The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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what if someone make a omake about Ilya is alive and has a rivalry with kuu and yukari wanting to be shirou's sister? you could say Zelrech is to blame for that.

5/14/2011 #871

"We have breaking news, President Minaka of the MBI has called a press conference. His press staff has reported that he will in fact be commenting on the death of known terrorist, Emiya Shirou. As the audience may know, Emiya Shirou is the terrorist believed to be responsible for the fire that claimed the lives of more than 500 people. He has also been accused with the violent murder of several hundred others in what he calls one on one duels. Its kno-" The anchor paused. "I'm told that President Minaka is starting his speech, we now go live." The screen switched to Minaka standing at behind a podium, a triumphant grin on his face.

"Tonight I can report to the Japanese people, and to the world, that the MBI conducted an operation that killed Emiya Shirou, a terrorist who is responsible for the death of thousands of innocents. It was more than 10 years ago that a calm peaceful night was lite with the horrendous flames that took the lives of hundreds of people. The images that came out of that disaster were seared into the hearts of the Japanese.

"In our time of grief we came together. We were united in our resolve to bring justice to the monster who caused this disaster. We made war on the monster who brought this about. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our military and our allies we have done much to eliminate monsters who would seek to do us harm.

"A few months ago, we found a lead that helped point us in the direction of this monster. At my order MBI special forces, along with some allies from overseas launched an operation earlier today to get Emiya Shirou, dead or alive.

"Our allies in this joint operation, known as the Enforcers, took custody of his body and they reported to me that they gave him a burial at sea while returning to England.

"This marks a turning point. Justice has finally been carried out..." Minaka raised a triumphant fist and grinned at the camera....

------------------BAD END------------------------

5/14/2011 #872

yikes many really like to make bad ends for shirou than good ends

5/14/2011 #873

Now we just need Tiger Dojo's for all of them

5/14/2011 #874
Soup Fish

ouch, I note the Bin Laden parallels.

5/14/2011 #875
Silver Sun 17

wait, the fire from the 4th grail war? how can you blame Shirou for that? this omake makes no sense.

if it meant to jusfiy the creation of archer then you have the events wrong DarthNacho

5/14/2011 #876


Shirou stood in all his death defying glory, proud and erect. His flock, lacking in decent attire clung to his legs. Rin and Saber to his sides. Shirou held ULTIMA in his hands. He had finally figured out how to reproduce a weapons 'history' with his reality marble and fused them all together into one sword. He raised it and brought it down. Clock Tower was no more. The only downside was that he would have to repopulate England before anyone noticed people were missing, but Shirou figured that it would be a simple enough task with his harem.

---------------Good End?----------------------

because being over the top/out of character/completely cracked is what Omakes are for

5/14/2011 #877

@Silver Sun 17 How can I blame Shirou for that? Well I could say something about a misinformation campaign but I'll just say that I did it because I can.

5/14/2011 #878

Every end so far has been a bad end. It's like everyone is entrenched in the grimness of the Nasuverse that the idea of coming up with GOOD END eludes everything else. Or maybe everyone just rather come up with BAD ENDS and would rather leave the GOOD END for GB to do.

5/14/2011 #879

Bad ends are more fun. Why doesn't like thinking up imaginative ends to kill off the characters.

5/14/2011 #880

I'll tell you why I'm only doing bad ends. Only one person can do the normal or true ending: Gabriel Blessing. So I'll do all the bad ends that won't end up in "In Flight"

5/14/2011 #881
Silver Sun 17

it's more fun to do that to the bad guys, then everyone likes it when you make it embarrassing.

5/14/2011 #882
Shioran Toushin

my own problem with that snip was that unless it was a campaing of missinformation they would know that Shiro was 4 when the fire started, maybe is instead of the fire you put the events of medea's and Rider's meals?

5/14/2011 #883
Silver Sun 17

how about joke endings?


"The entire Sekrki plan was all to achieve this?" Shirou asked trying and failing to comperend the mentaily needed for this insanity.

"Yes." Minaka replied happliy.

"You used an alien starship, the aliens of said starship, started a Multinational coroperation, fought a war with just about every developed country on the planet, concocted one of the most insane conspiracies ever and faked my getting a sealing designation just so you could get a lot of GRANDCHILDERN?" Shirou yelled as he flung out his arm to point at his, for the most part, pregnant flock sitting with Rin and Saber who were also pregnant.

5/14/2011 #884

The Sekirei Plan as some kind of daughter-in-law filter?


Somehow I could actually buy that if it came from Minaka.

5/14/2011 #885

@Silver Sun 17

fund it

5/14/2011 #886
origin of summoners

silver you forgot having him fight in the holy grail war.

5/14/2011 #887

i am finding it strange that no one does a bad end omake like shinji or gilgamesh or kirei or minaka.

as for the omake of minaka's insane plan to get grandkids darn funny but likely that takami will order karasuba to kill minaka or is really happy with that plan but still beating him up for such an insane plan.

5/14/2011 #888
gabriel blessing

Bit of an apology for the delays with the next chapter. Just finished finals, and was sitting down to do some serious typing, and then was like, meh. I don't feel like doing anything for now. So cue a few days of me laying around in my boxers, with much crotch scratching and Bruno Mar's 'Lazy Song' in the background as theme music. Anyway, for the delay, here you go.

"Man," Shirou sighed, taking a sip from his fruity tropical alcoholic beverage, being served in a chilled coconut husk. "That was a really wild week," he admitted, enjoying the tropical Bahama sun.

"I'll say," Homura mentioned, still holding up two sets of swimsuits, one a pair of trunks and the other a bikini, the genderly confused Sekirei alternating between giving contemplative looks at the two. "Who would have thought the Sekirei Plan would end up like THAT?" The fire user emphasized the 'that' and Shirou nodded at the accent. Describing the events that had occurred as 'THAT' certainly seemed appropriate.

"I did," Matsu declared emphatically, no doubt trying to convince the rest of the gathered Sekirei and their Ashikabi that yes, she really was being honest. "I totally saw it coming. The part where that thing happened? Yeah, I saw that a mile away." Rolling over to give her Ashikabi a sultry look she casually unhooked the back of her bikini before continuing. "Shirou-tan? Could you rub some warm lotion all over my supple naked skin?"

"Musubi will do it!" the bear Sekirei cried happily, launching herself at the hacker and engaging in something which could either be described as being 'helpfully enthusiastic' with her attempt to cover her sister Sekirei, or just as easily labeled 'fanboy les yay erotica'. "Musubi had no idea that Karasuba would end up doing what she did at the end though! Even Musubi was surprised!" At first annoyed at the other Sekirei getting in the way of her attempts to seduce Shirou, Matsu finally started to give her perverted giggle and wiggling under Musubi's somewhat inappropriate endeavers.

"Hmph. I'm still not happy about what we had to do at that one place, where all those things were," Tsukiumi grumbled, leaning backwards and soaking in the sun. "And you," the water user snapped, glaring at another member of Shirou's flock angrily. "Where's the rest of your suit?"

"I threw it away," Kazehana admitted shamelessly, not even bothering to try and cover her top. Clad only in her thin bikini bottom, the inebriated wind user threw back some more sake before making doe eyes at Shirou. "After that final fight where we had to go against them and all those allies they brought in? I deserve to cut loose!" She giggled and struck a pose. "Shirou," she began huskily, "how about I come over there and help you do a little relaxing too?"

"That is entirely inappropriate," Tsukiumi muttered. "It's monday today. Monday is my day. You can wait until later."

Kazehana raised an eyebrow before pointing over at their Ashikabi. "Then shouldn't you be doing something about that?" she asked, and when Tsukiumi turned to look at what the wind user was referring to and let loose a typical Tsundere shriek of outrage.

"Akitsu! What are you doing?" Tsukiumi demanded, sitting up with a sudden motion that nearly popped her out of her own bikini top.

"MRISDFsdiojblkmnoiuASDFIOjmcfklsoi," Akitsu answered, though with her mouth full at the moment her attempts to say 'Giving my Ashikabi a blow job while fingering myself' came out a little garbled. "FOPICSLKDSFjoijclslousdFDSFjicoisdpogkmcvm," the ice user continued, and this time her intended words of 'AFter that one thing happened at that place with all those people I deserve a little me time myself' were similarly lost.

"I don't know what you said, but its obvious you aren't even trying to be subtle," Tsukiumi snapped. "Did you even bother to wear a suit at all? Let me guess, you forgot it?" Akitsu pointed to where she had attached strategic pasties to herself in lieu of an actual suit and Kazehana snapped her finger.

"Good idea!" the wind user added. "Do you have any extras?"

"You know what," Shirou muttered, pulling his wide brimmed straw hat over his eyes and adjusting his neon orange hibiscus and pink flamingo Acapulco shirt a little more comfortably around his scarred and muscled frame. "Since this is a vacation, I'm not even going to bother to get upset."

"Now now," a new voice cut in, drawing the relaxing sword magus attention. "What have I said about inappropriate behavior in Izumo House?"

"But we're not in Izumo House," Shirou snapped, finally getting sick of Miya's attempt at cock blocking him. When he looked over at where the landlady was standing his eyebrow rose. "And you didn't even bother with pasties at all!"

"Of course not," Miya admitted, standing naked except for her smile and her sword. "And Takehito and I used to have a rule that our marriage only went as far as the borders of Shin Tokyo. Outside of that, what happened outside of Shin Tokyo stayed outside of Shin Tokyo." Clapping her hand briefly to get everyone's attention, the smiling alien continued. "Now I left Kuu over on the other side of the island with Takami. Who's up for an orgy?"

"Oh! Me!" Musubi chimed in, while the rest of the girls all added their own exclamations of approval. AKitsu decided not to talk with her mouth full and just raised a hand.

"Um," Homura began, as the rest of the girls started to strip. "I think I'll just head over there..." the fire user began, deliberately not using a gender pronoun to further confuse just what state the former host was in.

"Not so fast," Matsu said, the sunlight glinting off the only article she hadn't removed as the hacker somehow summoned the awesome force of her perversion to empower her enough to restrain the much stronger fire user. "You'll be joining in, one way or the other. If you're still a guy, Shirou probably wouldn't mind the help. And if you're not anymore..."

If Homura's effeminate 'eep' was any indication, it was most likely the fire user was much closer to female than to male.

Shirou, sighed, and gave into the inevitable. Oh, the burdens that a kick ass magic powered sword swinging hero with a harem had to go through.

-And that, my friends, is an In Flight Good End to counter all the Bad Ends that have been littering the thread.

5/14/2011 #889
Obiki Doragon

Praise Jesus and pass the ammunition, finally something good. Sucal I blame you for all the bad endings that people thought up.

5/14/2011 #890
Soup Fish

Somewhere inside the Throne of Hero's...

"Okay! okay! okay! lets everybody line up!" The spiritual personification of the Grail shouted into the golden mists of the throne. "Grail War! 5Th Grail war going on! everybody up! chance to go to the Mortal world! Eveybody up! I'm looking for a lancer! Lancer slot open to anyone who wants it!"

Slowly at first but faster and faster shimmering forms emerged from the glowing mist of the throne, Heroic Spirits eager to escape their eternal sanctuary and prison issuing fourth from their various abodes to heed the call of the Grail war.

"Lancer spot open!" the Grail personification shouted one last time with the air of a popcorn salesman.

Crowding around now like a band children the Heroic spirits crowded around each eager to be chosen, their voices rising to a clamor as the Grail surveyed the crowd.

"Alright! Alright! this isn't a tavern!" It shouted back. "Line up, single file facing me! Orderly like! There you go!, get in line."

Obediently the Servants lined up in single file like so many solders, the popcorn salesman persona was gone and the Grail now strolled up and down the line with the air of a scowling drill sergeant.

"Okay, okay..." It said strolling down the line looking at each spirit in turn. "Lancer meen's speed! Do you have what it takes?!"

Moving down further it paused for a moment. "I said SPEED! Get out of here Morgause!"

"No, please!" The woman in the black dress cried, her voice shrill she fell to her knees and looked up desperately. "You don't understand! My brother is in this war! I need my revenge!"

"Yes, yes, I have heard all this before." The Grail said dismissively "Bound by bonds of everlasting hatred and all that, but it dosent matter. You cant be lancer."

"J-just give me one chance to-"

"Somebody get this crazy woman out of here!" The Grail barked. Immediately she was evicted from the line by two pairs of strong hands and promptly thrown flat on her face as some of the less civilized servants laughed. The Grail just rolled its eyes. THAT one hand been applying for every single position available since she had lost Caster to some French psychopath in the last war, when she had heard that her brother or some other relative was going to be Saber.

Hmph. Women.

Continuing its path down the line the Grail nodded its head in mild satisfaction. "Achilles, good to see you. Shaka Zulu, good. Josheb Bashebeth. Tristan! Nice to have you here. Cuchulain. Very nice."

Making it to the end of the line the Grail doubled back. "Well." it said "You are all here to try for the position of Lancer in the next glorious Grail war. All of you have come with your legends to vie for the position. Now you must prove that you are worthy to be Lancers!"

Every spirit stood up a little straighter.

"You there!" The Grail said pointing to Josheb. "Why do you think that you are worthy?"

The tall Israelite threw out his chest and brandished his spear. "With this spear!" He cried in a deep baritone, the mussels in his neck straining. "I slew 800 Philistine's who invaded my homeland in a single engagement, BY MYSELF!"

The Grail gave a mildly impresse nod and continued down the line. Stopping in front of Shaka Zulu, the tall black man looming over it by about 4 inches it regarded him carefully. "And why are you qualified?"

"I revolutionized warfare with the spear among my people." He growled, his face contorting into a snarl. "With my Javelin I conquered all the surrounding tribes and forged a great empire over the skulls of my enemies. I will do the same in this war."

The Grail nodded making a little note on its clipboard and continued down the line once more.

"Okay why should be Lancer Tristan?"

The noble looking Knight stepped forward gracefully and gave the Grail a dignified look. "During my life I was the greatest jouster in all of the kingdom. Not even the great Lancelot could match me in regards to skill with the Spear . Through all my life I strove to-"

Tristan was suddenly cut off by a episode of mock vomiting. A few men down the line Cuchulain was pretending to vomit his guts out all over the golden misty ground.

"I dare say!" Tristan called out indigantly "What manner of insult is this?"

"What manner?" Cuchulain called back, his Irish accent cutting through the air with sarcasm. "The question is what manner of Nancy boy was you father you spineless lover boy?"

"You dare insult my father and my beloved Isolde? You knave!" Tristan gasped going red in the face, his hand flying to his sword.

"Now now gentlemen! And roughmen! "The Grail said said sharply breaking up the argument. We are not here to fight! You! hound boy!" It said pointing to the starter of the argument. "Why do you think you should be lancer?"

Cuchulain let out a snort. "I'm the greatest hero of all Ireland that's why! With my cursed Gea Bolg spear I cut a swath through mine enemies a mile wide in all directions! I can drink more than ten men! My exploits are known through all the land, me father was the god Lug himself und my mother was more beaut-full at the age of 90 than nancy boy's Isolde hag here."

Their was a brief but violent struggle as Tristan attempted to thrown himself at his blue hared insulter only to be restrained by the towing figure of Shaka, the African chief having to nearly wrestle Tristan to the ground to hold him back. "You take that back!" Tristan yelled from the ground still struggling hard against the stronger spirit.

"Or what? You wana go? Bring it English!"

'"I think that neither of you should get to be lancer this war." A steady, rather arrogant voice spoke. Everyone turned towards the speaker. The Grails face lit up a little. This one would provide a lot of Prana if he could be summoned and absorbed.

"Achilles" It said jovially. "Very good. Why do you think you should be lancer?"

"Should I tell you all the reasons? Or just give you the first 60?" The golden skinned Greek drawled lazily.

"Oh come on!" Cuchulain spat.

"I'm the greatest fighter to have ever lived for one." Achilles said almost thoughtfully. "And that includes with all manner of spears ad pole arms, I'm more than fast enough to for the title, my kill count is in the thousands and I was never matched in combat by anyone. Hows that for a warm up?"

The grail nodded warmly, liking the prospect of devouring this ones manna when he fell in battle, as he most probably would considering who Beserker was.

"That's all reeds and wind!" Cuchulain spat. From what I understand most of the time all you all you did was sit in your tent and pout like a spoiled infant."

Achilles flushed slightly, an irritated expression crossing his face. "How bout I chain you to my chariot and drive around our hometown a couple of times you little barbarian?"

The grail snapped its fingers. "Gentlemen." It said once again causing everyone to shut up. It sighed. Cuchulain had a point. This was going to get difficult.

"Okay." it said walking back all the way down the line to where it had started. "Now we have to do this the old fashion way." There was a general murmur as the Spirits wondered what it meant.

Looking up at the Israelite man that it had started with the Grail sudely bared it teeth. "SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE!" It bellowed into the Spirits ears.

Quickly caching on the mans face contorted into a furious glower and he screamed loudly, his deep voice resonating thought the throne. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

When it was over the grail nodded an made another note on its clipboard. Moving over one it stood in front of Shaka.

The old African Chief threw his head back and let out an equally impressive bellow, screaming his lungs out into the air in a furious yell, that made the other servants ears hurt. The grail nodded again more enthusiastically. They had some good contestants after all.

Geting the Tristan the Grail's good mood dropped a little as the knight gave it a skeptical look.

"Do- do I really need to..."

The Grail gave a nod.

"Well I supose I could..." Looking hesitant for a little Tristan screwed up his face into a stern expression, rather like a father becoming somewhat cross with their child. "I say have at you rouge!" He yelled strictly.

The whole line of Heroic Spirits burst out laughing when he had finished, shouting in mirth and making snide remarks the group dissolved into a mass of chortling men.

The Grail gaped at Tristan open mouthed as the knight looked around indignantly at his fellow hero's, Cuchulain in particular who was rolling around pounding his fists on the ground.

"Enough of this nonsense." Achilles snorted contemptuously strolling over to the Grail. "I will demonstrate how a real warrior intimidated his enemies."

Cucuhulain looked up from the ground breifly. "Hey you skipped me!"

Ignoring him Achilles gave a shout, not louder but somehow more terrible than any of the others had been, his face becoming a visiage of furry. The wrath of an invincible demigod pouring out of his mouth in a raging stream.

All the Spirits stopped laughing. Some of them taking a step or two back from the Greek Hero as he finished. "Well?" He called out in a smug voice. "Anyone want to challenge that?"

No one stepped forward.

"Well then" He said turning to the Grail. "In that case I think the winner is clear. I will just take that Lance card and-" Achilles stopped suddenly cut of by the sound of laughing.

Turning around Achiles found hmself looking once again at the Irish servant who was laughing softly as he reached for the card. That man was beginning to get on his nerves.

"From the looks of it, even though I don't believe that it is possible, I would say that you are laughing at me." Achilles said, a hint of danger in his voice. "Do you think that you can do better?"

"Do better? DO BETTER?" Cuchulain laughed, rising from his place on the ground where he had been making merry. "Do you know who I am? I take it you have never heard of a warp spasm before?"

Achilies gave a look of momentary confusion. "A warp what?"

The Irish hero did not answer. a look of concentration coming over his features. Slowly at first, but them more and more violently the Cuchulain son of Lug began to shake, turning red in the face. "hhhhhhhnnnnnnnn."

Some of the heroic spirits began to back away the same way they had for Achilles. Achilles just stood their looking at him. "Is this all? Because right now you don't look intimidating, you just look constipated." He waited for the other servants to laugh, ut it never came. The air around Lancer seeming to streach.


"Just what is it you are doing?"

The hair on Cuchulain head began to, oddly enough, stand up as he grew redder and redder in the face.

"HHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRR...." Cuchulain's growl rose in volume, becoming a snarl that rippled up from the depthes of his throat.

"Im still not... impressed." Achilles made out weakly trying not to back up himslef as the spirit before him got louder. With a tearing sound Cuchulains jaw dislocated itself and he brought his head forward, the terrifying monster that he now resembled making Achilles suddenly feel weak in the knees.

Cuchulain's face was now unrecognizable, with one eye hanging out on his chin swinging freely from the optic nerve, the other shrunken so far back that it looked like a tiny beady spot of red in an empty socket . his jaw was compleatly dislocated hanging almost to his chin but somehow still engaged in a savage growl. His hair and skin writhed on his face like snakes,


The lancer card dropped from Achilles hand as his bowels evacuated themselves.


"And that". Lancer said to Rin who was giving him a weird look. "Is how I became the Lancer in this war."

"You had better not be flirting with her!" came the voice of Shirou, returning from the bathroom


I always wondered why Cuchulain never really did a warp spasm in the visual novel. Its kind of a big part of his legend.

5/14/2011 #891

"Target in sight..."

"Roger, you are cleared to engage."

"Copy that Command, moving out."

Two black hawk helicopters silently moved into position. The plan was simple, the helicopters would move in and the Seal Team members would repel down into the woods. One team would blast through the walls and engage the target while the other team would enter through the main entrance to cut off any escape attempts. If it was possible they would take custody of the body and evac into the helicopters.

The helo came to a stop and the four members of Team Alpha repelled down to the ground. Sergeant Olsen knew that their counterparts in Team Bravo would be doing so on the opposite side of the compound. A little grin crossed has face: it was a race.

The LT lead the team to the base of the wall and motion to CPL Anders to set the explosives. Alpha team pulled back.

"This is Bravo Lead, we've engaged a samurai, we may not be able to reach the target, over."

"Command copies, Alpha: status?"

"Alpha, explosives set. Detonating."

The team moved forward to the breach. The sight that met them was straight out of a visual novel or something. At one end of the courtyard stood a red haired young man who had some sort of magic shield blocking blades that were being fired by the target who stood at the opposite side of the courtyard.

"Olsen, line up your shot."

"Roger." Olsen lifted up his rifle and aimed it at Gilgamesh.


"Ready." Gilgamesh's opponent seemed to have reached his limit as he collapsed to the ground.

"Take the shot." Olsen's rifle barked out once, twice, and a third time. Gilgamesh dropped.

"Command, target eliminated.... Please advise we have an unknown mass spewing out corruption."

"Roger that, standby Alpha. Bravo: Status?"

"Hostile eliminated."

"Copy, all units fall back to primary evac points we've got a drone inbound."

The drone in question had already targeted the corruption.

"This is Alpha, we've reached our evac point."

"Bravo has as well."

The drone fired its missile.

Thus ended the 5th Holy Grail War.

5/14/2011 #892

@Shioran Toushin Ok fine, you don't like my silly joke? I'll go back to my original joke! And yes, I am retconning history

"We have breaking news, President Obama of the United States has called a press conference. His press staff has reported that he will in fact be commenting on the death of known terrorist, Gilgamesh. As the audience may know, Gilgamesh is the terrorist believed to be responsible for the fire that claimed the lives of more than 500 people. He has also been accused with the violent murder of several hundred others in what he calls one on one duels. Its believed intelligence sources that he planned to activate a weapon in the middle of the same city in the hopes of killing-" The anchor paused. "I'm told that President Obama is starting his speech, we now go live." The screen switched to Obama standing at behind a podium.

"Today is a triumphant day! Today I can report to the world that Gilgamesh, the self titled king of heroes, was eliminated by special forces members at my command." Obama paused to let that sink in.

"It was more than ten years ago when a peaceful night was destroyed in a horrible instant. 500 dead, many times more missing. As pictures came in we witnessed the horrors that Gilgamesh had unleashed. but it was the pictures the we did not see that had the biggest impact. The empty seats at a dinner table, the absence of a parent, the orphaned child who vowed to save everyone...." Obama paused. "Yet we came together like never before, a global community united as one. My predecessor took immediate action and launched an invasion of Iraq to destroy the empire Gilgamesh had created for himself."

"For years we've been attempting to track him down an we finally caught a lead when a young woman called in that she was confronted by a man she believed to be Gilgamesh who told her to kill herself. After two weeks of waiting we were able to confirm that Gilgamesh had returned to his previous attack site to finish the job. In an operation that took 45 minutes , US Special Forces took out the terrorist leader. This is a turning point. The people of the world demanded justice and justice was given out. Thank You, and goodnight...."

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #893
Shioran Toushin

i liked it just fine, it's just that the fire did not compute at the moment and i took the whole thing more seriously than i would have. but in hindsight both of them are funny

5/14/2011 #894
Shioran Toushin

Idea: a series of Omakes aimed at Shiro finding either Miya or the Izumo House before he got the apartment for students, or a 'what if' in which Shiro got into ST before the DNA machines were installed, thus not meeting Takami until latter?

5/14/2011 #895

Mercy does exist, and thy name is Gabriel Blessing. I can go to sleep knowing there's laughs to be had.


5/14/2011 #896

Yay for Gabriel's and Grimgor's OMAKE.

5/14/2011 #897
Shadow Rave

My turn. Time to be depressed again:


"He's l--- ng blood!"

Light's dance around. Men and women in white. It hurts to stare too long. I'm being moved somewhere... I think...

"Naoko put the m---- -n!"

Something get's placed around my head. It's a little easier to breathe now. But I'm still tired...

Pains jackknife along my chest and down my waist. I can't feel anything below that. Oh, I guess I got hurt.

"Shirou-kun! You need to stay with us. You can't go to sl---"

Sleep? Yeah, I do feel pretty tired. Uh, what was I doing before?

"Oh, you found something interesting Oni-chan!"Illya is all smiles, sitting on the swing like that. Shiny black hair dances past her shoulders and down her back. They really could be twins like that. Ruby red eyes staring at me excitingly before narrowing into slits.

Wait, something feels... wrong about all this. I wonder why...

"Get him to the table! Keep the pressure on th--- ---eeding-"

"Oh there's so many of them! I won't be bored for weeks. Oh, oni-chan!, I'm so happy I could kill you."

No, this isn't a good thing at all. My flock. I have to... get up. I.. have... to...

"---eart stopped! He's flat-lining!"

Have... to...



5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #898
Shioran Toushin

Nice, altough that means that there is a possibility of the Altrouge route??

5/14/2011 #899
Silver Sun 17

didn't forget; here's the sequance of events:

1. Minaka makes plan to get grand kids

2. Minato getting caught up in the fire

3. Minaka continuing the plan in memory of his dead son

4. 5th grail war happens and Minaka investigates survivors out of interest and notices Shirous uncany relembance to his dead son

5. covert genetic sample acquisition

6. testing and finding the results positive for his and Takami's genes

7. slip a bad idea to a drunk member of a certain German magus family and bribe certain tower lords through cutouts

8. In Flight with my omake as ending



shadow rave can you expain your omake?


omake: a 11-d cat pays Shirou for his use of the Mystic washer

"Shirou, would you explain why a washing machne came out of nowhere destroyed two cars and a building, garbed us and brought us here?" The girl siting at the table ask in a falsely sweet voice while her companion nodded in agreement.

"I don't know I never made more then one or designed them with the ability to travel that far!" Shirou whimpered out in reply

"It dragged us from London to Shin Tokyo in under five seconds!" Rin raged at him. "That is SORCERY Shirou, you couldn't have done it by accident." As Rin began to advance a small slip of paper appeared in Shirou's face that read; thank you for loaning me the Mystic washer, I offer a Tsundare and Heroic Spirit in payment. Have a nice day.

It was signed with a smiley face and a cat's paw print.

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