The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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@ GB. I see you favorited Chibi-Reaper as well. Any intentions of doing a cross with A:TLA, like his 'Bending Extras'?

11/16/2011 #61
Third Fang

Hey gabe. I edited that thing you sent me. Did you get it yet? I can send it again if you didn't get it.

11/17/2011 #62

Hey GB, I have another question: In the chapter 10 author's notes, you mentioned that you would like to ship Shirou with Touko and would bring her into the story purely out of fanboyism. Do you still plan on doing something like that?

If you do, I suggest you don't.

11/18/2011 #63

How significant are Saber and Rin going to be to this story? Reason I am asking is because they have yet to show up, and according to you this Story is just a short ways away from being completed. Are they just going to make a short appearance for a single arc, or are they here to stay... or what? Part of the reason so many of your type moon fans are anxious/having trouble enjoying the fic is the relative absence of nasuverse things, with the exception of the occasional injection. Having two other important main nasuverse characters join in on the fun would help alleviate that.

11/18/2011 . Edited 11/18/2011 #64
Shioran Toushin

GB if you are planing to have Shirou meet Tohko then hell yeah, she is that awesome.

11/18/2011 #65
gabriel blessing

At questions regarding Tohko: Alas, despite my helpless fanboyism for the totally hawt dollmancer, I just can't bring her in. She really doesn't have a place here in In Flight. Thus, I shall have to ship her and Shirou only in my dreams. Along with Miya and Shirou for that matter, whom the more I thought about the more I thought would be awesome together. Unfortunately, my duty as a writer compels me to remain true to the story, and thus I can not change it halfway through in order to put in the awesome hook ups.

At Vanathor: Rin and Saber are going to show up, and they aren't just going to be appearing as cameos. They have an important part in the story as well. I won't say more, because I like playing my cards close to my chest. For those wondering when more nasu elements are going to appear, actually, part of the reason I had such a big expo in 28 was because more nasu elements are planned for the last part of In Flight. I suppose it won't be revealing too much if I reveal that there will be a point where Enforcers do appear later on, and that there will be a Clock Tower representative that will appear soon as well.

Part of the reason that I've been spreading out Nasu-lore is because that I'm going to be using a pretty obscure element of it, and wanted the readers and Sekirei to have been exposed to enough particular elements over time so that there isn't some ultra info dump which will railroad the whole story at a later chapter. Bits and pieces now and then let the change in direction later be more natural.

11/18/2011 #66
Soup Fish

Type Moon is coming back isen't he?

11/18/2011 #67
Shioran Toushin

GB: maybe in another work?

GI: yes he is, thanks to his RM/MP in notes.

11/18/2011 #68

I see.

Any estimates on the next chapter? I know you just released this one, but I think it will be good for you to place a deadline for yourself so you can have a bigger motivation to work on the story.

11/18/2011 #69

On the CT showing up, I had asked long ago in a Reivew if Higa or Mikogami would have any connections to CT or the Church. Dode or answer it if you will but I was figuring it would give a secondary reason for those 2 to be hoarding Sekirei and Ashikabi (in Higa's case)

As for the CT Rep, don't reply to my guess unless it is way of but *shudder* WHY do I get the feeling it will be Zelretch who will be the representative, if not Rin.

11/18/2011 #70

An interesting plot twist would be that Rin and Saber joined the enforcers for one reason or another, probably finding Shirou.

11/18/2011 #71

GB, when will Shirou got another "mana exchange ritual " ? In chapter 24, he already willing to take another one. I can't wait to see one with Tsukimiu or Kanehaza ...

... or even Uzume though. Anyone is fine !

11/18/2011 #72

@Chaos0205 Except Kuu, dude, I hope you had only forgotten about her, but she is not "fine" for that

11/18/2011 #73
Shioran Toushin

actually that depends of the mana transfer method used (yeah i totally blew the joke) or if Kuu's actual 'prana' transfer occurs years in the future, because the 'sudden growth and biological/psychological developement in matter of hours, days weeks months', does not fly for me.

11/18/2011 #74

Except Kuu, dude, I hope you had only forgotten about her, but she is not "fine" for that

Oh yeah.... totally forgot about her

11/18/2011 #75

@Shioran So it's easier to believe on people summoning humans from legends and because of so ascended to a divine status, humans capable of travelling through dimensions, controlling time, reviving the dead, well you get the idea than that... Interesting logic you have there.

Regardless just handwave and say A Wizard Did It. The best part is that it actually makes sense if you think about it. Zelretch could do something like that and he does have motivation of being random so...

11/18/2011 #76
Shioran Toushin

is not the fact that it could happen, but the fact that is practically raping and ripping her childhood out of her, and most of my irrational hatred stems mostly from the abomination that happened in the Green lantern series, that is one form of character rape, no one and i mean NO FREAKING ONE should have their years ripped from them just to 'fullfill a fantasy', either you wait and FUCKING LIVE THOSE YEARS or commit jailbait.

afterall DC did it:

In DC Comics, an alien Green Lantern named Arisia had a crush on human Green Lantern Hal Jordan. He could not reciprocate because she was only 13 years old. When her feelings for him caused her ring to age her body into adulthood, though, Hal was okay with it.

so i suppose that then it is correct?

Edited: because really the previous thing was an abomination.

11/18/2011 . Edited 11/19/2011 #77

But I specificially mentioned a way for it to be both possible for her to live her childhood and age overnight. Zelretch simply has to give her the memories of a dimension where he didn't speed up her age and done. She did both... Technically. From a certain point of view.

11/19/2011 #78

I consider that being Mindrape(which IMO it most certainly probably qualifies for).

Even if it's an "alternate" you; it's still not you.

What I think is maybe worse about that is that the target is a child who doesn't understand what it actually means to overwrite her developing personality so as to effectively kill it.

11/19/2011 #79

Fine then wait until she lived up to whatever old you would find reasonable, ask her if she wants to go back in time and do it. Now it is solely her decision. Though considering there are an infinite number of ARs you will succeded anyway.

It's the problem of ARs, it doesn't matter what you do in another one you didn't do it. So anyone who can freely travel between them is really under an ethical problem. Even if doesn't do something, in some reality he will have done it and if he tries to prevent it in some other reality he will have failed.

11/19/2011 . Edited 11/19/2011 #80
Shioran Toushin

basicallly, and that reminds me of these particular phrases in the summoning ritual:

I make my oath here.

I am that person who is to become the virtue of all Heavens.

I am that person who is covered with the evil of all Hades.

it's the fact that the overconcept of the tottality of your/our existance ranges from the greatest virtue to the worst evil because in a sense you have already done EVERYTHING possible and some impossible things too if you suscribe to the AR theory of Parallel and alternate dimensions/realities/strands.

and honestly my whole disgust with that is the forced supposed growth of the (i'm going to call it) 'victim' IMHO either you wait for the other part to be legal or commit Jailbait as it is, don't be an Hypocrital Green Lantern.

11/19/2011 #81
Third Fang


Please tell me you're doing the boat event in IF. PLEASE tell me you are doing it because if you are still on the fence read the latest chapter to make it convince you because I'm fairly certain that the author is trying to tell you to put the boat event in too.

11/19/2011 #82

Indeed, now I only have to wait someone make a HGW that every Master summons a Servant which is a future/alternate version of him. After all among infinite realites there is bound to be a version of you who became a HS/CG...

I understand and mostly agree with that. It is only that the Nasuverse has possiblities in doing so that are rather hard to really qualify as right or wrong...

Also I am reminded of a quote by Zelretch, I will try and look for it so I can post as it really is interesting.

EDIT: Found it

You would be shocked how little difference there actually is between most alternate universes.

Oh, granted, there's always going to be the odd one out. Well… actually, there are an infinite number of odd ones out. You see, the nature of the multiverse is that it's not actually 'multi' so much as 'omni'. Everything that could have possibly happened has happened, and more than that, it has happened an infinite number of times across an infinite number of universes. Therefore it is impossible for any universe to truly be odd, because any given universe is nothing more or less than the sum total of an infinite number of things happening or not happening in combination, and there will be another universe where the exact opposite things happened, and between them will be universes with all of those (again, infinite) things happening in wildly different or nearly identical combinations. And each of those will have an opposite too. And then there are the ones where nothing happened, ever, and the worlds where things have stopped happening. And there are an infinite number of those as well, many of them with subtly different definitions of 'nothing' happening, and sometime the nothing from one leaks into another and becomes something there because that universe has different rules of nothing, so what doesn't exist in one universe not only exists in another, it always has existed and always will exist, while in yet another universe it will never haven't not existed.

And just think: if you were one of my apprentices, I'd be quizzing you on this later. And people wonder why they traditionally don't last long.

In any event, my point was, there are many, many alternate worlds. And many of them are strange indeed. I've seen worlds where life on Earth took vastly different paths; a landscape made up of monumental crystalline mountains constantly wreathed in emerald lightning, populated by formless energy creatures that fed on magnetic charges. I've seen worlds where humanity evolved more quickly; a race of psychics and superhumans who make our greatest achievements look as transient and meaningless as children's sandcastles... and who tear their world apart in wars the scale of which we cannot even imagine. Worlds where man never evolved at all, leaving Gaia wild, cruel, and untamed… but far more beautiful and vibrant, in her own harsh way.

I once saw a world of nothing but shrimp. I tired of that one quickly.

But a surprising number of worlds are nothing like that at all. They're just… exactly what you know. One little difference, maybe two. One person's life is changed, and that's a whole different world. Even though only a select few people are affected, it's still a world all its own.

And sometimes, that rarest of rarities… sometimes, that one little change is just the first few rocks that signal an avalanche, and by the end, the world that used to be so much like your own isn't even recognizable. They say that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world, if it hits the air currents just right. They're not wrong. Sometimes, it doesn't even take that much.

And sometimes not.

And sometimes both. Or neither. Or all of the above, repeating infinitely in a cascade of possible and impossible actions and reactions across all of time and space.

Isn't magic fun?

-An Excerpt From the Memoirs of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. If you found parts of it confusing, that's probably for the best.

11/19/2011 . Edited 11/19/2011 #83

I don't think anybody is denying it's not possible; ST was, most likely, debating about the morality of the act of having Kuu spontaneously developing just for sex(mana ritual).

11/19/2011 . Edited 11/19/2011 #84

Err perhaps I wrote it wrong. I meant that there are ways of doing it that put into question what is actually moral or ethical.

11/19/2011 #85

Gentlemen. (And ladies, if there are any in the crowd.)

This topic is for questions directed at GB.

NOT inter-person discussions.

With all due respect, please take your conversations elsewhere in the forum. We would be much obliged.

11/19/2011 #86

Sorry for inadvertently sparking that conversation. (BTW what boat event?. Also, is Shirou ever going to fight a Sekirei that is an elemental type, instead of a physical type?

11/19/2011 . Edited 11/19/2011 #87

BTW what boat event?.

Scavenger hunt/battle royale (although the battle isn't actually necessary) on Minaka's boat. Higa put a bounty on Minato, promising to smuggle anyone who defeats him out of the city. Needless to say, this can only have hilarious consequences with Shirou involved.

11/19/2011 #88

I wonder if there will be fewer people wanting to take out Shirou because of his infamous repution or even more.

11/19/2011 #89
gabriel blessing

At Solopy567: I'm hoping to get back into my original release schedule, 7-10 days, so expect the next chapter in a week or so.

Chaos0205: Next Prana exchange scene should be soon. No telling on which one, but yes, Shirou is going to be getting laid again.

Shioran Toushin: Dude, I don't care what reason you have for it, but bringing up anything related to Twilight in my forums is seriously not cool. Seriously dude. Or Duddette. Seriously. No more talk of those abominations in my presence. Definitily not a fan here.

Third Fang: Well, if I did put them on a boat, than Syroc could do another one of his Lonely Island omakes. 'On a Boat' is like there best song ever.

Chrnno: Where'd you get that quote from by the way?

11/19/2011 #90
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