The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Servius Regis


Great work as always. The question is, just how much longer before someone figures out his identity, and can the person inside him fix enough of his mind before then. If he doesnt, it might end badly.

12/27/2011 #61


You know, this is actually shaping up to be a viable setup for an alternate Fate Kaleid liner universe.

12/27/2011 #62
Sky Zephyrus

So nice, Maxi! I can't wait to see Kiritsugu Sr. chewed by Iris.

12/27/2011 #63
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Oh God! You'e right!!!!!!!!

12/27/2011 #64


Ara, did not expect the light music to pop up again. Ufufu... though, I have to wonder... ah, I think I'll keep it to myself for now.

Edit: As for Keiko tutoring Touma, well, hehe, it would be interesting to say in the least. If Touma took the combat route, he'd be more of a Generalist than a Specialist, with preferences towards stealth. If you know what I mean. Then again, I'm still running ideas through my head. There's still the Non-Combat path which I already wrote out... mm, just going to try until I see which one I like better I suppose.

Ah, though at the moment, I still have a bunch of other little projects here to do. xD

12/27/2011 . Edited 12/27/2011 #65
lhklan The Unpronounceable


I rather liked Touma Non-Combat path. Give him a happy and peaceful ending, I'd say.

12/27/2011 #66
Servius Regis


I disagree. While I like the idea of him not expressly searching for violence and wanting to live peacefully. I'd also like to see him take up a bit of a 'it shall never happen again' mentality. Given what he went through I think it would be appropriate for him to want to not let anyone around him fall to people like the Abbey every again. If someone he cared for was threatened, I think there should be a focus switch in the back of his mind that momentarily erases his personality, and send him into a serene assassination mode. Once the threat is safely dealt with, he goes back to his normal self, uncaring of what just happened.

He is the son of Jack the Ripper after all, and psychological trauma can do things like that to you. It's a self defense mechanism triggered by a certain stimuli, in this case, threats to his family.

So yes to Keiko training him.

12/27/2011 #67
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Then how about we take a little bit of both?

12/27/2011 #68
Servius Regis


Like I said, most of the time he should be normal and carefree. Only when a direct threat is lobbed at someone he cares for does the switch trigger. It isnt an epic battle button. Its an innate mindset from his mother that sends him into a state of true focus. No emotion, no power up, no restraint, just a threat that needs to go away and his own skill. He probably wont even engage the enemy, just quietly kill them with no evidence left behind. Then he'll walk away and revert back to his old self with no lingering doubts or regrets. Few would even know.

12/27/2011 #69

personal opinion

why can't touma be both? Spends most of his time working peaceful jobs, but fights when he as to Especially since he has a combat programming. I can honestly see Kiri hiring Touma to help him in stealth missions.

for example, Touma is busy helping his restaurant/idol producers when Kiri call him and tells Touma he needs help in Saudi Arabia dealing with a top secret base with nukes

12/27/2011 #70
Servius Regis


Why would the Saudis have nukes? The Iranians make more sense.

I like this idea, but I still think he should have a kind of dual personality. One for normal life, one for combat. They dont interact or completely separate like Yin and Yang, but more like just two personas that he adopts depending on the situation in order to shield parts of his mind from further psychological trauma.

12/27/2011 #71

I am liking this. Also, Touma's been long broken by the time he joins the clan. His current childish personality is already a defensive mechanism for the rest of his mind. There is the presence of a side of him that only appears through Trigger Words, but it doesn't come out often since the words are rather specific.

And Touma isn't going to just get training from Keiko, he's going to try to get under the tutelage under the rest of his family (specifically siblings) depending on what their specialization or unique skill is. (i.e. Haru for hand-hand, Karin or Chisame for hacking, playing with Riko for stealth, etc.) Touma would be a Generalist who happens to have a bit more proficiency in Stealth and Assassination. If that makes sense. There are most likely better teachers, but Touma knows his siblings best and holds them to the highest degree.

Not sure about the Magical Aspect though, if any.

Hehe, Touma's future is still all up in the air it seems. Though technically, the Non-Combat stuff I wrote could be easily incorporated into this new version as well...

12/27/2011 #72


You know, speaking of Touma, something just struck me. Why hasn't anyone tried summoning JtR already? I mean sure, there's the whole, 'she won't remember anything' bit, but a bit of help could easily fix that. I mean, they do have connections with Zelretch, and as of the Season for Lunacy, know an Illya with control over the third.

12/27/2011 #73
Servius Regis


A Season for Lunacy 37

"So, how are you liking the party?" asked DA!Haru as he stood outside the house like a doorman with a huge grin on his face.

"You conniving, self-righteous, moody, son of a bitch…" growled Haru to his alternate self. It was really amazing how he could just stand there like a good host when there were several fires, flying guests, and broken furniture all around him.

"Hey, I already had to go through this once. I'm done playing, now I'm just part of the audience" he told them, trying and failing to suppress a smile. Behind him, quite a few people had put Aoshi and his girlfriend up on a sedan chair and were carrying it around on poles. The inheritor of the blue was laughing wildly with the half-naked girl in his lap as he barked out new directions for those ferrying him every few seconds.

Kyon looked at this with mild amusement, then turned back to DA!Haru. "So can you tell us what comes next?" he tried hopefully. To their right, one story up, a large electrical blast shot out of the window.

Not batting it an eye, the vampire doorman just smiled at them. "Well you might be a little late for the hint about Aoko-kaa trying to molest Negi" he informed them with a chuckle. This caused all of them to grimace.

"I thought she got over that before she met dad…" sighed Chisame. Again, a scream broke through the same window, followed by the sound of fan hitting head.

DA!Haru smirked some more. "That was some potent champagne, oh and you guys should duck right about…now" he advised them, backing up a few steps. They barely had time to comply when a dizzy looking Aoko was launched out of the room and landed on the grass next to them.

"I'M OK!" she shouted, jumping to her feet in a heartbeat. "Hey kids! Have you seen…Oh perfect, Gil, just the idiot I was looking for!" She grabbed the nanny by the shoulder and spun him to face her. He considered yelling at her for calling him 'idiot,' but even he had limits on who he was willing to piss off, and Madame Blue was definitely in the 'suicidal' zone. "Give me a potion that will turn Shirou into a pubescent boy!" she demanded.

"Listen, Aoko-kaa" Kyon tried to reason, "I know you think you're a pedophile right now, but that's really just whatever you drank talking. Now you should really—"

"QUIET!" she bellowed at him, her eyes wild, "I know why the Root is always screwing me up. It's because I'm a married woman now and I can't break the sacred bond of matrimony." She clasped her hands together in a praying gesture and looked up to the sky. Angelic choirs could be heard in the background, and the kids swore they could see a halo appearing above her head. "So give me a youth potion so I can go rape a ten year old version of my husband!" she demanded, ripping the soundtrack straight out of the player.

Gil was seriously considering complying with her to save his own hide when they heard a blowgun shoot. A Native American dart flew and hit Aoko in the neck, knocking her out instantly. From the bushes, a vine wrapped around her foot and dragged her away as girlish giggling filled the air.

DA!Haru looked on in amusement. "And I should probably mention that Kusano-kaa is busy abducting random passersby to throw into that jungle of hers." He clapped his hands together and gave them a professional smile. "So any other questions?"

Kyon raised his hand. "Yea, um, what now?" Sometimes the obvious question was the best.

DA!Haru thought about it for a moment then pounded his fist into his palm in a moment of discovery. "You guys should probably head over to the kitchen. The rosary came off and Inner Moka thought she might as well try making you some cake" he suggested.

There wasn't anyone left listening since they had bolted inside once the phrase 'rosary came off' was heard.


"Eva, I sincerely doubt that this is necessarily a good idea" complained Kotaro even as he was readying the catapult. At the top, Fate was tying up the rest of the passed out Class 3-A.

"Quite dog boy!" she yelled, looking through the binoculars again, "This will show those two how you make a party interesting!" She hurried back and adjusted the angle and tension again to match her target.

"How the heck did we even get a catapult in here?" he asked, looking at the sturdy contraption they had built. "The door is way too small for it to fit, and we didn't have time to assemble it…"

"A wizard did it" remarked Fate, climbing down to get out of the line of fire.

"Oh for the love of—wait I can actually believe that" realized the lupine boy. "Still, firing our classmates at your sisters while they're battling it out on stage is a really bad idea in my book."

"That's because you have no balls" shot back Eva, "Now adjust pitch three more degrees, be ready to fire on my mark."

"No, it's because I want to keep the balls that I already have" he sighed back. Nonetheless, he complied and the catapult was in position. Eva raised her hand in the 'wait' signal. "You know" he said, turning to Fate, "if we survive this, we might get our own Darwin Award."

Fate blinked as he made sure the wheels were firmly rooted in place. "I know that if we refuse her, then we'll probably end up frozen in a glacier for the next five hundred years."

"Point" conceded Kotaro, his hand on the lever.

"RELEASE THE PRISONERS!" shouted Eva excitedly, signaling them. Kotaro pulled the lever and nearly thirty bound, adolescent girls shot towards the stage. Unfortunately for them, Alt and Arc had switched from Gladiator to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and unleashed a flurry of ancient Chinese martial arts moves with the appropriate sound effects. The mike stand twirled so fast that it couldn't even be seen anymore and Arc's hands seemed to be in three places at once. Many screams of pain ensued.

"WOOT!" cheered Eva, hands in the air once all of the girls had been embedded into various surfaces, "THAT WAS AWESOME!" She looked up toward the balcony while Alt and Arc went back to fighting each other. "TELL ME YOU GOT THAT!" she shouted gleefully at Cal.

The assassin was now decked out in black slacks, a white button down blouse, a red tie, and a red beret. In her hands was a megaphone which she was using to bark orders to imaginary set crews. Checking the movie camera aboard the filming platform she was on, she gave Eva the thumbs up.

As their vampire taskmaster went back to congratulating herself. Kotaro and Fate looked at each other, surprised that they were still alive. The dog boy took out a flask that he had relieved off of a very smashed Kazehana on the way in. Taking a gulp, he passed it to Fate, who obliged him.


Tsukumi was wondering how on Earth she got tied up in the bathroom. She vaguely remembered Sakura asking her where the soap was, which she was more than happy to show her, before feeling a pain in the back of her head and blacking out.

"Now girls, if you want to use mommy and daddy's toys, you have to have a safety lesson first" came the voice of said woman.

"SAKURA!" shouted Tsukumi, trying to get free of the rope that she had been tied with, "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" She craned her neck and could make out Sakura talking to Sakuya and Erika in the lecture pose that Rin was often found in.

"You see, a lot of the things that your parents play with are dangerous," she continued, ignoring the tsundere's enraged shrieks, "and they can hurt you too if you don't know how to use them correctly."

Erika was poking the rather nasty looking piece of equipment in front of them. "This doesn't look that dangerous" she said monotonously. Sakura just smiled and patted her on the head.

"That's because it isn't on, now let me show you with Tsukumi-chan here" she motioned them inside, pulling the contraption with her.

Tsukumi looked at whatever it was with wild eyes. She had seen…that…in action before, and like Hell she was going to let it touch her. "WATER CELEBRATION!" she screamed, shooting a large wave at Sakura.

The purplette just smiled serenely as several black tentacles smashed the water apart and wrapped themselves around the unfortunate sekirei. "Now first you have to make sure that whoever you are putting in it is sufficiently willing…or restrained" she told the two girls. From behind her came a cry of pain as Tsukumi was forced into the thingy.

"SAKURA! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS I—" The rest was cut off by one of the tentacles slapping her across the face.

"Second, you have to make sure that you don't injure yourself strapping them in, especially if they're feisty. Sometimes the proportions will be wrong, but you can always stretch or squish them in." More screaming ensued behind them. Sakuya and Erika listened to their instructor with rapt attention.


"Then you have to make sure that all the parts are aligned correctly. If one is out of place it might end up hitting them in the wrong places…"


"Furthermore, make sure all the electrodes are put on the right way, if you aren't careful they can zap you instead…"


"Finally, when you turn it on you have to be careful that any of the zippers or chains on your dominatrix outfit aren't caught. That could end badly" Sakura finished with a smile, motioning to the various appendages on her own black leather ensemble. "Now who wants to turn it on?" she asked cutely.

"Oh, oh, I do!" shouted both girls enthusiastically. They glared at each other and would have started fighting, but Sakura came up with a compromise.

"Don't worry, this one has two switches, one for each half, so you can both turn it on!" she chirped merrily. The two girls beamed at her and dashed over to where Tsukumi was bawling her eyes out while pleading with her smiling counterpart.

They flipped the switches simultaneously.

More screaming was added to the cacophony resounding through the house.


"So you're saying that you invited some of the most insane people in the world over for a Christmas party, let Zelretch and Minaka run entertainment, brought the Tohnos over for a gameshow, and now everything has gone to hell because someone spiked the drinks" rattled off Archer, scowling more with each point. "Is that really what caused nine Counter Guardians to be summoned here?"

"I'd guess so" shrugged Shirou, looking bored with the proceedings. "So are you going to help fix this or not?"

AKEMI laughed at him, "You think we're going to fix this? We're here to burn this place off the map before it reaches critical mass." There was a murmur of agreement from the other Counter Guardians who began readying weapons.

Shirou grimaced and leaned back toward Shiki. "You think we can take em?" he asked.

Shiki sighed, "Not expressly. They don't have lines since they're kind of, not really able to die again."

The two men looked at each other and quickly came to an unspoken plan of action. Without warning, they bolted back into the house and slammed the door.

"You actually think that will work?" asked Shiki incredulously as they strode briskly back through the house.

"Not really, but I've always wanted to do that to him" replied Shirou with a resigned smirk.

Archer was left at the head of the column, blinking dumbly. "Oh for the love of..." he cursed, kicking in the door. Readying his bow and Hrunting II, he took careful aim at Shirou's back and was about to let fly when a massive explosion clouded his view.

Between the Counter Guardian squad and Shirou was a large swirling cloud of pure white smoke. From within it, a divine light radiated and lightning crackled about. A shadowy figure could be seen standing in the middle.

"What? Another servant?" asked Archer, backing up and readying his bow at the figure. Shirou just smiled and reached toward the cloud. As the smoke began to part, the exact identity of the person became apparent, much to Archer and the other Counter Guardians' horror.

"LADY ALAYA-KO!" he yelled, staring at the now incarnate divine spirit who had wrapped herself around a smiling Shirou's left arm. "What are you doing here!? You aren't supposed to just take physical form at will! Do you have any idea what that does to the planet!?" He ran over to try and wrench her off his other self.

"Oh shut it errand boy!" she laughed smartly. Not even bothering to look at him, she kicked out, sending him flying face first into a nearby wall.

"Tou-san!" cried CHIYO, dashing over to try and help her father. AKEMI and the others just looked on, unsure of how to respond.

"You idiots go enjoy the party" she commanded, waving them away, "My darling and I have a few things to catch up on." She dragged Shirou away toward the master bedroom, leaving Shiki looking rather bemused as Archer extracted himself from the wall.

"Gaia is not going to be happy about this one" he seethed. Chiyo helped him dust himself clean of rubble.

"I doubt she has much choice in this one, if even Alaya is taking advantage of the chaos to break supernatural laws" shrugged Shiki, turning to walk away.

Archer and the others glared at him. "And why did the two of you look like you knew that was going to happen?" demanded AKEMI.

Pausing in midstride, Shiki turned to look at them like they were idiots. "You really haven't figured it out? Well I'll tell you. There's some kind of higher power out there that has implanted itself in the Root and is currently controlling all our fates. Whatever it is, it is busily toying with us for its own amusement. Allowing you morons to kill Shirou and end the party would stop its entertainment. So naturally, it would save him in a whacky, unreasonable way that added to the chaos. Now go enjoy the festivities" he finished, walking away to find a nice place to sit and leaving the defenders of the planet with rather confused looks on their faces.


12/27/2011 #74


Ggfgfhgfhgggh-this story is spreading into meta territory. Hnnng.


Because regardless, when she was summon by Touma's Shirou, she was still rather insane, and probably would go Maria on the rest of the wives.

That, and I don't like easy fixes. Or in story terms, the Root has deemed it that Touma will never reunite with his mother, ever.

12/27/2011 #75


Well that's just sad. Oh well.


So we have what? Four Shirou's now? I DEMAND A FOUR WAY UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS WAR!!!

12/27/2011 #76


Ah, maybe I was a bit blunt. Well, it is true that Touma will never reunite with his actual mother.

Though someone else can take up that challenge if they want to. I mean, it'll be... emotional.

12/27/2011 #77
Servius Regis


I only count three.

IF Shirou, HOS Shirou, Archer.

12/27/2011 #78


I must have miscalculated then. Still, three times the infinite number of swords, three times the GAR. Plus, I can't imagine HoS Shirou will take kindly to Archer, all things considering.

12/27/2011 #79

well we could add in Clan Wars Shirou in, but I don't think that would be a good idea

@Servius, did the snippet I send you look good?

12/27/2011 #80

Actually, come to think of it. Touma hasn't told anyone that his mother was explicitly JtR. And Mr. Condell/Shakespeare only indicated that his mother was the Servant Assassin.

12/27/2011 #81
Servius Regis


Oh man that is a great idea! I have to figure out what comes next though.

Edit: Never mind, i have a great idea of how it goes from there.

12/27/2011 . Edited 12/27/2011 #82
Guys I need some help for one of my ideas. In the immortals series they talk about an area called the sea of sand. It's supposed to be an endless sandstorm used by gods to test heros in some cleanseing ritual. I was wondering if the throne could be tied to that area.
12/27/2011 #83

(Story Start)

"Okay Touma, you had the pistol set up like how I shown you?" Many many times before?

"Yes, Sensei!"

"You have the..." Keiko suppressed the disgusted shudder that went through her body at the next word she said. "...rubber ammunition loaded into it?"

A couple sounds, then a nod, "Yes, Sensei!"

"Eye protection on?"

"Yes, Sensei!"

"Ear protection on?"


"...and you're not looking into the barrel again?"

"...uh Yes!"

Keiko looked at her student, who looked a little more confident with the sidearm in his hands. From how his grip looked, he was getting used to holding it, that was good. It's a shame that this had to be secret training, otherwise she wouldn't have had to convince Karin to run a loop in the Shooting Range's cameras every time they went for lessons. Best way to avoid getting into trouble for teaching Touma how to use a gun after all. She did learn a few things about what not to do when teaching a newbie about guns.

One particular lesson being to never have a newb practice with live ammunition, that ricocheted shot almost hit her was still a little too close for comfort. Best to wait until he was less clumsy before using those again.

She nodded with a proud look on her face. Is this what it felt like to see a student grow and progress in something because of your tutelage? Keiko felt a swell of pride, "Okay then Touma, now you're going to take shots at the target like usual. Aim for the parts I direct you to, okay?"

"Yes, m'am!" Touma grinned for a moment before raising the gun towards the target, a very fierce determined expression that she believes only she had seen so far replacing his usual carefree expression. He was getting good, but..."

"Chest! Dead Center!"


"Right shoulder!"




"Gah, dammit Touma, I said headshot!" Keiko grit her teeth in frustration as the redheaded boy lifted up his eyewear in confusion at what he did. He had hit the target in the first two spots really well, but when it came to the headshot, he always hit somewhere in the torso instead. "I know I said to aim lower when aiming for something because of recoil, but I didn't mean that low." She turned to the target, not looking at him, "It's like you don't aim for the head at all."

"That's because... sister," the way Touma's voice sounded was foreign to the girl, "The torso is where, aside from the brain, all of the major organs are as well as the the major arteries that distribute blood to the rest of the body are located. A successful shot in the area would be more than enough to cause shock or incapacitate a target long enough to move in for a more permanent removal or remove them as a threat. A properly aimed shot to the thighs would be enough as well, where striking the major blood vessels there would be enough to cause bleeding out unless there is proper medical attention."

Keiko paused at the out of character explanation and turned to her brother, only to freeze when she saw the expression on his face. His eyes didn't have the usual brightness in them, and his voice sounded clinical. The sniper rubbed her eyes for a moment, finding what she was seeing hard to believe, but when she was looking at him again, it was the usual Touma, head tilted to the side in the way he does whenever he was confused.

"Sniper-neechan?" He used his usual nickname for her, a worried tone in his voice.

Maybe that was just in her head...? She shook her head for a moment before slightly smiling at him, "It's nothing, Touma, don't worry about it. Here, let me tell you why you should go for headshots..."

Yeah, she probably was just hearing things... maybe.

12/27/2011 #84
Servius Regis


I like it.

Touma's monotone voice should also be accompanied by dilation of the pupils, unnatural sensory ability, and a blank facial expression. That would make it almost ghostlike.

12/27/2011 #85
Ooh can we give touma to the Brotherhood for more training or better yet cross him with. Nabari no ou
12/27/2011 #86
Servius Regis


Im iffy on the first one, I dont think he would like to kill for a living, and definitely no on the second one.

12/27/2011 #87
Oh well it was just a thought. Personally I would think it would be cool if Combat!Touma ended up qualifying for the Assassin class like his mother. Plus one of the children should be like the family ninja.
12/27/2011 #88
Servius Regis


I dont mind him being ninja-esque (I see his combat mode as a borderline feral ability, except with a calmness and focus that only humans possess), in fact that was kind of the idea, but I dont want to see him killing for any other reason but to protect his family.

12/27/2011 #89


True but then if that's the case is there any way to give him formal training? I mean just because the groups agenda or purpose involves killing as a lifestyle doesn't mean Touma has to take it up. Though that does pose the problem of getting them to actual give Touma the training without strings attached. I can see where you're hesitant. Is there a plot point we could use to enable Touma to acquire free training from a formal Assassination group?

12/27/2011 #90
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