The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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@Mu-Sensei As strange as it is to defend Gil, if you go by his legend, he simply don't any better. His parents spoiled him rotten and even if he was a good king he wasn't a pleasant person before Enkidu.

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If this is Shirou reaction then how Saber and toshaka react when they get to him? Two supernatural battle tournaments both more or less threatening life of participants... Now that is hard case of being double booked.
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I was idly reading the Omake page, when I realized, 'Ew, the formatting disappeared'.

You need to find someone to help you edit some of them. There are things missing like page breaks and the such.

Oh, and consider changing the title from 'In Flight Omakes' to something more appropriate.

Like, I dunno, 'Unlimited Gabriel Blessing Omakes' or something?

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Silver Sun 17

wellllll.... when i thought that up there were two ways to go

1. new grail war, Fate/extra style (meaning servants and masters are having to dungeon crawl A LOT.)

2. Rin find a way to send the 5th grail war saber to keep Shirou out of trouble (this also means a method of supplying her with Prana that Shirou can't provide is found.

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OK putting Gil and Minaka together was cruel to Gil, I will repent my actions and write an omake as apology.


I'm the omake of my fanfic

Byte is my body, creativity my blood

I have created over a thousand lines

Unknown to Canon

Nor known to Fandom

I've withstood contradictions to create many jokes

yet, these words will never have any meaning

so as I write, Unlimited Omake works!

Your fault, you gave me that idea!

and this section of forums should be named: Unlimited Blessed Works!

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Silver Sun 17

acullly i just looked up the information for Fate/Extra

the new Grail war could be a magitek attempt at restarting the Grail war with lessened chance for death of those not involved.

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Silver Sun 17

wait this should switched over to another thread shouldn't it?

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Once again, something that just made me grin when I thought about it.

* * *

The Long Walk

I sighed as I once again tripped one of Matsu's many traps for me, glad that Kusano was too busy playing with Akitsu at the moment to take any interest in what her onii-chan was getting frustrated with. With a scowl I closed the video window, wondering briefly just how anyone could possibly draw pleasure from what I had witnessed. I didn't even want to know where the pies can into it.

As time had worn on the tarps she'd been leaving for me had grown increasingly exotic and outlandish. The pie wasn't the worst of what she had to offer, but it was certainly one of the strangest. I think she was hoping that one of them would cause me to simply pause and try and reason out whatever it was that was transpiring on the screen, but so far the only thing she'd managed was to annoy me.

I returned to my search for the info I needed. If the Grail War had taught me anything, it was that there was no such thing as to much information. So many mistakes, so many disastrous events and pointless deaths could have been avoided if I'd simply known what was going on. Or even what the hell I was doing.

At the moment I was only double-checking what I already knew, refreshing my memory of the other combatants in the Sekirei Plan and adding small tidbits to what I'd already dedicated to memory as I did so.

It was only when I was switching through the various Ashikabi dossiers that I tripped yet another one of Matsu's traps, and the doohickey in my hands was suddenly dominated by a different window.

It wasn't porn. I was glad for that much at least. As effective as her little snippets of erotica was in directing my interest towards improving my technical skills they did grow tiresome. I couldn't help but wonder what Matsu would think if she succeeded in her quest to make me tech-savvy only to realize that she'd forever numbed me (beyond the level I already was) to sex.

It looked like an article of some kind.

Alien Geometry

Huh. That looked kind of interesting. And the quotation brought a wry smile to my mouth. With a small amount of curiosity I read on, finding myself engrossed in the suddenly fascinating bit of literature.

And then I noticed that the article was littered with various links and even a few examples, some of which looked like they might be of particular interest to me. I opened a few tabs to read them as well, my interest sparked.

*A few hours later*

"I never noticed that before..." I muttered quietly to myself eventually, all sense of time having long ago fading away.

"Shirou-tan?" Someone asked, concerned.

"Bwuh?" I gasp, startled out of my stupor by the sound of someone else speaking. "Matsu-san? Is something wrong?"

"It's getting a bit late." She said, giving me a strange look. "Don't you think you should get some rest?"

I blink my eyes blearily, about to protest when I noticed that the afternoon I had been sitting in had suddenly changed to late night, and the livingroom was abandoned save for Matsu and I.

"Ah, yes." I say, stifling a yawn. "I'll just finish this and then I'll be right up."

The red headed Sekirei smiled brightly at me in response.

"Fufufu, don't keep us waiting too long, Shirou-tan!" She said with her signature perverted laugh.

I nodded, turning back to the article I was reading...

*The next morning*

"Shirou? Have you been here all night?" A voice, Homura I recognized after a moment, queried with sleepy surprise.

I didn't answer. I couldn't.

My fatigue was too great to do so, as I was half-convinced that I was already half-asleep.

This had to be magecraft of the greatest sort. There was simply no other way it could be possible to so thoroughly ensnare someone of even my impressive resistance. And it had to be magic of some kind. There was no other explanation for why I found myself unable to tear myself away from the screen. I had undoubtedly underestimated the resources of the Mages Association if they were able to so seamlessly mix magic and technology. Somewhere in their ranks was some kind evil genius lurking, happily weaving his spells into the very internet and then just waiting for hapless victims to stumble across it and then sucking their life out of them.

My only hope was that they had done this simply out of casual cruelty and not, as I was beginning to suspect, as a method of incapacitating a victim in order to render someone helpless to encroaching Enforcers. I'd always known that they were unorthodox in their methods, but I could only pray that they weren't quite this sinister.

"Shirou? Is something wrong?" Someone sidled up next to me, looking at what had transfixed me so easily. I would have warned him away, shouted for him to save himself, but I was too thoroughly trapped by the insidious spell that had claimed me. "Oh god. How did you get here?"

"rrruuun-" I gasped out tiredly, and the effort to do so cost me greatly. I clicked a new link, and the siren song was renewed.

"Matsu!" The fire user shouted in desperation. "Get down here now!"

Aha! Of course! Matsu would know how to break this spell! She had to have come across this before, and she was still here! Surely she of all people would be able to resist this

"Homura?" The brain-type murmured sleepily a few moments later as she descended from her room, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. And then she caught eye of me, still transfixed where she had left me the night before. "Shirou?! Have you been there all night?"

"You sent him to TvTropes!" Homura accused. "You had to know this would happen! You've seen the way he inhales new information!"

Ah. So apparently I wasn't the only person who had fallen victim to this spell. So much the better. If it was a well documented affliction, it would be easy for Matsu to help me.

Click. Oh. That's interesting…

"What?" Matsu said, confused. "But, the porn didn't even faze him! Why would-"

"Idiot!" The fire Sekirei at my side scolded. "It gets everyone, no matter how strong their resolve! Help me get this thing out of his hands…"

"Noooo-" I murmur in weak protest as the doohickey was wrested from my grasp. "L'me f'nish!"

"This is for your own good, Shirou!" Homura assured me, and though I wanted to believe him I had to finish reading!

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... P0rn is filtered out? Well, that's kind of tricky to work around.

5/19/2011 #1,179

It captures everybody for hours the first time. No exceptions.

Okay, a few exceptions. I didn't get caught until the second time I went on it.

5/19/2011 #1,180
Silver Sun 17

if i hadn't used my computers sucrity software to block that site if i have been on it for more then 2 hours, i would have pulled 3 all nighters so far

5/19/2011 #1,181

[chuckles] Reminds of The Salvation War where a demon spy came to Earth and tried to learn about us, poor little thing got constantly sidetracked by wikiwalk and thought it was some kind of defence mechanism XD

5/19/2011 #1,182

Three days. Thats how long TVtropes trapped me the first time I visited. Dwarf Fortress is almost as bad.

5/19/2011 #1,183

I had a good laugh at the tvtrope omake... though for me when I first went in it wasn't that much of a trap for me *shrugs* Sure, I did spend my free time on there quite a bit at first, but it's not like I lost any sleep over it or missed meals.

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Fate Blessed Nights - Chapter 5


My knowledge of the Grail War, so long had only accentuated my wish to tear my own hair out in frustration. First Shirou summon Caster instead of Saber, and not Medea, but some Louise which I can't figure a legend to place, Sakura appears with some other girl that doesn't strike me as a Rider, and now Saber is Berserker, this whole thing throwing me away from my relatively simple killing goal...

"Berserker, kill them all, and bring Onii-chan to me."

Her command pull me back from my frustrated musings, as I come to life from my astralized form. She dashes gaining momentum, and I do the same when a sudden bright glow surge in front of me making me evade. Just as expected in the her blind rush to kill the enemy, Saber, erm, Berserker (this is getting confusing) walked straight into the bright ball. Instantly to my right something explodes in the wall and Caster cheers "Ha! Serves you right to walk on my spell!" and start to unleash explosions on S-...Berserker.

"Wow, she is actually very good, Emiya-kun." Rin mutters appreciatively. Like that will do more than slow Berserker down.

As Expected she emerges from the wall no more than singed, and rush madly again. We meet swords halfway, her burst of energy, straining my reinforcement ability to the limit, yet still I'm forced back Kanshou & Bakuya breaking under Excalibur's power. In a surprising burst of speed, Caster bring her sword to match her next blow, impossibly parrying the overhead attack and deflecting it to the side, and dashing back to evade the retaliation swipe, all the while casting another spell, that one some sort of telekinetic skill not aimed to her foe, but to the the asphalt below, making it crumble under the taller blonde's feet, hindering her movement.

Let's stop the fun: "I am the bone of my sword". I trace Gram. It's natural enemy of dragon's, and since it's said that king Arthur its either a descendant of one or one himself, Its perfect for this... I make it break and release. Louise simple leapt out of the way the moment I said my aria, like she knew what I was doing or was used to do fight with me, which is impossible even if she really know who am I (that must had been a joke, right?), for I fought alone since I lost Saber in my past.

The result attack pushed Arturia back forcefully, making Ilya retreat.

"Mou! You're no fun! Let's go back, Berserker. And Rin, Onii-chan, nice servants, but try not to die in serious battle." Her tone almost innocent, but her words borderline sarcastic.

We are safe, for now at least. But the enigma which is that small servant with us is increasing in its complexity. She is a Caster, but she fought blow to blow with Berserker, countering brute strength with technique, and mysteriously nullifying the natural bursts of power that Arturia used so liberally...

Who exactly is she?


In case anyone is wondering this was EMIYA's PoV. Can anyone point how Louise was countering the mana burst? Or I'm the only one who thought of that particular strategy while thinking of a possible outcome?

Edited: This stupid touchpad messed with my typing, and devoured some phases and words.

5/19/2011 . Edited 5/20/2011 #1,185

TVTropes is Evil, I read the entire Evil overlord lists in a single night, and the related links together with Fate, Negima, and Naruto Pages in the next day, and a lot of random pages five days spending all my free time... and now I'm stalking this forum, like 24/7... THIS PLACE IS EVIL TOO!

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Join the Dark Side we have cookies made by Shirou

5/19/2011 #1,187

Only if they're chocolate chip and coming with links for nice stuff.

5/19/2011 #1,188

I agree with chocolate chips. But I think you have more links to nice stuff then me.

Still when using google typ : "chocolate chip cookies" look for pictures. Enjoy.

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Wait, so Archer has memories from the 'normal' Grail War, Louise has secondhand memories from the 'Altered' Grail War, and it's all coming together for a third? And Miya is coming from a completely different time-line? Man, these people better hope HoS Shirou doesn't get summoned as Assassin or the Root is gonna catch a boot the fun-bits.

5/19/2011 #1,190
Shioran Toushin

Assassin id IF Shiro and lancer/Rider is HoS Shiro + the other is EMILYA or Ilya

5/19/2011 #1,191

Hey am I the only one who would die of happiness if THoS Shirou was summoned as Rider and pulled off "Eat hot lead" with the Zero fighter as his mount ?? Louise would have such an Epic OH CRAP moment at that XD And if they'd finally realize that they are friends/same Shirou from different existences, they'd start talking and stuff and Then Gilgamesh appears and throws his ego around, only to shut up as various Shirous, Miya, Louise and whoever else would glare at him. Even the King of Heroes would back off at that.

5/19/2011 #1,192
Obiki Doragon

Somehow, Shirou was not surprised that Rin's choice was to come here, her jewels being enough to rent the beach for all eleven of them. There always the whispers back at Homurabara that she was a switch hitter though more for the other team than former, not that he minded (kept the others busy while he recovered), But really, to rent an entire nude beach and evacuate every man other than himself?

5/19/2011 #1,193

Ehh, I'd go for him being summoned as Assassin simply so that Louise can echo Medea and bring him into play. Which would of course lead to the utterances of many "What a terrifying Master/Servant I have".

Of course, then we'd have THREE Shirou's floating around! How can the universe contain such awesome without imploding inwards on itself from the strain?

5/19/2011 #1,194
Soup Fish

Easy! Just add Reepicheep!

5/19/2011 #1,195
It's very in Roots style bring many Shirous at once, so it could mess with all of them in one place and their friends/comrades/lovers so it could better push their buttons even better. Root wouldn't let this universe to implode from awesomes because it would ruin Roots fun, maybe it's Roots birthday?
5/19/2011 . Edited 5/19/2011 #1,196

Nah, a certain girl asked for tea to the wrong sister-in-law and had weird dreams for a while.

Yes, she was still bitter.

5/19/2011 #1,197

So now you people want spoilers? Or just explanations, if thats the case lets review the situation:

Master: Shirou, Servant: Louise (from HoS, knows Shirou from mixed Fate/UBW), Class: Caster

Master: Rin, Servant: EMIYA (Fate Route), Class: Archer

Master: Sakura, Servant: Miya (from IF), Class: Saber

Master: Ilyasviel, Servant: Arturia (?), Class: Berserker

Master: Unknown, Servant: Cu Chulainn, Class: Lancer

Master: ?, Servant: ?, Class: Rider (You already sugested HoS!Shirou)

Master: ?, Servant: ?, Class: Assassin (You already sugested Minaka/Kiritsugu, ?/IF!Shirou)

Someone sugested Ciel/Sacchin for Rider but I'm not familiar with the characters (Sorry people, Anime, Movie and the beginning of Fate route knowledge, but expanding). Also if you think about it, in a Siesta-like mindset, IF!Shirou could be a Rider, I mean he have quite a few ladies to ride...

Now come on! No one want to take a guess of how Louise counters the mana burst!?

5/19/2011 . Edited 5/19/2011 #1,198

I suppose she countered with Disintegrate to crumble the asphalt. Seems like a logical answer to me. By the way, Mu-Sensei I thought Saber couldn't be a berserker? Well, unless this was what you meant by having Saber being a funny Berserker. Needless nitpicking by me I suppose.

5/19/2011 . Edited 5/19/2011 #1,199

I did just for the fun of it. And no disintegrate was used when Louise discovered that even WITHOUT the mana bursts Arturia was still stronger. Here goes a tip: it was not an technique/ability of Louise originally. If no one hit the mark, I will post the answer tomorrow morning with the new chapter.

5/19/2011 . Edited 5/19/2011 #1,200
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