The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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yeah she does XD

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Takeshi is stuck with Oran Host Club hijinx, I remember that much. Arika has a time-displacement adventure omake somewhere, where she ends up taking on the mantle of Saber Lily... And someone was doing Harry Potter omakes with Aya.

Other than that, your list is accurate.

8/5/2011 #3,002

I'm sure some of the fanfics were posted already. so can those who haven't done it, please do so as individual fanfics?

It's kinda hard to track EACH. AND. EVERY. ONE. CHAPTER. of a single Emiya clan fanfic without passing thru a wave of replies and other fanfics...

too bad you can't put a hyperlink to the previous chapters in FF forums, unlike at animesuki forums... T_T


can you split your emiya clan school days and nerima into 2 distinct fanfics?

8/6/2011 #3,003

After reading volumes 10 and 11, I've concluded that Canon!Haruhi's power is completely incompatible with the Nasuverse. So for those worried about EC!Haruhi being to powerful, it's no longer a problem as we can now nerf her as much as we want without worrying about canon.

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Ehehe compile? I can't even remember where I put mine since I write on the spot and I have no hard copies whatsoever XD I'll try though....


You forgot Riko but I digress since till I read Percy Jackson more there'll be not much progress with that one. Have you read it? If yes think you can take over?

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can you split your emiya clan school days and nerima into 2 distinct fanfics?

no for 2 reasons:

1) by um... interspersing the chapters with other FSD omakes, it gives a greater sense of time passing. *nod nod*

2) as i posted each of my stories, i deleted the .doc files, and having to go back through some of them to put the bold and italics back in would be annoyiiiiing

linking posts is entirely possible, except you'd need to know forumID, threadID, and postID, which is complete greek to me x.x

the best we can do is link the page and add 'look for post #blah', but then also not all of us have posts on the first page we can just modify.



never read Percy Jackson, i thought it was a harry potter ripoff when i first heard of it so i avoided it, actually |D

it's all on youuuu~


@other stuffs

i had briefly considered doing takeshi x haruhi and ouran, but at most i might do a oneshot to expand on the intro.

for the same reason i'm reluctant to pair eiko with ryouga because i don't see ryouga breaking up with akari, i'm loathe to break up haruhi and tamaki, or haruhi and hikaru. tamaki would be easiest to justify if you flanderize his 'father-daughter' complex, but hikaru is not so easy.

ranma x koyuki works (for now) because you can simply insert her into his harem, note i have not had them break off relations with the rest of the fiancées. another reason i'm half wanting to stop nerima where it is.

harry x aya maaaybe because i am almost as familiar with the 'verse and the fandom. also i was on the HxH side of the shipping wars so i have nooo problem with breaking up HxG dur hurr hurr.... but since somebody was already writing out portions of that i never turned my attention to it.


anyhow i'd probably wind up just doing random omakes here and there again and finding out what 'clicks' with people again. if anybody's read bakuman where they compare the 'planners' with the 'spontaneous' types of creators, i would definitely call myself spontaneous.

aaanyhow, here's the last of the serial nerima omakes! *drumroll*


Shampoo stalked towards the fallen girl just now pushing herself back onto her knees. She crossed her arms as she looked down imperiously, "New-Girl quits, yes?"

Koyuki's head snapped up to glare at her. "I. Will. Not. Yield!"



Emiya Clan – Nerima 20


Shampoo launched herself backwards as Koyuki's power exploded around her. Raw energy flared out across the ground where she'd previously been standing. Koyuki struggled to her feet, the energy vanishing as quickly as it had come, and lifted her head to stare at her opponent. Aside from a slight tightening of her eyes, there was nothing in her expression to indicate her brief outburst. She gave Shampoo one short nod and slowly dropped into her combat stance.

Shampoo leapt back again to give herself some more space, landing several dozen meters away. She kept her distance cautiously; she looked as if she was considering retrieving her chúi, but there was still enough snow left on them for them to twitch at Koyuki's command. As they moved, she quickly backed away from the weapons, causing a metaphorical light bulb to flash in Koyuki's head.

The snow girl closed her eyes briefly and cut off the mana flow to her rune armor. As she did, the temperature around her dropped and a slight breeze blew across the field.

She was not fast enough nor skilled enough to be a 'Close-Combatant.' She did not have the raw power to be 'Fire Support.'

Snow began to fill the air around her, tiny flakes spiraling around her that gradually grew in size.

She could not beat Shampoo at her own game, so she would have to change the nature of the game they were playing. Similar to how she couldn't hope to defend against Ryouga's preposterous strength, she couldn't ever beat Shampoo while she was at her full speed.

Almost as if the thought had been a signal, Shampoo charged her position, crossing the distance in several long jumps. The snow spiraling around Koyuki was consolidated into large sheets now, partially obstructing her vision. With a mental command, patches of frost were ejected from the spiraling formation in all directions. They shot past Shampoo as she dodged, peppering the ground behind her with snow. More sheets flew out in shallower angles, concentrated on the Amazon's approach. She responded by shooting off to the side, avoiding a new barrage, but a large patch of snow splattered the ground just as she was landing. She bounced away almost immediately, but the snow clung to her, resisting her efforts briefly before she pulled away. Shampoo landed on clear ground, immediately attempting to stamp off the clinging snow, only to find it had adhered itself quite thoroughly against her legs. She looked around in dismay as she noticed the immediate area was more white than green, with the safe areas rapidly disappearing as the Storm Wall continued to dispense patches in all directions.

Cologne had only warned against trapping the field before the fight. She had never said anything about laying them down in the middle of combat. While Koyuki was not proficient in direct combat, she did excel at 'Area Denial'.

Just as Shampoo had reached the same conclusion, Koyuki channeled her magic into her Storm Wall, imbuing it with enough prana for it to sustain itself for several minutes, and directed it forward. The storm moved across the field at a deceptively slow pace towards the Amazon, who immediately jumped out of the way for another safe area. The storm changed directions to track her movement, still slinging out snow across the field as it did so.

Standing almost completely still, Koyuki began summoning snowballs of various sizes. Not waiting for them to gather in size, she launched them in spreads along Shampoo's path, forcing the Amazon to take heavy evasive action. She felt more than saw several of the smaller attacks hit the other girl along one arm and diverted some of her concentration to making sure they stuck in place. Shampoo noticed the extra drag immediately, redoubling her efforts to avoid taking hits. In this current battle of attrition, so long as Koyuki was allowed even minor hits, Shampoo would eventually lose.

As if her thoughts paralleled her own, Shampoo abruptly changed angles to retake the offensive, cutting back across the path of the moving Storm Wall. The move invited a debilitating attack of opportunity from the construct, but Koyuki had been caught off guard by the maneuver and didn't have time to command it to do so. As Shampoo closed in using an evasive, circular route, Koyuki spun around to track her, launching more directly at her, or commanding the snow on the ground to rise up and ensnare her. Shampoo responded by turning suddenly and charging straight for her. Running mana back into her armor, Koyuki launched a large snowball directly at her, then prepared to leap in the opposite direction Shampoo would dodge so she could maintain her distance.

To her surprise, Shampoo suddenly appeared to blur and several figures emerged around the attack, one to each side and a third leaping over it. In her confusion, Koyuki hesitated for a brief moment, long enough for a fourth presence to materialize behind her. She half twisted towards the new attacker just in time to catch a strong blow to her ribs. She managed to move with the attack, jumping away to reduce the damage, but landed still hard on her back.

"Surprised?" Shampoo asked as she drew back her leg. "New-Girl not only one being trained. Great-Grandmother taught Shampoo Ancient Amazon Technique: Splitting Cat Hairs."

Koyuki winced and surreptitiously pressed a hand to her side. Light bruising of her ribs, though she would have hated to find out what impact that would have made had she been unarmored; she made another mental note to thank Keiko after this. "It is a useful ability," she admitted. "But now that I know to expect it, it won't be as effective the next time."

Shampoo smiled, "True. But that not all I learned." Koyuki threw up her arm, raising a wall of snow that Shampoo easily dodged around. She blurred forward and threw a rapid series of punches with the speed of the Chestnut Fist behind them. Even as snow exploded between them in a last ditch-effort to redirect or ablate the damage, the force of the blows sent Koyuki skidding across the ground. The snow managed to slow down the attack enough so that the Amazon had only been able to put out around fifty punches before Koyuki had been able to disengage, avoiding the worst of the damage.

Shaking her head to clear out a sudden dizzy spell, Koyuki lifted herself back to her feet... and then toppled over again. Her eyes were suddenly wide as she realized she had no feeling in one of her legs – or for that matter – that entire side of her body. "What... what was that?"

"Secret Ancient Amazon Technique," the cat girl held up her index and middle fingers pressed together. "Pressure Points. You dodge well, you save half your body. But," she drew her hand back, her fingers ready to pierce out, "now you no can move. It time to lose, you have no other option."

"You might be surprised," Koyuki said, leaning onto her good leg. "My body just might be sturdier than you think." On cue, a distracting explosion of snow filled Shampoo's vision.

"New-Girl do this already!" she shouted. Drop a smoke-screen, leave a clone in place to draw in the attack while she escaped to safety. Shampoo backed up slightly and caught the flicker of movement from one edge of the cloud. "Cannot fool Shampoo twice!" she said as she charged the fleeing figure.

She watched in glee as her target's face paled almost to white as the trick failed and she closed in on her. With a triumphant cry, Shampoo speared her arm forward, embedding her hand wrist-deep into the girl's back.

Wait, what?

She turned around to where the snow clone should have been, finding the real Koyuki still lying there. "On the other hand," the snow girl was saying. "Maybe I really am unable to move." She shrugged apologetically. "But, that does not mean I am without options."

Shampoo spun back around just as the snow clone she had speared disassembled itself and flowed over her body, entrapping her arms and legs. She struggled, but more snow formed in the air around her to pack itself around her and pin her in place. No longer able to maintain her balance, she toppled over with a shriek. "Come here and release Shampoo!" she ordered.

"I cannot move," Koyuki said dryly. She could feel some minor tingling in her limbs which suggested imminent recovery, but she had a feeling it would take longer than the few minutes she had until she exhausted her powers. "So, if you cannot move either, where does that leave us?"

"New-Girl has not yet beat Shampoo, so New-Girl has not won," Shampoo stated.

Koyuki summoned a snowball to hover in front of the Amazon's face. "Yet I am still capable of attacks, while you are not. I would say this means I have the advantage."

"Give Shampoo time." The girl squirmed against her bindings, "Once Shampoo is free, New-Girl get pounded."

"Actually, I think I have the advantage there as well." Koyuki relaxed the powers she had been using to keep the snow in its frozen state in the late summer heat. "Please recall what my element is."

"What New-Girl talking abou—" Suddenly Shampoo's eyes widened. "Aiya! Snow is melting! Let Shampoo go, now! Otherwise... Nyaa!"

Koyuki watched as her snow formation collapsed in on itself. The pile of snow shifted slightly, then broke as a tiny purple-haired kitten shook its way free. Despite herself, she felt her cheeks blushing as the feline shook off the remaining water from her fur. "So cute..."

Neko-Shampoo hissed at her in irritation.


After the expected mad rush across the field by the crowd, a small circle opened up around Koyuki, Cologne, and Shirou. Cologne was cradling Neko-Shampoo, somehow accomplishing that feat despite maintaining her grasp on her walking stick. Chiho was by Koyuki's side, trying to figure out a way remove the effects of the pressure points so she could stand up again. A nervous crowd of martial artists and Emiyas surrounded the gathering, eyes focused on the two family leaders staring down at each other. Neko-Shampoo yowled in protest at being so close to the two as tension filled the air.

"Shampoo still lacks experience," the Matriarch stated. "That said, I will recognize Koyuki Emiya as having bested her in a combat situation. Your daughter is very capable at distraction techniques and single-target disables."

"Thank you, Elder," Koyuki said from her position on the ground.

"Thanks," Shirou grumbled. "But what about her petition for 'Equality'?"

"She bested my Great-Granddaughter in a combat situation," Cologne stressed. "Not in combat. She is still a subpar warrior." Her eyes narrowed into a slightly amused expression. "Since my daughter's combat prowess remains unchallenged, there is no need to deal with the Kiss of Death."

Shirou glared down at the Matriarch. "I didn't realize that was even an option on the table here."

"Please," Cologne sighed. "Your daughter's skill in magic is something that cannot be taught, that we cannot duplicate. There's no point for us to take her in as a Sister of the Tribe. There would be nothing we could learn from her, yet she has learned much about us after fighting against my Great-Granddaughter." She looked around at the darkening faces all around her and raised up a hand. "However, you are not the only people who can learn about their opponents. I have made my own observations regarding your... Clan. For one thing, it pleases me greatly to see most of your authority is vested amongst the females."

Shirou's wives all looked at each other with mixed embarrassment and surprise. Shirou sighed and beckoned Arturia to join him at his side. The two shared a glance, then Saber joined in on the conversation. She accepted a blunt weapon from Shirou, staring in amusement at the tiger-shaped tassel on the handle before she planted the tip into the ground and rested her hands on it. She stared down at Cologne with all the regal weight given to her by years of having ruled a country. "Get to the point, Elder," she ordered.

"Having witnessed demonstrations between two members of our Tribes, I believe it would be prudent to draw up a nonaggression pact between us. A Truce, if you would." Cologne's eyes lifted in amusement. "We will not make any unprovoked attacks on your children, and I would expect you to do the same."

Arturia gave the crowd a pointed look, bringing attention to the disparity in numbers between the Clan and the Joketsuzoku present. "What you would gain is obvious, why should we agree?"

"Do not mistake our low numbers for lack of strength," Cologne said. "I assure you, you have not seen the lower end of what we are capable of."

"I could say the same thing to you," Arturia said dryly as she glanced towards her husband. Shirou simply shrugged and she turned back towards the Amazon. "Very well, we have an accord." She held out her hand towards Cologne, who took it and shook it briefly.

The crowd began to disperse slowly, but Ranma piped up, "Wait, what about Akane? You didn't say nothing about leaving her alone!"

Cologne didn't look back as she pogo'd away. "She hasn't yet beaten my Great-Granddaughter. We'll talk again if she ever does."

"I can beat her!" Akane shouted in anger. "I'll beat her right now!"

Cologne did stop at that, turning around with an annoyed expression. Several other people around also stared as Cologne presented Neko-Shampoo hissing at the Tendou girl.

Akane seemed to realize what she'd been saying, "I mean... when... she's back to normal. I'll beat her then. But anytime! I'll take her at any time! You hear me?"

Cologne and Neko-Shampoo traded a glance, then they both shook their heads slowly as Cologne resumed her search for hot water.


Cologne had only gone a few more paces when a dark figure stepped towards her from the shade of a tree. The Matriarch almost lashed out with her staff at the abrupt intrusion, but held back as she saw it was only a dark-haired girl in her early teens.

"Not so fast," the youth was saying. "Shirou might be done with you but I still have a few questions for you, 'Elder'."

"What do you want, child?" Cologne asked impatiently. "I have business elsewhere, so make it quick."

The girl grinned behind her glasses. Faster than Cologne could see, she had whipped out her arm, ripping Cologne's walking staff from under her and dumping the Elder and her passenger to the ground. She spun the staff through several quick motions, then stabbed it back into the ground, leering down at the Amazon. Despite being unable to currently see her eyes, Cologne felt a shiver as something truly ancient made its presence known.

"A child, huh?" The... person's smile took on a hard edge. "You're several hundred years too early to be showing such disrespect towards me like that, young whelp."

Neko-Shampoo howled in fright at the dark presence and she jumped out of Cologne's suddenly limp arms, breaking away for the far side of the field.

"Who are you?" Cologne asked as she narrowed her eyes. "What do you want?"

"Altrouge Brunsted-Emiya," the dark girl said as she planted her hands on her hips. "And I've got a few questions for you Amazons regarding your... 'Mining Techniques'... "


Neko-Shampoo was completely focused on her escape from the Scary-Girl, only slowing to a stop as she felt it fade with distance. Never had she experienced something quite like that, not even her Great-Grandmother or the other Tribal Elders at their most serious. Just the memory of it chilled her, making her shiver with anxiety.

"Ah, the poor kitty is cold!" a voice popped up behind her.

"We should probably warm her up!" said another.

Neko-Shampoo turned around to find several girls staring at her, each sporting uncomfortable looking smiles. A willowy purple-haired girl with glasses blocked her way; a busty black-haired girl stared down at her with an odd twinkle in her eye.

"Hey, Sis, got the camera?"

There were a few others, but Neko-Shampoo focused on the one with red hair and shining glasses, who was carrying a steaming kettle, and a small electronic device.


Ah! Neko-Shampoo thought. Great-Grandmother has my clothes!


Chiho and Chiyo tsked as they scrolled through various screens on their tablet computers. "I can't find any published material that describes these effects," Chiho complained. "I'm beginning to seriously dislike Amazons and their 'Ancient Techniques'!"

"I'm beginning to agree with you, Mother," Chiyo said as she paged through her own searches with similar results. "I may have to have a... discussion with Shampoo-san in the near future."

"She's still stuck?" The two nurses and Koyuki's eyes all flicked towards Ranma as he walked up to them. Akane trailed him by a few paces, waving at Koyuki as she approached.

"Ranma-sama!" Koyuki twitched as she tried to bring herself into a sitting position, but stilled when Chiyo placed an arm on her shoulder.

"Hey, 'Yuki," the martial artist greeted. He turned towards Chiho, "Y'know, if you two are stumped, there's a doctor who runs a clinic near my place who could probably help."

"Really?" Chiho arched an eyebrow, "Even with something as esoteric as this?"

"Pressure points are actually Dr. Tofu's specialty," Akane said. "He's probably the best there is!"

"How interesting!" Chiho's eyes brightened. "Do you think he has any research papers or notes on the subject?"

"Um, maybe?" Akane said uncertainly. She looked at Ranma who shrugged helplessly. "We could ask him."

"Do you have his address?"

"We can just lead you there," Ranma said. "Have him take a look at 'Yuki while you ask him."

"Oh, no, I'd wouldn't want to bother him while he's treating her."

"How 'bout this, then?" Ranma said. "I'll just carry her over there – I can do it real fast – while Akane walks you over. He'll probably be done by the time you arrive and can give you his full attention."

"That could work," Chiho said. "If Akane-san doesn't mind?"

Akane shrugged, "I owe you two for keeping us in one piece during our lessons."

"Ah," Koyuki interrupted. "How would you carry me? I only have the use of one arm, I would not be able to keep myself secure."

"Simple," Ranma crouched and picked her up in his arms, bridal style. The snow girl immediately flushed a deep red.

"This... will work, I think?" she turned towards Akane with an apologetic look.

The Tendou girl twitched, reflexively reaching over her shoulder to draw her mallet, but sighed and visibly deflated. "Take her, but make it quick!"

Ranma blushed as well, as if just realizing what sort of image he was presenting. "Sorry! It was the first idea that popped into my head! Honest!"

"Just get going, BAKA!"

"Going!" There was a whisper of movement, and Ranma was suddenly gone.

Chiyo tittered openly while Chiho hid her mouth behind a hand. They both schooled their expressions as Akane turned back towards them. "Let's go, I'd rather not have the pervert alone with her any longer than needed."


The martial artist leapt across the Nerima skyline with practiced movements. He moved with such fluid grace that even while held securely in her Ashikabi's arms, Koyuki barely felt it as he landed and rebounded towards the sky. Immobilized as she was, her only view was Ranma's face as he stared ahead with a determined expression. Koyuki felt another rush of pride in her chosen one. Over the weeks she had witnessed his skill and his determination. She had witnessed him accomplish brilliant feats of strategy, and winced as he made an absolute fool of himself. She had seen how he treated his friends, and how he had treated his not-quite friends... He'd certainly been less aggressive towards that odd old-man who'd stolen her underwear than her sisters had been.

She knew everything that Matsu-kaasan had collected about the boy, so she knew she still had not seen him at his best, nor at his worst. She understood that she probably knew far more about her Ashikabi than he knew about her, but she also understood he wasn't against the idea. He might not have been comfortable with romantic attachments, but given his life up until now a certain... 'allergy' to engagements was understandable. She was patient; she could wait. She felt like she could do anything, as long as it was for her Ashikabi.

"Ranma-sama..." she said it without thinking, then blinked as Ranma's concerned face stared down at her even as he maintained his pace across the rooftops.

"What's up? Is something wrong? I'm not going too fast am I?"

"Ah, no..." she said quickly. She burrowed her face into his side. She wished she had feeling in more than half of her body so she could enjoy this situation more, but otherwise... "No," she repeated quietly.

"This is perfect."



A few weeks later...

Koyuki stepped into an unfamiliar hallway. She tugged at the hem of her new uniform, a much larger skirt/blouse combination than she was used to from her old school. The Vice-Principal guided her to her new class, where she noticed another transfer student was standing, waiting to be introduced. She probably wouldn't have recognized her if it weren't for the bright purple hair.

She froze in place, "Shampoo-san?"

The Amazon spun around, then narrowed her eyes. "Nihao... New-Girl forced into school too?" she grumbled.

"Actually, I did ask Father for permission to transfer to Furinkan." Koyuki eyed the other girl picking at her uniform in distaste. "I assume from your question you did not have much say in the matter?"

"Great-Grandmother not pleased Shampoo unable to beat New-Girl. She say if Shampoo cannot win at fights, then Shampoo must win at life. Other girls go to airen's school. So Shampoo will go to airen's school and beat them at life." Shampoo crossed her arms sullenly, "She also say she want Shampoo to speak Japanese better."

Koyuki chose not to comment on that. "It would not be a bad idea for the Joketsuzoku Heiress to have a broader perspective on the world," she said neutrally.

"Maybe," Shampoo admitted.

The Vice-Principal stepped back out into the hallway. "Hinako-sensei is ready for you two now, please enter."

The two girls followed him back inside where their new... teacher was making introductory remarks... while perched on a stack of textbooks. Koyuki blinked, Is that a child?

Near the back of the room, a certain martial artist blanched while the girl next to him slammed her head into her desk. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!"

"Ooh," Shampoo brightened. "Shampoo like this class already!"



Emiya Clan Misc – Nerima




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oh well... I tried.... :D

8/6/2011 #3,007

Great way to end your series.


Haru sat meditating near the lake in the Emiya clan's forest. In his lap was a rolled up scroll. Said scroll had been the subject of his current dilemma. Even though he had yet to open the scroll, he really needed to think over this choice his sensei had given him before he had left to come back home.


Haru and Rakan had just finished up another intensive spar, if the destruction behind them was any guess.

"Not bad gaki," Rakan grinned at his student. "A little more time and you'll be around Negi's level when he fought me in the tournament."

Haru grinned back at his Sensei. He had heard that story quite a few times and was always surprised to hear just how strong Chisame's Ashikabi had been then, and had only gotten stronger from there. To say that he was on the of the one who beat Jack Rakan(or at least drawed with him) at the tournament was still good praise for Haru. "Thanks Sensei, that's means alot to me."

"Of course, you've still got a long way before you can finally take me on though."

"And just like that, the moment is over." Haru sighed as he began walking back to his temporary room to shower and then pack. Leave to his idiot Sensei to ruin what could have been a good Master-Student moment with his self-bragging. It seems Chiyo's slight annoyance with him was well place (Haru deals with the bragging side, Chiyo had dealt with his perveted side).

Haru only had to pack light, he was only staying home for about two weeks and the only things he brought here where a few changes of clothes and some training equipment, seeing as most of his other stuff was already at home.

As he finshed packing, he noticed something sitting on the dressor. On closer inspection it was actually two items, a book and a scroll. Both items looked rather aged and slightly dusty. Haru picked up the book and read the cover of it.

"Kantagatari?" He murmured to himself before looking over at the scroll. As he was about to grab it, a sheet of paper fell out from within the book. Haru set the book down and then picked up the paper. It was a note written by his Sensei.


You're probably interested in the items I gave you. Well, I was returning from a recent job when I happened to stumble upon an antique store. Not sure why, but I was drawn into the store. As I looked around, quickly getting bored at that, I happened to find where they kept all of there weapons and such. Long story short, I found those items and thought you might be interested in it. The store owner told me a pretty interesting story about them.

Basically the book and scroll both have to do with a fighting style that practically went exicnt. The style is called Kyotouryuu, or Swordless Style. It is basically a martial arts designed specifically to destoy swords. It's so an unarmed fighter can easily level the field against an opponent that uses a blade. The scroll is a list of the stnces and techniques of Kyotouryuu, while the scroll is a series of reports from a woman known as Togame the Strategian to the Shoganate about her travels with the last practitioner of this style as well as detailed explainations of the moves he used.

I'm giving you these because it seemed to just work for you. You prefer to fight with your fist rather then a weapon (Beowulf excluded) and you could strongly benefit from it down the line, just two problems...

First, Kyotouryuu was originally a style that was only passed down through family members. Whether or not a descendant of the last head is out there I have no idea. I'm saying there's a chance that even as hard a you try, you may not fully master this style, not being of their blood and all.

Second, and most important. Kyotouryuu is a style that practically turns your body into a sword all it's own. As such the users of this style do not use blades themselves. Not that they don't want to use them, it's that they can't use them. Kyotouryuu users have no true swordsmanship abilities whatsoever. That will most likely apply to you as well. If you learn Kyotouryuu, you will lose your ability to wield a blade. The choice in the end is yours to make, just don't regret it in the end.

Anyways, enough of this serious talk-write-why am I arguing on pap- there I go agai- Never mind, just see you when you get back from.

Your Glorious and Awesome Teacher, Jack Rakan

P.S. I'm still charging you for them.

Haru completely ignored the rest of the letter as he stared at the scroll mark 'Kyotouryuu'. To use this style, he would have to unlearn any and all swordmanship.

(Flashback end)

Haru opened his eyes before picking up the scroll in his lap. He had read the book earlier in the week. The tales of this 'Shichika Yasuri' were amazing, the opponent's he faced were easily among the greatest blade masters of their time, and he had defeated them all on a journey to collect the swords they own.

He also admitted that guy's catchphrase was pretty good too, "I'll have torn you to pieces"

He needed to come up with one of his own.

As he lightly tossed the scroll up and down as he mulled over his choices. On the one hand, he would be learning a deadly style that would benefit him greatly, especially in spars against the blade wielders of the house. He would be able to counter their swordmanship.

The other hand is that he had to practically disown what send sword wielders took pride in. Hell, swordsmanship was an absolute second to the family in his father's eyes. How would they react to learning of this, would they be okay with it?

Haru shook the thoughts away. Much as he hated to admit it, it wasn't their decision to make. Haru was never really one to use blades in battle, only shinai when he was younger during spars. He soon grew out of it when he first started Muay Thai. He honestly hasn't wielded a blade in years. Plus with this, he could counter Rakan-sensei's swords as well.

Then one day... he'll do it... He'll finally win a spar against his Tou-san.

With his mind set he, Haru unwrapped the scroll and began reading, starting straight from the beginning. "Kyotouryuu First Stance: Lily of the Valley..."

He couldn't worry about what the others thought. he was branhing out from the traditonal of his family. His steps to making his own name in the world.

He will master this style, and if he couldn't, he'll combine what he did learn with his Muay Thai and create his own style. Yeah that sounded good. He'll call it...

(Scene end)

Any one who's seen or relatively knows of Katangatari knows what jut happened. And I do believe this would work for Haru. It was originally my first choice of his fighting style before I gave him Muay Thai instead.

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #3,008

Well know this is an interesting development. Katanagatari you don't see that one too often.

So far I have made some progress with Arika....not much though still thinking on whether or not I should let Arika stay beyond the Copper Knight adventure

8/7/2011 #3,009

sorry but somebody can tell me the page were luvia appear in the clan?

8/7/2011 #3,010
Obiki Doragon

they just added her, almost no omake involved, I think.

8/7/2011 #3,011

This was it. It was finally time. No one, no one was going to get in his way this time. Time and time again, they kept trying to stop him, but not today.

Finally, it had taken him a week of watching, calculating the precise moment when the others had left it unguarded. It was now or never.

He flicked the switch and went to work quickly, efficiently. He didn't have much time before someone came. if they saw him, they would try to stop him. No more. Today he was going to show them all. Today he would erase the stain on his reputation. Therefore, today, he was going to do it right, no extra experimentation...well, maybe one or two things needed to be added in.

It was going to be rather bland, uninspiring.Everyone already had tried the normal combinations. No he needed something to clear his record. Something that would make them all get down on their knees and bow before him.

Yes, yes, the more he thought about it, them more he was convinced he was in the right, warnings to the Root for all he cared. He could smell it now, the scent of victory.

*sniff, sniff*

Wait. Smoke?

The device in front of him began smoking and the surface was beginning to melt from the heat.

Uh Oh,

With instinct driven into his skull by his mother and father, he leaped back and found cover as an explosion ripped through the room. He grimanced. Clearly he had done something wrong.

Well, only one thing to away!

He turned and prepared to flee with all his strength, when a hand grabbed him by a collar and held him up in the air.

"Mongrel, what did you do?" Gilgamesh roared. This was it, no way out. Nothing to do but tell the truth and live with the consequences.

"Um...making scrambled eggs." Kiritsugu explained as another explosion ripped through the kitchen.

The Golden King flicked his eyes to the devastation in the other room. The fire extinguishers were barely able to contain the blaze while the mongrels were dropping whatever they were doing and dashing to the source of the disturbance. "How did scrambled eggs do that?" He muttered to himself. Honestly, he wasn't surprised in the least. While the boy was ranked somewhere around first and second best in swordsmanship [it's been flipping between Takeshi and Kiritsugu] of the children after learning from Asturia and the Faker, it seemed that he also took after Asturia in cooking skill rather than the faker.

"What happened?" Arika asked. As the Root would have it, it was Kiritsugu's twin (i think they're twins as they're the same age). Wordlessly, Gilgamesh held out the instigator in front of his sister.

Kiritsugu rubbed his head with one hand and responded downheartedly, "KTC level 3"

"YOU TRIED COOKING AGAIN!?!" his sister yelled. Both males winced from the volume of her voice. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING NII-SAN? YOU KNOW YOU'RE BANNED FROM THE KITCHEN FOR LIFE." This was probably the twenty fourth time that he had blown up the kitchen in his attempts to cook. Luckily, there was the back up kitchen, or the whole place would riot.

"Gomen" Kiritsugu said with his hands clasped in his face. "Please don't tell Kaa-san."

"Don't tell me what?" a familiar voice rang out. Kiritsugu paled and turned his head to his left. There she was, his mother fully decked in her armor, sword in hand in case of an intruder.

Damn you Root

(just something to pass the time)

8/7/2011 #3,012

*howls in laughter* Oh, that is just epic! Kiritsugu can't cook like Saber can't! And am I right in reading the implication that Arika can, at least without exploding anything?

8/7/2011 #3,013

Niiice. This is one of the funnier things I've seen today.

8/7/2011 #3,014
Nitewind snippet. hah hah... Sorry, busy catching my breath and picking myself up off the floor.

8/7/2011 #3,015

Well here's part 3 of my EC x ladies vs butlers crossover.


Harem x Kiri 3

Returning back to the table I hand out their orders of tea and inform them that their food would be finished soon. When I look a Sernia I notice a shark like smile on her face. Before I could ask her what she was excited about she spoke. "Ah Emiya-kun I was thinking, and I have determined that we got off on the wrong foot. So I am proposing an idea."

"What is your idea?" I asked wary of whatever she was scheming.

"Quite simply for the next servent-ed exam you take me as your master and we get to know each other"

"That's a great idea, but there is one thing"

"What is it?"

"Someone already offered to by my master, and I feel that I should repay her kind offer for the card"

"What?" she asked in the most flat manner. If one listen closely you could hear the sound of glass breaking coming from deep within her.

"I said that I already got a partner for my exam"

"But.. b-b-but, but w-w-what about my plan?"

"It's a good plan, but how about waiting for our day off to get to know each other instead of waiting for my exam" she shot me a look that screamed "what are you an idiot?". The look died away leaving her to mutter complaints about how it's not fair.


After lunch me and the other servant students made our way to giant pool they have for our next class. We stood side by side wearing our uniforms as Mikan walked in front of us. We were told the lesson was more of a practise designed for emergency situations. We were practising water rescues in full uniform.

So as I made my way into the pool I noticed there was somebody on the highest diving board. The person stood in front of a large floral decoration stand. They were also wearing an uniform that was completely different from the ones I had seen until now. Completely white and adorned with frills, and a V-neck that stretched down to the top of their abdomen. All this along with light pink hair that stretched to the knees. All in all a ridiculous getup.

It was then the root seemed to throw me another curve ball. Rose petals from nowhere blew through out the room. The room turned dark with the exception of a spotlight that hung above illuminating the figure (made more impressive by the fact that the ceiling was made of glass ), and then he spoke "To have the strength of will to save one you hold dear is such a beautiful gift. Now let us share both our gifts of beauties for it is I, Kazamatsuri Touichiro!". With that spoken he dived down into the pool. I started to worry when he wasn't resurfacing.

I began to swim towards where he landed to see if he was okay, when I heard Mikan speak. "It's time to proceed to the next stage.". The once calm pool turned into a raging torrent of water. "This shall help you in the event of having to cross a river situated near a waterfall when being chased be guerrillas. "

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" I screamed. Did she somehow miss that fact that someone could already be drowning? Never mind the fact that her proposed situation was absolutely ridiculous.

I dived down under the water and opened my eyes. The chlorinated water stung my eyes but I needed to see right now. I looked around for any blur that might be him. I saw what appeared to be him moving steadily with the current. I swam as fast as I could towards him. When I got there I hooked his arm over my shoulder and swam up. Breaking the surface I began to swim towards the sides with him in tow. While lifting him on to the side I noticed the once raging pool had reverted to the calmness it was before.

"Move away from him." Mikan ordered. Her once stoic face gave way to worry. With careful moves she began CPR. tilting his head back she listened and looked for any sign of breathing. There wasn't any. Inhaling deeply she placed her lips on him and gave him his two breaths. Pulling back she began on chest compression. Under her breath came the steady count to thirty. At thirty there was still no change. Beginning the process once she gave him two breaths before beginning the rhythmic pumps to save his life. At twenty seven he coughed up the water that wormed it's way in him. His eyes fluttered open and he asked us a question.

"Mikan? What's going... wait what happened?"

"You almost drowned. I pulled you out of the water"

"Is this true?" The once flamboyant man asked so subdued it seemed like he was another person. Mikan nodded in response. Turning to face me and said in such sincere voice "Thank you, for you truly are a remarkable person"

"I was just doing what I thought was right"


Before you ask in the series Mikan does turn the pool into a raging torrent of water while Touichiro/Daikichi is underwater. It's not mentioned whether he was drowning or not because the real main character of ladies vs butlers, akiharu was knocked unconsious because Sernia threw a speeding life saver at his head and knocked him out. When he wakes he never asks about it. And sernia isn't in this scene because her reason for being there was Saikyo saying Akiharu's back talk is because he isn't used to the situation (saying that because Akiharu is her childhood friend which Kiri isn't)

8/8/2011 #3,016

@Ironhades, Maximorph: Both Omakes are nice, but mutually exclusive(?).How will Kiri be a butler if he can't cook?! And yes he and Arika are twins.

8/8/2011 #3,017
Shioran Toushin

well, he can always make someone else cook, afterall it IS safer for everyone involved if Kiri doesn't get close to any cooking implement with intesntions of cooking (he can use them to cut, maim, and can obey orders) but he simply can't cook. (we theorize that Shirou's and Arturia's Magic along the EC residual Magic interacting with Kiri's own altering his circuits so everything that interacts with his magic may become a potential weapon for him, and he unconciously (and perharps involuntary) infuses his enviroment with magic when trying to cook resulting in rather volatile situations.)

8/8/2011 #3,018

actually the moment I read the kiri can't cook one I thought it was a great idea, it's just there really wasn't a place to put it in here, I mean he's delivering the food not making it. I do plan on him accidentally blowing up the classrooms for cooking.

8/8/2011 #3,019

@Shioran, Ironhades: Yep. that might work.

On another thing. I'm a spontaneous type-author. I can plan, I can force myself to write without getting "the lightbulb", it just don't usually results in anything noteworthy. I had a few deletable (is that a word?) chapters in blessed nights before I put it on hold. It just how unfair my mind is. Since I'm in a difficult moment of my life (reality is not a b*tch, but THE b*tch) I can't promisse updates. But moments pass, we survive. And Reading fanfic/omakes help.

Oh and @throwaawy: AWESOME END!

8/8/2011 . Edited 8/8/2011 #3,020

i hope this is not a stupid question: somebody has alredy done an omake whit taiga and the clan? i kinda wonna see that!!!

8/8/2011 #3,021

Little Kitchen of Horrors

Akane couldn't help but feel downcast at the standard failure of her cooking. Most people fled for their lives upon seeing her cook if not outright blocking her from the kitchen. Those that dared to try her food all ended up needing stomach pumps. Ranma was being the jerk as usual telling to stop cooking and save the world from the horror. Even here while she trained at the Emiya residence, she was skill facing the same problems back home.

Bakas all of them

She took the charcoal remains of her latest cooking attempt and threw it in the garbage.

"Lucky," a male voice called out. Akane whirled at the sound of the voice.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Akane said angrily. Did someone here want to find out how deadly she was with a frying pan?

From around the corner stood the second eldest male Emiya child. What was his name again? Kirtsugu? Kirisugi? Kiri something. Everyone called him Kiri anyway. "You're lucky. You at least get to practice."

Akane snorted, "What's stopping you?" For an answer, Kiri walked forward until one foot almost entered the kitchen. Immediately, a thick steel door dropped down cutting the kitchen off from the world. Red lights whirled and klaxons began blaring at near deafening sounds. Akane stood dumbfounded at the security precautions keeping the Emiya boy out of the kitchen. After about a minute of waiting in the isolated kitchen, the alarms turned off and the door opened. There Kiri stood with several of his siblings watching him like he was an incoming disaster.

"That's what." Kiri answered deadpanned. The other siblings saw that he was merely explaining his situation and not trying to cook and dispersed. Well...all except Arika who refused to leaver her brother alone while he was anywhere near the kitchen.

"" Akane asked dumbfounded.

Kiri sighed, "You think you're bad? They set up a whole new security system to keep me from cooking."

"Darn Right nii-san." Akira commented. "How on earth did you cause an explosion making a salad?"

"How was I supposed to know that bottle was Kazehana-kaasan's high quality vokda stash instead of vinegar? And it was a reflex to turn on the stove, honest. I just spilled a little bit of it. Nothing major."

Arika rolled her eyes then focused on Akane, "Praise whatever deity you worship that you're nowhere near as bad as Nii-san here. At least you only set the kitchen on fire occasionally. Nii-san's guaranteed to cause an explosion rivaling several sticks of dynamite just entering the kitchen."

"Ah, um...ah." Akane was struck dumb by the fact that she had found someone infinity worse than her at cooking. She watched as Kiri looked forlornly at the kitchen one more time before walking off. Akira shook her head one more time before leaving Akane alone in the kitchen.



Akane found herself wandering the Emiya residence. The whole place was still intimidating how large it was and how many people lived here. The word mansion seemed too small of a word to describe the place. The whole building had it's own zip code due to it's size. As she wandered the grounds, she found herself at the dojo.

'Why not,' Akane thought. She could do with a little stress relief after cooking. As she entered the dojo, she found another was thinking of the same thing. The he was, practicing with a large wooden sword with large weights on his hands while he was constantly swinging his sword up and down. Akane had to admit, Kiri-whatshisname was dedicated to the sword. While the others had taken the opportunity to learn how to fight barehanded, Kiri had opted to stay out of it and continue to practice his swordsmanship.

Ranma had shrugged his shoulders, but there was nothing any of them could do to convince him to learn a new method of fighting. Instead, he continued to train for hours on end with his sword. Looking at him now, Akane could see how focusing on the sword had honed his abilities far beyond that of any other person near his age group.

"Oh hello," Akane called out. Instead of responding, Kiriguki or whatever his name was continued to swing his sword. Aken shrugged, but was not offended by the behavior. She knew all too well how mesmerizing training could become. Right now, anything short of an explosion probably wouldn't affect Kiri. No, actually, considering the common occurrences of explosions in the house, probably not even then. Akane went into the changing room and put on her training outfit before joining Kiri in the dojo. As he swung his sword, Akane punched. The two of them unconsciously found a rhythm that matched each other breath for breath, punch for swing. Finally, after some time, the two stopped to catch their breaths. Akane looked over at her 'partner' and smiled. "Wow, you train hard."

Kiri nodded as he reached for a water bottle. "Yeah, I've got a lot to live up to."

Akane blinked, "Why?"

Kiri shrugged, "Technically, I'm a prince. First born in fact."

Akane blinked. "Huh?" She said dumbfounded. Sure the family was rich, but royalty?

"Kaa-sans royalty, and I'm her first born son. It's a cultural thing." Kiri said as he finished draining his water. "She probably doesn't realize it, but she pushes me hard to be better than what I am."

"Wait, wait, wait. So you're going to run a country or something?" Akane asked. True, she had been around royalty before after her adventures with Ranma, but still...

Kiri began laughing. "Hahaha, well maybe. She is the once and future ruler and all. Or at least according to the culture of the old country." Kiri began waving his hand back and forth. "But I doubt it. Kaa-san has no interest in taking the throne again. She's happily retired and all."

"And you?" akane asked.

"Me? I think I'll be a black knight." Kiri said with a smile. "A lone wolf fighting for my ideals serving no one. I go where I will and right the wrongs and injustices I see."

Akane smiled at that. It sounded like a real hero.

"now then." Kiri said putting the sword away. "Time to sneak into the kitchen."

"Eh?" Akane said.


The two silently walked towards the target. Kiri held his fist up signalling her to stop. he motioned to the wall. Looking closely, she noticed small, almost invisible marks on the wall.

"I've been researching for weaknesses." Kiri whispered. There, the marks told the heights where the sensors were hidden.

While Akane could enter the kitchen at will, she was apparently now becoming a flagged person. Soon, she would be forbidden from entering the kitchen too. Therefore, she had no choice, according to Kiri, but to follow him while they snuck into the kitchen.

"Dad's out on a mass date with Kaa-sans and I bribed Eiko to keep Gilgamesh occupied. In addition, I discretely placed a box set of VOTOMS by Karin's computer. She's be too busy to watch the cameras." Kiri explained. He had spent weeks apparently preparing for this one chance to get into the kitchen. There was no way he was going to be blocked from his goal today.

With a flexibility Akane had never seen in Kiri before, the boy began contorting his body to evade the triggers. Sure enough, he got through without setting off the alarms. Akane merely walked into the room while observing Kiri's movement pattern memorizing it in case she needed it later on. She mentally reminded herself that she needed to work on her flexibility more if she had to do this too. But still, here they were two people who had been ostracized and forbidden from cooking in the largest kitchen of the Emiya Manor.

And there was no one to stop them now.


"So..." Akane said, "What are we making?"

"Bread." Kiri said simply.

"Bread?" Akane said confused. "That's rather plain."

"I figure we start simple, restore our good name, then work on harder things." Kiri said. His experiments always ended in explosions anyway. "Besides, how hard can it be?"


"Kill it! Kill it!" Akane screeched.

"Feed Me." A gurgling voice called out

"Don't let it touch you!" Kiri roared slashing the dough tentacle with a knife. He had tried to escape ealier, and ended up setting off the alarm and door sealing the two of them in.

"Feed Me"

Said bread had become an eldrich abomination worthy of Aoko's trunk. The Root damned thing was trying to eat them after nearly being cooked in the oven. Akane and Kiritsugu fought back to back against the countless tentacles attacking them. Both of their clothes had shreds in it, but neither one backed down lest they both be overwhelmed.

"Come on Guys." Kiri groaned as he slashed three more tentacles. "Where are you?" The alarms should have sent the house in an uproar and brought an onslaught of terrified clan members running to deal with the problem.

"Feed Me" The bread demanded


Eiko stood by the door smiling knowing full well what lay behind the blast door. "Gomen Nii-san. But some lessons must be learned lest you unleash real horrors upon the world."

"Meanie." Reiko said to her older self.

Eiko shook her head, "You know what he would have created later on."

Reiko shuddered, "Cthulhu mark 2" she said in repressed horror. All the other clan members armed to the teeth around the door shuddered at the thought of Kiri's potential with cooking. They would save thier brother soon enough, but maybe being attacked by mutant bread would cure his need to cook

8/8/2011 . Edited 8/8/2011 #3,022

Hmm.. I like the new ladies vs butlers omake. True that the scene changed due to Kiri's presence and not the original main character but that's what I love about omakes. Change one little item and watch new chaos unfold. I'm actually wondering now how Asye views Kiri or if this will create a shockwave for future events. Dam now I'm tempted to write something....

*snerk* Cthutlhu mark II *snerk* I think I figured out Kiri's problem. He inherited Shirou's love of cooking with Arturia's cooking abilites magnified by a factor of 10 no? poor, poor, kiri.

8/8/2011 . Edited 8/8/2011 #3,023

LOL, well that's one way to teach your wayward brother his lesson.

Currently in the works:

Ivone's Homecoming

Gil's Girlfriend

Origin: Dust to Dust

Cross: Fate Freezer (FreezingxEC)

Needless Fate (NeedlessxEC)

Reason for delay: School T.T and lack of inspiration....

8/8/2011 #3,024

Can I vote for Fate Freezing to become a fanfic instead on a shorts or Omake?

I kinda see some nice things will come out of it... (and i wish the author and publisher of Freezing hasten their release of chapters...)

8/8/2011 #3,025

I'd rather go with the needless Fate. Even though I haven't seen the anime I'm not sure the Clan's reaction to the freezing world will be very positive. that or something else entirely.

8/8/2011 #3,026


*snerk* the power of two lethal chefs combined is something to be feared indeed...

so: kiri cant cook, chiyo cant cook (something tasty), arturia cant cook, arika (implied?)... so, who CAN cook?

other than shirou and gil



in Kuroshitsuji, we have a cook who...cannot cook (and blows everything up). a gardener with a brown thumb, and a dojikko maid who breaks everything she touches

of course they have sebastian to cover for them, but still.... there is a precedent!

8/8/2011 #3,027
Shioran Toushin

takeshi, shinta, ivone, sakua, and i guess koyuki, aoshi and Jun, the others can cook simple things but generaly don't bother

8/8/2011 #3,028

Haru cooks well too. He's been cooking for his harem at Yokai. He's been teaching Kurumu other cooking skills aside from her baking.


Haru and Shinta were returning to the mansion from their spar. Both were looking forward to a nice hot bath and something to fill their stomachs.

"Gotta admit Shinta, you've gotten better from the last time we had a spar." Haru smirked at his younger brother, who grinned in return.

"I've been training whenever I get frre time to. I told you Nii-san, I'm going to beat you when the time comes!"

Haru laughed lightly, "Don't let it get to your head, gaki. You've gotten better, but you're still a long ways away from taking me on seriously." He then grinned when Shinta stuck his tounge out at him. As the two were about to step onto the back patio, a sudden explosion from inside the house caught their attention. Thinking the house was under attack, the two were about to charge in when suddenly, a putrid smell quickly filled their nostrils, stopping them in their tracks.

"Ah! What is that?" Shinta held his nose shut, his eyes slightly watering. "It smells like a burning whale throwing up in slow motion or something."

"...Strangely accurate description aside." Haru seemed a little less affected by the stench as he lightly sniffed. "Smells like... a KTC Level...2? No 3, Definately level 3."

Shinta's eyes widened. "Who let Kiri-nii into the kitchen?" he then coughed sligthly as the burning stench was seemed to flow in their direction. "And what was he trying to make?" He couldn't help but blanch as he watched his other older brother sniffing the air with little effort.

"Hmm... a burning, metalic smell... with a hint of... poultry? No... something less potent..." He then snapped his fingers. "He was trying to make eggs."

"... How do you do that?" Shinta asked.

"Well, being half vampire, my senses are enhanced more then normal humans. So it's easy for me to distinct different smells... and this isn't the first time Kiri's made this."


Haru nodded. "Oh yeah, I've been more or less "forced" to help Chiyo with her cooking when Tou-san can't. Kiri sat in on one of our lessons once and tried his hand at it... and we swore that we would never speak of that day again..." He shivered slightly then turned and began walking towards the front of the house. "Come on, we can shower later. We're going out to eat."

Shinta looked at his brother, before looking back to the house. When he heard Arika-nee yelling about how Kiri was banned from the kitchen, he quickly caught up to his brother/sparring partner.

(Scene end)

8/8/2011 #3,029

Can anyone make an omake about to aru majutsu no index and EC? I think Touma have same affinity with Shirou (Woman, misfortune, impulsive?) also magical or unnatural thing should be hidden so he can't touch with his right hand!

8/8/2011 #3,030
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