The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Soup Fish

Alrighty, sorry for the long delayed response.

It looks good, and as a figure of such importance his high stats are not out of place either. As a rider what vehicle does he use?

My only complaint about this is the army. Heroic Spirit Army's are extremely rare, and while many great men have established outstanding bonds with their solders summoned army's are almost unheard of. The only reason Alexander was able to summon his was because of a reality marble and while it is tempting to give a Heroic Spirit an army to back them, if we did that then nearly every Heroic Spirit who was some sort of commander or King could claim to have one. I would replace this with some other sort of power.

Sun Tzu we gave the power to turn ordinary people into his army, Skuld summoned her's through magecraft as a collection of familiars that was not a true NP and Gaius Julius Ceasar gained a force that channeled his legions strength. You might want to make it something like that. Also, their should be more material for his legendary feats that could be turned into NP, rather than just the army he commanded.

11/27/2011 #361

I know he's fictional but I need to say it to let it out of my chest....

Heroic Spirit Inspector Zenigata.......

Battle Continuation: EX

This is due to 20(?) years of pursuing the same criminal without giving up.

Oh, and he's Berserker class obviously.

11/27/2011 . Edited 11/27/2011 #362
lhklan The Unpronounceable


For anima, he uses an elephant. For modern vehicle, he prefers a Hummer

As for why the army NP, well, there aen't a lot of info about his personal life. Most of the info on his profile are military related, with the one exception being that time where he raised his group morale by a white lie.

I might uses that.

11/27/2011 #363

shikyoseinen: Wonder what Lupin the Third's stats would be like and what his Noble Phantam would be and how much Luck he has including women.

11/27/2011 . Edited 11/27/2011 #364
Soup Fish

Coin of luck, now that's an interesting and unique ability. Now just drum up some nice titles for those NP's and some ranks and your in business. Also I would add the elephant to profile under non legendary armaments, describe some strategy's he uses with it and your set. Is he the type to fight mostly from mount or from foot? Does he rely upon strategy or brute force? Is he honorable or tricky? Can his elephant act independently from him? Could his master Ride his elephant? As a rider his mount cant be underestimated, and a phantasmal elephant could be a major threat in itself even without him riding it. Include all this and any other details you can think of. Flesh it out some more.

11/27/2011 #365
Soup Fish

You could make mention of his policy's for looting the rich and giving to the poor

11/27/2011 #366
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Crap, I knew I forgot something. Anyway, I can answer a lot of those questions, just give me some times to dug them all up. Also, as for your question about looting the rich and give it to the poor, well, a lot of people, kings and revolutionary do that, so I don't think that's special.

11/28/2011 #367
lhklan The Unpronounceable

And now a new hero. My favorite character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Heroic Spirit Zhao Yun

Servant Class: Lancer, Rider

Alignment: Lawful Good



Endurance: A+

Agility: A

Mana: D

Luck: B+

Class Skills:

Independant Action:C


Personal Skills:


Eye of The Mind (True): B-

Guardian Knight:B

Military Tactics: C+

Noble Phantasm:

Qinggang: Anti-Unit, B

Description: Said to be capable of cutting through steel like mud, thus any NP under it's rank will be negated, while those above it will be damaged slightly.

Original:A sword originaly belonged to Cao Cao. However, he gave this one to one of his general, Xiahou En. Said general were killed by Zhao Yun during the famous Battle of Changban

Hero of Changban: Support,A

Description: Whenever his master orders him to retrieve and protect someone, his star will be raised tremendously, especially his luck, until either the target is safe or is killed. If the latter happens, his stats will immediately plummet to its original state, then get a rank down each.

Original: Based on the Battle of Changban, where he single-handedly charged through Cao Cao's force to rescue Liu Bei's family. Unfortunately, he was only able to save Lady Gan and Liu Shan, but Lady Mi jumped down a well to save her son and ZHao Yun.


There might be another NP, but I haven't got a name for it.

Description: Named after the battle were he become famous.

12/8/2011 #368

@lhklan: Sounds good to me, though wouldn't he also qualify as Saber, with the Qinggang, though?

12/8/2011 #369

@lhklan : well, i think i should remind you something about Zhao Yun.

1-He is famous as a spear-wielding user. Why don't he got a spear NP ?

2-In battle of Changban, he is tasked with protect many Liu Bei's sons and daughters. They all die because he run away to save Liu Chan. The book don't mention it,but history record does. So, well, i don't think he should get this as a NP.

12/8/2011 #370

This is concerning Diarmuid.

In legend, he was gored by a wild boar.

I've never actually seen a wild boar in real life are they really that dangerous?

Can anyone clarify it for me? I want to know what really happened. Sure I can check in the internet but even that is quite limited. I would like to hear it from anyone growing up hearing the legend.

12/8/2011 #371

Well I'm no expert but if I remember correctly some breeds, if you stood them up on their hind legs, would be taller then the average sized adult male. So yeah, they're big and some are known to be very aggressive.

12/8/2011 . Edited 12/8/2011 #372
Soup Fish


Every bit. A wild boar could be counted as one of the most dangerous animals on earth depending upon how large they get. In the wild they can grow to enourmous proportions, and occasionally they will eat people in rural areas, especially small children.

12/8/2011 #373
Soup Fish

Google image search Giant Boar. Do it. They get larger than people in some cases.

12/8/2011 #374

@Everyone: Wild boars may be dangerous, but hippos are the truly deadly, currently-living animal. They kill more humans in a year than any other species...

12/8/2011 #375
lhklan The Unpronounceable


1: Like I said, I haven't got a name for it.

2:Uh, Liu Bei has three sons and two daughters, not couting the adopted Mi Fang. The latter two were captured, while the former three become prince. Seeing as Liu Shan, the crown prince also the oldest was only an infant at the time, the other two princes couldn't have been born. So technicaly, he did succeed,just losing two 2 daughters. If you can send me a the history record you said, then I might changed it. Otherwise, it stay that way. ALso, HS are known for their accomplishment, even if they maybe fictionalised. A lot of people know about the RoTK novels, compare to the actual record, so they would consider the battle of Changban Zhao Yun's crowning moment.

12/9/2011 #376
Soup Fish

Alrighty guys, just a heads up for anyone whos interested, their is a RP staring over at

Anyone who wants to join feel free, the premise is a simple grail war with all new participants. make your own Servant or Master and join up. So far Caster and Berserker are taken but aside from that every position is open. For those of you who enjoy this fourm this is a great opertuity to actually use some of the Heroic Spirits you have created. We shall see how this goes.

12/11/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #377

Thought of something completely silly, yet possibly effective.

Heroic Spirit Kermit

Servant Class: Probably Rider (if controlling a motley crew qualifies), maybe Caster

Alignment: Neutral Good


Strength: D

Endurance: B

Agility: C

Mana: D

Luck: A

Personal Skills:

Charisma: A

Singing: B

Noble Phantasm:

Muppet Theatre: Anti-Army, A

A Reality Marble, drawing everyone nearby into a theatre full of monsters. In this alternate realm, the Rule of Funny applies; all violent acts are reduced to slapstick, EX-rank Noble Phantasms are sealed due to insufficient SFX budget, and if something is amusing it can happen. The more egotistical or serious the target, the greater the effect this mad realm has on their psyche; by contrast, enemies capable of running with a joke can weather, or even reverse the willpower-sapping effects.

12/12/2011 #378

@Gullwhacker: Heh, nice. The only stats that bother me are the A rank ones...

12/12/2011 #379

Luck was the only stat I could see having a high rank - though he gets credit for endurance with, well, everything. As for Charisma - consider that top celebrities wanted to be on the Muppet Show. That's got to be worth something.

12/12/2011 #380

Servant Saber

True Name - Oda Nobunaga

Alignment - Lawful Evil

STR - A (A+)

AGI - B (A+)




NP - B

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance - B

Independent Action - A+

Personal Skills:

Military Tactics - B

Charisma - B -- As a Tyrant in life, this skill is partially false, due to it stemming from fear. (Could be a different Skill?)

Eye of the Mind (False) - B

Noble Phantasms: Dokuro no Asseisha - Tyrant of the Skulls

Type - Anti-Unit, Anti-Army

Rank - B

The gunblade wielded by Oda; rather than the sword and gun that she wielded in life, this weapon symbolizes her tyrant nature and terrifying power. Summoned under Saber Class, when this Noble Phantasm is invoked, Oda is able to call upon the power and speed of her armies and generals, while adding dark, soul-draining effects to each attack. This equates to bringing both her STR and AGI up to A+ Rank.

2/9/2012 . Edited 2/9/2012 #381

Marathoned the series for the last few days, so I decided to make a tribute.

Kudos to those who immediately knew who it was. And then tell me if I made a mistake - it's a draft after all.

Servant - Assassin

True Name - Unknown; Alias - Black Reaper, Cursed Contractor

Alignment - Neutral




MGI - C-

LCK - B-

NP - B+

Class Skills:

Presence Concealment - A-

Personal Skills:

Eye of the Mind (False) - B

Projectiles - C-

Mixed Martial Arts - B+ - through years of acting as a contract killer, he has developed his own style. At this rank, he is capable of holding his own amongst most martial artists.

Disengage - D+ - the ability to break away from combat. At this rank, no bonuses are given.

Noble Phantasm: Molecular/Electricity Manipulation

Type: Anti-Unit

Rank: B- - EX

The ability to manipulate energy (through contact). At higher levels, he is able to manipulate matter on the quantum level - and, though this is only speculation, he is able to 'create' magi (contractors) through said manipulations.

EDITED: That was quick, and thanks.

2/9/2012 . Edited 2/9/2012 #382
Third Fang

the main character from darker than black. I forgot what his name is.

also given who he's being compared to, I'd lower his strength and agility by a rank.

2/9/2012 #383
Servius Regis


Hei :P

Amber would be a game breaker though.

2/9/2012 #384
Third Fang

quick question, does anyone want a character sheet on FFD shirou and how his (possible) heroic spirit counterpart would end up?

2/9/2012 #385

@Third Fang

I do

2/9/2012 #386

@Third Fang

I am interested in this as well. :O

2/9/2012 #387

I'm interested too.

2/9/2012 #388
Third Fang

ok then. by popular demand

Name: Shirou Emiya, Aka, the Magus Killer

Servant - Saber/ Archer/ Assassin

Alignment - good

STR - C/ D/ D

AGI - C+/ C/ B

END - B/ C/ C

MGI - B/ A/ B+

LCK - D/ C/ B

NP - ?

Class Skills:

Independant Action (Archer only): B

Presence Concealment (Assassin Only): C

Magic Resistance (Saber or Archer): B/ C

Personal Skills:

Clairvoyance: D/ C+/ C+

Magecraft: C+

Eye of the Mind (True): D/ C/ B

Vampiric Blood: D: The spirit has in his past life been infected or injected by the blood of Type Moon and suffers from its effects. At D rank, All stats except for noble phantasm and luck are diminished by half a rank during the day, and improve varying during the night depending on the phase of the moon. When no moon is out there is no boost, while a full moon boosts the same stats by one rank.

Noble Phantasms:

Unlimited Blade Works: Unknown Rank, Anti Army Noble phantasm:

Much like the reality marble of the counter guardian EMIYA, this iteration of Shirou Emiya also possesses an inner world that logs, records, and recreates any mele based weapon and defense he has ever seen, degraded one rank. The sole difference between his and EMIYA's reality marble however is that it also produces a full moon in the sky to represent his link to his undead blood. As such when the reality marble is set up, Shirou will also benefit from the full boost of his Vampiric Blood Personal Skill.

Natalia, The blade of Severing: C+ Ranked Anti-Unit/Life Noble Phantasm:

A blade that was forged from the bones of his father and cursed by Angra Maiyu, Natalia is a sword that can instantly cut a target in half upon target by actualizing the origin of "severing" upon it so long as its ranking as a noble phantasm or its magical defense is below its current ranking. Because of the curse imposed on it, it's power increases by one rank if actualized upon a biological target. Should the target be of a higher rank than the blade, the origin will readjust itself to simply enhance the natural cutting power of the blade itself.

Maiya: The blade of Binding: C+ Ranked Anti-Unit/Life Noble Phantasm:

The twin of Natalia, Maiya improperly fuses any two or more targets that meets its blade in a single swipe. The efficiency of the binding is dependent on how compatible the objects conjoined are. Flesh wounds caused by this weapon are akin to those made by Gae Dearg in that they reduce the total HP count of the servant wounded, however this alteration will be slowly be corrected given time and prana from a master.

Kiritsugu: The Magus Killing Blade: B+ Ranked Anti-Unit/Life Noble Phantasm:

The "father" blade of Natalia and Maiya, it utilizes both the origin of "severing" and "binding" at once when actualized. Like Maiya, it will cause permanent total health damage to its target that will not be corrected over time, however its main purpose is far more sinister. By utilizing its ability on an opponent's thaumaturgy or thaumatrugy based mystic code that is directly linked to them, the origins will immediately actualize and force the energy used in the spell to feedback into the user, and cripple the exact source that feeds it. For magi it will mutilate the circuits that were active at that time and cause their prana to destroy them from the inside out. For Riders who have a deep connection with their mounts, it will distort said connection so that they will no longer be able to link strongly to them should they both emerge sane.

It should be noted that while Kiritsugu will affect the target using the spells, it will not affect the spells immediately, meaning that any oncoming attacks it is used on will still have to be avoided or blocked lest the user (Shirou) be taken out as well.

Unlike other noble phantasms in UBW, Natalia, Miya and Kiritsugu do not suffer from rank degeneration when created, as the copies were made famous by Shirou in the first place and the originals were destroyed soon after being witnessed by the owner. Because each copy of these swords is technically on the same level as the ones that became famous in the first place, they are recognized by Gaia as the original Noble phantasms.

Emiya Crest: D- Ranked supplementary Noble Phantasm: A parting gift from his father, the Emiya Crest enables Shirou to perform minor acts of time alteration based Thaumaturgy. He frequently uses it in conjunction with his projection magic to enhance his attacks.

2/9/2012 #389


This makes me happy.

2/9/2012 #390
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