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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Soup Fish

I remember thinking that when I first saw the anime, that Saber would hate what had happend to england. A little while ago I considered making a omake where saber leans that the royal line is marrying a commoner and goes beserk, excalablasting everything.

5/9/2011 #511

@Grimgor Ironhide

Except for the whole she's riding Shirou's balloony pony thing.

5/9/2011 #512
Soup Fish

yup. I also wondered about that. If you read the legend it is clear that King Arthur cared about nobility, AND considering the time period he supposedly lived in was also definitely a flaming racist. That did not quite make it into the visual novel for some reason. Cant fathom why.... :)

5/9/2011 #513

Screw the rules she wants to get laid?

5/9/2011 #514
Soup Fish

If I could make those nifty little pictures out of letters and abbreviation like some people can I would definitely make one shrugging in an exaggerated manner right now.

5/9/2011 #515
Shioran Toushin

an idea for OMAKE, feel free to make it better:

Homura was relaxing taking a bath after a movie night at izumo house, the movie had been about some guy called Van hellsing and of course wwas about vampires

"... as is vampires could be real" tought Homura, but something was nagging in his memory -- (insert some reason for him/her to think about Shiro)--


"My turn to ask a question: what are the Sekirei?", "Gods? Demons? Psychics? Aliens?", "What Type are you?","If it's my blood you're trying to get, Apostle, then I will kill you right now and burn this entire place down around me as I leave," I told him coldly. "And then I'll hunt down every last one of your wretched race and do the same to them."

"It was policy at the time for all accidental witnesses to be killed,There most likely were so many at the time that in order to alleviate public notice they decided to simply make them disappearances instead of deaths."

"an expedition of around fourteen people discovered the location of the Holy Grail."

"You think a few families were the limits of what was at stake? Those hospital records that Matsu couldn't find? Most of those probably came from the nerve gas attacks that one of the other candidates launched throughout the town in order to hit any other potential competitors. My partners and I were at least able to disarm them before anyone died and stop the one responsible eventually, but not before hundreds were hospitalized. Even if we managed to keep everyone alive, the ones who were exposed to heavier concentrations of whatever chemical compound that was being used had to deal with severe disfigurement of their bodies when the higher concentrations acted like acid and dissolved their skin, and there were dozens more who are still dealing with nerve damage caused by their exposure to this day."

"Well, it started about three, almost four years ago now. Saber, my first girlfriend, was an old acquaintance of my father. She was from England originally, but she had some business in Japan. When she tried to contact my dad for help, I had to be the one to break it to her that he had passed on a few years earlier."

"Originally I had simply volunteered myself to give her a hand with her job since dad was gone. We worked closely together for a bit, and eventually we ended up getting along."

"Back then she was just a school mate that I had never really talked to that much, and she was with another guy at the time already. She did catch me at a bad point in my life, and managed to give me a bit of help to start getting over it, but back then she was mostly just an acquaintance that was becoming a friend."

"Bitch is appropriate. After she managed to get a hold on someone, she'd never let go. While I was busy feeling sorry for myself, that utter, completely, totally contemptible waste of human flesh was amusing herself with torturing my Saber. Bitch is too soft a word. There aren't words in the Japanese language to properly express the utter hatred I feel for that detestable worm."

flash ends as Homura starts to pierce something togrther "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKK-K"

5/9/2011 #516

If he connected the dots that way, the results would floor Homura.

5/9/2011 #517
Shioran Toushin

but he can connect the dots and get something completely different to what really happened, and that is the fun

5/9/2011 #518

hello o-o

this is from the lemon's thread GB suggested i post the link here so as to keep it one-stop shop. so please note this is an adult fanfic (M/NC-17

In Flight: Wing My Way

--- Enjoy.

it's sorted into "Misc Anime Crossovers" since it's more of a sekirei story than F:SN, and they don't have a section for that yet.

unless you think it should go to the F:SN section anyhow? o.oa

go easy on me x.x;

5/9/2011 #519
gabriel blessing

"This is completely unacceptable!" Saber shouted, throwing down the newspaper she was reading angrily and grabbing the steaming cup of coffee in front of her to start drinking from it fiercely. As Rin turned away from the stove, her apron that read 'I'm right, your wrong, and you better like it" catching a bit of grease from the frying bacon, she couldn't help but wonder if maybe Saber really hadn't properly acclimated to the modern world yet. Caffeine seemed to be a modern convenience that the once king still hadn't quite gotten a hold of.

Or rather, was much to fond of getting a hold of if the way Saber's bathrobe clad knee was bouncing as the thin blonde finished her third cup of the life giving substance.

"And what's wrong this time?" Rin couldn't stop herself from asking, unsure if she should prepare herself to laugh or to prepare herself to cry over whatever particular indignity Saber was about to go off on. "Did your stocks go down?"

"I'll have you know that my stocks are fine," Saber retorted vehemently. "Steel is always a perfectly good industry. So what if the economy is in a downturn? Give it enough time and I'll be back on top."

"Right," Rin assured bathrobe clad king dryly, noting as the once monarch scowled and put one lion slippered foot over her knee. It was a distinctly masculine way of crossing her legs, and Rin very much did not notice the way the blonde's well muscled legs slipped through the folds of the fuzzy pink bathrobe as she did so. "So what is it?"

"This!" Saber slapped the offending newspaper again, indicating the article which had raised her righteous ire. Rin gave into the inevitable and moved the frying pan off the burner, hoping that this distraction wouldn't last long enough to burn the bacon still sizzling in the residual heat.

"'The royal wedding between Prince William and Miss Middleton occurred today,'" Rin read dutifully, her eyes tracing the English lettering as she quickly deciphered the text which had so angered the former king. With a sigh, Rin rubbed the back of her head with the handle of her spatula before freezing, realizing the gesture was one she had adopted from Shirou back when he was still with the two. Very carefully forcing her thoughts away, Rin decided that it was easier to distract herself with the way Saber's bathrobe fell open as the enraged swordswoman continued to gesture at the newspaper in front of her. "Look, Saber," Rin began, suitably distracted and willing to go about calming the blonde. "These are different times. I know that in the old days royalty only wed royalty, but nowadays royalty is pretty much only a figure head for the good will of the people. Its not all about bonding alliances and cementing peace treaties. There's no reason to get so bent out of shape about this."

"Of course I know that, Rin," Saber said, surprising the magus as the king rolled her eyes. "If I were to hold such ideals still, my own time with yourself and Shirou would be naught but hypocrisy. When I was summoned I was made aware of the change in eras and all that it entailed."

"Oh," Rin said, feeling a little stupid for jumping to conclusions. "So then, what exactly has you so upset?" Once more Rin made sure not to notice just what Saber was wearing under her bathrobe, a herculean effort of will considering the way Saber hadn't noticed how much her angry caffeine driven fidgeting was forcing the garment further and further open.

Saber paused, and then fell back in her chair, blushing slightly and looking away. "That I was not invited," the king muttered, apparently realizing how ridiculous her irritating was in retrospect. Eying the cup in front of her the king apparently settled on blaming the coffee for her lack of composure and pushed the offending drink away deliberately.

Rin stared Saber for a moment, and then couldn't stop herself from breaking into giggles. "Now now, Saber," the magus finally managed to get out between giggles. "Were you that eager to get to see a wedding? Maybe later I can break out a tux, a white veil, and a certain toy that Shirou could never appreciate, and we can reenact our own little ceremony!"

Saber's face flushed, and she alternated her looks between Rin and the nearby door, no doubt contemplating which would be the safer course to choose. Finally, still flushed, she asked, "Which toy again?"

Saber knew better than to accept without getting all the necessary details.

"The one you were going to use to prove that Shirou was your sheathe," Rin supplied, winking salaciously. As the magus turned back to the stove, no doubt having anticipated the victory to be hers for this conversation, she suddenly jumped, squeaking like a mouse. Turning to stare at Saber, Rin wasn't quite sure if what had just happened had been offensive or hot.

Saber, pulling her hand back from where she had swatted Rin's little bottom, smirked, no doubt still on a caffeine high. "That's fine. But you get to be the bride," the king handed down her royal decree. Deciding that she had earned her return to the sin of coffee, Saber picked back up both her drink and her newspaper. "Now hurry and finish making my breakfast, wife."

A little surprised by the turnaround in the conversation, and, even if she wouldn't admit it to herself, a little turned on, Rin decided that maybe she should go and make sure the bacon wasn't burning.

5/9/2011 #520
gabriel blessing

Also, in response to Throwaway's lemon posting:

Congratulations. that was an excellent piece. Erotic, yet emotional, it was every bit as satisfying as anything I could have wrote.

The only problem I could come across, and I feel like a bit of a hypocrite for pointing this out but have no doubt someone else will, the beginning where you describe Shirou, Rin, and Saber having their first time while being hunted by Hercules. That only happened in the Fate Route, not in Unlimted Blade Works.

With that one discrepancy noted, I still stand up and applaud. Excellent work, Throwaway.

5/9/2011 #521

@gabriel blessing

thanks o.o

high praise coming from you |D

and yes, it completely slipped my mind which route you had been following. i was probably thinking of the dream sequences from Hill of Swords when i was writing that part

5/9/2011 #522

What happened to the part where she broke four of his ribs? That was the best part of the entire thing gabriel wrote and not having that makes me sad.

5/9/2011 #523
Ginko Yurishiro



5/9/2011 #524


if i recall from the main story he didn't let anybody but miya know about that. i tried to touch on it by mentioning he hurt his arm during the foreplay and decided to keep his shirt on as an armor-reinforcement. for the actual act itself there was a brief line about "bone crushing force" and then there was the omake


i tried, but couldn't find a way to include mentions of vag00 and pen00 and still keep a straight face.

5/9/2011 . Edited 5/9/2011 #525

Great lemon. "Jam it in" and "delicious flat chest" were awesome. If only you could have managed to work in a dragon. :D

Also, Akitsu's "I forgot" c0cksicle moment wins you an internet. ^__^

5/9/2011 . Edited 5/9/2011 #526
Bigreader in The Omniverse

is there any way to unsubscribed to this forum? I tried the links for days nowand it keeps saying it is off for maintenance. I'm getting hundreds of emails a day and I didn't even want that I just wanted to post in this thing once and now I get many emails I don't want and didn't respond when I told them about this problem. Does anyone else have this problem? is there a way to stop it? Can gabriel remove me from updates or anyone? please.

5/9/2011 #527

Check your emails. There is a big link under the heading 'unscribe to all forum alerts.'.

5/9/2011 #528

@gabriel blessing

There was no reference to the "make me a sandwich" meme. I R disappoint. :-


5/9/2011 #529
Bigreader in The Omniverse

I tried that. Thats the part I mentioned in my last post. It really helps when people read the whole thing.

Here it is again for emphasis.

"This area is currently disabled for regularly scheduled matainance. Please come back in about 5 hours.

" That has been the message for many days now.

5/9/2011 #530

@scott pike,

Just do the simple thing and mark the messages coming in as "spam" based on subject line. It will make your life a lot easier.


Now, I really WANT to read this fic of yours. (I'm working now, and it's really NOT a good idea reading lemons while on the job...)


Wait, HAS a support section? Where is it? I've been searching for it for a few hours now...


5/9/2011 #531

Okay I know I might be intruding on Gabriel's territory here but it's all chronodekar fault cause he made me realize just how much this whole incident would hurt not only Matsu but also Shirou. Shame on you chronodekar ;-)

I was tired, Root only knew how tired I was. Dragging my body to my room was an effort enough but the thought of having to argue with my flock over my decision would be just too much. Surprisingly, or not, I found a silent ally in Akitsu who trailed my way, it took one warning glance from to her Sekirei sisters before they just let the matter drop, for now. And so she trailed just behind me as I reached my room and helped with preparations for sleeping.

I fell onto my futon with an audible thump, I just wanted to sleep, to forget about this day, at least for a couple of hours. And as I rolled on my side, my eyes closed I felt something soft pressing against me. My eyes shot open to witness half-naked Akitsu, anything she wore to sleep warranted calling her half-naked, who suddenly embraced me and pushed my head against her neckline.


I managed to mumble out. Did she want a second round... this really wasn't the right time.


She whispered, one of her hands trailing through my hair, a hint of sadness in her voice


I asked again, my voice calmer, curious, not as panicky as moments before

"Shirou-sama is kind and gentle. It must be hard for Shirou-sama to do this"

She whispered as she gently stroke my head cuddling my tired body, sharing her warmth and affection

I felt a lump in my throat. She truly was my first Sekirei, the one who was with me the longest, the one who understood me the best

"Thank you Akitsu"

I whispered back, settling into the gentle embrace she offered. She only cuddled me a bit stronger and continued to stroke my hair as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #532

My own trial at a sequel to last chapter:

After that night, trying to avoid confrontation, I go cool my head at the only place of Izumo house that none of my flock would follow me: the bath.

After a little time cleaning myself while mulling this thoughts over and over again I snap.

"Does no one of them understand that I'm trying to protect them, dammit."

"They don't have a way to know, since you made sure to deny the knowledge of what we are hiding of." a soft voice came from my back.

"Oh my... Miya!?! I'm screwed right?" She undressed, with her back turned to me.

Kazehana's voice came from the door, almost a purr: "That would be if I was the one there with you."

"What happened with 'lewd acts are forbidden at Izumo house'?" I was too tired to try and make my tone teasing, so it came more as a scolding remark. While I simply turned away.

"Oh my, Shirou, do you really think I here for that?" Came the teasing answer. "I will make you company today, as we have some things to discuss." She started washing my back

"Then what it is Miya, I'm tired, angry, and disturbed. what do you need?"

"That rule is second only to the protection of Izumo house you know?" She continued undeterred.

"Cause this place is the memory of your husband, I understand. I will take my thi-"

"Izumo house is not the building, but the people that live inside." she chided me. "These people are family and as a family we suffered a painful blow today." I tried to answer but her aura make clear that I was not to interrupt. "The newest couple, might have gone on their own, as they're not really adapting here, but you pushed your sister away, and that is not a proper brotherly behavior. As the guardian of this place, is my duty to guide and protect their residents, even if their own carelessness." She moved her hands to my scalp massaging softly, like a mother caring for her son.

I took her silence for an opportunity to answer "Have I told them at the beginning, would they have accepted me? Knowing that my hands are dirtied with blood, and that my path might make it worse?"

"We sekirei will accept, for we are hardwired to love, we accept everything about our chosen ones." she said in a loving voice, then her tone darkened. "Do you have any idea of where that path will lead you, what will you become?"

I had to chuckle darkly at that "You have no idea..."

"Then tell me, Shirou, don't make it another secret for it to come and haunt you later."

"I..." How to tell her that? how to explain that I have FACED my future self in battle? "My body is made of swords, iron is my blood, and glass is my heart...I have survived countless battles undefeated." I felt my od stir but put the feeling down. "Not once have retreated, not once have been victorious." I shed a tear "Aways alone. On the hill of swords I forge the Iron, thus my life needs no meaning. This body is made of infinite blades."

I felt her embrace, and silent tears in my back, while the scent of sadness filled the air "What is that? A prophecy? A norito? An epita-"

"It is an aria, a definition of oneself so strong that it changes the world around to the will of the user. I remember omitting that in the grail war, every master summoned a servant, one legendary hero from other times, as a partner." I pause, no, no sense in stopping now. "Rin summoned one by the name of Emiya Shirou, that saved the world from the shadows killing everything that could put the world in danger, killing one to save ten, hundreds to save thousands... he wanted to kill me, himself, for choosing this path. That was HIS aria. I'm not like believing in a prophecy or a vision, Miya, I have saw with my eyes what I will become. I don't want to drag you all in it." Her embrace didn't relented, instead it get tighter.

"You're not alone, we will be with you till our deaths Shirou. It's our nature to love, and never abandon. We can't understand loss or separation, if you leave us, we will die. If you die, we will follow you. You're more than a mate, Shirou. You're part of us. If you cut your arm, you bleed to death, if you go away, we slowly die. We accept everything about you, for denying it, is denying ourselves."


"You know? you've did all this emotional speech, but since WHEN are you part of his flock? I AM THE LEGAL WIFE!" I turn at that and yes, Tsukiumi, no all of them are there at the door eyes red from crying, listening from god knows when. I'm screwed.

"You know what? We have to talk. All of us." I stand, they blush. Oh my... I somehow forgot I was bathing. Kazehana interjected as her clothes hit the floor: "Why, since we have nothing else to hide, don't we talk here in the bathtub? It's not fair that only Miya gets to enjoy physical contact with our beloved, is? She dared me to answer.

"Erm... Lewd acts are forbidden at Izumo house?" I tried. Everyone looked to Miya at that. Crisis averted.

"Well, since everyone here is part of your Harem, Shirou-kun, that rule is lifted from now on." She giggles.

Oh. Hell.


Partially inspired by scenes of Asuna chiding Negi: She almost always use the bath as a confessionary/punishment for him. as someone pointed before those two are way to much alike.

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #533

As I usually do, I got another plot bunny in my head, once again for something that could be considered grim dark. Just a short one, about some of worst possible consequences if alienting your information officer/keeping them in the dark.

"Stupid Shiro"

Trying to ignore the sounds and thumps coming from the room she was no longer allowed to share, Matsu executed her usual bit of rapid fire typing. It should have been her in there, taking Musubi's first time with her Ashibiki, not in here wearing out her fifth device. All she wanted to do was get him to unleash his primal lusts on them. Was it so much to ask that her Ashibiki participate in her experiments.

Hearing a beep from one of her lesser programs, she attempted to remember the function of that particular one. Something about tracking MBI's most wanted or something. She couldn't remember. Heck, she only made the program to distract herself in the first place. A particularly loud scream came from next door, as Musubi apparently found something she liked more then friendship speeches and fighting. Resisting the urge to bury her head underneath her pillow, she instead checked over the name that had been brought up.

It wasn't one that she actually remembered, so surely it wasn't important. MBI had put a lot of rather minor criminals on the list, just as a method of running tests after all. This Aozaki Aoko was likely one of them. Deleting the alert, she made a quick alteration to the program itself, just to keep Aozaki off the watch-list. She didn't particular care about some minor criminal flying into the country, nor them getting a hotel nearby. Upon a further scream from next door, Matsu gave up her attempts to act dignified and composed. Crawling under her covers, she buried her head into her pillow, trying not to sob. Trying not to think about how this was originally her night, until she made the mistake.

5/10/2011 #534

I forsee a BAD END thar ^_^

5/10/2011 #535

Boom for the Boom God I say, Boom for the Boom God.

5/10/2011 #536
The Master Warlord

@scott pike

Log in to -- Hover to Alerts tab -- Click Alert Settings/Guide -- Scroll down to Alert Settings

There. Was that so hard?

5/10/2011 #537


Glad to see that my posts in other sections of the forums are having an impact here in the omakes too! Mwahaha !!! (evil Grin) !!!!


THAT was surprisingly touching. In fact, we need to change some of the actors (Miya & Kazehana). Otherwise, I can almost see that happening.


If we were talking about children, I can see that happening. But, consider the actors involved, I highly doubt if Matsu would do that. Still, nice omake!! (^_^)


Can I your permission to repost the omake you made in post #482 of this thread? (It's actually there as OMAKE-81 in the collection) You have PM's disabled, so I can't exactly send you a message. I have, of course, credited you for it. If you don't approve, I'll remove it. The link to the omake collection is at the bottom of this post.


The UNOFFICIAL "In flight" OMAKE collection! Read it here -

5/10/2011 #538

More than a bad end in here, for some reason, I foresee Aoko kidnapping Shirou for a drink to congratulate him on "Escaping the MA" more than actually killing him.

5/10/2011 #539

The "sheathe" joke was evil, but so hilarious.

Thank you for making my day a lot better, Gabriel.

5/10/2011 #540
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