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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Now when rereading it I noticed that I didn't named the point-of-views! First one is Kiri, the second I will leave you all to guess.

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yknow i actually never considered that. shirou having

Kanshou and Bakuya for most of his adult life and probably passing it down to Kiri or Chiyo...

and if we consider it canon Keiko picking up copies of Ebony and Ivory...

black and whites indeed...

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@ Mu- Sensei

So when you said six paths, were you saying the eldest six children had developed their own versions of the Bakuya and Kanshou pair? Just wondering.

Also, great by the way.

Anyways hears me finally starting with something I've been needing to do for a while now.

Rosario Emiya Chronicles

A Day in the Life


4:29....4:30am,BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEE-


Haru Emiya groaned slightly as he smashed yet another clock. Regardless of the fact he set it himself, he still hated the sound of the damn thing. He sat up in his bed and yawned while stretching his arms, got up out of bed, and went to go pick up his gi for his training this morning.

Putting his sleeveless shirt and black pants on, he grabbed the broken clock off his dresser and unconsciously threw in the trash behind him before heading out.


Haru arrived at his usual training spot, the small to large craters and overturned trees indicating his constant use of the area. He placed his towel and a bottle of water near a tree away from the area before walking over to the center of a series of craters.

"Okay..." Haru breathed out before getting into a stance. "Let's go max power without going vampire." He said to himself as he flared his power...


Haru panted deeply as he tried to steady his breathing again. His body was covered in sweat to a point he had to remove his shirt. He was glad non of the other girls were willing to try and wake up early enough to find him, no doubt most would try to jump his bones, and he would be too tired at this point to put up much of a fight. How did he end up with the crazy/ horny ones?

He shook his head and gazed at his surroundings, the Headmaster had given him this spot to use as he saw fit when asked if there was a place Haru could get some good training in when needed. It was a good distance away from the school so no one would notice the noises going off from here. What was once a peaceful looking meadow surrounded by trees, was now what looked like someone went triiger happy with a grenade launcher; more trees upturned and knocked over, more, larger craters in the ground, as well as uprooted clumps of ground that looked like small pillars.

"Another good morning started." Haru chuckled to himself. He walked over and picked up his water bottle before guzzling it down. Then splashing some in his hair to cool down, he wipes off most of the sweat with his towel before beginning his trek back to his room...


Haru returned to his dorm room before quickly coming back out with his things to clean himself with as he headed for the showers. Around this time most of the others were just now beginning to wake up. Haru enjoyed having most of these mornings to himself. Most of the other guys were not bad to say, they just annoyed him as most seemed to be all talk and no real action. A nice shower later, he brushed his teeth. After which he returned to his room, a few minutes later, he emerged again, this time dressed in his uniform this time.

'Words cannot describe how much I loathe you...' He thought to himself as he looked down at his clothes. He then sighed before getting his case for class. He then locked his door and started moving, he was going to meet up with the girls for an early breakfast and all...


Morning stared as usual. He had met up with the girls and had nice breakfast of that slightly disturbing cafeteria food. Haru worried greatly, the stuff was beginning to taste edible, no doubt he was finally starting to lose his ability to taste, that or they there're finally stepping their game up because of the rumours of how since Haru occasionaly helped out the Home Ec. class, they're food has become significantly better. Father would be proud of him.

Haru had let Moka have her morning breakfast of his blood and stopped an ice kunai from hitting the pinkette vampire as she fed, completely ignorant of the world around her. He gave a dissapproving frown to Mizore which got Kurumu laughing at the Yuki onna getting in trouble with her destined one. Leading Mizore to calmly snap back at the Succubus' mammory size, leading to another one of there daily fights.

Eventually, Yukari would get herself involved being the trouble maker and open aired/closet pervert she was while Ruby would try to calm everyone down while making sure all Haru's needs have been taken care. ("Don't think about it Haru, don't think about it Haru" He chanted quietly to himself) All the while, Moka had finished her feeding and was leaning onto his shoulder, content with just being there and watching the mayhem.

Haru noticed she had greatly mellowed out from the mother hen she used to be before they all agreed to share him. (Well, the older ones. Yukari's agreed to be the little sister until she reached legal age. Haru ain't no Pedo.)


Class goes on as usual. Nekonome Sensei asked a series of questions about the human world. Haru, being from said place, answers them all correctly when picked. These classes weren't even a challenge anymore. Human adaptation, too easy. He wonders if maybe his Kaa-san should have come here as well. The Headmaster had spoken of her as though they were familiar with each other, that and maybe she'd act a bit less childish. He was about to mentally joke about her age when he shivered slightly and had a feeling of great dread upon him. He felt as though if he had finished that joke, he would regret it greatly later.



Class ends and as per usual, Kurumu glomps Haru, allowing Haru to once again endure one of the greatest near-death experiences ever. She then quickly lets go of him and Haru sees an ice kunai sticking out of her forehead before a water basin smashed on top of her head before she fell over. Haru grunted as Yukari jumped onto his back. He doesn't even remember her coming in the classroom. Mizore then quickly grabbed his hand and led him out. Leaving Moka to sigh before picking up Kurumu and bringing her with them.


After morning classes end, the gang joins together for lunch. Haru had made a large bento for everyone to share. They absolutely adored Haru's cooking, while not on the level of his father's skill, he was making progress. Kurumu then brought out a plate of cookies she had made in Home Ec. class for Haru to taste. She looked slightly worried as he took a bite and chewed for awhile before swallowing. He was silent for awhile before he turned and smiled to Kurumu.

"You've come a long way Kurumu-chan. These have to be, by far, the most delicious tasting ones to date. Good job." She was already good at making sweets, but he was still proud to see her growing even further.

That reminded him, he needed to start planning for when he went back home for the summer. He had promised that he would help Chiyo with her cooking. The girl knew what she was doing, the energy the food gave you after was a fact she has the potential. The problem was her cooking looked and tasted as though she had cooked it in the Mystic Washing Machine though. Never a good thing.

Kurumu blushed deeply before glomping him again. Haru couldn't see the superior look she was giving the others as they glared abck at her, each planning on finding ways to get more culinary teachings from Haru.


School finally ends and Haru and his harem are walking over to their secret spot. When he had brought them to first meet his family, the girls had a run in with his youger sister Chiyo Emiya. At the time, some strange misshap had happened, giving her the appearence of an ten year old or so. Beside the point, the girls had all been beaten by Chiyo, after which she lectured them on how they needed to become stronger so that Haru wouldn't have to always worry about them when he fights. They took that to heart and when they returned to the academy, they all but demanded he started training them to become stronger. So here they were, on there way to their training spot (different from Haru's training area).

"Well, well. Look what we have hear." The group turns around to see two tall looking students leering at them. "How about you run along kid and leave the girls to us."

Haru sighed in annoyence. Must we go through with this everytime. "Look, why don't you guys just transform already so we can get this over with. We have a schedule to keep." He said dismissively to them.

The two glared heatedly at Haru for his quick dismissal of them as threats. "Little s**t we'll show you." The two then grew a few feet taller as their muscles bagan buldging out and horns appeared on their heads as their teeth grew sharper. The two monsters stood over the group menacingly.

"Ogres?" Haru raised an eyebrow as he glanced up at the monster attack of the week. "Well, you sure showed me... something I've seen and dealt with too many time to even care anymore." He looked at the girls with him. "You all head over to the grounds and start your warm ups." He then turned to Moka, "Can I let you take care of them?"

"Not a problem, Haru-kun." She replied as Haru reached up and pulled the Rosario off. Cue dramatic transformation sequence (Which Haru never gets tired of seeing) and Inner Moka stands in outer's place.

"Ogres?" Moka says disspationately as she looks over the two before turning to Haru. "I expected better of you Haru. I'm a bit insulted you would have me face such weaklings."

"I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you in training, okay?" Haru said.

"Hmph, very well then. Let's get this over with." Moka said brushing her hair back as she turned back to the ogres. "Do hurry up, I wish to get my training started."

"Don't talk down to us you B****H!" The two roared as they charged at her.

Moka smiled at them. "Fools like you really should..."

Haru smiled as well as he watched his strongest girlfriend quickly demolish the two, finishing the practically trademark line for her. "Know your place."

The ogres never stood a chance.


Around now training has come to an end. Haru is proud as he looks over the group before him. Sure the girls were all winded, but this is a far greater improvment from the barely standing to just passed out girls from when they first started. He needs to take them with him when he goes home next time to get more advanced training in their specialies. He could asked Rin-kaa-san if she was willing to help Yukari and Ruby in their studies. Mizore would no doubt need to train with Koyuki-chan and Akitsu-kaa. He was still a bit one the fence with Kurumu but he might need to ask either Kazehana-kaa or Rider-kaa for her. Moka no doubt would continue her training with him when he goes back to training with Musubi-kaa. He needed to make a few phone calls back home later this week.

'If this all works out, come our senior year, we'll be the strongest yokai in the whole damn school.' Haru thought to himself as the girls all got their bearings and the group began their trek back to the dorms.


After returning to the dorms, everyone took well needed showers and all got dressed and headed over to Haru's room for dinner. It had become tradition now that if Haru believed they did well enough in their training, he would make dinner for them. When they first tasted the food he made, it was like a switch had been flicked inside of them. Even Kurumu, who doesn't usually like working very hard, was determined to do what she could to eat like this every night. So far it's been running strong for Haru as the girls have yet to dissapoint.

After dinner they just lounged around doing homework for a bit before Haru escorted them all back to their dorm rooms. Giving each a kiss goodnight (Yukari's was on the cheek. Haru ain't no pedophile and Yukari ain't no Sekirei so that excuse she tried to use didn't work either.)before heading back to his room. The full moon bathing him in it's etheral glow as the calming breeze blew by.

He returned to his room and, after cleaning up the dishes and such, got himself ready for bed as well. Sitting down on his bed, he opened the drawer beside him and reached in. Pulling out an exact replica of the previous clock he closed the drawer, set the timer and placed it on top of the drawer. As he got himself comfortable he couldn't help thinking over how this day had gone.

"Just another day at Yokai Academy." He chuckled to himself as he turned off the light. He had another early day tomorrow after all.

(Scene end)

And their you have it. Comments? Skipped most of the cother classes, story would have just ran on for too long.

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Bloody Hero

Hey guys in all Seriousness who do you think would win in a fight Dante or Shirou?Don't get me wrong I love both characters and think they're both awesome but still......I really want to see them fight. Now there is a lot to consider when matching them up against each other. First off Swordsmanship, Now when comparing Dante to Shirou I actually think Shirou is Technically the better Swordsman plus his style was designed to fight someone like Dante who is stronger than him.

Next we have Projectiles, this is hard to compare because in range Shirou is Superior while upclose Dantes Ebony and Ivory have superior rapid fire. Then again Shirou also has sword rain while Dante has Pandora's Box. In the end I'm giving it to Shirou because he is more accurate with his shots. Next up is physical abilities........which is hands down Dante. Dante can also take more of a beating than Shirou for those of you who played the games and watched the anime you all know what I'm talking about.

Next up is Experience........I'm going for a tie on this one they have both fought against plenty of enemies and in duels as well. Also hand to hand combat giving that to Dante for his Royal Guard and Trickster fighting style. Then there is Devil arms vs NPs for me they are about the same the only real difference is the source. Finally Dante's Devil Trigger vs Shirou's UBW.........I've thought about it and I think UBW has the edge for mass amount of powerful weaponry though it could also come down to how long they both last.

In the end I'm ruling in favor of Shirou mostly because Dante while having a mass amount of Devil arms can only carry so much on his person while Shirou has his entire armoury wherever he goes. So any thoughts guys.....agrees or disagrees let me know okay? :)

6/27/2011 #1,414

@Bloody Hero

I love both characters too.

Much as hate to say it. I think Dante would probably lose against Shirou. Your facts are pretty accurate but I think it would be mostly because aside from Vegil, I don't think Dante has ever taken a fight seriously. Shirou could easily take advantage of that and exploit any and all opening Dante leaves for him.

Then again, though it doesn't seem like it, Dante I think has had far more experience in fighting more powerful creature than Shirou. Didn't Shirou start learning to fight in his late teens or something (Like around when Fate series started) Dante's been fighting for way longer than Shirou, against way more dangerous opponents (This is all standard series Shiro I'm talking about, not Emiya head Shirou) so I would actually might have to pull in favor of Dante instead.

Plus Dante could break out Quicksilver (Time slowing technique from DMC 3) during sword rain and take advantage of that.

That and like I said before, Dante can fight on even grounds with Vergil, who (now I'm going out on a limb here with this one) Can most likely fight on even grounds with, maybe even beat Karasuba and/or Miya, two women Shirou has yet to prove he can beat in a fight. (I think Saber could probably win hands down against Dante, Vergil, and Shirou so I won't include her.)

Plus if anything, He could probably use slash dimension with Yamato to stop sword rain.

Also, Shirou may have more weapons then Dante, certain blades might actually take longer to create and power up to the point he needs them while Dante is damn near instant when he needs to change his style up.

Now if it were Archer or HoS Shirou, I would have to reevaluate their stats and such. IF Shirou, not so much, since like GB said before, this Shirou relies mostly on Bakuya and Kanshou.

That's my opinion on them anyway.

(Sorry for the rant, huge Devil May Cry fan)

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Bloody Hero

Sorry my bad, I should have mentioned it before I'm talking about a Shirou who fully realized his abilities. Like for example a Shirou who is 27 10 years after the entire UBW scenario. At this time he has already surpassed Archer in swordsmanship and is more efficient than him with UBW. When I was comparing them I should have stated that they would both be in the peak of their power.

6/27/2011 #1,416

even assuming they were both in their prime, even if dante has a much lower selection of weapons than shirou does... i'll compare that to how shirou described agnes in HoS.

The woman knew her sword in ways I hadn't even begun to aspire too.

It was a side effect of my own training regime. Like I had told Louise nearly a year ago, it just didn't make sense for me to focus on one type of blade; I just had too many of them to over specialize. I made a solid and very thorough effort to know as many as I could as well as I could, but Agnes was different. The sword she carried was the only one that ever found its way into her hand. She knew every inch of it, wielded it like it was just another sharper limb for her.


In the end our styles were nearly exact opposites of each other: one implacable silence and focus while the other distractions and maneuvering, one the jack of all trades and the other an ace.

dante IS more experienced, so he probably knows the nuances of his weapons inside and out. the only weapon shirou has probably spent an equivalent amount of time with is K&B. sure he could confuse him by rapidly tracing various types of blades, but dante does have trickster style to disengage and put up his own counter style, or just dance around him.

at the heights of their power, Devil Trigger vs active UBW, i would say dante would win. devil trigger means dante is taking it seriously, and i'll say shirou simply doesnt have the reflexes to keep up with him, his personal dual-wielding style notwithstanding. no matter how good he is, he's still limited to near-superhuman speed, while dante is... devil speed. plus timehax

now, when dante isn't serious, (let's say 80-90% of the time), shirou has a better than even chance, even without activating UBW


on another note i'm semi-sad people didn't like my MBiPad joke :(

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,417

@ Bloody Hero

Ah, see in that case, I would have to agree with you mostly on that.

Though it pains me to say so, I don't think Dante could win against a fully realized Shirou. If anything All Shirou has to do is wear Dante down and go in for the decapitation (I've come to the conclusion that's the only way you can kill him 'By cutting off the head or destryoing the brain, F***ers like a zombie)

Let me restate that, It could honestly go either way though.

But I'll be D***ed if it doesn't turn into one of the most epice battle that world has ever witnessed.

Sword rain going up against Lucifer's arrows.

Shirou blades almost being destyoed in an instant from Dante opening Pandora.

Dante going devil trigger after being impladed by a barrage of blades.

It would pretty much almost end up like how the end of the final boss fight of DMC 3 ended.

The two warriors stood arcross from one another. Nearly drenched in either the blood of their opponent or their own. The white haired demon having reverted back to his human form. The world the red haired warrior had created cracking around them. Both were completely spent. They both couldn't possibly go on.

But as their gazes met, they knew they had to finish it. With this next move, this battle would end.

The two warriors readied their weapons, Longsword against two short swords. Their gazes held firm to one another.

Neither moved. A test of patience

Neither spoke. It was forbidden

Neither breathed. Lest they give away their exhaustion

Then, in an instant, the two were charging at one another. As they quickly closed the distance, the memories of what could only be the greatest battle they had ever fought played through their heads

Greater then the fight against a fallen sibling.

Greater then the fight against coruppted heroes of legend.

Even greater then fighting evil itself.

As they reached one another, they knew that no matter what, this guy would hold his highest regards as a warrior, and can only hope to face him again in the next life.

For only one of them would be walking away from this fight.

And so, for the final time, the swung their blades. No regrets will left on this field. A field where two of the strongest swordmen in the world wage war.

Pretty much along those lines yeah.

Epic Swordfight FTW XD

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Bloody Hero

Your forgetting HoS Shirou was only 19years old as stated in the fanfiction. That's only 2 years after F/SN and that isn't nearly the Peak of Shirou's abilities. Even by the end of the story he was only probably 21 or 22 years of age and then the next chapter skips far ahead into the years so we have no idea how strong he became.

Besides Devil Trigger probably gives him the same stats of Berserker from F/SN and Archer (who is also Shirou) was able to kill him six times. Now Shirou from UBW will probably match Archer's strength (thanks to absorbing skills and memories) by age 22-23. Now by age 28 (when listed Archer's death) he will completely surpass him in pretty much all categories. On another note Please don't compare Dante to Miya and Karasuba. While they might keep up with him somewhat physically Dante has superior experience, superior skills, superior weaponry, and the Devil Trigger.

The only Dante those two could beat would be Dante when he's not going Devil Trigger and their swords clashing against Devil Arms is like clashing against NPs. Since both their swords are simply swords (Miya throwing away the Totsuga No Tsurugi) would break from constantly coming into contact with Dante's Rebellion. I still want to see Excalibur vs Sparda though.

Yeah that would be an Epic Fight though it would probably never happen because realistically they would probably be friend if they ever met. Question how come no one ever though of introducing Lady to Keiko I mean Lady has a lot of guns and Keiko could become her apprentice. Actually there need to be more omakes where Shirou or the kids interact with Dante, Trish, Lady, and Enezo Dante's Broker.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,419

@Bloddy Hero

I didn't say they could beat him, I was saying they could at most keep up with him.

Plus in terms of swordsmanship, who else bsides Shirou could I try to compare him with? But in all realness they would eventually lose to him. It would take longer then if they were to fight Vergil because Dante would be too busy either messing around with them or flirting as Vergil likes to condescend then go straight for the kill.

Plus Dante probably wouldn't need Devil trigger to beat them unless by some miracle they decide to team up. Even then it's iffy...

6/27/2011 #1,420

@ throwaawy

I saw the pic, it was really good. Now we just need someone to draw full body pics of the characters and we're set.

6/27/2011 #1,421

@Bloody Hero

the point isn't his relative experience there, the point is that's his fighting style

because he has UBW he's never dedicated himself to mastering any set of blades more than he has K&B. it works for him against agnes and a majority of the people he fights because the speed and strength he gets from reinforcement puts his stats above theirs.

with people he doesnt fight close range he can hang back and NP-arrow spam

but if i recall, most of the time he fights somebody who's stats are higher than him, he defaults back to K&B and is generally on the defensive or standstill until an opening appears for him to switch to another NP.

dante on the other hand knows his weapons. he has a lot more combat experience. at the very least he can hold shirou's K&B off with Rebellion (which should say alot there, broadsword vs twin-wielded falchions) and most definitely Sparda, but he also has several other weapons that -- while he may not know them quite as well (since the games keep rotating through them) -- he probably knows them better than shirou knows 80% of his arsenal.

also, archer stats or not - i would argue Devil Trigger still kicks him above that. there's superhuman, and then there's transhuman. until he goes into that mode, though, shirou would have a stat advantage (like i said, when he's not serious he's fair game)

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Bloody Hero

Guys I've thought of a way to make the Emiya Clan even crazier.

Why not throw Medaka Box into the picture and have Homura's son Kaien react to her. Then later we can make Haruhi and Medaka meet each other while Zenkichi finds a kindred soul in Kyon.

6/27/2011 #1,423
Silver Sun 17

Works, i'm for it. Using Nana for Kaien was too crackish anyway.

6/27/2011 #1,424
Silver Sun 17

though i think Shirou would do the raid on the flask plan personaly

6/27/2011 #1,425
Bloody Hero

@ Throwaway

One I listed that Dante in Devil Trigger is Like a Berserker who could think. They only difference is Devil Trigger doesn't come with multiple lives and resistance and is temporary.

Two HoS Shirou is different than UBW Shirou and if you read is only 19 years old when summoned by Louise and maybe 20 when he fights Agnes.

Three Shirou's fighting style was made to deal with someone like Dante who surpasses him physically.

Four for me I think the biggest Factor is who can keep their Trump card active the longest Shirou with UBW or Dante with Devil Trigger.

Lastly I'm trying to write like this to make a point and look condescending their is something wrong with my post box and it's acting wonky.

6/27/2011 #1,426

That's a dangerous game your playing there. But, for the sake of this family's constant insanity never becoming normal, go for it.

6/27/2011 #1,427
Silver Sun 17


6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,428
Bloody Hero

Alright I'll wait for a day and see what people think. If anyone wants to write it go ahead I don't care if you guys take the idea and run with it. However if no one wants to write one but still approves then I'll take a stab at it myself. Lets all have fun with the Emiya Clan getting involved with Medaka Box.

6/27/2011 #1,429
Silver Sun 17

we need to figgure out the remaining wingings

these are the seriuous proposals (not my naruto crack)

Kaien: female lead from mekada box

Aya: Harry Potter

Ichigo: ????

did i miss anyone?

6/27/2011 #1,430

Was listening to this and this when typing, not sure if it affected my work but the songs are quite epic.


After her bath, she was rather surprised to see nearly everyone in the family standing outside the door. Her father was rather pale. For a few moments she wondered why was she having hallucinations of her family. Often her sleep addled brain would be fine now after that nice long soak. Reiko's widened in surprised as her father pointed to down the hall were all her clothes were strewn haphazardly on the floor. She felt her cheeks warm as the implications of the scene before her.

It was Uzume who voiced the question on everyone's mind, "Shirou...who is she?"


"So, let me get this straight. You are little Reiko over there," pointing to the little Sekirei who was playing with her older-self's hair, "from centuries into the future and decided you wanted to drop by and visit...YOU EXPECT US TO BELIEVE THAT?!" screamed Rin her shoulders arching like a cat. It was just absurd. Sure, Reiko was showing signs of Time manipulation but this level of power was beyond mortal means!

The Sekirei from the future smiled and her half lidded gaze marked her amusement, "Now I know why Mama enjoyed riling up Rin-kaa so much," she spoke softly.

Shirou had to bodily restrain Rin from tackling the older form of his daughter. She was now dressed in a black yukata with blue highlights after she very purposely stripped in the middle of the hallway ignoring those around her, which she mentioned a habit formed when she lived in the future much to Shirou's chagrin. Takeshi was being nursed by Chiyo on the side both casting curious glances at person who had a startling resemblance to Reiko or Karasuba.

The rest of the kids were ordered out of the room. Rin and Lorelei were taking this a bit harshly as the only type of magic capable of this was the Second, discounting the recently rediscovered ancestral Emiya Time magics which no one can use due to Kiritsugu's crest not being passed on to Shirou. Even then the level of dominion over time exhibited by the arts were no where near the level of mastery traveling to past requires.

Altrouge took a calm sip from the tea in her hand, as much as she is enjoying Lorelei's discomfort things need to be settled, "You claim you are from several centuries in the future, but while longed lived, Sekirei do not live that long."

Surprisingly it was the younger of the two who answered, "Time...flows...differently...for me."

Her older counterpart nodded and answered softly, "I cannot explain it but I stopped aging around my 17th year. I do not know if it is a consequence of my powers or not."

She took a brief a moment before continuing, "When I arrived here I was already six to seven hundred years of age. I stopped counting after my 300th year of life," especially when there is almost no one to celebrate with her treacherous mind added quietly.

Indeed, while her relationship with her Haru was now more amiable. Certain things that were said were forgiven but never forgotten. Shinra was often gone and Seiun can't exactly relate to her aside from being the aloof but loving caretaker that raised him since he was a babe. The only things to entertain her were the occasional attacks on her person from the World Government, the Church or Magus Association. They weren't exactly up to discussing the state and implications of Temporal Laws. Adding that to the physiological and psychological effects of her being a Scrapped, it was a rather lonely existence.

"Still I find hard to believe Reiko is this powerful..."whispered Matsu as she looked over the pair with a calculating eye.

"I'm still not sure she's Reiko either. I mean they look the same but even with all the weirdness in our lives this is pushing," Homura grimaced as she looked at the older Reiko from head to toe.

All was silent at those words. It was rather suspicious and Reiko's own power is still mostly a mystery. Saber turned to her husband, "What convinced you to believe her Shirou?"

Shirou had been quiet the entire time, his hands steeped together in front of him. He took a moment to consider his answer before replying, "Her sword."

"Her sword?" Matsu asked. She knew of Shirou's ability with weapons but this is the first time she saw him use it outside of a battle mindset.

Taking as a sign to continue Shirou placed a long jagged black gem on the table. It was only about a foot long and very thin but the mages at vampire at the table knew it brimming with power. Shirou raised the gem in his hand, "This gem is crafted with the help of the old man...It is the same gem that will form the sword that I will make or rather am making for Reiko." The younger Reiko looked up the gem in awe, her small hands reached up and touched the small crystal. She knew that this was to hers just as the infant sentience within knew she was its master.

The table was once again silent. Matsu tentatively spoke up, "Still not that I doubt you Shirou-tan, something more concrete would be more convincing."

"The how about a spar?"

Karasuba who has been silent till now walked up to her older daughter with an odd gleam in her eye. Reiko slowly stood up from her seat and the both Black Sekirei's smiled. A calm almost longing smile on Reiko's as opposed to a slightly proud and exited smirk on Karasuba's. The pair walked off to the dojo without another word, with little Reiko hot on their heels.

Awkward silence permeated the room, most of the occupants were startled with the similarities the pair shared. Matsu cleared her throat to and replied jokingly, "If anything, it should give us some DNA to work with?" almost in question.

None replied.


6/27/2011 #1,431

@Bloody Hero

lines 1,4 i think we're talking about completely different things so i'm gonna skip

Two HoS Shirou is different than UBW Shirou and if you read is only 19 years old when summoned by Louise and maybe 20 when he fights Agnes.

as i said, its not about his age, but by that time he has a set style. i'm saying he wont change his style and will always be a Jack-of-All / Master of None type of swordsman. this leads to your next point

Three Shirou's fighting style was made to deal with someone like Dante who surpasses him physically.

yes it is, but it only works to a point. in IF when he sparred against Miya (yes i know he was relatively young then too), he noted that he was quickly reaching a point where her speed would rise to the point where even his style could not help him.

yes his own speed has risen through the years and he can keep up with dante. my argument is he can only do so while dante is in his human form. i maintain that dante in devil trigger form is faster -- and beyond a speed shirou can keep up with. and if shirou can't keep up with dante using K&B, he has NO better options because he doesn't know his other weapons well enough to do anything else but 1-shot attacks using NP's

6/27/2011 #1,432

Well for trump cards, you would really have to consider the scenarios they put into to having to use it.

More then likely Shirou would have to use his first after realizing that a couple slices and dices in he's not really doing much damage. After a while Shirou maybe forced to use sword rain on Dante, who either uses Devil Trigger before the blades hit him, forcing them back, or devil triggering after taking the hits, given he wasn't decapitated in the attack, thus freaking Shirou the F**k out slightly. Plus Devil Trigger does heal Dante as well as up his stats, even if temporarily.

How many times can Shirou use sword rain before he taps out. For the most part Dante would only have to use trickster or quicksilver and let Shirou burn his circuit out before going in to attack.

Strength and skill are good points, but this would mostly be a batlle of who can stay conscious the longest after the best moves are pulled out.

6/27/2011 #1,433

@medaka box

don't know the series well enough to have an opinion, although the tvtropes page is throwing me for a loop


she's the youngest. let her grow up and maybe in a few months we'll have another anime/manga series to invade


seriously, i keep trying to find out. how are you doing hyperlinks to youtube and whatnot XO

6/27/2011 #1,434
Bloody Hero

First at Throwaway granted but if you remembered Shirou fought Miya using strictly human abilities no magecraft what so ever and was able to keep up.

Two I stated before and I agree it comes out who can keep their trumps the longest regardless I'd pay good money to see that fight. Oh I know a way to have that fight happen and nobody dies.

Okay who has seen deadliest warrior? Just have Matsu create a program that takes all those facts into consideration and have the virtual Dante and virtual Shirou duke it out over 1000 battles to see

who has the higher chance of winning. Plus we can have another movie night featuring it and have Zelretch make another special appearance.

6/27/2011 #1,435
Silver Sun 17

use the chain icon by between the boncoluars and the dropdown style box after pasting the url into the post

6/27/2011 #1,436

...yeah when i do that it turns it back into text

also tried switching to HTML and using normal hyperlink coding, does the same

maybe TFF just hates me.

@Bloody Hero

reinforcement has an upperlevel of enhancement, its not like a Kaio-Ken x(infinity)

meh, computer simulations. (starts rambling about misc chaos, random chance, battlefield conditions, etc etc etc)

6/27/2011 #1,437
Silver Sun 17

don't mean to shoe into the Archer and the Emiya clan thing but this idea had to get posted:

"S***." Archer swore as he dived through a random door to escape the incoming searcher. as the door closed Reiko walked into the hall way and to the door archer dove throrgh.

"bad uncle archer." she whispered and locked it from the outside. as she left a name tag was shown on the door MW XIII (do not enter without a basket of dirty clothes.)

-bad end-

6/27/2011 #1,438
Bloody Hero

Ah, MW Xlll how I missed you :)

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,439

I've been thinking, what would Chiyo's favourite show be, and now I know :-3



She collapsed on the sofa, tired, depressed. Her empty eyes looking at the ceiling. Yet again she lost, even with all her hard training she stood no chance against the powered members of the family. Will it always be like this? Will she always be the small bug in comparison to the mighty hawks her siblings represented. She tried and worked so hard and yet... and yet she was still not good enough. How can she defend her family if she is this weak, how can she protect her siblings, friends and all those she cares about. For the first time in a long time tears started appearing in her eyes as she hang her head. And then blinked, on the sofa next to her laid a stack of DVDs. She took one of them and checked what kind of series it was

"Mhm some anime the kids were watching?"

She sighed, she might just try watching it, it's not like it will get her even more depressed, and she needs to cheer up before others will see her. She didn't want to worry them.

She put the first DVD in the player and turned on the TV.

The first episodes depressed her even more, she could relate to the protagonist's problems and it depressed her.

But as she started watching episode after episode she got more and more interested.


Haru entered the room and noticed his sister, Chiyo sitting on a sofa, ending of some anime series visible on TV. This was unusual, Chiyo rarely watched TV.

"Hey Chiyo what are you whAAAGGHH MY EYES"

Haru covered his eyes as the radiant face of his sister almost blinded him.

"Turn off the light sis, turn off the light!"

He almost screamed, the light visible even through his eyelids and the hand covering them

Chiyo blinked and the break in her concentration cut the power to her radiance

"Good you are here Haru-nii-san"

She said, energetically getting up from the sofa

"Let's Train!" She almost screamed, eager, enthusiastic expression on her face


She grabbed his hand and started dragging him outside. Haru swore, where did she suddenly get such a strong grip.

"I won't always stay the little bug that crawls the ground"

She announced with passion that was almost scary


Haru could only stare, his eyes shot back to the TV catching the last of the ending

"History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi?"

He muttered as his sister dragged him out of the room.

6/27/2011 #1,440
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