The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I rolled from bellow the tank, turning it into a crouch. Looking at the distance, my reinforced eyes took in the fighter planes ready to take off from the warships.'That wouldn't do!', so I turned my Yamagami, and turning it into an arrow, broke and released aiming for a path that would hit two of the ships.

That is when she appeared in front of me, bloody and battered, she was going to die in the only way possible for her, broking herself to kill as many as she can... She kissed me, and her wings of liquid shadow sprouted from her back. "Bye my beloved." And she dissapeared. No, time stopped, and soldiers all around died all the sudden, missing limbs, severed in a half or simple beheaded. And there I decided to broke my only rule.

I shed a tear. "Good bye, my beloved Karasuba."

Drawing Ryuen, I spun on my heels sending a wave of flames around me for cover, and put the blade on my bow, fooding it with my od. Using a variation I developed bassed on Negi's techniques, I chanted infusing the spell inside the blade:

"Kenotetos astrapsato, de temeto. Dios Tukos." Unlike the boy, I cast it into a hushed tone, moving myself behind a beach café for cover and release the arrow, a clinical part of my mind take note that Gil unleashed Ea in another warship obliterating it and the soldiers in the way completely. My arrow hit the last ship, bursting it in flames and bathing the smaller ones around in a localized thunderstorm. I start my chant:

I am the sword of my pledge,

I saw a pillar of light in the air, probably Matsu using her abilities and striking down the incoming fighter planes. I focus myself, and the words came naturally, different from the previous times, different from my darker counterpart.

Tempered in blood and tears,

I've forge tools of war for the sake of peace,

The other allies in the battlefield, sense my od and I feel their attention shift to me.

Never straying, never retreating

I walk this path first, paving the way to my loved ones,

Somehow, even the enemies are looking at me now, the very air stirring at my attempt to change reality.

Certain of the victory in the end, I reach to this answer,

So as I draw the sword, Unlimited Blade Works.

The sky didn't darken this time, nor the fire came. I felt myself in Kamikura, like nothing ever changed, but something is different. In my hand is a blade of black, gold and red, and its name is Emiya. Around me every one of the warriors defending this island is stading, even deceased ones. Different blades in their hands, all of them from my arsenal. To my surprise even my late wives stood at my side, all of us in our prime.

We charge.

They never stood a chance, neither with tanks, neither with planes. It was a complete anihilation.

I felt the world trying to crush my Reality in favor of its own, but hold it for an extra moment. I turn to my wives, an expression of surprise never leaving my face.

"Is this real? Or is my mind playing tricks on me."

Rin came and kiss me lovingly, for once unashamed of the crowd around us. I savored the kiss, and when we parted she teased me: "Wanted to do more but we're short on time, and in a too crowded place, honey..."

My reality fade, leaving me and the dumbfolded people in the beach around me, And I fell on my knees, felling the weight of my age and the abuse of my circuits taking its toll on me.

I faint.


We were in the middle of a conference with the UN, when we felt the pull. It was something that never happened before, but also familiar. My concience splitted between the conference and a battlefield, where I worn my younger body, along with a youger version of my father, and my mothers. I almost cried, but in battle letting your attention wander is a sin. We crushed the enemy. Rin kissed father. And I was back.

The representative said: "As that was the decision we reached, a preemptive attack was launched at the 15:00 of today-" I gasped, looked at the clock, 17:14, and back at the moron, "and all thge members of the self named 'Emiya Clan are under arrest for dictatorship, and international crimes too numerous to-"

Haru snapped at my right, his eyes going red. Negi, the Mundus Magicus representative as of the moment, stood up and instead of a declaration he simply said the dreadest words for anyone who know him:

"Actus Noctis Erebeae..."

It was a bloodbath... And the start of the fastest world war in history of humanity...


Yes, Shirou launched a suicide attack, and that was a final variant of the Unlimited Blade Works, based on the concept of 'we are the sword of the world', since weapons are useless without warriors... Gaia was also lenient on him for reasons unknown (or not so much).

6/28/2011 #1,531
Bloody Hero

Ah, it was beautiful sensei, but still very sad while I liked it I don't want to be depressed first thing in the morning.

6/28/2011 #1,532
Then think of it this way "After death Shirou was entombed and at his tomb a sanctuary was build where you can speak directly with him, Gaia and others but not at night as all of them are prety busy so they don't show up at temple.
6/28/2011 #1,533

Well that possible leads to the grim dark future. Aslo this is NOT the end. That would be the next one. ^^ Sorry about the depressing mood though, but hey Shirou lived to the 80+, and very happy for most of the time! And got to die with a bang!

I'm using my knowledge of Negima & R+V, butI know very little of Nanoha, Ranma and the others... Any tips? Also Still waiting for the To-Love-ru cross, Hubikoshi. I agree that they will make Takeshi crazy. (If no one tries I will later)

And Kreyn, Out of my mind, NOW!

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,534
Bloody Hero

Oh well still, no matter what it still makes me sad to see a character I like die. Though I kind of want Shirou and his wives to end up in Avalon after death.

6/28/2011 #1,535


I don't really feel up to the job of crossing To-Love-Ru ^^;

Oh, Damn Mutant Story-Wrecking Mind-Readers strike again?

6/28/2011 #1,536

No comments on mine? Muu I got surpassed by Initial D...granted Rider in a racing suit does work wonders...

6/28/2011 #1,537

@ throwaawy on "trooper! i bring you swords!"


6/28/2011 #1,538
Shirou would need to die before he would consent on retirment and rest so it's pretty logical(that's why Gaia allowed him to die).
6/28/2011 #1,539


Aww it was quite touching, Reiko feeling the warmth of her family again, and being able to duke it out with Karasuba, the nickname, Ghost is quite sweet.

And yes Rider in racing suit does make wonders

6/28/2011 #1,540

Although, it's too bad you haven't seen what I have in mind for Devil Wings VS Precia... My vision of Akitsu grownup and married to Shirou is VERY MUCH a warrior... Shirou himself prefers to fight Back To Back Bada-s-s-es with her for a very good reason. Why?

Because Akitsu has long since grown from using ice daggers to using ice SWORDS. And she uses them the way Lambda-12 (from BlazeBlu) uses hers. ^_^ Between him throwing out multiple Kansho&Byakuya pairs and her 8 Ice/Wing Swords... Mwahahahaah.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,541
Bloody Hero


I'm sorry, I liked your omake with adult Reiko very much and found Reiko using the time loop skill that way a great idea. I didn't mean to steal your thunder, it's just that been in my head for a while now. Though I am glad that Reiko was able to experience a little happiness.

I still want to see a Initial D omake featuring Rider and Saber though.

6/28/2011 #1,542

@Bloody Hero: Out of my mind you too!

@Hubikoshi: So the task is up to me? I just finished vol3!? Just Kidding, but I might cook up something later.

@Shadow: Its just that I felt like I was repeatring myself to exaustion, on simply 'Good one'ing you again and I don't know what else to say, just like if I praise Hubikoshi more they might think I'm worshipping him. ^^

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,543


Thanks and the conclusion will give Reiko her Good End and that is a nice Rider pic

@Bloody Hero

Its cool if it got surpassed by something like that then I still have a lot of work to do before I write something truly great.


Thanks for the praise man your works are great as well. Truth be told I draw from them ^^

6/28/2011 #1,544
@HubiKoshi: About image of Rider. Crowd -"DAM*" or Boa Hancock-like crowd reaction, they DEFINITLY would try to kill Shirou or frame him into adultery only to find that Rider reaction would be "Oh Shirou is this person will be living with us from now on?" I would to see their faces after this single line.
6/28/2011 #1,545
Bloody Hero

Rider in a racing suit........(drooling in the background)..............................................................................



Oh wait, I wanted to say something damn it! Now I can't remember I was distracted by the awesome picture HubiKoshi gave the link for.....................Ah thats right, I wanted to say how hard Keisuke Takahashi (and maybe his brother) would fall for Rider and how PO he would be at Shirou. For Takumi I happen to think he would like Saber more than Rider (though still be affected). Thoughts gentlemen.

6/28/2011 #1,546
Rider would have fun and tease them a bit ,maybe even ask Kazehana to join as spectator.
6/28/2011 #1,547
I thought of name for Rikos Reality Marble.
6/28/2011 #1,548
Bloody Hero

Anybody know car terminology well enough to do an Initial D omake featuring Rider and Saber? I'd give it a shot but I know jack about cars.

6/28/2011 #1,549

A few thoughts on the Ranma 1/2 material.

1. I figure that Shirou pretty much already knows who is associating with. I bet he already had research done on everyone when he found who his daughter was bonded to. And on a related note, an earlier omake stated that Ranma 1/2 was a manga in this verse. It's on this page: ( written by deus-rasengan2 (post 329). I'd be a gag if his intel was from that!

1a. I figure anothe way to scare the Chinese Amazons would be to provide satallite pictures of the village and surrounding areas. I figure the elders have deals with the goverment in Beijing for some protection from undue cultural destruction, which basically includes hiding their existance. As far as the world knows, they don't exist, and rather keep it that way.

2. To me, the elephant in the room isn't the multiple fiancees, but the Jusenkyo curses. Can they be cured? Or will the status-quo be enforced? Would any of the other Emiya clan connections be able to undo those curses?

Of course that leads me to have an idea on how they cursed might just give up if there is too much hassle. Someone here mentioned they wanted to incorporated the Raildex verse (NanayaMode, I think?) into the Emiya clan verse. My idea involves some of the Emiya clan along with some of the Jusenkyo curse going to Academy City to locate Kamijou Touma, but end up getting in trouble with the locals. Basically they never get close to Touma, and by the time things are cleared up with the locals, Touma is gone... for England. Luckily, Shirou, Saber, their children, and maybe some other Emiya clan members are in England for some reason. (Delivering a washer/dryer based on the Mystic Washing Machine, among other things, consider the women's dorm of Necessarius did have trouble with an Academy City manufactured one) They can locate Touma and bring him safely back to Japan. Of course, as people who keep track of the light novels know that this is a lead to the English Civil War arc, followed by the World War III arc. I think you can imagine where this is leading...

Yeah... it does seem more about Raildex then about Ranma. But still... given we have Lyrical Nanoha, Haruhi, and Negima in this verse, the question of whether Jusenkyo can be cured plus whether the curse will allow it to be undone.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,550
Bloody Hero

You know I think they wouldn't need to go that far that they would need Touma to break the curse. Rin is a genius magus I'm sure she could think of something and Shirou probably has a sword that breaks curses in his arsenal. Then there is Matsu with MBI resources plus whatever Tech the Sekirei have I'm pretty sure they could do something.

6/28/2011 #1,551
Bloody Hero

Anybody think that if Gil was somehow able to participate in the plan that Tsukiumi would be the perfect Sekirei for him? Think about it he alway's calling everyone mongrel and she's alway's calling everyone monkey. Then she's also a blond (which Gil has a fondness for) who also has immense amount of pride. Thoughts anyone.......

6/28/2011 #1,552

@Bloody Hero

My mind cringes from the idea, it's not bad not at all, but the sheer AMOUNT of arrogance concentrated in one spot would most likely bend time and space... this is scary, absolutely scary.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,553
Bloody Hero

Well at the very least he can back it up, thats more than what quite a few people can say.

6/28/2011 #1,554

Yeah at least he can back his arrogance with firepower, but if they would fall for each other and form an Unholy Matrimony... those two would most likely talk their opponent into the ground with their arrogance. Or make them run away XD

6/28/2011 #1,555
Bloody Hero

Or the opponent would take his own life just to stop experiencing the pain that is their ego.

6/28/2011 #1,556

Well, a few post ago, now aware in which thread, someone suggested that a cross between Sekirei and Fate, where the two wars happen at the same time was impossible, for the places were different. Why do I see Minaka saying "Oh! there is a war starting there?! Lets join in too! And moving SHIN TOKYO to Fuyuki..." And yes, I can see a Gil/Tsukiumi shipping. We could call it IF: Alterverse

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,557
Bloody Hero

That would work though quite a few of the Sekirei would be younger plus they would all die and probably experimented by Caster. Another thing is that part of the fun of In Flight is Shirou's family so Takami wouldn't know about Shirou and there is no Yukari.

6/28/2011 #1,558


At the same time though, part of Ranma 1/2 is about the curses... I don't think they should be easily solved.

6/28/2011 #1,559

@Bloody hero: Hn, like MBI wouldn't investigate the past of the combatants/ashikabi. And picture Yukari in getting to see her brother first time in the fight against Berserker (either Fate or UWB route). But yep, I can see caster experimenting on Sekirei.

6/28/2011 #1,560
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