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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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lhklan The Unpronounceable


Uh, the series will be changed a lot due to the fact that Shirou isn't a pervert like Tomoki.


My Internet is a little wonky these days, so I don't think I'll be able to log in for a while.

1/6/2012 #301
A Dragon Knight

It would have some definite changes, though not necesarily all would be bad, but I can imagine that Ecchi Moments would still be pretty abudant one way or another with the characters of the series and how it is developed.

Shirou may not be a pervert, but that does not stop others from accusing him of such, i.e. Rin, Saber, Taiga, Nymph, Sohara, Mikako and so on. Or getting him in those kinds of positions.

If it is about the differing power-levels of the characters, note that the Angeloids and pretty much everything that comes from Synapse is just highly advance technology. No magic whatsoever is mentioned in the series, thus, no defense against it as well.

If anything, the series will take an even earlier turn of events sooner than in the original manga version. Should prove interesting, if a tad bit more serious.

The events of course would take place before the start of F/SN on principal of character and plot development.

Hm, I know I had a rough draft of this idea somewhere when I first thought it up....

1/6/2012 #302
lhklan The Unpronounceable

phew Internet fixed.

You know, I just noticed something. Whenever we cross FSN with another series, thing tend to become a lot more serious and grim, but at the same time more idealistic then before.

1/6/2012 #303
A Dragon Knight

True, though that is likely because we are projecting how we want the series to be like.

1/7/2012 #304

How about this.

Shirou gets sent to hunt down a rogue magus in Roanapur.

1/7/2012 #305
Master Basher


You've mentioned a thought on why can't there be a Naruto/One Piece/Bleach Crossover that happens and is not awful at the same time? I think a purely based Naruto/One Piece/Bleach crossover can mesh well, themes wise. As long as you base it on Bleach, and avoid giving any Shinigami or Hollow powers to everyone else so soon. Especially with the Fullbring Arc.



I have sympathy for your Internet woes, mainly because I had to use a proxy to access Spacebattles during the holidays. As for your thoughts on any actual well done Nasuverse crossovers being more grim, yet more idealistic, that's because it has a dose of reality in it.

Sure, it would look gloomy, especially when in some settings, you'd have to deal with Nasuverse Magic and that the Past is way more powerful than you (Fate), Vampires (Tsukihime), Eldritch Abominations (Notes), and genuine believes/origins (Kara no Kyoukai). But it still has that edge of feeling of satisfaction for any hard earned Happy/Good Endings (unless it's a crapsack setting, like Notes, or if your just unlucky).


Personally, I was thinking on a story idea for quite some time now on a type of Naruto/Nasuverse crossover in which I base Naruto in a similer vein to one Shirou Emiya, especially with the life goal to be a Hero instead of wanting to be a Hokage to a Village that just plain hates him. hell, Archer/EMIYA would be an Idol for him.

I've even wanted to have him be distorted in some way. But the differance would be that he'd want to be just like Shirou, yet his origin is Belief, not Sword, so he'd be a much more bigger Fake than Shirou.

Also his life goal is to be more of a "Hero of Innocence" that protects the Future instead, and is so obsessed with that Ideal that he's perfectly willing to go way beyond Kiritsugu to protect a single Child over an entire Family. Saving a Single life at the exchange of numerous more, even if said Child is possibly a Monster that could easily end up causing even more bloodshed. I'd natually have Naruto run an orphanage.

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #306
Bloody Hero

@Master Basher

I can totally see that happening.

1/7/2012 #307
Master Basher

I was also planning on have Naruto be a 'Wannabe Magician' who had his Chakra System sealed by some Hate Mob in the past, and is Slowly internally distorting himself so he can access Mage Curcuits instead.

Hell, I'd even go as far as include a tiny Little Fears crossover while I'm at it, and make him obsessed with killing Nightmares/Child Abusers/est, with the End Goal of becoming a Heroic Spirit (ignoring the fact that you have to die and be remembered as a legend to become one.)

And I'd make Naruto so obsessed with becoming a said hero that he's slowly performing an "Alteration of the Soul" on HIMSELF by one point per Week/Month, and his Magecraft is fueled by his Innocence/Belief/Soul. Magi walk the path of Death, Naruto himself risks an even thinner line of no longer existing.


Natually, I want him to join a Holy Grail War, after a few chapters worth of High School/Shadow Killer style executions. And the route I envision is a Heavens Feel route. He'd try to save every Child, and ruthlessly assassinate everyone else, including blasting the terrain to pieces.

And his Servant would be the "Yourself" Class, which is Naruto, stuck with with a Command Seal that can draw apon any Heroic Spirit for only 5 Times, so Naruto is stuck having to face off against beings much more powerful than his own, with only a Wooden Sword with him and any toys he has on hand.

And there's more than 128 Masters at least competing in the HGW. He's natually against very bad odds, even with those Commend Seals. What's worse is that my version of Naruto has the delusion that he can face of against said Powerful Heroes. Expect him to die, if he even lives without calling apon a NP more than once in Round 1.

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #308

EMIYA VS Satsujinki Heroic Deed Version

both combatants are flawed, one is is just a killing machine/dead while the other is dying from his condition, you guys fine with that?

Arcuied is in the castle, Akiha is in a coma, Kohaku is dead (Suicide) and Hisui is the remaining one alive serving Shiki and Arcuied in the castle before she moved out den tur to Shiki's orders in fear that Arcuied will really go wild.

As for Satsujinski:

"Ya hear me lads, that forest over there eats people, it ate me gramma's friends when they were little and ate the villagers looking for them. you want to end up like that young man who went in there last time? he never came back.........."

1/7/2012 #309


wait when are you having the crossover take place?


IT WORKS but all you need to do is a easy hand wave of when black lagoon takes place since i think that black lagoon takes place much earlier then FSN, After that all you need to do is plan how characters interact, How Shirou doesn't let other find out about magic and plot.


What it comes down to in those universes is whether or not Shiki can get close enough to stab/cut the lines. I can't really make any guess on Winx Club universe and the W.I.T.C.H Universe power level in any way since i haven't seen any of those. Oh and remember Shirou and Ichika have very different outlooks when it comes to girls Ichika ( i read this off the wiki ) he believes that there is absolutely no chance for him to get a girlfriend and also sensitive to the change of mood in certain situations, but always manages to rationalize the change in mood to something completely unromantic while in Shirou case it's more he just doesn't bother to think too deep about it since he not really interested having a relationships after all Archer followed his ideal to the bitter end not straying from it in the lest.

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #310

Ok, so I had an idea for an Oh My Goddess x FSN crossover. It begins with a flashback, with the young Belldandy and the young Shirou meeting while Belldandy is on Earth for a tour. They become friends and meet each day to play. One day, they exchange gifts as to remember one another in the future. During one of the days, Shirou doesn't arrive in the designated location, opting Belldandy to search for him. She finds out that a great fire broke out in his area, and chances are he didn't live. The gods up in heaven are in an uproar at the destruction the Holy Grail War brought, and the Almighty's decision to overlook it despite the fact that it ended upp being disastrous the other three times.

Fast forward to the future. Belldandy finds out that she is bound to receive a phone call from her childhood friend Shirou, now Emiya Shirou. However, she also finds out that he is participating in the Holy Grail War despite its violent history. The Almighty decides to give the task of watching over the war while on Earth under the guise of granting Shirou's wish. When Shirou makes a phone call, Belldandy answers and arrives in his own, much to the confusion of the residents. However, Shirou does not remember her at all and he explains that he lost all his memories from before the fire. When Belldandy asks for his wish (much to the chagrin of Rin and Saber), he decides not to have one granted. Belldandy stays on Earth as planned. Meanwhile, Rin notices Archer acting hostile towards Belldandy despite her altruistic behavior. The Grail War continues with Belldandy meeting Kotomine and trying to understand him, but failing to do so. Also, Belldandy confronts the Matou family, and solves their entire situation. She reminds Zouken of his original goal, and he is finally able to find peace and disappears, taking the worms in Sakura with him. She also makes Shinji realize his own self worth. Upon meeting Berserker, she single-handedly undoes his Mad Enhancement and the two share a friendly talk because of their divine status. Urd and Skuld arrive at some point.

The entire story reaches its climax when things go similarly to Unlimited Blade Works route, with Archer betraying Rin because she commanded him not to attack Shirou and because he cannot stand Belldandy. After Caster is defeated, Shirou realizes its time to face Archer. Archer reveals his true identity as Emiya Shirou, and, even more surprisingly, to be the Shirou that Belldandy met as a child. He shows her the gift she gave him when they were wrong, proving his claim. Belldandy is cannot understand why her precious childhood friend became a Counter Guardian and is so different from before when he was very altruistic even before the fire. He explains his motives like in Unlimited Blade Works. He fights Shirou head to head while Belldandy breaks down, unable to understand why he decided to solve his problem with violence and while she allowed such a thing to happen to him. Shirou defeats Archer.

Gilgamesh arrives and proves to be a very difficult opponent even for the goddesses to beat, with his chain being able to bind them and become completely unbreakable. Thing are resolved similarly to Unlimited Blade Works, but without the mutated grail in the background. At the Ryoudou temple, Archer finally finds peace with himself, and bids his final farewells to Rin and Belldandy as he disappears into the sunrise.

A few weeks later, Shirou announces that he doesn't want a wish granted. Belldandy returns to heaven, now knowing that her childhood friend has found peace with himself.

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #311
A Dragon Knight


Before the 5th HGW, probably a year or more before, as for character and plot development, for those new to the SnO franchise (or F/SN for that matter). I'm trying to hash together a rough timeline for what is to occur, as the SnO has indicated that the chapters and episodes take place weeks to months apart from each other at times, as shown with the changing seasons. As far as I can tell, the SnO series has so far taken place over a 2-3 year span.

Any questions (to you and to anyone else curious)?

1/7/2012 #312

is this going to be written?

1/7/2012 #313


Well the thing is since you have it taking place before HGW magic doesn't have a lot to work with since Shirou is still doing it the wrong way and almost killing him self so at most you could bring up that fact but none of them would have a clue as to why he's so close to death at times since they seem to be Technology base power.

1/7/2012 #314
A Dragon Knight


True, before the 5th HGW, Shirou barely any skills in magic asides from the very basics(albeit, taken further than the norm). Of course, Shirou practicing his Magecraft and hurting himself in the process (or during anything for that matter) is going to be pretty much the same as usual, as Angeloids and anyone from Synapse have almost nothing to do with magic, if at all. Just because they won't have anything currently to handle the situation, does not stop them from trying.

Of course, given how Ikaros was already being hunted down by the ruler of synapse, keeping the two, magic and technology, from clashing seems pretty impossible, let alone keeping others from becoming interested in them. Just because the Angeloids are capable of such destruction (Ikaros being the reason Bablyon was destroyed according the the manga) does not mean that they are immune to magic attacks, or that Servants and Magus' are beyond technology for that matter.

1/7/2012 #315


I never said any about them having any type of magic resistance, i think that depending on the magic system magic will and can beat science. The Nasuverse magic system is a magic system that i believe trumps science if the right kind of magic is used for example Hrunting as mentioned in HoS can cut though anything that isn't magic would kill a Angeloid without too much effort. All that i was doing was pointing out how there would be a lack of presences of the magic side of things due to Shirou not knowing how to use his magic circuits right or until he does.

1/7/2012 #316

Hrunting is a homing NP that Archer shot in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia though (GB sort of screwed that one up)

but it should work since it could go through even Rho Aias pretty easily

1/7/2012 #317


Yeah but i didn't really see much on details on it the wiki so that why i used HoS ( also for the fact i remembered that something was mentioned to be able to cut though anything that wasn't magical protected ) as a reference by the way has F/HA final been translated or fan translated yet?

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #318
A Dragon Knight


Ah, my bad.

Though, considering that other Magus' will more than likely become interested in Angeloid (eventually Synapses, once its presence is known) that attempts of capture and study will likely occur, thus, more chance of magic becoming a constant.

Hrunting is a perfect example of a NP that can hurt Angeloids, though, at a speed of Mach 10, only a fully powered Ikaros, Astraea and Chaos could hope to out manevour it. Nymph could possibly 'hack' it and reverse its course, if I understand her 'Hacking' ability right. Though, because it requires a line of sight of the target while aiming, that may help. Gae Bolg is the only sure-hit NP I can currently think of that would likely severly damage, if not, kill an angeloid outright if the target does not dodge out of the way miracuously (Saber did it, and some Angeloids are faster than her). It really comes down to who is going up against who and what they are using at the time.

1/7/2012 #319


sure it has been translated for you if you can read Korean or Chinese

in English no... wait few more years for it to actually to be done

1/7/2012 #320


hmm you can't outmaneuver Hrunting since it will chase you down until you can destroy it (which causes a big bang explosion that will probably kill/destroy you). if not it will make a huge hole as it rips through you. Not sure if you can hack it since it's Archer, the target will be hit regardless of the target's actions (projectile works on logic so that if Archer was aiming at target A and then B, the projectile will move accordingly to pierce A first then B even if B was in front of A).

Yes Archer is someone who breaks any sort of physical law out there lol...

though it might not kill them since if you get hit, you just get a big hole and Hrunting will stop chasing you...

edit: had to fix some words :)

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #321


The thing is with Gae Bolg is that most likely that they would underestimate it since they wouldn't know what concept it works on until after the fact. Remember that Japan is considered to be a backwater place by the western mages so it would most likely have to be Japanese mages coming by to see whats happened but if i remember right it was mentioned that a fair share of Japanese magical family base their magic off of having a inhuman bloodline. Yeah it will come down to who's fighting who in the end but magic that's base off concepts is very deadly ageist Angeloids.


blast i can't read those since neither of which are my second language which is Bokmal norsk.

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #322


that's a pity. well others are waiting patiently for it to be translated as well so good luck

and yes Magical Artifacts and NPs that works on concepts are very dangerous against Angeloids (keep your spear away from them Lancer!!!)

1/7/2012 #323



And yes lancer shall not be laid oh wait that wasn't what you were talking about.

1/7/2012 #324
A Dragon Knight


Well, maybe outmaneuvering is the wrong word for this. Hrunting works on the concept that as long as the shooter is still aiming at the target, it will continue to seek it out until otherwise hitting or destroyed. You can't aim at something you can't see, and since Hrunting moves at a top speed of Mach 10, and Ikaros top speed is Mach 24, she'll be long out of sight before Archer can get a lock on her. Info taken from TYPE MOON Wiki and Sora No Otoshimono Wiki.

Ikaros has been shown in the manga that she flew around the freaking earth and hit Astraea from behind in about a few seconds, Astraea, the Angeloid with the Hyper Acceration Wings. I know Archer has the best eyesight out everyone in the F/SN franchise, I doubt he can see around the earth.

And, as Hrunting needs shooter to be aiming at the target, disrupting him with any of their attacks can easily stop the NP.


Yup, why would Angeloids be afraid of a lance, albeit a creepy evil feeling/looking one? Oh, and it wasn't babylon that Ikaros, it was the tower of Babel, my bad. I see a lot of undersetimation on both sides. The bloodlines I think were demonic. I don't think they were ever really specific in F/SN, though, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to leave out Tsukihime' Mystic Eyes demon hunter bloodline for obvious reasons.

1/7/2012 #325


it's alright I was talking about his other stick too lol

well Lancer won't come out until a bit later and unless we go F/HA (Rin screwing up and causing F/HA incident) then it's good bye Lancer after HGW

1/7/2012 #326


you are right, if Archer can't lock on to her, then he can shoot her with Hrunting (though if he did shoot it while locked on her, it would chase her down even if he can't see her since his intended target will be her). It's implied that Archer can shoot faster and stronger than that in the VN but don't think he can shoot Mach 24 lol

yup the best thing to do is make him change his target (someone else attack him or stuffs similar to that)

and Rin was mentioned to have some vampire bloodline (Kotomine said that she might recover better if underground since that helps vampires usually) but really isn't important

1/7/2012 #327


Refresh me since i haven't looked at the manga in a while do the Angeloids tank the damage or do they try to avoid getting hit in the fist place since if they tank the attacks their going to fall like fly's. I thought it was mentioned that it was simply inhuman blood and that the Tohno clan was demonic in nature.

1/7/2012 #328
A Dragon Knight

Hruntings description and ability always seemed vague to me. I'm just going off what the TYPE MOON Wiki on this one.

Once fired, it turns into a magical bullet enveloped in a red light that reaches speeds of Mach 10 on the most direct path to its target, and it will continue to pursue the target, even if parried, repulsed, or avoided, as long as the shooter keeps aiming at the target. While it is normally impossible to change targets after firing, he is able adjust for such possibilities and have a single path be capable of striking two enemies.

As copy and pasted from the Wiki

They normally avoid taking damage, though a few of them were known to take hits for one reason or another.

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #329


hmm you really can't describe it as well as reading the VN

and yeah in the VN it explains in depth

in a dead end, Archer kept on shooting Hrunting a bit stronger than the last shot and Saber couldn't block anymore. So Shirou (just like usual) goes in front of Saber and dies in one hit

yes Archer can shoot more than Mach 10 and Mach 10 is the limit that Saber can block with invisible air it would seem

Hrunting worked on logic, so even though the final target is Shirou, he intended to shoot through Saber and hit Shirou. When Saber "jumped" at him, Hrunting following the logic that it should go through Saber altered its projectory so it will have a straight line through Saber to Shirou

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #330
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