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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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lhklan The Unpronounceable


Nope, haven't seen him a while actually. Anybody know where he lives?

PS: Hey Mu, you need some help with that?

11/22/2011 #2,221

Help with what?

11/22/2011 #2,222
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Catching throwaawy

11/22/2011 #2,223


to late, the Stick is in play

besides, it could be one of the other Ree, I never specified Rei being the one who Ruby.

11/22/2011 #2,224

Yes, please. That and getting Third Fang to make a 'From Fake Dreams' omake where Kiritsugu sr. dreams of the Clan.

11/22/2011 #2,225
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Roger that.


Then I guess it's damage control time. Counter Guardian style. *Rev chainsaw*

11/22/2011 #2,226


Now, lets not do something we might regret, we can still change the reciver of the Kalaidostick.

i'd be cool with Magical Iris... or Yui Ikari or Misato or JA-tan

For Ilya I have a plan to bring her AND Archerko into the Clan, caused by Matsu and Alayako messing with EMIYA

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #2,227

Why bother nuking him?

When a BIG @$$ HAMMER turns everything into light or a HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD GIGA DRILL about to open a new one is lying around?

11/22/2011 #2,228
lhklan The Unpronounceable


How about both? Or how about those two, couple with a burning hand that glows with awesome power, a blade that cuts everything in its path, and every beam spam mech out there?


*Lower chainsaw* You're forgiven, for now. The moment you mention that idea again *point toward the idea above and the chainsaw*

11/22/2011 #2,229

GOD! Illya and Archerko!? Into the Clan!?

Where's EMIYA when you need the snarking and the deadpanning around?

Odin: What am I? Chopped liver?

Me: A DARK Knight/Perfect Soldier/Gundam Pilot/the Stoic/Mr. Lousy-sense-of-Humor.

Odin: Thank you.

11/22/2011 #2,230

@Animesage: Wasn't my idea for Touma to be a cardboard cutout, talk to Mu-Sensei about that. XP

@Everyone: I wake up today and see all this conversation.

After I'm more awake and can think more clearly, I should have an Omake ready for the "Back to the Sekirei Plan" idea. And apparently Himeko is the Sekirei best suited for Ulf and Mae. XD

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #2,231

"burning hand that glows with awesome power"

O_O... Domon Kasshu?

*Then remember's Shadow!Kanji saying about thrusting in deeper*

ARGH!!!!!! *flees from every Character Voiced by Tomokazu Seki* Brain BLEACH! STAT!!!!!!

11/22/2011 #2,232
lhklan The Unpronounceable


The hell? I was just trying to reenact the scene from They Are My Noble Masters, ep8

11/22/2011 #2,233


Then how sounds this idea: putting Medusa and her Sisters into the outfits(IS-suit, school-uniform, Bikini) of Laura Bodewig(from Infinity Stratos)


Some time ago I started an omake, where EMIYA got summoned by haru making a deal with Ayala, a Counter Guardian to take care of Primmy, in exchange primmy would be on best behaivour.

Haru got Counter Guardian EMIYA. But Riko and Fuuko saw the whole summoning and where instanly fascinated by the red knight, taking him for a tour of the Estate.

In the Mainhall they run into Gilgamesh, Rin and a couple of others. Gil gets an emotional short circuit and starts attacking archer.

I assumed that most of the wives would wish for more "Fun-time" with shiro, and that those wives know all about Archer/EMIYA.Since EMIYA somehow = Shiro it wouldn't break any vows if they take out their pent-up feelings on him.

This gives the Startshoot for the EMIYA-hunt.

I also added a Neo Tiger Dojo with Illya takeing the Shisho-spot and Medusa's sister as the new stundents.

The Dojo will be the means to bring Illya back to life and add Archerko(anything more would spoiler so I stop here)

11/22/2011 #2,234
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Interesting. I once saw a picture on gelbooru of Medea and Medusa dressing up as characters from the Xenosaga series. I think it was KOS-MOS and T-ELOS.

Oh yeah, I remember that one. I think Riko got a crush on Archer though.

11/22/2011 #2,235

@ihklan: I know that one, the Laura-outfits were HubiKoshi's idea kind of, it were the highly concentrated Emiya-aroma of Archer's body that got her, overriding her selfcontrol, after all Archer is a refined Girl-Magnet

cue for allmost ALL wives hunting their new sextoy, Alaya is laughing somewhere

I wanted to add an incident were chibi-Riko went Bloodsucker on Haruhi Suzumiya(Haruhi's memories of this were deleted) since she smelled so delicous

11/22/2011 #2,236
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Speaking of IS, how about we throw one EC kids into that verse? Jun or Souhiro maybe.

And which girl is your favorite? Char and Laura are the two #1 for me.

11/22/2011 #2,237

@neogoki and lhklan: I almost feel sorry for EMIYA. Almost.

Chibi-Riko sucking Haruhi's blood? Oh dear... XD

For IS, I'm not sure how that'd work, since having a second guy that can use one is just kind of...IDK about it. *shrugs* favorite IS character, it's between Char and Tabane. X3

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #2,238


I would agree, Souhiro has an affinity to machines, he could be a pilot or a mechanic

hard question, my ranking would be:

I have a soft spot for Laura, in the novels she shows some impressive development

Char is the one developing her and maybe the one who understands ichika best

Houki, tsunderes always get to me, that she seriously tried to help Laura in the Tag-Team tournament was great

Chifuyu, hotness incarnate

Cecillia, her loyal maid ships her and ichika, was awesome

Rin, my least favourite


It would look adorable, the little riko around Haruhi's neck and then she takes a bite. of course it led to an episode of almost chaos and vampire-attack...

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #2,239

Here's a draft for Touma's 'Combat Side', if it doesn't work or make sense, do tell me. Read and review of course.

"...Good job, 213."

That was the first thing he remembered hearing as Touma suddenly found himself standing in the middle of some room in the Abbey. He wasn't sure how he had gotten here really. He just remembered some lady talking to him and then telling him to be a Good Boy and help out a specific other magi she was known to particularly dislike.

He couldn't remember much after that.

Then he realized that the old man was looking at him with a rather impressed look. He did not show Touma that look often. Touma also noted the sound of something slightly heavy being carried off. "At least you have some sort of use other than experiments 213," Olavi Edelfelt snorted in self-satisfaction, "Also good to know that this particular one was a success. Miss Tremaine will be quite pleased that her enemy has been... taken care of. And a rather bloodless one too..."

Touma blinked at this, confused, "Um, sir?" He started nervously, "What did Touma do? Touma doesn't remember much..."

To this Olavi raised an eyebrow, only for him to smirk only a second later, "It's nothing, 213," he answered reaching out to ruffle Touma's hair. He hadn't done anything like that since he first came here, "Just be a good boy and you'll meet your parents again..." was all he said before walking off, "Come, 213, I have another test for you today."

Be a good boy...

For some reason, Touma felt something resonate from inside him for a brief moment-Master didn't give an order. Ignoring summons.-and wondered what that was. It felt funny and he felt tired for a moment but, he felt like that didn't even happen now. Maybe he should ask Mister Condell-No, it was just his imagination again, silly him. Mister Condell doesn't even know about this. Yeah, it probably just his imagination acting up.

"Subject 213!"

"Oh! Sorry, sir! I'm coming!"

Yeah, it was probably nothing.


Touma once again found himself skipping around the Emiya Complex once again. No work today, so he was following one of his family members around again.

Today's was Uzume-mama's day.

Unfortunately, the teenager had lost track of her for one second after he had played with the younger kids for a little while, only to realized that she had left her room, not her bedroom, the one where she makes all of the pretty clothes.

So he was looking for her now, she couldn't have gotten too far, she was supposed to be staying home today!

Luckily he found Uzume in the kitchen, making what looked like a salad. This was an oddity to him, "Uzume-mama, I didn't know you can cook."

The Veiled Sekireri looked up from her work and gave a joking pout at him, "Oh that's just mean, Touma. Just because Shirou or Gil make all the meals doesn't mean the rest of us can't cook," except for Kiri, Saber, and Arika, "And besides, I'm only making a salad for a snack, anyone can make that," except for Kiri, Saber, and Arika, especially Kiri.

Touma looked apologetic, "Touma is sorry, Touma will be good," he said with all honesty. He didn't mean to make her mad.


Uzume was a bit taken back by the sudden apology but gave him a gentle smile, "Don't worry Touma, you don't have to apologize, I was just joking, you're a good boy." Touma felt that odd feeling from inside him again. The veiled Sekirei then returned to her preparation of the salad, though she noticed that he was still standing there, watching her, and while he was a good kid, the way he just sort of followed everyone everywhere was a little creepy. Or perhaps it was just due to the story of him following several other family members everywhere somehow (How the f*** did he manage to literally just walk through ALL of MBI's security systems, she did not know) getting to her.

But she wouldn't say that out loud, but she couldn't just leave him standing there either.

She said as a joked, but expected Touma to agree anyway, "Now be a good boy Touma, and help me make this salad. Can you grab the salad oil from the-"

It wasn't until she felt a very large killer intent that she moved in reaction, a fist striking her arm with a good impact. She was quite shocked to see who had dealt the blow.


...It had been a long time since he had emerged.He had done nothing but watch as he, or rather, not exactly he, was taken in by these new masters. Though he had not been consistently present within his... their... mind, he had seen enough to discover some new words that were foreign to him.

But that did not matter at this point, as one of his new masters had given him an order, finally allowing him to take over his much gentler self.

While he would follow any other order normally were he called upon, there were specific commands that had spoke differently to him.

To help.

To aid.

To give aid.

To relieve.

To assist.

To take care of.

He knew what it really meant.

To dispose of who he was asked to 'help' as cleanly as possible.

He thought it odd that one of his new masters had ordered him to kill them.

But that was irrelevant. Master's orders were absolute, and until the Master's were satisfied with his performance and told him so or is he was prevented from accomplishing it, he would not stop until the job was completed or die doing so.

It was the only way he knew of proving his loyalty to his masters.

The only way to thank them for taking them... him in.

Shame the woman had decided to dodge. He had intended to dislocate her whole arm by forcing it out of position, but the woman had decided to dodge his blow.

But from the way her arm seemed rather stiff, slightly twitching, he supposed a partial paralysis would have to suffice.

"Touma! What the hell are you doing?" She asked, honestly shocked.

He was confused at this. Why was she asking questions regarding her own orders?

...Irrelevant, he had to finish this quickly.

So he quickly aimed a strike towards her solar plexus, he would strike the area with enough force that, at best, would bring enough shock to rupture the major vein that was located in that area and bring her to a slow death via internal bleeding while at the same time breaking several ribs and damaging a few organs in the process. At worst, if he aimed incorrectly, it would damage her as well as take the wind out of her, allowing him plenty of time to go in close enough for the classic neck snap.

Fortunately for him, at this point, he was very precise on where he aimed his strikes, as he was taught.

Unfortunately, this Master grabbed a cutting board and used it to block the strike as it broke through, though it gave her enough time to put some distance between the two of them.

So he grabbed the cutting knife that was abandoned and threw it at her, only for her to move her head to the side as the knife imbedded itself into the wall.

He noticed that his master had now surrounded herself in cloth. Hm, interesting, he thought, but he had to finish this quickly, not enough time to find a suitable knife, he thought, until he eyed a glass bottle that was on the counter. He grabbed it and smashed it against the counter before charging at his master with the broken remains. However, the clothed woman continued to dodge his blows, she must be quite experienced in order to do so, as they fought in the kitchen for who knew how long.

It was then that he noticed that others were approaching, noting that he should use his best technique then if he were to kill her now.

Unfortunately, it was that moment of distraction that Touma ended up dropping his guard for a moment, and found himself bound by rolls of cloth that seemed to extend from the woman's cloth. He was bounded so much that he could not moved and could only look at his master ahead of him. He dropped his head.

He failed.

"Now that that's out of the way," the woman looked right at him with narrowed eyes, "Who are you and what have you done with Touma?" He tone was fierce, almost angry. Of course, she should have the right to be, he had failed in his orders to kill her. His head was low, but he answered.

Master's orders are absolute after all.

"I am Subject 213, created to serve my Masters, formerly of Olavi Edelfelt of Sponheim Abbey, currently the people who reside here."

A pause.

"That other name... I don't deserve that name."

11/22/2011 #2,240

@lhkan and neogoki: What? No mention of Tabane?

@Animesage: ...does Touma's alternate personality need a Dope Slap? Because I think there are a few people willing and able to do that...good job, by the way.

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #2,241

Me: I know... I was wondering what happened to the guy? From what I've last read, He's on somewhat KOS by the Tsundere and trying to get out of the mansion...

Mariemeia: Gone into a BDSM situation where EMIYA's the victim and Hayate(Rin) and Nanoha(Luvia) is about to give him a Kinky "BEFRIENDING" in the basement?

Odin: *Bashed Marie on the head with a Large Tuna* Shut up Marie or I'll tie you up and give you to Shirou's children as their new guinea pig.

11/22/2011 #2,242

Holy Root of Souls, Animesage!! So he would be a Assassin-class, after all, is in the blood...

Fixed the cardboard BTW. It was a joke with the fact that he is an Assassin (somewhat). No offense intended.

11/22/2011 #2,243

If the opening to Carnival Phantasm would be New Fate's ultimate challenge for someone to create, then I believe this song would be the ultimate challenge for either the Grimdark future or the Emiya Clan War:

Imagine an EC trailer played to this song.

11/22/2011 #2,244
lhklan The Unpronounceable

And here's a piece whenever an epic battle start

11/22/2011 #2,245

Great choices in music.

This is a great song that I know fits Ulf:

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #2,246

No, this would probably be better for the clan wars opening

11/22/2011 #2,247


Oh hell yeah, I had almost forgotten about that one. One of my all time favortie versions too.

Either that or the one you used for Shirou's UBW against the White King.

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #2,248
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Every awesome music in FSN listed here. EMIYA got the longest list of variation and remix.

AS one troper puts it:"Faker Hero, do you have enough remix?"

11/22/2011 #2,249

have converted "Archer in Emiya-Clan" into a story on FF,

how can I add it into Community - In Flight OMAKES - FanFiction.Net ?

11/22/2011 #2,250
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