The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Shioran Toushin

i agree a plot device is necessary to summon him, but still they are the same person.

and to each their own, i only was responding to:


Basically they are the same person afterall, ne?


Except Shirou's a good guy, and Archer's an as*shole suffering for all eternity.

Akasha would not care, we do.

5/11/2011 #601


5/11/2011 #602

"If you want to ignore canon rules so badly, why not just write an omake where Shirou throws around every form of magic with casual ease? Or one where hehatesswords? Or maybe one where he hands himslef over to the Clock Tower and kills all his Seikrei?"

Because that would make a horrible and uninteresting story? Following Nasu's ever-evolving rules by the letter is not the be all end all when it comes to a good read.

Sure, there's a bunch of things wrong with that little piece of writing, the dialogue and direction could do with some extra work, but whether or not Garcher can or cannot be summoned shouldn't really be taken into account since it's an AU of a crossover fanfic.

Seriously, take your "but this is not Nasuverse canon" sh*t elsewhere. This is the Omake thread.

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #603

But isn't the grail made by humans? You just need to set up a grail like ritual somewhere (like the one used to summon Berserker away from the Greater Grail) and use Rin's pendent as a catalyst or Shirou's body... or I guess his parents in the case of that Omake, and you summon Counter Guardian EMIYA as a masterless servant.

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #604

Beside that it wasn't just any person that summoned him, Minaka would be Shirous birth father after all and that probably counts as something.

5/11/2011 #605
Shioran Toushin

plot device. that's all

5/11/2011 #606

Seriously... I wonder if it's so hard to just have fun, playing with the idea of Archer getting summoned into In Flight.

5/11/2011 #607
Obiki Doragon

Isn't there a lore thread or something. Take that over there and quit fucking up the omakes that other people wish to enjoy, While I don't care how much mail i get from supscription updates from the thread I do get pissed that it ain't nothing more than people arguing rather than just posting Omakes.

5/11/2011 #608

It's an omake and I priorise Comedy, Fun and Crazy, Canon is cool as long I don't have to make it too complex

Archer's summon:

The Grail made use of the Throne of Heroes-System, but as I see it, it is basically a boosted Familiar-Summon(Rin in the FSN-Game-prolog mentioned something like this)

Minaka mixed a lot of stuff into his magic-circle, but he followed the rules of logic, creating a truly powerful formular

He used his blood - connection to Shiro - EMYIA

The energy of Karasuba's Norito was channeled into the Summon = Lots and lots of Juice (since the sekirei are not clearly defined in IF, I say they are closer to the world as human, thus making a connection possible)

@FFXFan13: ALSO all that gets summon by the grail is a COPY of the original soul, EMIYA is for all times part of the ToH and all he gets are the memories of his copies.

@kittybear: Archer is here and he stays here, though he might suffer a bit...

5/11/2011 #609

@neogoki Talk about boosted summon. It need at least a two decades of gathering of ambient mana, the Third and Second magic to work at all, and that's not even counting what else the other families put into that ritual at the first time.

5/11/2011 #610

@FFXFan13 and Techlology Technically I already did that, or at least created the potential for Shirou to be able to do that, in an earlier omake. Considering its me, and I write grim dark, that almost wasn't enough. Giving Shirou the power to use anything means you must make Minaka a Type or something.

5/11/2011 #611
gabriel blessing

Heh. I like the Archer summon thing from earlier. Just think of it. What will happen when Shirou reveals the true piece of information that will shock Archer to the core and leave the usually unflappable Counter Guardian shaking in confusion?

When Shirou tells Archer that Takami is his mother....

5/11/2011 #612

"So you're telling me I have a sister, she somehow is this 'Devil Ashikabi' thing and relies on questionable manga to make her decisions?"

"And she thinks we were once part of an evil corporation, trained to be assassins."

"... I always thought my distortion was due to the fire instead of being hereditary".

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #613


@FFXFan13 and Techlology Technically I already did that, or at least created the potential for Shirou to be able to do that, in an earlier omake. Considering its me, and I write grim dark, that almost wasn't enough. Giving Shirou the power to use anything means you must make Minaka a Type or something.

Too add on to sucal comment u guys do know the wizard that did it could throw in every single power ranger ever, add in Godzilla, and bring in TT gurren laggen and it is all potential canon. Anyone here remember ruby here guys

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #614
Ginko Yurishiro

IF!Shirou/EMIYA(considered as a mad scientist by the CT, in this case mad mage for having a RM) = = Minaka(Mad Scientist)

Rin = = Takami

Saber =?= Miya

Yeah, I definitely see a pattern right there.

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #615
Obiki Doragon

Hmm... Random thought

With Homura feminizing, Shiina going with Yukari, being out of contact with both Issei and Shinji means that Seo is Shirou's only guy friend. Then again that's kinda the norm of Nasuverse huh?

5/11/2011 #616
gabriel blessing

An omake of an omake...

"Look," Shirou swore, glaring at his red clad counterpart. "I'm just saying that this is a great opportunity to really keep the confusion down. We can't both be Emiya Shirou, and with the Grail War gone you're not technically an 'Archer' anymore."

"No," the counter guardian said stiffly, crossing his arms sullenly.

"And since I'm technically the original Shirou, and you're the deified version of me that has spread ascended to the Root of the World and been trasnmogrifried or whatever the term is, I should be the one with the claim on the 'Shirou' name."

"No," the white haired main said again stubbornly. Secretly, Shirou wasn't ashamed to admit that he was having way to much fun with this.

"So, it's agreed," the redhead told his future self. "I get to keep being 'Shirou Emiya', and we can all call you 'Minato Sahashi'."

"No," the newly christened 'Minato' repeated, hoping that repetition would be enough to drive his point home. Internally, he was wondering if maybe he had been too hasty allowing his past self to live all those years ago, and similarly questioning his logic in asking Rin of all people to look after him. If the former Archer had known how much the short Magus would rub off on Shirou, than it would probably have been safer to get Taiga to look after the would be hero.

"It would make Takami really happy," Shirou pointed out, extending the 'really' an exceptionally long time.

The former Archer grimaced. Damn it. What was this strange feeling? It felt like an overwhelming desire to capitulate solely for the sake of making his biological family happy. Cursed familial piety....

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #617

That was funny...

You are a troll, you know, Gabriel.

5/11/2011 #618

I might make that part of the story,

let's add Takami standing there, looking with big, wet eyes at Archer/Minato, her lips are trembling, hands together, shifting her weight

Archer has a soft spot for white haired girls(reminds him of Ilya)

5/11/2011 #619
Amoral Philosopher

I can just imagine EMIYA face palming when Shirou shows him his mystic washing machine he has been working on. It would be hilarious.

5/11/2011 #620

Nah. Archer tracing/revealing his own washing machine, and them having an argument over whose is better.

5/11/2011 #621

"You're still soft Shirou".

"What do you mean 'Minato'"? He decides to ignore the barb for now.

Trace On.

"Behold! Magical Drying Machine!"

5/11/2011 #622
Amoral Philosopher

No, since Archer has had so much more time/experience than Shirou, he will be able to show that he has made both a mystic washing machine AND a mystic dryer.

Edit: ninja'd

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #623

Though it will still take a couple Hollow Ataraxia class Grail War for him to master the Mystical Fridge or the Mystical Air Conditioning.

5/11/2011 #624
Amoral Philosopher

No, best of all would be the reveal of Archer's magical toilet.

5/11/2011 #625

Or maybe he has a washing machine created from swords?

You know, to get a very edgy white.

5/11/2011 #626

Though his masterpiece is the Mystical Complete Kitchen (traced legendary kitchen knifes, ovens, fridge, assorted cooking tools) he traced from Gilgamesh Gate of Babilon.

5/11/2011 #627

Were there really any fridges in Goldie's gate?

The rest I can see, but fridges?

Unless you mean fridge logic, that is.

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #628

Magical Insinkerator?

"I make your problems disappear."

5/11/2011 #629
Shioran Toushin

Gil had a spaceship inside GoB, why he wouldn't have a magic fridge?

5/11/2011 #630
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