The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I'm gonna be honest, I stopped following the Emiya Clan a long time ago. . . I wish all the participants god speed and hope they have fun with it!

more or less expected that. yay, carte blanche

And as for your Scrapped Omake, I did follow that one, and I thought it was particularly well done


i actually do have it posted on my profile, with a few minor edits from the version i have on the forum itself. Scrapped

and even if a lot of it cant be taken as canon and you most likely have your stuff somewhat plotted out... if by chance you ever wanted to reference some of the events for *cough* some reason *cough, excuse me* you have my approval +_+

11/12/2011 #31
gabriel blessing

Cyberta: I'm planning on going through and pulling out all my old omakes from the threat after I finish in FLight and then publishing them all at once. Probably with an obvious title like 'In FLight Omake' or something equally simple. As for HOS omakes, I can't say I have anything planned at the moment, though the idea lingers of Louise finding the 'Portal' spell that comes in later books and doing some world hopping for laughs.

Sagitarius: I'll probably have someone mention it off hand, probably Matsu later on, though I was considering using it as one of the omake I'm planning as well.

Grimgor: Yeah, Mikogami has a lot of sway in the original story. Unfortunately trying to work in every enemy that comes out in the original Sekirei would just make In Flight even longer and more diluted. I do plan to address his presence a bit in the next chapter, and hopefully that will help ease some of your concerns about why Mikogami isn't interacting more with Shirou.

ArcanumCodex: At the moment the people who know about Shirou's original name are his flock, his family, Haruka and Kuno, and Karasuba. And as for Shirou never telling his flock that he loves them, he's only known them for about two months at this point. Anyone who says they love you after only two months is either an idiot, a liar, or they're trying to scam you. Sekirei get a by because they're biologically inclined for that kind of thing. Shirou has admitted that he's fond of his girls, and that he could see himself growing to love them, but at the moment he's more in the 'affection/attraction' phase than love.

and finally....

ghoohg: A lot of people have wondered what MBI's and Takami's reaction to Akitsu being winged would be, and why it hasn't come. It hasn't happened yet because frankly MBI doesn't know. Its not like they ever expected the Scrapped to be winged, so they have no system set up for automatically reregistering AKitsu now that she's set.

Phew. That's a lot of comments all at once.

11/14/2011 #32

Okay, this doesn't really have anything to do with In Flight, but I do need to ask this. I actually went and made a oneshot sequal for HoS. I want to continue it but... well I kind of need your consent. So... can I?

11/14/2011 #33
Third Fang

New question! Since all of Shirou's sekirei are connected to him in a sense, does that mean that he or they will undergo a dreaming sequence a la FSN that will have them see say, his fights against Gil or EMIYA?

11/14/2011 #34

New question! Since all of Shirou's sekirei are connected to him in a sense, does that mean that he or they will undergo a dreaming sequence a la FSN that will have them see say, his fights against Gil or EMIYA?

that happened in HoS cuz there was a definite master/servant (master/familiar?) connection, shown by the runes.

i don't think his flock has quite that deep a connection... unless you assume their crests are, but even then if we follow that parallel he would be dreaming about THEM

11/14/2011 #35
Shioran Toushin

the only excuse baring an specific incident (or Kusano/Tsukiumi/Homura 'high' psychic potential) is the Jinki.

11/14/2011 #36


I was wondering if you were open to this. When I was reading your description of Three Crane Wing Realm from In Flight, several other attack ideas came to mind. Would you be interested? I'm not exactly sure how the steps for tracing would fit in, but they're pretty interesting. Several are based on the step of Tracing where modifying the properties of a Noble Phantasm, and changing them to the user's liking. This is likely beyond current Shirou's abilities, but might not be too far off.

1) This one is pretty much the basis for my ideas. Instead of reproducing Kanshou and Bakuya as swords, the user changes the basic structure into a pair of thin rods, while still reproducing the experience and years. The point of this is to give up the shape in order to amplify another quality, the attractive force between the blades. Using these rods, a user could, over time, learn how to use the extremely amplified attractive force to "control" other copies of Kanshou and Bakuya while in flight. It would be imperfect (as it would mostly rely on carefully "nudging" the path of the weapon in question to a more desired course), but it opens up a few ideas. It would cost more od than a normal set of Kanshou and Bakuya, because it is being changed rather radically.

These can be broken (at a lower cost than the initial creation, as they are not meant to channel od at all). The effect when broken would be to throw them at a point. The attractive force would bring them together quickly. Much like Three Crane Wing Realm, when they touch one another, they burst. The difference is that the rods would burst into tiny particles, too small to do any damage, which are meant to cover an opponent. The particles act as a beacon for any copies of Kanshou and Bakuya that are yet to be released, allowing the blades to home in on the target as long as the particles are present. Even a few particles are enough to attract them. Dodging becomes nearly impossible, and blocking more difficult, as the attractive force of the particles will cause a blade to quickly accelerate towards its target as it gets closer.

2) This idea is a close ranged equivalent of Three Crane Wing Realm. Once Shirou Breaks a pair of Kanshou and Bakuya, he rushes towards his opponent. Once he is just outside melee/weapon range, he quickly smashes Kanshou and Bakuya together, taking care to try and 'shape' the resulting needle storm away from him. May require Body of Blades enhancement to be successful, depending on the opponent. The end result: Looks like someone got on the wrong side of Haku or Akitsu. Or put through a meat grinder. It rather reminds me of a shotgun, on a much bigger scale. Like a 8-gauge shotgun slug, which has the same make as a Bolter round (Which might be the size of a Heavy Bolter round. I'm not positive).

3) This idea combines the Control Rods idea and Three Crane Wing Realm itself. The difference is that it requires prior knowledge of a battle and some fairly comprehensive perp. time. The idea is that Shirou carefully traces several pairs of Kanshou and Bakuya, carefull separating the two groups. Then, he creates a few Control Rods, and Breaks them, the Bakuya Rods going on to the Kanshou pile, and vice versa. He has to be very careful to isolate the sets, as the attractive force, while limited to a 2-3m radius in this form, is exceptionally strong. Once an enemy appears, Shirou must throw Kanshou and Bakuya carefully, such that the gravitational force between the two objects create a stable, circular orbit around a middle point (hopefully, where the enemy currently is. If not, they must be manuvered into there.Homura's fire would be good for area denial, but hell on the grass. Very difficult to pull off if this firststep goes bad). Once that is accomplished, Shirou rapidly throws another pair, taking care to create another stable orbit, this one a little bit higher, and with a smaller radius. The blades will have attraction between layers of blades, but should rebound and continue orbit. At this point, any not dumb opponent is going to see the trap forming, so this plan needs an artillery support character to ensure that the opponent doesn't simply jump out the top. Shirou continues creating the blade orbits, continuing going higher and tighter until a dome is formed. At this step the opponent is most likely trapped, unless they have some counter. The final step involves Shirou creating a final pair of Kanshou and Bakuya, then Breaking them, and throwing them at the dome.

The entire dome will turn into a zone of utter Death, shredding everything in range of the attack (and everything in a 10m radius, optimistically. I'd imagine that one would have to be more than 50m away and behind cover to avoid damage. Maybe farther) . As a final step(which may be freely emitted, as it is both overkill and I'm not entirely sure of its plausibility given my (lack of) knowledge of Nasuverse mechanics), the enormous quantities of od concentrated in the center of the dome from all of the needles focusing ther would be forced into one solid object, before reacting with the excess mana in the air and creating a large, non-elemental magical explosion. Add in Kanshou and Bakuya's anti-monster powers, and you have something that could take down a DAA(Though I wouldn't want to test that too much. And I'd want a sniper in the wings to make sure). This attack would be an absolute last resort. As I said up front, this is an extremely situational technique, but its sheer destructive power makes it a viable, if extremely draining, option.

To really pull it off, Shirou would need to be able to tap into a leyline to supplement his own style of magecraft. Do they have leylines based on Origins/Elements? Like, a leyline that contained magic with an inclination towards Creation, or something like that? Because I'm pretty sure that leylines can't be non-affiliated(as it were). To my knowledge, leylines have to have an Element or alignment, or something similar to that. If he tried to do it on his own, he'd fry his circuits to charcoal. Rin at full power might not be enough either (to say nothing of Saber). At the least, he'd need at least two magi of Rin's calibur, and maybe three. The sheer energy needed for this technique to work is somewhat insane, but the results are hard to argue with.

As you can probably tell, this is a definite work in progress, but I'm too fuzzy with Nasuverse rules to refine it more. I was thinking of names, and came up for a few. "Freedom of the Caged Bird" sounded pretty good (and highly symbolic), but I also liked "Peace of a Thousand Cranes" (For the same reasons as the last name, plus it fits with the theme). Though it occurs to me that "Knocking on Heaven's Door" would also be appropriate, because if someone gets hit with that...well, they're going somewhere, and don't hold with ill-wishing the dead. No matter how much they may have earned it.

I'm glad to finally get those ideas out. They've been around for a while. Thanks for your time. (^_^)

11/14/2011 #37

@GB: Thanks you so much for your reply, and your opinion on switching out Servants.

As for Arturia being Saber and summoned by Rin, that was one option that I'm leaning heavily towards. Thanks for the input.

Now I just need to figure out if I want to keep EMIYA as Archer or switch him out with someone else or something...along with the other four Servants. XP

11/14/2011 #38
@GB Thanks for the clarification. Now, to ponder how evasive an answer "his family" is meant to be.
11/14/2011 #39


About "why he doesn't says that he loves them" I mostly agree with you, but in Fate route didn't Shirou told Saber that he loves her in less than week? And I don't think those feelings were exaggerated or insincere in any way.... he may be idiot but that doesn't change fact that his feelings are true... I am not trying to point out anything, I simply say that is bad to generalize....

11/14/2011 #40

Can Shirou trace a Shinki?

11/14/2011 #41

@Kreyn True but Shirou went through a lot more with Saber plus he is harder emotionaly now so it is less likely for him to fall in love so quick.

11/14/2011 #42

Next question: Can you give us an estimate on when the next chapter will be released, or how far you are into it?

11/15/2011 #43

I can imagine GB posting to say the new chapter is up.....and then laughing as our screams of despair echo through the halls of this forum when we check his page to discover it was a lie.


After reading through In Flight for the 8999th time I picked up your use of exact words in your author's notes. To be more specific, the line about Shirou and Miya not getting together 'in the story'. I won't ask for a straight answer since I'm sure this is just me looking for any excuse to have the S&M pairing.

On second thought, I'm sure you deliberately worded in such a way as to raise the hopes of the IF fanbase only to mercilessly crush it beneath your heel at the end of the story. Considering your fondness of cliffhangers I wouldn't say such sadism is beyond you.

11/15/2011 #44

deppilf: that sound more like what Kotomine Kirei would do while smiling at our misery.

11/15/2011 #45

I get the feeling that GB could be frighteningly good at channeling his inner Kirei if he so chooses.

11/15/2011 #46

deppilf: The idea that Kotomine control what happens in In Flight make me shivers at the thought.

11/15/2011 #47

@ deppilf S&M pairing, I see what you did there...

11/15/2011 #48


Good thing he's not in control then. GB is the god of the In Flight universe.....which might be just as bad in its own way now that I think about it.


I haven't the foggiest clue as to what you're on about.

*whistles innocently*


Didn't Higa bring Toyotama and Ichiya with him in Sekirei canon? Didn't Shirou smack them around a bit already? Are they going to have a rematch during the third match when Shirou's sekirei are busy with their own match? Do you enjoy the cries of despair as much as I believe you do? Will Musubi learn Unlimited Love Works?

11/15/2011 . Edited 11/15/2011 #49
Third Fang


Hey just checking. Did my test docx message get through? Sometimes it bugs out on me for some reason.

11/16/2011 #50
gabriel blessing

First off, the general questions about the next chapter. The next chapter is almost finished actually. I'm midway through the last scene, so probably only five or six more pages to go. I had originally planned to have the chapter published today, actually, but than something came up. For the first time in months I managed to get an interview for a job with a halfway decent company, so I ended up getting distracted by sugar plum visions of me being gainfully employed and having enough money to buy a halfway decent thing of beer, and thus got distracted.

That being said, the interview is tomorrow, and after that I'll probably so full of nervous energy that I'll start typing like a madman. I'm planning on having 28 up on saturday, though if I finish it earlier I'll post it earlier as well, so expect the next chapter soon, ok?

And yes, I love channeling my inner Kirei. I usually call upon his totem whenever I decide to write a horror story like On Four Legs or Those Who Love Monsters.

At Depplif: Toyotoma and Ichiya were actually Higa's Sekirei in canon. However, partly because of confusion earlier when writing and partly because it would work better with my plot, I took liberties with them and gave them to Kakizaki instead. Yes, they actually are going to get a rematch someday. Its one of the scenes I've been planning for a while, and isn't actually too far away.

At Ghoog: I'm not saying much about the Jinki (shinki in some translations) at this point, mainly because they're also about to come up in story too. As you might guess, they're gonna be a pretty important development all around, so I have to maintain my artistic veil of mystery by not answering in great detail.

There. Sorry for the wait, but like I said, job interview tomorrow. I feel like I'm some teenage girl getting ready for the prom with all the dry cleaning bills and constant running around trying to get ready.

11/16/2011 #51


Thanks, for update and good luck we keep our fingers crossed.

11/16/2011 . Edited 11/16/2011 #52
Third Fang


Take your time man. Jobs take priority. And a bit of advice. Stock the money like no tomorrow. Take it from a person who has a good paying job and is still doing 2 more on the side. You want something to fall back on in case (root forbid) you have another episode with hackers and a comp self destructing.

11/16/2011 #53

GB: Hope your job Interview will go well.

11/16/2011 #54


Hope you have a good interview and get a good job

p.s. Does it make me a bad person if a part of me hope you don't get a job meaning you are more likely to update. Still that's just a small part of me (around 20%) the rest of me (around 80%) is rooting for you and hope you get the job.

11/16/2011 #55
Third Fang


yes. yes it does. but then again, everyone is a little bit evil on the inside.

11/16/2011 #56

@Third Fang

why why could you not lie to me (Sobs)

Also can I use your copying magic for my character Shirou in one of the storys I am considering making.

11/16/2011 #57
Third Fang

Copying? You mean Gradient Parallel?

Edit: Let's move this conversation somewhere else. This isn't the thread to talk about stuff like this.

11/16/2011 . Edited 11/16/2011 #58

@Third Fang

yup also which thread do you want to move this to.

11/16/2011 #59
Third Fang

I guess random general chat. And to answer your question. So long as I am credited with the reference in question, I have no qualms with anyone using stiff I have made up in the stories I have made.

11/16/2011 #60
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