The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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If it was post HF Shirou shouldn't be able to trace at all. It is there but his circuits are pretty much shot till he gets a new body.

and seriously "Raw anus?" O_O

10/25/2012 #1,021

@sz5: There are reasons why I haven't read that.

In part because Campione annoys me.

10/25/2012 #1,022

So... can anyone recommend any good Fallout fics?

Preferably New Vegas.

10/25/2012 #1,023

Gah, I expect God Slaying Blade Works would be good at least. But after hearing from you guys, my expectations is failing and failing now. In fact, it's giving me a headache. And the downplaying the Nasuverse? Big mistake.

About Fallout, dunno. I'd only read this one fic crosses with Queen's Blade. Go figure.

10/25/2012 #1,024

I have not read the Campione light novels. Has anyone here read them and can tell me about their power levels? The author of God Slaying Blade Works seemed to claim in his latest author's note that the gods in the Campione light novel are comparable to Types or to Zelretch.

10/25/2012 #1,025

Don't be discouraged, I for one found it enjoyable to read since im actually curious where this will go.

The problem with this and many other crossovers comes from two main issues: the author's lack of in-depth knowledge on one or both series OR trying to see how the systems of the two series fit together coherently.

I'll admit my knowledge on both series isn't the best but I can kinda see what the author is saying in regards to his views on how the two universes stack up to one another. From what i've read about Campione, yea Campione do the impossible and supposedly have god-luck but the fact is that HS kinda have that too since in their legends they did stuff like that and MADE their legends.

HG's can't really die but on the same lvl as, just no. ordinary human can kill HG but no way in hell ordinary human can kill TYPE, even now i have a hard time imagining the power of a TYPE. Erica and Lilliana's weps are strong but at most i'd rank it as E, maybe D...C would be pushing it.

Edit: Heretic Gods are strong but i imagine a fight between a HG and a TYPE to go the same way as the previous DAA vs ORT. In other words curbstomp followed by getting eaten.

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #1,026

Am I the only one who find this part of the author's note absurd?

Now to answer a question I have been getting a lot, can Shirou use traced items and Ruler of the underworld to summon Servants? Originally I was going to answer this in a chapter or two, but I decided to show mercy and explain it now. The answer is no, at least not in the Campione world. The way I see it that world operates in completely different rules, so there is no throne of heroes for him to tap and the worlds are too metaphysically far apart for him to reach over into the Nasuverse. On the other hand once Shirou returns to his home world he will be able to summon them so long as he has some sort of link. Of course supporting a Servant without the aid of the Holy Grail will be a massive drain, but given his vastly increased reserves I think that Shirou could comfortably support at least three while still having enough strength to fight. If he is willing to sacrifice his combat worthiness then he could probably push that up to five.I hope that answers your queries.
10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #1,027


Wow, does he know that despite Ilya's MASSIVE reserves she was in constant pain to support Berserker? Or Rin had to devote 80% of her power to power Saber? Or that Sakura with her nigh infinite prana post HF will have a hard time supporting Rider if she uses her NP?

It is not so much of reserves is the problem its the pain of hot burning circuits running inside your body.

He needs to read up on lore more.

10/25/2012 #1,028

Longinus and David's Bow are E to C plus at best (kinda like K&B). And even that's pushing it, especially if we include more versatile NPs such as God Force.

But yeah, as an author you can't please everyone. Just simply me as a Nasu retard cannot handle his explanations. Dammit lores, I can't live without being ***ed up to you.

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #1,029

I have not read the Campione light novels. Has anyone here read them and can tell me about their power levels? The author of God Slaying Blade Works seemed to claim in his latest author's note that the gods in the Campione light novel are comparable to Types or to Zelretch.

Gods are as strong as gods. If Athena fought ORT, she'd be at a disadvantage because her purviews are death, earth, owls, darkness and snakes, none of which really affect ORT. On the other hand, ORT would probably not feel too good after taking Mjolnir to the face.

As a rule, humans have no hope of killing a god, no matter what kind of magic they have. The best they can do is seal a god by expending massive resources. Campione managed to kill a god anyway.

Because they killed a god, Campione are considered to be kings and allowed to do whatever they want. They're also immune to any kind of magic that's not inserted through the mouth.

Some gods are served by Divine Beasts. They're not a threat to a Campione, but only the most absurdly powerful mages have a chance of defeating them, if they have some form of divine protection to back them up. That's probably where Heroic Spirits are.

The rest is up to individual powers. One Campione has a body of steel that's almost indestructible and a sword that cuts through anything and his mortal swordsmanship was at the level where it could kill a god without magic in the first place. He could mow Servants down all day long. Another has power over wolves, the undead souls of his victims, lightning and I think he also has eyes that can turn people into salt. Impressive, but not quite as useful when fighting Servants.

10/25/2012 #1,030

Two words: GAE BOLG. Or on the lesser: GUNGNIR

One stab and voila, most of them dead. Partially because Doni had a fatal weakness like Siegfried: on his back. Indestructible body of mortals seems harmless compared to Twelve Trials and Achilles Armor NP (whatever its name)

And I'm absolutely certain that one slash from Zanmato (if famed as NP) would sent Perseus and his mount rolling in their grave.

Don't ever forget that in Nasuverse Age of Gods, humanity were at their finest. That'll give Nasuverse entities some powerup when facing Heretic Gods in Campione!world.

And I gave you the basic rule of Nasuverse too: only something like 'Seven Great Weapons of Atlas', Knight Arms, True Magics, and something like Last Phantasm/Anti-World NPs could truly affect TYPEs. As retarded as it seems, Notes are at very HUGE different level than Campione! could ever hope to achieve.

This will go nowhere, just like IO arguing that Eternals in Eien no Aselia could easily punch TYPEs in the face. Okay that you'll break some rules, biut don't go around and regard them as canonical if you want to truly implement and balance both sides. That's just utter idiotic.

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #1,031
lhklan The Unpronounceable


You mean Salvatore? Please. Hercules trump that body of steel anytime of the day, while Gae Bolg, Gae Buidhe, Gae Dearg and Durandal could all find a way around that body.

Swordmanship? Hello, Assassin? Normal human who trumped reality with sheer stubborness?

10/25/2012 #1,032

Stubbornness, 50 years of practice, and an irrational hatred of swallows. The last bit is very important.

10/25/2012 #1,033

In that regard, I would very much like to see Kirei Kotomine (AM-powered without heart) beat the ** out of Luo Hao and Lu Yinghua and tasted their suffering with his Hakkyokuken/Bajiquan style.

That'd be very epic.

10/25/2012 #1,034
Lord Bishamon

It really depends. No true battle is equal and even if Gae Bolge hit them there is a chance they would survive, Campione are insanely hard to actually kill apparently. That said the hero of said anime/novels has the ability to cut the concept of heroic and or divinity away from it's owner so that it no longer applies it would leave say.... Hercules as a bog standard, though big, human.

10/25/2012 #1,035

Erm, I refuse to believe that Hercules is the true identity of Verethragna. Indra, maybe. Herc? NO. And Campione is hard to kill through their sheer luck, but miracle never works twice.

Like Lancelot is LOL Amazon Queen? I dropped Campione! LN at that part, it severely disgusts me. And I must say that gods in Campione! and Nasuverse, though similiar, are vastly different in perception. That's Nasuverse god advantage against them.

Either way, I see it idiotic to expand their identities to the other gods as well and related to some nonsense that it became convoluted. One main downside of Campione! I think.

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #1,036
lhklan The Unpronounceable

@Lord Bishamon

Eh, where did it said that Campione could cut out the divinity? I Thought it was along the line of :Campione beat God, Pandora judge if Campione is worthy or not, if yes then transfer some divinity over.

Also, while Campione may have divine authority, they are still human. And human still die with a hit to the heart.

That said, Gilgamesh (ESPECIALLY Ko-Gil) will be a slaughter machine in that world.

10/25/2012 #1,037


I believe he was talking about the MC's [Warrior] authority which gives him a golden sword that allows him to cut a god's divinity/authority.

As for the whole shirou summoning multi servants:it's stated that when some1 becomes a Campione they get mana(or whatever hell equivalent u wanna call it) reserves that far surpass even the greatest of mages of humanity so it might be possible to support a servant or two but Heracles is a bad example cuz IIRC berserker class is a really draining class due to Mad Enhancement

And again for Campione vs Servant: One big factor is what Authority do they have and what the opponent's NP is.

GH, GoB, or Gae Bolg? Yea ur screwed. Zabaniya: Delusional Illusion or Rule Breaker? Much better chance.

10/25/2012 #1,038
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Uh, no. The number of mana one can hold depend on the number and quality of circuit.

Also, Rule Breaker? Yeah, that thing is really dangerous for Campione. The definition for Rule Breaker - according to fuyuki - is as follow: A knife that will destroy any sort of thaumaturgy. Objects reinforced with Prana, connections bounded through contracts, creatures made through Prana will be returned to a state before "they were made".

Divine Authorities are magic of the Gods. Rule Breaker negate magic. Do the math.

10/25/2012 #1,039

Wait, I wonder if Shirou traces Rule Breaker and shoves it through their mouth or @$$hole. Would it basically breaks the contract and revert them back to normal human? (Cause as much as I would believe lhklan, RB might lessen against Campione and HG, only negating authorities and such once at time).

If yes, then Pandora and Ephimetheus would be very, very mad at the existence named Shirou Emiya XD

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #1,040
Lord Bishamon

Specifically when it attacks the divinity in question, be they god, hero, or villain, it cuts their connection with the power their myth gives them. For a servant this is pretty much pulling the plug, same with gods and the like. He can also target weapons and things, Gae Bolg is powerful because of its myth if Goudou were to cut it with that sword it would just be a destroyed spear. It might or might not work on the likes of black moon or the Ancestors because in order to use it the wielder has to pretty much know everything about the being he or she is fighting, and Goudou was and is not the most devoted history buff. In this regard the slack is picked up by his harem who all hail from magic circles where knowing this stuff is vitally important.

As for Rule Breaker...I go with the authors decision, whoever the author turns out being. On one hand Rule Breaker cancels magical contracts and the like, on the other Campione are immune to such magics,not to mention they first have to be hit with it. But I forget what was Rule Breakers rating?

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #1,041
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Uh huh. Problem is, once Gae Bolg is activated, Godou will die. Speed, agility doesn't matter if Godou can't get out of the activation range in time - and he can't, his speed can't match Lancer's; his luck isn't THAT high; and he sure as hell can't speed blitz the fastest Servant.

Also, Rule Breaker was Rank C, but it did affect Saber, who Magic Resistance is Rank A. And from what I remember, Rule Breaker was a gift from the Gods to Medea, and Campione are immune to modern thaumaturgy only, so RB can still OHK Campione.

10/25/2012 #1,042
Lord Bishamon

Not kill so much as returned to normal. Still they have to be hit with it first so there is that. All of this just goes back to what was stated before, it all depends on the who's, what's, and situation. Some Campeone will be better at facing certain servants then others I would also argue that anybody who was lucky enough to kill a god, in which Goudou really does count, would have a high luck rating.

10/25/2012 #1,043
lhklan The Unpronounceable

@Lord Bishamon

Agree with "Depends on the who's, what's and situation."

The last one.... not so much.

10/25/2012 #1,044
Lord Bishamon

Are you kidding? It was like the fucking stars aligned for him to get the power to kill a god. He arrives in the city on the day not one, but two heretic gods attack. He just happens to be carrying the one magic tablet that can allow him to steal a gods powers and he just happens to run into the girl that can help him not only unlock the tablets power, but also help him use the divinity cutting sword. You're going to tell me that does not constitute a good luck rating?

Almost forgot...

his speed can't match Lancer's

Actually one of his authorities makes him insanely fast, still wouldn't escape Gae Bolge, but he could probably at least match Lancer in speed.

10/26/2012 . Edited 10/26/2012 #1,045
lhklan The Unpronounceable

I call that Gary Stu.


Uh huh. And he need to activate that with a chant, or being attacked by something outside of normal parameter.

According to OBD, Lancer can attain hyperspeed. Meaning that he can stab Godou BEFORE the guy know what's going on.

10/26/2012 . Edited 10/26/2012 #1,046
Lord Bishamon

Granted he had reasons for them. In story he was carting the Tablet back to a friend of his Grandfathers, who happens to be a rather powerful witch, when the two gods attacked the city, Erica was on site trying to do...something to minimizing the damage and they ran into each other, she recognized the tablet for what it was and the rest is pretty much history.

10/26/2012 #1,047
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Still to Stu for me to take. Pushing my Willing Suspension of Disbelief too much.

10/26/2012 #1,048
Lord Bishamon

It's not much different then say Shirou. Who just happens to be in the right place at the right time to get involved in the war he had no idea about. Or the fact that one of the masters would just happen to be somebody who felt an obligation to keep him alive, and had the means to do it. Or the fact he somehow managed to summon Sabre despite not consciously providing any mana or chants to the circle, and any number of other such things.

10/26/2012 #1,049
lhklan The Unpronounceable

... True.

Well, it might just be that I'm bias.

10/26/2012 #1,050
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