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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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fair enough then.

all i can say is to try. i really don't think SS17 intended to display abuse with malicious intent and i'm sorry you're reading it that way.

he can certainly try to rewrite it... again, but try to be a little more open-minded about it and don't just jump on him.

i'm backing out of this convo. again. hopefully.

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@throwaawy: I actually already cleared up my issues with SS17, but ST brought this stuff back up. So I responded... ^^;

@ST: Fine, whatever.

@Everyone: I need to head to bed. Goodnight. Hope you go to sleep in a better mood than I am...

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Silver Sun 17

some things need to get cleared up.

me and lycodrake settled our issues on this.

for Harry's treatment from Aoshi: the spar didn't happen, the closest was when Harry bum rushed the tea monster and extracted the core allowing Aoshi to destroy it.

For Harry's treament for Keiko: she is a major combat pragmatist and is a firm believer of one attack one kill (she is fond of tactics used by snipers who made the saying "one shot, one kill"), Harry's approch to battle so far is against the grain and she devalues some of the things he has done because to someone of her fighting style they are stupidity incarnate.

when Keiko, Aoshi and Fuuko confronted Harry they were PISSED and were not thinking rationally. Kiri's creation nearly raped Keiko and Fuuko, would have snagged Karin and Aya, found out that the person Aya would now look to a her primary protector has NO real combat training and has used combat tactics that can endanger bystanders. (example: movie version of the first task. fanon assumes that there were barriers in place but if their wasn't once harry led the horn-tail out of the judge designated combat area it could have caused MASSIVE bystander causalities.) frankly if one of the adults had caught them before they confronted Harry, things would have gone much diffidently. also there will be fallout from this on both sides.

another thing you all should know is that I'm rather furious with my self but i was juggling midterms an the like when i wrote it so i didn't have time to come up with a different monster type for the tea monster. anyone remember the rape debate on the omake thread the nearly go me banned? rape is a huge berserk button for me so i am pissed at my self for parts of the harry and Aya omake.

11/1/2011 #603
@SS17: This is going to be one epic train wreck when all is said and done isn't it?
11/1/2011 . Edited 11/1/2011 #604
Silver Sun 17

ya, it is. this is going to be a case where Nasuverse crapsack world rears it head in the good end timeline.

11/1/2011 #605

Are you guys done? Cause I'm really getting tired of such long debates over just one topic. Take it to PM if you can't let it go.

11/1/2011 #606
Silver Sun 17

agreed, concerns will be addressed in future posts of the Harry and Aya omake.

you have a question along the lines of the debate that just happened PM me and i will answer if i can.

11/1/2011 #607
Shioran Toushin

well as SS17 modified the timeline i have nothing more to argue, i'll try to not get into these discussions with the others (tough that makes me interested in his opinion on characters such as Haruhi, Medaka, i had one more but i forgot, etc.).. and cya later, im going to sleep.

11/1/2011 #608

You know, I just had a thought, how about this be the theme when Kiri cooks.

I think it fits, especially when he's making sauce

11/1/2011 #609
Silver Sun 17

*snicker* thumbs up

11/1/2011 #610
Shioran Toushin


11/1/2011 #611
Silver Sun 17

can some draw the scene between harry and Aya please?


Shirou gritted his teeth. He should have realized that Keiko and Aoshi would pull a stunt like that, though Fuuko's involvement was a small surprise. Walking away from the three he reached his desk and picked up a sheet of paper.

"When Keiko stole Harry's file she missed a page that I kept separate to protect Harry's privacy in case someone got curious. Obviously that was a mistake considering the stunt you three pulled." Shirou growled slapping the paper down at the coffee table the three where seated at and pushing it over to them. He straighten and watched as the three read the page, backs slowly stiffening as they worked through it. "Frankly the three of you just torpedoed me and Chiho's plan for helping Harry through what he has been subjected to do to his 'family' and Dumbledore's nativity." Shirou strode to the door of the study, putting his hand on the doorknob. "I also learned that you three told harry that Chiyo would be handling all his meals for the summer to 'help' him, a rather petty prank Fuuko. I have to do damage control with Harry so I decided your punishment should be something that I could not have to keep track of." The teenagers' breath froze in their lungs they knew that tone. "For the rest of the summer your training and diet will be left in the hands of these two fine ladies." He opened the doors and the screams started.

Karasuba's smile widened while Chiyo's remained the same.

/// (listened to these while writing it: this this and this in that order)

Harry sat in the chair in the room Aya's family gave him, Hedwig resting on the armrest as he stroked her feathers. There was a soft knock on the door and it was opened.

"So you're still up." Shirou said walking into the room and sitting on the end of the bed, two steaming mugs in hand. "I found out what happened with Keiko, Aoshi and Fuuko today." He held out one of the mugs to Harry. "Here, I went to specialty shop for teas in London with Aya the day before she met you and this was her favorite blend from the store." He took the mug, but didn't take a sip; Shirou sighed. "I spoke with those three about it already so they should apologize for what they said next time they see you."

"Why?" Harry asked, Shirou looking at him and blinking in surprise. "Why should they apologize? They were right. I can't protect anyone; I just put people in danger while only risking my life; so how can I protect Aya?" Harry's grip on the mug tightened. "I…"

"You're 14 years old going on 15 Harry. What do you expect to be able to do at your age? That you have already done things that children should never have to do and put up with hard ships that have broken people twice your age is amazing enough. If your weak, it's not because of your own failures, it's because simply haven't had much in the way of experience yet."

"how could you understand, you grew up knowing your parents…"

"No, I didn't Harry. When I was five I was sick and staying at my grandmother's house to keep my sister from catching what I had. A fire broke out and I survived it only to lose my memories and thought I was an orphan because I gave the police the nickname my mother gave me rather than my birth name. Ten years after that I was forced to fight what could only be called war where everything I believed was tested beyond the limits of what I could do. I may not be able to complexly understand your problems Harry, but I can come closer than most. If you are too weak as you are then get stronger, as long as you have breath you can make things better somehow. You want to have the strength to keep Aya safe the just say the word and anyone in this family will help you without hesitation. Aya chose you Harry, this is your family now and we watch out for one another." Harry looked down into the tea thinking for a few moments. He lifted the mug and took a long sip. Shirou smiled and walked to the door, he opened it and said a few word Harry couldn't hear and the door closed. Harry stared out the window for a few moments when he heard the sound of a mug being placed on the table to his side. He started to turn to look when two arms reached over the low backed hair and embraced him.

"I love you, Harry." Aya said burying her face in Harry's hair, her embrace tightening.





They never knew how long they spent like that, only that the tea was cold when she finally let go.

11/2/2011 #612
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Niiiiice. Looks like the situation got resolved. Though Harry's "how could you understand..." make it look like he's taking it out on Shirou.

11/2/2011 #613

He probably took out on Shirou. Teens are like that, if you're in the line of fire, expect to be shot


It was a strange situation, even for people like us, who were used to the strangest things as if it was routine. Father was walking with Saber-kaa-san, Rin-kaa-san, Sakura-kaa-san, and a subdued woman, Medea if the summoning worked correctly, in tow. He have warned us against trying to dispel the summoning when he told us he was getting help to uncle Gil, I think the exact phrase was 'It's her or I'll leave you to Karasuba when I have to go out. Root knows she is the one that can make you behave.' So he said he was summoning a witch of the ancient times as our sitter, and that she was a cold heartless b*tch, but efficient in her work. That the embarrassed woman following dad like a lost puppy doesn't look like the person he described, with along the earlier explosion makes me think the summoning didn't go well.


We let the subject cool, while observing the Caster, with dear brewing tea. She was strangely subdued, but we didn't dismiss it to be a trick to make our guard low.

"Start from the start, tell us what you think it could explain your previous behavior, and no funny stuff." Shirou said uncharacteristically serious and hard.

She raised her hands and focused her mana, but stopped with tears in her eyes at the sight of a dozen mystical blades hovering less than a meter from her. "Is just a simple memory sharing spell." She clarified.

"No. Tell us with words, no spells, no tricks just tell us." His voice was harsh, and she winced reflexively at the tone. He put a glass sphere in the table, one of the minor artifacts that came into the clan possession in the years: A legitimate Crystal ball. It couldn't be used to see the future, but it could be used to see images from someone's mind, especially if the said person is willingly to part them. It helps that it also detects lies.


I was called from the throne of heroes by a foolish mage I sincerely don't recall the name. He wasted a command spell at my summoning, simply to try and make me obedient to his will. One more was wasted trying to make me a toy to his basest desires, yet he didn't account my own stubbornness in giving what he desired. I waited until his guard fell, and severed my own ties with him, leaving the fool to die.

Weakened and alone, I wandered in the rain, until you found me nearly disappearing at the streets of your neighborhood. Later you would tell me that you simply though it was a woman suffering from a cold due to staying under the rain for so long, yet when I told you of a magic ritual required to keep me alive, you didn't hesitated to do it.

I didn't tell you all that were to the servant-master relationship, fearing you to take advantage of my forced subservience like my last fool of a master. I also kept for me the fact that the grail war was to take place once more, and choose to simply try and live a normal life, while saving my energies.

I opened your circuits out of convenience, but the little glimpse of your soul was the starting spark of the flames of love that would follow.

I made friends on Taiga and Sakura, well once the later got over her jealousy, and we lived peacefully for a short uneventful month, the happiest time of my life.

Then that fateful night occurred.

I was with Taiga place that night, our girl's night out as you dubbed yourself, when all started. I didn't count in that you face Lancer, or summon Saber. I got home as soon as I felt your distress over our link, right in time to see your accidental summoning of our beloved knight. Suffice to say, Lancer wouldn't bother anyone else for a long time after that night.

Rin got an aneurism that would be able to maintain two servants, even with diminished powers, and that you didn't even knew what you were part of, while I got impressed at your forgiveness, or foolishness as she put it, but our partnership started off, even if with the wrong foot.

After some trials, we found your uncommon origin, and abilities, but even that wouldn't ready us for the challenge that was Berserker, which required a strategical retreat, and a 'mana recharge session' until we could fight at peak condition. It was our victory, even if took us three nights of rest to do anything else afterwards.

Then the alliance of Zouken and Assassin, Shinji and Rider, along with Sakura's condition, took a lot of my magical knowledge to solve, and quite some effort to deal with, while the old vampire proved way less resilient than expected. But that left me more drained than expected to break such a connection between the old fool and his worms.

We were not capable of fending of Gilgamesh in the following night. Thanks to the root of souls, you managed to project Avalon from the depths of your own soul to fend Ea's might, and make him leave.

Then we had to face the fake priest and the King of Heroes once more, to rescue your sister and vanish the Grail once for all. It was your sacrifice that granted us victory, while I and Saber had to fend of the corrupted First Hero. At the end, only I and Rin had survived that night, and I had nearly disappeared. We moved to your house, along with Sakura, still not completely recovered from her grandfather's machinations, and two months passed until you summoned me here.


We were all surprised once she finished her tale. One little change and the Grail war had turned completely different. That and to think that a bit of encouragement, and the simple presence of someone capable of supplying mana to Caster was capable of minimizing the casualties of the grail war in such a way...

We didn't need to speak, a simple look sufficed to convey our decision.

"In our war, you were not a nice person Caster. And I'm putting it blandly." I state, and she flinched once more. "I understand." She lowered her head. "You summoned me for my due punishment then?" She asked in a subdued tone.

"No. We wanted you to take care of our children. Still want, with the appropriate safety measures of course." Rin offered raising her own command seals, for Saber, to show her intent.

"Anything you want, Shirou-sama." She bowed her head. Then Medea looked up with hopeful eyes at us, and raised her voice once more: "So I'm allowed to stay then?" Her eyes shined in adoration and happiness at the news.

"Well Shirou, at least she didn't tie Saber up in one reality." Rin joked, flustering the royal swordswoman.


Saber turned scarlet at Medea's mumbled comment, while Rin's maniac laughter echoed to the kitchen.

"What was that?!" Shirou asked.

"Well, I did tie her up, Shirou-sama." Caster blushed deeply. "But it was completely consensual." She averted eyes demurely.

Rin laughed eve more.


Tweaked it to portrait Ulf as son of EC!Shirou. Once More hates line breaks.

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #614

@SS17: Looks good, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

@Mu-Sensei: Heh, looks great, Mu, and I really enjoy the slight changes you made to fit what I was hoping for.

@Everyone: Everyone off my case now on that "discussion" that was going on? Maybe, maybe not.

One issue I was having was the "Rule of Funny" was overstepping the line between "slap-stick comedy" and "abuse". I don't know if any of you understand what I mean by that, but that's how I was seeing it.

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #615

I just had a wild idea.

EC!Harry (Rowling-type wizard), meet EC!Negi ("air" element-type wizard).

"So... how do you keep up with all these fighter-types and magi?"

"Well, I started with the concept of a Pactio, but applied it to myself..."



Imagine it: two-way prana transference between Harry and Aya, depending on needs. And unlike Negi's hoard of PROVISIONAL contracts, Harry and Aya can go straight to the permanent version.

So Harry has a constant link back to Aya (even if by Negima canon the telepathy can be blocked easily, does that mean that the teleport-to-magister feature is also easily blocked?), and gets to experiment with the physical boost of a self-pactio like Negi started with. Meanwhile, Aya gets an artifact.

Everybody wins!

11/2/2011 #616

@Trooper1023: Sounds interesting and probably would further their relationship, too, but I don't quite understand what you mean by "the physical boost of a self-pactio". Did I miss something in Negima-verse?

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #617
Third Fang
a bit off topic... but thanks to the recent conversations in this thread... I have finally found a way to ensure that the HGW in in FFD will be as chaotic and unstable as humanly possible... and for that I thank all of you. On a side note... I honestly can't believe that no one has come up with this particular possibility yet... it easily could have happened in the original war but...
11/2/2011 #618
lhklan The Unpronounceable

@Third Fang

What possibility?

11/2/2011 #619
Third Fang
@Ihk Sorry, it would ruin a huge part of the plot that I am forming in my head, but to put it into context, I am planning on having Bazett live and Shirou make alliances with several of the masters early in the war... and this one event alone will still COMPLETELY turn everything on its head once any of the possible routes this event will cause picks up steam. And I say this again, this could have easily happened in the original universe... and if it did with the standard no experience Shirou, I highly... HIGHLY doubt that a good ending could have been reached as easily as the main 3 routes. EDIT: Why the heck can't I separate my lines anymore when I post?
11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #620

A small OMAKE from me


"...why...again?" Reiko asked with a flat stare.

Her older self chuckled nervously as she rubbed the back of her head, "Well, I sort of promised to help out with some problems but..." pointing to her Gekkoukan High uniform.

Reiko stared at Eiko for several more minutes before sighing in resignation and popping the pill in her mouth. With a puff of smoke, Reiko changed into a near exact copy of her other self except her signature flat stare was contrasting Eiko's own grin.

Changing out of her now too small clothes, Reiko eyed the uniform in disgust, "...Green..."

Eiko sighed and nodded her head in agreement, "Yeah, I can't change that though so you would have to put up with it."

Reiko glared at her one more time and pointed to her notebooks, Eiko waved her off saying, "Your school is being renovated because of that one friend of yours, Kouki, pissed off Arika-nee again."

Reiko scowled and spoke, "...not mine...Kumako's..." as she began to put on the uniform.

Eiko shrugged in response and handed her a notebook, "This is the few things you need to watch out for and try not to attract them much," she spoke with a sly smile.

Reiko frowned and took the notebook in hand, not bothered to open it. She was still trying to find a way to get out this. Pointing to herself, "...Elementary..." then she pointed to Eiko, "...High School..."

Eiko grinned and handed her a second notebook, "This one contains all the answers in the all the tests you will be answering in your stay so you have no excuse!"

Reiko frowned again and snatched the notebook from her hands and stuffing it in her bag. Tying her signature ribbon on her head she turned to her older self and held out her hand.

Eiko sighed miserable and handed her a coupon for a years supply of pudding she won ten year's from now(not a typo). Reiko nodded in satisfaction and proceeded to get ready for her new temporary school. She looked at the mirror and rubbed her chin, turning to her older self who brought out a few make up kits and dark accessories. The two Time Sekirei shared matching smiles as Eiko proceeded to give Reiko a makeover.

Green is an abomination and must be countered adequately.


Haru was enjoying a surprisingly event free day in Youkai Gakuen. Shanoa, his "daughter," had finally stopped shrinking and was now almost the same age as Valkyrie so that allowed her to have a playmate and not hang on him. They were in the care of old man Valkenhayn along with his other self's daughter Rachel, so no worries there . Also there were no rivals to beat up, no evil student organization to demolish, and the girls hardly argued for once despite all of that. All in all it was a great day.

That is why he was tense and ready to beat the holy crap of anything that will come out the woodwork.

Nekonome-sensei stepped up to the class caused Haru to snap out of his musings. She smiled cattily and said, "Class we have a new student today! Come on in now."

Haru glanced towards the door in mild curiosity then shock then despair as he saw the signature black ribbon.

She was still wearing the school uniform but it was heavily modified to suite her tastes using dark black bracelets and frills. Her cold amber eyes, thin mouth and generous figure, the new girl was an instant hit. While not comparable to the class beauties, the ash blonde girl was nothing to scoff at.

So when the class started howling, Haru slammed fist on his desk and growled, "Touch her and die..."

The rest of the class looked stunned at his declaration. Moka looked mildly confused at the new girl because she felt she had seen her before. The new girl smiled slightly and bowed in front of the class to begin her interrupted introduction.

"Reiko Emiya...Ohayo...Haru-nii," immediately clearing up the misunderstanding and walked silently to her seat. She took a look at Haru and bowed in apology and whispered to him, "...Big trouble...her idea..."

Haru groaned as he slumped into his chair. Judging from her warning and tone, he was dealing with his own little Chibi. Haru looked up and saw several of his male classmates eyeing his sister. Haru resolved to beat a few heads later. They were trying to hit on his elementary school sister...there will be none of that.

For now he'll occupy himself on what trouble did Eiko see him get into that it requires ANOTHER Time manipulator to fix.


Watch Haru try and beat back the advances of his classmates on his sister, over protective big brother style! cracky and non-can unless dr-2 says otherwise.

11/2/2011 #621

@shadowzerover5: Despite being non-canon, this Omake is hilarious. Though I do wonder how Haru's harem will treat Reiko...

11/2/2011 #622
Shioran Toushin

@SS17: sorry to bother, but could you do a snip about the retconed things or indicate me what did Aoshi did now that the 'beat down' didn't happen, because honestly the 'confrontation' wasn't that conflicting, at least for Harry, even if it triggered Harry's button (as i said, untrated PTSD and really after the 3wt he really has bouts of depression), he seemed to understand from where the others were coming and accepted the idea that training would make him better, IIRC the only thing that could be considered as torpedoing Shirou and CHiho's plan would be:

1.- the abrupt manner in which those three layed it down on Harry

2.- the prank (which honestly would have dealt with worse, maliciously on Privet Drive, and from malicious to almost friendly pranks on Hogwarts that were still freaking dangerous and more prone to doing lasting harm to him than Chiyo's cooking) OTOH i really aprove of the kids being treated with the same punishment as their prank with Harry, but honestly Shirou or Chiyo could have explained what the prank was to Harry and him making a choice to taste both of their foods to see how he would procede, also Harry is prideful (not an idiot, as he actually knows when to retreat)

11/2/2011 #623
Silver Sun 17

due to his up bringing Harry has confidence issues, is dealing with a PTSD due to voldy's revving and Cedric's murder. their plans where torpedoed because they were going to try and get Harry's confidence up before they sat him down and pointed out how stupid his tactics are and how this endangered the people he was protecting. Keiko, Aoshi and Fuuko jumped the gun and Harry's mental and emotional issues flared, they reenforced his blaming himself for the death of Cedric by a severe amount.

there are also a few differences from canon that have been revealed yet that will play a part in this so...

11/2/2011 #624
Shioran Toushin

ah, so it was number 1.- they jumped the gun and in a very direct and blunt manner. nice to know.

also, did the tantacle H monster still happened or it was retconed to just a tentacled monstrousity?

@Mu: loved the modified Snippet

@Shadow: Haru haru haru, you just tempted the root to screw with you, at least you have stress relief in the form of beating the idea of Reiko out of the minds of those yokai and avoided a great deal of misunderstandings at your relationship with Reiko.

11/2/2011 #625
Silver Sun 17

tea monster would have captured, engulfed and absorbed it's victims but all the clan knew is that it had tentacles and grab Keiko and Fuuko as it's first victims.

11/2/2011 #626
Shioran Toushin

then the almost rape didn't happen and it was just being disgusted at being held by tentacles and as those didn't made any sexualy assaulting movements then they were expecting to be eaten

11/2/2011 #627
Silver Sun 17

right, but the due to the chaos no one is really sure what was going on, only that the monster had to die fast.

11/2/2011 #628
Silver Sun 17

"GAH!" Harry squaked as a hand reached out and grabed his collar, only to let go in response to his cry.

"Gomen Harry-san." A blonde haired girl said walking into his view. "I heard someone in the kitchen and thought Kiri was trying to cook again before we updated the security systems to keep him out. I'm Chiyo, we haven't met yet." She offered her hand to Harry, who took it and was surprised at the strong grip.

"I'm Harry, but I guess you already knew that." He said, flushing a little.

"Pleased to meet you Harry, please regard me kindly." Chiyo said chuckling at his blush. "Where you looking for something?"

"Just getting some tea to help wake up."

"Alright, don't worry about making breakfast for yourself though, Uncle Gil or Tou-san will handle it."

"Uncle Gil?"

"That would be me." A haughty voice came from behind Harry. Whirling to meet the face of the speaker he saw a blonde man with an apron saying 'King of Cooks.' "I am Gilgemesh, King of Heroes, summoned to watch over these little Hellions for no other held the power to…"

"Give it a rest Uncle Gil, you cowed him enough already." Aya said walking behind the man lightly hitting him on the arm.

"Just making sure the boy knows his betters." The King sniffed as he moved to reinforce his title of King of Cooks.

"I got some tea ready for you already Harry." Aya said holding out a mug of tea. "Also there's something I want to show you." She took Harry's free and after he accepted the tea from her and led him out of the kitchen and onto the veranda. "Look out that way." She pointed towards a group of trees.

"I don't see any… what the?" Harry stopped talking as Keiko Aoshi and Fuuko ran out the forests and made a hard right. They were tied an arraignment of three tires. A cooler and two beautiful women sat on the tires laughing merrily as the three teens dragged them across the grounds.

"Two more laps runts, and then you can eat!" The ash-blonde yelled to the great mirth of the red-head who pulled out two cans, giving one to her companion.

"Oh, it's Aya's boyfriend!" the red-head cried pointing to Harry.

"Really? Then I salute you." The two followed this up by lifting their drinks in the air towards Harry before breaking out in laughter as they were towed out of sight.


Author's note: No, that's not beer, I'm not sure what it is exactly but I think it's imported from Mid-Childa.

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #629

@SS17: Hm, so this is Harry's first interaction with Chiyo, Gil? Who are the two being carted around, though? I'm not sure at the moment...

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #630
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