The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Nobody likes me T_T

5/1/2011 #211
Aarik Wrath


Counter Guardian's remember being summoned, this is fact.

Shirou, and thus, EMIYA, can trace thing's they've only seen in memories, even if those memories aren't theirs and they're just looking at someone elses, this is fact.

EMIYA can therefor trace thing's he saw while summoned by Alaya.

Even if only because it's added to UBW the second he leaves the Throne and has to do it every time he does so, he still has all the weapons he's seen as a Counter Guardian.

5/1/2011 #212

I liked the Snakes on a plane bit so much I was inspired to do this little bit.

Once again Shirou had to return to his chosen battlefield. Someone had decided to disturb his wards and he was actually getting tired of it. He did have a life, you know. So when Shirou burst into the clearing he was surprised to find... nothing. Well that wasn't quite right.

Sitting in the middle of the clearing was a simple cardboard box and a... Porno mag? Shirou walked over to the magazine and stared at it. Just what was going on here? Quite suddenly the box seemingly disappeared and a man in a combat suit and bandanna rocking a sweet mullet speared Shirou in the gut, sending him flying close to a dozen feet. Shirou recovered instantly and traced his favored blades. The man in front of him... traced an assault rifle?

"Who? Who are you?" Shirou asked the man incredulously. The only response was a series of grunts before he opened fire.

What followed was a battle the likes of which the world has never know. Shirou traced dozens of blades the likes of which would kill a normal man. His opponent was not normal, he seemed to have an infinite amount of ammo for the impossible number of guns he carried. Shirou knew he had to end it now before the summoned some monstrous gun.

"I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood I have created over a thousand blades Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one's arrival I have no regrets. This is the only path My whole life was unlimited blade work"

The landscape around the both of them transformed to the battlefield that contained all of Emiya Shirou's swords. The man didn't seem to pay their new surroundings any concern. All he did was pull out a cigarette and light it.

"Metal..." The man spoke his first words since the start of their fight.

"Huh?" Shirou stared at the man's one word response.

"Gear!" What appeared was a robotic monstrosity that bordered on insane: a giant T-Rex looking robot.

"Hrrr... Emiya Shirou: do You have enough blades in stock?"

Short answer: No.

------------BAD END--------

5/1/2011 #213

HA,HA,HA !!!!! (^_^)

Finally !!! The OMAKE section is getting back on track here! That "snakes on a plane" bit was just too much! Wonderful job Grimgor Ironhide !! And DarthNacho, that ... that wouldn't have been Solid Snake, now would it? Oh dear God ... ! When did HE become a magi ????!!


5/1/2011 #214
Soup Fish

Sitting in front of her computer Matsu typed away, staring intently at the screen. It had started as merely a curiosity but the closer look that she had taken into past events in Shirous hometown had taken a... disturbing turn. It seemed as though the great Fuyuki city fire had been preceded by a rash of disappearances, strange events and even mysterious acts of terrorism including the disappearance of a fighter jet of all things. That alone pointed to a strange past behind Shirou but the revelation had not ended there, it appeared as though there had been a similar string of events only two years ago, right before Shirou had left for England. Biting her lip Matsu contemplated what this could all mean. Was it indeed a piece of the puzzle that was her Ashikabi? And if so where did it fit?

Matsu looked up as there was a knock on her door. "Come in." She said absently. The door slid open and Shirou stepped in quickly followed by Musubi, cheerful as usual, Tsukiumi who was looking decidedly embarrassed and red in the face for some reason and Akitsu who was surprisingly red looking as well.

"Ah Shirou-tan." She said smiling at him. "What is all thi-"

"Matsu" Shirou said looking directly at her. "Lets do it."

"W-What!?" Masu yelped at the suden turn of events. "Right now!?"

"Yes. " Shuro said firmly "Now. All of us."

Matsu stared at him, her jaw dropping open at the sudden reversal of her Ashikabis normally iron strong policy. Then she shut her mouth with a snap and started giggling, her fingers doing their invisible grasping trick as she turned away from her computer screen.

A few minutes later, down below in the kitchen Miya scratched her head and looked up. Why was the ceiling shaking?


Deep in the reassesses of his mind Shirou Emiya struggled and clawed at the invisible mass that had engulfed him. Lashing out with his will he let lose a mental scream as he was shuffled away into a corner of his own mind. "GET OUT OF MY BODY ROA!"

5/1/2011 #215

Wrong timeline, but it lacks Satsujinki and Arcueid.

5/1/2011 #216


Oh, for the love of God, please DON'T start this again! It's an OMAKE. An OMAKE Please, PLEASE start the canon/fanon discussions (or arguments) elsewhere !!!!

Now, repeat after me - "I will NOT engage in FSN technical discussions in the OMAKE thread!"

(chronodekar now fervently prays that the OMAKE thread sticks with omakes and not religious factionalism)


5/1/2011 #217

Of course, it still lacks Satsujinki and Arcueid.

5/1/2011 #218
gabriel blessing

I will go to hell for this, but since chptr 23 is being delayed due to this influence, I thought I'd add an omake of my own.

Shirou: So you're a devil, sent from new hell, to track down wandering souls?

Elsie: Yes, Divine One!

Shirou: And these souls find their way into the cracks of hearts of women, and then lodge there, and the only way to get them out is to fill the cracks?

Elsie: Um, that sounds about right? _

Shirou: ....Alright. If I'm going to do this, I'll need you to set up a high jump bar first.

Elsie: ????

That's right. The crossover that should never happen. Fate/Stay Night, and The World God Only Knows.

Weep and cower in fear.

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/1/2011 #219

and here I thought you were delayed due to tornadoes again. ruin my fun go ahead

took me a minute to get the reference

then I was "oh yeah I remember that now"

5/1/2011 #220

Oh frag it. Nice Omake GB, but you HAD to pick a series whose second Season just Started Three weeks ago.

We're not going to get Ch 23 until the middle of Fall Now.

5/1/2011 #221


ARRRRGGGHHH !!!!!!! @#$@#$@!!@!#

I've HAD it with all the side-tracking in here !!!! (chronodekar spends some time taking deep-breadths)

All-right, I think there is a more productive way to channel my anger. It's taken me about 2 hours to piece this together but what is the general opinion on this idea?

In brief, I'm making a collection of all the OMAKES we have around here. A collection NOT interrupted by side-tracking. At the moment, there are only 15 chapters in there as has a 15-story limit for their document manager (I would have done everything else otherwise), but I hope this will make things a bit easier for all the OMAKE-only lovers among us.

I hate plagiarism as much as the next guy and what I'm doing is a bit questionable - if there a strong sentiment against the whole thing, I'll just delete the story outright. For the time-being, I'm going to spend the next half-hour sending PM's to the individual authors asking for permission.

@gabriel blessing,

You seem to have PM's disabled for your profile. Do you mind that I include the OMAKE's you created in that story? Have a look at it and tell me if you are dis-satisfied with the way I've tried to collect things.


5/1/2011 #222

@everyone + FFXFan13

Oh, boo hoo. CRY SOME MOAR!

Flight Fortress 2


"Alert! Our control point is being contested!"

I should have seen this coming. I really should have, and from a mile away to boot.

"Thanks for standing still, number 09!"

"Hey, you got blood on my dress!"

I mean, they kept on calling the Sekirei Plan a game. There had to have been a reason why they saw it as a game.


"Hrggle-hrggle HNNN!!!"

"Oops! That was not medicine!"

And when Matsu mentioned something along the lines of "organized matches" in the third stage, I should have taken the hint then and there...


...speak of the devil. I join Byakuya and Kanshou in my right hand and shift over in the cover, as Matsu dives in next to me.

I still can't believe she had a dozen complete kits of that infernal contraption from TF Industries stashed under Izumo Inn's living room. Or that she could deploy and upgrade them in as little as five seconds.

"Matsu! Sitrep!"

"Our opponents are still coming down from the north, and TacInt thinks their using Main Street as a reinforcement highway. Tsukiumi is still being respa- I mean, reactivated by MBI, and Uzume-san's occupied at another battleground. Musubi has finally finished lunch-"

"Yes! I am FULL of sandwiches, and I am COMING FOR YOU!"

"-and rotated back, but that means it's now Kuu-chan's turn to eat. Homura's still busy flushing supressed opponents out of cover, so only Akitsu isn't busy with much except as overwatch fire support."

"Where's Miya-san?"


"Just lay down your weapons and walk away."




"Okay, never mind."

Certain now that Matsu won't carelessly bump into me and cut herself on Kanshou, I shift it back into my left hand and gather my feet under me, ready to take my turn at the front lines.

"Well, at least it can't get any worse than this..." I grumble, but Matsu suddenly grabs my sleeve and looks at me dead serious.

"Various bad things could happen."


"1. MBI buys a Mann Co. contract and airdrops building kits all over Shin Tokyo."


"Need a teleporter here!"

"E-recting a dispensah!"

"Ah built dat."

"...we shoulda oughta brought more gun..."


"2. Magecraft hasn't been nerfed."

"Wait, what do you know about magecraft...?"



"inb4 AnsuzTiwaz spam"

"Dude, W+1!"

"FlightFortress is fine, LRN2PLAY!"


"3. The next engy update includes a kamikaze washing machine."



"WTH? Remote control with the wrangler? 50 metal?"

"Aozaki Touko is rolling in her grave."

"Best thing since Jarate."

"VALVE is doomed. DOOMED, I SAY!"



"Matsu, that was a rhetorical question. Also, any of our readers know what you're talking about?"


I twitched. Just give me one more reason, Minaka. One more flimsy, iffy reason to permanently shorten you by a foot and some...

"Success. Additional time has been awarded."

Okay. That's it. You're having way too much fun announcing the play by play for this sick, sick "game."




A burst of reinforcement, and I rocket out of cover, Kanshou and Byakuya tracing a glowing trail behind me.


There's barely time to hear the round of acknowledgements before I'm swooping down on the first pair of lost, would-be agressors, pinned by Akitsu's icicles behind some loose rubble in the neighborhood wall.



EDIT: Just so long as you include my account name, I don't mind being put in your document of shorts ;D

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/1/2011 #223
Soup Fish

oh dear. That was... clever. :)

5/2/2011 #224


THAT was BRILLIANT ! Oh my GOD, that is an excellent fusion of Team Fortress & In Flight !! Encore !!! And thanks a lot for giving me permission to add it in. Of course, I'll mention your account name !


5/2/2011 #225

@chronodekar: I personally don't mind if Omakes are archived at your place, I believe Lovehammer Inc does the same thing by posting stories from Spacebattles. Then again I haven't wrote any omakes here so...

Oh, and could you include post numbers in your archive? We do have post numbers here on this thread so it might make it easier for others to find the story post.

@gabriel: ... does that mean we're not going to get the next chapter after the next episode of TWGOK at least? Really, just go ahead and finish the manga if you're that desparate, it's so much more ahead than the anime. That way after one big delay there's no more afterwards.

Or if you're distracted by the Omakes around here... then dang, we're doomed.

5/2/2011 #226

Looks like I'm picking up the nasty GB habit of commenting BEFORE my story. Still, yawn ! Well, it fills up my muse for the moment. What do you think guys? Please comment on the comedic value of the omake and NOT on the Nasuverse technicalities. It's meant for laughs and nothing more.


Sure, I could add in the post numbers in the "omake archive" as well. It will take me more time to sort everything out though, and I want to include all the omakes on this thread first. But, give me a few days and I'll have that data included in.

Shirou's thoughts

"My name is Emiya. Shirou Emiya." I told Kazehana. It was 2 days after I revealed the story of my relationship between Rin,Saber & myself. I was setting up the lunch table when I found myself in front of the Wind Sekirei. She slept in yesterday and I didn't see her at all. But she was up a few hours after breakfast today and, as luck would have it, I had a free afternoon as well. But, in spite of repeatedly telling her, she just wouldn't stop calling me by my birth name. It was getting more than 'annoying' and was approaching "HUGE frustration". The reason for my frustration was Miya, our angelic landlord.

I just couldn't sharpen out a plate and gouge another hole in the floor right in front of her, now could I? Besides, it would give away my earlier transgression. Oh soo frustrating !!! Grrr... But then, Matsu came up with an idea. It was so stupid, so silly, that I nearly out-right rejected it on the spot. But I was desperate and was willing to try almost anything at this point.

"Of course Shirou! And thank you for whipping up a small snack for me!" Kazehana replied with a small dreamy expression, saying my real name for the first time since she arrived. I was stunned.

Who could have guessed that introducing yourself in a James-Bond-ish fashion would appeal to her romantic nature so much that she would continue to use that name for you?

"Thank you, Matsu" I silently thanked my electronic Sekirei. She winked back at me from across the table and started to shift her position around. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all ...?

"Hey Bro! You listening to me?" Uzume nearly shouted into my ear. I looked back to her and asked "Yes, Uzume? You were talking about the way I arrange the food on the table?".

"Yes, I mean, it's a bit unusual, the way you place the food on the table. You always start from the right side, placing the vegetables first, followed by the fish/meat. I mean, you do it so diligently every time, that I have to wonder - is there a story behind it?" the cloth Sekirei asked me. "Well, it's not really much of story, but more of an Emiya family tradition. You see, my grandfather was a bit obsessed with food placement on a table - something about a bet he lost to his wife and well, my father, Kiritsugi picked it up. And I, as the next in line, picked it up as well. There's no special reason or anything behind it. At least, I don't know if there is any."

"Ah!" said Miya, bringing her hand up to her cheek, "It's good to see some people still value the traditions of their elders in this day and age, in spite of all the distractions around". I blushed a bit and replied back (scratching my nose), "Um, thanks. I like to keep my fathers memory alive, as much as I can." It was good to think of Kiritsugi. He was a wonderful father.

I must have dreamed off a bit more than usual, because a few minutes later, Kuu was poking my ribs insisting that I serve her - better do so before her molars decide to make contact with my lower limbs again.

Scene change

It was around 2pm in the afternoon that I recieved the following text message from MBI on my cell,

"Attention all Ashikabi! We are having a FABULOUS discount (99%) for all liquor bought in Shin-Tokyo with your MBI card! Purchase within the next 36 hours to avail this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

This was getting plain weird. Why on earth would they go around sending these kind of un-necessary messages? It reminded me of that "spam" mail that Matsu always talks about. At first, I was against the idea of using a "spam filter" to arrange my mail. How could I trust a machine to sort my mail? It was just a ridiculous concept! Even back in the clocktower, everyone just manually sorted their mail - for a magi, it was a huge risk to employ a secretary. But a few days later, I was forced to change my mind. The sheer ... junk that found its way to my inbox was baffling! Didn't people have better things to do with their time?

Still, even if looked like "spam" - it DID come from MBI. And that meant it was important in SOME way. I just hadn't figured out which. With nothing better to do, I started flipping through all the older messages I got from MBI - and something caught my attention. They must have sent this before I learned how to use the "messaging" feature on my phone, because, I'm sure I've never seen this one before,

"Attention all Ashikabi! We are having a FABULOUS discount (99%) for all fertilizer bought in Shin-Tokyo with your MBI card! Purchase within the next 36 hours to avail this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

What the hell? Why would any Ashikabi want fertilizer? Was anyone growing a huge garden or something? And that was when it struck me! I checked the date the message was sent and my suspicions were confirmed - It was sent a few days before the OTHER announcement about Kuu being stuck in the botanical gardens. I narrowed my eyes and thought to myself, "MI-NA-KA you are going DOWN!!!" I think Akitsu shivered a bit near me, but I was too enraged to care.

Homura's thoughts

Shirou is usually an open book. Well, that could be the understatement of the year. Sure, his past was always shrouded in mystery, and there are STILL some things I want to know about him, but that aside, he's usually straight-forward. But today afternoon, he was acting more ... tight, than usual. He wouldn't exactly tell me what was going on, but he knocked on my door a few hours ago and told me "to look out for the unwinged Sekirei in Izumo house". Well, there was only Kazehana here, but considering who own's this house, I highly doubt if anyone would really attack. Still, Shirou's instincts are usually good on the money, so I decided to keep an eye out. It was a simple enough task - for the most part, Kazehana preferred to stay indoors. Makes my job easier.

And it was an easy job too, until Uzume caught me staring at Kazehana. It was soo embarrassing! The 2 of them started teasing me so much, that I was worried that I would catch fire again - then the TV news came up.

"Attention residents of Shin-Tokyo. It is with great sadness that I inform you that our beloved CEO, Minaka Hiroto has been killed. The police are currently investigating, but all that's being revealed is that he was struck in the chest. It's incredible, but according to eye-witnesses, a large barrage of arrows came in through the window and killed him, all of the arrows, piercing the exact same spot on his chest. We have no more information at this time."

The news stunned everyone. Even Miya blinked. That idiot, Minaka was dead? But why would anyone kill him? And that was when I remembered - after warning me, Shirou walked out with a HUGE bow that I've never seen before. I should have known better. This is MY Ashikabi. My CRAZY Ashikabi!!!! Damn! We are going to be in soo much trouble now. And that was when I remembered - Minaka was struck at the top of the MBI tower. To shoot him there would mean that a sniper would need to have a sniping radius of nearly a mile! Considering wind and other issues, you'd be hard pressed to find a good firearm to give you that kind of range. No way could you do it with a bow! There was just NO way!

So, WHY am I still nervous?

A few hours later

We were all seated at dinner when Shirou dropped the bomb on us - "Yes, it was me". I looked at him with absolute horror on my face. The others were stunned as well. Then, among all people, it was Kazehana who spoke - "Umm... I hate to tell it to you, but did you know that Minaka was most likely your biological father?". On hearing that Shirou started chuckling. What the heck? What is WRONG with him?

"Yes, Kazehana, you told me that before. But it doesn't matter.". And then, he looked down to the table and began to ponder something. He slowly brought his face up and looked at everyone with a soft face before shrugging his shoulders and saying "Oh well. Like father, like son. I suppose".

I did NOT hear him say that. I DID NOT just hear him say that. While I was busy mumbling to myself, Shirou turned to face Miya and said, "Looks like I'm a bit too traditional of a person. Kiritsugi did the same for grandfather, and now I do the same for mine." He shook his head a bit, before continuing "It can't be a good family tradition. The more I think of it, the more unhealthy it sounds. There is only 1 way to break this tradition and I'm going to do it."

I dreaded hearing what my Ashikabi was about to say - Shirou took a deep breadth before saying, "I've decided to take the oath of celibacy".

From the reactions at the table, it looked like no-one else wanted to hear that either.


5/2/2011 #227

That is a form of BAD END, like the Mind of Steel BAD END.

5/2/2011 #228
Ginko Yurishiro

INB4 Shirou gets raped...

5/2/2011 #229

What would they call that one though. I mean, we have the heart of steel, the Kiss of Grim dark. Would that be the Sleeping Loins, possibly caused by having his relationship values TOO high.

Actually wait, that would be a better descriptor for the Roa Omake.

5/2/2011 #230

Karasuba blocked Homura's attack with her blade, though an instant later she avoided the rain of icy death with a smile between her lips. If Shirou wasn't too occupied preparing himself, he would have groaned in annoyance in the way that the alien continue to remind him of Lancer.

Shirou inspired, trying to concentrate. After all, Karasuba may be the only one (besides Miya, of course) that would warrant the use of what he was preparing. It was luck that the battle had moved to one of the sewers of the city. That way, he won't be seen doing anything extremely… magical.

I am the bone of my sword

Steel is my body and fire is my blood

I have created over a thousand blades

Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain

Even Karasuba stopped the fight to look in interest al Shirou. Homura and Akitsu, knowing that Shirou was preparing something, moved away, expectant. They were in for a hell of surprise.

-¿A Norito?- Muttered Karasuba, interested in what the Ashikabi was doing. A human couldn't use a Norito… ¿true?

Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one's arrival

I have no regrets. This is the only path

My whole life was unlimited blade works

And the world changed. The sewers disappeared. The darkness disappeared. Even the atrocious smell disappeared. And the hills with swords welcomed him.

- Holy…- Homura muttered, completely dumbstruck. Even Akitsu was astonished, who was saying something. And Karasuba…

-What is that, Shirou? - She was serious. The fact that she had not called him "Minato" or "Shiroi" make that clear.

-This is my world. This is my soul materialized, Karasuba. There, an unlimited number of swords will face you. Sword of legends, and weapons without name will be you enemies- He make his point extracting of the earth the same katana that the black sekirei wielded.-Are you ready?

Shirou couldn't forget the look that Karasuba had in her face in that moment in all his live.


-Are you all alright? - Asked Miya, concerned for the state in which Shirou was. Bloody, the shirt ripped (and that was one of his favourites), and with a grimace in the face. Homura and Akitsu were in better state, but they appeared to have witnessed something so unlikely that the shock yet lasted.

-Well… We had a fight against Karasuba.

-Ara? Then is pretty impressive the fact that you three can be standing in front of me with so little injury.

-Well…-muttered Shirou, with his hand in the back of his head. - I used something against her, and…

-The exact words that she when se saw that said were"Forget the promise. Forget Yume. Forget Musubi. Take. Me. NOW!"- Interjected Homura, absentmindedly, like he was reviewing the scene in her head.

Even Miya needed to take a moment to assimilate that.

-Ara… That is going to require a very thorough explanation.

-Er... A wizard did it? - Tried to defend the aforementioned magi to the accusing glare of the landlady.

-Take a bath. Change those broken clothes. And then we willtalk. Understood?- And there was the infamous technique of Miya. Three fearful nods where her answer, and then she disappeared through the door, but the mask continued looking at them for several seconds, even when the creator had cleared the room.

-Well, then…- Started Shirou, but Homura interrupted him.

-Shirou… That… Norito or magic you used against Karasuba…

- Unlimited Blade Works? What about that?

- Is the fact that the last technique that I believed that only Miya could use it… well… you know about that better than me. Ther is a chance that others can use that magic?

-Well… It's magecraft, not magic. And I don't think that nobody can use a Reality Marble like that. Only six persons in the history able been able to do it, me included. Though…- In that moment Shirou appeared sheepish. – There may be one that can learn it…

Homura went white with fear at the thought, at that was clear even with her mask

-Who… who?


Homura fainted.

5/2/2011 #231

heh heh heh that is a good one, also the part of what karasuba say once she saw unlimited blade works after after the fight was so funny that it is possible that could happens in GB's in flight fic.

5/2/2011 #232

@Sucal: I'd go with Virtuous Violation, actually. Or maybe Chastisement of the Chaste. :3

5/2/2011 #233

He should have expected it. He really should have. The past several hours had been an exercise in the ridiculous. What start out as an assassination attempt on Minaka had evolved. Shirou and his flock had been tricked into a race to the finish maze game. The whole design had been to slowly ebb away Shirou's strength and force him to split up his flock to deal with more and more newcomers. By the end of it only Shirou only had Musubi left at his side. Perhaps fate was merely mocking him at this point we the final door opened. On the other side of a cavernous room sat Minaka, but that's not who held his attention.

"Karasuba?" The Sekirei in question grinned evilly at Shirou.

"Did you ever wonder, Emiya-kun, who I had wing me?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Everything." The voice that broke in... no it wasn't possible.

"Emiya.... Shirou." The man who walked into view shouldn't be there. It wasn't possible.

"Kotomine...." Shirou knew that the how didn't matter, that man was in front of him and that's all that mattered.

"Yes, it seems we've both managed to survive, Emiya Shirou."

"Why are you here?"

Kotomine laughed at Shirou's confusion. "The Jinki. I will use them to unleash a catastrophe the likes of which the world has never know."

"Why? You have nothing to gain from this!"

"I will bless anything that comes to life. This age is about to be born so it's only natural that I'd protect it from an outside enemy that wishes to kill it."

"Are you insane? Even if it's born like you wish you'll-"

"The same holds true for you, there is no sanity here. Our end will be the same, even if we accomplish our goals. You will destroy it while I will protect it. But there is nothing to be gained, no matter whose goal is achieved. This is a meaningless battle. We are two madmen engaged in useless folly."

"Why? Even if it's born you gain nothing, so why?"

"This is my only pleasure. Just as you feel supreme bliss in others happiness I feel supreme bliss in their despair."

"It'll kill so many people, I can't let it happen!"

"Oh? Then tell me, what is good and evil? Is murder an absolute evil? There is no answer from the start. We have no absolute truth from the very beginning. I am at the exact opposite extreme from you, as you have no wish for yourself. Our desires are of the same nature."

"I see... Of course you are not going to back out."

Kotomine grinned "I'm going to release some pent up aggression here."

He stepped forward. Shirou knew that he didn't have enough energy to project a blade if he wanted to destroy a Jinki....

"A fist fight to decide the fate of the world, eh? Musubi, take care of Karasuba would you?" Shirou turned to face his most hated enemy.

So it was that the final battle in the Sekirei plan was joined.

5/2/2011 #234

"Do I have any say on..." Tried to say Minaka, only to be stabbed by a few dozen mundane swords flying at a hundred miles per hour and slashed by a remaining black key on Kotomine Kirei possession, promptly dropping dead in an almost unrecognizable pile of flesh.

"Despite what he believed, he was a very awful and evil person. What is worse is that he managed to annoy even me." Said the false priest.

"As disturbing it is to agree with you on anything, you're right", Emiya Shirou nods before continuing their death match.

5/3/2011 #235

Oh Kotrollmine, how we love thee. Impossible (UBW), but so delicious. Good stuff, DN.

5/3/2011 #236

Teetering on the edge of oblivion, the dead shall walk again.

5/3/2011 #237
Soup Fish

Imagine if Kotomine met Musubi and the two talked for an extended period. Now THAT would be a Hannibal Lector speech I would like to read.

5/3/2011 #238


That was good! But, not your best work. In fact, I had to read the story 3 times before realizing that it was Karasuba who said "Take. Me. NOW!" and now Homura. I was wondering if it was new plot twist that I hadn't seen yet or the like... But, it was good (^_^)


Oh DEAR GOD. Kotomine was back? THAT would be a nightmarish scenario. But, ... in some ways, it would just be typical if he were a part of the disciplinary squad. And whodidthewhatnow's extension to the whole thing, rounded it up nicely! Sweet !!


The UNOFFICIAL "In flight" OMAKE collection! Read it here -

5/3/2011 #239

Okay I'm sure that I'll get a bashing of my life for what I'll post now but... Who cares

[Drops behind a cover as he throws a high-explosive grenade]


„What is it, Miya-san?"

„After you are done with the dishes could you please come to my room. There is something I'd like to discuss with you?"

„Sure just give me..."

I looked around the kitchen, noting the slow deliberate pace with which Akitsu scrutinized every dish I handed her before putting it away

„Half of an hour should"

„Very well, oh and please leave Akitsu-chan with Kuu-chan, my business will take a while" Miya smiled and walked away, humming something happily. I only hoped it she didn't came up with another idea how to increase the amount of money she's been getting from me. If this would keep up I'd soon have to either start using the MBI card or my own savings. Neither of those was something I'd enjoy.

As promised I came over Miya room and knocked on the door.

„Miya-san, are you there?"

„Ah yes Emiya-kun, please enter"

I entered closing the door behind me, and I froze.

The one who stood in front of me was Miya alright. Her hair were let down, framing her shoulders and face, her body bathed in moonlight. She was smiling gently at me but none of the above really caught my attention. What made me froze and start looking for escape routes was the state of her clothing. The only thing she was wearing was a white bathrobe, which Was not closed on the front. From her navel down to her ankles I could see all. Her breasts half peeking out from behind the cloth were nowhere near as large as those of some of my flock. They had a really alluring shape though and the fact that they were half naked made my face get red. When my gaze followed downwards I noticed that she seemed to share the fancy for modest white panties with my flock, excluding Akitsu who seemed hellbent on giving me and anyone who would get a peek a heart attack with her choice of underwear.

I stood, frozen, escape plans running through my head. No I was not really considering Miya putting the moves on me, that was just ridiculous. She most likely forgot to close her bathrobe. Now I just had to find a way to escape quickly or inform her of her little slip in modest without inflicting the fury of the Hanya on myself.

"For such a clever young man you really tend to be an idiot when it comes to emotions Emiya-kun"

The voice of the smiling, half-naked Miya tore me away from my thoughts of impending doom

"What do you mean by that Miya-san"

I asked cautiously, making sure to aim my gaze at her face and not some less safe location. But she didn't seem to notice, or case about the state of her clothes as she shook her head gently and rose one finger in a chastising motion.

"What I mean Emiya-kun is that you should not play with a maiden's heart like that"

She continued, enigmatic as I tried to wrap my head around the situation.

"Since you seem incapable of understanding the subtlety, Emiya-kun I'm afraid I'll have to be more blunt about it"

She chided me as she stepped closer and closer, me flattened against the door. And as she stood there, right in front of me, her head raised and a smile not disappearing from her face.

"You wondered why was I asking you about your libido all the time. The reason for that is very simple"

Her smile widened and for some reason I was sure that if I made the wrong move now, a Hanya the likes of which I have never witnessed would be unleashed upon my poor, frail soul.

"I will have you sleep with me tonight Emiya-kun"

Oh, okay, now I knew what I had to do to avoid the terrible fat. WAIT! WHAT!?


I uttered, my eyes bewildered as I looked at her. But she only put the palm of her hand against her cheek and blushed.

"Oh do you have any idea how it is for a young widow to live after her husband died. How she have to keep various desires in check. Especially around such a strong and energtic young man. And that time when you showed your own technique while being almost naked"

She shook her head, the chiding expression taking the place of the blush

" Truly Emiya-kun you are such a terrible man, to play with a maiden's heart by being so similar to her dead husband. I will have you pay for your crimes tonight"

"Wait, wait, wait, wait. WAIT!!"

I shot away from her placing myself in the corner of the room. This could not be Miya... maybe Matsu somehow impersonated her. NO! That was even more ridiculous, Matsu would know better than to try something like this. She knew that there would seven kinds of hell to pay when Miya would learn about it.

"Miya-san this is wrong, what would your husband say if he knew about it?"

She just smiled at my mentioning her husband

"Actually Takehito said that if he were ever to die I should live on and find a new love"

She beamed at me as her bare feet slowly traveled the distance between the door and me.

"Wait, what about my flock."

"Do you seriously think that would be a problem?"

She asked me, her hand on my chest, rubbing it gently. I cringed, of course it wouldn't be. Musubi would probably cheer the whole thing on with all her might. Tsukiumi might raise some objections, that is until the Hanya would appear, after that she'd agree to anything. Matsu would just start laughing maniacally. Kuu-chan would probably be happy that her Onii-chan and Onee-chan got together and Akitsu, well whatever I said was law for her.

Once again I started withdrawing across the room, my hands raised defensively

"What about... What about"

I groped desperately for something to defend my chastity with.

"Indecent acts are forbidden at Izumo House?"

My last line of defense crumbled even before I finished building it, considering who it was that was making an attempt at me. Surprisingly it actually stopped her.

"Hmm, you might be right Emiya-kun"

I started sighing with relief, too soon it would appear

"I'll have to become more lax with that rule, it would be unfair for only me to have fun"

She smiled at me again as she easily dismantled my last line of defense. Backed into a corner I steeled my heart and prepared to fight. I prepared to defend myself, blades appearing in my mind, hands poised to attack.

And then I flew through the air, heading straight for the bed, loosing my pants somewhere along. Why the hell did she have to go all Inhuman Combat Potential on me at a time like this.

I landed on the bed, surprisingly gently, though that might have something to do with the way Miya was supporting my back as she knelled next to me. She lowered herself, her other hand on my chest, her lips aiming for mine

"Enough talk Shirou"

She whispered

"From now on you are only allowed to call me Miya"

And so, she descended upon me like a predator on a helpless prey.

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