The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Bloody Hero

Who said it was easily solved, I just said that they could probably solve it but lets face it, it would take time. Something as annoyingly powerful and complex as the Jusenkyo curse would probably take half a year of devoted study with Rin, Luvia, and Matsu to fix. They'll make a cure but it'll take a while plus when its finally finished everyone would fight over it again and in the process destroy the data and the cure. Then all hell will break loose and they would need another couple of months to synthesize it again.

6/28/2011 #1,561
Bloody Hero


Especially if some poor little bird falls in love with her Souichiro-sama. Anybody else see Shirou offer his place for Miya to stay at. After all she wants to observe the plan but her only place is at Shin Tokyo, she'll go to Fuyuki to watch over the Sekirei but unfortunately has no money for a place. Then Shirou seeing someone in need would offer to help her time skip an angry Tiger appears. We could have a MiyaxShirouxharem for that story.

6/28/2011 #1,562

Mhm... this idea have been haunting me for some time now, ever since that Space Flea from nowhere attacked Emiya Clan killing many of them



Shirou stood, the massive room filled with screens, consoles and operators below. Tatical screens surrounding him. Orders and reports filling in from all over Shin Tokyo.

They dared to attack him, in his own city, they tried to kill both his children and citizens.

They pissed him off, and that's not a good thing to do

"Matsu, report"

His voice calm, cold, firmly in Battle Mode, next to him, clad in her old Disciplinary Squad uniform stood Matsu, none of her childish traits visible

"All family members secured, 98% of citizens are in shelter, the rest are filling in quickly. We are ready Shirou"

He nodded and once more took in the sight in front of him. various weapons, from artillery shells to tactical nukes exploding harmlessly against the bubble surrounding the city.

"Shields holding at 90%"

Someone reported and he nodded. It was time to make them pay, their initial attack, before the barrier was errected cost Shin Tokyo thousands of innocent lives, but first let's swat away those annoying invaders

He rose his hand, the Bridge calmed down as he gave his first order as The Captain

"Shin Tokyo-1 LIFT OFF"

His voice boomed, his orders processed by the bridge computers and the room started trembling as slowly, like a waking giant the city started to rip itself away from the Mother Earth, lifted by powerful anti-gravitational engines reverse engineered from Sekirei ships. For a moment longer the room trembled and when it stopped the quiet hum of engines made itself known as the city started it's slow ascend, it's shadow covering large swats of terrain beneath. Large chunks of soil started to fall down as if it was water on an enormous dog.

"Sir, we have firing solutions"

One of the operators reported, on the main map a number of dots appeared, representing enemy units, and along with them lines of firing solutions for the Shin Tokyo-1's guns

Shirou nodded

"Lock on targets, and FIRE"

And the enormous ship spoke, it's weapon systems like the Word of God, dismissing those that defied him out of existence.

Shirou was grim as the enormous ship moved forward, it's powerful computers aligned with the satellites, searching for targets for it's long range weaponry. They attacked him in his own city, in his own home. Well, it was time for a house-call.

They awoke a sleeping giant, and filled it with terrible resolve.


I know silly, and definitely non-canon but couldn't help myself.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,563
Bloody Hero

No, no, HubiKoshi it was still awesome Shirou with his own flying battleship is never a bad thing. Still what do you think of Mu-sensei and my previous post. Do you think it's something Shirou would do.

6/28/2011 #1,564

Well first of all we could always change the time-line a bit so that Sekirei Plan would happen at the same time as Grail War. It would be... fun and scary at the same time, the Sekirei that would survive would become some battle-hardened badasses. And I love the idea of Miya staying at Emiya mansion, Taiga would be traumatized if she challenged Miya to a spar XD

6/28/2011 #1,565

@BloodyHero: That would in fact fit into the Kamijou Touma hunt idea actually. The point of it was that even if Touma can break curses, it would be seen as futile to go after him. The trouble with the locals makes at least the NWC banned from visiting Academy City for a while. The Emiya clan gives them hope when Touma shows up in England... but then Princess Carissa does her coup attempt (insert Carissa vs. Saber here), and then after the coup is thwarted, Touma chases after Fiamma into Russia. World War III breaks out... and then Touma goes missing, presumed dead, and then revealed to be alive and back in Academy City. By then, the tensions between the magical community with AC have risen with the confirmation that Alester Crowley is alive. By now, the NWC gives up on the Touma route because it is too much hassle without steeping into a political mindfield of sorts.

6/28/2011 #1,566

Hm...yes its something he would do. Regarding the Sekirei x FSN during the War. I must it has a lot of potential but I'd rather give the little birds an easier time than be Caster fodder or Grail food. So a snippet would be nice.

And regarding the Jusenkyo curse, have you all forgotten than Shirou has a blade that can dispel it with contemptuous ease? The three miracles of Durandal, he'll simply make one miracle is to break all curses without exception.

Curse gone. Plus the damn thing is easily Traceable to boot

6/28/2011 #1,567
Bloody Hero

True enough but I want to see the look on Miya's face when she sees the length of stu..... I mean bravery Shirou has when facing Berserker the first time. Plus Lancer's in for a shock and Saber and Miya's interaction.

6/28/2011 #1,568

@ kerial and whoever else proposed Emiya-Clan + Blood That Flows

DAMNIT! That idea is made of win, but unfortunately it conflicts with what I already have in mind for Momoko Takamachi... Especially in the StrikerS era.

HINT: when Teana has her break down, the forwards are taken to Earth by Nanoha, Shinta, and Fate for some down time. Chiyo has a little heart to heart with Teana about feeling inadequet... and Momoko overhears.

Later... Teana gets a training trip. With Momoko and Aoko. Momoko, who got her moniker "Demon Flash" from the muzzleflash of her two BEST FRIENDS (aside from Shirou T.). And Aoko goes along for "precision training".

Needless to say, Teana comes back looking like Death Warmed Over... Subaru gets to act clingy... Anyway, yea. Training From Hell, indeed.

6/28/2011 #1,569
Bloody Hero

Oh that sounds like fun Trooper! :) but no comments about my post guys that cold man just plain cold.

6/28/2011 #1,570

That's because i was 2 pages behind in the thread when I wrote it, Hero. I was gone all weekend, and yesterday I had no time to catch up, so gimme a break! Sheesh.

As for the Jusenkyo curses cure/not from the end of the previous page, I say nay. Jusenkyo should remain uncurable, a mystery of the world, and basically unknowable.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,571


You should also introduce Teana to Keiko, some shooting practise together, and by the time of StrikerS Chiyo will be probably using guns as well, and will be going around with her mercenary party.

Now that would be absolutely epic if she went on a training trip, you could drop some other kids in too, Teana would gape at how energetic they are despite all the hellish training while she is half-alive.

@Bloody Hero

Hmm so would Miya come After or Before Shirou gets "killed" by Lancer? He'd get back home, Lancer hot on his heels, only to get intercepted by Miya XD


Btw. regarding Chiyo, what do you think of an idea that around 20-21 years old she'd left home and begin fighting in various nasty places on Earth, helping out the local people, protecting food convoys, helping out Doctors Without Borders? Aside from fighting the superhuman menaces. With time she'd form her own small mercenary company, and Aika, her Sekirei would be beside her all the time.

6/28/2011 #1,572
Bloody Hero

I was thinking it would be Lancer's second attempt of killing Shirou so in his home.

6/28/2011 #1,573

Hubi! Chiyo should initially find work as a bodyguard by working with Kyoya and Miyuki Takamachi! It's perfect! Later, she can go off on her own, but getting started? Makes sense to me!

6/28/2011 #1,574

@Bloody Hero

Nice, Miya is very powerful, though I'm not sure if she'd keep up with Lancer, it might turn into running battle as Miya tries to protect Shirou while Lancer tries to kill him, mostly ignoring Miya. And then Saber gets summoned


Yeah it would tie in very nicely with Nanohaverse, Chiyo would learn the basics from the Fuwa Clan and would form her first contacts in the Underworld. Now... regarding Nanoha A's, remember how in Sound Stages during the party after defeating Book of Darkness Fate sung for them? How about making Fate and Aika sing together, and when Signum would go with the "Private Concert" Aika would go all "I only sing in private for Chiyo-sama" "Hoho, only Chiyo-sama, are there other things you two do in private" Hayate would butt in. Lots of rightful teasing would ensue regarding That particular line :-3

6/28/2011 #1,575

why do you all have to be awake and posting when im asleep... grumble mergle... stupid timezones why isnt the world flat?



huh, i cant believe i forgot about the nekoken.

i know avalon can heal people, but can they fix things like severe myopia?

curses: noooo i don't WANT the curses to be fixed. that's like 75% of the fun in the 'verse


@shirou training mousse

vastly different styles i think, mousse just has hammer-space, shirou CREATES his blades... although i can see him begging to learn before he realizes the difference...


@shirou on 'honorable combat'

i'm rather glad you all caught that. i don't think C4 will come into it, but yeah...


@karasuba vs reiko

that was pretty sweet, but also the one of the most unsubtle requests i've seen for a - Child-Summoned-as-HS-in-5th-War scenario...

...(*cough*koyuki as caster*cough*) kidding.


@rider and saber in Initial D

damn you for that pic....

and i had the silliest mental image of shirou surfing on a flying sword when somebody asked if he could race

then when somebody asked for driving instructions, like whoever brought up ND.... "RAMP!!!!"

also i didnt really watch anything past 2nd season anime, but didnt keisuke have that one girl who had a car identical to his? and takumi has moegi (even though she's a ***)


@end of shirou

wait, so the UN staged an attack while the majority of the clan was off at a hearing? that's cold. nice mod of the aria


@akitsu as lambda-11/nu-13

trooper: that plays into my example exactly, actually. sword/ice spam up the wazoo, but if a rushdown (taokaka!) char gets into her range she is such a glass cannon.


@ranma being a manga in-universe



damn you zelretch.


atm i'm mostly considering the only people who can go toe-to-toe with the nerima crew on a purely physical level would be:

adults: Shirou, Miya, Saber, Altrouge, Rider, Musubi, Karasuba, Gil (assuming he doesnt just stand there laughing at them)

kids: Kiri, Arika, Haru, Chiyo -- pretty much the fighters who are old enough.

Fuuko, Riko, Shinta and Kumako would prooobably be good enough to take on the lower end (nobody stronger than Ukyou - say)

add in magical enhancements and the list grows // add in magical attacks and a few of the above as front-liners and you get almost the whole clan.

for the people capable of taking on Cologne/Happousai - when serious, just the top adult fighters those two have way too much experience.

for Happosai when he's not serious... ANYBODY... so long as one of the females are present. except maybe Saber. then she'd just beat him up on principle.

6/28/2011 #1,576

- Disregard the following OMAKE as a part of Emiya Clan's Cannon: -

It was a lo--ong day.

I wake up, hearing noises at some room at left, and go to my morning exercises, half-way through, I receive the customary challenge of Haru, And we proceed in beating the tar out of each other. I take a shower, and once properly attired arrive for breakfast, in time to see a fight between Aoshi and Karin, something about bi tendencies. Problem solved, courtesy of my precise application of Hanya & Ashura, I eat my share and depart to school.

School was in one word: Boring.

Once in my way home, I take note of a some boys trying to coerce some underclassman girls into dating them, and once again a show of my dark projections (limited to my eyes and dark aura only) and problem solved. The girls thanked me with stars in their eyes, and a side of my brain that I try to keep on a leash (chained, beaten down and properly squashed too), notice that they're blushing to me.

I absentmindedly wonder if I can escape the Emiya gland curse.

I carefully evade the areas frequented by the members of some ill reputed host club, and get home as fast as I can (no sense in giving the root more time to screw my life over).

I scold Karin about the thing she is watching in the family TV, and go to the training grounds to practice my sword forms, continuing what my otouto interrupted in the morning. He came for a second spar, claiming to have found a technique to defeat me on some anime (weird I know), And we beat each other again.

We proceeded to the male baths, to scrub these damned scratches off (the waters were treated with proper medicine, and light healing herbs and potions).

"That was a good try Haru, but you should consider that even with a unknown technique, I had the longer reach because of the bokutou. Disregarding the opponents reach in a fight might prove lethal."

"My ribs are complaining enough, thanks, Takeshi-nii-san." He say indignantly.

I finish washing myself, and go for a soak.

"You could've taken easier, you know..."

"Than you would've never learned your lesson. Also you came claiming to have a 'new technique' and expected me to let you hit me!?" I raise an eyebrow at him.

He at least have the decency to look embarrassed: "I'm complaining about the strength with you've hit me!"

I shake my head at him. "Naive, Haru, opponents will not take you easy."

"But you know I can't take it seriously, lest my blood take-"

"I, out of all our brothers and sisters, can take it."


I throw my head back to relax, and while my senses said for me to move, I was too slow.

Some girl crashed on top of me, naked, with her mouth on mine, making wings of dark light to sprout of my back.

Despite myself, I mumble, still in liplock "Fuweber n eberh", and she back down straddling me. Haru covering himself snark at me: "You know bro, when you said you had admirers, I never thought something like THAT to be possible." And laughed maniacally. 'You will see in the next spar...'

"Now, lady, if don't mind, CAN YOU GET OFF ME!" My voice raises unlike my normal control, when she rubs her naked waist on mine.

"Oh sorry. Uhm where am I?"


"So my son, you're saying she came out of nowhere NAKED and winged you, and sttoped, still completely naked and unconcerned about it, to ask where she was?"

"Yes, Tou-san, can I continue now?" He nodded.


Suddenly, the house alarms burst, with a hole being openned in the celing, two man in suits and with tails appeared saying:

"We found you Lala-san, now come with us."

My blood boiled. First all this naked nonsense, then they threaten my new Ashikabi? No way in hell!

I raise, and project my bokutou in my hands, delivering a reinforced strike into both of their ribs. "Threatening Emiya house guests is...FORBIDDEN"I make both of the masks, bleeding eyes and clacks, and darken my own features to my limit. "Now be good, apologize," They start mumbling nonsenses face in the floor, and I continue: "...and VANISH!"

They do."Now then," I adjust my towel for maximum coverage, and note with the corner of my eyes, Haru foaming at the mouth, barely consciously stirred in the floor. The girl, still naked, tackle me, keeping me from saying anything else.



"And we came to talk with you Dad."


Just a break from grim-dark and bitter endings. Any thoughts?

- Disregard this OMAKE as a part of Emiya Clan's Cannon -

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,577

i thought takeshi was winged by haruhi @ ouran

also according to the data sheet he practices archery... or was that wrong .

otherwise not a bad intro for to-love ru, but are you reaaaally gonna have takeshi replace rito and his epic-tripping-skills?

6/28/2011 #1,578
Bloody Hero

O,O,O,OH. I want to see Shirou meet Lala's father and have a huge fight that would be awesome great work Sensei.

While it is true it is listed that Takeshi was winged by Haruhi in Ouran High school we can easily take care of that by saying this is an alternate reality.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,579


you sir, are a prophet

6/28/2011 #1,580


Ohhh delicious, stuff is SO going to get out of hand with this one, and seeing the Moral and Proper Takeshi get all the Accidental Pervert moments is just too good to pass up. Just you wait till you meet Momo, that will be epic. And I can Already sense friendship between Takeshi and Yami-chan aka "The We Hate Ecchi Stuff Club"


Well as far as I remember we never got to the winging, we were only at reacting... though I may be wrong.

O_O You have GOT to be kidding me, I've got to play this game.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,581


hm... no i dont think you are... i just assumed that First Comes Reaction... then Comes Winging.... and i dont know how rhyme that next line...

6/28/2011 #1,582
Bloody Hero

Wouldn't Takeshi also like Kotegawa who also dislikes ecchi stuff. Takshi is going to absolutely hate Momo then there's Rin (I think thats the name) who swaps gender whenever he sneezes.

6/28/2011 #1,583

I remember being said that he was reacting, but never he being winged...

Archery in short range is unpractical, so he went with his mother approach.

At least they wouldn't doubt about the Alien part for a moment...

6/28/2011 #1,584


Well it was Haruhi winged Takeshi up until now, though we can change that, we never developed that particular cross so...

I'm just appreciating the Angry Prinnies idea XD

@Bloody Hero

Three people in the We Hate Ecchi Stuff Club XD Oh Gosh it will be SO deliciously hypocritical for Takeshi to hate ecchi stuff and commit it Anyway.

6/28/2011 #1,585
Bloody Hero

Well at least Lala's father will like Takeshi more than Rito (I think).

6/28/2011 #1,586

Misc Ranma/Devil Wings omake

I just had a HORRIBLE thought...


Miyuki Takamachi was normally a very level headed young woman, regardless of her being a Mikami-ryuu kenjutsuka.

Thus, everyone at the giant BBQ lawn party who knew her, even peripherally, stopped dead at the absolute hatred in the venomous hiss that erupted from her at the sight of one Genma Saotome.


"Er, yes?"

"I remember you... That night I going to close up and leave my birth mother's home for the last time... You had it. Her lockbox, which she hid too well and I couldn't find. You had it, and don't say it wasn't you. I remember the profile of the thief I saw leaping from the second story window, and yours matches his exactly."

"Ah, well... I don't remember that, so it was probably either empty or had some useless junk--"

"You took it, and with it, the locket with her late husband's photo that Mother promised to give me when I turned sixteen. I call a Blood Feud."

The clearing went dead silent.

Shirou E. shook his head and turned back to the grill. "Just keep it away from the food, alright?" More dead silence.

Shirou T. broke that. "Miyuki... I can't allow that."

"Dad! Please!" Miyuki didn't take her eyes of Genma.

Kyoya spoke up before their father could. "I knew it was a good idea to bring our blades... It seems Nerima really does live up to its reputation." Then he addressed Miyuki directly. "As O-sensei, I agree with Otou-san. However, if you wish for personal vengance..."


"Very well. You may take your grievance up with Saotome-san himself." Kyoya's use of the honorific was literally dripping with sarcasm.

Twin sounds of drawn steel rang out. A circle was quickly cleared, even as Genma verbally blustered against his soon to be assaulter.

"Give it up, Oyaji," came Ranma's voice. "Burglarizing the house of a recently deceased woman before her daughter can finish clearning it for sale? Yea, that's totally like you. Miyuki, was it?" He smirked. "Have fun. Just don't kill him, 'k?"

All the Emiya children would remember The Smile Miyuki returned. It was right up there with Chiyo's very best, after all.


"Kijin Raishu Dan!" Genma drew another vacuum blade across his opponent's path, trying to bar her from getting close. He had several deep cuts in his torso and back, evidence enough that even if he outmassed the sword-wielding girl attacking him, trying to grapple with her was not smart. Already, he's disarmed her four times, twice of the katana, twice of the wakizashi, but never of both, and she'd simply maneuvered herself and him until she could recover the lost blade. This girl, Miyuki was good, her blades extensions of her arms in a way that Tatewaki Kuno couldn't even dream of. But...

"What's a matter, girl? I thought you were going to take your displeasure out of me! Hah, it figures that a weak little slip of a girl like you can't hack it in a real fight! Why don't you put the pig-stickers away and go back to your dolls and jeweler? Oh yea, that's right: you've accused me of stealing them!"

The fight abruptly paused, as Miyuki and Genma broke apart to stare at each other. Miyuki's body and stance were still firm and in control, but the fire in her eyes... You could tell she was furious, now even more so due to the taunting.

Miyuki eyed the distance between her and Genma. 'Six meters... Perfect.' "...Kyoya-sensei, I'm going to use it."

Kyoya's eyes widened, while Shinta, Nanoha, Fate, and most everyone else glanced at him and noted the reaction. "Oi, oi, oi... Miyuki, are you sure? Your Ougi on a bast--d this worthless?"

Miyuki only nodded back.

Hearing this, Genma couldn't help but dig himself even deeper. "What's this? An Ougi? Oh great, this is have to see! What kind of useless technique could a girl like you have--"

Miyuki's eyes flickered shut for the briefest of moments. 'To master this technique, everything before me must drop to zero. The time interval, the distance... and all my hate and fear.'

"Mikami-Fuwa Nito Ryuu," she whispered in that fraction of time, then raised her voice -- and vanished from sight. "Nigenteki--"

Twin arcs of steel flashed about Genma, who was too surprised to react effectively.


Then Miyuki was sliding to a stop behind Genma, her twin blades at full extension of her arms in completion of her attack. The two paused for a moment, then Genma's eyes widened in disbelief. "How did you..." Then he coughed up some blood as twin lines spurted more from his chest. The tremor that motion induced was all it took for Genma's arms to drop to his sides, the rest of his body collapsing face first to the ground shortly thereafter.

"...Oi! I said don't kill him--!" Ranma yelled in surprise.

"I didn't." And that was that.


On the sidelines, Shinta and Nanoha watched with huge eyes.

"...I want that." Shinta murmured. Nanoha turned to him, and saw the giant flame burning in Shinta's eyes as he clenched a fist. "I want that technique!"

Fate couldn't help it. She giggled. Miya couldn't either, and actually laughed outright.

Hearing his son utter that familiar phrase, Shirou E. felt his ears burn. 'Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, indeed.'

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1,587

...and this is why the RSVP system was made for parties and gatherings and the like...

6/28/2011 #1,588
Bloody Hero

Thus Shirous EX rank skill of the Root's favorite plaything stikes again.

6/28/2011 #1,589

@Trooper1023: I vaguely recall that in the original Triangle Heart, Miyuki's mother is alive... they discovered her undercover as a member of Clover. Unless she's dead... shouldn't they correct Ranma on her being deceased? Of course... if they don't know the status of Muyuki's mother I'd understand...

Wonder whats going to happen to Clover in this timelime... considering what I know what Nanya wrote about Clover in the Blood That Flows timeline...

6/28/2011 #1,590
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