The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Bloody Hero


But......But.....But....if we make it into an anime then we can't draw it into the madness that is the Emiya clan and Shirou won't get two more wives. Remember what we discussed before in the crossover thread with Shigure from Ryouzanpaku and Mikumo from Yami. :(

6/27/2011 #1,441
Shioran Toushin

well to the Dante Vs Shiro, well i think that it would be defined by their individual capacities and skills, because wathever devil arm that dante uses Shiro either has an NP equivalent or can trace that weapon, and for the DT, time dilating shiro has either some counter or something to equalize the fiels, and for energy source well im on the opinion that Dante has more than Shirom but either Shiro uses what he has more eficient or can use the time proven magus proverb "if you don't have the personal power to do it search and use the power of someone/something that has" like making a contract or device a MC that serves as a prana battery like the grail and the toshaka jewels do, or even what the JSZ do and draw power from the multiverse.

The number of unique weapons encountered and recorded by Emiya exceeds numerous thousands. Their entire histories, compositions, and designs are all perfectly recorded, allowing for instant proficiency with the weapons by inheriting all combat skills and techniques utilized by their original owners.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,442

@Bloody Hero

I KNOW, you think it didn't pain me to do it this way... mhm I KNOW!!!! The stack was actually left there by Zelretch/Adult!Reiko/Rin who brought it from alternate reality where Kenichi is an anime series, imagine Chiyo's shock when she'll meet Kenichi in person :-3

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,443
Bloody Hero that case. ROCK ON HUBIKOSHI!!!!!! LET'S PAIR CHIYO WITH KENICHI AS WELL WHILE WERE AT IT!!!!!!! What there are plenty of people who are bi-sexual and I happen to think they would get along as well (besides I don't like Miu).

6/27/2011 #1,444

Double Wielding - Hikari to Yami Ryuu

Name given by Miya to the Emiya style of fighting with two weapons. The trademark of a graduate user is the wielding of weapons mismatched in color, one Black, one White. Its specialty is fightig superhuman creatures or targets more powerful than the user, but it was modified to work against users of the same power class. Includes both short and long range weapon techniques.

Six paths of wielding - Rikudouko Ryu

The natural progression of the previous style, this one named after Shirou's Ashura Rikudouko (see below). Includes the complete mastery of six different weapons in the basic style, and the ability to change between them seamlessly in battle.

Ashura Rikudouko - Six paths of the Ashura

Shirou's personal arsenal, these blades were the culmination of his reseach in Runes, Magecraft, Conceptual Weapons, and Noble Phantasms.

Rumors said that it started after an accident with a washing machine, his wives forbid him to make another magical household appliance, leading him to make test weapons. Previous versions of this set were traced in combat several times, but it was after a certain incident at his late fifties, that none knows the details for sure*, when he became unable to use his Projections, he took the weapons as his primary form of attack.

Ginkou to Kuroyume (Silverlight and Black-dream)

The improved versions of Kanshou & Bakuya, that Karasuba renamed, much to Shirou's chagrin. They're significantly larger, like the overedge versions of the original swords, but the blades are thiner, and smother, only their edges being serrated. Reinforced to the extreme, they've been forged with a combination of ancient forgery, magecraft and technology, and are said to be monofilamentary weapons.

Nami (Wave)

A Blue and White spear of spiraled pattern with a Hooked point (like a Harpoon), and the ability to break in a Santetsukon (or Sanchaku) or into a Chain-Whip. Its used for mid range combat, and besides the basic Reinforcement of the edge and the overall resistance, the blade has shown to be able to be controlled by the users od. Its said that when asked 'why blue' by Rin, Shirou stated 'I'm not confortable with red spears...".

Reppuu (Violent Wind)

Shirou's Nodachi (?), treated with temporal distortion to increase the attack speed, allowing the user to deliver an attack in the middle of the previous one, and invisibility on the blade, allowing for almost unblockable attacks, the handle is the only visible part, is revested in cyan colored wrappings and a dark-golden finish. The scabbard is treated with a space expansion field being the size of a standard kodachi, confusing his opponents even more. He admittedly based the powers of the blade in the fifth grail war's assassin.

Ryuen (Dragon Flame)

A silver bladed Long sword that tries to replicate Excalibur's scorched earth effect, and succeeded, to a lesser scale. Its said that it's name came from Kusano's mocking shouts of "Now oni-chan have dragon flames too?!" when he first showed them the prototype of the blade. It also have some burn on contact runes inscribed on the handle, allowing only people of Emiya blood to use the blade.

Yamagami (Mountain God)

His largest blade, this broadsword allows gravity manipulation, weighing very little, but producing tremendous impact force when swung at a target. Also when striking the earth the user can cause a wave of blade-like spikes to sprout from the earth with five-meter radius area of effect.


*some rumors said it involved a surprise attack by a large number of highly empowered individuals, leading to over use of his Reality Marble, while others said that involved the planets essence being bound and maintained at his master bedroom with a reinforced and modified version of Enkidu, thus keeping him from using his Unlimited Blade Works or risk the releasing of the angry goddess.


Since you asked, I felt I had to answer.

I'm having problems with Opera (PC, Mobile and Mini). Am I the only one? I can't reply to posts or visualize things in higher zoom, making me restricted to the time I'm in front of the PC...

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@Bloody Hero

Mhm but I kinda like Miu, and besides I dislike separating couples... Though they could definitely become good friends, and I even have one idea in mind. At some point Chiyo would fight against Kenichi two-swords style, and to everyone's surprise Kenichi wouldn't freak out with his usual "Blades are scary" Why? Because unlike Yami, Shigure and many other Chiyo doesn't want to hurt him, and feels it in her blades. She is still very proficient and dangerous with them and he knows it, but he isn't afraid and can train with mind at peace.

6/27/2011 #1,446
Bloody Hero

Or we can have Zelretch bring in Kenichi you know the when you made in your crossover omake who knows Shirou?

6/27/2011 #1,447
Ginko Yurishiro

Incest is fine so...

Pairing for keiko.

Keiko X This guy(Shirou's Son from another reality) -

Possible/impossible/Yes/No (?)

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,448
Bloody Hero


I agree let's say that he is Shirou and Sakura's son from HF and let his name be Kiritsurugi why you ask because he uses guns. :)

6/27/2011 #1,449

@Bloody Hero

[scratches his chin] And That Kenichi wouldn't freak out around Chiyo's blades... now that would be an achievement XD


Interesting, who is it? Or you only have a picture? While we are at Alt!Shirous, what's the story behind Kotomine Shirou?

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Reiko and Haru omakes are funny!

Also Kittybear, is that a guy? He doesn't look like a girl too much but... Keiko will be really bi(all the way) if she end with a person like that!

6/27/2011 #1,451


love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!

Now as such, I must asked permission to spinoff your idea


"Okay..." Haru said as he looked at the dvd case. Recently, he noticed his sister Chiyo seemed more enthuiastic about trianing. While Haru was perfectly fine with that, her progress was just crazy. What was once one of the weakest kids in the family was really starting to make even better progress than before.

Hell, she had almost caught him off gaurd with a simultaneous punch to the face and stomach. The hell she learn that from?

Then he remembered, it all started after she had watched some anime one of the younger ones had. So here he was, looking at the cover in slight disinterest. He himself didn't mind anime that much, this was a fighting one so he may have gotten around to it soon. But, if it somehow insipired Chiyo to try and push beyond her limits it was worth watching.

"Alrighty then..." Haru said as he put the disc in and played the series "Here we go..."

It started off pretty normal, Haru snorted at the protagonist, the guy seemed pretty pathetic to him. Anyone of his siblings could take on those bullies in that karate club. As the episode played through, Haru began to understand why it caught Chiyo's interest in it, this guy held the same determination to get strong as she did. He respected that.

Then he should up. Haru could only gabbed as he watched this monstrosity of power. On top of that, he was using the same style Haru was using, only way more extreme. When the episode ended, Haru quickly moved on to the next episode, then the next, and so on trying to see what he can about this guy and the intensive use of his fighting style...


Musubi patiently waited for Haru to arrive. It was time for their daily spar and he was a late. It was only a few minutes so she wasn't worried but Haru always made it on time for their spars.

She quickly calmed down when she heard footsteps and saw her sparring partner come by. "You're late, Haru-kun." She chided playfully.

Haru scrathed the back of his head. "Sorry, Musubi-kaa. I got caught up with something."

Musubi nodded then got into her stance "Let's go!" She said enthusiastically. Haru entered his stance and Musubi noticed he seemed to move slightly different then before. "Are you alright?"

"I am Musubi-kaa." Haru said calmly. Musubi mentally flinched when she noticed Haru's eyes seemed be glowing for some reason. She was almost worried Haru had developed his own projection like Shirou's Asura. Then that was quickly crushed when Haru suddenly chraged forward with what could be the strangest battle call she's ever heard.


She was in for an interesting spar.

(Scene end)


6/27/2011 #1,452
Ginko Yurishiro

@Bloody Hero

Did you know that he's using Cthugha & Ithaqua as guns(I'm serious)...

If that doesn't seduce Keiko i don't know what will.

6/27/2011 #1,453


O_O I APPROVE DAMN IT!! Musubi IS in for a very interesting sparring match XD Makes me wonder who will he use the "Punch you don't let children see". Oh and love the shout out to the Double Punch XD

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,454
Ginko Yurishiro


Is that what I think it is?

6/27/2011 #1,455
Bloody Hero

Dear Lord, if Keiko was acting like a fangirl with Dante's Ebony and Ivory she will Probably have to suppress a moan of almost sexual pleasure (yes HoS reference) with lil Kiritsurgi's guns (yes the name stays). I can even imagine a half naked lil Kirri running away from Keiko and into his mother Sakura's arms begging sanctuary.

@ Deusrasengan 2

BLODDY HERO FULLY SUPPORTS THIS! Though I though Haru would like Sakaki more than Apachai though.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,456


6/27/2011 #1,457

Very funny stuff about Alter-Kiri ^^. That makes her an unrepentant incestuous girl, AND bi.

The Kenichi is nice too! Is the anime a good series? I'm just pilling stuff on the to-watch list (To-love-ru, Nanoha)

no one saw my naming of the Emiya fighting style? Or should I take the silence as approval (unlike Silver Sun's Naruto omake)

6/27/2011 #1,458


Dammit, we do that, we need to reintroduce Haru to Alucard then.

Haru and Keiko head to London and somohow get involved with the Helllsing Organization.

Keiko trying to stop her brother from fighting Seras' master while at the same time oogling all the 'lovely' weapons they have there.

Someone should do that.

6/27/2011 #1,459
Ginko Yurishiro

Well if you don't want to pair Keiko with a guy...there is a female version of him.

- Totally the same person(this is canon in the game).

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,460
Bloody Hero

You know I want to see Shirou and Alucard fight again but this time Alucard brings Seras. Little does he know that while preparing for the second encounter Shirou and Seras got together and she joined the Emiya clan. Thus when the fight happens Alucard is surprised of finding out about Shirou and Seras. What do you all think, this way we can eventually drag Alucard into the Emiya clan as a Grandfather figure.


NOOO! Kitty don't take away lil badass Kiritsurugi who is Shirou and Sakura's son from HF.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,461


Well I approve of the fighting style :-3

As for Kenichi, it's a fun series, though anime spans around 1/2-1/3 of the manga series. In short it's a series about complete failure aka Kenichi who slowly and painfully learns and grows as martial artist fighting more and more powerful opponents. It's quite simple but filled with great humour, fanservice, badassness and realistic Martial Arts (at least as long as Kenichi's masters are not fighting cause those guys are inhuman monsters XD Very fun and pleasant to watch/read

6/27/2011 #1,462

"You!!" Haru yelled pointing at the red suited vampire.

"Haru, that's no way to talk to Alucard-ojisan." Chiyo chided her brother.

"!!!" He was frozen as he stared at the elder vampire looking at him in amusement.

"What do you say boy?" Alucard said. "Come give your grandfather a hug."

Haru lost it.


I expect that to happen

6/27/2011 #1,463


Haru lost it XD That's an understatement of the year XD Wait does that mean that Integra would be the Granm (runs trying NOT to get shot by an irritated British aristocrat)

6/27/2011 #1,464
Bloody Hero

Someone needs to expand on this idea and add Seras as a bride. Shirou's Harem will never stop growing will it.

6/27/2011 #1,465

@Bloody Hero

Isn't that the point? Uzume spoke the words of wisdom "When will you harem be enough Shirou, WHEN!?"

Hmm I'll probably get smacked for this but

Haru entered the room and gulped, Chiyo was watching anime again, nothing good can come of it.


She spoke up like a drill saergant

"Yes Ma'am?"

"We are going to train, come"

She spoke dragging him again, seriously didn't she knew he had legs he could actually use to follow her

"The Springtime of Youth will give us power to grow stronger"

She shouted, her fisted hand in the air as she cheered on.

Haru started wondering if hiding DVD player would be in order now.

6/27/2011 #1,466
Bloody Hero

Alas, poor Haru I knew yee well........unfortunately as long as their is Internet Chiyo would never be separated from anime.

Also HubiKoshi a discussion of Medaka Box and Shirou is going on the F/SN crossover thread would like your opinion when you have time.

6/27/2011 #1,467

@Bloody Hero

Indeed, and let's be honest here Rock Lee and Maito Gai being the only read Badass Normals in Naruto would definitely grab Chiyo's attention XD

Gladly... but as surprising as it may sound I know next to nothing about that series T_T

6/27/2011 #1,468

Last Martial-arts manga I read was Change123 (not exactly realistic, but hey! no ki blasts!), With had a hot main heroine! (and some of the secondary ones too!) What about pairing Motoko with Kaien?

Hm, I saw Naruto a until the 4 tails incident, then jumped to the Shikamaru Shippuuden, but dropped the series. Same with bleach, it only exist to me until the soul society invasion arc. Only thing that improved with the time was the OST (3 is my favorite). I generally try to avoit series that basis in the rules of "With enough power, skill becomes irrelevant." like it was said in the previous thread.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1,469
Bloody Hero

By the way out of curiousity how is the Godannar omake going along since you said your remaking it?

6/27/2011 #1,470
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