The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Shioran Toushin
D'awww short, and amost disgutingy cute.
11/2/2011 #691

Hmm, what page is Aurora's profile on, again? Wanna take a look at it before posting my 'entry'.

11/3/2011 #692

@animesage: she doesn't have profile per say...until now

Name: Aurora Pendragon Emiya

Age/Gender: Female. age 5-6 at the time the Black Knight died. (Kiri was 19 at the time)

Parent: Kiritsugu II, The Echidna

Appearance: In human form looks like a 16 year old with B size cups. Long red hair, green eyes, just under five feet tall. When in snake woman form, her eyes become green snake eyes, her skin becomes blue. Her tail looks like a dark red. She has two blue horns that wrap around her head that look like a circlet. Her total length is a little over 20 feet. Oh, and she has the appearance of her actual age. Not to mention, she has the trademark Ahoge

Personality/Description: With the ahoge on her head, she is a a point child enjoying having a family that is not trying to eat her at every turn. She hates human clothing as she does not feel hot or cold. Prefers loose dresses that she can shift into snake form at the drop of a hat. Undergarments tend not to last long with her as they get torn up often. She believes in the ideals of the Black Knight and intentds to follow in his path when she gets older. Has a tendency to chase moving objects like prey. Especially loves to eat food that si still alive and swallow it whole. Note: she really loves to eat her father's abominations he cooked up. When her ahoge is ripped off, she becomes a serious girl that focuses on buisness and shows a wsidom infinitly beyond her years. It is known that Aurora can be serious in both modes, but she prefers to take her time with things when not in alter mode.

Loves: Cooking, but can't just like her father. Live prey. Snuggling in snake form. Warning: Has been known to pop joints out with her tail in her eagerness to snuggle. Slipping into bed with father. Planning and working with her father for his job and attemtps to get into the kitchen. Her 'Onee-san' Artemis.

hates: Any mention of her mother unless one is talking bad about her. Anyone that dares to mock the Black Knight or his ideals.

Fears: Being banned from the ktichen. The Masks, Chiyo's smiles. Her father dying. Ghosts...don't ask. Can't handle horror films to the point where she has smashed the televions to make it stop.

Powers: Mystic eyes that paralyze. Knows a bit of the Unified Language. Some spells on the level of sorcery. Dragon level resistance to magic and harm. Has Kiritsugu's copy of Avalon inside her, though she did not become aware of that until many years later. Greater than average swordsmanship that improves over time.

Magic Circuit Activation Aria:none, she's a dragon and the child of the echidna. magic is her blood almost.

Basic Skills/Proficiencies: Average pilot until much later. Greater than average swordsmanship. Strength that at full power can overwhelm anyone short of the most powerful of the clan.

Lethal Chef A Rank. See Kiritsugu's profile for explanation.

Special Skills: Possesses the ability to gain strength from every foe she ate She had already eaten over a thousand people before Kiritsugu (the Black KNight version) stopped her rampage. Will over time continue to grow stronger.

Typical Arsenal: Usually nto much more than a sword. She is far more than a human naturally.

11/3/2011 #693

@maximorph1: I really need to think how Ulf would interact with her, in spite of or because of his

@Animesage: Looks like Touma has to be careful when bed-hopping.

@Everyone: Just FYI, Ulf generally doesn't show his envy or resentment toward anyone; he keeps that to himself, which is worse.

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #694

Frankly, Touma and Aurora would probably wrestle to the best spot in Kiri's that's an amusing scene. Kiri waking up with both his arms his legs courtesy of Aurora's tail

11/3/2011 #695

@maximorph1: Heh, definitely an amusing scene. So...who has been on the receiving end of Aurora cuddling? Or has it just been Kiri?

11/3/2011 #696

Kiri and Artemis.

11/3/2011 #697

@maximorph1: Could you remind me who Artemis is? Or at least where she came from or how she looks? I know that she's Kiri's partner or team-mate, but not much else.

In your honest opinion, how do you think Aurora and Ulf would interact? At least when both are in (a) decent/good/happy mood(s)?

@Everyone: You can blame my over-active imagination for this random thought: Counter Guardian CHIU-TAN. I don't know if I'd continue anything on that thought, but I'm throwing it out there. Blame Neogoki. XP

11/3/2011 #698

Aretmis is the pilot that got dragged with the Black Knight into the past. No real details were given about her except her devotion to the old Kiritsugu and loathing of the young. She adores Aurora, but doesn't interact with the clan. Instead, she stays on the plane and works on it until it's time for an operation. She was found in India, but that's the only thing i made about her origins.

Aurora and Ulf...hard to say as there really isn't much about Ulf that comes to mind. ask others, not me. Better yet, just wing it. Other than his interaction with the the fox, not much else has been done with him. As far as I can tell, Ulf is a loner.

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #699

@maximorph1: Oh, okay, thanks for the info on Artemis then.

'kay, I'll try my hand on that. Well, Ulf doesn't want to be a loner, but yeah.

11/3/2011 #700

Heh, after a month, Touma will have slept with everyone in his family. Including the nanny... somehow.

Though I do have an idea for a response to the challenge now... ufufu.

11/3/2011 #701

@Animesage: Out of context that sounds so wrong, but I can guess you worded it that way for that very purpose. XP

@maximorph1: I'm definitely going to try my hand at your challenge. Have to head to class soon, though.

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #702

A plot bunny wacked me with a piko-hammer last night... Anyone up for some Aurora-Nanoha interaction?

I even got a name for the short... "Aurora and Nanoha's Not-So-Excellent Adventure" XD

11/3/2011 #703

Aurora huh? Alright I'll give it a whirl.

If one can recall, Reiko is afraid of Zombies...due to them feeling all sorts of wrong to her...which reminds me to update for Needless Fate...need to add distinction between her and Eiko...meh I'll do it when Shinra and Ichigo's are done.


Aoshi stared in awe as he witnessed probably the most brutal way a TV set is destroyed. In hindsight, maybe it was a bad idea to get the movie "Return of the Ghost Zombies 2: Director's Cut."

This all started when he was out getting movies for the the unofficial Movie Nights, that he and the older kids usually have when the parents' were away. He was getting bored with the usual fare of movies they usually rent so he wanted something new, even if the premise of the story is far from actual truth.

It's been a while since they saw a good horror movie.

When Aoshi returned home he found the brats were having a turn with the TV. Kumako was busy piddling away on her PS3 beating Gekkou soundly as he cried out indignantly about how Kumako is being unfair. Aoshi noticed that Kumako was getting scarily good at using that Tager guy, better that away from her before she gets ideas...and on the couch was Reiko and Aurora sleeping side to side. The pair bonded while sword sparring, Reiko's speed against Aurora's power, Nodachi against broadsword in a classic East meets West.

Deciding not to wake them up Aoshi called on Haru and Takeshi and executed their older sibling powers and shooed Kumako away from the console. She threw a small tantrum that easily distracted by Haru. With them out of the way and the pair still fast asleep on the couch the rest of the older Emiya spawn sat down and watched the movie, all of them wearing headphones so the sounds won't wake them up.

It was then Murphy decided to smile.

Reiko was the first one to wake up, blearily rubbing her eyes as she tried to rid the sand from them. Followed by Aurora and the first both saw was the Ghost Zombie things leaping out of the screen. The TV felt the rest.Now, Aoshi had to explain why Reiko and Aurora was quivering from under the blankets as well as the giant hole where the TV used to be. Plus several everlasting fires, temporal distortions, crushed floors and sliced walls.

Thus the first Anti-Horror movie alliance of the Emiya Household was born.



11/3/2011 #704

@Trooper1023: Oh dear, Nanoha and Aurora having misadventures together? Well, I guess that means that Aurora gets to spend time with her Aunt-in-Law (or whatever their relation through Shinta/Nanoha pairing is)...

@shadowzerover5: Heh, I love the Omake; great job. Also, Kumako using Tager? Oh dear, now I'm thinking about Kokonoe, Torakaka, and Taokaka... XP

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #705

@shadow: Heh, hilarious. Reiko huh? Wonder what their sparring match was like.

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #706

@maximorph1: Not quite what I had expected myself to write for your challenge; I went ahead and tried, but it probably doesn't look all that great though. ^^;


The bronze child yawned and opened his eyes, one hand rising to shadow his face from the morning sunlight leaking into his room. He felt the familiar weight and shape of Mae next to him, and her arms and legs wrapped around him. He resisted the urge to blush and face-palm, but shifted his feet. However, as soon as he tried to, he found that he couldn't move much at all. His eyes veered to both his side and Mae's side to find the possible source of the "obstruction".

Instead of the usual bed-hopper Touma, he found Aurora in her Naga/true form wrapped around the two of them. His "alternate" niece was leaning against Mae's back with a content expression, though there was a downward quirk to her lips.

Ulf mentally shrugged, 'Guess either Artemis visited Kiri-nii or Touma bed-hopped to Kiri this time.' He looked to Mae, who was now ruffling the sheets as she yawned and stretched next to him, glancing one aquamarine eye toward Aurora.

She returned his glance, "Morning, Ulf…so, what's Aurora-tan doing cuddling up with us?"

He shrugged at her question, "Only guess I have is that Artemis-san spent time with Kiri-nii, or that Touma got there ahead of her."

The kitsune tilted her head to one side, "Yeah…sounds about right. Hm…" She smirked at him, eyes gaining a leery, perverse edge that Ulf had seen on his mothers', Karin's, and Mae's faces.

"So, Ulf, what does the thought of me in bed with your darling Naga-niece do to you, hm?" He blushed scarlet at this, and turned away.

"About as much as your usual teasing, Mae-chan…" he mumbled. Her smile brightened and her ears perked up at that, before moved to wake said "Naga-niece" up. Shaking Aurora gently, Mae said softly, "Time to wake up, Aurora-tan…"

With that, their morning began for the day, though Kiri looked rather annoyed with Ulf for the entire day. Understandable with how his brother's Servant was making jokes about Foxes eating Snakes and all. To say the least, Ulf came close to using a Divine Word to mute or silence Mae by the end of that same day.


Read and review or comment.

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #707

Clipity clopity Clipity clopity. Arturia came forth holding the reigns of an invisible horse while Shirou was banging two brown balls together...


"Where'd you get the coconuts?" Luvia asked from above the two.

"We found them." Arturia said wishing they would say yay or nay to her propoasal for them to join her.

"Found them? In Mercia? Coconuts are tropical." Luvia said suspiciously

"What do you mean?" Arturia asked.

"Well this is a temperate zone." Luvia said


"Bring out your dead." Ryoga declared pushing a cart of ranma's finance's and Rivals in front of him who all had large x marks on their eyes. "Bring out your dead."

"Here's one." kasumi said dragging happosai. "Ate Akane's cooking."

"Nine pence." Ryoga said

"I'm not dead." happosai complained

"What?" Ryoga asked.

Kasumi pulled out a frying pan and turned to Happosai


"Just the wind dear. Here's nine pence." Kasumi said

"Right, see you thursday then." Ryoga said as he promptly went down the wrong route to the cemetery. he soon found himself in Egypt wondering where to get rid of the bodies.


"NONE SHALL PAAAAAASSSSSS." Kiritsugu-jiji declared on the bridge

Arturia winced in pain hearing the declaration. "I have no quarrel with you good sir knight, but I must cross this bridge"

"Theeeen you shall dieeee." Kiritsugu declared

"So be it." Arturia declared as she drew her sword.

After a short duel, Kiritsugu was missing an arm

"Now stand aside worthy adversary." Arturia declared her victory.

Kiritsugu scoffed. "Tis but a scratch."

"A scratch, you arms off." Arturai declared

"No it isn't"

"Well what's that then?" Arturia asked pointing at the arm.

Kiritsugu looked at it then back at her and raised his sword. "I've had worse. Come on you pansy."

A short duel later, the other arm was sliced off.

"Victory is mine." Arturia declared. She got down on her knees and began to pray...only to get kicked in the head.

"come on then." Kirtisugu said cheerfully.

Arturia looked up and shook her head. This was going to be a long day.


"We found a witch. We found a witch the crowd declared draggin Caster with them." They soon brought it to the younger Kiritsugu "We have found a witch, may we burn her?"

Kiri looked her over and said, "Ummm, why me? Shouldn't you ask him?" He pointed over at Kyon.

"Nobody likes a show off." the crowd declared. Kyon sighed in relief at not getting involved.

"How do you know she is a witch?" Kiri asked

"She looks like one." One man said.

"She turned me into a newt" said another.

Kiri looked her over. "Right by your logic she is a witch. But burnig is too good for her."

"WHAT?" Caster asked Kiri motioned for them to take her to a catapult.

"If she flies, she's a witch." Kiri said confidently. "Give her a broom" As soon as a broom was handed to her, Kiri pulled switch activatign the catapult. Caster launched in the air....then began to fly. "Right...she's flying. She's a witch all right." Caster then began to rain fire from the sky.


And thus wise Sir Bediv-Imean Sir Kiritsugu joined Arturia as a knight of the round table, but he was not the only one...

SirLancel-Imean Sir Arika the Brave

Sir Gala-Imean Takeshi the Pure

and finally, Sir Rob-I mean Musubi the clueless. Who had waved hello to the dragon Karasuba as she destroyed a village, who had bypassed the drunken rage of Homura, and who had personally helped the Red Devil Rin drive the country of England into bankruptcy.


"Look my leige" Arika declared. "Camelot."

"Camelot" Musubi said excitedly.

"Um...Camelot?" Kiritsugu asked as they spied upon the massive Emiya manor.

"No, it's to the left." Arturia said sadly as she pointed at the much smaller, less lavish, very draft, squat castle.

"Right, I vote we go to the other place." Kiritsugu declared getting a massive agreement from the rest of the people.


"Arthur, Arthur, King of the Britons." Alaya-ko called from the clouds.

"It's Arturia." She corrected.

"Right right, Arturia King of the Britions, I have a task for you. GO recover the Holy Grail." "What? We just did that last Tuesday." Shirou squawked "What did you do? Drop it?"


Kiritsugu lined up the laser guidance the Tono-castle. "Any second now..." Sure enough, a great black plane came out from the sky and unleashed a flurry of missles at the rude Tonos. In a moment, there was nothing left of the castle save the occupants who came out from the castle covered in soot.

"What was the bunny all about?" Shiki asked.

Kiri pointed at Musubi, "What did you think I would waste time with a giant wooden rabbit?"

"Bedivere, that wasn't very honorable." Arturia admonished

"I keep telling you, my name is know, this should be Kyon's role. Not me. I was done back at the bridge incident."


Takeshi wandered into the castle.

"Welcome little lost lamb." Tamaki declared with a flourish, "To castle Ouran." "The Castle Ouran."

"Indeed, is it not a wonderful name?" The host club asked.

Takeshi shuddered as he saw the host club asseble in front of him.


"GET ON WITH IT." All the extras declared when the narrator began talking about swallows and getting off track about the story. Sorry, but these narrators just do not know when to shut up. They should know better than to distract their audience with pointless chit chat. Really, the nerve of them. The best thing to do would be to gather up all the narrators and get them some schooling on proper--

"GET ON WITH IT." the crowd roared again.


Matsu cackled inside her little hut and told Arturia where to find the grail. Past the cave where no man has entered, and a bridge that no man had crossed.


"We are the knights who say NEE." Kumako declared while Shinra and Ichigo began saying Nee adorably.

"No, not the knight who say nee." Arturia said horrified. "They say that those who gaze upon their cuteness have seldom lived to tell the tale.

"What do you want?" Kiri asked.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa playpin." Kumako yelled excitedly.


We're going to skip the scene with Arika laying a swath of death as she broke into that wedding. Suffice to say, she was not invited for the reception


"there are some who call Touma....Touma?" the boy wearing a wig far to big for him declared. "Ah, touma will show you where the cave is cause Touma is a good boy.' Touma declared

a short walk/ride later they were at the entrance of the cave. "Wait," Touma cautioned, "The beast has spotted us." Everyone ducked down in fear. "There it is."

Touma pointed to Karin who was on all fours with massive bunny ears strapped to her head.

"What behind the rabbit?" Arturia asked. "Right, forget this, Sir Koyuki, you go."

"One rabbit icicle coming up." Koyuki declared. A moment later, Koyuki was on the ground moaning in pleasure as Karin had her way with her.

"J*sus Chr*st" Arturia swore.

"Right, I'm all for plan B." Kiri said as he pulled out Keiko bound with rope and gagged with a grenade. "Behold, the holy Hand grenade."

Kiri pulled the pin and threw keiko with the grenade still in her mouth at Karin. Moments later, all three of them were sent flying so that they becaem stars in the sky.

"Ah, wait, Touma still need to make wish." Touma declared chasing after the three streaks in the air.


"Here rest the last words of Gilgamesh of Sumeria." Ulf Translated...."It says Mongrel."

"No surprise there," Arika said.

"Oooooooo." Kiri declared. Everyone turned around and beheld the White beast of Gaia. "Here, take this." Kiri declared throwing Ulf at it while they ran.


"Only the who answer my questions three may pass." Matsu said chuckling.

"Ask your questions bridge keeper, am not afraid." Arika declared.

"What is your name (Sir Arika the Lily) What is your quest? (To seek the holy grail.) What is your favorite color? (White) Okay, there you go." Matsu said pointing the bridge

"Oh...thank you." Arika set off for the bridge, but didn't get much further from the bridge before she was arrest for assaulting that castle back there...

"Oh oh, Musubi next." Musubi declared.

"What is your name. (Sekirei number 88 Musubi.) What is your quest? (To seek the holy Grail) What is the capital of Japan?" Matsu asked. Musubi tilted her head, "Um...Musubi doesn't know.' In a second, Kazehana knocked Musubi off into the pit where Kiri's cooking attempts resided and began to assault her clothes.

The other flinched at Musubi's ignorance. Takeshi went next but muffed up who annoyed him more. His first instinct was Tamaki, but changed his mind and was last heard yelling "Kaaaaariiiiiiin."

Arturia and Kiritsugu looked at each other. Kiri stepped forward nesxt.

"What is your name?" Matsu asked. Kiri leaned forward and pusehd Matsu over the edge shutting her up.

"This way my leige." Kiri said.

"Bedivere, that was not honorable."

"It's Kiritsugu, and it's her fault for standing by the edge." Kiri argued as they crossed.


"Ohohoho," Acruied laughed from atop the castle, "You didn't think that would be the end of us did you?" The Shiki clan stared at them from the castle where the grail resided.

Kiri's eyebrows twitched, he pulled out that laser sighting and aimed it again. IN a moment, this castle was in ruins as well. "Right, lets get the grail"


Aurora woke up after havign the best dream ever. "Awake Aurora?" Kiri asked in a strained voice.

"Yes daddy," Aurora sadi satisfied.

"Good, then release me, tou-san needs to see a medic and get his arms back in their sockets." Kiri said.


had this idea all throughout work. I thought it came out well.

So, who laughed?

11/3/2011 #708

@maximorph1: I laughed, I cried, and I think might have actually hurt myself while laughing. Heh, throwing Ulf to Primmy is a nice touch, as was Karin the Vorpal Bunny Girl. X3

So...comments or opion on my Omake?

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #709


HOLY crap! That was hilarious.

11/3/2011 #710
Silver Sun 17

Harry paused, fork half way to his mouth. The eyes of a five year old girl gazed at him from behind the far side of the chair next to him. He gave a small smile and the girl's head rose up and gave a smile in return. He stared, horns graced the brow of the girl and her head sat on the body of a snake. The girl slipped up on the chair.

"I'm hungry" she muttered as she turned her head towards the table and placed her chin on it. Harry grabbed a small plate from a stack on the table and pushed his bacon onto it. He then placed the plate in front of her. She beamed at him then set to devouring the bacon as harry went back to what was left of his breakfast.

"Harry I'm back." Aya said two refilled mugs of tea in hand.

"Thank you." Harry said accepting the drink and setting it by his plate. "Aya, who is…?" He turned to indicate the girl with a snake's body but she wasn't there. "Where did she go?"

"Where did who go?"

"There was a girl with horns and…"

"Oh Aurora? That's Kiri's daughter." She would have said more but two arms reached around and hugged harry pulling him and his chair back. "Aurora! What are you doing?"

"I was hungry and he gave me some of his bacon." A red-haired, well-endowed teenage girl said pulling Harry's head to her chest, a grin on her face.

"Your breakfast was coming, you…" Aya paused and palmed her face. "KARIN STOP COURPPTING AURORA!"

11/3/2011 #711

@SS17: Heh, nice job, and Harry being nice to Aurora earns him a hug , then? Nice too. XD

Though I wonder how Kiri and Harry would/will interact, at least with Aurora and Harry getting along (or whatever their interaction is)...

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #712


"I don't like it."

"...What? What's wrong with it?"

Aurora scruntched her nose a bit. "It just doesn't taste right." The young dragon said as she pushed the plate away. "I want something else."

Haru couldn't understand it, people loved his cooking. While no where near on the level of some of the parents, he knew his cooking was rather delicious. At the very least, that's what his harem and his younger siblings said when he made something for them.

Were they just saying it to make him feel better? Was he really a bad cook?

He then looked at the other two in the kitchen he had made food for. Though Chibi didn't really like anything other than her pudding, she was eating bits and pieces of his food and seemed to enjoy it a bit. Shanoa, his own "daughter", seemed to be enjoying it as well as she 'hmmed' in approval, her tiny legs kicking back and forth.

Haru sighed, "Alright then... what would you like then?"

Aurora pouted slightly. "Well, I don't remember what it was called, but I do remember what ingredients were in it."

Haru knew he shouldn't. Every fiber of his being told him not to do it. The reprecussions would be horrible in his favor.

But when is he going to have a chance to spend time with his niece like this again?

Haru looked over to Reiko, his eyes going between her, Shanoa, and the door.

"Ah..." Getting what's about to happen, she quickly got out of her chair, got Shanoa out of hers, and proceeded to quickly take the other girl out the kitchen door to the dining room.

Relieved that they would not experience what he was going to, Haru turned back to his neice. "Alright then Aurora-chan. What do we need?"

Aurura smiled. Haru would have felt proud to get a smile like that out of her if the results weren't going to be so terrifying.

But he was supervising her right? It should turn out fine. Right?


Kiri was heading towards the dining room. It had been some time since he'd seen his daughter, while he wasn't worried for her, he just liked to check up on her now and then.

He had entered the dining room and saw his sister Reiko along with Haru's "daughter", his "niece" Shanoa. They were sitting at a part of the table nearest him and seem to be watching the kitchen door on the other side of the room. Filing that for later, he walked up to the two. "Hey girls, have either of you seen Aurora?"

Reiko turned to look at him, pointing towards the kitchen door. "There... with Haru-nii." She spoke. Shanoa watching the door with a worried expression on her childlike face.

"Huh, Haru's in there too?" Kiri asked.

Reiko nodded. "Helping her...cook."

Kiri raised an eyebrow. Haru was helping her cook? That seemed highly unlikely. Haru, like the others, hated when he or Aurora cooked. He usually treated his meals like they were opponents to train against. But then again, he has been trying to help Chiyo's food actually taste as good as they're supposed to, so it's not as unlikely as he thought.

His musings were cut when they all heard a small explosion, followed by a growl, some crashing sounds, a roar, Haru calling out his "Heaven's Bolt" attack, followed with a larger explosion. Shanoa jumped slightly when the door opened slightly and what looked like a tentacle made from a collection of noodles and veggies started to crawl out before it was quickly pulled back into the door. A few more explosions and then a strangled cry before all went silent.

The three waited for anything else before Kiri made his way over, the other two following after. Opening the door, he was greeted to the sight of Aurora slurping the last of what looked to be noodles into her mouth. The kitchen looked as though a war had broken out in it and leaning against the fridge was Haru, guzzling down a water bottle, and seemingly covered in a dark red liquid.

"Tou-sama!" Shanoa cried out as she ran towards her father, but stopped short when she caught a whiff of him. "You smell Tou-sama!" She held her nose.

Haru finished the last of the bottle before panting slightly. "It's soy sauce." He then looked between the other father and daughter. "I don't get it."

Aurora and Kiri blinked. "What?" Kiri asked.

"I got the ingredients for her, normal everyday cooking supplies. I watched her as she measured them, making sure she wasn't even a single teaspoon off. I watched combine the ingredients, I even did some of the cooking so it didn't mess up." Haru then glared at his older brother. "So how in the hell did she still managed to create that thing!" He shouted.

Kiri sweatdropped and was about to say something when Aurora cut him off.

"Thanks for helping me Uncle Haru, it was delicious!" Aurora smiled at her uncle.

Haru faltered at that smile, his anger quickly diminishing. How could he stay angry at a smile like that. Haru smiled back. "No problem Aurora-chan. Just glad you liked it." He then pointed to the door. "Now take your old man and get going, I've got some cleaning up to do."

Kiri then spoke up. "I could help too if you wa-"

Haru glared heatedly at him. "I made one mistake already, I'll be damned if I make another." He whispered. "Out. Now."

Kiri got the message and, taking his daughter's hand, made his way out the kitchen. Haru sighed again before looking at the two remaining occupants.

"You two get going as well. I'll be here for awhile." Haru smiled at the two. As they left, Haru turned back towards the mess he got himself into, but seeing he was able to spend time with his niece almost made all of this worth it. Though something of importance then made it's way to his head. "It's official, when Shanoa's old enough again, I'm teaching her to cook." Nodding to himself, he went to the cleaning closet and got started.

(Scene end)

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #713

@d-r2: Looks great, though I can't say I feel sorry for Haru, since it was highly amusing and Aurora cleaned up *most* of the mess...or at least ate the creation that made the mess...or something. Either way, great job.

11/3/2011 #714

In the words of that one guy in Jurassic Park

"Clever Girl"

Got Haru to let her cook, and eat a live prey...

11/3/2011 #715

@maximorph1: I'm sensing "Clever Girl" is going to be a recurring theme for Aurora. Or at least an understood fact about her. ^^

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #716



"And don't pout at me, little girl!" Keiko huffed indignantly.

"I don't see any problem." Karin, who was wearing only an oversized shirt at their bed, raised her head from her tablet.

"You go at school sans panties to, so your opinion doesn't really count." Keiko dismissed Karin.

"But auntiieee…" The puppy dog eyes increased.

"And don't whine. You want to go out and play, ok. But you will dress properly, or stay home. I have enough of perverted exhibitionists."

"I was without panties, yes. But how would you know if you were not looking?" Karin asked with a devious smile.

Keiko winced at the question. "I saw by chance, end of the story."

"I don't like panties too Kei-baa-chan." Her little niece took Karin's side to emphasize the point.

"Don't go baa-chan on me. And that only proves that Karin corrupted you too much already. Now get dressed if you still want to go out." Keiko stomped her foot imperiously.

"Why don't you try our way for a change?" Aurora asked innocently. Karin's nose on the other way, trickled blood at her lack of purity in thoughts. Despite that she chorused. "Yeah, why not?"

"I WILL NOT!" Keiko fumed.

"What is the matter, Imouto? Why so angry?" Fuuko asked curiously from the door.

"When I said Aurora-chan had to wear something to go out, they started to demand that I try to walk around…around… like that!" She pointed the very near, very naked snake child.

"Why not?" She asked simply.

"WHAT?!" She started to draw her Citori, making Fuuko take a few steps back in fear. "What are you? Some sort of 'Perverted Exhibitionist Alliance'?" Karin snickered at the name.

"Whoa. Hold it. I'm not saying to walk around like that every day. Just you know, in our girls' nights maybe?" Fuuko make a few placating gestures.

"You only say that cause don't have a pervert for Sekirei…"

"No, I have Aoshi as a 'co-Ashikabi'." Keiko stopped her rant at that. Aoshi was not always a pervert, but when he got on his less decent moods…"Ok, I MIGHT try. When we girls were home alone. Now get dressed Aurora."

"Yeah." Said girl turned in human form, prompting another trickle of blood out of Karin's nose from watching Keiko and Fuuko helping pick clothes for her. Luckily she was recording...


Someone mentioned Aurora dislike for clothing, and now Karin perverting her. It just wrote itself

11/3/2011 #717

@Mu-Sensei: Heh, and it wrote itself well, too.

Though, question: what did Fuuko mean by being a "co-Ashikabi" with Aoshi? Who is their Sekirei?

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #718


One of Aoshi's girlfriends(I think he has more then one, not sure) is Fuuko's Ashikabi. By proxy, Aoshi is too.

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #719

@d-r2: Um...I honestly have no clue how that would work out in the long run, but okay. *shrugs*

Isn't Fuuko also kind of into S&M or something, or at least has whips and chains?

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #720
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