The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Soup Fish

Okay! Here we go. Post original Servant Profiles here, be they serious, stupid, or somewhere in between and discus them. This forum has little to do with In Flight (Unless you want Servantify characters from it) but I dont think Gabe will mind.

Er... will you?

Anyway if he does we can take this down. :) But I hope it is not taken down as, Considering that this is almost definitely the hottest running forum concerning Fate stay Night on Fanfic I think that we could get a lot of ideas here and have some interesting discussions regarding servant history's and mechanics.

As for posting profiles pleas attempt to follow the following format loosely at least, including a brief summary of their deeds and appearance. Remember that this is the Fate stay world that we are creating Heroic Spirit profiles for, not all historical details need to be accurate. You can mix things up a little, though pleas don't use this as an excuse for lazy research.

Without further adue

Heroic Spirit: Sherlock Holmes

Possible servant Class: Assassin

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: E

Endurance: D

Agility: D

Mana: B

Luck: B

Noble Phantasm: E- / N/A

Class Skills: Presence Concealment: C

Personal Skills: Magical Resistance: B (Skepticism)

Renowned Investigator: A

Non legendary Armaments: Beaumont-Adams 442 caliber Metropolitan Police revolver, chloroform.

Noble Phantasm: Sanity's Bane: the unnamed violin that Holmes carried through his life and played frequently at night (Much to the dismay of his dearest friend and lifelong companion) In terms of power it is completely useless having literally no mystical effect whatsoever. It was, however, important enough to Holmes and iconic enough to his legend that it ascended with him as his NP. It is the Noble Phantasm which is not a Noble Phantasm, and serves no extraordinary purpose besides what it did in life, the focusing of Homes Mind in times of stress. Although he can play it quite beautifully, when he uses it for its true purpose of meditation and reflection he plucks at it absently in a nonsense unrhythm that has been reputed to put others on edge.


Renowned investigator A: As the greatest detective the world has ever seen, Holmes's brilliance as ascended to legendary proportions, advancing his mind in death to truly superhuman levels. He possesses the ability to think at twice the capacity of any normal human living, a photographic memory and the ability to use and recall each of his senses independently of the others to their fullest potential. Because of this he can analyze every move that any of his opponents make allowing him to completely utilize his surroundings in a fight as well as consider even the most obscure clue as to the identity or plans of his opponents.

It is from this ability that his chief power comes. That of the perfect investigator and the bane of any Servant who would keep their identity or plans secret.

Skepticism: As a man of science in life, Sherlock Holmes's adamant belief in the triumph of human rationality give him a rare and powerful level of resistance to magic of all kinds. This goes beyond mere resistance to spells, and in fact makes it harder for people to notice him with magical means, making him a difficult target for Casters.

Appearance: Sherlock Holmes is an slightly tallish unassuming Englishman with a rather long face whose hands are perpetually stained with ink of several colors. Dresses in traditional style Victorian Era clothing, and a pipe (Note: Holmes has, in almost all cases immediately discarded this in favor of Era appropriate clothing, keeping only his pipe)

Overview:The Great detective Sherlock Holmes ascended to the Throne of Hero's shortly after his death, his renown as the greatest mind of his time sufficing to secure him a place among the immortal legends. Although not personally powerful and quite young by the standards of most Heroic Spirits, Holmes legend is quite strong.

With sub par physical attributes Holmes is unable to keep up with most other Servants despite his proficiency in martial arts and boxing, being able to best only Casters with reliability without suprise and a clean shot.

He is armed with a revolver that fires bullets capable of harming other Servants at much faster speeds than normal firearms making it more difficult to dodge, though being a Mid Victorian model revolver makes it generally inaccurate, slow to reload and prone to occasional jamming compared to modern firearms.

Because of this Holmes uses it in conjunction with his passable presence concealment in order to catch targets unaware and shoot them point blank range in the back of the head making resistance a none factor.

Holmes dislikes killing however and prefers to neutralize targets through means of a rag soaked in chloroform that is capable of knocking out even other Servants.

Despite his limited physical capabilities, Holmes possesses unmatched mental facilities that allow him to discover the identities of even the most secretive servants with uncanny precision and, quite possibly engineer the entire battlefield to his favor. Works best in a Urban environment.

Nemesis: Professor Moriarty, Inspector Clouseau.

5/5/2011 . Edited by Mu-Sensei, 1/11/2015 #1

It should be noted Holmes in today age should be quite powerful due to his legend and legacy being carried on. In worlds where he is strictly fictional, the spirit of the Vitcoq or the collective subconscious of the Vitcoq Society will be his base.

5/5/2011 #2
Soup Fish

True but either way he still lacks age and was born in an age when heroic spirits were on the decline. Besides his legend is based upon his mental powers.

5/5/2011 #3

Is Holmes a valid heroic spirit. I know that conceptualized hero's or hero's of myth without evidence can become a heroic spirit, but can a hero that is a well known fake really be a heroic spirit... If that's the case, I'm all for heroic spirits of Goku, Kenshin, and other anime stars.

5/5/2011 #4
Soup Fish

Holmes would be a fake Hero abet one with major real life connections. So yes he could be summoned, but he was not a real person ( Not in the fate universe either I mean). While I suppose that you could do anime profiles I would personally prefer that we stick to real life or well know literary figures. Maybe its just a wacky thing of mine but I think all the fun of the Heroic Spirits is from taking a real life person or ingrained cultural figure and then seeing what kind of powers you could give them in relation to their deeds in life. Most anime characters already have powers and so much of the point is lost. As far as I am concerned Proflie maing is kind of a... homage to the legend. It makes you investigate it and see look into the history of the figure so that you can power them appropriately.

5/5/2011 #5
Aarik Wrath


One thing.

Heroic Spirits don't have 'classes', Classes are the 'three dimensional triangle' from my earlier rant, they weaken Heroic Spirits by 'slimming' them down to one facet of themselves, like cutting the sides off a square to make it a flat shape, so they wouldn't BREAK the Holy Grail with their mere presence.

I suppose you could list Classes they could be summoned UNDER, but keep in mind that Gaia can send down Heroic Spirits if it want's to, though I don't recall it having the control Alaya does over the Counter Guardians, Heroic Spirits pretty much do whatever the fuck they want until Gaia calls them back or they die.

5/5/2011 #6
Soup Fish

yup thats why Possible servant classes are listed at the top. I'm pretty sure that their are heroic spirits who don't quite qualify for any classes. Guinevere for example. She has no combat ability and no magic or stealth at all, she was basically just a chick on a throne. But her actions brought down the greatest legendary kingdom of all time. She definitely ascended upon death but has no class she could fit into and she would die in approximately 2.741936 seconds if she was summoned into the grail war.

Or someone like Plato for example.

5/5/2011 #7
Soup Fish

Heroic Spirit: The Green Knight

Possible Servant Class: Saber, Rider.

Alingment: Lawful Neutral

Strength: B

Endurance: C+/ NA

Agility: C

Mana: D

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm: None

Class Skills: Magic Resistance :C (B- if Saber)

Personal Skills: Combat instinct: D

Undying body (Bewichment of Morgan le Fey): A

Armaments: Single headed double handed Battle Axe or Broadsword.

Abilitys: Undying body. Enchanted by Morgan le Fey in life to survive even the most fatal wounds, this was originally only a temporary enchantment. However because the Legend of the Green knight is based almost solely upon the short time during the enchantment, the bewitchment itself rose into legend becoming permanent.

This Legendary enchantment allows the Green Knight to sustain any wound and keep fighting as if it did not exist. Not even decapitation is sufficient to stop him as his body will continue to fight as if nothing happened and his head was still attached. Because of the nature of the enchantment The Green Knight will not even suffer a loss of vision, the only side effects being increased fatigue until his head is replaced upon his shoulders. All other injury's operate much the same, and not even the loss of his heart is enough to kill him. Only when his body has been completely obliterated or dismembered will the Green Knight finally Dissipate.

Apperance: The Green Knight is a huge figure around seven feet tall clad all in green plate armor with a huge bushy green beard that sticks out from under his helmet. Is occasionally seen riding a huge armored green horse.

Overview: In life the Green Knight was a minor Lord in King Arthur's Kingdom of Lorgris. His true Name is Berkilak, however it is not the name that ascended into legend. Living traditonaly in his land, little is know of Berkilak except that he was an notably powerful fighter. Berkilak was influinced a some point in his life, by the enchantress Morgan le Fay to test Sir Gawain of King Arthur's court in an atempt to bring shame on her brother Knights.

Accepting the enchantment that the enchantress gave him, Berkilak, now the Green Knight accomplished this by riding into King Arthur's court and challenging his Knights to a duel, that if they would cut off his head then they would allow him to return the favor one year and one day later.

Sir Gawain accepted and proceeded to decapitate the Green Knight only to have the Mysterious figure quickly reattach his head with little inconvenience.

Although Sir Gawain passed the test of the Green Knight one year and one day later, the proud Knight was left humbled by his experience and the Legend of the Green Knight has lived on ever sense.

As a servant the Green Knight is a good enough fighter to hold his own in against almost anyone, being a strong and very skilled combatant. His skill with his axe is not to be underestimated, and he is legendary for his fondness of decapitating multiple foes with a single blow of his great Axe, which according to legend was so sharp that it could split hairs that landed upon the blade, allowing it to cut though most armors with ease.

In truth though the Green Knight's greatest strength is his ability to keep fighting no mater what wounds he takes short of complete dismemberment. It is an ability that is superior to even the greatest battle continuation as it allows for easy reassembly from even the most dire mauling after battle and no long term consequences for injury's sustained. This reassembly costs little prana on his part making it incredibly difficult to wear the Green Knight down.

It is a favorite tactic of the Green Knight to deliberately reveal an opening and let his opponet stab him before using his own flesh to trap the weapon and disarm his opponent.

Despite this gruesome power the Green Knight is all and all an honorable and affable (if severe personality). He values oaths greatly.

5/5/2011 . Edited 5/5/2011 #8

We need Beowulf here. His NP would be Hrunting, that Golden Sword found in the lake (if you look hard enough, you will find reference of uber swords that can be traced back to excalibur, or at least early incarnations of it).

5/6/2011 #9
Soup Fish

I did not plan on releasing this for a while so that people could discus the others but what the heck. Since you asked:

Before I even start this let it be known that I have never seen the movie and have heard that its complete trash. It has no bearing at all on this profile.

Heroic Spirit: Beowulf

Title: The King of Slayers.

Possible Servant class: Saber

Alignment: Neutral Good

Strenght: A

Endurance: A

Agility: C

Mana: D

Noble Phantasim: A

Luck: E (C with Hrunting)

Class Skills: magic resistance D

Personal skills: Endless breath C

Noble Phantasim: Hrunting C+

This sword is long with swirling patterns inlaid into the iron blade. It is a marvelous sword and Beowulfs weapon of choice as it increases the luck of anyone who wields it. Although a powerful sword that can hold out reliably against even such blades such as Excalibur its role in his legend was minor and it failed him at a crucial moment making its legend weaker than what a blade of its quality would sugest.

Naegling C: This magical sword is the blade that Beowulf used to slay the Dragon of his legend and as such is even now a bane to such beasts and those that associate themselves with them. It possesses great powers of penetration but is not indestructible and broke under Beowulf's great strength. As a noble Phantasm that broke even before it ascended to legend the Sword has been remade upon its ascension. However as breaking was part of its legend it cant withstand the full use of its powers. it is a conceptual weapon that penetrates all barriers up to rank A. however even though it is capable of penetrating rank A barriers it will break if it is used to do so regardless of weather it is made into a broken Phantasm or not.

The Grasp of Herot A: Beowulf is a hero of such great strength that he slew the monster Grendle with his bare hands scorning the use of a weapon. Because of this feat Beowulf's strength itself has ascended into legend becoming a noble Phantasm in its own right. As a mortal who restrained a monster of titanic strenght with only his hands Beowulf's grasp has truly become inescapable upon ascension to the throne of heroes. When Grasping an enemy with both hands and crying the name of Herot Beowulf's grip itself becomes a conceptual feat of inescapability. The strength Rank of the enemy matters not and not even a Servant with a strength rank of EX is able to free themselves through shear power. However Beowulf's own strength is not enhanced by this effect.

The Sword of Giants B: A massive, nameless sword created by Giants in the early age of the gods. Much like Naegling it has the power to penetrate almost any protection though its ability exceeds the former in this regard. Beowulf is only able to wield it due to his massive strenght. Its stroke is especially deadly to non humans but it melts away after slaying its target even if the foe was not monstrous like the one who melted it in the legend. While Naegling is the strong noble phantasm that may break the Sword of Giants is the stronger Noble Phantasm thatmust break.

Beowulf is the ancient Geatish hero who slew the three monsters, Grendle, the mother and a dragon. An immensely powerful Heroic spirit he rivals even Hercules and Arthur in power though his legend is not as well know. In terms of potency he is not as skilled as Arturia nor as strong as Hercules but sits comfortably between the two being stronger than Arturia and more skilled than Hercules. A first class heroic spirit in nearly every way, he is immensly old and was one of the first heroes to be writ of in English making him a legendary ancestor of many later heroes.

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/7/2011 #10

Grendle: "No weapon [any/forged?] will harm me!"

Beowulf: *tosses aside weapon* "Real Man use their FISTS!"

Herakles on the background: "OOAAAARRRHHH*"

*I approve his line of thinking

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #11
Amoral Philosopher

I don't know how I would actually rank his stats, but there is one legendary historic figure that I think would make a good Heroic Spirit. He is essentially the Japanese equivalent of Arthur with the sword Excalibur and sheath Avalon.

Yamato Takeru with the sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi and his Fire Strikers.

The history of the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi extends into legend. According to Kojiki, the Japanese god Susanoo encountered a grieving family of kunitsukami ("gods of the land") headed by Ashinazuchi in Izumo province. When Susanoo inquired of Ashinazuchi, he told him that his family was being ravaged by the fearsome Yamata-no-Orochi, an eight-headed serpent of Koshi, who consumed seven of the family's eight daughters and that the creature was coming for his final daughter, Kushinada-hime. Susanoo investigated the creature, and after an abortive encounter he returned with a plan to defeat it. In return, he asked for Kushinada-hime's hand in marriage, which was agreed. Transforming her temporarily into a comb to have her company during battle, he detailed his plan into steps.

He instructed the preparation of eight vats of sake to be put on individual platforms positioned behind a fence with eight gates. The monster took the bait and put one of its heads through each gate. With this distraction, Susanoo attacked and slew the beast (with his sword Worochi no Ara-masa). He chopped off each head and then proceeded to the tails. In the fourth tail, he discovered a great sword inside the body of the serpent which he called Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, which he presented to the goddess Amaterasu to settle an old grievance.

Generations later, in the reign of the Twelfth Emperor, KeikĊ, Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi was given to the great warrior, Yamato Takeru as part of a pair of gifts given by his aunt, Yamato-hime the Shrine Maiden of Ise Shrine, to protect her nephew in times of peril.

These gifts came in handy when Yamato Takeru was lured onto an open grassland during a hunting expedition by a treacherous warlord. The lord had fiery arrows fired to ignite the grass and trap Yamato Takeru in the field so that he would burn to death. He also killed the warrior's horse to prevent his escape. Desperately, Yamato Takeru used the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi to cut back the grass and remove fuel from the fire, but in doing so, he discovered that the sword enabled him to control the wind and cause it to move in the direction of his swing. Taking advantage of this magic, Yamato Takeru used his other gift, fire strikers, to enlarge the fire in the direction of the lord and his men, and he used the winds controlled by the sword to sweep the blaze toward them. In triumph, Yamato Takeru renamed the sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (lit. "Grasscutter Sword") to commemorate his narrow escape and victory. He defeated many enemies in the eastern land, and legend has it that he and a local old man composed the first renga in Kai Province and their theme was Mount Tsukuba (now in Ibaraki Prefecture). Eventually, Yamato Takeru married and later fell in battle with a monster, after ignoring his wife's advice to take the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi with him.

5/6/2011 #12

I know I'm kind of wrecking your fun, but don't overuse pluses - they act as multipliers, and "B++" is over twice as strong as "A". They can be used, but sometimes it's better to simply use a "stronger" letter. Oh, and there are no minuses, since "something minus" would be equal to zero.

Other than that, it's a fine thread. I won't post anything here because of the "no fictional characters" rule (there are a few characters I might've been able to write about here, but all of them are player characters from my RPG group's meetings), but it's interesting to read even if I don't.

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #13

Kansho and Bakuya are C-

5/6/2011 #14

Hmm, you are right...

Effing Nasu, I had once again fell into his trap of contradictions.

Though the whole bit other than "C-" does make sense, so maybe instead of decreasing the multiplier by one (1 - 0), it increases the divider by one (1/1 - 1/2).

Either way, I'm sorry about that.

5/6/2011 #15

The pluses act as multiplier either way. An A rank have power of 50, while a A++ have a power of 150. It makes sense that a minus increases the divider, making it weaker than it's rank (or even the rank bellow) but still with enough 'authority' to pierce some restrictions.

5/6/2011 #16
Soup Fish

Is it just me or do beserkers stats seem to not reflect his legend so well? I mean shouldn't his strength be EX? As the strongest hero EVER that means that no hero has a strength rank above A+ (Which meas that I will have to put Beowulf's strength down.) But I mean, Saber has a strength rank of A on a good day, but the gulf between the two should be considerable, Arthur bested many knights and a Giant by stabbing it repeatedly at close range with his dagger when he got grabbed. That is very impressive for sho but Herculise was going around beating the snot out of his own deitys from time to time and throwing people so hard that they landed in the ocean. Litterly he has almost cartoonish levels of strength. Even when she is full powered Saber should not be able to match this guy blow for blow for long...

5/6/2011 #17

That one plus means he is at least twice as strong as Arturia (if we assume that her strength is A). And parameters are related to the one servants are contracted to, since she only has a strength rating of B when Shirou is her master. Besides, part of it can be attributed to her "Magical Energy Burst", which basically is a self-buff.

And unless I'm mistaken yet again, EX isn't comparable with the rest of the scale (it's basically an equivalent of "screw you, world").

5/6/2011 #18
Soup Fish

I would say that holding the world on you back WOULD be doing just that.

5/6/2011 #19

Well, it basically means that he is very strong, but it's not alike the two things with EX rating we got to see in Fate.

The only things with this rating are Avalon (which can nullify any damage, and even then it's not as much nullifying it as moving its user to the land of the fairies, so it's literally a defence nothing can get through), and Ea (which is capable of destroying rules of the world itself, and thus can shatter reality marbles, even if we don't notice the fact that it doesn't use Goldie's prana to work).

5/6/2011 #20
Soup Fish

Alrighty. I think the main thing I am griping aboutis the fact that with the letter and plus system there is no reall way to indicate that one hero is slightly stronger than another at higher levels. like with Beowulf. He is weaker than Hercules but stronger than Arthur. but there is no place between A and A+ so it jumps from Super strong to twice that much with nothing in between. :l

5/6/2011 #21

Yeah, it's just like that. Nasu is a massive troll.

Though there are some in-betweens if you think about it, since supposedly A is "up to 50 points" with A+ being "up to 100 points", but B is "up to 40 points" so if multiply it you'll get something in-between (though it's unknown if B is "B" or "more than B" when it comes to by-letter calculation {the kind we saw in God Hand's wording}, so yeah), and "up to 100 points" covers 51-100 here (and not only 100) so it simply is poorly described.

5/6/2011 #22
Lord Bishamon

You do know that Holmes was a master of martial arts right? While I wouldn't say it would give him an A in strength it would certainly rate a B or high C

5/6/2011 #23

B is pretty much, and C isn't that bad either.

Most of his fighting prowess came from techniques, so I would at most rate his strength with a D.

5/6/2011 #24

Heroic Spirit: Miyamoto Mushashi.

Title: Kensei (God of Sword)

Possible servant Class: Saber.

Alignment: Legal Neutral.

Strength: B

Endurance: A

Agility: B

Magical Energy: E

Luck: A+

Noble Phantasm: B

Class Abilities: Magic Resistance E

Personal Skills:

Mind eye (True): A+

Charisma: C

Knowledge of Foremost Harmony: A

Artist: A

Noble Phantasm:

God of swords: A. During his life, Miyamoto was a renowned swordsman, and in many fights to death, he only wielded a pair of wooden swords which served to win those fights. This ability is a reflection of that. This allows wielding and fully employing all the abilities of any sword that he can grab, regardless of the kind of weapon (thought several weapons like Calibur or Excalibur are outside the reach of this ability for their special characteristics).

And if grabs hold of anything that can be even remotely conceptualized as a sword with his hands (like a cane, a stick or the infamous bokuto) and he wishes to wield it like a weapon, it instantly gains the property of "becoming his Noble Phantasm". Even normal weapons are affected by this, and they acquire stylised and beautiful shapes, a reflection of his artist soul, and acquire a D level of Noble Phantasm while they are in his hands.

Unnamed Swords: B. Musashi, in difference with many heroes, never had a sword with name, and use quite a number of them in his life. These pair of blades, though perfectly forged by the same Musashi (he supposedly forged over 700 times until he was satisfied) hadn't any power that strengthens the katana. They are a katana and a wakizashi, extremely resilient (able to resist undamaged really poweful blows) and with a truly sharp blade, but without any ornaments, and deceptively simple for all their qualities. It said that those swords were sharpened only one time and never lost their cutting edge. Furthermore, an blacksmith tried to melt those swords, and was unable to archieve the slightest result, that seem to show that those two swords are resistant to the heat and the fire.

Overview: Miyamoto's legend is one of the most consolidated. Is a very revered man in his origin's country and very widely known in the entire world. His physical abilities are relatively high, but they are little thing in comparison with others servants, though his fighting abilities and swordplay are second to none.

Is a pretty laidback person, and a honourable one. Is very tall and muscular for a Japanese, and grows a beard, porting a hakama and a kimono. Despite that, he can go relatively unnoticed between the people, but only because he can blend, not because any special ability. Last, he is a very skilled tactician, and he can plan in advance in any kind of conflict, and likes to be prepared for any possible eventuality that can appear.

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #25
Soup Fish

Hmmm. Well I cant say that I have heard of this man so I am not the best to critique but a few points. First of all very nice looking profile but some of the stats may be a bit two high. You said earlier that his physical ablilitys are not much compared to other servants. From the looks of this though his physical attributes are tremendous and he would qualify for a brute strength fighter any day. Endurance A means that being able to take a beating was a major part of his legend and that he was renowned for his physical endurance. Strength B also indicates that his strength was a major part of his legend (Gillgamesh had strength B and he was supernaturaly strong in his legend) Remember that Strength C is what most battle orientated servants have.

Allso the "Grab anything and have it become your NP" Thats Lancelot's deal because he once used a branch to best a knight. I know you changed it two swords but still, seems a little to close. Over all a good profile but the stats are to high. Minds Eye (True) A+ means that he can see into the future. Where is that in his legend?

Remember. Lancer was Cuchulain. A demigod renowned for his attributes and supernatural capability's yet he dose not have physical stats the high. (Exept for Agility) Unless it is a mojor point of his legend that he had super strength and endurance I would suggest C for both of them. and if he is supose to be a little weaker than most servants then I would suggest D

Then again I dont know the legend well.

The two unnamed blades sound very good. :)

5/6/2011 #26

To be fair, the improvised weapons must be used as a sword and probably take the form of one, so no F15 for Musashi.

**** **** **** ****

Eye for _ : Ability to recognize your favored subject, be it material or immaterial. Ranks E~C have a chance to succeed and gives the true name of a NP, but not a detailed information on their abilities. Rank B~A always succeed, gives the true name of a NP and some details of their abilities, Rank A+~A+++ always succeed, gives the true name of the NP and much more details to the point of being classified as the 'owner' or 'creator', Rank EX effects are unknown.

EMIYA - Eye for Swords A++

Due to his magecraft and Origin, he can recognize the true name, abilities, history and legend of any and all swords of Gaia origin, with the exception of Demon Arms (not the lower classification of demonic/holy weapon) wielded by some Dead Apostle Ancestors or Demon Lords due to the fact their weapons are merely an extension of their existence. This ability extends to any bladed meele weapon, the closer to being classified as a 'sword' the better, but still the it suffers from an appropriate rank drop.

Emiya Shirou - Eye for Swords B-

Same as above, but due to the fact he isn't experienced in his magecraft he isn't always consciously aware of the sword history or abilities, but that knowledge is certainly his if he manage to find a way to remember.

**** **** **** ****

Those probably came with UBW, but why the hell not?

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #27

Heroic Spirit: David "Davy" Crockett

Possible Servant Class: Assassin, Archer

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: B

Endurance: B

Agility: C+

Mana: C

Luck: A

Noble Phantasm: C/C

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: B/A+ in wooded areas

Tracking: A+

Accurate shot: B

Magic Resistance: C

Non Legendary Armamanets: Raccoon Skin Cap, Hunting Suit, Knife

Noble Phantasm; Unnamed Rifle: A. The Rifle used by Davy Crockett at the Battle of the Alamo also carries with it the legends associated to Crockett for his Shooting skills and accuracy. Though it does not have a name the rifle is considered a rank due that Crockett was a master of using it and, as proven with modern testing when he was alive he could place an axe in a tree stump and at 40 yards split a bullet on the blade.

Tennessee Boys: B. These are the spirits of the 5 men who accomapnied Crockett to the Alamo and dies alongside him at the Battle. These men along with Crockett were reported to be able to kill Mexican Soliders with unusual accuracy and were allowed to continue firing on the enemy after the Artilery had been ordered to stop early in the days of the siege. When Summoned these spirits aid Crockett in the hunting of his target be it the Heroic Spirit he is current Tracking/engaged in battle with or the Mage who summoned the Spirit. The spirits are ranked two levels lower than Crockett in all categorys due to their names having been lost to history.

Master Tracker: EX. Having left home and lived in the Tennessee woods as a Hunter, Trapper, and Tracker at the age of eight, Crockett is able to track any Heroic spirit except for Assassin using it's presence concealment. Even then he will find traces if Assassin has been in the area down to the minute he/she was last in the area, though he will not be able to tell which way the Spirit went if Assassin is in full stealth mode.

Overview: Davy Crockett is a man who while he lived long after the Age of Heroes was considered a Living Legend during his time on Earth. Tall tales grew of his exploits ranging from his manner of speak to his dealings. More legends were mad after his death at the Battle of the Alamo, though recent attempts at discrediting his death by unscrupulus historians trying to save face almost damaged the end of his life's tale. Crockett was known as a Master Tracker, Sharpshooter, and Hunter as well as a Skilled Orator allowing him to outwit opponents on the political front. The Oratory skills translate into allowing Crockett to maintain the upper hand in any negotiation for himself or his Master. Crockett works best in Forest and woodland enviroments but can also function well in urban areas. Should combat be on Church Grounds Crockett takes a rank loss in Presence Concealment due to his fate of dying at his post without making it to the Alamo Chapel.

One of the three known men at the Battle of the Alamo. With all that is atributed to him he HAS to be at the Throne.

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Soup Fish

That is outstanding :). Its good to see that other more and more people are geting into this. I like the Tennessee Boys a lot :) nice touch. Finaly some one makes this one. Jupm rivers in a single bound indeed. Would love to see him in a fic actually.

only one thing. once again some of the stats seem to high. Strenght and endurance should probably be C or C+. Accurate shot is right where it should be but Tracking EX is to much. EX infers a levle of ability that should be impossible by the rules of reality. Avalon was EX, Ea was EX, Hercules strength might qualify for EX. But I don't think that tracking, even Davy Crockett's tracking would be EX. That would be like if you could look at the ground and see the traces of everything that had ever crossed it ever. Its just to overblown. Also it would be a skill not a Noble Phantasm.

Aside from that great profile.

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Soup Fish

Because FORGET YOU 2004 King Arthur movie

Heroic Spirit: Guinevere

Possible Servant class: none

Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: E- -

Endurance: E-

Agility: E

Magical Energy:E

Luck: E- - - - - (Unlucky)

Charisma: C+

Noble Phantasm: none

Non legendary armaments: A rather sharp dagger.

Class ability's: none

Personal ability's: Riding: E

Seamstress: C

Eye for art: D

Damsel in distress: A+

Strike of Feminine scorn: B

Riding: As a semi proficient horsewoman in life Guinevere's ability's have expanded in death. She can ride horses like she did in life and pilot bicycles with moderate skill.

Seamstress: As a woman in the middle ages Guinevere is a craftsman in this regard, capable of making and repairing cloth garments with proficiency. While not especially skilled in her time in life by today's standards when few women still practice the the art she is remarkably good. Truly a relic of a disappearing craft is she :)

Damsel in distress: Throughout her life Guinevere was kidnapped several times for various purposes, always to be rescued either by Arturia, Lancelot or one of the other Knights of the Round Table. Because of its significance in her life and legend it has become reflected in her ascension. At this level People, Monsters and Servants of evil alignment are actively attracted to her location and moderately compelled to attempt to kidnap or harass her. If captured her captors will feel an urge to imprison her in a secure location and begin plotting to "take over the kingdom" regardless of whether or not they even live in a kingdom.

At the same time people, creatures and Servants of Good alignment will feel compelled to attempt rescue her in the case that she has been captured.

If captured, and not rescued within a certain time period then there is a chance that Lancelot or Arthur will be summoned spontaneously, drawn from the throne of Hero's to save the one that they loved in life and will begin to seek her out in order to rescue her. As long as she is captive they will continue to be granted prana by the world in order to find her, but will be cut off from this free supply when they have liberated her.

Strike of Feminine scorn: this simple magical like effect is in reality a powerful physiological effect that is triggered by a simple slap to the face from Guinevere. It is a close range attack that for reasons undetermined is nearly impossible to block by any mundane means. When delivered two distinct outcomes occur. If the subject is of good alignment or neutral and leaning towards such then they will be subjected to feelings of deep shame and self reflection that pervades their mind and compels them to reflect upon their life and actions up till said point of receiving the Strike. People aligned towards Evil however will be subject to a very different effect. They will be filled with an immense and nearly uncontrollable desire to immediately backhand Guinevere very hard across the face. Truly neutral People may find themselves subject to either of these effects depending on personal factors. Notable that Guinevere is unaware of this power and as such has not figured out that slapping people of questionable alignment is a unwise course of action.

Overview: Guinevere was the consort and Queen of King Arthur during the Second Golden Age of Legends (The Age of Chivalry) and despite her lack of heroic deeds or quality's is one of the most legendary figures of the age. She is the most beloved of all maidens in the kingdom of Logris and is directly responsible for the legend of countless Knights and heroes who have made their name in the collective human memory. The favored of two of the greatest Heroic Spirits that have ever ascended and held in highest regard by many other great figures she is considered a revered spirit by Gaia despite her weakness. In the end she caused the fall of Camalot and is directly responsible for a massive turning pont in all of Fate and history.

Note: Strength rank E - - makes Guinevere a little stronger than your average weight lifter.

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