The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Incest is WINcest.

6/12/2011 #871
Ginko Yurishiro

6/12/2011 #872
Bloody Hero

I forgot who wrote this only that it was in the omake section. Nanaya your post reminded me of this, Incest is best put your mother to the test. I personally do not support Incest in real life but hey its fanfiction so who cares.

6/12/2011 #873

Oh come on people, you introduce a Ree and did not get Aoshi involved ?? Nana: Sooooo... you can make things go Kaboom? Aoshi: Yes it's an ability I... inherited... from my..... mother.

Aoshi's lips slowly closed as he watched the disturbingly grinning pale skinned blue haired girl


The next thing Aoshi remembered was being dragged in the air as his kidnapper laughed happily roof hopping like a friggin grasshooper. This wasn't the worst, the worst part was Riko following them in a fully armed Gunship with Keiko as the gunner trying to put lots and lots of holes in them

"Don't worry Aoshi, those are rubber"


"Okay, Switching to Buster missiles (based off Nanoha-chan's Divine Buster, cause nothing beats non-lethal, super-destructive weaponry at your every beck and call)"


"Ahahahahaha I like your sisters Aoshi"

Laughed Nana as she started avoiding the fast moving bearers of massive magical destruction.

And thus Aoshi and Nana were befriended, Nana didn't mind.

6/13/2011 . Edited 6/13/2011 #874
Bloody Hero

@ HubiKoshi

I'm trying to decide a Heroic name for my Shirou for the Fate/Zero with Shirou story I'm preparing. As such I have listed 6 names that I think would fit him and would like your opinion on them and what you like best. It's in the crossover section please check it out if you have time.

6/13/2011 #875

Karin and Koyuki peeked into the room. It was hot, scorching hot but the two men in the room didn't seem to notice, their eyes focused on each other, despite being wet with sweat they didn't make a move to remove some of their clothes.

"Wow, they've been at it for"

Karin checked the time on the house's WiFi

"Four hours already, how can they WHOA"

She jumped back a bit as her father's eyes strayed from the other man's head and burnt a hole in the wall

"I wonder if Otou-san and Otou-san-in-law are okay. Perhaps I should give them some ice because the temperature in the room is well above average"

"I wouldn't if I were you, if one of those stares hit you, you'd be smoked bacon."

And thus the girls left, wishing to report to their mothers and Yui Ikari the mother of the newest addition to their family. At least everyone hoped it would be the newest addition. And perhaps not the only one considering how Sakuya-chan was peering at Yui's son, though the presence of the redheaded girl seemed to intimidate her.


"How are they doing?"

Asked Matsu, a grin splitting her face

"Otou-san blew another hole in the wall but Ikari-san seems to have made quite a few too"

Yui Ikari smiled

"And here I thought My husband was protective of his children"

"You didn't knew Shirou-tan then. Pretty much every candidate for a husband or wife for his children goes through unspeakable horrors before being considered proper. I think it baffled him when Nana-chan didn't even flinch at the full power of his Asura, and that's why he wanted to "talk" with your husband"

Suddenly the house trembled and a great scream echoed from above, sounds of fists hitting flesh and bone following soon after. Yui Ikari smiled.

"Okay we should get the first aid kits and beer ready, they'll be done soon and then we can plan the wedding. I really want some real, touchable, huggable grandkids"

She sneaked a look at Shinji and Asuka who got somewhat red

6/13/2011 . Edited 6/13/2011 #876

oh dear GOD!! its too much! TOO MUCH!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!


6/13/2011 #877

Ok, here's a sketch of Devil Wings 6, where Fate meets Clan Emiya and mass comedy hijinks ensue. I'm posting this outline mostly because I want character creator opinions on how the dialogue will play out, and advice on how to handle the canon characters. So if you see your character in here, speak up!

If you've forgotten where this is coming from, check the latest chapter of Devil's Wings on my profile.


Den area.

Jun, Shinta, Gekkou, Kumako, and Reiko doing homework while watching Shinra entertain Ichigo with some paper and crayons.

Shinta restless, Gekkou gets annoyed by it. Jun plays peacemaker.

Kumako sees Shinra crawling toward her with a piece of paper that has a red cross drawn on it. She doesn't understand and shows it to Reiko, who shrugs.

Shinta looks over and sees it, his restlessness gets worse, starts pacing. Shinra tugs at his leg, then holds up two fingers and points at the picture again. Shinta gets very pale, and Jun expresses concern.


From elsewhere in the huge house, the gate buzzer is heard, followed by Gil's very loud exclamation, "YOU NEED WHAT!?!"


Shinta takes off like a bat out of hell. Gekkou grumbles about the unfairness of Shinta getting out of doing his homework and Kumako thwaps him on the shoulder for it. Jun starts to get up to find out what's going on, but Reiko tugs on his sleeve and actually speaks, audible but very soft.

"His friends need him."

Now Gekkou wants to know what's going on, but Jun (aping Kyon-nii-san) reminds him how their older siblings are going to react to trouble, and that it's best to wait until everything is sorted out by the Okaa-sans. Gekkou grumbles, but goes back to his homework with Kumako and Reiko.

Shinra sits for a moment, looking to where Shinta had left the room, then crawls back over to Ichigo, who was strangely quiet this whole time, and resumes playing with her.


Shinta, one of the family's customized first aid kits under each arm, gets to the entrance hall just in time to see Gil open the front door. In comes a very rag-tag looking group: a big woman, scuffed up and bruised, carrying an awful-looking Fate, and Nanoha and Yuuno supporting a limping Chiyo.

Then the older siblings start piling in, also curious: Takeshi, Kiritsugu, Arika, Aya, Fuuko, and Riko. Chaos ensues as Gil, Shinta, and Takeshi try to get the two casualties into the main living room, while the rest throw questions and exclaimations around wildly.

Then Chiyo gives the noisemakers The Smile. It gets quiet.

Then the parents come thundering in: Shiro, Rin, and Lorelei from The Workshop, Musubi, Akitsu, Sakura, and Medusa from the kitchen, Chiho and Uzume from their room, Kazehana, Alaya-ko, and Altrouge from the deck overlooking the yard...

Fate and Arf look like dear caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. Nanoha and Yuuno just look resigned, having experienced this before. Chiyo's left eye begins twitching.


Strangely enough, it's not Chiyo who vocalized the objection, but Shinta.



"Nii-chan...?" Back in the den, Kumako looks up from her homework with wide eyes to meet Jun's and Gekkou's similar expressions.

Reiko quietly adds, "...Is very mad."

There is a moment of silence in the room, then Ichigo giggles, and Shinra giggles back.


Taking care of the injuries...

Shinta trying to patch up Nanoha with a blush on his face, matching her own. Yuuno looks on, obviously amused... Until Fuuko glomps onto him from behind, and starts teasing him about being jealous of Nanoha and Shinta. Then he is just annoyed.

Fate refusing to shed her barrier jacket in front of so many people, so Chiho takes her and Arf back to her room.


After injuries patched up, dinner time with the family trying extra hard to make Fate and Arf feel welcome. Nanoha calls her parents and asks if she can stay for the night...


Final scene: Arf tucking Fate in for the night, in a guest room. Need dialogue to show contrast between Fate's confusion and torn feelings (having received so much affection so freely from the Emiya Clan, and having gotten so little from her mother), and Arf's stout devotion to Fate and her rapidly solidifying conclusion that this place is good for Fate, and that she should stay here.

6/13/2011 . Edited 6/13/2011 #878


One thing regarding Chiyo. First of all she wouldn't limp, she could be missing half of her body but she'd determinator through it and keep a smile on. No matter how much hurt she is she tries not to show it, especially around her family. Also IF either Arf or Fate tried to leave the house before getting healed up and rested Chiyo would smile the hell out of them even going as far as to threaten chaining them to beds. If there is anything she hates in other people it's recklessness and not caring about their bodies and health. Yes it is VERY hypocritical coming from her :-3

6/13/2011 #879

ok, how about this?


In comes a very rag-tag looking group: a big woman, scuffed up and bruised, carrying an awful-looking Fate, while Nanoha and Yuuno hovered around a tired-looking Chiyo, both obviously wanting to offer support but knowing that Chiyo would refuse.

6/13/2011 #880


Yeah and she keeps saying that YES she IS okay.

Hmm regarding the talk between Arf and Fate. I think Fate would still believe in her mother, she'd believe that if she gathers the Jewel Seeds she will have a family life as happy as Emiyas while Arf will try to talk her out of it, maybe a bit of that conversation where Arf offered Fate to run away together somewhere where Precia wouldn't find them


Offtopic, are you getting email post notifications from Old posts ?? I got a couple just now and they directed me to some week-two weeks-three weeks old posts.

6/13/2011 . Edited 6/13/2011 #881

Yup. It seems like the system is buggy. Instead of referring to the newest post it goes random.

Common problem in saturated databases.

On another note I cried to give another Xover a whirl. Inspired by the Shuffle Alliance OMAKE. Story in Crossover section

6/13/2011 #882


It's happening to me too.

6/13/2011 #883

I guess there are some bugs popping up now and again, like how I can't input on any of the polls on authors home page son the site...

6/13/2011 #884

Okay people on more pleasant note. Anyone willing to write a Movie Night at Emiyas ?? Prefered movie: "300"

6/13/2011 #885
Bloody Hero

I can imagine the kids saying that if it was Uncle Gil or Dad the enemy would be routed.

6/13/2011 #886

Or both. Just the two of them against an army, in the feel-good buddy cop comedy of the year!

6/13/2011 #887

OHHHH I have this image in my head. Gil berating the Persian King, saying with a pitiful excuse for a ruler he is, telling him to move over and make place for Great King Gilgamesh.

6/13/2011 #888
Bloody Hero

Who bets Gill would just sword rain all his enemies to death while proclaiming his superiority. Shirou would pobably just carve a bloody path all the way to the Persion King then when he's within 2.5 miles kill him with a arrow.

6/13/2011 #889

YES. This would be totally awesome. Remember the "our arrows will blot out the sun" bit?

Imagine Gil's response.

6/13/2011 #890


Gilgamesh's eyes rose to take in the enormity of the rain, and then he grinned

"Two can place this game mongrels. Your arrows will block out the sun? Mine will drown you in the ocean of Darkness Gates of BABYLON"

I have an even more fun idea. Emiyas Wanted to make a Movie Night but due to Karin's tampering the power is out. Fortunately Uncle Zelretch was around and offered an even Better thing. He put a one-way dimensional window on the wall so the kids could watch but nothing from the other side could come, and took Gilgamesh and Shirou to the 300 world

6/13/2011 #891
Bloody Hero

How dare that miserable old fool dump me hear to fight these mongrels! roared the ancient Summerian King. Whilst the King of Heroes was busy ranting about old fools who don't know there place Shirou merely sighed in resignation. After hearing said sigh immediately brought Gilgamesh to focus on Shirou. Faker, why do you not curse him as well? Surely you must be outraged by this farce. At which Shirou merely smiled and replied while looking at Gil. Because Gil it's Tuesday and Root has pretty much ordained that it's favorite time to screw with me is every Tuesday. I was pretty much expecting this to happen ever since I woke up this morning.

Thus Gilgamesh the King of Heroes merely stared in resignation at Shirou. Well Gil, shall we hurry and get this over with I was cooking a couple of cakes for desert and if we don't hurry, in twenty minutes they'll burn. Thus the two warrior joined the enemy in combat and screams of persions could be heard for miles. Eventually King Leonidus showed up withi his army of 300 and other greek soldiers to combat the Persians only to behold the Self proclaimed Persian God on his knees begging the man in gold and red for mercy. Thus this led Leonidus to wonder have Apollo and Ares themselves took offense at the Persians audacity for surely only a God could kill the millions of Persian corpses they saw before them.

6/13/2011 #892

@Bloody Hero

Magnificent, Succinct, Clear and Magnificent. It will be LONG time before anyone will screw with the Greeks again.

6/13/2011 . Edited 6/13/2011 #893


Some quotation marks would be helpful. Other than that, great job!

6/13/2011 #894
Bloody Hero

thanks for the appreciation guys originally it was just going to be a little snippet but turned into a few paragraphs. That's why I didn't use quotation marks because I honestly didn't expect it to be beyond like three lines. I wonder should I have Leonidus walk up and kneel to what he believes are Gods. That could be pretty amusing and the reactions from Gil and Shirou would be hilarious.

6/13/2011 #895

@Bloody Hero

Shirou: Umm... care to join in for a dinner ? We'll have cakes

Heh "Tonight we dine in Hell" takes on an entirely new meaning considering what Kids would do to them XD

6/13/2011 #896
Shioran Toushin

"all being were created equal, thus all advantages will be rendered null upon the radiance of this soul, let us fight as equals upon this halowed ground, Iam she who protects, the golden shield of the Emiya and those under my protection shan't be harmed so i proclaim this FIELD OF HARMONIOUS DISSONANCE"

Chiyos bounded field, her triumph card, it can't be considered neither a Reality Marble because by itself beccause it doesn't superposse Her inner world upon reality, nor a Marble Phantasmas it doesn't bend reality to her wish, what it causes it's the removal of 'advantages' such as flight, teleporting and nay like abilities, it also removes all and any defenses or resistances those inside the field have and recieve full damage of any attacks recieved, basically a 'fair' fight between her and any enemy, but once inside they can't leave the field, much liek the ward Emiya Shiro used to protect his workshop.

mmeaning that she can damage and defeat otherwise undefeatable or invulnerable enemies, but they can also do the same to her.


and DAA HAru's theme

and im sad that Bazzet didnt make it to the Clan ;-;

well that's my contrubuition for today.

6/13/2011 #897

@Shioran Toushin

This... has me torn, on one hand it fits her nicely, allowing her to match any kind of opponent at equal ground. On the other hand what makes her a great fighter is the ability to fight things much more powerful than her thanks to equipment, intelligence and experience. Why not give it to her when she is much older, like 30 years old ?? When she fought her way through incredible amount of things. And tie it to her understanding of the opponent. She can nullify only those abilities she understands.

Well write something about Bazette and she'll be in ^^

6/13/2011 . Edited 6/13/2011 #898
Shioran Toushin

well it's not 'nullifying' per se as much as 'forcing' a deathmatch between them on equal grounds, and making them if hit take all the intended damage that the attack can cause, basically a Soul vs Soul direct hits and i was thinking for it to be the pinnacle of her life and used to battle the real nasties of the universe something against which she can not hope to damage, win or survive , say a fully developed TYPE or something of that tier, much like Haru's future and it being basically the fruit of her life's developement, of course that is being based on her previous 'models' like another field to impede the flight ability (that she made in her late teens early twenties), etc.

6/13/2011 #899

@Shioran Toushin

I like that, maybe add the fact that it really tires her and she can't keep it up for too long and it will be a perfect thing for someone like her. I'm just reluctant to give her any "powers" because that would destroy the Badass Normal status.

6/13/2011 #900
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