The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Bloody Hero

You do realize how overpowered you made him right? Listen I've read the series he isn't nearly that good. Even Gil doesn't have those stats and he is among the most powerful HS. Gil would eat Eragon alive, so would Berserker, so would Lancer, so would Rider, so would Archer. The only HS that Eragon could beat would be Caster (thats fifty/fifty) and False Assassin because Eragon can fly using Sephira.

By the way when surpassing A++ in power, it goes to EX (which basically means power can't be measured).

10/27/2011 #331

@kinglugia: Looks great, if kind of, well, god-modded, for Eragon. Personally, I think Brisingr and Saphira alone should be enough for him as a HS.

10/27/2011 . Edited 10/27/2011 #332
Soup Fish
Ug. Anyone but Eragon. That guy..... that guy......! Just.... Look who is at the very top of that list
10/27/2011 #333
Soup Fish

If you dont have the patience to look at that list then I Have now just copy pasted his profile on that list here.

Eragon, God of Marty Stus(Dragon Rider)

Quasideity; able to draw on Saphira and act with the power of a Lesser God

Symbol: A blue dragon, which is totally original.

Alignment: Lawful Good, though subject to Values Dissonance

Portfolio: Marty Stus, Instant Experts, Informed Abilities, Whiny Jerkasses, Deus Ex Machina-Style Power Escalation, Easily-Overcome Angst, Single Shining Tears

Followers: Edward Cullen

Domains: Air, Destiny, Trickery, Illusion

Is a vegetarian (wears a lot of leather, though) who Respects All Life. Unless you are his enemy, in which case he does not hesitate or feel remorse. His blue dragon Saphira is nominally an equal partner, but in reality acts more like a Koan-dispensing flying chariot who is not allowed to contradict him. Theirs is a special bond. Rules over Mary Suetopia alongside Shirayuki Berii, Goddess of Mary Sues. It is a magical place with no strife or discontent, rather like Doctor Doom's Latveria.

Everyone is perfect there, the nudist vegetarian inhabitants are clean and aesthetically pleasing, and everything always goes smoothly. If it doesn't, well, that's when the more unsavory of the Disgraced are called in. Has a core group of followers who vigorously deny that he is the God of Stus. No one pays them any mind. Adds up more Stu points by constantly thwarting Shinji Matou's plans to rape Berii. Rumour has it his eyes are straying towards fellow nudist Rose Potter. If she goes vegan...well...

Position: God-King of Mary Suetopia.

Chance of Redemption: Fairly low, but you never know.

10/27/2011 . Edited 10/27/2011 #334
Bloody Hero


Like I said I read the books and hes really not that good. My previous comment states how'd he'd fair against HS from fifth HGW.

10/27/2011 #335
Soup Fish


10/27/2011 #336
Soup Fish

Note towards the end there his interaction with Shinji Matou. Yeah. The TV tropers know whats up.

10/27/2011 #337
Bloody Hero

Now Eragon is someone I wouldn't mind seeing Gil completely Troll/own in battle. Can you imagine how Epic a Troll Gil would be?

10/27/2011 #338

@Grimgor Ironhide: Dear God, man, why'd you have to bring up Marty Stues and Mary Sues, especially from *that* page on TV Tropes?

And I actually don't mind the Inheritance books (or whatever they're called nowadays)... ^^;

10/27/2011 #339
Yes, people, I do realize Eragon tends to be a little...overpowered. So please tell me which stats I should balance. I am still relatively new to servant stats and balancing.
10/28/2011 #340

Gilgamesh vs Eragon

Gilgamesh: Gate of Babylon

*Eragon and Saphira become pincushions*

10/28/2011 #341
Soup Fish

Stats that should be balanced: Strength, Endurance, Agility, Mana, Magic Resistance

Also what is rank S?

10/28/2011 #342

Eragon can ride a dragon, hence rank S is suitable for him.

I will edit him ASAP.

10/28/2011 #343
Bloody Hero

My friend there is no rank S in Fate Stay Night. I believe the rank your looking for is EX.

10/28/2011 #344
Name: The goddamned Batman. Servant: The Goddamned Batman Alignment: JUSTICE Strength: C Endurance: A Agility: A Luck: C-B (depends on the media.) Mana: N/A Noble Phantasm: A Class Skills Presence Concealment: A Personal Skills: Detective Mode: EX The Goddamned Batman can see everything. Martial Arts Master: EX, (See Arkham City for details.) Noble Phantasms: Batcave: EX, Solves all problems and analyzes the abilities of all of The Goddamned Batmans opponents. Utility Belt: EX, Whatever the obstacle, be it a shark or a cave in, the utility belt has a solution. SHARK REPELLANT!!! Background: The Goddamned Batman lost his family to a criminal, so he did the only obvious thing and trained his mind and body to fight crime. He dispenses justice with his fists by night and sexes up hot super models by day. So the real question would be, is Archer GAR enough? Notable quotes: "I'm Batman" "I'm BATMAN!" I am vengeance, I am the night... I... AM... BATMAN!!!"
10/28/2011 #345

Edit: Well, ignore this.

10/28/2011 . Edited 10/30/2011 #346

To Shinkir0: No, I don't understand it a bit at all.

10/29/2011 #347

Name: Oskefisen/Askeladden, "the ash lad", "the last brother"

Class: Archer, Saber

Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: D/C*/B**

Endurance: D/C*/B**


Luck: C/B*/A**/EX***

Mana: E/D*/C**

Noble Phantasm: A

*: If the conditions of Third Try is met, the Askeladden gains these parameters.

**: If the conditions of Third Brother is met, Askeladden gains these parameters.

***: If the conditions of both Third Try and Third Brother are met, Askeladden gains a huge boost to his luck.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: C

Independent Action: E+

Personal Skills:

Narrative Imperative (Curse): As the subject of so many stories, if someone manages to divine his name and its importance they can then invoke this curse: if they construe his actions into that of a story, he has no choice but to follow the role allotted to him. The only way Askeladden can escape the influence of this curse is to avoid hearing what he is supposed to do or preventing others from knowing who he is.

Trollslayer: Askeladden is adept at killing trolls, a nordic Phantasm Race.

Noble Phantasms:

Third Try: B/EX - Askeladden gains a strong boost to his parameters when he is attempting a task for the third time. The boost is temporary, however, and lasts only as long as Askeladden is trying to accomplish his goal. If he fails at the task yet again, he can never again receive this boost for that task. When both Third Try and Third Brother are active, Askeladden's luck becomes so powerful that it approaches the level of a Marble Phantasm.

Third Brother: A/EX - Askeladden gains en even greater boost to his parameters if he is the third Servant his master has controlled. Unlike Third try, this boostispermanent so long as Askeladden's master keeps him.

Staring Into Fire, Askrhugra: (Anti-unit) B - One of the original abilities of Askeladden. All stories have Askeladden staring into a fire all day long before he becomes a hero, portraying him a shiftless layabout. The truth of the matter is that his origin is that of Fire, or 'that which burns'. Askeladden has an intuitive understanding of fire and how it works. Askrhugra is a sword made of fire, though it behaves as if it were made of metal, and can be drawn from any open flame any number of times.


Askeladden is a figure of fairytales, a sort of faceless hero that embarks upon all manner of quests. A sort of Nordic version of Jack. However, at some point he did exist, and the hundreds of stories told about his exploits, both those true and otherwise, have fed into his legend. As such, his Noble Phantasms are intimately intertwined with his legend, with most of his power drawing from the way he has been portrayed over the centuries. If summoned in nordic regions, his powers are greatly empowered.

Is something of a big eater, especially for porridge.

11/8/2011 #348


Cool really unique character, his abbilities remind me of throwing the dice....but why porridge of all things? Personal preference?

11/8/2011 . Edited 11/8/2011 #349

It's a part of one of his stories. He had an eating contest with a troll, eating porridge, and managed to trick the troll into killing itself by cutting open its own belly.

Ahh, childhood.

11/8/2011 . Edited 11/8/2011 #350

Well in Poland we have fable about dragon who got tricked to eat lamb filled with tar and sulphur, which lead it to drink so much water that he exploded... you're right that's really nostalgic

11/8/2011 . Edited 11/8/2011 #351

... I think you had better fairytales than me.

11/8/2011 #352

Never mind...

11/8/2011 . Edited 11/8/2011 #353
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Okay, this one is kinda crack

Heroic Spirit AkaRed

Servant Class:Every (official) class except Berserker

Alignment:Good (Can be all three)

Strength:B (AKR)

Endurance:A (AKR)

Agility:B (AKR)

Luck:B+ (AKR)

Mana:C- (AKR)

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: C-

Independant Action: B

Riding: B

Presence Concealment: C+

Personal Skills:

Battle Continuation: A

Bravery: B+

Charisma: C

Super Sentai Spirit: EX (allows one to continuously move forward, to face evil no matter the cost to himself)

Noble Phantasm:

Sentai Legacy:Support B

Description: Due to being the personification of the the Super Sentai Spirit, specificaly the Red warriors, AkaRed is capable of changing into and using the weapon of the other Red Sentai. His stats also changes to match said warriors abilities, for example as MagiRed his Magic Resistance is B+, but his strength is only C+.

Legend War:??? E-A

Description: A reenactment of the Legend War. A war where every Sentai on Earth joined force to stop the Zangyack Army. Akin to a Reality Marble, when activated, every Red Sentai will be summoned. They in turn will summon their respective teams, each a Heroic Spirit in their own right. However, like Iskander's Ionioi Hetaroi , those HS only got a Independent Action rank of E-, thus rendering incapable of fighting outside of the RM. The battlefield will changed to that of the Legend War, a vast land with mountains and ruined cities in the distance.

I might post another HS soon, this time in the form of Kamen Rider

11/9/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #354
Cypher of Kumogakure

I'd still like to see the Servants come more from historical characters. And I don't wanna complain too loudly, but where are the Aztec heroes? Arabians? West African? Gimme 30 minutes,let me try and come up with appropriate prfiles for Cuauhtemoc, Umar bin al-Khattab, or Bayajidda. Let's expand our mutual mythological knowledge, people.

11/12/2011 #355

Speaking for myself: I do not know any Aztec, Arabian of West African heroes. Though in the case of the Aztec, I doubt that there would be enough hero worship from their culture to elevate someone to HS status. What with having almost been destroyed. They'd prolly be in an elemental state at this point.

11/12/2011 #356
Soup Fish

that would great. As a mater of fact actually we had a pretty nice Korean heroic spirit a little while ago. Some expansion is certainly in order however.

11/12/2011 #357

@Cypher of Kumogakure

In case of history and legends most people probably tries to tell about hero from their country or culture as it had bigger influence and is better known to them than popular figures from most of different cultures. And figures from popular culture are generally known to everyone equally.

11/12/2011 #358

i think i recall seeing a 6th GW fic somewhere with a chinese or korean HS in the archer class. i can't recall the name so i can't find out/remember if the heroes were made up or had actual wikilegends to them...

also don't forget, if we assume the grail is still somewhat messed up we can also get anti-heroes and villains...



how does a super sentai not have a higher riding skill? even if they're not in the Rider class, they've generally got BIG GIANT ROBOTS!... and they are POSING on said giant robots in the middle of combat. that takes some skills!

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #359
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Edited the post. Now another HS, this time a real one from my country. The Rider HS will come later.

Heroic Spirit Quang Trung Nguyen Hue

Servant Class: Saber, Rider, Lancer

Aligment: Neutral Good

Strength: B+

Endurance: A

Agility: A-

Mana: D

Luck: B-

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: B-

Riding: B

Personal Skills:

Binh Dinh Martial Arts: A+

Having studied martial arts since he was young along with his brothers, he can be considered a master of this style.

Charisma: B+

Military Tactics: B+

Many of the Tay Son's success were said to be the result of Nguyen Hue's work. He has come up with various tactics and strategy that are very succesful

Noble Phantasms:

Northern March:Anti-Army/Anti-Personel Rank: B

Description: A surprise attack. When invoked, it will grant Nguyen Hue a temporary boost in speed and power. If it's invoked during the holidays, the effect are multiplied by 2.

Original: Based the Tet Offensive in 1788. Using the Qing's arrogance and inactivity due to the Lunar New Year celebration, Nguyen Hue made a bold attack on the Qing. Just after 5 days, his army of 100000 has soundly and stunningly defeated the Qing's army, led by Ton Si nghi, of 290000.

Coins of Luck. Support, Rank A

Description: Quang Trung will flip a coin. If the face up is tail, he will gets a stat boost .If it's head, then he will get a stat nerf. The effect will last until the end of the battle. (Note, it will always lands on tail, no matter what happens.)

Original: Based on a story during his ascension. Before the northern march, QT devised a plan to raise the troop's morale. After his ascension, a tray full of coins were bring to him. He then declares that if all the coins show the tail side, then their army will surely be victorious. But if there is even one coin that show the head, then it wlll be failure. He throw them all down. Seeing that all of the tail side, the troop's morale soared, and they all believes that they will win. In reality, all 200 coins on the tray were two tailled coins.


Born in a small family of traders, he and his brothers trained under Truong Van Hien, a guest of their father, in martial arts, litterature, military arts and history. It was him that discovered their talents and advised them to do great things. They rebelled in 1771, under the eldest brother Nguyen Nhac's leadership. However, Nguyen Hue was the most helpful generals in Nhac's rank, both in military and finances. He also increased his own and the Tay Son's popularity with their policy, "fair, no corruption, looting the rich and share with the poor". He become the Emperor of Vietnam 1788, after his brother resigned from the throne due to old age and sickness. After multiple wars, against the Qing, Trinh and Nguyen, he finally united Vietnam under one rule. Unfortunately, before many of his plans and visions for the country could be realised, he passed away at the age of 40. His death led to the eventual fall of the Tay Son rule, and the subsequent Nguyen Dynasty.

One of my country's greatest hero.

11/12/2011 . Edited 12/8/2011 #360
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