The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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@Silver Sun 17


5/14/2011 #901
Shadow Rave

Basic premise: Altrouge discovers the Sekirei first... with predictable results. I'll post a bit more tomorrow. I'm a bit tired right now.

5/14/2011 #902

Just got back, so I'll respond to the bit before about Rakan. He didn't get erased. The antagonist was rewriting the world into a kind of pocket dimension utopia for everyone. However, during Rakan's original adventures with Negi's father, the same effect was used on him and in fact resulted in his arms being blown off. Like other things we see him facing again, he resisted the effect when he was hit with it again and used his artifact to create new limbs for himself to keep fighting a little while longer. Including a truly epic pile bunker. Also, we see Negi break out of a version of that utopia later on, although with help from somebody else who supplied him with the information.

Basically, nothing about Rakan is pulled out of nowhere. The mangaka does his research for him and shows it.

5/14/2011 #903
Silver Sun 17

CHALLENGE TO ALL OMAKE WRITERS ON THIS THREAD: who can make the most interesting or funniest way to bring Aozaki Aoko to Inzumo house as a new resident or guest.


1. she does not wing anyone.

2. as long as it is somewhat reasonable you can use any event that does not kill off named characters (unless the charcter is hated by most of the people on the thread, in that case feel free to MAKE THEM SUFFER!

other then that go wild.

my submission:

I shift around on the futon and nuzzle up against the body next to me for warmth after checking the clock and see it was too early even for me when I paused. My flock had opted to let me sleep alone that night because of Matsu's stunt. I study the woman i was nuzzling against. she was about 160 cm with shin length red hair and smooth pale skin. I looked to my other side and saw that Kazehana had ended up sleeping in my room drunk again though something about the new woman was nagging at my memory.

"What time is it?" A melodic voice asked. I turned around as watched as the woman opened her eyes, sit up and stretched before looking at me with blue eyes.

Something clicked in my mind and i realized with a sinking feeling that the root must truly hate me...






Kazehana had brought Aozaki Aoko, The Blue, to Inzumo House.

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #904
NAJ P. Jackson

Shirou better hope the Blue doesn't go balistic on him XD

5/15/2011 #905
Wraith of Shadow

... or worse, she decides she likes him and wants him to take 'responsibility'. O_o

5/15/2011 #906
Shadow Rave

Oh, I'm tempted... But I gotta go to work soon. Maybe when I get back.

5/15/2011 #907

Nice maybe I'll try later for now something that came up to me.

Irisviel von Einzbern was standing in her room shell-shocked, she realized of course that upon getting involwed in Holy Grail War she'll witnes many suprising events, but she wasn't expecting anything like this: a unfamilliar young man with red hair somehow found his way in their house. Fake master head was filled with questions: how he get through boundary field undetected, why was he sleeping in her room and why on the Heaven Feel waking him up to ask seemed to her so pitful and improper?! She left the room to rattled to think about her actions.

In the morning she found herself awakening in living room, and sheer incredulity of the last night event maded her think that it was a dream, until the dream man wearing only bathtowel around his waist and drying his head with another entered the room. For a moment both of them went still, then they both screamed in unison:

"Who are you?!"

"What are you doing in my house?!"

and after a little pause "SABER!!".

When servant of the sword entered the room, she froze up opening both her mouth and eyes wider than it should be humanly possible.


This is something that came to me, something I half thought out, half dreamed out this morning I never played fate zero neither I know whether Saber and Irisviel lived anywhere else than in Einzenbern mansion, I also don't know Irisviel personality. I'm not even sure how much it changed from my original idea. I was interesed in what kind of interaction Irisviel and Shirou would display if they ever met. I also apologize for mistakes as I am not native english speaker.

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #908

@GB & Grimgor: Nice omakes

@Silversun: If grandchildren is Minaka's evil plan, then I'll laugh, hard. Good Idea.

@Darknacho: Obama the terrorist killer, and Gil being killed by Special Forces? It's crack, man. But in a funny way.

5/15/2011 #909

Shirou finished the last touches of the food that he was preparing. The situation in the house was… frosty in those moments, but he had managed to evade himself doing all the chores while avoiding Matsu all that he can. But… yes, he wasn't able to forgive the sekirei.Not yet. Not for the pry in his personal secrets (God knows that Rin was much worse in those regards), but for the fact that her actions could have caused very heavy damage.

-The food is rea… Uh?

In the moment in which he entered the dinning room he was assaulted with an unexpected scene. Not by strange or bizarre (that would the normal thing, sadly). Simply, there was an unknown man sitting at the right side of Miya, drinking a cup of sake and laughing about something with Kazehana.

-Oh. I didn't knew that were a guest here. - Said Shirou, examining the man. He was an old man, with a grey beard and a wide grin. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and had a white hat in the table, ad was drinking a coup of sake that was undoubtedly served by the wind sekirei.

-Ara, ara. He helped two helpless woman carrying the bags at home. - Chimed Miya. Ha. Helpless woman's. Miya and Kazehana were everything but that.

-Ah. You are the cook? - Said the man, looking directly at Shirou.- Those two beautiful ladies have exalted your cooking abilities. Nice to meet you, young one.

-Emiya Shirou.- Presented himself the faker.

-Oh. My name is Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. But I prefer to be called only Zelretch.

Shirou went literally white. The master of the Second? The Whizard Marsall? He was dead.

- Ju, ju, ju. Don't worry boy. I know about you and yours… circumstances. - The smile that the True Magi had in the face… reminded him of Rin's. And all his instincts were telling him to run fast. Very, very, very fast. - We are going to have a nice and long chat later, alright?

Miya and Kazehana look at the man with caution, the two ready to take action.

-Don't worry, ladies, I don't plan to cause any pain. Maybe I can teach some things to that young… Yes, that' be interesting. Jujuju.

Shirou gulped, and only the little pride that left in him prevented him for escape running. But he was completely leaned against the wall.

-Don't worry, Shirou. I won't mess with you… too much.

The Root enjoy messing with him a lot, Shirou decided. There was something funny with that? Or was that big of a sin to try to be a hero? Or simply was enjoyable to see him squirm and suffer?

5/15/2011 #910
gabriel blessing

Hmmm. Introducing Blue to In Flight? Well, how about...

"Kazehana," Miya chided, using her gentle tone that somehow managed to imply the soon to be use of liberal violence and casual malicious threats. "Just who are these two?"

"Hahaha!" Kazehana laughed nervously, one hand behind her head and the other on her hip as she tried to think up a good excuse for the rather drunk looking people she had apparently brought home like lost puppies. "Well, its a funny thing," the wind user began. "I was bar hopping again, and when I tried to get into one of my favorite bars it turned out that it was closed for some kind of convention. Naturally, I decided it would be a good chance for me to sneak in and flirt with some young middle management in order to get free booze..."

"Naturally," Shirou agreed dryly, repressing a sigh as he did so. At some point in Kazehana's earlier explanation the young magus had disappeared, only to reappear a few moments later, some how holding a large tray of snacks and carrying a jug of orange juice, his apron firmly tied on. Miya once more had to suppress a tinge of jealousy over just how GOOD Shirou was in the kitchen. Miya was supposed to be the proper traditional one here, so she should be the one cooking, not the young man of the house!

"Oh! Don't worry!" Kazehana assured her Ashikabi quickly, flipping one hand in front of her and waving it desperately. "I wasn't going to do anything inappropriate! I was just going to get them hot and bothered and then come back and seduce you instead, thus leaving them desperate and lonely at the end of the night!"

"Ha," one of the two strays laughed, and older gentleman in a casual business suit. "What a wicked girl you are!"

"Don't laugh," the other stray, a woman looking to be in her earlier thirties carrying a briefcase chided her companion. "It's a woman's right to do a little teasing."

"I'm sure you were perfectly fine," Shirou reassured Kazehana, somehow managing to have led the two to the table and placing the refreshments in front of them. The two newcomers blinked as though only just realizing that they had somehow crossed the room and were no dining on delicious cake. The man let loose a low whistle, while the woman seemed to find eating the pastries in front of her infinitily more appropriate than paying attention to the conversation.

"Well, whatever the case was, once I got in I found that I had either missed the party or gotten there to early, because it was only these two here," Kazehana continued, plopping herself down next to where Shirou had seated himself so he could continue being a diligent host. "Since I couldn't exactly crash properly when there were so few people around, I instead challenged them both to a drinking contest, and one thing led to another."

"Your young lady has quite a way with her booze," the older man noted, grinning as though at some private joke.

"I'll say. Just glad I'm not the one being stiffed by the bill," the woman added. She opened her briefcase and surreptitiously put an extra helping of cake into it, squirreling it away for a later time.

"Well, I'm glad that she was able to contribute to the convention," Shirou told them, just happy that everything had worked out. "What was it a convention for?"

"Still living sorcerers," the man said bluntly. Shirou froze.

"Excuse me," he said, his voice a little high pitched as he stared at the two newcomers a bit more carefully. "Did you say sorcerers?"

"Yup, sorcerers kid," the woman confirmed, reaching for her fourth helping of cake. "This stuff is pretty damn good," she added bluntly.

"Um..." Shirou began, and then swallowed hard. "I'm sorry," he started again, looking at the older man. "You wouldn't happen to be Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, would you?"

"Sure am," the man admitted proudly. "My friends call me Zelretch."

"Ah, so its okay if I do to?" SHirou asked faintly, wanting to be absolutely sure he counted as a 'friend' before doing anything to offend the other man.

"Anyone who supplies as much booze as your girl does and follows it with as much cake as you did gets to count themselves as a friend in my book," the master of the kaleidoscope assured the very pale Ashikabi. Nodding jerkily Shirou turned to the woman, who was slipping another piece of cake into her suitcase.

"And you would be..." Shirou swallowed, to frightened to finish his sentence.

"Aozaki Aoi," the woman confirmed. "You can call me 'The Blue'."

"Well," Shirou said, his voice cracking half way through the word in a way that it hadn't since he had left puberty behind. "Make yourselves at home. Kazehana," he turned to his curious Sekirei. "Could you lean forward a bit?"

"Oh? Whys's thAT-!" the wind user squeaked herself as Shirou without warning pushed his hand down between her cleavage, causing her to blush. When he pulled his hand out it was somehow improbably holding a full bottle of sake that really shouldn't have been able to fit even in the wind user's admittedly generous cleavage. "OH! How did you know about my emergency supply?"

"Heh!" The Blue chimed in, a smile splitting her face. "More booze to go with the cake! My kind of party!"

"Help yourself," Shirou said faintly, before tracing a knife, cutting the entire top of the sake bottle off, and starting to chug straight from the new opening.

5/15/2011 #911
Silver Sun 17

i wish i could be that detailed, is the Aoko or Aoi thing a transation issue or is is that Aoi is used as a title in place of her first name?

5/15/2011 #912
Harold Jackel're a troll GB. You write something this awesome but you don't follow up on it. You fill me with such confusing emotions.

5/15/2011 #913
Silver Sun 17

I think his trolling in this case is my fault instead.

5/15/2011 #914

The name is actually Aoko.

5/15/2011 #915
Silver Sun 17


5/15/2011 #916

Even if it's too early, one interesting cross over to make is Fate and Freezing.

Creatures from another dimension that creates a field of frozen space, with patterns much like crystals, that want to kill humanity off for no other reason aside from 'for the lulz'?

Our favorite Couter Guardian-to-be tasked to kill a certain all-uppercase-reality warping-omnicidal TYPE get frozen in a block of crystal, and though some incredible coincidence, sacrifice and lots of dumb luck, humanity survives leaving the world mostly intact.

Fast forward a century or two and Genetics find out a block of crystal with someone inside, and from his genetic code they create the basis for the Pandora System, bot one day the crystal tomb breaks and they find out the man is alive. After a series of events, some which Emiya will never talk about it to anyone, he is transferred to Genetics facility where we have our favorite Ice Queen.

Hilarity Ensues.

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #917
Bloody Hero

Yes! I've been thinking about the possibility of a F/SN crossover with Freezing for days. It would be epic if GB were to create such a thing. The possiblity's of Shirou in Freezing are endless and best of all he would be able to put that miserable bag of #### Louis in his place and hopefully impale him with various swords.

5/15/2011 #918

As a further note, I'm pretty sure the first kanji in Aoko's name is the same as used for Blue. Ao: 蒼崎青子

The first and third characters there. Both mean blue. It'll be easy to double check on any online translator. So her name is a pun that means blue blue. She doesn't like her name for that reason and isn't fond of the nickname Blue.

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #919
Shioran Toushin

whispers: "the blue"


5/15/2011 #920

Which is amusing, since she'd probably like if you called her 'Red' for her dyed hair. While Touko despises her nickname of Dirty Red, and wants to be known as Blue.

5/15/2011 #921

In the original artwork, or at least in Kara no Kyokai, her original hair color was blue too.

5/15/2011 #922

Eh? Check the Mahoutsuaki website. They have young pics of Aoko:

Unfortunately, Nasu suffered a torn off hangnail lately, so the release has been delayed by a further six months.

5/15/2011 #923

No, that's the new version. They are re-making the original Mahotsukai, but in early drafts she had short blue hair (like the one in Battle Moon Wars or Fate/Extra).

Check the "hair color (original design)"

5/15/2011 #924

What? I wasn't correcting you on Touko. Read what I posted, I only mentioned Aoko.

5/15/2011 #925

ohhhh. sorry about that.

5/15/2011 #926

"Shirou, please for the last time. Stay! Back!" Homura told me yet again during our travel to the field. Apparently some Ashikabi was being too trigger happy when fighting, and while such acts would be dealt by the disciplinary squad, the responsible was causing chaos and destruction on the north. It was time to reinforce a little bit more the rumors, that is, if my Sekirei stopped hovering me like a mother hen.

"I promise that I will be always behind you at a safe distance." I told him honestly. It wasn't my original intention, but I guess this time I could placate my second Sekirei fears by staying behind the front lines this time.

"No Shirou, I want you not only to stay back but to stay away from the tick of the engagement. In fact, on the next building we can drop you off. Safe enough that no stray attack will hit you, close enough for you to watch the fight since you insist so much".

I allow myself to sigh. It won't really make a difference anyway if they are going to fight in a park.

"I promise I won't get out of the building, and Akitsu will be with me at all times in case something goes wrong."

He looked pleased enough with my answer, quickly jumping off the next building and waiting his opponent. I turn my head and take a last glance at my bundle on my back. It is heavy and big enough this time since I was expecting more than one opponent and maybe this time I would need some specialized weaponry.

Well, I might still need it, but to be used in a different way.


"So I was fighting one Sekirei, a mid forty range weapon user I don't really remember the name when six other opponent appears in an ambush. Here I am trying to figure a way to safely retreat and regroup when arrows start flying at the other Sekirei. Some of them found themselves on their feet, hands, shoulders, you name it. In fact, at least four of them suffered enough damage to get a level three termination right there, and the rest was crippled enough they couldn't fight anymore."

After the recounting of his fight he glared at me with enough intensity to melt iron.

"Anything I should know Shirou?"

Probably hiding the long bow I traced behind my back wasn't really my best idea.

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #927

Ha! They got off lucky. Just wait till he improves to the point he can make Noble Phantasm arrows. Then Broken Phantasm arrows.

5/15/2011 #928
gabriel blessing

Okay, now you jerks have me thinking about a Freezing FSN crossover. Thanks a lot. I hope you know its your fault you distracted me from writing the next chapter of In Flight.

It wouldn't be too hard, damnit. Use the Heaven's Feel Route, have SAkura pass away due to complications of her time as the dark grail, bump up the age of the rest of the participants so that training starts at the college level rather than the high school level, keep the whole aspect of Shirou having family he never knew about and BAM! it could work.

Shirou, heartbroken after the loss of his love, joins the army or whatever it was. First day there gets overcome with emotion when in the female leads presence, whose name I forget. Finds out through testing that he's that hero chicks sister. Meanwhile, interaction between Shirou and the Untouchable queen. Untouchable Queen doesn't want to partner up due to her history of sexual abuse, whereas Shirou doesn't want to because he thinks of it as betrayal for the dead Sakura. Angst abounds and plot unfolds as they both learn to love again.

And Rider with a contract with Shirou after Sakura's death. Rider can discorporate, so she sticks with Shirou afterward because Sakura would have wanted it.

Cue Servant Vs. Alien battles and general asskickery.

There. Now you all can agonize over it and I can get back to work. Stupid job, changing my article deadlines and not telling me till I only had a few hours to do the dozen they sent me....

5/15/2011 #929
gabriel blessing

I even figured out a freaking name for it. "Frozen Blades".

5/15/2011 #930
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