The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Yeah, and since he is from the time of King Arthur (AD 4xx-53x) (Saber proves it definitively so there can be no "the myth was wrong or rewritten/combined with another"), the time of the Library of Alexadria burning (48 BC) doesn't fit.

6/20/2011 #61
Silver Sun 17

mabye they claimed it as a way to establish liegimancey or Merlin was the one who proposed cutting contact between the magus side and the wizerd side to head off a war or somthing because of one sides greed/jelusy

6/20/2011 #62

@Silver Sun 17

The problem I have with conjuration being covered by projection is there is no sign of projection being able to create living creatures. It's completely rediculous. Even Shirou's hax projection can't come close to something like that. Wizards don't track muggle development because to them it's obsolete. Magi mostly don't have access to instant travel or healing like wizards do (as far as I know) and so they have to live partially in the normal world. Or what about transmutation, which requires no verbal components whatsoever, and can also do things like transmute a desk into a pig and reverse. That doesn't have a time limit or else Fred and George's instant swamp would have reverted back on it's own and not corralled off by the teachers as a mark of skill.

If access to this greater code slowly kills circuits, then how are wizards like Snape or Slughorn still brewing and creating new potions?

Unspeakables can't be adding spells to this code in secret. There are students creating spells in hogwarts like Snape for example.

6/20/2011 #63
Silver Sun 17

@Garahs good points and i know there are probloms.

Conjuration: it's imlieped that Conjuration is tempory and goes away like projection (i belive I also mentioned Advanced projection for this bit in terms of detail) the living cretures fade after a time so they could be golem like constucts (shirou spelizies in swords anything else costs huge penilties).

Transumation/tranfiguration: the pig thing could be a golem like constuct as well and the instant swamp could be desigened to take mana from the enviroment to power itself.

spell casting/spell devoment/access to the code: what if the greater code is loaded with EFFECTS rather then spells. this would mean spell devopment is basicly trying to access the code to use the effects in new ways. the ankle lifting spell is a way of using the levetation effect. the cutting curse might be a misuse of the effect to infuance to human body (instead of healing it damages)

6/20/2011 #64
Daughter of Ether


Reread the original post concerning the great code. 1 i explicitly state that creation of new spells and effects is possible, simply harder and harder the more time a wizard spends working with wizardry without creating new spells. 2 it would actually be easier for younger, less formally educated wizards to create new spells, as i stated - 1 in 100 wizards at the OWL level are capable of creating new spells where only 1 in thousands at NEWT level are capable of the same unless they have been creating new spells during that time. Likewise the more time a wizard spends making new spells the easier it will be since working their circuits will delay or even reverse the atrophy suffered by most standard wizards

if anything the unspeakables (or whoever ends up being in charge of inserting new magic into the code) are more like library staff who just get shipments of new texts and have to figure out where it gets shelved

6/20/2011 #65
Silver Sun 17

there goes the "code is loaded with effects" idea.

6/20/2011 #66
Daughter of Ether

Not really. this thread is for arguing out the best ideas after all

6/20/2011 #67
Silver Sun 17

so what do think of the effects rather then spells idea?

6/20/2011 #68
Silver Sun 17

just thought of a way to explain the HP fast travel. Zeltrech loaded the diffrent methods of teleporation into the greater code to tick off some super arragont (for a magus) tower lord a few hundrad years ago.


portkeys: use telaport with runes, Floo: potions, Apperate: spell

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/20/2011 #69
Daughter of Ether

It works pretty good. Depending on how basic the effects are and how they can be combined wizards can be either right at the edge of what is possible with the code or arrogantly underusing it. givent hat the great wizards of their past are supposedly much more powerful than moderns i suspect theyre not making as good use of it as they could be. Or perhaps the code is finally beginning to decay like the rest of the world.

The other possibility (thinking back to merlin being before magi and wizards split ways) is that the great founding fathers etc were both magi and wizards. Perhaps they were mages first and foremost and were using wizardry to advance their own studies, perhaps even trying to bring back simpler contact with the library. Being trained as both they wouldnt have suffered from the loss of ability in one area due to disuse of those powers either. So of course modern wizards arent as powerful as the ancients, study of both schools is pretty much dead nowdays, unless our crossover captain takes it up.

6/20/2011 #70
Silver Sun 17

with the comaining i can think of one spell thats a good example. the summoning charm. it could use a tracking/finding effect to locate the item and then use a leveation (mabye mixed with a speed boost) to retreive it.

6/20/2011 #71
Silver Sun 17

just thought of something, wizards are extreamliy out of touch with the rest of reality right and tend in undulge in what (to us) are obivuly deluscions. what if the greater code was some sort of shared reality marble produced by a contract with Gaia.

6/22/2011 #72
Daughter of Ether

Must ... not ... compare to ... gensokyo ...

6/22/2011 #73
Silver Sun 17

go ahead, both are broken

6/22/2011 #74

I can understand why Gensyoko is broken, but why the other one?

HP magic isn't even that destructive(powerful), it is simply varied in it's effects.

6/22/2011 #75
Silver Sun 17

the reality marble idea is broken

6/22/2011 #76

Reality marble users are broken too. But it's funnier that way.

Though comparing anything with Gensoukyou is bound to end in a disaster, since power levels there are rather ridiculous (um, yeah, so apparently power of flight can be used to fly out of boundaries of mortality, and that's not the most hax thing one can find there).

6/22/2011 #77
Silver Sun 17

the only reason they don't throw world busting spells is that it would be BORING in the aftermath.

6/22/2011 #78
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Which world?Cause from what i've gathered, HP verse magic don't have a lot of world busting spell.

In my mind, HP verse is more generalised, with more mundane use, easier to practice and don't require too much.

OTOH,Nasuverse magic is more specialised, more destructive use, harder to practice and require a lot of things, like resource, research etc. but in exchange got a lot more awesome effect

And something just came to me:Normal object can block the AK right?So Shirou can just pull a sword big enough to cover him then use it as a shield.

10/8/2011 #79
Silver Sun 17

the world busting comment is about touhou, your comment about AK... your right, shirou's blades should be able to block.

10/9/2011 #80
lhklan The Unpronounceable

@SIlver Sun 17.Yeah can't believe the solution to AK is that easy.

THough how do you think other would react to SHirou's UBW?Bet that the Ministry of Magic is gonna throw a fit

What is your stand on Dumbledore though?Well intentioned extremist, magnificent bastard?And would Shirou get along with him?

10/9/2011 #81
Daughter of Ether

I'm more interested in seeing what the MA would say about academy city (to aru etc no series) given that the explanation from railgun indicates every psychic in the city operates by internally deploying a reality marble, and the fabled level 6 theyre all trying to create will probably be full external deployment.

10/9/2011 #82

What about Magus Killer vs Auror?

10/9/2011 #83
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Magus Killer wins, no question.

10/9/2011 #84

@kinglugia: Yeah, I agree with lhklan here. Magus Killer wins, hands down.

10/9/2011 #85


imo, hp has the advantage in average spell utility (levitation, summoning, banishing charms), where fsn has the advantage in raw damage (NPs, average ones, the Blue)

that said, i would say the ranking might go: avg magus, avg wizard, auror, death eater, character wizard, character magus, hero wizard, hero magus

where avg is a background character, character is a named character, hero is a main character/villain (badguys have their heroes too). death eaters rank higher than the avg auror, how else would they be winning when the numbers are slanted so heavily against them?

therefore under the trope (realtively)WeakButSkilled, i vote for the old man to be a Magnificent Bastard of the good kind. i see far too many fics where he's demonized :(

i think the main roadblock would be the decision to place harry with the dursley's, but maybe that could be explained as an incomplete grasp of bounded fields, so he really was doing the best he could with the info he had. get past that shocking display of poor judgement/enabled child abuse and i think he and shirou would get along fine

10/9/2011 #86
Silver Sun 17

about Dumbledore i'm in the Senile but well meaning catagory of what i think of him

10/9/2011 #87

For me, I find myself disliking Dumbledore, but not outright hating him. I can't stand the way he chooses to do things, but if he had no other choice I think he did the best that anybody could do.

Doesn't mean I can stand him when he's being a manipulative *******. XP

10/9/2011 #88
lhklan The Unpronounceable


I think you're forgetting a lot of character type here, like Enforcer, Burial Agent, Hit Wizard, Magus Killer,etc...

As for Dumbledore,i'm putting him under Well Intentioned Extremist with a dash of Magnificent Bastard.

10/9/2011 #89

hijacking this thread for HP-Lore discussion: continued from the EC thread

@Avada Kedavra as an HP equivalent to Nasuverse Kiritsugu's Mystic Code bullets

but it doesn't explain how dumbledore is able to block it with conjured objects in book 5. even if it's a 'solid' kite shield, isn't it still part of his magic?

maybe the shield is considered to be infused with magic reather then being magic?

it's not just a normal shield with magic infusing it, he created the shield out of thin air, it would be closely tied with his magic, close enough that if AK worked that way it still get him.

unless Big D hax. which is always possible.


how overpowered would it be for harry to tranfigure the ground into about a dozen first sized spikes and casting a banishing charm to kick them in the air before casted a second one to propel them into the target(s) wandless?

not overpowered, i think it would actually take too long in a combat situation, though, unless he was casting other stuff in between to distract them. wandless magic isn't silent i think, they still have to say the charm/curse to use it.

i wonder if it's possible to enchant an object with a time-delayed spell. take your instant-spikes, imbue one of them with a delayed wide-area summoning charm, and throw that one spike at the feet of the enemy while the rest get kicked up...

10/25/2011 #90
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