The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I approve of Morrigan too!

And I support Cassiopeia. He might try to use it in combat, but lets face it, while not stupid, Shirou is to damn forward to use the thing properly.

6/30/2011 #1,831

Morrigan Aensland?

When someone said Harems are belong to Shirou, I was freaked. There is a limit to harems, and harem stories start to suck when too many women are added. When that happens, the same problem arises, get the protagonist a clone technique so he can handle all those responsibilities. The clones wouldn't last all that long, and the ladies would be miffed that the clone's power runs out mid-nookie.

Can we try keeping Shirou's harem to FSN and In Flight related women?

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #1,832

Just a thought that popped in my head out of nowhere:

Is 'Rider' the registered name of her or is it Medusa? If it is Medusa, doesn't that make people have dirty thoughts about the nickname??

6/30/2011 #1,833

Cassiopeia is too complex for use in combat for most people, at least in the way it was used in the battles in Negima. Both users there had either specialized technology or magic that was able to do the massive amounts of predictions, calculations, and adjustments necessary for that kind of combat.

6/30/2011 #1,834

Sadly I have to agree with KP with this one. Too many characters/women spoil the plot we have a tough enough time trying to find a match for Kiri and Arika as it is...

Clone things are rather cheap but maybe that's my disdain for Kage Bunshin hax talking. I like the series but I'd rather keep that series out of Nasuverse.


Yeah Cassiopeia is extremely complex to use in battle. Chao needed a pocket sized super computer crafted into her armor to execute hers while Negi used two minor sprites of Prediction and Movement to use his to replicate the extreme multitasking required to use it effectively in combat.

Mirai!Reiko on the other hand has little use for it since she can do it pretty much by herself. Chibi!Reiko might accidentally fling herself into the time of the dinosaurs or worse yet the 5th or 4th Grail War if she even thinks of trying this skill before she hits puberty.

6/30/2011 #1,835

That is what I've said. Might have phrased it better though. (Sorry, I don't function 100% in the mornings)

6/30/2011 #1,836
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Meh.Guess we can't add her officialy into the harem then.Hey, we can make it so that Morrigan stop by once in a while to a "have fun".That way, Shirou still get Morrigan, yet the harem doesn't expand and she still stays in character.

Yeah, i don't really think that Cassiopeia work for Shirou though.Since he already got Fragarach (we're going by IF canon right?), he can pretty much kill the opponent with it should the target use his/her ultimate skill.If not, it still hurt a lot.

6/30/2011 #1,837

That could work. Morrigan, Altrouge's "aunt" who annoys her to no end as Morrigan tries to get Altrouge away from her PS3 and 52 inch HiDef LCD TV and go out be a proper Demoness.

Her tactics include flirting with Altrouge's husband, kissing Altrouge's husband, flirting with Altrouge's husband while she's trying to enjoy Infinite Stratos and Ar Tonelico 3

6/30/2011 #1,838
lhklan The Unpronounceable

You're forgetting flirting with Altrouge's kid, flirting with said kid's harem,hell flirting with the whole manor, even with Gilgamesh just for kicks

6/30/2011 #1,839

Morrigan flirting with the Emiya kids just for kicks? Why did I suddenly imagine a StrikerS era Nanoha in a brawl with her over said flirting with Shinta?

O_O Oh god, the humanity! The collateral damage!!

6/30/2011 #1,840
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Actually,Morrigan will probably try to seduce Nanoha too.And Nanoha would be too embarassed and angry to shoot straight, resulting in A LOT of collateral damage

6/30/2011 #1,841

Then Fate-chan would get jealous... Out comes Riot Zanber... MORE collateral damage! Bwah ha ha haah!

6/30/2011 #1,842
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Then Morrigan will try to seduce Fate too , which will probably Double the collateral damage

6/30/2011 #1,843

Oh me, oh my! How long will this chain grow? ^_^

6/30/2011 #1,844


"Mom? What's wrong?" Haru blinked as he stared at his mother sitting on the couch with an annoyed look on her face. That was really out of character for her.

"We have a serious problem, Haru." Altrouge told her son, frowning deeply.

"What's going on?" Haru asked. If his mother thought something was a problem, they made neeed to get the family invovled.

Altrouge glared at the television screen. "I received a phone call earlier today..." She then turned towards her son. "She's coming foe a visit."

Haru stared at his mother, a huge pit forming in his stomach at the way she was mentioned. He hoped, prayed, and hoped some more it wasn't who he thought it was. "W-Who's coming?"

Altrouge narrowed her eyes. "That hussy Morrigan."

Haru paled considerably. Just great, his 'aunt' was coming for a visit. He wondered if maybe he could go into hiding while she was here. Though, from her last visit, that was not highly advised. He still flinched inwardly whenever he saw whips and chains.

And the pudding, oh God the pudding.

He just thanked the Root she wasn't aware of his girls, he was pretty sure Valkyrie was safe from the Aensland wrath...


(scene end)

6/30/2011 #1,845
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Nice!Poor Haru, he's in for a world of trouble.

6/30/2011 #1,846

...So... What's Kurumi's reaction to Morrigan going to be?

6/30/2011 #1,847
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Probably either dislike Morrigan, or some sort of hero-worship.Hell,Kurumu may just ask Morrigan how to get Haru all to herself.

Kurumu:Could you teach me Mistress?

Morrigan:Oh hohoho!Very well then young one.I shall teach you the art of seduction, Morrigan style!

Haru:*shiver*...Why do i feel like somebody just walker over my grave and stomped on it?

6/30/2011 #1,848
Obiki Doragon

I got a question. The fanart makes it look like Aya goes to Homurabara along with Saber's children, yet Harry is her Ashikabi, did I miss something? Actually aside from Takeshi, Arika, Kiri, Kyon, Chisame and Koyuki's possible transfer to Furinkan, I have no idea where the others go to school.

6/30/2011 #1,849


My dear friend you are forgetting something, Subaru, seduced by Morrigan, with Teana around. And if she tries to touch Erio... "VOLTAIRREEE!!!"

6/30/2011 #1,850
lhklan The Unpronounceable

@Obiki Doragon

Harry is Aya's Ashikabi because Aya tagged along during one of Shirou's trip to England.

Haru go to Youkai Academy, the main setting for Rosario+vampire

Chiyo go to Hatsuo Academy from Hayate no Gotoku

6/30/2011 #1,851

@ shadowzerover5

Morrigan is just funny that way. Keep her around for crack, and she's sure to drive everyone nuts.

6/30/2011 #1,852

Fate Blessed Nights - Chapter 23


"KOTOMINE SUMMONED A SHIROU TOO!?!" Was Rin's enraged question. She was currently shaking the Rider Shirou by his shirt's neck, and totally out of her calm persona..."THAT DAMNED FAKE PRIEST! I WILL SHOW HIM-"

"Rin, calm down, charging up cost us Lancer's, so we need to plan this carefully..." Louise said.

"Let me get this straight: The other Shirou you've fought used a steel ball to counter Lancer's GaƩbolg?"

"Yes, Bazett, It is one of his noble phantasms, I think." Louise answered.


"You know it?!" I ask. She take something out of her pouch.

"Yes that is the-. You fought him when he was alive!?" Louise exclaimed. "You never told me that." She turned to Rider Shirou.

"I never fought her." He shrugged.

"But you're him."

"Yet, I never got an alien harem." He said nonchalantly. "Different outcomes, different destiny, maybe." the Rider shrugged.

"So I must devise a way to prevent other Shirou's to make a contract with Alaya. Even if that involves getting them laid." Emiya said with a straight face.

"My sentiments exacly." Louise, don't encourage him! "You'll certainly be a better person when not overwhelmed by sexual frustrations, Like how this idiot got better when he got laid." She pointed at her servant "No offense."

"None taken. If I can't take myself out of the cycle, I'll see that no other Shirou make the same mistake." Archer said solemn. I can see its bad. Few glimpses in his memory and I'm already overwhelmed, even with the others to counter them. Don't worry, I'll find a way to prevent others to go in that way...

"Can we change the subject please!?!" Fuji-nee exploded. "And shouldn't be better If we leave that for the authorities?"

Luvia exploded in laughs at that. "So that they do what!? Drop like flies under killing spray? Normals can't fight mages Kitty-chan."

"Unless they use dirty tricks and high grade weaponry. Kiritsugu did used that, along with magic in the 4th war..." Miya observed.

"And how did you knew such a thing?" Rin asked.

"Chiyo, one of our daughters, was a sub-par mage but exceled in changing the tides of battles through unpredictable methods. She used reinforced guns to great effect after researching Kiritsugu's methods. That and your daughter, Keiko, were very fond of guns."

"No daugher of mine will use nothing but magecraft and her body to fight!" Rin declared enraged. Miya just giggled. Since when are we planning family anyway?

"Back to the subject..."


We all stood at the base of the stairs, and finished checking our 'equipment'. At a wordless signal we all go forward...


Now I just need inspiration for the final battle. Yes, the Evil!Shirou is IF!Shirou.

6/30/2011 #1,853

@ HubiKoshi

Subaru Nakajima? I always felt she was Teana-s-e-x-u-al, but maaaybe...

And yes, if Caro sees so much as a hint of interest from Morrigan at Erio, that Darkstalker queen is getting Fried sicced on her in a heartbeat!

@ Mu-Sensei

IF!Shirou is evil? wut ez dis?

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #1,854


Ah with Subaru I mean, Subaru gets seduced by Morrigan - Teana goes into TSUNDERAGE and bombs the area with Starlight Breaker. Subaru wouldn't even need to accept Morrigan's advances XD

And think what would happen if Caro and Lutecia were to tag-team, Morrigan would get stomped into the ground by two Godzillas XD

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #1,855

And she'll be laughing her ass off all the while.

Snippets now please? I'm sinking into an AT binge so I might not be able to write as frequently (if you count my entries as frequent)

I mean the lyrics of the songs is so damn beautiful...Like this one or this one which is getting me really addicted into playing the games just to listen to them XD

6/30/2011 #1,856
Ginko Yurishiro


Awesome song!

6/30/2011 #1,857

Which one?

One is sung by the three main heroine of the game. It conveys the wished of the entire world for peace and unity, altering the weather, acelerating plant growth etc etc, It is the song of utopia.

Another is sung by the final boss after you free her from her eternal hatred and remind her that she used to love humans and not all humans intend to strip her of all emotions to make a weapon

6/30/2011 #1,858
Ginko Yurishiro


The 1st link.

6/30/2011 #1,859

The first one is EXEC_RIG=VEDA sung by the final boss after you beat her.

Yeah, even kicking the final boss's ass (which in the entire battle she was naked by the way) is still saving a damsel in distress in this game.

6/30/2011 #1,860
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