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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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@Scientific Savior of Earth: Actually, all Bo said was that there was one out there, that's all I revealed with that statement. Not that Ulf would fight it right off the bat.

And Ulf doesn't know how to use Rain of Light very well, it exhausts him and tends to miss the target he aims at... XP

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Emiya TV Trailer




"Two counts of Lost Logia theft, one of which is classed as dangerous. Seven counts of hostile magic cast upon civilian mages. One count of interfering with an ongoing Bureau investigation."

The little blonde girl flinched at each accusation, but the slim, dark haired woman at her side gently touched the girl's shoulder and smiled comfortingly.

Chrono Harlaown, standing at attention in his official Enforcer's uniform rather than his barrier jacket, continued. "Fate Testarossa. This tribunal has found you to be not guilty of these crimes, on account of your age and the fact that you were acting under orders of you mother Precia."

Standing beside Fate and across from Rin Tosaka-Emiya, Yuuno Scrya bit his lip to hold back the cheer bubbling up from within him.





"Here, Shinta-kun. Let me help you stretch out..."

"T-thanks, Nanoha-chan... I'm glad your parents and mine were ok with me sleeping here on weekends... Kyouya-sensei is really strict."

"Nii-san isn't pushing you too hard, is he?"

"Nah... I'm learning a lot, so it's ok. Anyway... it'll be nice to see Yuuno-kun and Fate-san again... and that familiar too."

Nanoha giggled and nodded.




"We're coming up on world #97, Ms. Emiya... Hm, that's odd... Why is there a displacement barrier up? That's not a standard barrier, either... Belkan? What's the Saint Church doing all the way out here?"

Rin felt her heart still for a few moments. "Where?"

"Uminari City."

"Mmph... what's going on, Rin-san?" *POP* "Wah—what was that for?"

"I need you awake, right now. I'm going to wake Fate and Arf up, while you start cracking that barrier."


"Ms. Emiya, really—"

"I have a bad feeling about this."





"Nanoha! Damn you—"

A marauding knight in red, wielding a hammer. In her thoughts, she asked herself '...Who are these kids, to stand up to me so well? I've wacked Bureau mages who didn't last half this long... Local mages then. This world seems to breed them tough.'

"...Unforgivable. I'm sorry Nanoha-chan, but to protect you..." Lips touched, light bloomed in the dark of the night.

'Wings? What the—?'

Wings became swords, a veritable rain of them.




"Arturia, what is wrong with you!"

"There is something here, someone, her... This is my place, my home, she doesn't belong... Leaving? Where are you..."


The phone rang.

"Hello? I'm sorry, what? Shinta and Nanoha vanished from their rooms!"

"Shirou-tan, it's terrible! There's a barrier over Uminari City!"

"...Saber, get the chopper ready."

Saber was already gone.





Two blades of light flashed. "Hikari... ni nare!" Unexpectedly, the shield bent, one blade sliding through.

Blood split. The knight in red cursed, steam billowing from the extended haft of her hammer as she smashed the boy off the rooftop in retaliation.



"I almost have it... I got it! Nanoha is hurt, but Shinta is—Oh no."

"Now, Benson! Those exact coordinates!" commanded Rin, and the courier-ship pilot shook his head, but obligingly set the transfer field around his passengers and let fly.


"I have you... Shinta."

"Fate!... Thanks."




"Allies, huh..." The red knight scowled. "So—!"

Rin extended a single finger. Black orbs flew.

"Grrr... gonna take more than that to stop ME!"

The magus woman opposing her shattered like glass under the knight's hammer. "A fake?"

Overhead, standing on a platform provided by the blonde girls familiar, the same woman finished a Germanic chant.

"Panzerschild!" The red knight grunted as cannonballs of compressed air slammed down upon her shield.

Then the real assault occurred. Underneath her feet, the building shattered. Between flying chunks of rubble came blades of wind and water.

'Damn! Woman is better than I expected—'

Then those annoying pink bullets were back, plus a volley of electrified lance-arrows. 'The kids aren't running?—'




{'Problem, oh great and mighty Iron Countess?'}

Caught between a bunch of surprisingly powerful children and one furious magi, the red knight scowled at the mental contact. {'Stinking furball... get your flee-bitten butt in here and help me before I'm forced to stop holding back and actually kill someone!'}

{'The General is on her way as well.'}

'Well, that's just lovely... Beast King better hurry it up then.'




"...Move. NOW!" The general abruptly thrust her companions aside, much to their shock.

Steel was drawn in a blinding flash. The impact that followed was titanic; only the burly lion-man and another, graying red hair and a pair of curved black and white blades, stayed on their feet.



The accusation was a beastial growl, as was its response. Green pupils stretched into vertical, reptilian slits bored into identically-slit blue.




Shirou Emiya thought he knew what it meant to see Arturia Pendragon fight all out.

He thought wrong.

"This... is not good."

The two knights, a general and a king, lay into each other with inhuman fury and a terrifying single-mindedness. The taller general leaned back from one swing only enough to keep her eye, the king's invisible blade scratching a bloody line across her face instead; unflinching, she struck back. The king stepped into the swing without hesitation, bringing it up short. Without leverage, the general's sword lay beside her throat for but a moment, before the king plowed her shoulder into her foe's abdomen and thrust her away; barely touched, but still a bloody line was opened by the retreating weapon.

Distance opened between the foes. The general's weapon hissed, clanked, and spat out a small metal cylinder, then exploded into coils of metal and flame. The king's weapon bled into visibility, shining like the sun.

Shirou paled, heard Rin echo his shouted "EVERYONE DOWN!" and tackled the three children he could reach to the ground.



Arf, her fur standing on end, was the first to obey, covering her master with her own body.



Then, the world seemed to explode in heat and sound.




"Eh?" Nanoha looked down to see a pale, slender hand emerging form her torso, fingers wrapped around a point of light that felt very important somehow...


Light flashed.

Blood splattered.




The Knight of the Lake double checked the layers of glamour and distortion about herself, then the cloth binding the wound in her hand, before transferring to her three allies in preparation for their escape. Normally she would have done so remotely, but ever since the Iron Countess first described the boy protecting her target, she'd had a terrible suspicion...

And she was right.

Leaning over the redhead girl's collapsed form, amber eyes glanced up across the distance, through the screen of adults protecting them, to glare directly into the Lake Knight's own. The boy's gaze seemed to bore into her soul with unforgiving fury.

Even unrecognized, the Lake Knight knew she could not be forgiven.

'The Mistress's friend from the library... Shinta... I'm sorry.'




Albus Dumbledore trembled in his seat. In his hands was a new prophecy, one that was being told by seers across the entire world. A prophecy that had absolutely nothing to do with England, or Voldemort, or Harry Potter.

Unless you counted the destruction of those three.

Along with everything else on Earth.


DEVIL'S WINGS A'S: Belkan Knightfall

Coming... sometime.

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@Trooper1023: Holy crap, man, that sounds incredible. Though I do wonder who this other "dragon" is...

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It's not obvious?

http:/ konachan. com/post/show?md5=807e58099e5d8326d9981f28c3a34524

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@Trooper1023: Oh...I feel stupid now. Or at least slow. =w=

I don't remember Signum's attacks very well. XP

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http:/ www. mangareader. net/magical-girl-lyrical-nanoha-strikers/15/8

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@Trooper1023: ...only that one page seems to work for StrikerS there. XP

But now I know who you meant. *nods*

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What? That whole chapter is supposed to be an exhibition fight between Signum and Nanoha, post season 3. You can only see that one page?

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@Trooper1023: Yeah. It sucks. I can see Force chapters and pages, though. XP

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I missed the refrence, what was that trailer about?

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@maximorph1: I think it was just Trooper's trailer for the next part of Devil's Wings...

Did you see the short intro for Monster Hunter I wrote? Not a big deal if you didn't, since I'll hopefully be writing more...

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Servius Regis

If anyone wants to come up with profiles for Yukari and Shiina's kids before I have to put them into the story in a more descriptive manner, I could use the help.

Much thanks to anyone who contributes.

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Servius Regis

Hey guys. Having a good Christmas? Well, no matter how yours is right now its probably better than these guys.

Sorry about the kind of slow plot at the moment, I promise things will start gearing up real soon. I just need some time to finalize the last parts of my design for the party itself.


A Season for Lunacy 18

Shirou and Akitsu raced down the hallway to stop Luvia and Rin from destroying more sectors of the house. Honestly, it could have been worse. It could have been Luvia, Rin, and Tsukumi destroying the house, but for the moment at least, the gymnast dressed water sekirei was busy giving her children another forced bath to make sure they were clean so that she could show off to the guests.

They ran into Ivone wearing her mother's Saxon getup and guarding the exit to the room with her spear, apparently intent on containing the damage where it was. Beside her, Jun was wearing a jester outfit, probably because of who his mother was and what Altrouge had planned for her.

"Ok kids" said Shirou as he raced to their side, "how does it look?"

"Well I've been able to keep them confined to this room for the past 15 minutes, so we should be able to end this now" replied Ivone. "Though it's probably going to be quite a hassle to clean up all of this."

Shirou looked inside. The room was pretty much cinders at this point, with two grown women biting and scratching each other in the middle. Yea, this wasn't going to be pretty. They would probably fight for the rest of the day at this rate unless he kept both of them chained at opposite ends of the house. That or sex, but right now he did not feel up for another round.

He traced Enkidu and began twirling it, "Akitsu, please hold them still" he requested.

She complied wordlessly, and within seconds, his two wives were shackled to the ground by ice and tied together by a divine chain. He approached warily until he saw that the two of them looked pretty spent.

"Ok why did you two feel it necessary to destroy a good part of the house on the day of the party?" asked Shirou.

Rin and Luvia fell into an incoherent verbal war over whose fault this was and who was going to take the blame. Shirou rubbed his head. Like this didn't happen enough already. He cut them off as they once again ventured into the region of how large their respective assets were.

"Alright, let's do this in a way that I can hear" he told them. "Rin you first."

"HAH! Hear that?" shouted Rin triumphantly, "I win!"

"Not even close!" retorted Luvia from where she was chained behind Rin. "Shirou is just getting your ignorant babble out of the way now!"

They dissolved into another frenzy of name calling and blame shoving. Shirou was seriously considering having Chiho sedate them for the rest of Christmas before something entered the room that shut everyone up.

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" yelled a very pissed off Altrouge as she stomped into the room, chilling the air by at least five degrees, Celsius.

Shirou, Akitsu, Ivone, and Jun backed away and put up their hands as the enraged vampire stalked towards where Rin and Luvia were desperately trying to get out of their chains.

"IT'S HER FAULT" they cried simultaneously, nearly crying in fear.

Altrouge advanced on them faster, finally standing directly over them with a demonic glint of fury in her eyes. She ripped off Enkidu and hoisted the two in the air by their necks. "Why don't you two bickering housewives listen to me" she intoned in a very, very scary voice, "as I explain to you how much work I have done to make this party great, and how much of that you have reduced to ash."

Rin and Luvia just gurgled, but in all fairness, that's all they could do. Shirou and Akitsu were trying to get the children out of the room as soon as possible, but Altrouge glared at them and they relented, trying to keep her from going off completely.

"I worked for seven days straight to make this party happen. I worked for two more days to make sure it stayed on schedule. I have had to call in numerous favors to get some of the finer points fitted in. I threatened my own son's manhood in order to keep things on track. Now don't think I can't make worse happen to the two of you!" she bellowed, with special emphasis on the last part. As she got madder, her grip tightened on their necks until they fell unconscious. She grunted and dragged them out of the room.

"Um dear?" croaked Shirou, still recovering, "Where are you taking them?"

Altrouge looked back at him like she had definitely not just terrified the living crap out of two exceptionally powerful magi and smiled serenely. "I'm just going to have Primmy watch over them as they fix the mess they made. Oh and darling" she continued, "make sure you talk to your children about behaving during the party. I don't want to make a bad impression on the To—I mean the other guests."

She walked out the door carrying Rin and Luvia who were still foaming at the mouth. Shirou turned to the other three in the room.

"Ok" he sighed, really wishing he could at least have breakfast first, "Jun, Ivone, gather the other kids up for a family meeting. Tell them Altrouge has plans for whoever doesn't attend. That should get them collected fast."

Jun gritted his teeth. "Dad, I can see why we would fear for our lives if we mess with her, but why on Earth do you put up with Altrouge-kaa?"

"Son," said Shirou, putting his hand on Jun's shoulder in a fatherly way, "Sometimes love is an inexplicable feeling between two people who want to share their lives with each other for a reason deeper than any ocean. Other times, it's just a constant fear of death. Either way, I'd prefer not to break it."

Jun rolled his eyes, and motioned for Ivone to follow him. As they left the room Ivone caught up with her brother and tapped him on the shoulder.

"So do you think that Dad made a mistake in marrying Altrouge-kaa?" she asked.

"No" he assured her, "I just think it was a mistake to marry her without some way to keep her bound for some purpose other than Caster-kaa's and Miya-kaa's little games." He began wishing he could reach the magical capacity of his father's sword tracing sometime within the next hour. "It would make Mom a lot less severe and my life so much simpler."


Next time: Pre-contact briefing for the younger members of the family. Strategy is discussed. Survival tactics are demonstrated. First engagement protocol is set in place. And someone gets a surprise visit.

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@Servius Regis Great omake I am really likeing this sereas.

12/14/2011 #3,734

@ maximorph1

I missed the refrence, what was that trailer about?

Lyco called it. People were doing trailers for random plot ideas, and while reading them, I realized that a trailer would work wonderfully as a preview for my Emiya Clan adaptation of MGLN A's (season 2).

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lhklan The Unpronounceable


I sense a Love Triangle between Primy, Arf and Zafira.

Oh yeah, does Vita have children or not? And what about Alisa and Suzuka?


I think something's wrong with me. I keep coming up with crazier and crazied ideas for EC...

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Emiya TV


Narrator: Mythbusters!


Haru grins into the camera.

"Hey viewers! Today we're testing out the safety of these new prototypes automobiles being ordered by MBI." Haru stated "The company claims that it should be able to 'survive anything', so we're going to put that claim to the test!." He finished while making hand gestures.

Souhiro yawned as he scratched his head "However, instead of using Haru as a tester in the car." He said as he walked over to the vehicle, in the driver seat, a wooden dummy with a smiley face painted on it was seated, "We'll use Buster instead."

"Yes, Buster! The clan's decoy wooden and plastic dummy used for testing out new techniques and powers." Haru explained, "So, what'll we be testing first?"

"Well... first we'll see if this thing can stand up to lesser level powers" Souhiro stated, "Like a weakened Heaven's Bolt."

"All right, let's see what she can take!" Haru enthused, as Souhiro and the cameraman walked to a safe distance from the car. Haru held a hand up and an orb of energy formed before stretching slightly. "First Impact..." Haru drew his arm back, "Heaven's Bolt!" He launched the attack.

The shot slammed into the automobile, resulting in a terrific explosion.


As the smoke cleared, there was very little of the car aside from charred remains. Unsuprisingly(to the Emiyas at least), Buster was charred up but still in one piece. Haru looked over at Souhiro, who raised an eyebrow.

"Okay... I think we can conclusively state that this vehicle cannot stand up to 'anything' as the salesman 'claimed'," Haru stated, making several finger quotes. Souhiro looked over to his brother.

"Why are you making those gestures?"

"Not really sure... must be my thing." Haru shrug.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE ROOT IS GOING ON OUT HERE?!" The boys winced at the enraged voice of their father as said man ran outside to the commotion. "WHAT DID YOU TWO DO! WHY IS THEIR THE CHARRED REMAINS OF A CAR HERE! WHY IS THE TRAINING DUMMY-"

"Buster." Haru said.

"-BUSTER DOING SITTING THERE?!" He glared at the two boys.

"Hey! Don't blame us! 'Blame' the 'company' you ordered from for their 'allegadly' 'indestructible' 'automobile'!

Shirou blinked, then his glare renewed "THAT WAS THE PROTOTYPE FROM OVERSEAS?!"

Souhiro looked at Haru dryly "You're doing that hand thing again."


"You think it's a myth that methane is flammable?" Haru asked, watching their test subject running around in agony.

"That's no myth, you're just an idiot." Souhiro observed.



Musubi is standing within the dojo. At her sides are chibi versions of Haru and Shinta, dressed in white gi's. Sitting near the walls are chibi versions of other children of the clan, also wearing gi's.

Suddenly, a gong sounds in the air, and Musubi gets excited.

"HYAAAAUUUBUBU CHA!" She punches the air.

"HA!" The backgrounds kids punching the air as well. Musubi then starts.

"Kick. Punch. It's all in the mind.~

"If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find~

that the things I'll teach ya is sure to beat ya.~

Nevetheless, you'll get a lesson from teacher now~

Kick!" Musubi kicked. "HA!"

"Kick!" Haru and Shinta kicked.

"Punch!" Musubi punched "HA!"

"Punch!" Haru and Shinta copied.

"Chop!" Musubi swung down. "HA!"

"Chop!" Haru and Shinta shouted in sych.

"Block!" Musubi crossed her arms in front of her. "HA!"

"Block!" Haru and Shinta crossed their arms.

Musubi smiled "Once more now~"

"Kick!" "HA!"


"Punch!" "HA!"


"Chop!" "HA!"


"And Block!" "HA!"


Musubi nodded in approval, but continued.

"Don't get cocky, it's gonna get rocky~"

"We gonna move down to the next ya jockey now~" "Duck" "HA!"


"Jump!" "HA!"


"Turn!" "HA!"


"And Pose!" "HA!"


"Listen carefully, Jump!"


"Pose!" She said, making sure they were really paying attention.



"Duck!" "HA!" "Duck!"

"And turn!" "HA!"

"Turn!" Haru and Shinta spun it place once. Musubi grinned the two.

"Hmm, yeah I see you're getting better.~"

"Kick to the limit in order to get her now~"

And so Master Chop Chop Musubi continued her instructing of her disciples. Shirou regrets her ever finding his old playstaion collection and learning of Parappa the Rappa.


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lhklan The Unpronounceable


So... When will they test the EC version of the Compact Compact Rocket Sled? or the Rocket Snowplower?


Are you planning to write about a later Chrismat party? Cause I've got some crazy ideas

1: Zelretch decides to drag Servant Shirou, Louise and his harem in. Result: When they return to their dimension, a new EC is born, with members include: Siesta, Henrietta, Cattleya, Kirsche, Tiffania, Agnes, Jessica, Eleanor (did I spell that right?), and finally KARIN (maybe an on-off relation?)

2: Zelretch help Miyu spend some time with her friends (if she decides to return to ECverse)/family(if she decides to stay in Prismaverse). Unfortunately, Prisma!Emiya family (Kiri, Iri, Shirou, Leysritt, Stella, Illya, Kuro Illya), Prisma version of Rin, Luvia, Bazett, Caren, Sakura tags along for the ride

3: Seeing all the fun, ALAYA drags her sister, Gaia and Akasha, and their boy-toy aka Archer/EMIYA down to Earth.

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Servius Regis


After A Season for Lunacy ends i plan on finishing Angels in Roanapur, then moving on to some other ideas I have.

12/14/2011 #3,739
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Oh okay then.Still, what do you think about my ideas?

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This one's a classic, and I brought it back because I really enjoyed reading it.


Don't ask why, it just did...

Emiya Clan Side Story:

Common Sense...? (Heh, not in my house...)


Kyon knew something was definately wrong today.

He had on his way home from school, which was... strangely normal.

No strange enemies to fight, no risking universal collaspe and/or rewrite. Hell, even Haruhi was acting as though she was a normal student, which unerved him to no end. He had actually gotten used to the strangeness of the school and actually felt out of place when nothing that he expected to happen happened.

On top of that, his 'Common Sense' seemed to be on overdrive as he tried to understand why everyone was acting so normal. He'd understand, and then be completely thrown for a loop soon enough.

"Come now boys, don't keep your queen waiting." A strangely familiar voice said.

"Yes Fuuko-sama!" Kyon heard a group of voices say. Turning to the source, his eyes widened slightly as he saw his sister Fuuko, dressed like an eygptian princess, laying on a throne made of pure gold, and be carried around by a group of muscular men only wearing loin clothes. "What-?"

"Let's us see how the common folk are today." Fuuko held the back of her hand towards her mouth to laugh.

"Yes, Fuuko-sama!" The men cried out as they continued to carry the large throne down the sidewalk. People randomly stopping to bow and praise the "Beautiful Fuuko-sama". Kyon watching on as they went on there way.

"Help, he stole my purse!" He quickly turned to see a man running his way, a purse tightly held in his hand. Kyon didn't practice martial arts that much but he was sure he could take on a purse snatcher.

Though he didn't have to when a streak of blue energy crashed in front of the runner, knocking him into the window oof the building next to him. It was then a caped figure landed in front of him. When the figure turned around to face Kyon, his eyes widened even more.

"Are you okay citizen?" The masked figure asked.

"... Aoshi?"

"Who is this Aoshi you speak of." The masked teen said. He was wearing what looked like a Nightwing costume, but with a cape and a headband covering most of his hair, though a few red strands still stuck out. "I am the Blue Man, defender of the weak and new age hero of justice."

"Uuuuhh..." Kyon was at a lost.

"Help my cat's stuck in a tree!" a shout was heard.

Without looking away from Kyon, Blue Man held his hand out to his side and fired a smal blast of Blue in the direction the voice came from. An explosion followed by a cat's yell could be heard. The two stared at one another before Blue Man turned dramatically, his cape billowing in a sudden wind.

"Take care citizen." Blue Man suddenly said as he began to walk away. "And remember... the Blue is always watching over you." With that he jumped and fired a continuos stream of Blue, propelling himself into the air and over a building.

Kyon stared as the figure dissapeared before looking at the damage his 'exit' had caused, before continuing his way home. Something was seriously wrong.


He made to the front yard of the manner when suddenly Primy came running through the yard, the look on his face was pure fear. He dissapeared into the back and Kyon couldn't help but wonder what freaked him out so badly.

"Kyon-onii-chan! Did you see which way Primy went?"

He turned and blinked as he faced Kumako, Keiko, Aleski and Aliisa. All of them either wielding a ,strangely made and too large for them to carry so easily, sword or gun. Wearing equally strange armor. "What are you all-?"

"Did you see which way the White Beast went Nii-san." Keiko asked as she adjusted her gun, the barrel looked like a lance that was made from a dragon's neck and head.

Kyon only pointed in the direction he saw the wolf go. "Are you guys the ones-"

"Let's go! Let's go!" Kumako cheered, the large bone sword sitting on her shoulder. "I wanna get those Gaia bones to make the White Beast sword!" The blonde twins nodding silently as they followed after the enthusiastic hunter.

"Hey! we agreed to split the bones so I can upgrade my gunlance!" Keiko shouted as she quickly caught up with them.

Once again, Kyon could only stare before walking into the house.


Kyon had dropped off his books in his room and was making his way back towards the kitchen for a snack, and maybe an asprin. This day was just getting weirder and weirder.

Strangley enough, he hadn't seen anyone on his way to his room and back. Wonder where they were? Aside from Gilgamesh sprawled out on one of the sofas, face bright red, a huge grin, and reeking of alcohol. Around him were saucers, sake bottles, beer cans, and three large barrels. The King of Nannies can add "Lord of the Intoxicated" to his resume now as well.

For some reason, he kept hearing strange thuds on the ceiling, almost like someone was in the vent system, but that was ridiculous... though that strange growling that followed had him second guessing himself.

He had just opened the door to the dining room...


..And ducked just in time to avoid losing his head. "What the hell?!" He shouted, ignoring the explosion in the hallway behind him.

Across the table Shirou stood, bow in one hand and his other hand held back from releasing the shot. He had a stern look on his face. "You're late Kyon!"

Kyon blinked. "For... what?"

"For dinner of course!" Shirou said as he made his way over to Kyon. "Your sister Chiyo slaved over an open fire with a gun held to her temple to make this feast and you would dare be late for it!" His attitude suddenly hit a 180 as he had tears streaming down his cheeks as he fell to his knees. "How can my son be so cruel to his own family? Where did I go wrong?!"

"Uhh..." Kyon looked aroung his father, a few of the family was there, including his own mother who waved to him while sweatdropping. Ivone was serving tea like a butler while sounds were coming the kitchen. Everyone sitting seemed to be picking at there plates of who-the hell-knows-what. Takeshi was trying to gather the courage to eat the first spoonful of the black gunk, Haru was twirling the plate on a finger, somehow not spilling any of it, Shinta was just staring at it as though it would strike at any moment, Koyuki was apparently asleep at the table. "Is eveyone-?"

"I can't handle this kind of pressure!" Shirou suddenly said. Standing up quickly he shouted. "Favorite son! I need your assistance!"

Takeshi was about to eat the spoon when he suddenly looked towards his father. "Huh?" That was all he got out before a foot crashed into the back of his head, forcing him to smash face first into the table.

"The call to action!" Haru yelled as he jumped off of Takeshi's head towards Kyon, fist drawn back. He made it halfway throught the jump when the crack of a whip was heard and something wrapped around Haru foot. He was then jerked back and face planted onto the ground.

"Who said you were the favorite son?!" Kyon looked down the whip to see it being held by Kiritsugu, dressed in an Indiana Jones outfit and matching hat. His ahoge sticking through a hole in the hat.

Haru pulled his face of the ground and glared darkly at his brother. "The one who's going to kick your ass!" he roared as he grabbed the whip and yanked hard, dragging Kiritsugu with it. The two then crashed and a large dust cloud formed around them as the sounds of fighting could be heard.

"What is going on here?" Kyon asked as he saw Shinta suddnely rip his shirt off then pull a luchador mask out of his pocket. Quickly putting it on, he slapped his elbows twice and a bell sounded out of nowhere before he jumped off the table and elbow dropping into the cloud, making it bigger as the fighting sounds now included the sounds of blades clashing as well.

"Oh my sweet Uzume-chan." Kyon turned again to see Shirou suddenly kneeling before a large poster of Uzume cosplaying for her online shop. "Look at them Uzume, where did we go wrong with Kyon. If only you were still with us." He cried as he clawed desperately at the poster.

"I'm right here." Uzume's sweatdrop enlarged.

"Hey, what are you guys doing!" Kyon looked to see Kaein had just entered the kitchen.

"Kaein, what the hell is going on?" Kyon asked. "Everyone's lost it."

"I don't know." Kaien answered as he went over to the dust cloud his brother were fighting in, the sounds escalating to including gunfire. "Hey! guys knock it of-" He was cut off when he was suddenly kicked in the face by a random armored foot. He bounced on the ground twice before hitting the wall.

"Kaien!" Kyon ran over to check on his brother. When he got over to him, he was surprised to see a silver haired girl sitting against the wall. He was kicked so hard he switched genders. "Kaien?"

"I... never got... to be...a bride." He/she said weakly before passing out.

"Haru..." Everyone froze at the menacing tone of voice. Everyone looked to see Takeshi sitting up again, the left lense of hie glasses cracked. He was glaring at Haru, darkness quickly forming behind him, latin chanting in the air. "Assaulting your brother like that..." The chanting became louder as an ominous wind blew throught the room. "Is forbidden." The hanya mask floating just above his head.

As everyone was starting to freak out, Shirou suddnely turned around, his face in a deep scowl. "Haru." Said teen turned to his father. "Finish Him!" Shirou said pointing at Takeshi.

Haru blinked before glaring. "HeeeyyaaaaAAAAAAAAH!" He quickly jumped up from the pile he was on and landed on the table, grabbed two spoons, shoveled two large spoonfuls of the goop and then shoved one into Takeshi's mouth and the other into the Hanya's mouth opening.

Everyone froze for a mintue before Haru swiftly pulled the now empty spoons out twirled them in his fingers, then threw them to the table, embedding them into the wood. He then turned away from Takeshi, his face the epitome of seriousness.

"You're path ends today." He whispered as Takeshi's eyes suddenly rolled into the back of his head, the mask's eye hole became swirls as they both started foaming at the mouth before Takeshi fell face forward onto the table again, the mask landing on the table in a clatter.

Suddenly a voice sounded in the air.

"Haru wins, Flawless Victory."

Kyon sighed as he stood up from his downed brother/sister and began making his way to the door. "You do know you've got about another couple of seconds before he wakes up again." He looked to see Haru had already bolted out the door.

A few seconds later, a blackness, the likes none had ever witness appeared aroung Takeshi, instead of latin chanting, whispers of pure fear and terror could be heard in the wind as the eldest Emiya child sudenly stood up form his seat, his broken glasses falling off his face, his eyes devoid of any emotion as he gazed forward. His lips were moving slightly as he mumbled something. Suddenly the hanya mask on the table disintegrated, and a another mask appeared above Takeshi's form. Instead of a Hanya mask, a scratched up and slightly bloody hockey mask appeared. They soon realized the mask was connected to a massive figure, about half the size of Herakles and to add to the fear factor, in it's hand was a chainsaw.

The figure revved the chainsaw as Takeshi rounded the table and made his way to the door, as he passed by, Kyon was able to hear the muttering more clearly.

"Must punish, must punish, must punish." The mantra continued as the eldest child walked out the door to find his target. Nobody moved a muscle as the whisper slowly faded down the hall.

Shirou looked around at everyone, smiling. "Alright, who wants dessert?" He suddenly asked. Before anyone could answer, the vent above him burst open and a chain with a spike at the end wrapped around Shirou's neck. As he was pulled up into the vent, he looked down at the others. "Remember me for how I lived! My Ideals live on in yoooouuuu!" With that, he was pulled up fully, before the vent shut, the sound of a deep female chuckling heard in the vents as the thumping signaled them moving away.

Everyone stared up at the vent for a bit. "Oh yeah" Kiritsugu suddenly said. "Rider-kaa is hiding in the venting system for some reason."

Kyon finally sighed to himself. this day has been too much. But at least he knew what happened to all the crazy at his school.


In the kitchen, Chiyo was absently stirring who-know-what in a large pot on the stove. She had a rather cheeful smile on her face as she suddenly grabbed a squirrel that had climbed onto the window and threw it into the pot. She then put on a pair of gloves and grabbed the pot before twirling around a bit. "Dessert's ready!"


"Leave me alone you horrible woman!" Altrouge screamed, tears streaking down her cheeks as she dodged another hail of fire.

"But you must take you medicine." Chiho said as she lined up another shot on the sniper rifle she was holding, she pulled the trigger and a syringe shot out, just missing her target. "This is only fun for me if you keep running!" She called out.

"Somebody help me!!!"


"Eh.. Karin?"

"Yes Arika-nee."

"What's with all the mechs?" Arika asked as she gazed over the large line up of mechs and mobile suits, all facing towards the city.

Karin, wearing an eyepatch under her glasses, dressed in a black lab coat, and a wooden pipe in her mouth, glanced at her eldest sister. "Don't worry about it, Nee-san." She then looked over her robot army again. "Soon the world will know..."

Arika looked at her sister, before realizing she may never truly understand the girl. "Whatever..."


Rin and Saber had just walked into the house when they suddenly heard thumping noise all around. Thinking they were under attack, Rin readied her Gandrs while Saber summoned...

"... What is that?"

"...It's a Keyblade."

Before Rin could question, a vent near the floor burst open, They turned to see a naked Shirou suddenly slide out of the vent and quickly stand up. He had claw marks and hickeys all over his body.

"Ah, Saber, Rin. Good to see you home." Shirou smiled. The two were busy admiring what they deemed the "Greatest of All Swords."

Suddenly, the chain from before shot out and wrapped around Shriou's legs again and quickly pulled him back in. "Let my memory live on foreveeeerr!" And he was gone again.

Rin and Saber stared on at where he once stood before Rin suddenly sqeaked as Saber suddenly picked her up and slung her over her shoulder. "S-Saber? What the hell are y-"


Rin gasped as Saber roughly smacked her rear end. Looking back, she blushed at the lustful look Saber was giving her.

"I saw you looking at Shirou they way you were." She said in a fake serious voice.

"B-but, y-you were looking t-"



"And talking back to your king as well." Saber shook her head in mock dissapointment. "Unexceptable, you must be punished."

The look Saber gave Rin both thrilled and frightened her, for the exact same reasons.


Kyon fell face first onto his bed, truly tired from the day. He could still hear the muffled sounds of the madness going on around the house, but he didn't care. He just wanted this nightmare of a day to end already. 'I pray this all returns to normal soon.' He said as he slowly let unconciousness take him.

Suddenly, Kyon's eyes shot open. he felt like he wasn't alone in his room. No one should be here now. He put the sign on the door saying "Done for the day."

He slowly turned his head, feeling a sense of dread. When he fully turned over, he was met with a pair of red eyes staring right back at him. A familiar head of light blue hair he had prayed he would never see again. Suddenly, a terrifyingly familiar smile appeared.


"..." Kyon wasn't going to surcumb to the madness the others did. He wasn't going to cry...or scream...or piss himself.

...maybe a little.

(Scene end)

12/14/2011 #3,741

Well, here's the rest. Thanks to Maxi for helping me out with Kiri's dialogue and actions. I edited it a bit, and I hope I was able to do the rest of it with justice. If any seemed out of character, do tell me. I hope this was able to meet expectations.

Read and review. As this also reveals what Touma's eventual ability will be as well as act as a sort of lead in to another story... sort of.

I hope it isn't too bad.


Then, he made his choice.

"...okay, Ki-chan," Touma softly smiled as he accepted the pendant, idly tossing it between his fingers before he placed it around his own neck. He gave a weak grin, "Sorry, but I'm going to have to borrow this for a little while, I'll give it back of course, and if you ever need it yourself," he 'assured' his older brother.

Kiri wryly smiled, "I hold you to that then," he said as he turned to leave, "I should go and give Haru and Chiyo a turn at you now-" he said but was stopped as Touma grasped his hand and held him in place.

He heard his little brother speaking in a mock scolding tone from behind him, "Now Ki-chan, you didn't think you were going to leave without me returning the favor now did you?" In a surprising amount of strength, Kiri found himself facing his younger brother again. Only Touma had brought Kiri's hand to his chest, right above the spot where his heart should be.

"Don't worry, this will only take a moment," At that moment, the air seemed to change around them, it was subtle, yet it was somehow soothing at the same time. Touma smiled, he hadn't been able to use the full Aria of his ability in a long time. "Think of it as repayment for the pendant."

"O root of all creation,"Kiri's eyes widened at that, perhaps it was out of surprise. Reasons aside, he did not resist.

That was good.

"With this other, this soul pledges itself..."Touma closed his eyes as he started to give off a warm glow, the air starting to somehow pick up in this room.

"To bear all their burdens..."

"To endure all their ordeals..."Touma opened his eyes and looked straight into his brother's a warm smile on his face.

"So they may pursue their ideals without hindrance..."

"Entwine my destiny with that of the Black Knight..."

"So should he fall, may my life be offered in his stead as I invoke..."

"Soul Contract: The Ethereal Thread of Bound Fates"

There was a bright flash, Kiri felt something tie itself around his index finger, he saw a glowing string that had brought itself into existence, tying itself around his finger as it extended to wrap itself around his little brother's finger, the same one on the same hand.

What he also noticed where two more similar threads on Touma's hand, one around his pinky, and the other on his thumb, both of them extending out of the room, through the door. The warm light slowly faded away, the threads vanishing just as quickly as they appeared. He couldn't even feel it, as if it was never there in the first place. But at the same time, he knew it was there, and what his little brother had just done.

Touma stood in front of him, having let go of his older brother's hand, looking proud and somehow more mature than he had ever been as he just smiled. Then spoke once more.

"Know this, brother who walks the path of the Black Knight, go forth and pursue those ideals..."

"For how ever long I still draw breath, for how ever long I still stand, you shall not fall," He said with resolution, his breaths growing haggard with fatigue. He was able to use the his full ability on one of his siblings. He was glad.

The one who received this protection, however...

Kiri looked confused, perhaps bewildered? He had certainly not expected this to happen when he had decided to talk to his younger brother. Touma couldn't blame him, he only used the Threads with two other people. They made eye contact, "Touma, what was that?" When he didn't answer, Kiri grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, "What the hell was that? Answer me."

Touma chuckled dryly, "It was just my ability used to its fullest," he smiled, raising a finger in the air, "Um, it's like... an Auto-Life spell, it just takes... a lot out of me," he explained in terms of a videogame he had seen. Only instead of instant revival, it is merely diverting all fatal damage to him instead. Taking 'a lot' out of him is a vast understatement. Granted, once he died, the bond would be rendered null and void, but it would be enough.

Now, he just had to make sure Ki-chan didn't find out about that-

"...Bullsh*t." Kiri's glare intensified, it seemed he put the pieces together faster than Touma had expected, "Break it, annul it, whatever it is, just remove that 'bond' of yours right now, Touma."


"That was an order, Touma." He barked, his voice rising. Only to his surprise, the younger shook his head.

"I'm sorry, but that is one order I won't follow, Ki-chan," He softly smiled even as he was being held in a threatening manner by his older brother, "You said that we both were willing to give our lives for our family. Did you not think that you would also apply to me?" Before Kiri could argue back, he continued, "Ki-chan, unlike the rest of our siblings, or hell, the bulk of our family, I can't fight. At least up to the caliber everyone else had." Hell, he could barely manage to take on Aliisa at this point if he tried.

He wryly smiled, "The only thing I could ever do now is stay out of the way and hope for the best," he paused, turning to face the window again, "My ability has its flaws," understatement of the century, "but with it, I can at least support everyone. If only for a while longer, until the end."

Touma sadly smiled, "I haven't done anything remarkable or spectacular, so when I die, I won't be able to join the rest of you,"

"Bullsh*t," Kiri growled in such a way that Touma turned around in surprise, "Oh has Mr. Retired Idol forgotten all the charity concert he did?" Kiri began, "How about the one that funded my personal orphanage. Nothing meaningful? Who was it that helped me recover the nukes from Saudi Arabia?" His older brother asked sarcastically as he walked around the room, making a few hand motions before turning to him again, "Oh, that was you." He answered sharply, "Sure it wasn't flashy, but countless lives were saved and a bloody war was averted."

The former idol acknowledged what Kiri had said, "But even that would not be enough to have me recognized by the world as a-" he started but was quickly interrupted as Kiri grabbed his brother and held him. Touma was stunned by the sudden action to finish or speak up.

"Brother, I believe in the choice of all." Kiri began, "I believe we all have a right to make decisions about our lives, but this is foolish. Every day I dodge death. Every day I gamble with my own life and have barely won by the skin of my teeth." Kiri released Touma and looked down for a moment before looking back up. "Brother, please I beg you. Don't do this for me. If you choose this path, it willonlylead to pain. You will spend countless nights screaming as you feel bullets being extracted with a spoon and forceps. Countless nights screaming as your arm has to be reattached. And above all, you will spend countless nights wondering if it will be your last."

"But Ki-chan," Touma softly replied, "You know that my life has been no stranger to pain, if I was able to endure it as a child, I'm certain I can handle it as an adult," he explained in what some may see as a twisted attempt to assure his older brother. He glanced down at the floor, "And Ki-chan, you help save a lot of people who are in trouble, and I always thought you were amazing for that," Not that his other siblings weren't of course, Haruru was, and will forever be the coolest brother, "But if you died, that's it."

He looked at his brother's green eyes with his blue ones, "So, for exchange of mine, you get to protect more people," he continued in acceptance, "Hundreds, maybe thousands of more people could be helped by you and Alola and that other girl. And all it would cost you is the life of one person."

The former idol surprised to find himself being glared at by his brother, an expression that was unrecognizable to him. The man was cornered, his back to the window, Touma briefly wondered if Ki-chan would hate him for this. But, he had prepared himself, it was in the oath he made when he first joined the family after all. Kiri was looking down at the ground now, and Touma was not sure if he was supposed to hear but, perhaps he was, but he heard his older brother question;

"What point is there in me saving you if I am the one to d@mn you instead?"

Touma sighed, preparing himself a counter-argument for a dispute that would undoubtedly last through the night, but then he noticed something that he didn't expect to see.

Kiri was shaking.

Now, perhaps it was just due to the fatigue he had been fighting off causing him to see things, but he thought he saw that. Which was odd, something like that was not in Ki-chan's character. That led to him thinking about what he was doing. By establishing the bond with his older brother, he had essentially signed his own death warrant, he knew of this when he had first used the Full Aria long ago. He was fully away of the price of this, and he had accepted him paying with his life.

A traitorous thought ran through him when he looked at his brother.

Perhaps Ki-chan wasn't willing to?


In a way, it could make sense. Ki-chan was one who put protecting the family as his highest priority, Touma dying for him, it would really affect him, wouldn't it? It was only his guess, but, he would be sad. Well, of course he would be sad, anyone would get said if a family member died. But this would be sort of like a slap against him wouldn't it? If he went through with this and the inevitable happened. While it would save his own life once, it would serve as a painful reminder that, in a way, it was his fault, that because he had slipped up somewhere or overshot something that his little brother would be dead.

...and people tended to react differently when it was those close to you who died.

The room was silent as Touma contemplated this, Kiri still glaring at him, neither budging.

Did you forget already? You're supposed to try to cheer everyone up and make them smile!A childish voice Touma thought that had long gone scolded him from within the deep parts of his mind.You can't do that if you're dead! Besides, you would make everyone cry if you died now.The childish voice continued.

Touma stilled for a moment, but then, as if out of no where, burst out into laughter, greatly confusing the older brother.

How odd, how something so simple would be able to... no matter. "Okay, Ki-chan, you win." He simple said, which seemed to be a bit of a shock to the older Emiya brother. To which Touma decided to add "If only so Ki-chan doesn't have to cry,"

"What are you-" Kiri began to ask, but was silenced as Touma took his hand again.

"Just be quiet for a moment, Ki-chan, I'll fix it. But I'm still going to keep the Lesser Bond on you though..."


Kiri carefully laid his younger brother down onto the bed that he laid out in the room. Apparently breaking the bond took a lot more energy than establishing one and the result was Touma collapsing in exhaustion. No matter, he'll just have to ask him in the morning.

He exited the room to see Aurora, as well as Touma's wife facing him. Now changed into a cardigan and dress, she calmly addressed him, "Ah, good evening Kiritsugu-kun, I was just speaking with Aurora-chan here."

There was a long silence, and Kiri was just about to decide to just bid his sister-in-law good night when she spoke up, "Thank you, Kiritsugu-kun for convincing him not to go through with another bond. As well as for letting him live a little longer."

"You heard that?"

Touma's wife giggled, looking like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar, "Aurora-chan was kind enough to let me stay and chat with her as Ichiro put the younger children to bed, it just happened that I was standing next to the door while doing so."

"So you know about his-"

"Why of course, Kiritsugu-kun," she simply held up her pinky, that action alone making Kiri realize just where the other string Touma had attached to, "I am his wife after all." She turned to look out at the night sky, "Touma-kun had used it on me after that mission where I had been kidnapped," Kiri winced at that memory, "Once I grew away of just what that meant, I grew scared. I knew how much his family..." she paused before changing the word, "Howwemean to him, so in a way, I could understand his reasons why. I had prepared myself... but to be honest," Kiri heard the woman sniffle, her hand moving up to where here eyes would be, "I don't think I would have been able to take becoming a widow so soon, and the children..." she trailed off, sniffling once more, "But, I guess I wouldn't have to worry so much about that now..."

She chuckled gently, "My my, what a troublesome husband I seem to have married," she joked.

Kiri smiled, "And what a caring wife my little brother had fallen in love with," he said as he and Aurora stood next to her, the three of them looking at the night sky.

Then Aurora spoke up, "You know, I was really surprised Touma married someone like you, someone who was-" she barely let out the first syllable of the word when Kiri's hand went over her mouth in an instant. As she was about to bring up a word that was absolutely taboo to speak around Touma's wife.

"What was that?" His little brother's wife blinked, confused.

"Nothing..." Aurora replied as her father removed his hand, but instead asked another question, "I was also wondering... how was it that you and Touma ended up... you know, together." It was a mystery in and of itself when Touma started seeing this woman. The clan wasn't even aware that he was dating someone until she had started to frequently show up at the house, almost seamlessly blending into the family as if she was already there. Keyword: almost. It had been a shock when she was discovered.

Touma's wife blushed a bit, holding her hand to cup her face in embarrassment, "Well, it's a long story, but if you're willing to listen to it. We can move somewhere else and have some tea while I tell you..."

(To Be Continued)

Coming Soon- Touma's Idol Years and How He Met His Sweetheart (Part 1/?)

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@Servius Regis: Hilarious as always.

@d-r2: Nice, on both.~ XD

@Animesage: Looks wonderful. Though I'm curious as to what word Aurora was going to say......

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It was good. Only one nitpick:

Then Aurora spoke up, "You know, I was really surprised Touma married someone like you, someone who was-" she barely let out the first syllable of the word when Kiri's mouth went over hers in an instant. As she was about to bring up a word that was absolutely taboo to speak around Touma's wife.

Pretty sure you meant hand there.

12/14/2011 #3,744

Ah, whoopsie. Meant that as hand going over her mouth. Fixed.

And thank you, though like I said, Maxi helped with this.

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Not a problem.

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Sky Zephyrus


I love your chaotic idea, you know, Servant Shirou, Louise, and the said Servant's pseudo harem and Prisma!Family member along with the three Great Power. The chaos will be so much fun. Besides, isn't Servant Shirou and Louise are already in the clan now?

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A bit more of the next chapter of Archer in Emiya-Clan, as always: I enjoy constructive critics and improvment ideas,

and now new: requests for a cameo/Spotlight of a specific character/family-member/OC are open

*Story Start*

The Counter Guardian EMIYA in Life and after, has seen many terrifying things and experienced countless horrible events. Surrounded by hundreds Dead Apostles while protecting unreliable allies. Hunting a Lord-class elemental through an active volcano. Cities where all life was consumed by gray slime. The legendary duel between Archtype-Earth Arcueid Brunestud and a fully unsealed Alucard of the Hellsing-organisation.

Of course he felt fear, it would be madness not to be afraid of such things. Part was his lack of self-worth and distorted sense of values. He just refused to give in to fear, he swung his blades, improvised plans and bet everything on the small chance of victory. All of this was possible due EMIYA's lack of hesitation and overcoming of fear.

But right now he is paralyzed with fear. His legs, which carried him through hell and back, tremble. In his hand, the black and white blades he swung countless times, never felt heavier. His eyes, capable of counting the leaves on a tree from miles away see no hope. His plans, turning 1% into glorious success, only confirm what his instincts tell him. Not even death would grant him mercy in this distorted madness.

That madness goes by the name of Emiya-clan, as far EMIYA understands it in this reality Shiro Emiya got married very early, then again and again as he couldn't deny any of the many women he attracted. Manypowerfulwomen, which in turn gave birth to equally gifted children. One of these just announced EMIYA's identity to the gathered family, wives, children and miscellaneous, only the father was missing as he was away on business. Now the gaze of over twenty women who share all the same man lies on his, an alternate version of that very man. It doesn't take a mind-reader to see what they are thinking.

The younger generations is more varied in their reactions, mostly surprise. "Ah! The pervert from yesterday!" Some anger. "The master-cook! Catch and chain him to an oven!" Some greed mixed with gluttony. "...damn Snake, I'm sorry." A little bit regret.

And thenhim, King of Heroes Gilgamesh, AKA King of Nannies. He stood there with an unreadable expression on his face. "Welcome to hell faker, you will regret avoiding my earlier mercy."

"Trying to GoB me was an intended mercy?" This was unexpected, even more from Gilgamesh. "Not that it would have worked, I been cursed with infinite extra lives."

"Then know you have my pity, though I will enjoy seeing you suffer." Still, the golden King keeps standing next to the red Knight, giving EMIYA a small, comradely feeling of a man who knows his pain. Though, that makes the situation as a whole even scarier.

"Wait one moment please." A tall, purple-haired boy with glasses takes the word. "I understand that Haru tried to ditch his duties and that he summoned somebody to do so. But what makes you say, this is Shiro Emiya? I need to see some proof before I believe something like that."

Was this a silver of light at the horizon? If the clan-members would shift their attention just for a second EMIYA could make an escape. The lab-coated red-head from earlier ruins that.

"He has father's fingerprints, his teeth also match most of father's dental records." Souhiro is holding up sheets documenting his claims. "Further father also broke his right shoulder in high-school, that left a collection of scars, he has the same. Speaking of scars, we all know the star-burst-scar on father's chest, caused by Gae Bolg, this man has a perfect match, as are his intestinal-scars. I have started a DNA-test, but that needs a bit more time."

Shinta raises an eyebrow in surprise. "Nii-san, you have dad's medical records on hand?"

Souhiro dismissively waves his hand. "Please, I always have the current medical data, history and recommended procedure for every member of the family ready."

"Impressive, but why?"

"You never know when you have an emergency and I doubt normal doctors can be relied on. That's also why I always carry three sets of artificial organs and my medical tools with me."

"I never knew that."

"I never told."

A new voice takes the word, this one sends cold shivers down EMIYA's spine, only out of habit his poker-face stays on. "That should be enough proof of identity. Now, Heroic Spirit EMIYA, no. Calling you Archer is less confusing for everybody." Rin, standing a floor above him, stares down at the red knight. Once more EMIYA sees the eyes of a feline predator. "Without a doubt this is the same servant I summoned many years ago, as his original master I claim my right for personal revenge onto him."

Keiko jumps to a conclusion. "Revenge? What has that perv done to you mama?! I swear, if he assaulted you, I stuff him with explosive and burn him alive."

Rin's eyes look from her former servant to her daughter and back. "Perv? Archer..." She puts on that really scary smile of hers. EMIYA feels the air-temperature around him dropping. "...why is my child calling you a pervert?"

But his poker-face holds and his voice is smug and slightly amused, at least on the outside he maintains an illusion of control. "A misunderstanding, I was looking for additional equipment in her room, you know she has quite a collection, when she came in I was at her dresser, in the underwear-section. The rest is flying lead, explosions and burning panties."

Keiko is speechless, this version makes her look like a trigger-happy maniac and that Archer-guy like the victim!

"Yes, this sounds perfectly possible." Rin loses some of her anger, but she still sports her scary smile. "A bit too perfect, you are hiding something."

Rin hasn't lost any of her debate-sense, well for her trying to talk him into submission, EMIYA has planned. The plants the bait. "So?"

"I won't let you feed me anymore of your amnesia-crap or I forgot to tell-lines, if I have to force the whole story out you, then I will happily do so!" She bites.

"Oh dear me, are you talking about torture?"

"You can bet on it!"



"Setting my hair on fire?"

"With burning oil!"

"Beat me in my most delicate places?" Despite Rin's fury, EMIYA keeps a smug disposition. It fuels her flame.

"That and way more you overconfident, backstabbing, scheming incarnation of Zelretch!" And she took the bait, including hook, line and sinker. Time too pull in the catch.

"Not Zelretch, Emiya, I'm a incarnation of the entity known as Shiro Emiya. Which leads to a very rare phenomenon..." Rin's anger dissipates as she processes the information, then it comes to her, once more she forgot the single, most important detail of a situation. Archer continues. "Synchronicity! As the world considers all instances of an entity the same being, so even with separate bodies, the mind and memories mix. So if you burn, drown, cut or beat me in cruel ways, be sure that Shiro will know. Even more he will feel as if it happened tohim."

The room turns silent, part of it is the revealed information, but most of these gathered here have never seen Rin lose in an argument so fast and through. EMIYA is using the breather to confirm his situation. It still has no way out, Bazett has taken position at the door, now with reinforcements in form of the gray-haired woman from yesterday and Saber. Behind him is Rider, laying in ambush. On the gallery, left and right from his position, he sees the bulk of the clan, this includes the long red hair of the Blue, Sakura's purple, Caster's light-blue and a wide collection of many others. Next to him stands Gilgamesh, quite amused by the recent events. Ah, and Illya tries to sneak on him for a glomp-attack.

As for his Paraphernalia, the communicator he got from Chisame was gone, but still had the pills she gave him. The 'blueprints' for his tracing where also all there and available, hopefully some of the more obscure, non-lethal artifacts in his arsenal would have the advantage of surprise, since using anything lethal was out of question.

"Anyway." That Red-head Souhiro breaks the silence. "Father is almost home, the car just arrived. Let's just take a breath and sit down in a more comfortable place. Then we can discuss this without all that tension and with father's input."

Reasonable idea, but once EMIYA gets surrounded in a smaller room any chance of escape would be gone for good. But right now... that's it! Shiro's arrival gave him a 1% chance, he rechecked the positions of everyone in the room. Tricky, almost but not totally impossible. He takes action. Step one:

"No! No no no no no, NO!!" Sound like a madman. "I had enough! I will leave this place and never come back! You won't stop me! And I won't be delayed anymore!"

The reactions were as expected, he had everybody's attention, most important Gilgamesh's. "Calm down faker, if you break down it will only get worse." Who switched from his expression mildly amusedto arrogant king. Time for Step 2. He grabbed the perplexed Illya.

"I have my back against the proverbial wall, a massive lack of rest, not counting a case of unconsciousness and a hostage." He traces a simple short sword and holds it against Illya's neck. "Don't dare to stand in my way. I'm desperate and dangerous!" The reactions to this step were rather quiet, not to say the entire room just sweat-dropped.

Rin was first to talk. "Archer, you can drop the act."

A purple-haired woman in kimono continued. "We all know already that you are an alternate version of Shiro, it's impossible for you to hurt an innocent, much less a girl you are acquainted with."

Bazett gave further observations. "The very basic of taken a hostage is to convince the other party, that you will kill your captive. Then again, I'm not surprised you fail at such underhanded tactics."

Even Illya was adding her two cents, completely unfazed by the blade at her neck. "Onii-chan, this is just out of character for you, did you even plan this through?"

Oh he did plan this through, the response he was receiving was even better that what he had hoped for. Now for his next move he needs Illya's cooperation. "Illya would you please act like a Hostage? Just cry out for help, pretty please?"

The questions make her smile, not a gentle one, but a Tosaka-class I-just-got-a-chance-to-tease-you-smile. She keeps her smile the whole time, but her voice holds some very convincing fear and anguish. "HELP ME! ANYBODY! HELP! ONII-CHAN!!!" Yes, she cries for help from the guy who holds a sword at her neck, on the gallery some of the wives understand the absurd situation and start to smile. Expect for Rin who noted something off, but she can't put her finger on it.

12/15/2011 #3,748

let me guess, Shirou comes bursting through the wall at the Sound of Illya's screams

Um, the syncro explanation Archer gavei is bs and Rin would nto fall for it as Shirou fought archer to the death in UBW route. therefore if archer is harmed nothing will happen to Shirou.

This btw would be the perfect time for kiri to sneak into the kitchens with Aurora. Everyone else is occupied, therefore...

12/15/2011 . Edited 12/15/2011 #3,749


you got the next step right.

It doesn't matter that it's BS and rin doesn't fall for it, Archer is just buying time and BS is great for that

I have a cooking surprise with Kiri planned, just a bit later when the three-way-duel for the Kitchen between Gil, Shiro and Archer starts

@all: a litte bit more...

The red knight is satisfied. "That was perfect Illya, thank you." He lifts the confused girl with one arm and tosses her to the golden king of heroes, who catches her in reflex, at her collar. Before anybody can ask what this was supposed to be, the front doors are kicked open. Shiro Emiya has returned, the man's is breathing hard, he has been running since he heard a call for help, his mind is in combat-mode, blocking all but the most vital information, the scene in front of him has haunted his dreams for many years. A small silver and purple girl held by a golden man with no hint of mercy in his appearance. "GILGAMESH!!" Shiro doesn't see his wives and children, doesn't hear their shouts and calls. In his mind he stands in the Einzbern-castle, many years ago, when his greatest failure occurred, but this time he will stop it. The Emiya-patriarch charges at the golden knight, tracing his yin-yang-blades by reflex. Until a red clad arm stops him with a lariat-maneuver and take him into a flawless executed hold with blade at his heck.

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