The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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the first thing that tends to pop into my mind when dealing with an heir to shirou's magic is that it'd be a child of one of the other established magi.

that reasoning probably falls flat on its face because:

1) i don't think nasuverse has quite mentioned how an individual magus chooses their spouse; we hear how there are powerful magi families, but no mention of its a magus marrying another magus, or one marrying a muggle

2) shirou's brand of magic is so off the wall that an established magus with however many generations of magic backing them up would probably fare no better than an individual person, except for --

3) raw magical potential would be best i suppose, assuming sekirei powers can translate into magic crests without very many problems.

so... given that... no, i don't really have a problem with takeshi being the magical heir.


on another note, i've been operating under the assumption that shirou's MBI is just as secretive as minaka's, churning out newer and better technology while hiding the source. hiding the details of their day-to-day operations, possibly even hiding his own position as the CEO (excuse for people not knowing who he is) and using a puppet CEO or just one of the wives... or takami.

what's everybody else's thoughts on MBI's public presence?

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Silver Sun 17

i'm with throwaawy on this.

oh ya one more thing, *shows why time honored sniper avodiance is useless and puts a dart it Throwaawy's left cheek during a jump* GET UPDATING you got Luvia's twins to add.

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MBI should have a mundane as its least to the mundane world. Shirou can still be the CEO in the shadows. A magus as the head of a major company like MBI would be too risky.

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@Silver Sun 17

update you say? :D


Emiya Clan - Nerima 08


Koyuki flew through the air. She wasn't graceful. Twisting her body, she just managed to get her feet underneath her and break her fall, only to trip on her heels and slam in to the ground on her back.

Or she would have, if the ground hadn't erupted into a cushioning mass of writhing darkness. Sakuya glared from across the field as her shadows gently lowered her sister to the ground. "You idiot," she yelled, "her arm's still not better yet!"

"She should learn to land on her feet then," Arika pointed out bluntly. She turned her head slightly. "Koyuki-chan?"

"I am fine." The snow girl looked back at the sidelines, where most of the Emiya children were sitting, watching, cheering. Keeping her discomfort from her face, she rose to her feet and moved back into position near her elder sister.

"When you're airborne like that, try to get your arms like this." The eldest Emiya daughter demonstrated the position and Koyuki mimicked it. Most of the adults were away from home. Musubi was still at school officiating an intra-club sporting match, which left Arika running her sister through simple unarmed-combat drills. "You need to be able to control your spin and reorient yourself as soon as possible in order to stick the landing." Arika tilted her head casually as she checked Koyuki's stance, then grabbed her arm -- her uninjured arm.

Unfortunately for Koyuki, the Emiya Clan's idea of 'simple combat drills' took a page from the fabled 'School of Hard Knocks' Reiko had once told them about. Musubi and Karasuba, of course, had been ecstatic about the idea. Ever since then, hands-on learning took on a whole new meaning for the family.

With a brief application of reinforcement and a judicious use of mana burst to increase her arm strength, Arika spun into a circle, pulling Koyuki off her feet and flinging her into the the sky once again like an olympian's shot put. Once again, the snow girl flailed her limbs as she flipped end over end through the air, this time managing to control herself properly enough to drop into a textbook three-point landing. She skidded across the ground as she shed her momentum, but drew herself back up as she slowed, shaking out her hand.

Emiya Clan Combat Lesson One: Learn How to Fall


Lesson Two: Learn How to Redirect Attacks

Koyuki rapidly brought her arm up, shoving Arika's knife-handed thrust off course and just past her torso. Unfortunately she wasn't able to get that arm back up in time to catch her sister's other arm, suffering a chop to the junction between her shoulder and neck which sent her to her knees.

Arika frowned. "You should have used your other arm for the first strike, rather than trying to do a cross-body parry."

"It's still broken, you moron!" Sakuya shouted from the sidelines.

"Ooh, right..."

Koyuki gasped as she clutched her shoulder.


Lesson Three: How to Dodge

Takeshi and Keiko frowned as they stood in front of Arika.

"I really think this is a bad idea," the eldest son commented.

"Really bad," Keiko echoed. "...and that's saying something, especially coming from me."

Arika waved her hands dismissively. "Nonsense, I'm sure Musubi-kaasan would agree with me."

Takeshi narrowed his eyes, "I really don't think Musubi-kaasan is the best example to be going with here..."

Keiko turned to look over her shoulder. "Are you okay with this, sis?"

Koyuki eyed the repeating crossbows her two siblings were carrying with an uncertain expression. "Ah... uh..."

"She'll be fine," Arika insisted. She pointed towards the field. "Now get out there and do your stuff. I want arrows that will blot out the sun!"

Koyuki gulped nervously.


Lesson Four: Improve Physical Conditioning

Arika ticked points off of her fingers. "Need to improve your speed, your reflexes... hm... you may not need to improve your strength just yet. We should work on your stamina."

Koyuki was on the ground, flat on her face.

"Oh come on! That was barely eight kilometers!" Arika fumed at the poor showing.

"Maybe it would help if you let her take off the ankle weights?" Karin asked archly. The rest of the children were still present, watching the 'training' in horrified fascination.

"It's only five kilograms," Arika insisted.

"Um..." Kumako interrupted nervously. "I know Koyuki-neechan is a snow lady, but is she supposed to be turning blue like that?"


Lesson Five: Take Care of Your Body or Els-- OH SHI-

"What's going on here?"

Arika paled and turned towards the house. Chiyo and Haru were standing on the steps with a look of shock on both of their faces as they stared at the comatose snow girl and the blonde teen, barking at her like a drill sergeant. Chiyo's expression rapidly darkened, her mouth curling into a kind-looking smile.

Haru gulped and took several long steps to distance himself from the girl.

"Eheh, Chiyo-chan!" Arika laughed nervously. "This isn't what it looks like... I can explain!"


"Take her carefully to the infirmary... again," Chiyo directed Sakuya. She turned towards Riko, "Find Mother, please, and let her know what's going on."

The two purple-haired girls nodded and departed to their respective tasks.

"And as for you..." the eldest Emiya daughter gulped as the second daughter turned back to her.

Whatever she was about to say was interrupted as the wall on the far side of the property abruptly exploded. The rest of the children were on their feet in a flash, all orienting themselves towards the dust cloud raised by the destruction.

"What the hell?" a voice shouted from within the cloud. "I could have sworn I was in a cave, why is there suddenly grass in here?" A stocky boy with a large traveling bag slung onto his back stumbled into view. He blinked at the apparently unexpected sunlight, looking around at the wide field around him. His eyes fell on the assembled crowd and his mouth twisted into a grimace, sharp canines pinging with reflected light.

"Where the hell am I now?"

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@ throwaawy

You've GOT to be kidding me! Since when is Takeshi (Rules Lawyer that he is) going to let Arika put her own sister through Training From Hell with a BROKEN ARM!?!

Arika (obviously) went through something similar, but likely of her own volition. Haru's been putting HIMSELF through his own idea of it, as has Chiyo. Keiko likely gets something similar from her mom when learning magecraft. Shinta is going to get it at the Takamachi/Fuwa/Mikami dojo.

Koyuki? Her data sheet entry lists her as not having done anything like this... And I can't imagine Shirou and Rin and Miya NOT putting down some ground rules about training with siblings in a relatively "safe" manner. Likely, that means no sink-or-swim methods unless the Clan itself is at stake, and even then, parental approval is probably necessary. Month's grounding and multiple-Mask exposure await rule-breakers...

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well played throwaawy well played.


i don't think hes within a few miles of the place.

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See lesson #3.

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to number 3b) the adults are all out of the house

to number 1) hm... i'd say koyuki was literally asking for it, hence why keiko's also going along with it. if that doesn't fly... who can i replace him with? (i mostly put him in there for his 'archery' ness)

to number 3a) it wasn't in the sheet because she'd never done something like this yet :D

i was mostly planning for her to be able to dodge and deflect. by the end of this 'training from hell' she'd partially negate her limitation with her snow attacks by simply being able to dodge around while charging up, rather than simply staying in one spot like she has been up until now.


adding this to the beginning of the story. does this help any?


"Father, I would like to request training."

"We'll talk about this later, Koyuki. You should get some rest."

Father left. He wouldn't let her do it. Not anytime soon. She needed training now if she were to have any hope getting to the level she wanted. She turned her head and watched the chaos around her as Chiyo-nee left to find Chiho-kaasan. Her eyes fell on Takeshi-nii, on Haru-nii, on Musubi-kaasan and Karasuba-kaasan. They came to rest on Arika-nee before she succumbed to the shock of her injuries and darkness began to nibble at the edges of her vision.

I will seek training... elsewhere. She decided as she slipped into unconsciousness.


edits to profile: clothing and description (minor changes + additions)


Wardrobe: Commonly wears t-shirts and shorts, with a vest or tank-top over the shirt; ankle-socks and slip-on shoes; chain-link bracelet on her left wrist. Her current 'battle' uniform merely trades her shoes for short boots and knee pads



Unfailingly polite for the most part, even to her own family. Is most comfortable around Akitsu, Karin, Keiko, Sakuya, and Shirou (in that order), not-coincidentally these are the family members most likely to provoke an extreme reaction from her. She's most comfortable being led around by her more outgoing siblings, but if she does find a goal she really does want to accomplish for herself, she will become the Determinator.

She is socially inept - by her own choice - and is not used to being out in the world without a member of her family to filter everything for her. She has a minor inferiority complex due to her lack of offensive abilities - especially compared to her mother. She is content to play the role of a support/defense class for her family, but quietly dreams of being a front-line combatant. She lacks the overarching thought process to be a good strategist, but has a good grasp of small-unit tactics and using her abilities for herding opponents.

Recently she has been undergoing rigorous training to improve her speed and agility in order to offset the large charge time her attacks require from her. Though her improvement is relatively small, she augments it with a set of rune-enhanced equipment Keiko and Riko put together for her to further increase her speed closer to NWC levels.

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"Gahh!" Roared the voice of a beastman as he crashed into the ground. A short distance away stood Haru with his leg outstretched. He had small cuts and some bruises on him and he was breathing aloud slightly. He lowered his leg and calmed his breathing as the ref continued counting.

"7...8...9...10! Contestant Hokigin is out. Contestant Haru is the winner!" He annouced as the crowd roared in applause. He straightened himself out before taking a small bow.

"And there you have it. After a stunning match, Haru moves to the finals." Usagi announced from his station. Plenair seemingly still eating an Usagi plushie."With this match over, we only have one more match before the final match. Stay tuned..."


"Did you see that!" Shinta explained while pointing at the screen as it showed highlights of the previous match. "That was awesome!"

"Haru-chan has come a long way from the rambuncious kid who was letting himself get hit with boulders eh Shirou-tan?" Matsu said as the family all sat in the family room watching the tournament.

Shirou nodded with a proud smile on his face. "He's grown strong."

Chisame sighed, "Just what this family needs, an overpowered sibling who likes trying to kill himself to get stronger." She then massaged her forehead. "He was more like his sensei before they even met."

"From what you told us of what Rakan's like, we can be thankful he didn't gain his stupidity." Kyon said. Chisame, as well as most of the adults that had met Rakan, nodded in agreement.


"AACHHOOO!" Rakan sneezed, startling a few passing fans. "Why do I feel like I've been sucker punched?" He muttered as he scratched his nose. He then raised his hand when he saw Haru enter the hallway from the arena. "Not bad Gaki. It looked like you actuall took a bit of damage."

Haru glanced at the dissapearing cut on his arm. "He did give me an interesting match. If we had fought before I started training with you, I may have been pushed to my limit against him. But your sadistic ways of training made sure guys like him would be no real problem.

Rakan grinned smugly at that. "I told you, you'd be a force to be reckoned with. Had you ever had any doubt?"

"Not really, Negi told me you were the right guy to go to for training... then Chisame said he was crazy for suggesting you and I was crazy to go train under the, and I'm quoting, 'dim witted, muscle headed, idiot of a pervert'... Or something along those lines." Haru shrugged as Jack had a river of tears pouring down his face.

"Will Contestant Adell please report to the arena area."

The two heard the annoucement.

"Come on Sensei, I want to see his next match." Haru said as he began walking toward the seating area to watch, Rakan following behind.


"And now we come to the second round of the semi finals." Usagi announced, drawing a roar from the crowd."On one end, we have a contender who's been a real scare towards his compatition. Practically destroying his opponents with little to no mercy. Contestant Halgore!"As he said the name, the crowd began cheering. Out of one of the exits came a rather large looking being. The figure was walking hunched over slightly with rather long arms like that of an orangutan. His skin was purple with small red circles on his elbows and one on his forehead. He wore a pair of black cargo pants and boots. His muscled fisque was shown to all as he hopped onto the square platform before merely standing there."Next, a newcomer quickly turned rising star in this year's turn out. Contestant Adell!"The crowd roared as the red head made his way to the center arena from the opposite exit. He had taken his coat off and his boots were replaced by martial art shoes. As well he was wearing a pair of black gloves. He jumped onto the stage and just gazed on at his opponenet. The ref looked between both fighters before nodded and then getting a safe distance away from the two. He then signal for them to begin."And with both combatants on stage, let the second round of the semi finals BEGIN!"

Halgore wasted no time in charging in as Adell settled into his stance. Just as Halgore began to swing his arm, Adell jumped high and quickly went for a kick to the head which as quickly blocked with Hal's other arm. He pushed Adell back then charged in and began throwing quick punches with Adell dodging and blocking as he was slowly being pushed back.

"It looks as thought Adell is being pushed back by Halgore reach, his long arms prevent Adell from getting to close!" Usagi commentated while Plenair silently nodded.


"Why doesn't he just end it already?" Haru thought as he leaned against the railing on the walkway between the upper and lower level stands.

Rakan continued to look on as Adell was getting closer to the edge of the ring. "My guess... he's leading his opponent on. The guy'll think he's got this match won. That's the moment Adell will make his move."


Halgore continued his assault slowly pushing Adell to the edge pf the ring. His long reach ensuring Adell had no chance to get close. All he had to do was keep attack, once Adell hit the edge, he would finish this match.

Adell blocked a left swing and threw a quick jab Halgore blocked with his left elbow before pushing Adell back again. As he slid back sligthly, he stumbled slightly when his feet reached the end of the stage. At this, Halgore quickly moved in, arms high above his head, and quickly smashed them into Adell's shoulders. Adell suddenly stopped moving as his hands fell to his side, his bangs shadowing his eyes.

"And Halgore lands a devastating double chop to Adell's shoulders. No doubt his arms are probably broken from that impact." Halgore lifted his arms up and then drew his fist back. His hand glowing purple."It looks like Halgore's going for a quick finish."As Usagi annouced it, Halgore quickly swung.


Halgore's fist smashed dead center into Adell's chest, surprisingly he didn't budge.


"This match is over..." Rakan muttered as he looked on.

"Huh?" Haru blinked before turning toward his teacher. "What do yo-"


Haru quickly turned back to the match at the sound of something breaking. His eyes widened at what he saw, while Jack just smirked.


"AAAAHHHH!!!" Halgore hollered as he held his now broken arm. The bone was bent in two places, make it look slightly like a Z.

"Wha-? I'm not sure what happened. Halgore went in for the finishing strike., but it seems his arm has been broken. And what of contestant Adell, he has yet to move."

Halgore was still holding his arm while glaring at the red head.

"I watched a couple of your matches..." Adell suddenly spoke, his head still down. "That's the same combination you would use on your opponents to not only defeat them, but also permanently incapacitate them.." His mouth turned into a frown. "Even when your opponent had no chance of fighting back, you still chose to attack. You damn near killed your last opponent." He lifted his head up and Halgore almost flinched at the anger in his opponents eyes. "I hate fighters like you. Those that feel that nearly destroying your opponent is entertaining!" He yelled, then took a calming breath, and glared at his opponent again. "I think it's time I end this now." Suddenly, his entire body was incased in flames. "Crimson Flame!" He suddenly charged into his opponent, sending him flying back across the stage. Halgore quickly recovered, but then fell to a knee. His entire front was burnt and he still held his broken arm. He blinked when he felt a light gust of wind and looked up to see Adell standing right in front of him.

"It seems the tables have turned as Contestant Adell lands an attack that does quite the share of damage. And with his arm broken, it seems Halogore just may be losing this one."

Halgore glared at his opponent as Adell looked back impassively.

"Don't waste your time. You cant possibly keep going now." He then turned and began to walk away. "Go get your arm fixed up. This fight is over."

Halgore glared hatefully at Adell's back. Then without warning, he suddenly jumped forward, his good arm aimed to impale his opponent. Before he could swing, Adell's form blurred in front of his before Halgore felt an intense pain in his midsection. Gasping, he looked to see Adell had elbowed him. Before anyone could say anything, He pushed Halgore back slightly before his fists were incased in flames as he lauched a flurry of burning punches before uppercutting his opponent into the air. Halgore's body suddenly convulsed as electricity coursed through his body. Adell turned his back to Halgore again, who was still floating in the air, and clenched his fist. Halgore exploded as though he were made of dynamite. "Vulcan Blaze!" The charred form of Halgore landed on the ground in a thud. The ref then began counting.


Rakan whistled. "Pretty killer move there..." He admired.

Haru stared on at the field and Rakan smirked when he noticed his disciple was gripping the railing so hard, it was starting to dent.


"Unbelievable! Just when it looked like Adell was about to be taken out by a sneak attack from Halgore, he quickly turned the tides and..."Usagi paused as the ref counted. When he reached ten, he signaled to call the match."And that's it. Halgore is down, which means Adell moves on to face Haru in the finals!"As the crowd cheered wildly, Adell sighed as he calmed himself down. He then scratched the side of his nose while looking around, blushing slightly as he heard some of his more enthusiastic fans before walking off to the back area.


"That was so cool!!" Kumako cheered as the Emiya family watched on.

"His control over fire is pretty impressive." Homura nodded in approval.

"When he took those two attacks without so much as flinching, then defeating his opponent in two moves himself." Takeshi spoke up. "Adell is quite the fighter."

"Add to that he wasn't even trying in that match." Kyon said as the show went to a commercial. He then sighed. "Well one things for sure..."

"What's that?" Uzume blinked and looked at her son.

It was Karasuba who answered instead. "Haru-chan is going to be in for one hell of a fight."

The children watched on, all with different levels of worry for their brother.


Haru and Rakan were back in the lounging area, waiting for the finals. Haru was rewrapping the tape around his hands while seemingly in thought.

"This is it, gaki. It all comes down to this." Rakan spoke as he leaned against the doorway, watching his student. "You ready?"

Haru finished wrapping the tape tightly before flexing his hand. He then nodded to himself before he gave a small grin to his sensei. "As I'll ever be."

Jack nodded. "Contestant Haru, please report to the main stage for your match." The announcement said.

"Show 'em hell kid."

Haru's grinned widened a bit as he stood up and began walking out. Jack moved from the doorway to let Haru through.

"Haru..." Said boy stopped just as he was about to pass Rakan. "Win or lose, as long as you did your best, that's all that really matters."

Haru stood there for a moment before he started walking again. "Right..." He muttered.

Rakan watched the teen walking away with a proud smile on his face.


"Annd we're back!" Usagi announced, for some reason one of his ears looked as though it had been bitten off. If you looked toward Plenair, you noticed her chewing on some white fluff. "Well folks, this is it. The match you've all been waiting for. The final battle of the tournament is about to begin!" The crowd roared, anxious to get the match underway."Now let's bring out our two contestnant. Presenting Haru and Adell!" The cheering increased as the two fighters came out of their respective exits walking down toward the stage. Both having stern looks on their faces.


"Go, Haru-kun!" Val cheered from her spot on Chiyo's lap.

"This is it..." Shirou muttered as everyone was waiting for the match to begin.

"This... is going to be good." Karasuba smirked.


Back at Yokai, the usual gang were just lazying about the cafeteria, not really in the mood to do much since Haru had left for his training this summer. They really didn't feel like going home for the summer so they decided to stay at the Academy.

"What are all of you lovelys doing looking so depressed?"

The girls all turned to the voice and standing before them was Gin. "What do you want Ero-Inu?" Yukari asked.

Gin's eyebrow twitched slightly at the name Haru had given him, which the girls quickly took a liking to calling him. "Watch it half pint."

"Please don't mind her Gin-sempai." Moka apologized. Yukari-chan is just depressed that Haru-kun's gone away for the summer and won't be back until the new term starts." At that, all the girls seemed to be even more depressed.

Gin just smiled at them. "Normally I'd never do something like this for another guy, but I feel Haru's girls at least deserve to know how he's doing." Seeing as he's caught their interest, he continued. "It just so happens that Haru has recently been participating in the Battle Arena, a tournament in the magical world where fighters gather to test themselves and such.

"How do you know that?" Kurumu asked the werewolf.

Gin shrugged. "I'm actually a big fan of the arena and I've been watching his matches. He's made it to the finals where he'll be facing some guy named Adell who's been cruising through his matches as well."

The girls were relieved to know what Haru was doing,happy he had made it to the finals, and worried that he'd be facing a poweful opponent. It was then that something Gin had said caught their attention.

"You said you've been watching his matches?" Moka asked

Gin nodded. "Yeah, I missed his first match though" He then shrugged, "Pretty sure it wasn't much though as his other matches till the semifinals he didn't really need to try." He then looked back at the girls and paled considerably as his eyes widened.

Kurumu had her nails elongated, Mizore had her ice claws formed, Yukari and Ruby had their wands out, and Moka had a dark aura surrounding her as she lightly cracked her knuckles. "So you mean to tell us that you knew we were worried about Haru-kun and you chose to not tell us you knew how he was doing but also where he was."

Gin then realized the mistake he made. He could only curse his love for fighting on television as he royally had the crap beaten out of him.


Haru and Adell walked over to the center of the stage. They stood a couple feet away from each other as the ref stood between them.

"Are you ready?" He asked Adell, who nodded in the afirmative. Nodding, the ref turned to Haru, "Are you ready?" Haru nodded as well. The ref nodded to both of them, signaled to the annoucer, and then made his way away fom the two.

"The referee has signaled both fighters are ready and has moved out of the range. So with that, let the final match BEGIN!" The crowd roared as the two fighters stared each other down.

"Hey." Haru blinked as Adell suddenly spoke. "Best of luck to you Haru."

Haru smirked at his opponent. "Same to you, Adell. No holding back." He then lowered into a stance.

Adell smirked as he got into his stance as well. "I've seen your earlier matches. You make sure not to reveal too much about your abilities while still making the point that your stronger then most others." He then grinned. "So holding back on you would be an insult to both of us."

Haru couldn't help but grin back. "I like your style Adell." He then flared his power slightly.

Adell matching his own aura. "That's just the guy I am."

The two stood in their stances, not moving an inch as they waited for their opponent to move. Their aura slowly growing bigger; Adell's a bright red while Haru's a dark blue. As the two aura drew closer to one another. They just barely touched, a small spark of electricity from the clashing energys.

That was their signal.

With speeds neither fighter showed in their previous matches, Adell and Haru quickly flew at one another, right arms drew back. As they wer within a foot of one another, they stopped their flight by stomping their left foots on the ground in front of them cracking the tiles, lauching their punches at the others face. They slowly tilted their heads to the side, their opponents attack just missing it's target by a good two or three centimeters.When their fist werw fully extended, a strong burst of air blew passed both of them, showing the crowd the force of their attacks.

The two stood their, still in the punching stance, and still grinning at each other.

'This is going to be fun'

The two thought as they quickly drew back then swung with their other fist.

The crowd roaring in excitement."And the final match is on it's way!"

(Scene end)

Not too good with fight scenes, sorry. Next time, Haru vs. Adell

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Bloody Hero

Don't worry man, you did fine :) Still looking forward to Adell vs. Haru its going to be one hell of a fight, though my money is on Adell. Keep up the good work man!

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well jusy remember the two cardinal rules of fighting. First, despite what anime would have you think, YOU DO NOT LEAVE THE FU-C-KING GROUND UNLESS YOU HAVE A VERY GOOD REASON TO! Doing so leaves you open as where you are going to fall is obvious and you can}t twist or manuever in the air. Second; less is more. Just dont say one contestant threw a thousand punches, rather say he threw one or two and describe the hell out of them. Also, rather then consentrating too much on their trump cards or special abilities concentrate on their timing and sense of range. Tactics trumps speed and strenght any day.

7/6/2011 #1,992


cool guys don't look at explosions~

looking forward to this, but i too am rooting for adell :D


luvia and kids added (is it really spelled 'aliisa', 2 i's?)

touko and bazett added (was bazett ever made canon? i think remember seeing her in blessed nights but nowhere else)

koyuki / kumako, shinra, ichigo edited/aged up (because let's face it, as babies they're not characters, they're accessories. and i just didn't like koyuki's)

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Hmm... Idea. Karin along with some other siblings making a School Life series about their Father and Mothers, in short something like To-Love-Ru only with Shirou as Rito and Many Many more women all fighting for his affection. Emiya TV Production "The Misadventures of Shirou Emiya". Newest Super Advanced CG and Photo-realistic technology used so no actors are needed.

Yeeesss With Shinji as the Sunohara-class Butt Monkey and Issei as Shirou's Only-Sane-Man friend.

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@ throwaawy

Nice, nothing less than perfection as expected........ but you DO understand that sooner or later there will be need to fill last two spots with "additions"?

but for now let's concentrate on praising your work.

@ HubiKoshi

Until now Shirous elementary school - to an early highschool was considered only known SANE period in his life, now even those memories of his will be defiled [SIGHS]. Is there nothing sacred anymore..........Now I need to phone my cable TV operator to connect Emiya TV. [RUNS TO PHONE]

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Bloody Hero

@ HubiKoshi

Oh, I want to suscribe to Emiya TV as well, and what highshcool do you want to put Shirou in for maximum craziness, Macademi Washoi? Also how is the next segment of the Godannar omake coming along.


Please check the crossover thread, for I have a response to your previous post on it.

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For the sake of Lulz and Evulz NOTHING is sacred and I'm quite sure that Karin and Matsu (cause let's be honest she'll find out about her daughter's little project) would drop some Ho-Yay between Shirou and Issei

@Bloody Hero

No worries it's coming along, as for the school... do we even need to send them into some extraordinary school? With this many crazy girls flocking around him they'll create enough chaos to overshadow even Macademi XD

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@ HubiKoshi

Ir seems as you have few concrete ideas....

PS would you help me Iwant to create post on Heroic Spirit encyclopedia about Zawisza the Black

7/7/2011 . Edited 7/7/2011 #1,998
Bloody Hero

Well HubiKoshi, you have a point but Macademi can only help in the insanity. Plus knowing the Male wizard teacher there he would make Shirou's life into a hentai comic series featuring him with all the girls. Can you imagine the Chaos that would cause?

7/7/2011 #1,999


Zawisza, eh? It crossed my mind once but never got to doing it. Well I only know some basic facts about him but I might try. I had an idea for a Noble Phantasm though, Sword of Podbieta - Special ability -beheads three foes without fail.

7/7/2011 #2,000

@Bloody Hero

Ough... true enough, though what I had in mind was closer to Clannad/To-Love-Ru, the story would start off with a handful of girls (Rin, Sakura, Rider, Luvia) and then would slowly spiral into more and more insanity as more and more girls would appear in a variety of ways.

7/7/2011 #2,001
Bloody Hero

To other ideas would be Freezing, and Disgaea 3. Both have their merits as Freezing all the girls would want to have Shirou as their limiter and Disgaea 3.......well its Disgaea do I really need to say anything more.


Please check the crossover thread periodically as I finally have time to talk/ask about Immortal Regis without dissapearing for a hour or more.

7/7/2011 . Edited 7/7/2011 #2,002

I personally think that generally "sane" surroundings make insanity stand out much more, the effect of contrast

PS Can I ask other questions about what you think about Zawisza in Heroic spirit encyclopedia or Private message, because here its not proper place I think, by the way Idea of sword is great we would only add some conditions as: the three enemies/people need to be in range.

7/7/2011 . Edited 7/7/2011 #2,003


Yeah sane surroundings would make the antics that much more fun ^^ And we could drop Mitsuzuri as Kotegawa-stand-in who'd berate them for lecherous behaviour XD But only because she wants Shirou for herself.

Let's do it PM, you'll post the whole thing when we'll be done ^^ [chuckles] OR Forces Celibacy on the user until he successfully chops down said three heads XD

7/7/2011 #2,004

I'm afraid you guys managed to completely loose me with all this talk of new people/characters... I can't remember who was mentioned as being from where! Gah!

7/7/2011 #2,005
Bloody Hero

Forgive me if this sounds insane, but how about throwing one the Emiya clan kids in the events of Gantz? As for who I would pick I'd have to say Kyon just because I want to see how his common sense power would work.

7/7/2011 #2,006

Rereading Freezing again and I noticed that this author has a certain um fondness for psychotic older sister type.

I'm reading it again to try my hand at a Freezing and Emiya Clan cross.

So far the setting is approximately at least 10 years from present, four very notorious kids are going to take Genetics by storm. Collectively, they are known as the Shitenoh.

None of them are Limiters nor Pandoras, Karin or Matsu just taught them how to imitate it very well using their own unique abilities aka bullshit their way into explaining their powers.

Any guesses?

My reasoning for flinging it to the future a bit is that a) The younger kids can get into their own battles, b) The Nova invasion has to take place and as a consequence humans have developed a fear for extraterrestrial life, though the ones in power know that friendly aliens are already on Earth and the Earth's progress depends on it joining the Galactic community eventually c) King Gid, or maybe at this time King Kaien, is not going to sit on his duff while this is happening so the Nova got delayed or at least did not have as many causalities as it originally had, d) Magic is still a secret so certain factions (politics) makes it harder to mount a magical assault that might be effective against them.

7/7/2011 #2,007


Question: are you going with a new branch on canon, or including other, already existing branches? Cause talking about Earth "joining the Galactic community" makes me wonder where the TSAB fits in...

So, yes or no? Either way, I'm more than willing to help world-build with you towards whatever plot bunnys you have underfoot.

7/7/2011 . Edited 7/7/2011 #2,008

I find TSAB fitting in a bit ways later. Maybe after the Nova conflict and First Contact with the Sekirei to the public and introduction to King Gid's or King Kaien's Empire. Even in the Nanoha-verse, after 10 years Earth still has no idea that TSAB exists as it is still a non-administrative world. Since Earth is a not part of TSAB, they can't send their forces directly and have to act covertly using Enforcers (Fate and Chrono) rather than the more obvious Aces (Nanoha, Shinta and Hayate)

TSAB and The Deviluke Empire might exist side by side since TSAB is an extra-dimensional political body rather than a galactic one. One spans across dimensions while the other spans across the galaxy.

So far, unless contested, this part of New Fate

7/7/2011 #2,009
Bloody Hero


Pleas check the crossover thread periodically as I would like to hear your input in the Immortal Regis idea. Your opinions and comments would be very much appreciated.

7/7/2011 #2,010
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