The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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WAIT! Rewind... Don't tell me... Don't tell me Sakura summoned Heroic Spirit Miya Asama...

5/18/2011 #1,111

YEP! Sakura & Miya (Saber). BTW, I didn't knew that expression (Wait! Rewind) worked in English, is basically the same in BR-Portuguese with the addition of a stop in the end. Usually when translating expressions directly, they doesn't make any sense.

5/18/2011 . Edited 5/18/2011 #1,112


Well Shinji and Zouken are screwed... which is never a bad thing

5/18/2011 #1,113
NAJ P. Jackson

lmao HoS Louise and IF Miya as servants!

5/18/2011 #1,114

Kreyn: you have a good point there, i thought of a strange idea: i would almost feel pity at the enforcers if they thought that crushing a wedding to capture shirou would be the smartest idea as some of shirou's flock and miya would certain be very angry as well rin and saber. i could imagine the enforcers shudders in fear at the look of pure hatred from musubi, karasuba and miya.

5/18/2011 #1,115

Kreyn: you have a good point there, i thought of a strange idea: i would almost feel pity at the enforcers if they thought that crushing a wedding to capture shirou would be the smartest idea as some of shirou's flock and miya would certain be very angry as well rin and saber. i could imagine the enforcers shudders in fear at the look of pure hatred from musubi, karasuba and miya.

5/18/2011 #1,116

curses i did not meant for the double posting to happens, if someone can delete it please do.

5/18/2011 #1,117
Silver Sun 17

select the gear at the right lower corner, you can delete it from their if you posted it or are a moderator

5/18/2011 . Edited 5/18/2011 #1,118

sadly cant do as i am not one of those forum managers, i suppose best to do is left it alone.

5/18/2011 #1,119
@LegendaryGamer: Don't forget about Takami
5/18/2011 #1,120


trust me once takami shake off her shock at having seeing her son's wedding distrupted, you can be sure that she will want blood almost as badly as karasuba and minaka would be laughing madly at the turn of events and shirou cursing the root.

5/18/2011 #1,121

@GB: If I had to guess at the origin for the dream, hmm... I think I saw it in People Lie, by Nugar, but I couldn't tell you where he got it from, if I'm not imagining it altogether.

5/18/2011 #1,122
Silver Sun 17

@gabriel blessing

sorry to ruin the fun of peope guessing what movie

5/18/2011 #1,123

The highly(?) anticipated sequel.

Alucard returned to his castle. Today had been... interesting. A human who could deploy a reality marble. A human who could create noble phantasms out of thin air. Perhaps the man who could defeat him had finally appeared. Sure, the damage he had taken was negligible, but still the boy had proven to be interesting. Certainly he'd keep an eye out.

Alucard entered the basement of his castle. Rest sounded good right now.

Halfway to his coffin, Alucard paused. Something wasn't right. Ah... an intruder.

Standing in the corner was a priest. The man wore simple cloths: black shirt and pants and a dark purple coat. Around his neck a golden cross. The Priest stood with one arm behind his back and the other in front of him, with his hand cupped as though holding a chalice.

The Priest smiled at Alucard, who frowned in return. Why did it feel as though a church organ was playing in the background?

"Hmph... Vampire." The Priest sounded disappointed. Why did it sound like it was Alucard's voice?

The Priest pulled out several short blades, each of them black. Alucard raised his .454 Caliber pistol.

The Priest threw his blades. Alucard fired. The round hit the Priest in the heart.

The blades tore into Alucard... and pinned him to the wall.

"Huh?" Alucard tried to move. The blades were preventing him from moving? Not possible.

Laughter assaulted his ears. Alucard looked up in surprise.

"You should be dead."

"Indeed. In fact, I've been dead for over a decade, but the corruption of a holy grail has kept me alive." A smile.

"I will kill. I will let live. I will harm and heal. None will escape me. None will escape my sight. Be crushed. I welcome those who have grown old and those who have lost. Devote yourself to me, learn from me, and obey me. Rest. Do not forget song, do not forget prayer, and do not forget me. I am light and relieve you of all your burdens. Do not pretend. Retribution for forgiveness, betrayal for trust, despair for hope, darkness for light, dark death for the living. Relief is in my hands. I will leave oil to your sins and leave a mark. Eternal life is given through death. Ask for forgiveness here. I, the incarnation, will swear. Kyrie eleison!"

A flash of light.

5/18/2011 #1,124

Ultimate Showdown of the Ultimate Destiny: Troll fight!

Now we need to put Zelretch and we are set.

5/18/2011 #1,125
Soup Fish

Man when Alucard recovers from that he will be pissed

5/18/2011 #1,126

My omake challenge to someone. Louise summons Gilgamesh. Not just any Gilgamesh, but the one from the end of UBW. That's right. It was not the Grail that was sucking him up, but Louise's summoning. I'm relying on you!

5/18/2011 #1,127

A half dead, still corrupted Gil? That's Bad.

5/18/2011 #1,128
Shioran Toushin

actually i don0t think he can recover either so easily or at all because Kirei just exorcised the souls that allycard consumed and possibly Alucard himself.

5/18/2011 #1,129

Yeah. That would kill Alucard. The holy words are considered the greatest weapon against spirits in the Nasuverse. If Nrvnqsr Chaos stood there and let Kotomine finish that chant it might even be enough to kill him. Though he would have to let him, since you know, sharks coming out of his chest and all.

5/18/2011 #1,130
Ginko Yurishiro

Sharkura!!!!! inside Nero Chaos

Seriously look it up at beast lair...

5/18/2011 #1,131

Oh, I'm fully aware of of Sharkura. The only Shinji I feel sorry for.

5/18/2011 #1,132
Soup Fish


So in other words there is a distinct possibility that it would not kill Nrvnqsr. Then I doubt that it would kill Alucard as he has a lot more that 666 lives in him.

plus Alucard could send a mass of shadows and hellhound heads at him before he could complete it, much the same way Nrvnqsr can.

5/18/2011 #1,133

The thing about Alucard, which I tried to capture, was how he lets his enemies bust out whatever move they are trying just to mess with them.

5/18/2011 #1,134

Nrvnqsr is so far above Alucard it isn't even funny. Remember that bog standard Dead Apostles are fast enough with good enough reactions to dodge bullets after they've been fired. Chaos is one of the 27 Ancestors, the most dangerous and powerful of the entire group. What is more, he is number 10, the last member impossible for humanity to deal with using normal conceptual weapons.

First of all, he has 666 animals inside him by choice, as that is the point that has him transform into the chaos from which he takes his name. Alucard uses his souls as disposable lives. Nrvnqsr automatically regenerates all of his lives immediately. You have to kill all 666 lives at once to defeat him unless you have something like Shiki's dot stab. Whose hax I shouldn't need to elaborate upon. The beast has an attack where he uses about 500 of his beasts to trap and eat you that requires continent destroying firepower to break out of. He's eaten and incorporated a number of the Nasuverse's hax magical beasties. Including a dragon.

He is considered more of a threat to humanity than the 4000 year old magus from the Age of Gods who is considered the king of the Dead Apostles. The White Wing Lord Ortenrosse. Number 17 to Chaos' 10.

No, trying to compare Alucard to the number 10 is quite unfair to Alucard.

5/18/2011 #1,135
Soup Fish

yes, though normaly he is justified being that he is nigh invincible. However he WOULD encounter problems in the Nausaverse with this tactic as conceptual weapons bring in a new dimension. Still I think his powers are versatile enough to work around most conceptual weapons. I do think he could beat some servants.

5/18/2011 #1,136
Soup Fish

Ttestagr where do I even start. First off have you read the Hellsing manga?

5/18/2011 . Edited 5/18/2011 #1,137

I have. Alucard doesn't match up in speed, reaction, or firepower to mid-high end Type Moon characters. What is more damning, he has no defense whatsoever towards any of the conceptual weapons present that are normally used against Dead Apostles. His healing is also not even as hax as bog standard Dead Apostles, who use localized time reversal to literally cancel out damage as long as they have power. Whereas he has to eat the loss of a soul.

5/18/2011 #1,138

Whats up with all the Alucard wank lately? He is a badass character and all but this is getting a bit ridiculous how some people try to defend his feats.

This kind of discussion also doesn't really belong into this part of the forum.

5/18/2011 . Edited 5/18/2011 #1,139

About the soul thing. After Anderson kills all the souls at level 0 Alucard is still regenerating at the same rate. So I don't know. As for the conceptual weapon argument. I don't think it would matter. He is highly resistant to things that kill normal vampires. Even holy weapons, like Anderson's blessed bayonets don't do any more damage than a bullet would....

5/18/2011 #1,140
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