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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I'll do it! Just gimme a few moment, kay?

6/11/2011 #811

NO! no more!!! NO MOREEEEE

...wait they don't count as part of (shirou's) harem. nvm! go for it! o.o-b

6/11/2011 #812

I think we can all be agreed that Yukari would name any children of her's after manga characters, right?

6/11/2011 #813


Was there ever any doubt, I don't think poor Shiina would have any say in this anyway.

6/11/2011 #814

I'm thinking she has two children: A boy and a girl. The boy's name is Ranma, and the girl is Bulma.

6/11/2011 #815


if ranma looked like shiina, or just plain fit clothing of either gender, yes.

or if she the emiya/sahashi Chaos genes REALLY whacked him hard and... well... i'd pity the boy...


final stretch! (unless i really should add touko...)

i can see the eeeend T_T

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #816


And at the end of your noble quests virgins and kegs of beer await Mighty Hero ^^

Damn you are ONE fine artist... would you allow me to upload it on Deviantart ?? Giving you the credit goes without saying ^^ Or you could upload it yourself if you have an account I'd love to fav it.

Kumako cracks me up, something this girly and cute SHOULD NOT be able to punch out holes in walls, and that Ahoge Supreme.... Reiko is really nice, especially the older version, such a dignified calm badass, like her mother. Sakuya is fun, love the Dark Shadow behind her hair, fits her perfectly. Should have mentioned it earlier but Fuuko is... well... BREATH-TAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL, so beautiful and yet so teasy, and Karin looks like nothing but a mad gadgeteer genius XD

And Gilgamesh Rocks.

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #817


Yeah, Ranma Sahashi is rather androgynous. He also has a tendency to crossdress. Whether Yukari makes him in order to be more like his namesake, or he just likes to do it on his own, is somewhat unclear.

Takeshi either doesn't like him, or pities him.

As for Bulma? She takes after her mother.

God help us all.

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #818


OMG, Shinta looks EPIC!!! you even took the grass stains suggestion to heart! wow!

The one thing i'm not digging is the ponytail. With the way his head is turned (not enough), it looks like Shinta is rocking Nanoha's StrikerS side-tail. i'm not sure what to suggest to fix that... artist drawing has never been a strong point of mine, even thou scale and perspective are important to wood working like i do. that's what i think is the problem, the ponytail looks like it's being seen from a different perspective than the rest of Shinta's head.

Again, other than that, it looks great!

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #819


Most awesome work. Reiko's design looked accurate!

6/11/2011 #820


when it's done, sure.


k, gonna tweak that then

tweaked: (


silly thing about aoshi's pic. the description read "Spiky RED hair tied in a ponytail", my first try was kinda like a gel'd-spikey type, and ended up looking like Lancer. i tried this one and realized after i finished it looked very similar to Gary Oak.

meme's have invaded my head...

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #821

Hello all! Sorry haven't been in for a whille. Computer was being repaired.

Anyways I love how all the emiya clan pictures came out.

Well, here's my continuation of a little story I had started a while back.

Fate/Emiya : Haru's Story

Part 2: Facing the Unknown


"What's wrong Kyon?"

Chiyo had just returned from her outing with Haru's girlfriends. They had filled in more on the going ons at Yokai Academy and she was at least glad her nii-san was happy there. After the girls left to look for their common love interest, Chiyo had met up with Kyon. The two had been having a nice conversation about their days when Kyon suddenly stopped talking and looking out the window.

"I'm not sure... but I have a bad feeling." he muttered grimly, Chiyo suddenly felt a sense of forboding and had the urge to do a head count of her siblings.


The siblings turned and noticed Moka and the other girls rushing into the room. Chiyo smiled at them, trying to ignore the feeling in her stomach. "Yes, Moka-san? What is it?"

"Haru-kun left out a little while after we did and no one's heard from him all day." Moka told them in a worried tone. The other girls looking just as worried. Kyon' face got grimmer and the feeling in Chiyo's stomach got worse.


Two fist collided, causing a small shockwave around the two fighters as they tried to overpower one another. Haru gritted his teeth as he kept pushing. Had he not reinforced himself before attacking, he'd have easily broken his hand with that punch. The hooded figure pulled back slightly, causing Haru to stumble forward slightly from the push he was giving, and tried to strike him with his other hand. Haru caught the punch then grabbed the guy's arm with his other hand and used his strength to toss his opponent over himself. The figure flew a few feet before righting himself and landing on his feet before charging again.

Haru dodged the first punch and instantly blocked the knee kick to his chest then quickly raised his other hand to block the downward chop before pushing the his opponent back and jumping forward for a kick to the face. The kick was blocked before the figure grabbed his leg. Haru kicked off with his other leg and pushed out of the hold and back flipped before landing on the ground. "Well, good to see that first hit wasn't just a lucky shot. This is gonna be fun!"

The figure brushed off his sleeves. "You just don't get it."

Grin vanished "Eh?"

"You don't seem to realize just how weak you are now."

Haru frowned "You know, you don't have to be such a prick. I'm acknowledging your strength here. No need to insult me. I'm just looking forward to a good fight." What's this guy's deal?

The figure seemed to chuckle in dry amusement. "You? Acknowledgingmystrength? Hahaha! Looking forward to a good fight he says. What a joke!" He then calmed himself and spoke in a dead serious tone. "How can you aknowledge something you so severly lack?"

"Hey, what are you-"

"What serious training have you been doing since the night of the crimson moon?" Haru froze at the man's words. "Do you honestly believe those little 'scruffles in the schoolyard' you've been having will have you ready to fight to face an Apostle? Let alone an Apostle Ancestor like Alucard?"

"H-how do you kno-"

"I know all their is to know about you, Haru Brunsteid Emiya. I know of your family, I know of your half blood." The figure took a more gaurded stance. "I know what your destined to become."

Haru saw a purple streak zip through his forehead.

He dodged just before the area hishead was before was occupied by his opponent's fist. Haru jumped back to put some distance then flinched slightly at a stinging feeling. He reached up and touched his cheek, pulling his hand back, he noticed a red liquid on his hand.


His blood

Haru looked at his opponent. Foresight was one of Haru's key edges in battles. An ability his eyes developed over the years of training. It was during a spar with his father when Haru was younger. Shirou obviously had the upper hand, mainly staying on the defensive while giving pointers and hitting Haru's openings in defense as punishment. Shirou had swung for another opening when Haru managed to jump back and avoid the hit. After a moment of staring at each other in surprise ,and a small amount of pride, Shirou had asked how he knew to dodge then when he was paying no attation to that open spot. He blinked when Haru responded that he 'dodged the purple line that moved before he swung.' After similar events happening again, Shirou deduced that somehow Haru's eyes could see the 'intentions' of his opponent before they attack.

From then on, Haru spent his time developing this technique he dubbed 'Foresight' as well as his usual training. Usually sparring with his brother Takeshi, where he learned the furthest his eyes could see ahead was three seconds, Keiko, where he learned if the attack was fast enough, his Foresight takes a second longer to see, as well as his Tou-san and Kaa-sans, where on a rare spar with Karasuba kaa-san, Haru learned that if the intent was deadly enough, Foresight activates automatically.

Now Haru was facing an opponent who seemed to not even really need to make contact but still damage him. He can honestly say that had he not dodged, that punch would have caved his face in. He eyed his opponent warily, all humor gone. The two fighter's red eyes met.

This guy, whoever he is, wasn't like anyone he's fought before. Most other opponents he's faced fought him to try and prove their superiority or to try and send a message to his family. He always took care of them easily if not one of his siblings didn't get to them first. But, just by the look in his eyes, this guy had nothing to prove, no alterior motives, he wanted Haru dead, and he had the strength to live up to his threat.

But why? What could Haru had possibly done for someone to warrent his death specifically so badly? Just what did this guy know about him?

And what did he mean by 'destined to become'?

Haru had no time to think on it as he crossed his arms in front of his chest to block a knee. He then raised his right arm above his head to block a chop to the head while simultaneously blocking a punch to the face with his other hand. The two pushed off each other and Haru quickly charged in lauching a barrage of punches his opponent easily blocked. Haru swung with his left causing the man to dodge to the left, at which Haru quickly came in with a spinning right kick. His opponent caught the kick by smashing it between his right elbow and knee.

Haru winced and jumped back quickly, only to flinch and almost drop to a knee, he hadn't been expecting that counter and it nearly cost him. He was caught just above the ankle, and he thank the Root for reinforcement or else he wouldn't have a foot anymore, it merely felt sprained.

"Surely this can't be your limit?" He heard the hooded man speak, seemingly mocking him.

Haru grinned ferally, ignoring the numbing pain, "Not even close ***hole! I'm just getting started!"

"Such confidence..." The figure murmured, before shaking his head. "I'll break that fighting spirit of yours and end the madness at the source." He then spread his arms outward. "Come at me and face your demise!!"

As Haru looked on, he could have sworn the image of Alucard had overtaken the hooded figure. Now feeling reinvigored, as well as thoroughly p***ed off, with a roar, Haru charged toward his opponent. Red eyes boring into each other.

But as he charged, it was for an instant but the image of Alucard had shifted. The psychotic red eyes stay the same.

But for that instant before the shift returned to his hooded opponent.

Haru felt like he was looking at himself.

(Scene end)

Well, hope you liked it

6/11/2011 #822


Number 2 is perfect! go with that one for the final draft.

6/11/2011 #823
Ginko Yurishiro


You evil bastard! leaving me hangn' like that!

6/11/2011 #824

Yeah I know

to the next part!

Fate Emiya: Haru's Story

Part 3: The Purpose to Fight


This fight was definately going downhill for Haru.

He was well aware, just from the guy's aura alone, this guy was going to be strong and such. But this guy's skills were on a level all their own. Every block, dodge , and feint always led into some form of counterattack Haru almost couldn't avoid. He's been holding his own pretty well but even Haru had limits and he was reaching his pretty soon. His circuits were screaming as every attack he blocked or got hit by had to be reinforced less the damage would be far worse. It was taking it's toll on him.

To make matters worse, his Foresight was all but useless against this guy. Every time Haru dodged an attack that got in really close, he still ended up with a cut of some sort on him. Add to that his eyes seemed to be having trouble picking up attacks now. At one point during their fight, his eyes had picked up two attacks at the same time; one going for his face while another went for his chest. As he moved his arms to stop the two attacks, his eyes widened as a third 'intention shot at his stomach. Before he could move, his opponent's attacks shifted as he quickly pulled his punches back halfway through lauching then and quickly jumped forward. Haru lost his breath as he caught the full force of a knee to his stomach, before he was grabbed by the back of his shirt, lifted up and then slammed onto his back. He ignored the pain long enough to roll away from the axe kick that cracked the ground in his place.

After that, it didn't get better as it seemed this guy was launching attacks faster than Haru's Foresight could keep up with. Even among the Kaa-sans, the only one who's speed came close to that was Miya-kaasan, or Tou-san when he used that long sword to strike three times in one swing. At some point, the hooded guy's gloved hand began to glow before a black and red aura encircled his hand, molding into the shape of a three bladed claw. The first time Haru was hit with it, it tore through his reinforced jacket and shirt as well as cutting deeply into his reinforced skin. Another time he thank the Root for having the highest reinforcment of the family. Anyone short of Tou-san or himself taking the same hit would be trying to keep their innards from falling out.

So here he was, his jacket and shirt destroyed earlier, covered in claws marks, that were very slowly beginning to heal, and bruises. His stomach beared the worse as their was three large claw marks on it that were still bleeding at a steady pace. In his hand, a sword he traced in order to better defend against that claw of his. His breathing labored as he glared at the hooded figure, who seemed to be no different then when the fight began. Red eyes staring impassively, it really pissed him off.

"So tell me..." Haru spoke after a breath. "Just what did I do to piss an Apostle of anyway? This is about my old man right?"

The Apostle looked on "Your is all I have sought after."

"And how exactly will my death benifit you?"

"It will stop the nightmare from beginning..." He muttered. Haru blinked slowly. "As long as you exist, this world's fate shall be the same..."

'O...kay' Haru decided to ignore the apparent looney for a bit. 'Alright, this guy's hand-to-hand is easily on par with, if not better than, Musubi-kaa's and that damn claw of his semms to be his trump card, but with it's short range, he's had to come in pretty close to attack with it, so basically all I have to do is-'

"Your plan won't work." Haru's eyes widened, could this guy- "No I can't read minds." Then how did he-? "I've had years studying people to know what they're thinking just on their faces, you're easy to read." Okay, now that was just getti- "Yes I know it's annoying."

"Now you're just pissing me off!" Haru yelled. The Apostle shrugged non-chalontely before Haru had to block a claw swipe to the head. 'Damn he's fast!'

"You were thinking of how you could use the difference in the lengths of our weapons to your advantage. Pretty obvious and normally the best route to take. Unfortunately for you..." The Apostle then appeared behind Haru, his back towards him, with his energy claw held out at his side. "That will never work on me." He whispered as the sword in Haru's hand shattered and blood came squirting out off three new slashes on Haru's left shoulder. He dropped to a knee as he held his limp arm. "You are done."


Haru stared blankly at the ground below him, the puddle of blood slowly getting bigger from the gushing wounds. He was tired, his circuits felt shot, and he was feeling lightheaded from all the blood he's lost. Honestly, he could probably go another five minutes or so, if he didn;t pass out from blood loss first.

'Am I really going to die here?' He thought to himself. 'Everything I've done to this point, was it all for nothing? All the blood, sweat and tears I shed to get this far and he crushes it all like it was nothing.' He gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes shut. 'He doesn't even seemed to be trying either! Is the difference between us that great!' He then sighed quietly as he unconsciously thought. 'What have I even been fighting for anymore?'


"A purpose for fighting?"

Haru and Naoki were on the roof of the high school, obviously skipping their history class again, when Naoki had asked the question. "Yeah, in most action mangas, usually when the main character is in a bind in a fight, he or she remembers what it is they're fighting for and it apparently unleashes a greater force within them."

"So, basically, you'll become stronger if you're fighting for a purpose, then?"

"In a sense, yeah. If you're fighting with a purpose, it's a sense of motivation that helps push you beyond your limits, at least manga wise."

Haru deadpanned at his friend. "You are a true manga-ka."

Naoki thumped his chest. "I take my complaments any way I can."

Haru shook his head, "Still..." he mused "That does sound logical. In a fight, you will push yourself farther if it helps you achieve what you wish."

"Exactly!" Naoki exclaimed. "Now..." He then pointed towards Haru. "What is your reason for fighting?"

"To beat Takeshi of course!" Haru declared as he clenched his fist..

"Alright, and why do you want to beat your older brother?"

"Because if I beat him then... If I beat him..." Haru blinked as he drew a blank. "I don't know why I want to baet him anymore."

"Well, you better remember quick." Naoki said. "If you don't have a legit reason for fighting, you won't be able to push past your limit."

Haru looked at his friend in surprise "When'd you get all wise sounding?"

Naoki grinned as he whipped out a copy of Yu Yu Hakusho and opened it. "I just do my research." He then began walking towards the door while reading.

Haru stood there stunned for a moment then chased after his friend. "Hey! What volume are you reading?"

(Flashback End)

'I've lost my fighting purpose?' Haru thought to himself. Back then he wanted to Beat his older brother Takeshi after their first spar and that had pushed him forward. Then when his progress seemed to slow down, he was confronted by the Ancestor Alucard and beating him became his new goal that brought his progress. Then at some point, it just stopped. He thought about defeating Takeshi and Alucard, but he couldn't seemed to be getting any stronger. He had reached his limit, and he couldn't find motivation for fighting. Just beating someone in battle wasn't motivating to him anymore. But what? What was he fighting for? Why did he want to be strong to begin with?

Then he saw it, his mind casting the illusion of what could be.


It was raining. It was raining in a forest.

He could see several silohuettes in the rain. As he moved closer, he could make out the figure more clearly.

A few of his siblings were their, as well as Moka and the other girls.

They seemed sad.

No, sad wasn't the right word.

Kiritsugi and the girls from Yokai were holding back Moka as she seemed to be screaming about something. The rain overpowering any other sounds.

All of them had tears running down their faces.

He then saw Kyon with his hand on another figure's shoulder. He was looking away from the other figure and seemed to be trying his best to stay strong in front of the others. The other figure turned out to be Chiyo. She was kneeling on the ground with a blank expression on her face with tears streaming down her face as well.

Why did they all seem so broken.

He noticed chiyo seemed to be looking down at something. Following her line of sight, he noticed a pair of dull, red eyes staring emptily at the sky. The figure's spikey black hair turned slightly red from all the blood in it. Cuts and bruises all over the body from the intense battle they must have been engaged. The gaping hole in the chest that had long since stopped bleeding as the large patch of red grass signified an exit wound in the back.

Chiyo was gently stroking the figure's cheek, as though hoping to find any trace of warmth, of life, but for naught.

He was dead

Haru Emiya was dead

And so, in the forest, the rain poured. As though Gaia herself was crying.


Haru's eyes widened as the vision os his alleged death ended. Their faces, the looks of utter misery and hoplessness. He didn't want them to feel like that. He never wanted them to feel like that!

That was it. Why he fought. Why he wanted to be strong to begin with. It was for them. His family, his friends, all those he cared for. He wanted to be the strongest to protect them. That's why he wanted to beat Takeshi. That's why he has to beat Alucard.

So that they never lose their happiness...

Haru's blood began boiling as a new, yet familiar surge of energy flooded his circuits 'That's why I can't die here!!" His eyes coming back to focus with fiery determination.


"You are done." The Apostle said as he heard the sound of blood splattering and a soft thud. He turned his head slightly and noticed Haru kneeling on the ground, holding his his shoulder wound, arm hanging limply at his side. He sighed to himself. The boy was stubborn. He couldn't help but chuckle silently as he thought back to to when he was like that before...

He shook his head, he won't think about it. That's why he's doing this now, so that his future won't come to be. So that he won't come to be. He turned around fully towards the kneeling boy, his shadowy claw poised to strike. 'With this, the nightmare will not come to be...' He then quickly charged in and stabbed forward.

He was greatly surprised when Haru's form suddenly blurred from in front of him. He stumbled slightly as he tried to catch himself "What the-?"

A streak of purple going through had warned him at the last second.

The Apostle dodged to the right as a fist caming soaring through his previous space. He was caught off gaurd when the shockwave from the punch sent him back a few feet. He looked up in surprise when he felt a prescences above him and quickly jumped away as it smashed inot the ground, forming a small crater. The wind from the impact pushing the Apostle's hood off.

Haru stood up from the missed attack. He looked to be on his last leg as his posture gave away just how tired he was. But his eyes, they were burning with a fire that said he could go on all day if he felt it. His hair was down to his shoulder, spikier than usual, with a red tint. He had black markings running up his arms, along his chest, and just below his eyes. His Apostle blood had awakened again. The figure had noticed something though, the second time when he had awakened his blood had nearly cost him the life of his sister. The boy shouldn't have awakened this early on. On top of that, he seemed to be in control and not a blood craving monster. This was completely different.


Haru could feel the power flowing through his circuits. This was his power, the power he tried to shun was giving him a second chance to fight. He didn't know how long he could keep this state up but he was going to make the most of it. Along with the power, there were voices in his head craving for blood and destruction.

So he mentally told them to f**k off.

... it surprisingly worked well.


"I... won't die." Haru muttered as he glared at his once hooded opponent. He noticed the guy looked to be in his mid thirties or such. Spikey black hair slightly colored red in a short ponytail with two bangs in the front, red eyes looking at him in slight shock, and a large scar that ran diagonaly down his face and dissapeared into the cloth he was using to cover the botton half of his face. "I made a promise to myself... that I'd protect them. I'd protect them all." A red aura began to swirl around him as the winds began to pick up. The sky above them darkening.

"That is my purpose, that's why I fight!" He could see the tear streaken looks on their faces from his vision.

"For their sake..." The marks on his arms began to glow brightly. "I can't die!!!" the markings appeared to disintegrate before his arms were incased in a red and black aura, similar to the Apostle's claw.

The Apostle's eye widened. He shouldn't have access to that technique yet, not for another three centuries. His eyes seemed to take a different look at which he seemed to be grinning behind his cloth. "Fine then, show me your will to live!" He held his hands up, white markings glowing through his gloves before disintigrating as dark claws formed on both of his hands.

Haru narrowed his eyes as he got into a stance, his opponent doing the same. This was his last chance. He had to end it here. "Let's go!" He yelled as he charged.

"Let's..." The Apostle charged , still grinning beneath his cloth. Not a psychotic grin, but an excited one. He had felt it. He didn't know how but he had felt it.

This world's timeline had changed.

(Scene end)

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #825

May be a little while before I get the last part out. Almost finished with it.

Tell me what you think so far.

6/11/2011 #826
Ginko Yurishiro


Haru is going to have his good end(?).

Is old!Reiko going to make her appearance?

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #827


Yay! Haru gets his second wind!

...I was getting worried about the possibility of Haru needing a rescue... and there isn't anyone in the entire clan who would not only know of the NEED, but also would have or could find out the details like location and urgency!

Still, Haru needs a good smack upside the head for travelling alone... I thought Arturia, Rin, and Lorelei taught all the kids BETTER than that. lol.

6/11/2011 #828

It's like Shirou versus Archer all over again!

6/11/2011 #829

I'll have the conclusion out soon. It's 1 am on my end. I'm outing.


6/11/2011 #830

it is doneeeeeee. *dies* 19 wives, 23 kids + gil

i had fun with gil :D

i was tempted to do a skyline silhouette at the bottom with a godzilla-sized Mystic Washer rampaging, but i gave up on that.

one thing i've learned from this - Sakurako-sensei is REALLY sloppy with some facial proportions in the manga.... i traced kazehana and akitsu from manga scans, and kazehana looks kinda weird to me... akitsu i took offense and redrew it. same with kusano, but i was planning to redraw her anyhow.

the babies also look kinda weird but... yeah.. never really had to draw 2-3 year olds. learning experience, yay o.o-b

6/12/2011 . Edited 6/12/2011 #831

*slow clap*

*clapping picks up speed*

*others start joining in*

*full applause*

6/12/2011 #832
Ginko Yurishiro


Nice fanart!


Now relax and have some lawls


6/12/2011 . Edited 6/12/2011 #833


can you post the link to your data sheet? |D

6/12/2011 #834
Ginko Yurishiro



Edited version:


6/12/2011 #835


Bravo My friend , it looks great, now we have visual referance for all of our madenss, say did you sue the recnt chapters in Seikirei to trace out an older Kusano?

Response of the Emiya clan to said pic-

"Hey look it's our first family photo!" Shouted Kumako as she ran around with a "The Doohickey" , a new brand of Tablets that shirou had Matsu design.

"Oh yeah we got this done a year ago didn't we?" commented Shirou.

"Yeah that's why Ichigo looks 6 months old(She does OK)"said Haru as he walked in to the hall.

"I look soo coool with my glasses!" Gushed Altoruge.

"You know you could actually get a job as a teacher looking like that, I mean Matsu could even print up some degrees for you." Said Sakura whilst glaring slightly at the NEET who refused to do anything at all. She had half a mind to go 'Inner' on her.

"Why? I just love laying around here, plus if I went to work who would get to be the first one to claim Shirou while you're all relaxing form work?" countered a slightly annoyed Altoruge.

And that's what started the first war of the wives as they tried to get Altoruge off her NEET ass so that they had a fair shot a first place. Sadly some threatening with Primy made it all go away, that and some pills that made every time seem like first place, not that anyone knows how they got them in the first place *Toukou*.

Gilgameshes respone was however the most hillarious "Who the hell photoshoped this to make it lokk like I was wearing my Damn APRON????!!!!!!!!!!"


*cue chuckling red head, unrevealed for sake of suspense, though there is a hint , said red head wears glasses*

6/12/2011 #836


Ok uploaded it, here is the link ^^


Niiiiice, heh I guess fighting your disillusioned future selves runs in the family XD And Apostle!Haru whether he likes it or not have changed the world by trying to kill himself XD And I just absolutely loved how he told his own instincts to shut their traps XD I wonder, does the fact that he is just Half-Apostle make the urges to drink blood weaker ? Or thanks to his human self he has more power to beat them back ? One way or another love it and awaiting for the conclusion.

6/12/2011 #837
Ginko Yurishiro

Waaa!!!! Touko is missing from the portrait(s)!!!

6/12/2011 #838

Throwaway you did an amazing job on the portrait I personaly dont like akatsu but it is hard to believe you can dwaw that good It was amazing congrats on finishing

6/12/2011 #839

It just crossed my mind.

Some time after Haru and his girls returned to Yokai academy

Dear Dad, Moms, Brothers, Sisters

I've been well, we had some more adventures but this is not what I want to write about.

You see recently a new guy transferred into the academy. A Heir to Chinese Mafia or something if I understand it well. His is good with Martial Arts and I trained with him from time to time, he can also use summoned creatures, some of them were a real pain.

But to the point, Takeshi-nii-san, Chiyo...

HE IS AFTER ME! He wants to join my harem, what am I supposed to do? I have no experience with same-sex relationships. What am I supposed to do!?

With Love


Takeshi's eye twitched as he gripped the letter in his hands attempting to Hanya/Asura it into submission, maybe that would make the offending line disappear.

"I'm NOT in a Same-Sex Relationship"

The lavender haired guy ground out.

"Now now Takeshi-nii-san, this is no time to get offended"

Chiyo patted him on the shoulder wincing slightly from the close proximity of Both Hanya and Asura

"We should aid our brother, don't you agree?"

6/12/2011 #840
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