The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Luvia being part of it could possibly be considered contradicting earlier stuff since she has never been mentioned even by characters in/from the future.

6/7/2011 #601

It may also be because she's not really canon

6/7/2011 #602

We can resolve time travel issues without looking for a cause for everything that happen :). Guy travel back in time and kill his father. Why would he disappear and not be able to kill his father? He is already there, that's all...

And stable time loop are shit either way so...

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #603


Hoh no, Luvia is indeed a canon character. She is mentioned in fate Stay/night and I believe she appears in Fate Atarexia

6/7/2011 #604

As far as I know she may be mentioned in FS/N not that i remember but Iv'e never played FHA so meh on that.

I do know she does make an appearance in Fate Kaleido Prima Illya or something like that...

6/7/2011 #605

[Posts and hopes he won't get killed]


She strode slowly into the building, a large circular room In front of her filled with debris. She was armed to the teeth, a small six-shot grenade launcher above her butt, a shotgun and uzi on either of her thighs. Two large Chinese swords strapped to her back, and on her vest a number of grenades. Her reinforced senses picking up various sounds, one high, behind her above the exit, other to her left and right behind the large columns. And in front of her, sitting on a piece debris a tall pale man. He watched her as she came to the middle of the room. A smirk adorning his face

"You've made a big mistake coming here girl, we'll rape you and then suck your blood. You'll be our little toy for the rest of eternity"

She said nothing, her calmness as cold as ice and as unmovable as a mountain.

She was surrounded, there were four Dead Apostles in the room, each prepared to attack her from one side. The one behind her will probably attack first, surprise her and leave her open for the other's attacks. Shame it won't work.

Her hands moved at an inhuman speed as she rose her Uzi and sent bullets into the vampire, her other hand grabbing a grenade, removing the safety catch with her teeth and throwing it into the air.

The vampire easily dodged the bullets annoyed at her lack of reaction


He screamed and threw himself at her together with his comrades. And got blinded as the grenade emitted great amount of smoke, completely obstructing his line of sight.

She was moving the moment the smoke got released, jumped a bit to the left and long way to the back, her hand whipping out the second much larger grenade into the place where she stood just a moment ago.

The three other vampires who wanted to jump her got blinded by the smoke too as they landed where she was moments ago

"Where is that bit..."

Was as far as he got before a great explosion tore the air and sent the four vampire flying in directions from which they came from

She was ready, already clear of the smoke she grabbed the grenade launcher. Remembering where the left and right vampires were placed, quickly calculating how far would they be tossed by the explosion she fired two more grenades in the places they would land at, slightly adjusting her aim so both grenades would arrive at their designated places simultaneously.

Half a second later they cleared the smoke and got thrown exactly where the grenades were heading. Proximity fuses kicked in and tore the two vampires to bloody shreds. They were helpless meatbags since the moment the powerful grenade threw them away. They couldn't maneouver in the air and so their superior reflexes were useless.

But there was the third one who was flying the woman's way, this way easy, sadly easy. She grabbed the shotgun and moved. The barrel of the gun slamming into the back of Apostle's head. She pulled the trigger and the monster's head was no more.

She jumped back a bit and sent three more grenades in a spread fashion with the grenade launcher approximately where the fourth vampire should be, on the opposite end of the room.

She dropped the gun and took her Uzi, dropping a large package of explosives on the ground, using her foot to cover it quickly with debries.

Three more explosions rocked the building as the grenades detonated and she saw him, coming from the right, circling the room, wanting to avoid the still thick smoke in the middle, afraid of any more surprises. She started moving backwards, shooting short bursts of bullets, herding him to the right side. He was coming after her, his face enraged while she remained ice cold calm the entire time. He was using his superior reflexes the entire fight, now easily moving out of the way of the bullets.

And the moment he passed the place she was at moments ago


An even larger explosion rocked the building as radio-detonated Claymore mine got detonated just below the vampire ripping him to shreds. His burnt, massacred husk fell to the ground. She came closer and put her shotgun to the vampire's head, removing it with one pull of a trigger.

The other two vampires she hit at the beginning of the battle were alive but in no shape to fight, their limbs torn away, their bodies barely holding together. She approached each of them, her shotgun held firm.

And each of them looked into her eyes, and just before their death they saw how sad she was every time she pulled the trigger.

She spent a couple of minutes there, looking as their bodies slowly disappeared. A sad expression on her face, she knew it had to be done but...

Her hand rose to her ear and activated the communication device

"Karin, this is Chiyo I'm finished here, mind sending me some transport?"

"Sure thing Onee-chan but you better get ready for when you return, Emily and Hinagiku are already discussing some stuff with Akitsu-kaa-san, something about ropes and punishment"

Karin let out a perverted giggle now that she was 25 it was very much like her mother's.

Chiyo just sigh and chuckled

"I will have to leave myself to their tender mercies"

And so Emiya Chiyo, Age 27, the Angel of Death, The Feather of Hope, leader of the mercenary organization Feathers left the building to prepare her team for evacuation.

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Ginko Yurishiro

I need my fix!!! Where'z my nurse Chiyo!!!


6/7/2011 #607


Yeah, gotta write some fluff with Chiyo, no idea what exactly though... will think about it.

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #608

Fate Blessed Nights - Chapter 20


It was the test of our abilities as a servant. Archer astralized himself. My younger self made the smart choice, run and hide, bellow the table, and judging by his speed, with a great deal of reinforcement. I was left to deal with the angered caretaker. I've faced armies, giant golems, mages and elves. But I was afraid.

Fuji-nee stopped petrified at the door, eyes like saucers. And I was counting the time to the doomsday. I reached eleven before she showed any reaction...

"I believe you have a reasonable explanation, riigght, Shirou?" Oh god, that was not a childish tantrum, that was an adult reaction. It was the 'Tiger' cold fury, the seriousness that defeated numerous opponents in the past.

"Erm, Rin's parents came for a visit, Fuji-nee. Since her house is doomed, they're staying here..." Please, buy that excuse, please, please...

"There is something fishy here... Just like your father. Are you doing anything unsuitable of a young man, Shirou? How do you explain all those girls being here?" She poked me. Again. "Also you're bulkier than yesterday. Are you making use of any illegal substances?" She glared at me.

Rin saved me, with her manipulation abilities: "Actually, he is sick, and his body is getting swollen, look at the dark circles in his eyes, and the whitening of his hair. It is a foreign disease, that he caught from one of my parents it seems, and only take rest to get better."

Her mood changed instantly. "Oh. Poor Shirou, helping others and getting sick for it. The world shows no mercy for you!" She said mockingly. Then hit me in the head with a frying pan. "Ouch!" "Serves you right! Think of yourself when helping the others, and ask for my consent when lodging someone! I live here too you moron!" The she sat at the table to eat.

"Did you caught something too, Rin? You're sounding tired, and you're kinda red." Fuji-nee asked.

"Just a cold."


I was bellow the table, between the legs of multiple beautiful girls, like I'm some sort of pervert from a harem anime. 'I can see Luvia's panties, and why the heck she uses such a pair?' I avert my eyes from her purple silky undergarments, just to see Irukuku going commando! 'Not that it's a bad view... get your mind out of the gutter!' I avert my eyes to Bazett beautiful long legs... 'arghh' I retreat a bit, evading Fujii-nee legs, putting myself right between Miya's legs. I expected her to kick me, not to wrap one of her legs on my torso, and rub the other on my back... 'mm, fells good...'


I can feel the pervert move! Rubbing himself on my legs, and getting me embarrassed in front of sensei. He is probably getting more daring 'cause of the decision to accept the ritual... The nerve of him!

Another shift. I suppress a moan. Sensei look at me strangely, and put a hand on my forehead. I must be red as a tomato.

"You better stay home today, you're high on fever. You too Shirou, just to be cautious. I'm leaving."

I waited half a minute just to be sure. Isn't because I'm like the way he is moving...

I kick him out from bellow the table.

"Did you really needed to do that?!" He demands.

"You're rubbing yourself on me!" I scream at him. The nerve of him to complain! I didn't even Gandr him! Take your beatings as a man!

Louise snickers on the sidelines and comment something with the older Shirou.

"I though it was... I mean, I was... I'm sorry O.K."

"Let's just get to the damned ritual, to get things over with." I give up, get up and move for the room, to prepare things.

...sometime later...

"Aren't they getting a bit carried away?" 'Servant' Shirou asked Miya.

"They're kind of silent, you should see how loud Aoko-chan can scream. fufufu." Miya.

"Alien harem, are you serious?" My servant asked. I sincerely found it difficult to believe myself.

"Yes, I'm serious. Not every one of his twenty-one wives was an alien though."

"You know, Shirou, that takes the 'To much to one woman' to a whole new level..." I laugh at his flustered face.

"Ah, give m-"

Another scream of pleasure echoes through the house.

"The girl surely have lungs." I comment. And Miya nods.


Deep in my subconscious, I knew what the ritual was. I just refused to accept. But in the end I liked it, And get to sleep exhausted hoping to dream of the wonders I experienced, dreams of Rin, Luvia, Sakura, Tabitha, Berserker, Bazett and Irukuku.

But instead I dreamed of swords and battle.

Of a hill littered with swords, of a giant of rock and a woman with a flaming sword, fighting dolls all around us, a fight were I almost died to defeat my enemy. Another of the same hill, this time with archer, or myself impaled on the top, trespassed by blades, the words in my mind a testament of the pain in his soul. Another of a fight against the golden man, Berserker being called Saber, the bridge on the background, we being slashed without mercy. Another dream, and I found myself piloting the Zero, Louise by my side, dragons around, we fighting those terrific and magnificent creatures.

And I dreamed of swords and battle, of my future, and things that I didn't knew of myself. And I readied myself, for I must fight like my other selves, wanting it or not, is my destiny, I must deserve the happiness in my life.

And I dreamed again, of sword and battle, and the hill of swords. And I dreamed again...


Does that count as DAY three??? And sorry about the lack of participation from me, real life screwed me recently. I'm fired! But got another job, and will probably pays better too. And needed to flash my smartphone too, witch is my main Internet connection.

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #609


Haha the Harem Antics never get old... especially with Miya getting all affectionate XD A bit of a shame that they didn't got annoyed and just dragged Fuji-ne into the fun. And poor Shirou his mind is like SO getting screwed up with all the stuff he is seeing in his dreams.

6/7/2011 #610

About Keiko projection: Actually when I created Keiko, she would be able to trace simpler guns like old single shot pistols, or Six-shot barrel colts, or grenades, since they involve less mobile parts. More complex guns like semi-auto and auto ones would require more study so she could be able to trace one or two at this age. But I found the omakes very nice, and why she couldn't have firearms as a origin (her mom uses gandrs as bullets, and her father project steel easily). She grew up seeing that. It is NOT impossible.

@Hubikoshi: Dragging Fuji-nee would be the predictable option, but I opted by a Love Hina inspired bellow the table scene.

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #611


Ah yes there was a scene like that with Naru, I on the other hand remembered To-Love-Ru and how Rito wiggled in between Haruna's legs.

6/7/2011 #612
Silver Sun 17


nice, shirou, all version are going to need therapy after this


you didn't pay mush attention to what i said did you?

in my omake paradox can't happen since the characters ARE NOT IN THEIR own timelines, Adult Mikuru has been making every time line she can find the same as her's, there aren't time loops in that.

6/7/2011 #613

Maybe because she's the family head of the Edelfelt magus family so she's not in the house too often.

Continuation of um...what's a good title...Fate/Black Dawn? Events occur prior to Haru and Reiko's timetravel.


After being scared out his wits and thrown around like a rag doll, Fuji Emiya was now dangling by his arm over a cliff. Why did it have to be me?! I could've that useless Suika or one of the Sekirei servants but me!? An heir of the Emiya family being reduced to sniveling fool he thought frantically as he cried in tears.

Haru was getting annoyed with all the crying that let go for a brief moment. It was enough to bring Fuji back to his wits. He let out a sigh and dropped the magus back on solid land. Crouching down and staring at him straight in the eye Haru growled out, "Now, What. Did. You. Want?"

It wasn't a question it was a command of a Dead Apostle over a lowly magus of little power.

Without preamble Fuji spat out everything and ran away after leaving the embroiled invitation in Haru's hands. Haru snarled at and was about to crush the letter in his but managed to reign in his temper and stared at the envelope in his hand.

"So its that time of year again. This is the first time they invited me, what are they up to?" he asked himself. Haru stared at the invitation one more time before pocketing it and turning away.

Scene Break

Fuyuki City was a nice place Haru mused. He's been here before a few times when he helped them move here after denying Altrouge invitation to live with vampires.

Of course Altrouge was denied but she knew that she will be from the start as not everyone in the Brunsteud family can control themselves.

They were the only sibling or relative he knows how and actually want to contact. But Shinra was always disappearing to do what she does only coming back to old her home to eat her food and pester her to do somethings for her and Aoshi's descendant, Seiun, who also lives with them was always off doing things about the Blue he rather not know. So that leaves her alone in the house most of the time.

Haru grimaced as tried to hide his unease coming here to this city. He could already feel her eyes watching him the moment he stepped foot within the massive bounded field that occupied the entire metropolis. Seems like she grew into their father's sense of paranoia but granted she was a being despised by her own race as well as feared by the Clock Tower and hunted by the Burial Agency as a threat to mankind.

Haru felt himself scoffing at that notion, as she is right now, she wanted little to do with mankind or Sekirei-kind. She was a Scrapped even when she was still just a child, and even if some of the Sekirei are her relatives, the innate scorn towards those who are Scrapped runs too thick for her to live with them.

That was another thing wrong with this world, Haru mused. The Sekirei, which their father shed sweat, tears and blood for to given a chance of freedom and acceptance all those years ago was now deemed as by the World Government as threats when not bonded with a human. They were treated as objects, weapons and tools by their Ashikabi and to have a Sekirei nowadays is similar to having a rare pet not a wife or husband.

The need of the pure Sekirei to find their Ashikabi was great, so much that it was exploited and abused. Half-bloods are able to control themselves to a point but the desire was still there. Some are lucky enough to find those that will treat them with kindness even if they were Winged forcibly, most not so much. It was this treatment is what made Sekirei to start to hate humanity. Half-Sekirei can wing Sekirei and Half can Wing other Half-Sekireis, it was this adaptation by the aliens of the World is what enabled them to fight back.

That is why they live in isolated colonies made from technology from the Sekirei ships after the first Humo-Seki war.

Haru stopped from his musing of "recent" history when he arrived near the gates of the compound. Not that he can see it though, her first defense was always the same. Warped space that made it impossible to walk into the area around the house. Warping the distance between two points she made so that anything passes around her home and the only way in is to offset it with something also warps space.

A Reality Marble for example. But haru preferred a more, subtle approach

"Oi! Reiko! Open up its me!" he shouted at the seemingly empty road between the two houses in the district. It made him look like a lunatic but it gets the job done.

He blinked once and the Kiritsurugi's old house came into view. Stepping into the well maintained gates and into the house. He knew exactly where to look for her.

Out in the garden, sitting by the entrance was Reiko in dressed in a smooth silken nightie. She turned her head and smiled at him, "...Haru-nii, Tadaima..."

All Haru could answer was, "Ah...Okaranesai..."

For the first time in centuries, Haru felt like he returned home.


What do you think? Comments? Am I keeping older Haru in character?

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #614


Seriously the world gets more crapsaccky by the minute... Liked Fuji's treatment though. So Haru is getting more and more hateful of this world, no wonder, and poor Reiko-chan T_T Seriously gotta start thinking about the Good End world for Emiya Clan.

Hmm... Gaia is trying to slaughter humans because they destroy the environment ?? What if they started fixing it, and rebuilding the ecosystem ?

6/7/2011 #615

Hm...seems like the forums doesn't accept H o m o as a word even if the context is like H o m o sapiens kind.

On mix blood Sekirei, in this world at least, half-bloods like Reiko, Ichigo, Fuuko are essentially Sekirei with human blood which allows them to use their powers to a degree without an Ashikabi.

When the Sekirei line gets diluted, say 5th or 6th generation, something odd happens, some kids are born human though with some perks like increased intelligence. Some are born almost like Reiko and the rest, Half-blooded Sekirei, even if the parents constantly married humans prior to the birth. My basis for this is that the Norito or crest is something that boost human to Sekirei in mixed races. Dilution only lowers this chance to the final chance of 10%.

In this world, Sekirei who are captured are sold to buyers like pets since they are in essence feared. The same incident that causes this can be traced back to Ichigo's death. One thing lead to another and Earth had its first alien vs human war. Sekirei despises pure humans. Reiko is a Scrapped Sekirei, despised by her race and feared by humans. She can't leave the house at all, without disguises or using her powers.

From a large family of her childhood to a lonely eternity...

Sad ain't it?

6/7/2011 #616


Sad indeed T_T So we have a crap-saccky world where everyone hates everyone else and is trying to either kill or enslave them... Shirou would like SO go UBW on their collective asses.

Hmm I'm thinking of an entirely different continuity. The family wouldn't get broke apart for one thing, the other, thanks to Sekirei Tech MBI and Shirou would be able to greatly improve human life. And not only human, in a bid for a truce with Gaia humans, affected by MBI and Shirou would start fixing the environment, sealing Gaia's wounds. Humans essentially hurt Gaia because they impose themselves on her and take advantage of her. If they moved majority of their industry and agriculture to space, their cities would stop polluting the atmosphere they could form a truce of sorts. Gaia would not eventually die and create the Crap Saccky world with Artistoteles. Sure it would take centuries but... I know I'm thinking too big, sorry.

6/7/2011 #617
Ginko Yurishiro

They could use Kusano's power to turn deserts into forests and maybe, that's why Gaia allows Shirou to keep his projections.

6/7/2011 #618

Not all deserts only man made ones, as desertification is a natural process and if you turn all into forest it would upset the local eco-system. Just fix the man made deserts and that all good.

6/7/2011 #619


Mhm how about make Ku-chan "attuned to Gaia", she'd know of her suffering and would want to do something about it. Same for her child Ichigo, them being closely tied to nature can feel and communicate with Gaia at some basic level. Perhaps that's why Ichigo died, some Clock Tower bastards wanted to experiment on her. In one continuity she got kidnapped/killed and that caused the Rift. In another Gaia started to hope that maybe there is a way out and started communicating with Kusano and Ichigo and when CT wanted to kidnap her to learn about Gaia, Gaia intervened saving the child. The experience of being near a great manifestation of Gaia's power opened Ichigo's mind to her and she became the spokesperson for the spirit of the Earth.

6/7/2011 #620
Ginko Yurishiro

Here I am absuing my " " powers to give Shirou a new sword.



6/7/2011 #621

I know that manga...I just can't place what title it is, dang it!

6/7/2011 #622
Ginko Yurishiro

I won't tell you. ;P

Well, maybe later just to tease you...

6/7/2011 #623

Got it. Immortal Regis...

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #624
Ginko Yurishiro


6/7/2011 #625

Depore, right?

Your seriously giving Shirou THAT!?

He is screwed...whether this is a good thing or a bad thing doesn't matter but all in all amusing to us

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #626
Ginko Yurishiro

We need to make the setting Grim dark after all...So lets create a war!

Gaia vs Chaos(World of Demons).

Edit: Yeah. Screw Ea! Depore is 1000% times cooler and OP ;}

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #627

Work tomorrow so last post for the night.

True it'll all grim dark and stuff but well...i think you just added to the harem count my good man.

6/7/2011 #628
I have nothing aganist adding Depore, it's even logical Shirou stated that he falls easily for the swords, more than that he likes swords with character, ....... What kind of Child would be born from union sword that became a woman and man that was reborn as sword?
6/7/2011 #629
Ginko Yurishiro

You get Derflinger a talking sword. hahahaha

6/7/2011 #630
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