you think that magecraft tries to break the rules in small proportions while technology tries to work around those rules.

The case with Kiritsugu was that magi made it so it would be nearly impossible to destroy/invade the building with magic, but the structure which they warded wasn't reinforced to sustain large amounts of pure physical damage, thus the use of explosive. I'm sure a Siege Weapon would have the same effect as the C4.

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Shioran Toushin


Land of Steel (鋼の大地, Hagane no Daichi?) [over count 1999] is the name of the world in the time of Notes. It is not the official name, but a nickname passed down by those who live on the dead planet. The land is no longer able to support life due to the continents being mostly cracked wastelands unable to properly allow for the growth of food, and the atmosphere, covered with gray and sepia clouds, is no longer suitable for animals. Despite these conditions, humanity has lived on by utilizing their developed civic technology. Due to their survival, the planet, not wishing to have beings live on past itself, made a final wish to the other planets to completely wipe out humanity. They responded by sending the Aristoteles, which ravage the Land of Steel in order to fulfill their purpose.

The world is filled with Grain (ジン, Gin?) [grain "Ether"], harmful and unpredictable space dust particles generated from the dead planet. It is harmful to regular humans, who require special medication and machinery to process it, but it has had beneficial effects for A-Rays and Liners. The energy transfer rate of the Gin scattered in atmosphere is incredibly high, and it resulted in a new level of warfare that was never before possible due to the A-Rays and Knight Arms making weapons of the old age useless.

The main inhabitants after the death of the world were the A-rays and the surviving human race. They fought against each other in a conflict called The Great War, where the A-Rays, under the Six Sisters, wished to rule the world, while the humans fought to survive. Humanity, on the verge of defeat, eventually developed Liners and the Knights to help in their battles, but this did nothing more than further destroy the already dead planet.


Humanity and tech in Notes

Humanity in Notes has drastically changed since the death of the planet. Regular humans without any special modifications, called "Last-Seeds", are a great minority, and said to be on the verge of extinction. The Grain in the air makes it impossible for them to live without the support of medicine or machines to breath properly. They also cannot eat food developed in factories due to the nutritional value being high enough to act poisonous to them. Due to these factors, other races feel they have no value. After the destruction of the Western Continent, Gun God is believed to be the last surviving unmodified human.

Liners are simply humans with the ability to live in an environment that is abundant with Grain. A-Rays, on the other hand, are beings that were artificially created before the death of the world. They have since been modified and enhanced to survive in the barren world. They survive by absorbing Grain from the atmosphere into their bodies, allowing them to have power far beyond the Liners.

Though Liners are mostly inferior to the A-Rays, the development of Ether Liners (騎士, Kishi?, knights) balanced out their combative forces. The "Knights" are Liners that were strongly affected by the abnormal environment of the dead planet, having Grain crystallize in their bodies as if it were bone. After reaching maturity, the Grain is released into a definite form outside their bodies. These masses of Grain become known as Demonic Swords (魔剣, Maken?, knight arms), which have a variety of effects and allow them to fight against A-Rays without any support. The number of people who obtain a true Demonic Sword, one powerful enough to be called a weapon, is small, and their numbers only total seventy-eight .


In a Nasuverse setting the paranormal wins, because to do magic or magecrefa one has to have a 'soul' to conect and interact with Akasha, while tech is just tech. maybe if the practitioners of magic were stoped in time and tech advanced two or three thousand years, it would have a chance.

Magic Circuits (魔術回路, majutsu kairo?). A pseudo-nervous system that spreads itself through the human body and what qualifies a person to be a magus. Originally, its function was to just replenish a person's life force whenever the amount of Od inside his body reaches zero, but humans learned how to control it and use it to perform mysteries. That which connects the material world to the astral plane, if prana is the force that actualize the rules of a Thaumaturgical Theory's system, then the Magic Circuits are the pipelines that converts prana and transmit that energy from the magus to the system.

Strictly speaking, the Magic Circuits reside within the magus's soul and what is found on the body is just a physical expression of them that stretches itself throughout the body in a fashion similar to the nervous system. They are composed of core components, which are the actual Circuits so to say, and bypasses that connect those components to the brain. Magic Circuits do not change and once damaged they cannot be repaired. Because organic activity is necessary for the operation of Circuits, it is a common mistake to think that they are literally a part of the magus body. There are rare occasions in which the Circuits continue working even after the practitioner's body has ceased all vital functions. In these cases, destruction of the brain is necessary to stop the Circuits.

As like any other organ, the number of Magic Circuits that one possesses is determined at birth and cannot decrease or increase naturally. But it is possible to change that number artificially through a number of methods. One of those methods is through the establishment of a mystic pass between two magi from which the Circuits can transferred. As the Circuits are located in the soul, a fusion of body and mind is required during the transplant. However, the process carries the same risks and complications as a transplant of organs. Furthermore, as the Magic Circuits become unstable if tampered while in use, there is a possibility of mutual destruction if a contract similar to that between a magus and his familiar has not been established beforehand.

Still, the Circuits are ultimately something unnatural for the human body and their activity will cause pain and numbness to the magus. Their very presence in the human body is something uncommon and an ordinary person will have little to none. Also, the use of Magic Circuits increases the magus bodily temperature, which is what allowed Emiya Kiritsugu to track down enemy Masters in the battlefield through the use of a thermal sensor during the 4th Grail War.

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Amoral Philosopher

No offense Shioran Toushin, but that is a lot of text and I am not sure what question you were trying to answer or what point you were trying to make. I am just a bit curios what the copy and paste from the wiki was in response to?

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Shioran Toushin

time divers query about the tech in Notes and to make a point that in a Nasu setting Magic or paranormal always win. but i agree that the amount of text is too much, sorry?

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there is a thing called edit button.

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Amoral Philosopher

Ok, thanks, that cleared things up. You simply went the extra mile and posted the information from the wiki while I simply would have gave a summary and directed him to the source I got my info.

5/9/2011 #468


You could've just linked the wiki page in question, and then offered your own take on the information given, rather than the wall-of-text.

'course, it does come from a wiki, and is likely incomplete. I've read that particular page a number of times, and there's a single mention of 'mankind making use of advanced technology to sustain themselves', but no real detail.

For all that implies, technology was solely used to bring humans up to a new evolutionary standard, engineer the A-Rays & Ether Liners, and to provide appropriate nutrition in the place of a dead world, but little more than that.

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Shioran Toushin

i did that so that there would be no doubt as to what i was implying, and to make up for my failure at correctly expressing my toughts on the infamous unofficial collorary.

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Rabe Addler

IF it follows rules it can't be paranormal, the observer is simply ignorant and not willing to say I don't understand how that is happening.

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Seriously guys,

COOL IT. This is the OMAKE thread!! I thought we were above and beyond these fanatical discussions with the end of the last "sword-spam" tirad, but it looks like I was wrong. If you want to discussion technicalities, there is already another thread here,

for that kind of thing.

I was minding my own buisness collecting the different OMAKES posted here over the weekend and suddenly, there is a HUGE spam of replies to the thread. I was soo happy ... until I realized that no-one posted any OMAKES. :(


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*tempts [s]fate[/s] death*

Serious business.

EDIT: Stupid lack of VBulletin forum tag compatibility.

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Amoral Philosopher

The funny thing about the spiralling of this discussion away from omakes is that it all originated from commenting on the last omake chronodekar posted ;)

5/9/2011 #474

@Amoral Philosopher,

While I was the guy who posted it, can we please give credit to where it's due? It wasn't even my original work! NamelessEpitaph sent it to me in a PM and I wanted to share it with every here, apart from those who subscribe to the collection. Speaking of which - any other author have issues with document uploads on this site? I can't seem to send in the latest OMAKE batch ....

... On second though, do NOT answer that. Last thing I want, is to spiral ANOTHER off-topic discussion.



The UNOFFICIAL "In flight" OMAKE collection! Read it here -

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"[Analyzed magic has nothing to do with technology] because modern magecraft can only be attained by those with Magic Circuits."

Um.. so what? Magecraft has rules, as demonstrated by the fact that spells work in a consistent manner. Pretty much any deliberately created magical device whatsoever is an example of technology. Mages study magecraft and create them. Magical crests are the most blatant example.

Saying that it magecraft has no technology completely distorts the meaning of "technology". The concept is not dependent on whatever Gaia imposes or whatever the majority of the population believes about how the world works. It is also independent on how many or few people are capable of making use use of it.

5/9/2011 . Edited 5/9/2011 #476

The most recent chapter inspired me to clean up HEART OF SWORDS some. Here's the most recent version, and unless someone points out something big that I missed again, I don't think I'm touching this part a second time, so rest assured that I'm not going to spam this thread with it every time I correct a tense error. Though I think I might write up a little more about what happens afterwards at some point today if I have the time.

Specifically the Heart of Swords part was changed heavily to better imply the meaning I was going for, and almost all the interactions with Miya were modified in some small way. Included now is a part of the story that I had thought was in the previous version, but in actuality forgot to write at all. Isn't that embarrassing? It's only about two sentences though. Not a lot, but it was pretty important none the less. Otherwise I just smoothed out a lot of parts so that the story flows better. (In my opinion.)

I also want to say now, for anyone who didn't read this bit in the last version, that I understand that Shirou's distortion is a character flaw and not a Writer's flaw. It's only when his actions fail to affect a story negatively that it becomes a Writer's flaw. I'm hoping that [spoiler] now that Shirou has admitted, in part, to his backstory that we will see some Effect to all of these Causes! And holy crap, Yukari! Do distortions of reality run in his family, or what?

Any thoughts?

In Flight OMAKE


In the heart of the blaze his form was simply one silhouette among many. A living shadow in a world of searing brightness. Around him wood groaned as overburdened supports strained to bear a crushing weight that they had never been designed to shoulder. Even as the flames eagerly ate away at their crumbling foundations, they persevered, fruitlessly struggling against fate with the single-minded purpose that had been instilled into them at their creation.

Uncaring of his surroundings, Emiya Shirou simply stared at the remains of an old-fashioned table that lay overturned in the middle of the ravaged room. Pieces of broken plates and shattered bowls lay scattered along the floor around it. The remains of a meal barely enjoyed fed the hungry flames. From behind it a slender calf peeked. Dull in the colors of death. Without purpose, he stood in the center of the shattered remnants of his newly forged life, watching as it charred and blackened and fell to dust before his eyes.

He was empty. Wholly and completely. The fires burned and raged around him, and he could not remember ever feeling so hollow as he did now. As if something vital inside him had withered and died, leaving nothing behind but an insatiable, aching void.

This was not necessarily a new state for Emiya Shirou. His was an empty existence dedicated to a false ideal. Since the fire in Fuyuki, after being confronted with the horror of the fourth Grail War, of human suffering and sacrifice, he had not thought that the void could grow. How naive he had been.

That empty space had never hurt so much, before.

It had never made him want to cry, before.

He closed his burning, soot-stung eyes, but couldn't make himself turn away from the symbol of his life at Izumo House. Why, he wanted to ask, was it that every transition in his life was heralded by violence?

They had found him, as he knew they would.

They had been watching him. He should have expected it. He should have planned for it. He knew, at their hearts, that they were researchers. So why, then, had he not thought that they would behave so? They had found him, and they had come, but what he hadn't expected was that they had watched.

His hands clenched into white-knuckled fists at his sides. Bones creaking from the force. He had been so stupid!

How long they had been watching he didn't know, and it didn't matter now, all that did was they had been watching him long enough, and while he was careful not to reveal his talents, his Sekirei were not.

The Association had observed his relationship with his Sekirei, had witnessed their powers, and then made their plans around them.

The battle had been devastating. To him. The actual confrontation could barely be called a battle at all. The Association knew their habits, knew their abilities, and had planned their attack with them in consideration. The attack had come in the morning, around the chaotic time when they all sat down for breakfast. From Archibald's encounter, they had known to ignore the ward protecting the perimeter, and there had been little warning.

Against someone with a sealing designation for a magic like his, they had held back little. The opportunity to study his magic was just too great. Against someone with a sealing designation for a magic like his, with such close ties to what appeared to be absurdly powerful magi from afar?

The attack had been ruthless. It had been fierce. It had been short. They came in numbers, with powers specially suited to oppose his Sekirei, and while he was distracted fighting his own unexpected battle, had dismantled his surprised Sekirei with absurd ease. His Sekirei were not true fighters. They had not been honed through bloody war like he had been. They simply didn't have his instinct, his training and experience, and because of his secrecy they had not had the warning to make up for it.

It was all his fault. He had thought he had been protecting them. In reality he had condemned them to death. He kept his secrets to himself, and they paid for it with their lives. You couldn't protect someone from the truth. Not for long.

First Saber and Rin, and now his Sekirei. A disturbingly high percentage of the people he grew close to suffered from his presence.

It was the nature of a sword to hurt those that it came into contact with. Even when raised in the defense of another, to shield them from the cruelties of the world, all a sword could do was kill.

Every time someone reached out to him, they only received suffering in return.

His heart was made of swords.


A familiar voice rang out worriedly through the sound of crumbling wood and the crackling pop of stray embers. Almost immediately after the sharp scent of spilt blood flooded the area anew. Refreshing the smell that had begun to fade as the flames did their duty and ate away the evidence of his greatest failure. The depth of it was almost beyond comprehension. A scent so thick and strong that it defied description. So much blood. More than enough to drown the world. Yet it seemed insignificant when compared to the small amount that had been shed today.

A small hand settled on his shoulder, and with a surprisingly gentle grip for a creature so drenched in the blood of others, urgently turned him around. Miya looked up at him with worried eyes set in a serious expression.

"What happened? Is everyone alright?" The landlady asked as her precious inn burned to the ground around her. She had gone out on business, but the man she had scheduled to meet with had never arrived. On her way back she had taken the time to purchase a few provisions for her poor, ever-hungry pantry. The bags lay abandoned outside where she had dropped them in her haste.

She regretted not coming back immediately with all her heart. If only she had been here . . . .

He doesn't speak. He can't. Something catches in his chest when he opens his mouth and the words won't come out.

The silence speaks ominously, but though it hints at grim news, that alone is not an answer. Miya, desperately needing to get a handle on the situation, and growing increasingly worried at Shirou's strange reaction frowns, and settles both hands firmly on his shoulders.

"Emiya-kun!" She shakes him sharply.

"Live specimens are preferred." He says instead. He can't bring himself to say it outright. The pain is still too fresh. Unable to weather the relief welling in her eyes, Shirou closes his. He isn't done.

"Then there's still time. Quickly, which way did they go–"

"But not necessary."

Miya falls silent, stunned at the implications. Then her small hands clench painfully into his shoulders. She's barely breathing when she whispers it again.

"Emiya-kun, what happened? I need to know." Her voice is strained. He follows her eyes and finds her staring at the shapely leg sticking out from behind the dinning table. Her eyes dart back to his and he's submersed in the roiling emotion there.

"No more secrets."

Those words utterly break what composure he has left, and everything that he had been struggling to deny having to face snaps into crystal clear reality. In a rush the words spill from his bloodied lips in a tangled mess.

He tells her that he's a Magus. That he was given a sealing designation for, through no choice of his own, possessing a forbidden magic. That he had fled when it was discovered and come here, to Shin Tokyo. He tells her of his stupid decision to keep the information to himself for fear that the Assocation would find out that he was here and discover the Sekirei. When he's done he feels no relief in sharing his burden. It had come too late to save anyone.

"It's my fault." The words taste like ash in his mouth.

"Oh, Emiya-kun," Miya sighs, pulling him into an embrace. It does nothing to fill the hollow inside him. He can't even find it in him to appreciate her attempt to comfort him. "You should have told me. I could have helped."

"I couldn't save any of them." His voice cracks. He can taste the copper in the back of his throat. "Not even Kuu-chan."

The tears don't come. He should be bawling his eyes out, but he can't. In that moment Shirou feels more like a monster than Kotomine ever had. She hugs him tighter. Understanding his pain in a way few can. He doesn't deserve it.

"I'm tired of running away." He breaks the silence that had resettled over the room, interrupted only by the sound of their burning home. Miya's arms slip from around his waist and she steps back to look into his eyes.

"Revenge won't make the pain go away, Emiya-kun." She admonishes him. Her voice subdued. Despite her words she doesn't sound disapproving in the least.

"I know that. This isn't about revenge." A boldfaced lie. It's the first he ever told her, and he can tell from the way her eyebrows raise that she spots it immediately. He wants to make them suffer for what they've done to his family. Both old and new. "I can't let this keep happening. I can't go through this again. I- It will break me."

"I think it already has." His heart stops at her words. She gives him a sad smile. Silently telling him that she has easily seen what he had been trying to hide.

"Yes." He can't think of anything else to say. As Miya opens her mouth to say more the supports finally lose their battle against the flames and the roof lurches down. Shirou springs into action in an instant. Scooping the landlady up he bolts through a hole in the wall of Izumo House and out onto the relative safety of the outside world.

He gently sets Miya down beside him on the sidewalk and they both turn to look back as the rest of Izumo House collapses inwards. Miya with unshed tears as one more piece of her husband passes beyond her reach, Shirou with eyes that reflect nothing but the void within. A void filled with infinite swords.

"I'm so sorry, Miya." He apologizes to her. Hoping that she will understand the full meaning of his words. It will never be enough, but it's the best he can do.

Miya wipes the water from her eyes and turns to regard him with so much anger that he can't help but flinch even though he deserves it. The inn she and her husband had worked so hard for was in pieces because of him, to say nothing of the people inside. Just as quickly as it comes the malice in her eyes fades. The two of them were all that was left of Izumo House.

"There's nothing to be sorry for, Emiya-kun, you didn't do it." Miya tells him tiredly. Shirou looks away, unable to bare her forgiveness. He disagreed, but kept it to himself. There was no reason to ruin what remained of their relationship over it. It simply wasn't worth it. It would only cause more pain. Let her think that if she wanted to. He had caused enough misfortune this morning.

Morning. The sun hadn't even fully risen, and already his life was in shambles.

He stood there awkwardly for a moment, unsure what to do next. Miya said nothing, but regarded him with a silent expectation. He felt like he should do something more for her, but what? There was no way he could make this better. No matter what he did.

"I'll be going, then. I have some people to see." He said instead, turning to face her again. Just leaving felt wrong, but he didn't know what else to do. If he stayed behind to help rebuild, it would just end up being destroyed again when the Association came for him a second time. Besides, every moment he waited was another moment the Association had to plan and counter his strengths. The sooner he struck, the better.

Miya stood there silently. The weight of her eyes pressing down on him.

Gathering his determination, Shirou forced himself to take the first step of many on his new path. The second was just as hard. And so was the third. Behind him the sun finally broke over the rooftops and bathed the sky in warm red light. An unfitting tribute to a grim beginning.

He was jerked to a stop when slender fingers slipped around his bicep. Stopping him with surprising strength for something so delicate. He didn't resist as Miya gently turned him around.

When they finally came face to face he was overcome by the raw determination that burned in her eyes. A determination so fierce and so intense that it made his own heart beat quicker.

"Do you really think so little of me, Emiya-kun?" She asked him. Her normally soft voice was just as fierce as her expression.

"What?" Shirou didn't know what to say. How could she think he held anything but the utmost respect for her?

"Do you truly think that I would stand by and allow someone to attack my House with impunity?" She pulls him down so that they're truly eye to eye. No small feat considering their relative sizes.

"Of course not –"

"Good." She says simply, cutting him off, her voice once again softening. She lets him go and loops her arm fully through his.

"Then lead the way, Emiya-kun."


Enjoy your Miya route.

5/9/2011 #477


Y'know, it's a bit of an unfortunate coincidence, but after looking at the English lyrics for the song of almost the same name ('Heart of Sword', by T.M. Revolution), the title is disturbingly appropriate. I cued it up on my music player as I pictured Shirou and Miya slowly, but surely departing the scene of the fire.

However, let it be noted that it's currently past 3:00 AM where I am, and thus insomnia and lack of caffeine is likely making my thought processes go off on random vectors.

5/9/2011 . Edited 5/9/2011 #478

**** **** His body is certainly made of Swords ~ Sono karada wa kiito tsurugi de dekiteita **** ****

"Hahahahaha! Who would have know? Magic? Sorcery? IMMORTALITY? That's even better than the Sekirei Plan! That childish, useless game!" I could see the face of what once was Minaka, now a twisted creature that wishes to use the Jinki to gain even more power.

"I am the bone of my sword."

I don't really know when or exactly how he went to the deep end, neither do I care at this point. I could hear Homura whispering in disbelief at the sight in front of him, being the last of my flock still alive. Not for much longer anyway, with a steel rod piercing one of his lungs and losing that much blood, soon he will die like the others. But that's still all right, Miya will bring them back with the Jinki.

'Too bad I won't be here to welcome any of them.'

Kazehana, I'm sorry that this romantic tale reached this end.

Matsu, I never had the chance to say 'I forgive you'.

Tsukiumi and Musubi, I never managed to tell you two that I loved you.

Kuu-chan, Please forgive your lying oniichan, he won't be with you any more.

Homura, I couldn't protect them, I'm sorry.

Akitsu I... I'm sorry. I failed you.

"Oniichan! Get away from him!" I could hear my little sister plea from afar, even as she was being dragged by her, my, mother away from the rubles of the MBI headquarters.

"Steel is my body, and Fire is my blood."

"You think you can win Minato?" He says while conjuring a cracks of lighting from his right hand, flinging to me. I reinforce my body in order to dodge the attack, barely avoiding the attack and my right arm taking a glance, but that's enough to made it mostly numb.

"Agh!" I let out a cry due to pain, not much because of the burnt arm, but the fact tiny swords appeared behind the swing trying to protect my body, knitting the joint and sewing my muscles in order to stop the blood and to cut off burnt flesh.

"To think, all it took was to tell your false name and those fools at the Association came rushing along. It wasn't all that difficult, you know." He keeps gloating over his success, as if explaining the obvious to a child who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner. "We monitored you all the time, trying to see how you managed to fight against a Sekirei all by yourself. Them suddenly those group of people appears after you. Who would have thought that you had it in you? Who would have thought that I had it on me? And here I was believing the words of an Ignorant alien species, who probably came from a much nicer place than this planet, mind you, but see..."

While he was in his monologue I traced both Kansho and Bakuyathrowing both blades at him, which where quickly deflected by two punches on them. They managed to draw some hint blood with them, clearly due to him feeling charitable, but even them it was already closing up.

"Really Minato, adults are talking." He told me in a playful scolding tone. "Aren't you curious to know how I managed to Ascend mostly on myself? Because as I told you before", he licks his lips, his blood red eyes glowing for a moment, "the Sekirei were only a fortunate side dish".

"I'm sorry Minaka, but I don't need you to explain how much a deranged individual you are. I already had enough experiences with that time."

"I have created over a thousand blades."

Now he started throwing balls of fire the size of skulls from his fingerprints like an automatic rifle, and I was hard pressed to deflect them with the twin blades while running around for cover. Once I managed to get behind a pillar I reinforced it for whatever extra protection it might give to me.

Saber, forgive me. Emiya Shirou can't win against him. He is on a whole different level than Lancer, Berserker, or even Gilgamesh.

"Unknown to Death, nor Know to Life".

I traced a bow alongside Caladbolg II, a sword which was part of the basis of what would become Caliburn, and later my former lover Excalibur, turned more aerodynamic for better use as a projectile. I quickly went out of the cover, searching for my target.

I found it above me, and I had to dodge and run alongside the wall, almost hitting the ceiling. Lucky I am still faster than him, so I managed to get him out on the open at a good distance. I poured prana in the arrow to the breaking point, creating a Broken Phantasm.


I yell it's true name and shoot the arrow, hitting Minaka square on the face, blowing it up and half of the upper body.

Just for it to regenerate right in front of my eyes while the rest of Minaka walked in a steady pace towards the outer garden, our new battleground.

"Have withstood pain to create many weapons."

Once Minaka have a mouth on his partially reconstructed face he spoke again. "That actually tickled a bit. Congratulations!" He says in a sing-tone voice. "Now let's me return the favor".

He makes instantly conjures a spear of wind, spinning so fast I could hear the buzzing sounds from my position.

I saw his wind attacks before, and I can't dodge that. It will kill me if even takes a glancing. So I don't try to dodge, all I have to do is survive.

He prepares the attack, and I prepare my strongest projection against it. I call forth the shield of Aias, the conceptual weapon that is the ultimate defense against projectile attacks, it's full form being able to resist even for a small time the power of the Holy Sword if the memories of Archer residing on the shield are any indication.

Spear and Shield crashes, and like the legend the shield holds but it is destroyed in the process, having the seventh layer of it pierced, but providing enough protection to let me survive mostly intact.

"Huh. I didn't knew you could do that. Well, the more you know~"

That disgusting bastard! He know he can end this at any time, that he is toying with me. That I can't defeat him as I am. Worst of all he knows I know that as well.

Rin, I guess I couldn't keep my promise. I couldn't forgive myself, I couldn't see a value on myself for myself.

I couldn't save myself.

"Yet, those hands will never hold anything"

"But I grew tired of this." He says, his voice cold and rasp, gone with the previous playful tone and replaced by the alien sounding voice of his Dead Apostle Ancestor self. "I grew tired of this place, this plan, this flesh..."

'World, I need power to defeat the enemy in front of me.'

"... and above it all..."

'In return, I pledge myself to your services for all eternity'

I feel the sudden rush of prana inside my body, but it isn't exactly harmful to me. My conscience is fading away, and I need to concentrate hard in order to continue just a bit longer.

"... I'm tired of you, Minato!"

"So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works"

Fire spread around me in a circle, the boundaries of my inner world overwriting rewriting reality itself surprising Minaka. He certainly should know what the term Reality Marble is, but still few could declare that saw one manifest, much less the ex-president of a multinational technology company turned vampire.

"My name," I try to catch the attention of the creature in front of me. "is Emiya Shirou".

As the last of my consciousness slip away, I knew I defeated him. I knew I had more than enough power to eliminate the enemy in front of me, that I had more than enough to kill him.

But I also knew, that regardless of my survival today, Emiya Shirou is dead.



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Amoral Philosopher

Hmm, a lot of people sure seem fond of writing up bad ends for Shirou. Is everyone channeling some sort of pent up anger inside of them over Shirou's refusal to reveal magic to his flock? I'm enjoying the omakes, it's just there hasn't been many good ends. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

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