The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Okay since people have been pressing us to change location. Here it is, the Emiya Clan topic. As an inauguration, a small snippet

"So, how have we been doing this month Matsu?"

"Quite well Shirou-tan, the export of medical technology has gone up by 5%, while the magitek equipment we sell to magi have increased by 10%. I would say Shirou-tan that we'll soon dominate the magic market as well as the medical one. Fuhuhuhu the idea of negotiationg with magi family led by females so they could share some of their research with us was ingenious Shirou-tan. They were falling all over themselves to show you their research"

He just smiled fondly

"Thank you Matsu, now what about"


One of his elder sons, Kyon burst into the room, look of panic on his face

"Oh Kyon, what is it?"

"Father Matsu-kaa-san I need your help"


"And so, for the crime of fraternizing with humans and jeopardizing your mission as an observer, you shall be decomissioned"

Nagato Yuki nodded, accepting her fate. She knew there would be no escaping from it, if only she could see Kyon one last time...

Suddenly the air next to her shifted, and a very tall red-haired man stood by her side. His arms folded, his expression neutral but somehow displeased

"Who are you?"

The Data Entity demanded, to which the man just smiled

"Hello, my name is Emiya Shirou, perhaps you heard of me"

The IDSE flinched in unison, of course they knew of him. He who tamed and mated even the very essence of the planet. He who must not be crossed or else the world would end.

"We... know of you"

"Good, that will make things easier"

He looked to his side where surprised, though you couldn't tell that from her expression unless you were Kyon or Shirou, Yuki stood staring at him. He winked at her

"Now, this"

He pointed to his right where now stood a bespectacled redhead waving cheerfully at IDSE

"Is my wife Matsu, perhaps you heard of her"

And yet again IDSE shuddered. Matsu Emiya, the ingenious inhuman hacker whom could tear down even the best protected databases and do whatever she damn pleased in whatever system she choose. And now she was holding something suspiciously similar to power cord

"Now, I would like to make myself perfectly clear. Me and my family will be Greatly displeased if you make Any kind of move against this here Nagato Yuki. Being a girlfriend of my son Kyon she is under my family's protection, and any actions against her will be met with brutal and ruthless retribution. Am I understood?"

IDSE, despite their lack of head, nodded.

"Now I would like to point out this power cord Matsu is holding. It's a representation of all the power sources you use to support your existence. If she disconnects it, You will cease to exist. With me so far?"

For some reason IDSE felt a strong urge to say "You lost me there" but they knew it would be better not to prompt the man in front of them to make a presentation

"Of course Nagato Yuki being independent program would not be affected, plus Matsu disconnected her from your power net. Now then, do you agree with me that Nagato Yuki can go and live her live the way she wants?"

IDSE nodded, again without the use of their non-existant heads.

The man smiled and put one his hands on the small girl's shoulder, smiling gently

"Mhm, now I know we met in rather unpleasant conditions, but if I understand this right You are, in a way Yuki Nagato's parents"

IDSE shifted, confused, quick, nano-second long research revelead to them the meaning of this man's words

"Yes, we created entity known to you as Nagato Yuki which would mean we are her parents"

The man smiled

"That's great, now I know the decision is completely up to her and Kyon but..."

IDSE held its breath, what else did this man have in store for them

"As her parents, would you mind terribly if I invited you to a dinner at our house? I'm sure my entire family will want to meet Yuki's parents, and there will be some things we'll need to discuss, regarding the wedding"



The petite girl asked as she walked next to the tall man who, thanks to Akitsu and the occasional contact with Tabitha during their off-dimension vacations, perfectly interpreted the girl's question

"Well the fact that you are close to my son is one thing. I really just wish to see my children happy and if you disappeared it would put him in a lot of distress" She nodded, that was... logical

The man turned slightly and kneeled next to her, putting his large hands on her arms

"But most of all, you are a living being like any other. I do not care how you were born or for what purpouse, you have the right to live even if, according to them, you do not serve your purpouse. You are alive, and you deserve to live"

He smiled at her, and for some unexplained reason. Because of some urge programmed so deep into her she couldn't even understand it. She embraced him, cuddling to him

"Then... should I call you Father?"

The man grinned, embracing the girl back

"I certainly hope so"

5/27/2011 #1

If the "Kyon is his own grandfather" theory was true in this universe, who was he/will he become?

5/27/2011 . Edited 5/27/2011 #2

Going by In Flight verse? [Processing] Umm... Minaka ??

5/27/2011 #3

Hell NO!

5/27/2011 #4


Well you have The Start of Darkness for heroes who became villains. With Kyon you have The Start of Madness XD

5/27/2011 #5

Does someone have a complete list of all the kids? So we can compile them easily here at page 1.

5/27/2011 #6
Ginko Yurishiro

Emiya Clan's Reference Data Sheet

Located here: ~

5/27/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #7
There is no complete since technically it's still open but we can create one for more usual cast.

And Shinra "mother" was revealed, she's "daughter" of Alaya

5/27/2011 . Edited 5/27/2011 #8
Ginko Yurishiro

We're lacking a list of Homura, Ritzu Wallstroud and Touko's children.

5/27/2011 #9
Altrouges, And Uzumes
5/27/2011 . Edited 5/27/2011 #10
Ginko Yurishiro

The adventures of Insert Uzume's child and theMysitic Washer MK. XIII.

Together they shall cleanse and banish Nurgle and his stinky socks from the universe.

5/27/2011 #11
@kittybear.... That would fit, now we know who will have laundry duty in the house
5/27/2011 #12

Gil, teamed up with the Mystic Washer and the prinny squad

The ultimate cleaning crew


"Hello, my name is Shirou Emiya, I am the head of the Emiya Clan. These's are my sons; Kiritsugi, Aoshi, Kyon, and Takeshi." He says pointing at the boys accordingly.

"And these are my daughters...uh...." He looks at all the girls. "Hmm...?" 'Dammit, I can remember name of every sword I've ever seen or created, but I can't remember all of my daughters names. I told their mothers we should have named them after swords'


"Yes Caliburn... I mean Karin!"

5/27/2011 #13

All the omakes I found about the Clan on the previous forum. ?

The post numbers are the Ones in the lower of the post (I don't know how to get the other ones). Did I forget someone?

5/27/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #14
You forgot Jun, Lorelei Son
5/27/2011 . Edited 5/27/2011 #15

See, they'd be much easier for Shirou ifthey were named after swords.

Shirou can remember swords.

5/27/2011 #16

Tch, this problem is no problem


A tearful voice of one my daughter, I quickly turn... to find myself on the receiving end of overwhelming amount of Teary-eyed Puppy Eyes pouting girls of various ages.

"Y... Yes?'

"Do you not love us, Daddy?"

The question is like a blow to my heart, with an armor-piercing coating of the teary eyes

"W... Why would you say something like that Karin? I love you, all of you."

"But Daddy... you don't remember our names"

"Of course I do Calibu... I mean Karin."


An accusation in her voice, her sisters nodding

"You don't remember us Daddy because you don't love us"

"THAT IS NOT TRUE. I'll prove it to you"

And thus Emiya Shirou spent the next two days cramming the names of his daughters like crazy.

5/27/2011 #17

"Look the ONLY reason that you were the one summoned in that you're both fast and hard to kill. I hardly wish to see you mongrel again, but Root knows I need help. And don't worry, they are a bunch of miscreants, hell spawned devils, but you will warm up to them." Gilgamesh finished his speech.

"Soo, oni-chan have swords?" Kumako asked doing her best innocent impression.

"Does she remember you of someone?" The new summoned babysitter asked.

"Yes, you probably knew her mother, you're from the same War after all." Gil pointed without looking, all the while taking the soufflé out of the oven.

"Huh. And what is that apron? I don't have to wear one too, do I? He asked horrified.

"Say, oni-chan, do you have swords?" Kumako asked again.

The newcomer eyes twitched.

"Oni-chan, can you hear me, do you have swords?" She pressed innocently. Gil sighed.

He pulled his red lance, put on the girls throat "No I have a spear! NOW GO AWAY." he expected her to cry. And she did. But what he didn't expected was for her to put him through a brick wall with an energy blast (?). No kids don't do that since last time he checked.

Then the monster came. A red haired girl resembling a certain cute master of the war, came complaining loudly about 'idiots who can't handle children' and towered above him. That was not tolerable, they WILL fear him, not the other way around! So he took his Spear and stood up ful height towering over the red haired b**** and pointed the spear at her.

"Saying somethin', sweetie?" He threatened. She smiled wickedly. Uh Oh.

She made some sort of iron ball and tossed it at him all the while Gil, got under the fridge cover and she walked away. "What the hell is thi-"

The damned thing hurt. And he was back to the Throne of Heroes.


Later on.

"What happened again?" Rin demanded.

"He threatened Kumako, and antagonized Keiko." Gil answered simply.

"And you didn't corrected him?" She pressed.

"No, I let the mongrel learn by himself, I'm wise enough to watch that kind of thing from a safe distance, and under appropriate cover, and I have bad experiences enough as it is. Your hellspawn may be my responsibility, but your other summons aren't."


That is why Gil doesn't have help.

5/27/2011 . Edited 5/27/2011 #18

I want to give a shot at the Emiya Clan Omakes, well here I go-

Kyon sighed for the god-knows-how-many'th time as he saw his friends the SOS brigade interact with his extended family of many siblings, mothers, his father and his crazy uncle/former nanny.

Yuki was getting on well with Mitsuki Kaa and Koyuki ( no surprise there) , they were discusssing the struggles of humanoid aliens , out of earshot of Haruhi , thank god.

Itsuki and Kaa-san(Rin) were talking about something , that i couldn't make out but I did catch snippets of her telling him to stop cross-dressing....

Wait, WHAT???

Ok need to move on.

Musubi Kaa and Haruhi were talking animatedly about the power of love and how aliens are everywhere with Musubi Kaa taking not so discreet glance at the other Seikirei. Thank heavens for Haruhi's obliviousness and her weird thinking posses where she closes her eyes. Everything was going fine .... Until Altorouge Kaa brought back Primy with Shinra on his back, from their walk, then for some reason Kazehana Kaa walked into him and sneezed, and then everyone of my friends got stripped to their underwear, being around Kazehana kaa as long as we have and then Meeting with that Negi kid the association told us to baby sit had pretty much made sure that all our clothes are practically indestructible. Plus, no one wan't to under go the experimetn Matsu kaa was doing while trying to get the right material. Primmy still winces every time he sees threads.

Then I notice that Itsuki has chest wrappings on hims-no herself.

Dear god ... I'm turning out just like Tousan.

5/27/2011 #19


Have I already mentioned that you Do Not mess with Emiya Clan's kids ?? Poor Lancer, poor Lancer, maybe he'll learn next time they summon him XD


And so the Curse of the Emiya Family lives on XD At least Kyon won't have to worry about Yaoi and gender-bending like with Shirou and Gilgamesh XD

5/27/2011 #20
Ginko Yurishiro

My head is full of f*ck.

So I as I play Sengoku Shirou works.

For some reason I want to see an AU where Shirou the Pornomancer replaces Rance(Rance doesn't exist in this Rance-verse variant)...

5/27/2011 #21

Rance ?? The guy who conquered each province and raped female characters and then brought them to his side ?? Well I'd say that Shirou the Pornomancer will skip the rape part and go straight for the changing sides XD Unleash him on Any country led by women and he'll have it in his bed, purring happily within days.

5/27/2011 #22

Kyon Powers:

Common Sense ~ Eye of the Mind (True): A

Developed due to his ability to remain cool, in control and to analyze his home life in a detached manner. Though he don't fight much, he often uses this ability to provide commentary to his brothers and sisters spars.

Heir of Emiya D

A curse carried to the true male heir of the Emiya name, meant to bring chaos and suffering to it's bearer, the highest form of torturebeing the hope that everything will eventually be alright. At this level the curse only acts to activate weird shenanigans and rarely life or death situation with varied urgency and intensity.

5/27/2011 #23

Heir of the Emiya D

Very good. GB should put that in IF.

Also the Pornomancer will NEVER rape a girl, the girl might end raping him, or he will influence her to bed, but rape? NEVER.

5/27/2011 #24

No comment on the eye of the mind ~ common sense? Just remember common sense is a developed awareness a community/population developed in response to outside stimulus. Fearing guns is common sense to modern day, while staying the hell away from samurai (for more reasons than the fact he is armed) is common sense on feudal Japan.

5/27/2011 #25
whodidthewhatnow: "Heir of Emiya"??? Then Shirou will have "Founder of Emiya" Rank EX
5/27/2011 #26

No, he will have Heir of Emiya B+ or A, while Kiritsugu have A++

5/27/2011 #27
From what I saw Kirisugu the second doesn't have much troubles so far.
5/27/2011 #28


Mhm makes sense, world screwed Kiritsugu over pretty painfully.

A sadistic idea on my part. Chisame Hasegawa turns out to be a long lost member of the Emiya Clan. She was stolen or mistakenly taken by another family and despite extended search Emiya Clan could never find her (Gaia's intervention suspected). Worse yet, whose daughter she is ?? Matsu's of course.

5/27/2011 #29
Proposition we can make Kyon and his little sister from kanon children of Uzume, and give her cloth-related powers.
5/27/2011 #30
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