The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Indeed fits her... except for the whole slitting throats XD

Well that's the problem I'm TRYING to limit the tropes number... but it's hard.

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@Throwaawy: That is a good idea. Who are going to compile them?

Keiko Emiya

13 years, female.

Rin's daughter.


Dark Red haired, with one or two side tails, Cyan eyes that seem to sparkle in glee or burn in rage. ~155cm and light in build.

Usually favors indigo blue and golden and skirts ans short sleeved blouses, and sometimes wears bloomers and bike shorts instead of panties. Always carry a small stylized silver cross in her waist (With her M24 inside), and wrist-chains (that stores her Heaven & Hell Wings, see below).


She is somewhat between Aloof and easygoing when calm, and Tsundere(A) (specially towards Karin) or Anti-Pervert (only towards her), to Hot or Cold fury (if her family or friends are threatened for some reason). Can be somewhat of a sadist when p*ssed off (or PMSing, some said).

Likes cakes, sweets and music. Loves weapons and explosions! Slightly dislike costumes or frilly clothes as well as restraining clothes. Detest when people underestimate her, but usually plays the role of inoffensive when in a battle (?). Never taunt her about Karin, Never take her weapons, Never ever say you're gonna molest her...


Activation Aria:

I imagine the gun within my soul, the c*ck ready and waiting. Pull the it back, trigger it and let it release deep inside, flooding myself with prana. I am the gun "Action open." my mind is the shooter, "Charge." prana is the shell, "Load." my intent is the trigger. "Fire!" Od shot through my circuits.


Shooting, Weapon crafting, Reinforcement, Runes.

Special Skills:

Rune bullets, Jewel Crafting, Mana Burst.


Mana Break Bullets, Jewel Bullets, Weapon Tracing (Contender)

Typical Arsenal:

JTL-E .500 (pair)

Smith & Wesson's 1911 Auto (pair) (Custom Black & White design, Upgraded calliber (.45 Winchester Magnum) Rune-treated barrel (designed to function as a rail gun and accelerate the bullets)) - Karin dubbed them 'Heaven & Hell Wings'

Contender (Pistol, 30.06, chrome & fiber finish, magically treated armor-piercing bullets, Thermal scope.)

Pfeifer Zeliska (Zel did it, as a birthday present)

M24 (.338 Lapua Magnum, 5 riffling Rune-treated barrel, Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm M5 scope, engraved metal finish including runes for reinforcement, expanded internal cartridge with 2 extra bullets, black seamless leather sling, built-in silencer with thermal sleeve)

Browning Citori


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Never survive when she Kills you... or you WILL regret it!

Intimidates people by drawing Zeliska from her Victoria's compartment.

Sometimes shot people with airsoft guns for so much as looking her (Kiri says to avoid her as Dark-Sakura-Kaa when PMSing in these days.)

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She violently reacts to rapists? And loves guns? I love the girl XD Btw. what do you think about the omake where I gave her a Bolter?

6/30/2011 #1,894

@ Hubikoshi: I give you an 11 of 10 for that one, pity it was soo short...

Also she can use the drawing of Zeliska or other gun from her vic's holster (as Karin call it) as a way of teasing people about her assets (Aoshi said once that she made the act of drawing a gun into fetish fuel...)

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Fufufufu gotta find more targets for the Bolter, and show off some of the nastier ammo. I limited the amount of ammo she has because frankly... Bolter is OVERKILL.

[chuckles] I'm loving her more and more XD And just imagine it, she reaches for the gun, takes it and draws it, and draws it, and draws it

"WOMAN! How long is that gun anyway!!??"

Heh, I have a feeling that if she were to dress up for Halloween she could do Joker from the first Batman movie, the scene where he draws that looooooong gun.

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...Why are you using GrimDark Warhammer 40k as a gun source, when there's something MUCH more fitting for Keiko to use?

ht tp://www. google. com/search?q=outlaw+star+caster

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Name (+creator):

Koyuki Emiya (throwaawy)


13-f (School Days); 16-f (Nerima)




Physical: 160cm (5'3") 77b/56w/78h; shoulder-length grey-blue hair, grey eyes

Wardrobe: Commonly wears t-shirts and shorts, with a vest or tank-top over the shirt; ankle-socks and slip-on shoes; chain-link bracelet on her left wrist.

Personality Tropes:

Kuudere (Type 2); Spock Speak; I Want My Beloved to Be Happy; Determinator; An Ice Person/Weak But Skilled


Unfailingly polite for the most part, even to her own family. Is most comfortable around Akitsu, Karin, Keiko, Sakuya, and Shirou (in that order), not-coincidentally these are the family members most likely to provoke an extreme reaction from her. She's most comfortable being led around by her more outgoing siblings, but if she does find a goal she really does want to accomplish for herself, she will become the Determinator. She is socially-inept -- by her own choice -- and is not used to being out in the world without a member of her family to filter everything for her. She has a minor inferiority complex due to her lack of offensive abilities -- especially compared to her mother. She is content to play the role of a support/defence class for her family, but quietly dreams of being a front-line combatant. Strategically inept, but has a good grasp of small-unit tactics and herding opponents using her abilities.

Likes: Family, puppies, being useful, origami, ice cream, snow sculptures

Dislikes: Strangers, sunny days, threats to her family or her Ashikabi


Ranma Saotome (Ranma 1/2)


Affinity: Snow; minor-Ice



Snow Manipulation:

minor action- Freeze moisture in the surrounding air into tiny ice particles and mass them into snow balls

standard action- Range 10 (~15m). Telekinetically impell any available snow (in an area roughly 5 cubic-meters). Opponents hit take damage and are slowed.

Snow Adhesion:

passive- Exactly What it Says on the Tin. Aids in snow collection, opponents who come into contact with the snow are slowed. Also very very useful when making snow sculptures.

Special Attacks:

Icicle Fall: (combination attack)

standard action- Burst 1 (~1.5m across) within a 10m zone. Summons a large spread of snow across an area over the targeted area. An additional cold spell can freeze the snow into harder ice-crystals, which are then Manipulated into saturating the targeted area with thousands of ice-blades. Dependant on a stronger Ice Spell to be available, or Koyuki to have a norito. Sometimes has a 'safe' zone the size of a bus. She's working on that.

Storm Wall:

standard action- Burst 3 (~4.5m) within a 10m zone. Summons a localized snow storm to encircle a target area. The storm lowers visibility both into and out of the area, opponents that cross the boundary take damage and are slowed. The storm will also absorb small projectiles and add them to its boundary, inflicting additional damage based on the object absorbed.

minor action- The zone persists

Final Attacks:

Enhanced Mode: (requires norito)

passive- Koyuki's collection rate, speed, and power of her abilities are all increased. Snow Adhesion has the possibility to prevent movement completely. She is able to utilize fully-realized Ice spells and can cast Icicle Fall at-will. Storm Wall's AoE and damage increase.

Arashi Nadare: (requires startup aria)

"The Frozen Heavens hear my pledge / Inundate the foes of my Ashikabi"

standard action- Burst 10 (~15m) centered on Koyuki. Summons a wave of snow and ice spears from origin, pushing out. Ground-level opponents take damage from the snow, are knocked back, and knocked prone. Airborne opponents take damage from the ice and are knocked prone, taking fall damage. Arashi Nadare ends Enhanced Mode, requiring an additional norito to recast.


i am feeling so geeky right now. so nostalgic.

sizes i just made up, but i found this and cherry picked from various chars:

(20 something'th post down)

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Because Bolters are guns that could take out TANKS, they are automated ROCKET LAUNCHERS XD You don't get more KABOOM than that.

Oh looks nice.

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As though she wasn't bad*** enough. Why don't you give her Vash the Stampede's gun as well. God forbid she learns how to use that angel cannon thing.

Anyways, here's my character, sorry if it's too long...

Name: Haru (Brunestud) Emiya

Creator: deus-rasengan2

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Parent: Altrouge

Appearence: Slightly around 6 feet tall. Muscular for a teen his age. (Almost that of an olympic runner). Faint scars on his body from fighting. Like his father, he prefers wearing long clothes, his standard outfit a long sleeved white shirt and black jeans in public. (His physic is not as noticable to beeter fool opponents) When training, he wears a sleeveless black gi with a red belt. He has a school uniform that he despises wearing, claiming it hinders his movements, currently trying to find a way to adjust it.

Eyes: Red

Hair: Black, short, slightly spiked.

Personality: He enjoys looking after his younger siblings when he can. Enjoys challenging his older brother Takeshi to spars, training with whoever is willing to that day, and watching the stars at night with 'Chibi-Rei' (His nickname for Reiko). He values his family and will do all he can to insure their happiness. Recently, he seems to be gaining his father's luck with women as he has developed his own small harem of girlfriends (and one fiance) While he hopes it will end soon, he feels as though his pain has only begun ( in a way)

When it comes to training, he is the very definition of reckless. Haru lives by a "What doesn't kill me..." mentallity at times. His training thought has brought him much closer to his younger sister Chiyo (Who is usually the one having to fix him up, which involves guilt trips and pain Haru would never wish upon anyone.) As well as Shinta (Who has made it a goal to surpass Haru one day). When he's not with his siblings or mother, he'll be either in the dojo training in Muay Thai, or in the clan forest practicing his more destructive power. He ocassionaly will dable with training techniques he's seen in mangas he's read, much to his family's annoyance when they go wrong for Haru.

Recently, Haru has been training under the legendary hero, Jack Rakan, in learning how to better his control over his slowly growing power. He's also more focused on his training whenever he comes home to visit his family. Whenever asked about it, he only tells them "I have a promise to keep. I need to get strong enough to face him again someday."

Due to his mother's bloodline, Haru has dormaint vampire blood in him that had recently been awakened. It was first noticed the day after the night of the crimson moon. Haru tries his best not to use it as he fears he'll lose control and do something he'll forever regret.

Likes: Training, his family, friends, his girlfreinds (and fiance), watching the night sky (usually with Reiko) Primate Murder( when the beast isn't being difficult, especially when it's his turn to walk him, much to Riko's amusement) martial arts mangas/ animes with intensive training regimes, a good brawl, Zelretch's stories of the powerful opponents he's met in his travels.

Dislikes: Threatening and/or harming his precious people, badmouthing the Emiya name, his vampiric urges, those who give up before even trying, Chiyo's healing methods (he brought it on himself for his own recklessness), believing he failed in helping someone, and the crimson moon.

Skills: He studies in Muay Thai with Musubi, when incorparting his reinforcement as well as his growing ability to 'force' his energy to specific areas of his body, he's never to be underestimated. He currently uses the weapon 'Beowulf' he received from Shirou's old friend, Dante. A set of guantlet and grieves that increase his strength and speed when equipped as well as his attacks dealing light based damage, slightly dangerous for his dark attribute so using them is a double edged sword.

Is also currently training in order to expand his arsenal of techniques.

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yay i have started something :D

... who IS gonna compile them?... at least into a word doc or something so they can just send the docx to kittybear O_oa


off to AX, see you next week

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"Frankly Ao, I'm your SISTER! Save your perverted tricks for the girls at your school!"

"But sis, it was an accident!"

"You blasted my undershorts without damaging my skirt as an ACCIDENT?! If you insist on lying do it right at least!"

"Is going commando soo bad sis? Fuuko-nee does it all the time-"

"Dojo, now!"

"Keiko-chan, I don't want to hurt you..."

"But I want to hurt you."


The walk home was uneventful, and I walked slowly hoping to give sis some cooldown time.

I go directly to the dojo, lest she go angry at me again, ans find her standing in the middle of the training area no guns in hand, but a chesire grin that made my blood run cold.

"Sis if you kill-"

"Death is too good for you. You're going to suffer, and I know exactlyhow. Now, en garde!"

She steps forward, but stops "Da~amn I forgot my panties!" She blushes with a slightly angry expression. Combined with her tsundere-like hairstyle, S-grade zettai ryouiki and expression she makes me highly flustered.

I put myself in position. She reach in her cleavage, 'no, not the zeliska' and pulls her shotgun grip.

"Ah! ist co~old," her breast jiggle at the motion, "Why did I choose one so long." the iron barrel rubbing her skin makes her moan a bit, and her face fluster cutely.

"I imagine it within me, the c*ck ready and waiting. Pull the it back, trigger it and let it release deep inside, flooding myself..." I stop dead. Its common knowledge that she got angry when she finally found her visualization, for it was something embarrassing, but that... that sounded like something from Karin's... And she said it out loud too! I found myself getting aroused, and at my sister! Am I that perverted? "Action open. Charge. Load and fire!"

Damn, I lowered my guard. And got hit. And blacked out.


I wake up in the infirmary, a pack of ice in my balls, and Chiho-kaa scolding Keiko...

"...He could have been permanently injured-"

"Which would be a service for girls around the world, besides I used a bean-bag shell at 7 meters whe he was wearing the protective suit."

"Even so-"

"And he embarrass me publically, And I won't accept that. Case closed." And she walked away.

"How bad is it Kaa-san?"

"You will be unable to walk for a week, but no permanent injuries. I hope you learned your lesson."


The origin of KSS code.

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #1,902


My, my those Blue users sure can do some astounding stuff :-3

Damn Keiko sure knows to take a guy down, distracted by the sexy to the max XD

I feel sorry for the poor guy... or do I? Justice Prevailed XD

6/30/2011 #1,903

Name (+creator): Shinta Emiya (Trooper1023)

Age: 9 (Devil Wings/A's)

Gender: Male, Sekirei

Mother: Musubi

Appearance: Physical - 120 cm (3'11"), 29 kg; straight light red hair tied in a short ponytail, red-orange eyes. Shinta looks like his namesake (Kenshin Himura as a little kid). Shinta Emiya, however, is very fit and solid-looking (compared to kid-Kenshin's delicate/thin look).

Wardrobe - He prefers to dress casually, in a t-shirt and heavy shorts (both frequently end up grass-stained) held up by a chain belt (likes Akitsu's use of them), and hiking boots.

Personality Tropes: "Allergic To Routine", "Beware the Nice Ones", "Badass Bookworm", "Good Is Not Dumb", "Human Pack Mule" and "Has Two Mommies". "The McCoy" of a "Freudian Trio" with Yuuno ("The Kirk") and Chrono ("The Spock"), and the "Red Oni" to Chrono's "Blue Oni". He will grow into "All A Part Of The Job", "Boisterous Bruiser", "I Got Bigger" (VERY much so), and "Work Hard Play Hard". Also, he will share "Must Make Her Laugh" with Yuuno Scrya, with regards to Fate Testarossa.

Description: Very laid-back and polite most of the time, quick with a smile and an offer to help out. When in a fight, however, becomes laconic, almost rude, all the while hiding his excitement. His interests are eclectic; usually found curled up with a book (reads with skill several years beyond his age) as often as brawling with his older siblings out in the yard, or trying to imitate his father's style with a pair of wooden swords.

On that final point, however, Shiro refuses to teach it, instead insisting that he is looking for a "proper" sword style to get his son instructed in... Shinta does not yet understand why Shiro HAS been teaching Chiyo-nee-san the same. (Shiro's reasoning: With Shinta's superhuman strength and endurance, he would benefit more from a traditional sword style, and does not need to take insane risks in the ol' Emiya way... Unfortunately, Shinta's strength leads him to take completely different kinds of risks while attempting to help someone else.)

Likes: family and friends, athletics (esp. swordsmanship and martial arts), reading fiction (SciFi, fantasy, and historical), giant mecha anime.

Dislikes: threats or insults to his family, to-be-Ashikabi, and friends;

Pairings: High probability of being winged by Nanoha Takamachi (MGLN) in the near future.


Seikrei: As a power-type (END and STR slightly higher than AGL and SPD), Shinta is capable of feats of strength and endurance FAR in excess of what should be possible for his age. (In Devil Wings) also occasionally manifests "hard light constructs"; (in Devil Wings A's) also an elemental-type "light" (photonic shape projection).

Magecraft: He has a small number of magic circuits, but struggles greatly when attempting any magecraft other than self-reinforcement (which adds on top of his already high stats).

Skills: Learning basics of Muay Thai from Musubi and Haru. Soon to be a student of Fuwa-Mikami Nitou-Ryuu Kenjutsu under Kyoya and Miyuki Takamachi. Also receiving tutoring in Mid-Childan magic from Yuuno Scrya, but progress is nil; struggles with creating a Mid-Childan magic circuit of sufficient consistency to use that style. Most spells fail outright, but an accident with a protection field spell lead Shinta to creating a "flash-step" effect, which he now practices religiously in the hopes of perfecting it.

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #1,904

Name: Reiko Emiya (shadowzerover5)

Age/Gender: 7/8-f, +600-f (Origin)

Parent: Karasuba



Physical:98cm (3'3"), Ash blond hair and gold eyes, Sekirei crest on her forehead hidden by long bangs

Wardrobe:Black Goth Loli with suspiciously flesh like rag-doll about the size of half her body.


Physical:160cm (5'3"), 80b/55w/78h Waist length ash blonde hair, Half-lidded golden eyes that seems to see something beyond mundane, Sekirei crest displayed proudly on forehead

Wardrobe:Bare-shoulder battle dress/Goth loli with armor plates inspired by Saber's own armor.

Personality Tropes: (I have no idea here...) Trademark Favorite Food (pudding), Creepy Doll, The Quiet One, Beware The Quiet Ones, The Unintelligible

Description:She is expressive but quiet, very quiet and often mumbles her words into her doll. Shirou, Gil and Karasuba understands her words due to practice while Arika seems to understood her immediately. Stares at the night sky often. Even given the gift of foresight, Reiko often gets into trouble when she tries to "help" out. While being perfectly fine afterwards, the same cannot be said to the victims of her well meaning actions.

Being Scrapped at such an early age, had a severe effect on her personality. As the feeling of utter emptiness is something a child cannot comprehend or understand, she became severely withdrawn to those she did not personally know. She also craves attention to the point that it will cause her physical harm if she is not careful. This will turn into a somewhat boon later on in life as it allowed her to keep a level head in almost any situation.

Her powers are great and as she grows she will develop physical skills to augment her lack of control over them. Aspires to be like her mother when she grows older but her powers limit her role in combat till she gets better control of them till then her role is scout and transport, provided that she can get the coordinates right. Her visions are random and is active when she is awake which is why she prefers to stay asleep.

Likes: pudding, playing with Gil and Shinra, sitting in Shirou's lap to nap, going rides with Primy and torturing the Kaleidostick (Rin:Karma is sooo sweet...) Among her siblings she is closets to Shinra, Arika and Kyon, her Crest, Her older/younger self.

Dislikes: Denied pudding, Cosmic Horrors, Zombies, her Crest


N/A as of the Origin Timeline, Not Determine in Fate Timeline


Time Manipulation: Level EX(C)

God like level of control over the power of Time to a degree that Space, its closest companion, can be manipulated to a lesser degree. But her powers are hard to control so its appreciable rank is lower than its true rank. At this level, it grants Agelessness, Clairvoyance, Spatial Distortions, Time Reversal, Time Travel, Loop Effect, Tesseract Creation etc.

Sankakukankei:Rank B(A+)

A sword crafted by Emiya Shirou to control his daughter's powers. Appears as a dull edge nodaichi made of a gem crafted from the powers of the Second Magic and covered in silver lines along the length of the blade; They are runes the size of a hairs width.

Neutral: Allows the user to accelerate and decelerate local time around him. Increasing speed and reaction time by two ranks. Reiko is unable to use this ability due to the blade exerting its more powerful abilities over the world

First Corner: Kagizaki (Tear) - In Reiko's hands, it can invoke an unblockable edge made from by warping space upon contact. This also make the blade selective and only cut the target and nothing else. Cannot be used in conjunction with the other corners.

Second Corner: Taru (Suspend) - Isolates its wielder in a separate time frame mimicking Avalon but does not grant absolute immunity the sheathe has. The barrier can be broken but it will be very difficult to do so. Reiko cannot move while this is active, barrier size is dependent on amount of prana infused. Cannot be used in conjunction with the other corners.

Third Corner: Fuuin (Seal) - Its most terrifying ability. Functions almost like a curse. Allows Reiko to turn an instantaneously fatal blow into slow lingering death by isolating the target in mini tesseract slowing the passage of time while keeping the targets perception of time normal turning seconds into days or years or centuries.

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I've been thinking... what do you think of Keiko (slightly older) doing the presentation of MBI produced weapons to the Jaffa with O'Neil standing to the side snarking for all he is worth? Finished with blowing some stuff up with the Bolter

7/1/2011 #1,906
Ginko Yurishiro

God saw a girl named Nanoha.

This girl fought many battles.

Befriended many enemies.

To create her Yuri Harem + one male.

Ferret not included.

As Shirou cursed the root.

God Smiled and gave her a Weapon of Mass Befriending.

*Alternate Universe*

7/1/2011 #1,907
Silver Sun 17

OH S***

7/1/2011 #1,908
Ginko Yurishiro

Befriending the Multiverse, one universe at a time.

7/1/2011 #1,909

I blame making Jack Rakan, Haru's teacher for this.



Haru rubbed his hands with glee. It took him quite some time to perfect this and it was mostly an experiment rather than real training but finally it was ready. Family's magi were quite surprised at the approach to magic in Lina's world. The idea of borrowing power from powerful entities and then using it to perform spells was quite uncommon in their world. If anything their magic worked by contending with the powerful entity, that is Gaia, by imposing their own ideas and beliefs upon the world. The way Lina used her magic was surprisingly similar to Marble Phantasms where the user made the nature do the magic for them. It was an interesting new avenue for research, something Rin-kaa-san took advantage of.

But enough about theory, time to begin the test. Haru put his hands together leaving a small space between his palms.

"Let's go"

He whispered and began the incantation

"Power beyond comprehension"

He poured the power into his hands and YES it started concentrating in a small space between his palms

"Idiocy beyond any limits"

More power started to form in between his palms

"In thine name I join with you in the idiocy"

He winced, as much as he hated to admit it, he Was very similar to his teacher

"Let all those who think they can contend with your

might be destroyed by the power resting in your mighty fists"

Haru withdrew his arms and then thrust them forward releasing the power.


He grinned as an enormous fist flew out of his palms breaking trees and scarring the ground.

And then it hit the hill on the opposite side of the field, leaving an enormous, deep imprint of a fist on it


Haru yelled falling to his knees with his fist in the air as he triumphed.

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #1,910
Bloody Hero

Nice one HubiKoshi, I find the idea of Haru drawing power from Jack Hilarious. For we all know that Jacks Awesomeness is more than enough to be a Stable Powersource for any magic user :)

7/2/2011 #1,911

I am rolling around laughing Im imagining it now oh yea how do you think he will react when he finds out haru is borrowing his power

7/2/2011 #1,912


"That will be 100 milion for every use of that spell, my power is copyrighted you know. Buut I can sell you a license, just 500 milion, it's a bargain kid, I'm giving you a discount as my disciple"

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #1,913
Bloody Hero

Considering how easily Haru can make money it's a pretty good deal actually.

7/2/2011 #1,914

Rakan sighed mournfully

"Something wrong Rakan-sensei?"

Haru asked just coming back from doing warm up exercises. Jack pointed at him accusingly



"You are a friggin hen that lays golden eggs, there is no challenge Here, you just pay me as much as I demand. I have more cash than ever before and I don't know what to do with it. Damn you!"

7/2/2011 #1,915
Bloody Hero

Sad thing is that's probably true. Oh well he could always pull off a Zack from DOA he has the cash for it.

7/2/2011 #1,916

I have found Haru the perfect rival (Sorry Takeshi, he still loves you like a brother though, actually you might be glad, Haru won't be randomly challenging you as much any more)



Haru gazed at the city he and Rakan were currently walking through. It had been close to thre months since the lengendary hero took on his second apprentice and Haru's abilities had grown by leapts and bonds. The bot had practically gone through hell and back to get to the strength he has now. From either having to face off against all manners of monstrous beings in the magic world to sparring with Rakan with limited mobility due to him being forced to constantly wear weights, it was all worth it with the power he had now. Sure he was still nowhere near what Rakan, let alone Negi, could dish out at full power, but he was damn sure far passed his level when he first started and for that he was greatly proud of himself.

His sensei was proud to as he had decided it was time for Haru to put his skills to the test by entering in an upcoming tournament. At first Haru was completely against it, not because he was afraid or the like, but because after the being caught entering a tournament he was too young for( he entered with the help of Chisame's againg pills) that was being broadcasted on tv, though he won it, it took quite a long while before he was aloud any sort of freedom from the house without a chapoerone with him in case he tried again. Rakan had assured them that there was no way his family would find out about it as the broadcast was only shown in this world anyway.

Haru was not entirely convinced, but a chance to fight was never one he'd pass up.

Haru noticed that not only were their alot of participants entering, but they were also of many different species as well, beastmen, elves, lizard people, he thinks he may have even seen a daywalker or two.

"Alright then, gaki..." Jack spoke up. "We just need to get you registered in properly and you'll be ready to go when the fights start."

Haru glanced at his sensei, "You're sure this isn't going to be televised in the human world?"

Rakan sighed, thhis brat worried too much. "Once again, yes. Your world shouldn't have access to any broadcast from this world." He then giggled to himself sligthly. "Oh, but all the X-rated material they're missing out on."

"You dirty old man..." Haru muttered while he ignored his sensei's rambling about the types of 'adult material' the magic world had. He adjusted the duffle bag on his shoulder as they continued walking. He was gazing around at the other fighters here. While quite a few look and felt like they could give him a challenge, most of them just seemed to either be all talk, or were skilled, but not enough to really leave much of an impression were they to be matched up. Just as Haru turned to look forward again, he had almost bumped into some one walking the opposite direction as them. He and the other guy were able to move out of each other's way just in time. Haru quickly noticed that the guy looked to be around his age, if not a year or two older. He had shoulder length red hair with a long strand sticking out that reminded him of of Saber-kaa and Musubi-kaa slightly. He wore a long sleeved red jacket with a sleevless white shirt beneath and black pants. He also had a long red tie around his nack and sneakers on his feet. A small duffle bag of his own slung over his shoulder.

When Haru's red eyes met the others dark blue, he caught a glimpse of something, he couldn't really explain it. He knows Rakan might have rambled about it at some point during their training but he probably wasn't paying too much attention at the time. But he knew one thing for sure...

This guy was powerful, and Haru wanted to fight him...

The red-head seemed to think something similar as he slightly raised his eyebrow and his his lips twitched upward for a second before the two moved past one another and kept going their seperate ways. Haru turned back slightly to watch the red head's retreating figure.

"Looks like you found yourself a target eh?" Haru turned toward his sensei's smirking face.


"Even if it was for a second, I saw the looks in your eyes. You'll be gunning for him in the tournament right?"

Haru rolled his eyes. "Who knows, if he doesn't lose early on, maybe I will..." He mentally scoffed at himself. That guy was not going to lose to these amatuers. "Let's hurry and get me registered." Haru punched his open palm as he began to walk faster towards where he saw other fighters lining up.

Rakan shook his head at his disciple. "That idiot... still..." He then looked back in the direction of where the red head was.'I had heard rumors of a red-head warrior from a town called Veldime who could fight on par with Demon Lords... if he's one and the same, he may just be the test Haru needs...'He then smirked to himself. "This might actually be a little interesting." He muttered before walking to catch up to his student.

(Scene End)

Know who the guy is? Hint: Disgaea.

Nuff said...

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #1,917

Does his girlfriend know what he's doing?

7/2/2011 #1,918
Ginko Yurishiro


Haru's gona get OHK'd(lvl 9999)

7/2/2011 #1,919

*Returns from Star Wars marathon*

*ksssh* I find the lack of OMAKE disturbing

It shall be rectified *ksssh*

Reiko's conclusion.


This, wasn't the future I left behind.

Was the first thought that entered Reiko's mind as she stood on top of a hill overlooking vast green plains. In the distance, a massive silver city lined the horizon and reached up to heavens where a white arc streaked across the clear sky. The air seems cleaner that what she was used to when she was in her native timeline. Did she wander into one of the Sekirei territories? Did she overshoot her jump?

"Well I don't think I'm in my timeline anymore..." she mumbled as she dropped flat on her back, tired from her excursion into to the past.

"That's because you aren't, my dear."

"Master?!" whirling around at the sound of a familiar voice, Reiko saw the Wizard Marshall walked up next to her and stroked his chin while admiring the beautiful view of the city before them.

"Beautiful isn't it? A city made of a metal that decomposes naturally when exposed to high amounts of Gaia's will. Clean energy derived from the very stars themselves...while it is not perfect as the nature of man rarely is, it is a peaceful city with wonderful people," he spoke in almost awe.

"How did I get here..." Reiko asks as Zelretch continued to list the achievements of the city in the horizon.

Pausing in his little tirade, the vampire stroked his beard and smirked, "Why? You should know that my apprentice," he trailed off as he pulled a data pad out of thin air and started to type into it, "You made a linear jump."

Reiko frowned contemplating her teacher's words before her eyes widened in realization, "You mean...?!"

"He's right, after all we've been trough," she heard her own voice call from behind her. Slowly turning around she frowned as she saw two of her in walking with each in sync. One was older, if the bust was any indication, while the one next to her was a somewhat more youthful copy of her. What was the most startling is the younger one had no crest on her head.

"The iterations we tried," the oldest Reiko said.

"Manipulations...Time stream," spoke the youngest.

"A simple visit succeeded in the dream we all but given up on," spoke the last.

Reiko collapse on her knees as her master stroked her back. Her eyes were wet in tears for the first time in centuries, turning around she slapped the old man hard on the arm, "Why didn't you tell me?!" before hugging her Master in full embrace.

The pair of Reikos that arrived from this time greeted the Wizard Marshall before lifting the visitor to her feet, "You don't belong in this time,"

"Go home." was soft gentle command she received as smiled graced the three's lips. One of understanding, another of pride and last of joy.

She felt power from her future selves flow into her, giving her the needed energy to make probably her last jump.

"This city," she began, "What is it called?"

Zelretch smirked as the other Reiko's waved their counterpart good bye, "What else my dear?"



"I'm home."

"Welcome back."

"We can't keep calling you Reiko you know?"

" can call me Eiko."

"Eiko it is."



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