The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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The interesting part is that although Shirou does need to be smacked, if Matsu, et al. really think that that their slaughter of army personnel makes them able to steamroll the MA, their bubble is going to get poppedhard. Heck, Archibald's whole beef is that his family's magic has been crippled by Emiya Sr., and even then if he wasn't already half-beaten by Shirou, Akitsu wouln't have flat-footed him.

The thing is, she and the others DON'T know about what humans or rather Mages can do. All, she knows IN FIC is that Shirou is running from normal humans. Think about that, normal humans verses the might of MBI and/or multiple Sekirei. And Sekirei in a fight would destroy normal humans and have done so before. And no, Shirou does not count as normal, nor does mages and espers.

As for being able to steamroll the MA or not... not my place to say. But in my omake she might think it's possible as she has no clue as to what they can do. Knowledge is dangerous, yes. But lack of knowledge is lethal.

Do bear in mind that it's not impossible for a weaker being to kill stronger beings; ie look at Shirou and how well he did against certain Servants and/or Mages. All it takes is luck, guts and hard work, also being the male lead in the visual novel kind of helps.

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #811

Yeah, I agree that it's reasonable for Matsu to believe that. I'm just saying that she's so wrong that I was expecting Shirou to follow up Matsu's speech by fully acknowledging their abilities and yet still going "yup, you're right: I don't trust you to handle the people after me... because it's still far from enough."

Knowledge is dangerous, yes. But lack of knowledge is lethal.

Agreed. In fact, that's just what I argued in the other thread as to why Shirou need to be smacked about keeping them completely in the dark.

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #812
Rabe Addler

Idea: bad end:MA moves against MBI cloaked as something suitably moral/good for the press magecraft secrecy maintained at the cost of the worlds non-magi elite learning the truth, Flock dies, Rin Dies, Saber Dies, Shin Tokyo burns, Shiro get sealing designation carried out. Time passes fates worse death inflicted, pains unimaginable endured,until one day someone made a mistake and a monster once known as Shiro found a purpose.

Shiro is V. Basically epic public revenge on the MA and the whole world is the stage

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #813

Nah, he would make a deal with the world first, burn down both MBI (for starting the whole plan mess), the Clock Tower and would leave his flock on what was left on Shin Tokyo.

5/14/2011 #814
Rabe Addler

So does anyone else have an opinion, as blanket dismissal just isn't doing it for me at the moment.

5/14/2011 #815

You could easily combine the two as Shiro makes a deal with the World in order to become V, which allows him to escape the sealing designation and raise havoc, and then ascend properly when Shirou!V dies. If stuff goes down quickly enough, he might not have had the opportunity to do it before. After all, I don't think it's been stated that making the deal instantly turns him into an Archer-like existence, or even what the process of "making the deal" actually involves [or was it? correct me if I'm being dumb]. It could go 1) Make deal. 2) Do stuff with Gaia's approval. 3) Kick the bucket. 4) Become a proper World-deployable CG like Archer.

P.S. My knee-jerk reaction was actually "needs more Miya", but she would not get to stay around as she is for this to work.

P.P.S. Actually, I'm thinking more like V's nation going on toward a fascist mirror of 1984, divided up into several superpowers. It's actually surprising that the MA did not do something like that sooner. Sure, the predominant philosophy is that mages are above all that, but it seems incredible that there weren't enough of them with yen for assuming direct control that couldn't manipulate the MA into making the world their direct puppet, much more than the network of wealth and favors they have now. Since the only plausible reason is a balance of power with competing organizations of similar power (Church), and that balance just suddenly swung into MA's favor, they'll probably try to get a piece of the world-pie as well.

5/14/2011 #816


You're only thinking human powers. There is still demon hunters, DA, The DAA, and other groups that keep the balance. If the Church gets a little weak neither the MA nor the DA will do a big move because that will leave them open for the other to sweep in and take control. It's pretty much a zero sum game that has been going on for centuries. And about taking control of the world through wealth and favor you have to remember that the other groups have the same thing so if you make a bid for power all that will happen is WW3. Nasuverse is fairly well balanced compared to most with the secret organizations with it having so many and with them all just in a half truce with each other and them all wanting to just wipe the rest out. It's like a ten-way chess game with moving to check-mate another player will allow someone else to check-mate you.

5/14/2011 #817

@SilverBack354: Well, yeah. MA isn't going to reveal magic to world leaders without ensuring their personal compliance, which basically means a massive takeover by MA. Hence the current balance of power is broken, and everyone else is going to grab some. Hence the comparison with 1984, with several superpowers locked in a perpetual WW3.

5/14/2011 #818

I still think Miya will smack him around if he said Sekirei are NOT able to hand MA enforcers, to drive the point home, and to make him see that his Sekirei will not leave him, 'forever and ever' and all. And yeah reveling magic to the world leaders is calling for war.

On a side note, download complete, what is the correct order for install FSN: VN, Realta nua, then ENG patch?

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #819

@Mu-Sensei: It's VN, translation patch, Realta Nua patch.

Though keep in mind that even if you choose voiced version, there will be no voices in sex scenes.

5/14/2011 #820

To clarify, Realta Nua was a Sonny approved game on PS2, so it's safe to say they took that off or only hinted at it.

5/14/2011 #821

"Shirou, what are you still hiding from us?" Asked Miya.

It was a Simple question, but asking it in front of the entire flock, during breakfast, make things slightly, who am I kidding, scratch that, a lot more complicated.

"Miya-san, can we finish breakfast before?" She nods, crisis averted, for now. I crack my head trying to think of a excuse to not reveal magecraft to them, but come without a thing.

And breakfast was over. After I took the plates to the sink, Miya called me and when I walked to the table, I could feel all of their stares fixed on me. Not a chance to go back now. "Miya, girls... erm Homura?" I stutter the last addiction. Does he count as a girl? He practically wince at my doubt."I understand that you're all curious, but what I didn't told you is for your own safety. I'm a hunted man, and the least you know, the safest you are..."

"We're not going to abandon you, my Husband. FOREVER AND EVER, remember?" Tsukiumi's voice raise at her pledge, remembering my flock's devotion, some would say obsession, to me.

"And as much as you want to protect me, I want to protect you all."

"Huh, protect us. Musubi could break a person in two with a punch, Tsukiumi is a walking tsunami, Akitsu could impale oponents in ice, and I could reduce them to ashes. Heck, Kusano given a pack of seeds could probably hold of an little army herself, what are so afraid off?" Homura remembered me again that they're Not Human.

"There are powers in this world that you're not aware, Homura. Forces that would make Minaka and Sekirei look like a child with his pets. The sekirei plan is a GAME, I fought in a WAR, and my enemies will send WARRIORS after me, not PLAYERS."

"Yet, you escaped them before, right?" Tsukiumi interjected.

"Well, I'm not your average civilian person."

"Even so, Miya can fight and win against you, and we train to be able to fight her, so more numbers will only help!" She replied.

"I didn't go all out."

Surprinsigly, it was Miya that interrupted me: "Then let's go outside Shirou, and I will show you that you have nothing to fear, as long as you're here."

I swallowed hard. Fighting Miya of all the people...

"Let's go to the park them, so we don't DESTROY Izumo House."

We faced each other, Miya with a simple sword, I'm unarmed. No sense in hidding it from them, maybe showing SOMETHING of what I can do will open their eyes.

"Ara, ara Shirou-kun, where are your swords?" She taunted me.

'trace on.' Kanshou & Bakuya suddenly apeared in my hands. I vaguely hear someone say "No way..." and Kusano's "Onii-chan have swords!" coming from the direction of my flock. Miya, well, she simply raised a delicate eyebrow, while crossing the distance between us with a burst of speed, and delivering a simple overhead strike. I had to reinforce my body to parry the hit, which results in my swords being shattered in a single cut, but at least I got away unscathed.

"Nice trick, but that in not enough aganist me." Chidded Miya.

"OK." I simply said, and evading the nest strike I chant: "I am the bone of my sword", Instantly, a gleaming Katana appear in my hand, Karasuba's sword to be exactly. Miya's eyes widen immediately.

"You got it now? I can have ANY blade I ever saw, from a simple sword, to a legendary artifact. Yet it was not enough to throw my pursuers out." She came again, and we exchanged blows in our fastest speeds, my flock silenced in awe at the sheer speed and power behind our blows, the cracking of the earth and pavement below our feet at each blocked attack and the gashes at the dirt despite the blades never touching the floor. I? I was awed myself, with Miya sheer power and strength, and excited to have my blood running through my veins again, specially in a non life threatening fight. I let myself enjoy it, and remember the times I faced against Saber.

My sword shatter again. I make another, these one particularly, a mystery even to me. A black bladed katana, as dark as Kanshou with a threatening aura that spoke of uncountable destruction, but the most confusing thing is that I don't remember having this specifically blade in my Unlimited Blade Works for a long time, and I never remembered seeing that particular blade with any Sekirei or human I came across in Shin Tokyo, and don't remember having it before. The blade tried to grasp at my consciousness and influence my fighting style, my blows getting stronger, and this time is Miya's sword that fly away, embedding itself in the ground a few meters away... I kissed her, knocking her unconscious, I don't really know what overcame me... until I felt the darkness tug at my thoughts again. 'Oh God, the blade!'

I dispel it, and carry Miya back to the Inn, my flock in tow. Then it hits me where I saw that particular blade... Yukari's manga, one that she brought to my attention when showing that I should fall to her 'sisterly affection' hug, I was in possession of one of the characters.

I have traced blades from memory before, but never without seeing them in glance of a 'artistic representation' like that, but I think it was Matsu that mentioned that with each Sekirei that I winged, my power would increase, though I never expected to affect my projection abilities.

Miya awake, and chided me for 'taking advantage of a widow like that' and 'having lost control of my monstrous libido' or something along those lines, for I barely payed attention thinking of the possibilities of my newfound abilities.

Then I told my flock about magic, about enforcers, about the Clock Tower, and the Church, and Magic Association. And set to find Yukari.

If she got more weapons like that in her 'Collection', my chances of survival are indeed changing for better...


That sword is Youtou Hina, from Love Hina. I think no one tried that aproach for the 'how is Shirou getting stronger from his Sekirei winging' question, so I decided to point it out with an omake. Now just don't let the anywhere close a Bleach collection, or the enforcers are in for world of hurt...

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #822
Shioran Toushin

VN ENg patch and realta nua, and by smack him around do you mean beat him in a fight/spar or just beat some sense onto him? the both woul work to make him realize that he is stuck with them for a while (at least until he sees if RB would work-in Shirous PoV-) and while the original Squad can be more than a match for some enforcers the rest of them in't prepared for that tipe of conflict, unless he trains them and puts the fear of mages into them (by fear i mean that they know what they are capable and to instill the need to finish the fight FAST as to not let them cast).

5/14/2011 #823

That depends on how Shirou, breaks the news: If he outright insinuate that they're weak he is in for a beating (just like when he told Saber that she should not 'play with swords' for she was a girl), if he just demonstrate concern, the a sparring should suffice.

5/14/2011 #824

Help! ENG patch asks for Realta nua DVD, and I only have CD ISOs!

5/14/2011 #825
NAJ P. Jackson

If you don't have Realta Nua then just choose the option not to include it in the installation...

5/14/2011 #826
Ginko Yurishiro

You also have to download the Realta Nua DVD.

Edit: ninja'd

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #827

Sorry for the DUMB question, if stupidity killed I would be posting as a Zombie now!

5/14/2011 #828
Silver Sun 17

NOTICE: all debate and all non Omake related post from now on shall revice a Time loop post as punishment. that is all.

5/14/2011 #829
Ginko Yurishiro

O r'ly?

5/14/2011 #830
Silver Sun 17

you posted that asking for clarification so it's a freebie in your case

5/14/2011 #831

nice work, but as I remember it, the youtou Hina leaves the opponent naked or with massive clothing damage.

or was that just the shinmei-style?

5/14/2011 #832

The Hina Blade sucks at your consciousness and boosts your power. The blade even has a sentience that comments on the state of the body that it takes possession of. Naru got a hold of it and sucked Tsuruko dry of her power and knocked her out. In the hands of Shirou, in addition to his own skills and the boost from that sword, I'd go as far as saying he could take on both Karasuba and Miya all at once.

Of course, LH is a harem/comedy so no downsides were given aside from the sword taking control of you. Apparently, it took a shitload of the Aoyama demon hunters/swordsmen to seal it in the first place. Great addition, that sword would be to Shirou's arsenal.

5/14/2011 #833


Not so much in Negima. Tsukuyomi got her hands on Hina and became a crazy powerful, bloodthirsty monstrosity of a swordswoman, though she had shades of being psycho prior to getting Hina.

5/14/2011 #834
Shiranui Amaterasu

What would happen if Ilya were still alive and saw Shirou and Yukari together? Clash of the little sisters begins!

5/14/2011 #835

@Shiranui Amaterasu

Don't forget about Kuu.

5/14/2011 #836

The clothing damage is a effect of ZanMaKen, for the technique cuts the chosen target and only it (clothes are chosen targets for incapacitate a target without harming them: see Kurt Godel from Negima Ch25?), the blade itself has a berserker effect sacrificing sanity/self control for power, and allowing the user to suck the enemy Ki(Od?) through oral contact (no lewd jokes please?).

Edit: The blade also consumes the user Ki(Od?) at a steady pace, unless the user had defeated a blade possessed foe first.

Edit(again): @Hubikoshi: I stand corrected: No lewd jokes (or double entendre) INTENDED.

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #837


No lewd jokes ?? In Negima ?? With Hina being wielded by a Psychotic Lesbian who wants to either slaughter or rape Setsuna and maybe Konoka ?? I wish you luck with that...

5/14/2011 #838

"Well, show me how you fight 'all out' them."

Miya was awaiting in from of me, with my flock watching from the sidelines. They even brought out a picnic basket to enjoy the day after the fight, Kuu-chan kindly changing the trees around us to take blossom into pink petals to complete the scenery, much like the first time she was winged.

The reaction of my flock from the news about my abilities and the dangers of this world was quite interesting: Kusanoo promptly believed me after I told her I had 'enough swords in stock', Musubi didn't understood exactly what I was talking about but I managed to give her verypreciseorders to not reveal what I told her toanyoneunless I said so, both Kazehana and Tsukiumi were skeptical but in essence didn't cared, while both *Homura and *Matsu dismissed the news thinking now I was outright lying to them instead of withholding information, though Homura keep muttering to himself over and over I was lying, not unlike a religious mantra.

Things escalated fast after that, with me giving them a few demonstrations by tracing some simple weapons to somehow a challenge against Miya to prove that their species was far from being the most dangerous creatures on this world, even compared to humanity.

I saw Homura accepting a glass of sake from Kazehana before he spoke. "Just stop being stubborn for once Shirou and admit you made all that up".

I direct a little glare at him even while I'm still slightly surprised by his vehement denial, but quickly averted it to stare at Miya again. She had her usual attire and was holding her disguised sword behind the bokken, a focused look on her eyes and the power of her scent flowing around the battlefield.

Trace On.

Both Kansho and Bakuya in my hands, I reinforced my body to the limits and awaited the start of the fight from Matsu, her hand held high above her head, glancing at both of us.

The hand is down, and we both move at speeds impossible for humans to achieve.

Miya is still faster and stronger than me, but it isn't my enhanced strength that will enable me to fight against her. Oddly enough, my greatest weapon against her is also one of the skills that enabled EMIYA to be selected as Archer on the grail war instead of Saber when he was summoned by Rin.

My reinforcement at my eyes not only enable me to see farther ahead, but they come with high speed vision. If it wasn't for that feature I would never even be able to fight against Saber when we were a bit more serious without me seriously trying to kill her with all my focus on the task.

The three blades crash sending sparks from their first contact.

I seize initiative by charging towards her, throwing my two weapons at her.

She deftly dodges them, charging back at me with intention to end the fight quickly, probably in an effort to 'put me on my place'.

I don't think I will ever apologize enough to Saber for what I told her when I was a master, specially now that I'm on the other side of the argument.

I allowed myself to smirk at her, remembering that even though this is a much more intense sparing session than the first one with live weapons it isn't a death match. I trace again Kanshou and Byakuya, meeting my blades with her own.

Except my early blades weren't dismissed. The mutual attraction of the twin blades activated, and it didn't mattered they are a unique pair that now became two, they are still attracted to 'Kanshou and Byakuya' and that alone was a priority over redundant existence contradictions.

Miya stopped to mid charge to destroy both throw weapons that were coming behind her, a bit clumsy on execution only allowed due to her immense speed. I tried to capitalize on it, but she took a swing with her sword at my torso, sending me flying backwards. I knew if I didn't reinforced my body and didn't blocked with swords I would be unconscious now, but as it is I used Kansho to stop my flight once I hit again the ground.

I could see my entire flock and with the exception of Akitsu, with her usual stoic demeanor, Kuu-chan, with star eyed joy full of pride of her onii-chan, and Musubi practically bouncing on her seat with excitement, all of my flock was again surprised beyond words over what I did.

Though it isn't this what I wanted to show them.

Increased strength and agility could be rationalized.

Even my Tracing Kanshou and Byakuya had some scientific reasoning if Matsu muttering after my confession about 'atoms' and 'quantum probability' was any indication.

That was fine in a way. Magecraft is merely achieving with your own powers what could be done with sufficiently advanced science in a way.

But I had to show my flock that some things can't be explained by science, and magecraft only had better theories about it.

Something that surpassed material, surpassed reasoning. And I had the right weapon for this occasion.

I placed the palm of my hand facing me, and I imagined the weapon I would use to prove my point. The steps necessary to manifest my magecraft are performed in an instant, and I pull the sword from my reality marble.

"Trace, On."

A unnamed weapon, wielded by an unnamed spirit that took the mantle of Sasaki Kojirou during the fifth Grail War. Not even a real person, not even having a single Noble Phantasm, that spirit fought against and surpassed Saber on skill with the blade, only his agility being noteworthy for a Servant. She later confessed to me that even thought a win was a win, she was glad that he she had a multitude of advantages at her side, such as superior strength, a strong Noble Phantasm, her experience and instinct, a damaged weapon for the opponent and already witnessing it once, otherwise she admits winning would be impossible at the range of she was forced to limit herself.

Both me and Miya charge for a final clash, me with the nameless blade, she with her favored weapon.

My sword pushes me further than my limits with the skill, all of the dedication, blood and tears shred during the life of it's previous owner. My new found speed and power earn my opponent opening her eyes a little more, and what on anyone else would be something beneath notice or the sign of underestimation, from her it is quite an achievement.

"Trigger, Off."

Sympathizing with the experience of its growth.

I see myself trying to hit a swallow over and over with a single swing, but the bird can sense the shift of air and dodge my attempts every sing time. Thus the logical conclusion is the try to catch the bird when it tries to dodge, so I try to add another swing to it. It proves to be a failure, since the swallow can still retreat in another direction. I conclude that the only way to catch the bird is to make a cage of three strikes.

Something which is impossible, yet I try anyway.

We are only a few steps apart, well within the range of each other attacks. Her sword coming down at incredible speeds.

"Set. Hiken, Tsubame Gaeshi."

A technique that 'challenges god', born with skill alone though a life of dedication. The creator of the technique had humility enough to downplay his own achievement, but Saber understood what really happened.

Our blades crash, and the nameless sword snaps in two. My opponent sword is lightly pressed at my neck.

"The fight is over." I told her, a sense of finality on my tone. She don't really understands why I sound so victorious so I tap her left temple and right ribcage, which she winces a little at my touch.

Places I didn't hit during the fight before our final confrontation.

"H, how?" She is surprised. Of course she is surprised. Who wouldn't be surprised to find herself hit with a strike she supposedly blocked?

The secret was behind the technique. Something that surpassed speed, faint, dexterity and many other factors in a fight. An initial attack in an arc at overwhelming speed, a second strike slightly slower at the top completed by a third horizontal strike, making a perfect cage. All at the exact same time. Saber described it as something so absurd that made her own Excalibur look tame in comparation.

After all one thing is for a legendary blade wielded by the King of Knights to do something extraordinary worth of legends.

Another is some nobody with what amount to a glorified stick compared to a Noble Phantasm to wipe out something close to True Magic.

Impossible to block and dodge due to it's characteristics, the sheer speed and three strikes, impossible to retreat again due to speed and the length of the weapon while on close range.

"This is what is after me. Not mere strength of arms", I take a glance at Musubi, "or the superior control of elements", this time I glance at Tsukiumi, Homura and Kazehana.

"But the ability to completely disregard the natural laws and common sense. Though not every magi will wield skills as high as what I showed today, those that will come after me hunt down monsters of that caliber as a living."

I remember that once I heard a member of the McRemitz clan was the probable rightful Master of Lancer due to their unique bloodline, the whole family manifesting a Noble Phantasm that is the ultimate counter. Only Berserker would prove to be a challenge against that ability alone, and she was an enforcer of all things! It's sad to say I'm glad Kotomine killed her early on, I doubt I could have survived an encounter against her before or now.

"The skills I displayed now was from the contender of the second weakest Servant on pure numbers alone, and yet he was one of the most difficult fights Saber ever had, and she won the War."

I have to give it to Homura, as the most worried with my confessions, all he did was to confiscate Kazehana bottles of sake and started to drink from the bottle.

Though drinking from three different brands at the same time was a bit too much.

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #839


AWESOME, I stand and applaud! (or however I say that in English)

Masterfully done fighting scene.

5/14/2011 #840
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