The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Bloody Hero

Hey guys has Arturia's son been thrown together his own harem yet? Because if he hasn't then I have a few ideas that might work out. So if anyone knows please let me know Please and Thank you !

6/29/2011 #1,711
@Mu-Sensei: She act as owner of old bookshop with grimories in "Demonbane", but in truth she is one of evil cosmic Outer Gods named Nyarlathotep.

If not one aspect of her apperance then one could say that she and Althrogue look like sisters (black hair, white skin, red eyes, evil aura, etc.)

6/29/2011 . Edited 6/29/2011 #1,712
Bloody Hero

I wonder How big will Shirou's Harem become in the future?

6/29/2011 #1,713
Ginko Yurishiro

All your harem belongs to Shirou.

6/29/2011 #1,714
Ginko Yurishiro


About the girl. She will Own everyone in the Emiya family TYPE-reiko included.

After I finish the game(100% unlock) I'll write a Shirou X Al azif snippet.


Anyway here's Snippet from the novel(that's her reversing time across the entire Omni/Multiverse):






As soon as she finished her words, the city in front suddenly rose up. At the same time, the same city dropped from above, striking Demonbane. What looked like a city was just small surface of Liber Legis' finger tip. Liber Legis was 10000

times bigger than Demonbane.

Pressure from up and down caused spine to squeak.

"Hey, isn't it foul?"

"This world seems to have weaker binding force than our universe. Imagine, create, Edgar! Your stronger form!!"

"Uuuh, like this?!"

What Edgar chose out of mind was image of explosion.

Energy release like nuclear explosion destroyed Liber Legis' arm, and Demonbane became as big as Liber Legis.

"Hooo, you are doing pretty well."

Mater Therion laughed

"Don't underestimate me!"

Demonbane released extreme heat from its body and raided at Liber Legis.

Liber Legis regenerated its right arm, and countered fist with fist.

Due to impact, nearby space was bent and creaking.

The two Deus Machinas bounced back, and started gathering power again.

As Liber Legis increased its size, Demonbane did the same. Both robots became much bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger….

When they clashed, the universe couldn't handle the energy, but collapsed.


They were in a huge universe. Even the two deus machina with enough force to destroy universe were less than a mere child. Avoiding robot particles that bounced off like billiard balls, the two men shot their powerful spells.


They were in slow universe.

Here, flow of time was heavy as tar, so it was difficult for them to move even with time manipulation spell. They could clearly recognize when their techniques happens and moves. Defense and counter were easily achievable. There was no

concept of reaction speed. Only perfect strategy like checkmate move could decide the outcome.


They were in death universe.

Due to entropy being absolutely parallel, it was completely calm in time and space. In this world, nothing could happen. Matter couldn't exist. Energy didn't exist. Demonbane and Liber Legis couldn't exist. They didn't exist and act, but

continued to fight in a way that beings from normal universe could not comprehend.


The two machine gods changed size and shape, rebuilt spell structures, flew and ran through hundreds, thousands of worlds, and fought.

At one point, the two people swung thousand swords. At other point, they became bullets.

At certain point, they traded attacks in femto second(). At another point, they spent billions years to clash with imposing hits.

At one point, they vibrated dimension through clash of swords. At another time, they destroyed dimension with bombarding shells.

They accelerated, reversed, stopped or decimated flow of cause and effect, destroyed, created countless universes, painted the history over and clashed.


Where they reached was beyond super time and super space, at the top of super dimension… super super space time continuum.

At there, Edgar and Al Azif watched.

Infinite universes popping like bubbles.

Inside infinite time loop like chain.

Infinite Demonbane fought, fought, and fought.

They were one of feasible possibilities.

They were one of chosen possibilities.

They were one of lost possibilities.

Infinitely intersecting and circulating like flow of blood, getting at one point. Infinite yet one fate, a part of it, yet entirety.

Entire eternal time, eternity beyond eternity. Infinite eternity chain…

Eternal evil cutting sword, DEMONBANE Athleta Aeternum fought, fought and fought.


"Oh my! This is getting nowhere. Then, I better make this cycle not happened from the start."

---Time is reversing?!

Superior power over both Demonbane's and Liber Legis' clocks.

Someone was controlling super time that oversaw super dimension outside of time and space.

The trace of fight that seemed eternal was instantly reversed.

---Edgar. Hurry inside the space ship---

---Please save the earth, Edgar---

---Let's do it together, bro---

---Now Edgar, I shall make a pact with you---


---Ed…--- ---….---

6/29/2011 #1,715
Bloody Hero

Well that anwer's that question, thanks for that Kitty. By the way can you look at my post about Shirou's equivalent power level in Negima according to Rakan scale? I want to know if my analysis is accurate or if I'm wrong, I'm trying to be impartial but as you know its impossible not to be completely unbiased. Please let me know if you have time.

6/29/2011 #1,716
@Bloody Hero: Who knows, it will be as big as we want, every one of us will have diffrent image of it that he'll try to show, for example in one of first stories of EC still in omake thread Althrogue twin daughters appeared, I already gave Luvia candidacy in the past and she was there, it's very loose concept thanks to tha we sometimes are allowed to overboard for fun and the stabilize, if harem will get too big someone will get separate route and go along with it.
6/29/2011 . Edited 6/29/2011 #1,717
Bloody Hero

Geez I wonder what Zelretch would think when Shirou's harem expands across the Multiverse and space and time as well. Anyone want to see Shirou thrown back to the Age of the Gods and run into the scene were Poseidon is trying to violate Medusa (Shirou's future wife). Regardless of effecting History or not there is no way Shirou would sit by and let if happen.

6/29/2011 #1,718
Ginko Yurishiro

Shirou going fishing....I approve of that idea sir!

6/29/2011 #1,719
I think the AoG would end much sooner that for sure.
6/29/2011 #1,720
Bloody Hero

Going fishing.......Oh wait a minute! Now I get it, that is pretty funny Kitty :)

6/29/2011 #1,721

That explains why Archer pwnd Lancer at fishing in Hollow Ataraxia, by extension he was Lord of the Seas XD You killed it you bought it. And yeah AoG would end QUICKLY, shirou voiced his dislike for Gods.

6/29/2011 #1,722


Yes...I want Assassin if you please.

6/29/2011 #1,723
Bloody Hero

Oh, what's up Hubikoshi! Anyway guys can I get any opinions on my post in the Omake thread I want to know if my assessment is accurate. But anyway going to the Aotg Basically majority of women violated by gods would automatically join Shirou's harem and Possibly Artemis as well.

6/29/2011 #1,724
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Which assassin?Jack the Ripper(yes Nasu genderswap somebody again) or Semiramis?

6/29/2011 #1,725

blink blink

There is such a thing as too much of good thing you know...

Before we go there (most likely Reiko's fault) you have to take into account that while they love him, Shirou will probably won't return their affections. Sure he might care for them but most likely he'll leave them for the one destined to be with them. Certain events in the past must happen for the present to exist, Reiko (both of them) will warn him of this.

An example will be if does save Rider from Poseidon, Sakura would never summon her due to the fact that Rider was summoned due to her similarities with Sakura.

etc etc

While amusing, I vote for this to be non-canon.

6/29/2011 #1,726
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Which assassin?Jack the Ripper(yes Nasu genderswap somebody again) or Semiramis?

6/29/2011 #1,727

JTR and Nasu didn't actually genderbend in this case as JTR is rumored to actually BE a woman.

Though she looks more like a loli if you ask me...

6/29/2011 #1,728

in my personal canon acrophya!JTR is Izayoi Sakuya

6/29/2011 #1,729
Bloody Hero

Semiramis, the Wise Queen (, the Wise Queen?) is a Servant of the Assassin class designed by TYPE-MOON, who uses poison as her weapon. She is a legendary queen who reigned over the empire of Assyria. Since her childhood, she has studied a wide range of disciplines such as cosmetics, hairdressing, dancing clothing, music, astronomy, and her beautiful face has captivated many men. A very enthusiastic person, she indulges in luxury and decadence. Her passion has led her to start a war to possess a single man, and to poison her husband, the king, for politics. But her abilities as a queen are indisputable, as she has led many expeditions, as seen on walls and the Ishtar Gate.


Born from the Syrian mermaid goddess Atargatis and a human man, and left on the waterfront by her loveless mother. She was wrapped in the warm wings of a dove, and fed with the dove's milk. Semiramis was then found and educated by the shepherd Simmas until she married Onnes, an old general; but she was then taken away by the Syrian king Ninus who fell in love with her thanks to her beautiful face. This forced Onnes to commit suicide, and after Semiramis earned the favors of the king with original battle plans, she married him and formally became queen. A few days after the marriage, she killed the king with poison, and reigned as a regent over Assyria for the next few decades. This is the oldest case of murder by poisoning in legends.

Okay does anyone want to see Shirou run into this woman besides me? I really want to see her reaction to him and all the hell that would cause of the result of it.

6/29/2011 #1,730

Man reading JTR's bio, I find it quite sad.

From what I can gleam, JTR is an one of the "the 80 thousand children in London's slums, abandoned by prostitute mothers for the sake of their livelihoods, unable to even become prostitutes." Which is probably the reason why her NPs targets women specifically why she insists on calling a female Master "Mother."

Oh here is something that's been cooking in my head.

Sekirei are aliens, King Gid is also an alien. We know that Gid raised a war to unify and pacify the whole galaxy under him. We also know that while a hound dog King Gid is a good guy. Let's just say that there are reasons for him being a hound dog and unifying the galaxy.

So that the tragedy that befell his true love's and their children (say Sekirei genes are dominant in Pillars over Deviluke ones) planet will never happen again as long as his empire stands.

Little does he know that his daughter (with purple hair) is alive and well on earth.

6/29/2011 #1,731
@Bloody Hero: Other members of Harem would need to start checkin their food, at beginig at least.
6/29/2011 . Edited 6/29/2011 #1,732
Bloody Hero

Be funny if she goes to war trying to acquire Shirou (lol),

About King Gid are you implying what I think your implying?

6/29/2011 #1,733

I dunno what do you think I'm implying? :3

All I'm saying is a guy like Gid, who strikes me as mostly like Nagi Springfield, has a lot of power is wholly unmotivated. He'd rather fool around, get drunk and party.

Till he met her, and experienced perhaps the happiest moment of his life.

But war and dispute in the galaxy took her away from him before he could ask her hand...

These kind of things makes someone like Gid, a powerful fool, decide to change everything.

6/29/2011 #1,734
Bloody Hero

While yes I agree, but I mean are you implying that Miya is King Gids daughter? Also who bets the King Gid makes Shirou fight him in one on one combat to test his mettle. Considering that King Gid knows human beings are generally weak creatures (lets face it we are) he'll be in for one hell of a shock especially when Shirou brings out UBW.

6/29/2011 #1,735

*whistles innocently*

Ah and also who wants to try their hand at one Shirou's abandoned heroine, the Stray Servant?

6/29/2011 #1,736
Bloody Hero

I'll think about it depends how the mood strikes me.

6/29/2011 #1,737


She would have been an "abandoned puppy" heroine, and one of Saber's rivals

Akitsu vetoes... by proxy... via me.

...b-but i'm sure that's what she'd say if she were here *nods*

6/29/2011 #1,738

Hm...Akitsu does fill that role rather well.

Ah well it was just a suggestion anyway.

6/29/2011 #1,739

Mhm, after Shirou would take in the stray servant

Uzume: Hey Shirou, have a knack for taking in stray puppies, eh?

Winking in Akitsu's direction.

6/29/2011 #1,740
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