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Heroic Spirit: Count Roland

Titles: Chief of Paladins, First of the Twelve Peers [of Charlemagne]

Possible Servant Class: Sabre, Rider

Alignment: Lawful Good


Strength: B

Agility: C (A if Rider)

Endurance: A+

Mana: B

Luck: C

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: D (B if Sabre)

Riding (if Rider): A

Personal Skills

Religious Zeal (Christian; Catholic): B - Roland strikes harder and fights for longer against pagan and heretic opponents.

Noble Phantasms

Durendal- A+

(lit. 'to endure') "The Peerless Sword". Forged by Wayland the Smith. It was given to Emperor Chalemagne by an angel, and was later awarded to Roland. Its hilt contains pieces of remains or possessions of four important Christian figures. Said to deal greater damage to pagans and heretics. The sword itself is indestructible.

Oliphaunt- B

(altern. spellling 'Elephant') A cursed war-horn believed in separate sources to have been taken from either an Elepant or a Unicorn. Can be used to signal to any ally, no matter how far away, but the force required to do so bursts the temples and kills the user.

8/11/2011 . Edited 8/11/2011 #271

Could Sun Wu Kong also be considered an Assassin class Servant?

8/24/2011 #272

Well, maybe. But wouldn't he be more of a lancer, what with his famous golden staff and personally decimating most of the heavenly armies? Though I see your reasoning, considering some of his escapades.

8/25/2011 #273

He's one of those that could apply for multiple classes.

8/25/2011 #274

Alright, I've tried to contain it, but I no longer can. The idea just makes me smile.

* * *

Heroic Spirit: Farrokh Bulsara, "Freddy Mercury", "God of Rock"

Servant Class: Caster

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Strength: E

Endurance: B

Agility: B

Mana: A+

Luck: E

Noble Phantasm: A+

Class Skills:

Territory Creation: A+: Freddy can turn his surroundings into a stage with little more than a song, which grants him a great advantage over unwary enemies.

Personal Skills:

Charisma: D: Most people find themselves inclined to like him, even if they do not necessarily like his songs.

Mystic Songs: A: As one of the most famed and revered singers in history, this spirit's arias are inordinately powerful. All spells, so long as their arias are sung, have their effects greatly magnified when in his presence.

"Flash!": C+/A+: By singing the phrase "Flash! Ahh~!" Freddy can compel all those around him to drink anything in their immediate vicinity. If an image of a lightening bolt is in view, this compulsion becomes irresistible.

Noble Phantasm:

"The Show Must Go On!": B: By invoking this spell, Freddy Mercury gains the power to deny death. For as long as he maintains this spell, no matter how badly he is wounded he will continue fighting.

"Another One Bites The Dust": C: A spell that, when invoked after defeating an enemy, allows Freddy to siphon off the remaining prana off of the fallen.

"We Are The Champions": B+: When invoked as a bounded field, enemies of Freddy cannot help but feel that the odds are against them. The effects of this fieldare accumulative the longer they remain inside it, and eventually even an enemy with the strongest of wills can succumb to his.

Mercury's Magical Mustache: E: Mercury can, in a matter of seconds, grow a thick workman's mustache that can hypnotize others. He is justthatmanly.

Wembley: A+: A reality marble contained within the minds and souls of hundreds of men and women as well as Mercury himself. It is the crystallization of the whole of his life, and what many believe to be the greatest expression of his power that the world has ever seen. It is the outward realization that Mercury is a God of Rock. When Mercury outwardly manifests this ability, his surroundings are immediately transformed into the concert of Wembley, the last concert he ever performed as a mortal. Even as he was dying, he gave what most agree to be the greatest concert of all time. All those caught inside the reality marble are forced to have their heads explode with the power of pure awesome.


Trained from a young age in an ancient tradition as a Zoroastrian magus, Farrokh Bulsara showed himself to be exceedingly talented in the magical arts as well as possessing the origin of 'Song'. His talent was such that he could perform magic in public without anyone ever knowing, provided he masked it with his music. His talent was so great, in fact, that it wasn't long before his family had him sent out to deal with their enemies, crushing many ancient families beneath the heals of the Bulsara. Unfortunately, the rapid destabilization caused by their elimination caused their homeland to devolve into an upheaval that would come to be known as the Zanzibar Revolution. His family was forced to leave the country, and seek refuge with the Clock-Tower, who were all too glad to offer protection in exchange for enlistment into their ranks.

It was not along before 'Freddy', as he was wont to call himself, decided that he did not care for working for the Clock-Tower and left in order to become one of the few Philosophers to never have been caught. Using his magical powers and affinity as well as modern technology, Freddy was able to cast spells that could affect the whole of the world through his Mystic Songs. Through years of struggle and secret fights against the Clock-Tower Enforcers as he traveled across the world, the name Freddy Mercury would become known and revered as one who ruled the world with his voice. This belief, echoed by millions upon millions of men and women, allowed the Heroic Spirit called Freddy Mercury to join the Throne of Heroes mere decades after his death.

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #275

Holy sh--t.

That is all.

9/26/2011 #276
Soup Fish

That's outstanding.

9/26/2011 #277
Third Fang

ozzie ozzie ozzie someone do ozzie please! I don't know enough about him to make an accurate profile. we need a prince of darkness spirit over here people!!

9/26/2011 #278


I think I love you. Seriously, Freddie Mercury as a Servant is the most awesome thing EVER.

9/26/2011 #279
Soup Fish

Ahem, from Chain Reactions a conversation between Lancer and Bazett:

"I woke up from a dose inside the Throne one day and was having a period of alertness that is quite rare for a spirit at my depth when I noticed another much smaller domain quite close to mine. I was feeling rather friendly at the time and so I shifted over to it and inquired as to the occupant, we fought a little but it was a very, very young Heroic Spirit and I am old enough to be called venerable so I got the upper hand quickly. I would have pushed him under but I hadn't been that aware for a while and I've invaded more than a few people so I was bored of it at the time. Anyway one thing came to another and we got to communing across the realm gap. We did that for a little, normally I cant abide most of the new Heroic Spirits (They are all much to flighty, none of them care a thing for the old codes and they cant hold their mead) but we got along fine. After a while I invited him over and arranged to see him almost face to face.

So we arranged a almost meeting and went out to see each other. When I got to the edge of my realm and looked out I saw him on the other side, he was on older man dressed in black with long brown hair seated on a burning throne. He had a sword and a shield propped up against his chair and a silver goblet in his hand, but most strangely he had one of those guitars slung over his shoulder and he would occasionally strum it when he talked. Well we had words with each other, and I eventually asked him about the instrument he was playing, one thing came to another and he threw me one across the gap and instructed me how to play it."

Bazett turned around and looked at lancer as he finished hi tail. "So that's how you knew. Some other Heroic spirit told you. What was his name?"

"Dio I think it was."

"Hmmm... never heard of him." Bazett said after thinking for a moment.

9/26/2011 #280

You read my mind ^^

9/26/2011 #281
Master Basher

In this case, the debate on Modern Day no longer having any Heroic Spirits is heracy! Especially when there's revolution in THE Age of ROCK!!!

Other than that, and the Origin of "Song" giving a cool idea for a Shirou one-shot. I can so imagine Hitler being a Heroic Spirit, even though he's Evil.

Other Heroic Spirits to consider... All gleamed from TVTropes Pantheons page.

Elvis Presley, he was abducted by ALIENS! Instant bonus on Relationships with any TYPES, Aliens, est. He was so awesome, that he was a TYPE-Magnet.

John Lenon/The Beatles, think of "Yellow Submarine".

Michael Jackson, King of Pop. Need I say more, with "Thriller", "Bad", and the Moonwalk?

Miku Hatsune, Faux?

Dio Brando-/I mean, Ronnie James Dio, God of Metal.

Oh, and would David Bowie be a Fae by chance?


Thus ends my mini list of Heroic Spirits in the Realm of Music. They'd most likely be Bards by chance, but still, I just love that Freddie Mercury Bio!

Oh, and I can so imagine Lancer getting into Rock by Dio!

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/27/2011 #282
Soup Fish

Anyone up to making profiles for the 10 Tigers of Canton?

9/28/2011 #283
Master Basher

Not me, I don't even know what Tigers of Canton is.

But what I WILL do, is post a Heroic Spirit entry of "The Kid" from I Wanna Be The Guy/IWBTG. Also note that I'm basing this on the "I Wanna Be The Barrage" fangame.


True Name: "The Kid", AKA: "The Guy". (You might as well call him 'Theo Kidd')

Possible Class: Most likely Assassin, but can fill in Archer. (Might also either be a Fake or some Barrage Class)

Alignment: Dunno, insane/too Meta Savvy?

Strength: E----- (The only thing special is that he will always deal at least one point of Damage, even on TYPES)

Endurance: E----- (Non-Existant: One hit and The Kid dies in a shower of Blood. It's not even worth ranking)

Agility: EX (As long as he can dodge, he can avoid. Especially since he can at least jump Twice. Even more so if Barrage Class)

Mana: C

Luck: E----- (After counting the numerous things trying to kill The Kid, I'd say beyond Unlucky, to the point that Alaya would target him by a general Error)

Willpower: EX (Basically the embodyment of endless determination in the face of death)

Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills:

Presence Consealment (If Assassin Class): E (He wasn't very good at hiding)

Reduced Hitbox (If Barrage Class): B (The Kid can only be harmed by a mortal blow near the Heart/Chest, not as Good as some of the Touhou characters)

Bomb Card (If Barrage Class): D (The Kid can only expend mana to clear projectiles twice, and is unable to cause any damage. Is also causes a huge drain in Mana)

Independant Action (If Archer): A

Personal Skills:

Willpower: EX (Basically the embodyment of endless determination in the face of death)

Eye Of The Mind: A+ (Has gone through countless battles)

Projectile (Bullets): A

Auto Revive, EX: (As Long as the Kid still has Mana to try again, he will materialize at the moment he used a save point with the same amount of Mana he has. Could theoretically be used as an abusive mechanism of Time Travel. Also, The Kid's Master is also affected by this Ability.

Personal Curse:

Curse of the Spelunky, EX: Since he was born, The Kid was cursed to die in a Shower of Blood if a single scratch or wound got inflicted in his fragile body.

Noble Phantasms:

Cape Of Hero, B: The Cape Of Hero allows the possibility to jump in the Sky, and if fully mastered, to jump near endlessly.

Tiny Pistol, E- (A): The Gun equivilant of a fake Black Barrel. Though this Handgun won't be able to impose death like it's counterpart, it instead imposes the Concept of 'Damage', and will always deal at least a wound, even if the target can otherwise resist it. It is also enchanted with Endless ammunition, and doesn't show any sign of Recoil. It could also theoretically affect TYPES, though it is impractical as a Anti-Type weapon.

Dilicious Fruit, A: These Giant Cherrys defy gravity in Alien Geometries, and is so poisonous that it can kill within Seconds. If boiled Thrice however, it is said to be as dilicious as its Name. Also comes in a multitute of Colours and Flavours. And it was claimed that the reason it was so poisonous was that it tasted so GOOD!

Spike of DOOM, C: These Spikes have plagued The Kids life for as long as he can remenber, they can impose a Fatal Wound to the Heart if hit/felled upon. Otherwise, your everyday normal Trap Spike.

Save Ribbon, A: Also known as the"Ribbon of Second Chances", this Pink Ribbon not only changes the Gender of it's bearer to Female as long as it's weared, but also allows the wearer to see Save Points to start again if they should be killed.

TYPE MOON, EX: In the worst case scenario, The Kid can call apon the Moon for aid, though chances are that TYPE-Moon is more interested in his blood than delivering a Deux Ex Machina.

Overview: "I have bested Fruit, Spike and Moon. And now I shall best you, The Guy!"

Not much was known about this person, except for having an infamous record of pulling impossible stunts that would have killed most Mortal Men, as a Mortal himself. After becoming The Guy, The Kid was magically reverted to The Kid again by a R.O.B, and has been pushed through Trails ten times worse than his original Masochist's Fantasy.

After beating another world of Suffering, The Kid was unfortunate enough to be summoned as a Servant, and thus begins another round of Torture.

9/28/2011 . Edited 9/28/2011 #284

My take on Harry Dresden as an actual Heroic Spirit, and not a False one. He is an upper tier Servant, and he can/should be able to go toe to toe with Lancer in a straight up fight. But where he really shines is in an ambush, as a Wizard is never more dangerous then when he has time to prepare. With an hours prep-time he can wipe the floor with just about any one, with only Heroes like Gilgamesh and Arturia able to keep up with him and even then he has the edge.

True Name: Harry Dresden

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Caster


Strength: C

Mana: A+

Endurance: B

N. Phantasms: A++

Agility: C

Luck: D

Class Skills:

Territory Creation: A

Item Construction: A

Personal Skill:

Magic Resistance: C

Riding: C

Battle Continuation: A

Bravery: B

Eye of Mind (True): C

Mystic Eyes : B (True Sight - it strips all illusions, falsehoods, veils, and attempts at concealment away. This is an extremely useful tool, but it is a dangerous one to misuse. The mind can only handle so much, so look at something nasty like an Eldritch Abomination and your sanity may be torn away leaving you in a coma at best, stark raving mad at worst.)

Protection Of Faeries: A (Dresden has such crappy luck in his regular life, yet it always seems to turn around when he is confronting things that should be swatting him like a bug. Combined with Queen Mab's favor, this skill works nicely representing such.)

Guardian Knight: B (Nothing makes Harry more dangerous then when he is defending something and pulling off his Big Damn Hero thing. This represents that.)

Magecraft: A+ (It was not listed as Class Skill, so I figured it needed to be added.)

Noble Phantasms:

Sue (Anti-fortress): A+ ; The most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found,, it was touched by the wonder of 10,000 children over the years it had spent the Chicago museum of natural history, infusing it with there belief, hopes, and dreams. Raised by Dresden as a zombie, and used to combat the disciples of the great necromancer Heinrich Kemmler it has since attached itself as a part of his legend.

Mouse (Anti-Unit): B ; A powerful entity in its own right, an asiatic celestial entity known as a Foo Dog which took the guise of one of its kin (a Temple Dog), it was Dresden's loyal companion for centuries, right up until his fall. Called back by its friend and master, it is well beyond the capabilities of mortals, and can stand up to Minor Heroic Spirits in its own right.

Bob The Skull (Support.): B; A spirit of air and intellect trapped in a skull to serve as an adviser and councilor for magi, it has served in this capacity for centuries helping some of the greatest mages to ever live before finally coming into Harry's possession. It has forgotten more about magecraft the anyone will ever know, and increases the capabilities of even the most minor spell-slinger a hundred fold. In the hands of a true master of the Art, you have a force of nature. (NOTE: This is a none-combat NP. It allows for Dresden to pull off Epic Rituals a lot quicker and easier then normally possible.)

Mantle of the Winter Knight (Support): B ; The mantle used by the Knight of the Unseelie Fae, it when used, increases the holders magicks that fall within in its purview (cold, ice, darkness.), a resistance to extreme heat, and increases the bearers physical stats by one rank.(NOTE: This bonus is already included in the stats given above.)

Soulfire (Support) : B; The Flames of Creation, it was a gift to Dresden by the Archangel Uriel. At the cost of using the wielders soul as fuel, it allows for magecraft to enter the territory of near true sorcery, not just bending the natural laws, but breaking them entirely in ways not ordinarily possible.With each use it weakens its possessor, but if used conservatively it can make the difference in a battle.

Demonreach (Anti-Army): EX; In life, it was Dresden's sanctum, an island in the middle of Lake Michigan, it holds a Genius Loci, an ancient spirit of the land that serves as the places guardian. Here in this place Dresden holds Intellectus, an absolute knowledge of what occurs in this forgotten and mysterious isle bordering on omniscience. This Noble Phantasm is Dresden's trump card, creating a Bounded Field where it makes the location summoned and Demonreach one and the same. Here Dresden's power is amplified further by his connection with the land, combined with the Intellectus granted, he surpasses all but the most powerful of entities in combat.

9/28/2011 . Edited 9/29/2011 #285

Fix your formatting.

9/28/2011 #286



Oh and to be clear, this is Harry when he is at his optimum with a Master like Rin, Sakura, or Ilya. If he had say Shirou, his stats would be a fair deal less then otherwise.

9/28/2011 #287

If we want to be realistic, he would have lower stats because he is an unknown hero like Archer. Otherwise, I cannot comment because I haven't actually gotten around to reading Dresden yet. Also, he seems to be a bit on the high side in NP count. Even exceptional Servants like Saber don't go beyond 3. All the lists look a bit long to be honest.

9/28/2011 . Edited 9/28/2011 #288
He is hardly unknown, he (As of Changes) is known as the Eradicator of the Red Court, think tens of millions of badass vampires, the strongest of whom were worshiped as Gods (specifically the aztec dieties), wiped out to a man. He is considered the "Darth Vadar" equivalent of the White Council (Clock Tower equivalent) the guy that makes them crap themselves, yet is savvy enough to get away without gettng in trouble to warrant his execution. Not unlike Kiritsugu Emiya, he is the bogeyman that monsters tell there young about in a hushed tone to scare them into getting into line. As for his NP count, that was intentional, as I wanted something that set him apart. He has a large amount of NP's, but he is not spamming them like Gilgamesh or Shirou/Archer. Three of his phantasms are not about direct attacks, but support his capabilities, sort of in MMO terms, buffing him, making his standard attacks (blasts of fire/force/ice/etc) more potent and substantial.
9/28/2011 #289

Since you made the connection to Emiya Kiritsugu, I will say that Kiritsugu is also an unknown hero. We are talking about the belief of the populace who he is summoned nearby, which is in Japan. How many ordinary Japanese people have heard legends of Harry Dresden (and I'm not talking book form, I'm saying assuming that he is in the same world)? Not many, I'm sure. Especially when you compare them to Heracles, King Arthur and Alexander the Great.

9/28/2011 . Edited 9/28/2011 #290
My question is how many people really know of Heracles, or King Arthur in Africa, South America, or Central Asia? Legends popular with the west, and the more industrialized east are not so much with those more rural areas. Yet America/Europe is enough to support the existence of King Arthur in places who have never heard of him. I posit it is the world as a whole that determines his strength level, and not so much the local people. After all how many individuals have heard of Lancer before FSN? I know I didn't. Yet that did not stop him from being a top-tier Spirit in the series. Dresden (like Kiritsugu) is known far and wide in the supernatural world. If the number of mythologies are any indication, then even if the majority are in the wane, then Archer, or Harry, or Kiritsugu are well known easily enough...
9/28/2011 #291

I'll just go into specific scores that I don't quite agree with.

For what I got of him, his STR score seems a bit high (Archer's is D and that is completely fine). Base D rank strength raised by his Noble Phantasm to C rank seems more realistic. Also, his NP score rank does not match with his Noble Phantasms. It is listed as A++, but he has as his main NP a A+ rank Noble Phantasm (which I am not sure that Sue is equal to. On my own I do not think a zombie T-Rex is at the same level as the original Pegasus, which has a lot of powerful magic intrinsic to it. Probably more along the lines of A rank.) Not sure why you had C+ for agility, especially since that means numerically that it is higher than A rank. Make it C or B, either one actually works better.

9/28/2011 #292

Hey is there is someone willing to help me I have one character that I want to pt here but I would like some consultation first.

9/29/2011 #293
Soup Fish

A few questions about some of these NP's and also Harry's acclaimed strength.

For one, this "Mouse" if it can only stand up to minor heroic Spirits why is it Ranked B? Shouldent it be around D or C rank?

Also as for the claim of being able to have an edge over Arturia in a prepared fight, what about sabers A rank magic resistance? Also Gills similar level? Heck even Lancers B rank Magic Resistance is very difficult to overcome.

9/29/2011 #294
Soup Fish

Hmm, now looking at him I think harry Might be more apropriate as a True Sorceror kind of entity rather than a heroic Spirit

9/29/2011 #295

Regarding Mouse... when I say that I mean in a straight up fight it could take on Medea (assuming she is not using Rulebreaker), or True Assassin (again in a straight up fight, not being lured into a killing field like what happened with Zouken and the Shadow.). Possibly against an Archer (not EMIYA given he uses swords and not an actual bow.) as well. I and I said he could at least stand up to them, and take it to a prolonged conflict, and the fight could still go either way.

As for how he can stand up to beings with Magic Resistance on the levels of Arturia or Gil... Well that is what Soulfire and the Winter Mantle are for. It lets him use magic that while maybe weaker then would be otherwise, still affect them. On a prepared battlefield witih every nasty trick Dresden can get his hands on (which is A LOT given the item creation ability inherent with the Caster Class when combined with Bob's assistance.), those little annoyances add up quickly till its not something even Arturia would want to try her hand at. And that is not even accounting for Sue's presence or Demonreach (its hard to fight someone who has near omniscience of his surroundings, plus the boost he gets from the Island's dark leyline of which he has a contract with and can draw upon. )

9/29/2011 . Edited 9/29/2011 #296

gil's magic resistence is E rank it would still be hard to fight him with magic as he has artifacts that stop magic from being used on him.

9/29/2011 #297
Maybe if he would lower himself to ready them ahead of time, but keep in mind Gil's arrogance is the type he likes to weather attacks against him (to show how "pathetic" his opponents are) and then promptly rain swords down on them afterward. That would be an advantage that Harry would seize immediately and then drop as much overkill as he can dish out. And that would be Gil's undoing.
9/29/2011 #298
Soup Fish

wait a moment. what are Mouses powers?

9/29/2011 #299
Soup Fish

This must be one heck of a dog if it can defaet true Assassin. A servant with B rank Strength and A rank agility. What keeps Hassan from tearing this dog in half?

9/29/2011 #300
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