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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I made this thread a few years ago so that we would have a place to recommend and discuss some of our favorite fanfiction of all time.

It's grown a lot since than and we even have a C2 Community where we store our good recommendations.

Feel free to come and share some of your own favorite's even if your a new user just discovering this for the first time, while there aren't any guarantees that it will be well received none of us are harsh and we will give a reason on why it isn't to our tastes.

1/12/2012 . Edited 10/21/2014 #1
Shioran Toushin

great stories? ....

well not great but i like it anyways kind of stories:

the thief of Hogwarts

Ashes of the past:

MotherFu.cking "The Road Back":

Alexaner harris and the shadow council (an his AU):

the awesome work named "Archon":

Dauntless ( i don't know why): cuz it's cute

interesting DEAD fic:

i LOLed in this one:

another interesting one:

another one from my code Geass phase:

Demented, insane and God Harry that somehow is JUST at the level needed to fight the Insane Godlike Voldemort and the infernal clock:

cute F/SN one:

My favorite A!MS fic for all times:

another Code Geass One:

interesting Digimon Fic:

another CG:

Kyon Big Damn Hero:

really old Ranma multi cross:


Kim Possible one:

R+V Aweshum psycho Baass normal Tsukune:

nice unexpected cross:

i know it is lame, clicheed, fail of a story, but somehow i keep reading it:

surprisingly it's not Slash:

and i have more at home, but here are the ones i have on my browser ATM.

1/12/2012 . Edited 1/12/2012 #2

If we're recommending stories, then these must be added:

Fate Far Side:

Death and Justice:

Fletching (which has a very nice Shirou x Ciel pairing an 'alternate' EMIYA origin):

Fang Vice Addiction:

And on BL, Kieran's the Trinity Series (even though it has prominently features an OC and SI)

and there's more too, but I'm about to head to sleep now. 'Night,

1/12/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #3
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Deprived (Wrong and twin BWL fic, but very very good)

Of Witches, Rangers and The 141 (MW2 and Striker Witches crossover)

Heroic Deed (FSN/NAnoha crossover)

The Xth Loop Sword Stilled Time (Madoka Magika/ FSN crossover)


Old Iron (Nanoha fanfic writers, focus on Yuuno)

Kenchi618 (One of the few Naruto writers that is downright awesome)

1/12/2012 #4
Burnning Truth


Forword Unto Dawn: (great Naruto/Highschool of the Dead Crossover just recently updated)

Vicissitude: (Now this is a one of the two Ranma/Gold Digger Crossovers that should be the gold standard for this kind of story)

The Black Paw: (Right here is the other Ranma/Gold Digger Crossovers that set the bar and is a story that I would reconmend to anyone interested)

1/13/2012 #5
Master Basher

Since we're on to actual Recommended Stories... I'd give ones I'd rec for at least a glance, along with a brief summary. I've got some old ones to share, that could also be of interest if your into the ideas department.


Fox Hunt: (Naruto) Summary, basically a rather old Naruto fanfic that featured him having the attention of a few Kitsune who wanted his babies. I think it's slightly more original compared to most of your modern fanfics.

The Savant: (Naruto) A rare gem. It featured a Savant/Autistic Naruto who thought in a unique way. Personal favourate. Is on hiatus, but still good.

Powers that be: (Harry Potter) If you like your Harry Potter fics which have him not only develop magic/tech from various videogames, is dark/evil, and pretty much is involved in crime, I'd rec this. It's old, and most likely not updated/hiatus, but still a good read.

Naruto Heir to the city of relics: (Naruto) A good read if you like your Tech!Naruto. But sadly isn't updated, and the Author has a problem with attention/keeping his stories updated.

Bijuu Spooker: (Naruto) I loved it due to it being an okay Magical Girl Naruto. Other than that (and giving me a Name idea), it's an okay Humour fic. Most likely on Hiatus.

Halloween World The Halloween that Never Ends: (Buffy Mega XOver) one of my personal favorate epics that introduced me to TVTropes. It's basically a YAHF (Yet Another Halloween Fic) that basically amplified Halloween Night to such a degree that it turned into an Apocalypse. The premise is awesome, has a lot of promise, and it even had a few spin offs from various Authors.

I personally think that it could have been a bit better though... The most recent update to the setting is in a Spacebattles Roleplay.

AtumComa The City Hidden in the Nexus: (Naruto Mega XOver) Another personal Favorate epics. It basically has a Naruto who was adopted by a group of Monsters from Darkstalkers (comic version), and it evolved into the sanctuary in Naruto's World turning Wave into a Hidden City of Monsters from various media. At least it's complete in a way.

Returning the Pain: (Naruto) Was written by a reader (not an Author) who was so sick and tired of all the Fanon of Naruto, and the Canon being completely awful, that he decided to protest by writing. His effort wasn't in vain, as all the one shots he's written should at least give Naruto another spark of life. If you want to be a bit more fresh on writing a Naruto fanfic, a must read.

The Virtue of Knowledge Power Unrivaled: (Naruto) Basically a Smart Naruto who has the knowledge of everything as a kid by some Omnipotent Being. He quickly becomes a Magnificant Chessmaster that heavily gets involved in the supernatual.

Through the Monitor: (Sonic) An old favorate that featured Transformations into Sonic Characters, and an interesting plot in which some characters still retained a bit of themselves and have to play the role of their characters, while a few others memories/personalities gets overwritten. Speaking of which...

Darkest Before Dawn: (Sonic) A favorate that I've forgot to add. It's on hiatus (yet you could consider it complete in a way...), but it's basically a horror story featuring Sonic Characters. I won't spoil anything, but I liked the plot in a way.

Adventures And Adversaries: (Naruto) Basically Naruto and Co play a DnD game that sucks them into the gameworld and they lose their Chakra skills (until they finish the game), but gain DnD Power Skills. A Read if you love your characters to train in an RPG sort of way.

Dungeon Monk Xander and it's Rewrite: (Buffy) Similer premise to the above AAA Naruto Fanfic, but with Xander getting the ability to create Dungeon Worlds after Halloween. A Read if your into above 'training fics'.

Shin Megami Tensei Dysangelion: (Evangelion) In which Evangelion meets the Megaten Universe in this crossover, and the natual doomsday is also flooded with Heaven and Hells forces battling for domination. It's a rec since it still keeps within Evangelions tone, and also for alot of deaths.

Naruto Mob Doctor Addict Suicidal: (Naruto) An Unique Medic!Naruto that got kicked of the Shinobi Corps, lost his ability to use Chakra, and became a Black Market Doctor out of boredom. Other than being a druggie, seems to take after Dr. House in some ways.

Persona 3 Fairly English Story: (Persona) A persona fic that features a Minato that's awesome. Not to everyones liking, since it has a sort of Sue!Minato, but the Author tries to counter it by amping up the in game 'difficulty' and does a unique crossover with the Shin Megami Tensei Universe.


I think that's my list for now, since all my rec's would take a while to list. Also, some of my favorates might not be to your liking. I think I'd list some old fanfics that you might like.

1/13/2012 #6

Personally, I always found it easier to find good ones by reading each person's profile and looking over the ones that were favorited. For example: Click on my name and look at the ones I favorited. That's my recommendation.

1/13/2012 #7
Master Basher

Either that, or look at the 'Favorate Authors' part for their Favorates. I've only gave a glancing blow to some personally good stories, and I'm sure they'd be more listed under 'Six Degrees of Seperation'.

If you're looking at my profile though, some my faves (*1st Life Is A Game*) are only there due to it being bad to such an extreme degree that it's a Joke on a British Pantomine scale. Those are the fics I won't recommend in this page.

1/13/2012 #8


I do that for example anyone who reviewed my story I go to their author profile and check all their fav though it can get tedious as some author's have `1000'S OF FAVORITES.

1/13/2012 #9


Speaking of, I should probably sift through my lists again, most of these were favorited when I was younger and less... critical.

1/13/2012 #10


I am doing that now right now I am focusing on the fav's I had in 2008 the sad thing is I have already taken 10 storys off and kept 2 of the ones ive checked of course I have a lot more to check.

1/13/2012 #11
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Almost forgot this one:

Hope by Jeconais

This is the fic that got me hooked on Harry/Gabrielle fics

1/13/2012 #12
Sage of Eyes

Magician by Nekura Enzeru (Dresden FilesXHarry POtter) Witty!Powerful!Harry 'nough said.

That Boy IS Trouble by Andrew Joshua Talon (Harry Potter) Heh...

Naruto The Black Blade by Tigee86 (Naruto...) Read it NOW!

Sins of A Galactic Empire RETCONNED by SpaceCowboy2013 (HaloXStarWars) ---- Look to the left... why are you not searching for it already?

Experiments In Empathy by Paradox Jast (Naruto) Well thought out and doesn't give the Fem!KyuubiXNaruto pokegirl squick.

Deus Ex Evangelion by ValikVicious (Neon Genesis Evangelion...) Good grammar long length and tsundere abound!

Something Grim This Way Comes by Ruskybyte (Harry PotterX Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) ------LOOK AT THE CROSSOVER! LOOK AT IT!

Harry's Little Army Of Psycho's by RuneWitchSakura (Harry Potter...) If the word Psycho does not make you read this I don't know what will....

Ships in the Night by hawker-748 (Love Hina) Best Romance I found!

All can be found in my Favorites section.

1/13/2012 #13

Things in my list that i consider best of the best.

Mega Man: Guiding Rainbow's Light; Complete (Megaman) - "Before Mega Man X, before Mega Man...There was a man with a dream. Before the age of robots, humanity faced one last struggle. Before he was tired and gray, he was young and bold. This is the unspoken tale. This is the story of Dr. Thomas X. Light."

Story about Dr. Light when he was still young.

Legend of Zelda: The Return; Complete (Legend of Zelda) - Takes place after OoT with the assumption that Link lost all of his memories of the events in the game when Zelda sent him back in time.

Legend of Zelda: Reconciliation; (Legend of Zelda) - If you liked Return, then this is the sequel. Adapted from A Link to the Past.

Insomnia; (Legend of Zelda) - A great Majora's Mask story.

Fallout: Equestria; Complete (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Fallout) - I know, I know; Ponies. Still even if you don't know anything about My Little Pony or Fallout, this story takes elements from both and creates an awesome read.

A Stranger in an Unholy Land; Complete (Harry Potter) - While trying to lay low from Voldermort, an accident with an Avada Kedavra and Gryphondor's sword sends Harry to a different Dimension where he was Voldermort's right hand man.

Lelouch of Britannia; (Code Geass) - Story of what would have happened had Lelouch not gotten kicked out of the empire.

In the Breaking; (Naruto) - Naruto is captured and Kyuubi is extracted. However Naruto somehow survives, but goes insane from the process. What little sanity left in him decides to go to the village of Mist to help orphans there to prevent them from turning into Haku or himself.

Chaos Theory; (Fate/Stay Night) - If Ilya had a route, this would be it.

1/14/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #14

Things that i consider good, but couldn't put into Best of the Best due to the "Your Mileage May Vary" trope.

The Last Spartan; (Halo/ Mass Effect) - The Master Chief finally gets discovered and rescued. Unfortunately it seems the world is always in need of a spartan. Master Chief as Shepard.

Altered Destinies; Complete (Harry Potter) - After a Pyrrhic victory over Voldemort where everyone at Hogswarts dies except for Harry, Harry is given a chance to take a page from Voldemorts book and goes back in time to Kill Voldemort when he's still a baby. Unfortunately for the plan, Harry meets a young Tom Riddle before his start of darkness.

Cheaters Prosper; One Shot (Naruto) - If you're not cheating, you're not playing.

Moonstruck; Complete (Naruto) - Hinata and Naruto were attacked. Hinata blacks out and when she wakes up, she realizes she's been married to her crush for several years already without her knowledge.

Reload; Dead Fic (Naruto) - Time Loops can have a terrible effect on the mind, Naruto and Sasuke show us how. Seal Scientist Naruto, Sexy (Oiroke) Sasuke?

Spying no Jutsu; Complete (Naruto) - Where Naruto learns how to spy on people, and Iruka somehow gets involved in a love pentagon.

Shiny Demon; (Naruto/Pokemon) - Naruto who lives in the pokemon world and his adventures. Story is a oneshot but has many sequels that tell Naruto's story.

Starfox: Sunrise Over Lylat; (Star Fox) - Years after the Starfox team have hung up their ships and died. A new threat approaches and a new Starfox team is needed.

Sleeping with the Girls, Vol I: Fictional Reality; Complete (Mass x-over) - What would happen if one day, you woke up in an anime character's bed. In this story, the main character has to contend with crazy martial arts, aliens, and gods. All while being a bog standard earth human.

Sleeping With The Girls, Vol II: Chaos Theory; (Mass x-over) - Sequel to above

1/14/2012 . Edited 4/12/2012 #15
lhklan The Unpronounceable

@ Cerobus

If you're nominating Shiny Demon, I think you should nominate the author, Quill of Molliemon. The guy wrote really good Naruto/Pokemon xover

1/14/2012 #16


I put it on my ereader I will read it later so I can tell you what I think of it.

@Sage of Eyes

I downloaded your exalibur naruto story and power and heart from you fav I really like the power and heart one.


I downloadedMega Man: Guiding Rainbow's Light I have already downloadedChaos Theory

I also downloadedAltered DestiniesI have already downloaded cheaters prosper

I also downloaded moonstruck and reload Shiny Demon and Sleeping with the Girls, Vol I: Fictional Reality and its sequel.

1/14/2012 . Edited 1/14/2012 #17

A bunch recommended in my profile. Some standouts:

Kyon: Big Damn Hero, which is not on anymore but should respond to trivial googling—it's like someone took Suzumiya Haruhi and methodically added awesome to the point where it threatened to come out of solution. Except that he doesn't go over the top, or at least not by much, and it's really good writing.

Time Braid, which is probably the only good thing ever to come out of Chunin Exam Day; imagine the premise of that fic, except focused on Sakura and it doesn't make you want to slam your head against the nearest flat surface. Best Sakura I've ever seen in a fic.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which is controversial for its purpose but still absolutely astounding for its writing; about three times better than canon HP, I judge.

1/14/2012 #18

@alethiophile: ...Time Braid gives me mixed emotions. Mostly because I can't stand Sakura, and I prefer Hinata and Ten-ten. I'm fairly neutral about Ino, though...

1/14/2012 #19

Everybody: has anyone read Kenchi618 fanfics? this guy is really good!!

1/14/2012 . Edited 1/14/2012 #20
Shioran Toushin

dudes, do any of you read Haloes? i gave it a reread for the nth time and it provoked in me the same feeling of "godda.mnitt i NEED my fucking upate" frustration/cold turkey that i first ha when GB stopped his weekly updates, can any of you recc something simmilar (or preferibly, info about the author, because it has been 8 months)?

1/27/2012 #21

The Fanfic Muv Luv: One Last Time into the Loop by PaulXion is good

1/27/2012 #22


I dont recognize what series that's form?

1/28/2012 #23
NAJ P. Jackson

I'm looking for good Fate/Stay Night fics out there. Any recommendations?

Here's one I liked Summary: Sometimes, the tiniest of changes can have the greatest impact on the world. One chance encounter goes in a new direction, and the course of the Holy Grail War is irrevocably changed...

1/28/2012 . Edited 1/28/2012 #24


It starts all right to very good, but I have yet to see a single fic of his that at some point I didn't found something that turned me down on reading the rest. The newest(?) addition, Newest Challenger, was chapter 7 that broke me.

1/28/2012 #25


ist's from the Muvluv series look it up. Honestly the guy writes better than the canon

1/28/2012 #26
Shioran Toushin


have you read: this?

Kotomine Shirou, Child of the Grail

1/28/2012 #27

whodidthewhatnow: did you dislike "Newest Chanllenger" because of the strange power levels there? or was it something else?

1/28/2012 #28

Fetish? What's A Fetish?:

It's about sex... wait dont leave. Here, have a little quote from this gem:

"Well, what DID you learn?"

"Ok, well, this is what I've got so far: Sex is an activity between a man and a woman, in which they get naked and bounce around the room together. You have to wear protective gear, or else you'll get diseases and pregnant, but at the same time, you have to be naked. It makes guys and girls mad to talk about, and Anko is a scary, scary woman. Don't go to her house, seriously. Um...Oh, people use sex to get things they want, like ramen and money. Some people use sex to 'vent', I guess because it's dangerous and takes their minds off of their problems. Oh, almost forgot: Women use sex to say 'sorry', but I don't know why. Last, if I ever need drugs for any reason, I'll go find Gai," Naruto concluded, sitting beside his teacher up in the tree.

Letting out a sigh that was hidden under the onset of a gentle breeze, Kakashi mumbled, "The saddest part of that whole thing is that some of it was pretty accurate. You still don't know how to have sex, though?"

2/1/2012 #29


The quote made me laugh so I will give it a chance.

2/1/2012 #30
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