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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Shioran Toushin

ok i know that we all have ideas that may never be written (for diverse situations) and not always relevent to the F/SN, NAsuverse, Sekireiverse or GB-verse.

for those who want to share their ideas to kill those plotbunnies or hopefully build a full story this is the thread, if not, as always i'll ask GB to do me a favor and delete this thread.

to inagurate it i suppose i'll share (posted 3 or 4 times already lol) the weird thing that came from my distorted mind and it's Eldrich plot Bunny of DOOM:

Note: this is a repost so if you notice something weird(errors or things that do not compute) let me know, questions, contributions and YOUR personal ideas are welcome for both the thread and the works, having no more to say.

i'm toying on the idea of a pkmn fic that tries to become seinen, mixing elements from the actual games, the PKMNadventure manga, the movies set into the anime universe while drawing from elements from Fate/prototype and similar stories.

it involves a 3rd and a 4th incarnation of team Cypher from the GC games and draws heavily from the Jewel of Life movie and latter elements from B&W gen. at some pointit's going into grimdark WH40K style war vs complete anihilation with Ash as the 'chosen one' and becoming interested in legendaries and ruins (aura control too, but nothing godlike until the final arc and battle and even then he serves as the vessel for an actual in universe God which boosts his McGuffin to really absurd tiers, and ereases his existence), in one of those adventures he encounters one of the shadows and looses his arm in the temple of arceus and it grants him a new arm (the Mcguffin, able to channel the 16 plate's energy) latter he goes to Orre and helps Wes an Michael to put and end to the 3rd incarnation of team Cypher and grants him his other McGuffin wich allows him to purify pokemon like Wes and Michael

Cue them getting info of the next big bad and him going arround the world to secure the legendaries(not capture them, but some of them want to travel with him like the tao trio in wich he awakened and gave sentience and a purpose to Kyurem whom im going to treat as the original dragon from tessalia, but digressing...) going to take the pokemon's power level beyond what they have in the manga (meaning that they are going to be a little more realistic effects to things such as Hyper beam instead of only barely knocking a pkmn it may as well range from punching trough it to destroy a mountain -or create a tunnel-, while trying to give an explanation of why the legendaries can't normally be put into a normal pokeball and why the attacks don't seem to do that much damage to both pkmns and trainers) the enemy it's the Pokeverse answer to Angra Manyu and be given sentience because the actions of the latest incarnation of Team Cypher whose main weapons are Shades of the legendaries and normal pkmns wich work much like AM!Sakura's Shadow monsters or the Shadows from H/A meaning that the Olympus Shades are pure power, negative emotions put into the shape of the original and can pwn their progenitor, while the non-legendary shades are willess, tireless (can't feel anything) shells that have no concious limiter into their power (i.e. they can and will use recoil moves without penalty can surpass a normal equivalent who is limiting itself -my reason of why the moves are not that damaging or why something like Snorlax body-slamming another pokemon doesn't leave them half dead- and can be mass produced. in other words by the half/second third of the story the world it's going to become a hard cold brutal no mans land and the legendaries are going to show why they are legendaries and not just ultra rare/unique mons

i plan to up them to conceptual levels Nature/divine spirits and sheer concepts like the greation and tao trios, but keeping the Major human characters to E-A Eirei level when boosted by Mcguffins with the exception of the last closing act in wich one of them achieves EX rank trough Self sacrifice, and some of the others the others are going to the max level a 'normal' human can become , i.e. Shiki eother Ryougi or Nanaya without the Akasha or the MEoDP boost.

to be honest i'm toying with plated dark colored heavy and durable material pants (hey he is in a warzone, likes to travel on foot, ride(Suicune or Kyurem) and was into Ruins for a good part of the story, archer style armless shirt since he lost one arm (and was replaced by a near equivalent of the hybrid child between an automail, a devil's arm, fiamma's and touma's arm, i mean it is the hand, power and will of Arceus, you know? the one who created all in that verse) or just a shirt and the other is covered by a lean gauntlet-like gadget that let's him do what Wes and Michael do (likely the aesthetics are the arm from a pilot suit from gundam/Nadesico/Macross a 'jewel-like' gauge in the back of his palm and circuits imprinted that covers his scapula making him looking like he lost both upper limbs when uncloaked, the cloack is an illusion generated from his arceus hand to appear a normal one) and finally a leather(?) jacket to cover his arms and to offer him protection from scrapes (archeologist/ruin enthusiast) his pokedex upgraded with a phone/camera to record his findings and taking a bit from IF Shirou two 'bones of arceus' wich works like a lightsabre powered from Aura and the elemental aligment of the plates, only for them to work more like stunblades as 'life can't destroy life'(but it can cause indirect death or brutal maiming) meaning that when he hits something living/organic the blades work like same polarity magnets upon contact rendering them blunt, to prevent him getting utterly shreded by the shades and members of organizations who are not afraid of having their pokemons or themselves dirty by maiming shooting or ripping you to shreds. Team Rocket is a mostly criminal organization wanting to be the top ogs, much like mafia/organized crime, they are dangerous and can be ruthless, in fact in the fic i wont center too much on them because they mostly run abuisness, unless/until mewtwo comes to play and it's going to render them near useless for the rest of the story, OTOH more ruthless memebers holding a grudge will be part of the penultimate arc incluiding the one with the dark balls an the other that created a machine to induce rage into mixing their tech with Cypher's Shadow tech, and the 'trainers'/ex-rocket agents are going to 'hold' corrupt prototype versions versions of the Legendary Shades.

The main antagonists will be Cypher and guys like Cyrus and team Galactic (and that is because the Rockets lost most of their forces in tessalia/unova to the unification/Tao War courtesy of yours truly and the rest were mind killed by Mewtwo and his Shade, tough Giovanni gives a pretty important key for the heroes to find. the Rockets want global domination buisness-style not total omnicide via pokemon like the ones in Magma, Aqua, Plasma and Galactic do, regressing, team cypher wants power and revenge on Wes, Michael and Ash who dismantled them 3 times, they had been playing with fire and things that should not be played with EVER (like Zoken playing with AM remains an worms) and finaly created 'negative pokemons wich i'll call shades, all power, all rage into a pokemon shape, the perfect weapons, for normal variant they are OP against pokemons not willing to just anihilate them and can be mass produced. for the legendaries? Shade of Lugia created an archipielago on sinnho after nearly killing his counterpart, and that was as an aftereffect of the OHKO strike. fortunately they can only create 1 for each true legend out there (after their prototypes involving just corrupting them or creating shadow pokemon from them as happened in colosseum or gale of darkness)

their main objective? Arceus, but seriously that won't happen and the heroes will save the ay crashiing the organization and then live happily everafter. ... no, the process of creation of the Shades reached critical mass and became self-aware, can you say Hi to the AM of the pokemonverse? and not only that it can and will recreate every Legendary Shade and regenerate them every thime they are brought low until it razes the world and reaches Arceus and when he does.. well its game over, the only good point that they are vulnerable as any pokemon/legendary, they don't have creation nor Tao Shades (as Ash reached Kyurem just after the Orre arc and before the begining of the unification war) and while the AM equivalent is near impervious to damage and it behaves much like a gravemind-overmind-Corrupted grail thing it's not trully inmortal and can be damaged, OTOH ot Evolves way too fast, (think Raphael from Bt'x)

the main arcs are supposed to be:

Unification war: following both the games and the anime if you exclude the 14th movie it's supposed theat the original king/emperor of Isshu had the original dragon and at his theath his two sons ** up the realm by being stupid and causing a civil war, starting by separating the original dragon into Reshiram (truth) and zerkrom (will/ideals), now in this arc it's suppose to go like this: ash finds/befriends/wakes Kyurem who in this case it's the body of the original dragon and gives him purpose, team plasma ** things up an the civil war starts again, Ash and Kyurem beat the ** out of the other 2 legendaries and forces them to bow to him, creating 'perfect harmony' granting or marking him as the protector of the realm, during this Ash is marked in a ruin by the key of the Kings law (because he has the characteristics of a great/good/ideal leadre following the criteria of the ancient people of isshu) the people of Unova recognize him as their king/emperor and him unknowingly accepts (it's a title and basically it's the equivalent of the emperor of Japan= a Moral position of honor, but not in the chain of command politicaly speaking, in case of emergency he is the highest authority and supreme commander of the nation OTOH it functions much like a constitutional monarchy the king/emperor is a fugurehead politically speaking and it's not needed for the goverment to work, OTOH he is the leaer of the people and much of his particular views are aopted by the goerment and people of Isshu, such as declaring criminal organizations such as Team Plasma, Rocket and Cypher anathema to the nation, wich will spark a bloodhunt in order to erradicate those stains from the world) thinking that the title is just that instead of a real posotion in the continents hierarchy

Night of the Hunter: supposedly team plasma allies with Cypher creating the shades an thus they use Isshu as the testing ground, aka living nightmare until the unificated Unova closes the laboratiories an discovers the true exent of the madness

Anathema: ash uses his King/emperor status to eclare criminal organizations Anathema and the conflict is renewed, this time against the mass produced Shades t5his is the catch and main point of plot divergence, in one path the organization manages to create mass prouced and some legendary (gennesect) shades and the prototype raphael/AM equivalent and expands it's creations globaly, in one path the Unification war lasted 3 years and the Night of the Hunter was a fast carnage that lasted about a year (in wich the rocket trio: james, jessie an the cat realized that while they liked being criminals they werent murderers, omnicidals or true evil beings and started to help our group finnaly managing to land positions of knight an maiden of the realm for outstaning valor, by going full against the Shades, this also let james out of his arranged marriage and familial responsabilities, allowing him to reclaim his pokemon-growlie an chingling/chimecho- from his relatives houses and geting into a formal relationship -developed and developing- with Jessie) and the Anathema arcs began after the reconstruction of the continent and after Ash, Iris and Cilian manage to arrange things so the position of King/emperor was only needed in extreme cases, such as an state of National Emergency interrupted by the aparition of the Legendary Shaes and HQ mass produced shades, making ash declare them Anathema to life (because really they are all that) and the war really begins in the other more tamer version the whole Anathema and Night of the hunter became Isshu exclusive arcs along with Blackest night and Brightest day, also in the Grimdark one Ash does get his McGuffins but in the isshu exclusive one his regaila consist in: Kyurem, Reshiram, Zerkrom, Victini, the key of the king's Law (like in fte prototype it's a tatoo an Aura projection, but the only thing it oes is declaring him King) and an ancient lightsaber Chrno crusae-like lightsaber that in the Brightest Day also works like a much nerfed Excalibur.also the 4th movie Suicune decides to follow him while Cilian's regalia consists of: meoletta and as the right hand of the king his is diplomatic tasks an to make sure that the goverment works fine so they can keep traveling the world. and Iris's: the 4 Musketeers, the militar corps as the left hand of the emperor (i dunno where i heard that the right hand creates an the left destroys/consumes but it felt apliable here) she ends up fulfilling her dream to be adragon trainer and one of her titles is princess consort (not that she ever planes to fullfil that duty -at least not in the platonic life partner route- but she deos tease ash once in a while)

Blackest Night: the shades gain strenght, people die, grim darkness, pomemon become Broken monsters (an idea is for torterra to become a ** Juggernaut in the act of protecting one town from the shades, collecting sunlight into his trees and keep it there to either use synthesis or to fire a solar beam, making his ranged attacks so freaking fast that he does not even need to move to decimate the enemy -much like it happens to the Manga's character Venasaur- channeling Solar beam trough his spikes to either create an AoE/Boost or a defensive grid and using underground vines to anchor himself or to atack/efend from range, basically the normal pokemons pulling an Emiya Shiro and manifesting their versions of UBW with degrees of success, and most of the time it's just enough for them to survive. all evils of the world/All the good in this life: Raphael fully manifests, our heroes go to stop him and utterly anihilate him.

Brightest day: Ash sacrifices himself to estroy Raphael, diferent endings: he truly ies, he barely lives, he is revived-or however you may want to call it- or he fights alongside the other heroes with McGuffins and together destroy Raphael. there are some differences in the versions: in one i had planne for Ash to travel with Gary and LEaf/Yellow/White /Hilda to the ruins, in another he is with his canon Unova party, in other Larvitar goes in search of ash an gets tangled in the plot, in yet another one Dawn gets the Regalia of water (she can control external sources of water up to a certain volume of liquid, breathe underwater, etc. not too useless but not too hax-nor too haxable- just enough to not get crunched by the legendaries, Shades, Aura users and and pokemon-made-titans) because i definitely are going to put some powerlevels from the Anime into their pokede escription an also i'm going to put the Legendaries back into LEGENDARY power and height, but use minimize in closed spaces. and the spinoffs focus on developements of satoshi post-isshu and it's arcs and how he interacts with the outside world (in universe Isshu closed his fontiers a month before the Unification war and kept them closed until the last unwritten arc of the spinoffs 4 years latter, while in the main storyline the war took longer and Isshu broke the self-imposed blockade after the Anathema arc.)

most likely it will become part of 'the stories never written', because while i love worldbuiling, mechanics evelopement, and character growth i have no ** iea of how translate the image (video/movie) in my head to the writen word and how to link the scenes. the plot is mostly done in my hea, the problem with the plot itself is that the freaking bunny keeps breeding more and more variations of the same theme. in the first place he was supposed to drop from the face of earth because a misunerstanding/clicheed betrayal/emo loneliness that later would translate in an indiana jonesesque behavior mixed with errant knight and he was going to work with some of the Beest Wishes! characters and thse from the game cube games.

latter it became a group composed from adventurer,researcher,archeologist AKA Ash: Adventurer with traits from Dr. Jones, obsessed with ruins, chosen one and all around battle monster with an affinity for getting Legendaries to love him. Gary Oak: Pokemon researcher, the old rival-friend, 2 power stringer an the logic Guy. Yellow/Green/White: Full time Archeologist, platonic life partner with Gary and have been entreating toughts of forming a relationship with Ash, the knowledge girl an 2nd power stringer.

then again changed to inclue Dawn as a romantic interest an of course i could not let her be crushed by the OMG levels of the battles (because in my idea both pokes an humies will fight, not only the former) i gave her a lesser McGuffin in order to survive. then it changed AGAIN to canon DP ending and the entire prologue/first arc starting in Unova with Cilian and Iris as partners to Ash (and mostly i ignored the Cypher's involvement and the Orre arcs an made the Shades a product of N's insanity) again it changed from a global conflict to a mere continental one. and then the spinnoffs started... tough most of them happen to start post-final Arc (Brightest Day) and deal with the main group dealing with Unova post-war an the repercusins of it for themselves, their people, their friends an family an the rest of the world (mimicking alternate routes in that in a spinnof something happened an in other one something totally different happened, like Champion Cynthia refusing to fight post-war Ash citing that he was a motherf.ucking Godbreaker an she accepted challenges from trainers not from idiots who Break Gods and the Laws of physics/reality for breakfast). hell in most of them the external world did not know what happened in unova since they closed their borders (informatic and comunication borders too, basically the whole continent isolated and made a blockage for itself) since the begining of the unification war (meaning that the rest of the world does or correctly said did not know about Unova even having an Unification War, much lessthe ** that happened after it), just that the blockage laste 3-4 years an that ash is returning home, in many others the goverment of Unova is forced to reveal the happenings of the country and the crowning of the emperor/king (wich may or not have undertones of Scholar Visari's speech, only instead of denouncing 'humans' the 'enemies at home' refers to criminal organizations), and the damned bunny WON'T STOP.

i thankfully have a very defined plot for several unmoveable arcs that are the pillar of the whole thing: Unification War. Night of the Hunter. Anathema. Blackest Night (All Evils of the World/ All the Good in this Life) Brightest Day

not to mention the original spinnoff that had an Arceus-made copy of Ash post brightest day (in wich originally he sacrificed himself to become The Life equivalent of the biggest Nuke ever imagined to destroy the AM/Raphael equivalent, Jewel of Life indeed, and was latter revived thanks to the combined effort of most legendaries -well to recreate and time hax his body so it wasn't perma-ereased from the All Source, in other words the closest equivalent would be Shirou/Saber getting Hit bt R.SHIKI's MEoDP and Avalon Saying LOLNO i activated before you completed the hit, so he/she still exist- and Jirachi wishing for the empty shell of his body to be able to hold and prouce Life, basically he went trough a Wolverine-esque revival) dimension and sometimes even time traveling (with a little baby lesser Arceus) around the multiverse, in his first stop his patrner ** up in the same ruin that granted him his artificial arm, leading to the creation of babies Dialga, Palkia an Giratina -much lesser versions of the local ones or the original ones- and the manifestation of a dimensionaly distorted party of his final team of pokemons from the end of the war asthey did not travel with the copy, nor copies from them were made... until Baby arceus ** up, the list includes the final variations of: Pikachu in scion of lighting form, Charizard in Ancient Armor, etc.

without their originals ability to change back to their original-and sometimes natural- forms so they can partner up with him in his journey across the multiverse-Pokemon Only, so, not crossovers- , and i don't remember if it wa in his first or subsecuent stops that he ened a few years before his local self started his Journey an found a girl Called Green/Leaf (yes i follow that trend) in the lab of a 'team' this also hav two variants, one is that she was part of the '-two' cloning program and thus she doesn't have parents and the other is theat the Team of Psychos kidnapped her and supersoldier experimented on her until she forgot all about them, leaving her an Orphan by ignorance, and she gets adopted by Alt!Ash who is going by the Name of Red because the confusion of Having two Ash in the same story, Red goes to Unify Unova (Again) beforeteam Plasma an N even exist (or form the organization anyway) an the focus of that trip and Main character becomes the Girl and how she sees her adopted 'Father' and her own pokeom Journey, with Red appearing in some situations or when they/she goes/returns to Unova. the new spinoff has posibility for a not instant Harem and teasing Iris, the others were more tame in relationships, the original was/is pure war afterall and the 1st variant has platonic life partens going on mixed with 'Lady of war and undieing Loyalty (and the reaglia to match them AKA instruments of great power, in this case whole groups of legendaries artifacts so the humans can go toe to toe with some of these monsters) and the 2nd version apart from that it has a love interest that goes to the end of the world just to stand with him and 'be worthy' in the last act (much like the scene with Archer and Shirou in 9L, you know, the whole "Can you keep up with me?" thing) and become a battle couple. the rest of the spinoffs and variations are much tamer in sheer conflict and grimarkness than the 2 main versions.

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@ST: Wall of text, just so you know...though what I can read from it (without making my head spin) looks good.

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Shioran Toushin

copied it to note pad and the result was the WoToD (wall od text of doom) hopefully it's more readable now.

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Master Basher

Apart from Shiorans Iron Curtain of Text needing Editin', I'll post my thoughts on my ongoing mutations of my lil' Epic Naruto Fanfic Project.


... I still have a long term goal of writing some "Epic Naruto Fanfic" one day, but it keeps on morphing as I keep away from writing. *Checks Laptop for Old Ideas*

Here's what I've wanted to write for some time, but it ended up morphing into something differant.

It started out as some Evil!Fem!Naruko, with the ending similer to Berserk, in which at first, it all goes well. Hell, even Sasuke finds a love to Sakura similer to Guts. But then instead of Sasuke betraying, Naruko does it and morphs Sakura into some Monster Girl, and kidnaps Sasuke for his Eyes. Itachi saves him, but Sasuke only has one True HAX Sharingan for Amatsamaru, and basically becomes a Guts Expy. And the Naruko in this basically has a Monster Army Harem who wants to build a sanctuary for all the Outcasts.

Second Epic Idea was basically a Berserker Naruto with a RUSSIAN HAT, and most likely a Hanyou and very combat experianced with the super natual. Was raised in the streets and is just a crazy Berserker. Not to mention him fighting of against impossible odds/monsters. Might've thought on crossing over with the Last Idea and have him fight/meet Naruko and Crazy!Sasuke with his Woobie Sakura. This crossover thought also went to some of the other versions of my idea.

Third Epic Naruto could have had him similer to Shirou in that he doesn't care for himself, fights recklessly with a Wooden Sword, and sees the Supernatual. He also has a Mech Arm, and an extemely high Battle Continuation. Personally another prototype, and in retrospect, a Knight Wannabe, who might've rescued children from being monster food.

Fourth Idea (My, this is long), was basically a SI idea of Me raising Naruto, as it began as a sort of Virtual Reality "Raise Naruto Project" set to Lunatic/Phantasm difficulty, and things quickly going off the rails. I've even had a rough Timeline for some of the plot., that included my death, a Holy Grail War, and Naruto renaming himself as Kireme and basically has a LOG as a puppet pal/combat bro, and trying to become a "Hero of Innocence" or something.

My current Fifth Idea, titled "Fate/Magus Night", is basically in a nutshell a Naruto who so wants to be a Magical Girl who is a "Hero of Innocence". Would most likely end up as a Foil to Kiritsugu as Naruto would instead of saving Humanity at the expence of a few, would save the few at the expence of the World, and believes in Second Chances (he'd even save Monsters). I think I've talked a bit about this idea awhile ago.

In slightly more detail...

Personally, I was thinking on a story idea for quite some time now on a type of Naruto/Nasuverse crossover in which I base Naruto in a similer vein to one Shirou Emiya, especially with the life goal to be a Hero instead of wanting to be a Hokage to a Village that just plain hates him. hell, Archer/EMIYA would be an Role Model/Ideal for him.

I've even wanted to have him be distorted in some way. But the differance would be that he'd want to be just like Shirou, yet his origin is Belief, not Sword, so he'd be a much more bigger Fake than Shirou. As for Nasuverse Element, most likely Imagination, and Belief. *And maybe Innocence*.

Also his life goal is to be more of a "Hero of Innocence" that protects the Future instead, and is so obsessed with that Ideal that he's perfectly willing to go way beyond Kiritsugu to protect a single Child over an entire Family. Saving a Single life at the exchange of numerous more, even if said Child is possibly a Monster that could easily end up causing even more bloodshed and destruction, as long as no children are hurt, he's perfectly okay. I'd natually have Naruto run an orphanage.


I was also planning on have Naruto be a 'Wannabe Magician' who had his Chakra System sealed by some Hate Mob in the past, and is Slowly internally distorting himself so he can access Mage Curcuits instead.

Hell, I'd even go as far as include a tiny Little Fears crossover while I'm at it, and make him obsessed with killing Nightmares/Child Abusers/est, with the End Goal of becoming a Heroic Spirit (ignoring the fact that you have to die and be remembered as a legend to become one.)

And I'd make Naruto so obsessed with becoming a said hero that he's slowly performing an "Alteration of the Soul" on HIMSELF by one point per Week/Month, and his Magecraft is fueled by his Innocence/Belief/Soul. Magi walk the path of Death, Naruto himself risks an even thinner line of no longer existing.


Natually, I want him to join a Holy Grail War, after a few chapters worth of High School/Shadow Killer style executions. And the route I envision is a Heavens Feel route. He'd try to save every Child, and ruthlessly assassinate everyone else, including blasting the terrain to pieces.

And his Servant would be the "Yourself" Class from the April Fools joke "Fate/Strange Fake", which is Naruto, stuck with with a Command Seal that can draw aponanyHeroic Spirit for a limited time and at only 5 Times, so Naruto is stuck having to face off against beings much more powerful than his own, with only a Wooden Sword with him and any toys he has on hand.

And there's at least 128 Masters at least competing in the HGW. He's natually against very bad odds, even with those Commend Seals. What's worse is that my version of Naruto has the delusion that he can face of against said Powerful Heroes. Expect him to die, if he even lives without calling apon a NP more than once in Round 1.


The added fact that I might even add the Fate/Extra part of "use all Command Seals = Death" could be another idea. Other than that, one last idea I was thinking of was having at least 7/9 Servants be alternative versions of Naruto (who is under the Atlas Furuato). In list, they are... EDIT: Edited slightly for more clarity/better presentation.

Saber: A Version of Naruto that after some Mob Attack, ended up in FSN Arturia's time as one of her Knights. Was loyal to the King until the end, and sacrificed his own life so that Camelot would have survived a while longer.

His Noble Phantasm is a holy Sword that's made of Wood/Yew that banishes Evil. Personally I based him of my Third 'Epic' Naruto version of Naruto.

Saver (Medic): (just to make a Fanon Class official) A Version of Naruto who became a legendary Surgion, who mainly worked as a Back Alley Doctor. Was able to save countless victims from 'just dead/death' to 'living', but lived a broken life.

Noble Phantasm is more of a Healing Touch that is an Automatic Revive.

Archer: A version of Furuato who focused on her dream more than her life, and continued to work in the shadows as the "Shadow Killer". Destroyed the entire Ninja System and permamently destroyed all knowledge of the Ninja Arts before her? Tragic Death by the Government itself under Crimes against Humanity. Her actions lead to more wars that eventually lead to present day Earth, under a fragile peace. But with no Eldritch Powers controlling Mans actions or destiny.

Noble Phantasm is a Phantasm Killer that is her Origin Bullets made from some Real Life SI that is based on some alien reality. (Real World Physics had no Magic/Aliens), that had killed many things Man was not meant to know. The Bullets work by imposing our concept of Reality unto the victim, rendering the target unable to use any Special Moves at best, and Erased from existance at worse if he's so removed from the concept of 'Human', or just turned back to a Fox/Corpse/est. It's weakness is that once hit with such bullet, the Target would be immune to all forms of Special Attacks.

Lancer: A Civilian version of Furuato who became a wandering Spearman/Guardian, and just kept to rescuing orphans and running an Orphanage without any Chakra or Magic. Managed to eventually defeat TOBI/Juubi with only a wooden spear/sword, and is the embodyment of sheer willpower. Could have been the next incarnation of the Yellow Flash.

Noble Phantasm is a Wooden/Yew Spear, that pierces any Dark Heart.

Assassin: ROOT Naruto. A version that was broken to the point of becoming a Mindless Tool for the Village.

Noble Phantasm's basically Jinchuriki Mode/ROOT Summon.

Rider: Ace Pilot Naruto. A version of Furuato that got sent to the past, and saved the world from a Robot Apocalypse with a old battered Donpachi Plane. Nickname could be "Mobius 1", and would most likely be a known ally/lancer to one John Conner.

Noble Phantasm's s fake version of Love Sign: Master Spark. (Touhou spell.)

Berserker: a Magical Girl Naruko who made a deal with the devil (PMMM Kyubey) into becoming a Magical Girl, and is currently in her Witch Form. Natually they're more of the Magical Berserker variety, as this Naruto/Ko draw's his/her spells/miracles out of Madness, thus Berserker.

Noble Phantasms "Broken Innocence", which is basically the Witch!Naruto's constantly active Reality Marble.

Caster: FURUATO. A future version of Naruto/Furuato that followed his Ideal at the expense of the world, and got was forced into being a Maid that destroyed countless Universes for Eldritch Profit. Is natually planning on preventing her past self from continuing to exist, since she knows that Furuato herself is a threat to all of existance. Broke free of her slavery at the expence of becoming a Counter Guardian, and has undisputed control over a type of True Magic called Paradox Glitch.

Noble Phantasm's a MP Called "Fighting Dreamers", which basically summons any lost/innocent soul/child back into existance, and which enables the realisation of dreams.

Avenger: A version of Furuato who became the living embodyment of Kyuubi and all the Villagers despair. Basically who Furuato really is without her mask at least, and just wants his suffering to end by destroying humanity. Basically an Angra Manyu Expy in some ways.

Noble Phantasm's the Curse of the Forgotten, which basically is a powerful Curse that if killed by, turns one into a wraith under his control/torment.

Gilgamesh: A unholy fusion of CED!Naruto and LIAG!Naruto. Arrogant beyond all measure, was always right no matter how wrong he is, and controls a Brainwashed Harem of Broken Girls who only think about HIM. Natually has in command a Futa!Ino whose seed can turn someone into her/Naruto's Slave, along other mind control methods. Also overpowered to God Mode Levels.

Noble Phantasm's his Kitsune Clan, which summons all the Girls he's enslaved, at full Youkai strength.

Savior: Canon Naruto. 'Nuff said. Noble Phantasm, basically Canon powers.

Ruler: God Emperor of Mankind, stuck in a God!Naruto's Body. Actually lampshades this. Noble Phantasm's to overpowered, since it's tGEoM in full power inside a body of Naruto.

Like my expansion?


But the basis remains the same, no matter how long it morphs, I still want to do a crossover with Little Fears. But am currently more focused in other areas, and I can't seem to 'translate' the image/ideal unto paper. Other than that, I seem to have a thing towards 'epicness' and to try to describe every little detail on my previous preserved ideas would be to fill this post full of endless text.


1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #4

I once had an idea for a kind of Sandman (Neil Gaiman) and FSN crossover - Sorta, anyways.

In any case, it was related to the various True Magics and dreams: True Magics often being things that we wish and hope we could do/accomplish, they would come to attain a sort of faith/worship. In this way an entity would emerge: a sort of personification of that hope that embodied everything about it. For example, the dream of True Flight: flying without wings. TF would be born from everyone hoping and wishing to fly, and would in turn inspire others to hope and wish by giving them dreams. The entities are, for the most part, sentient, symbiotic dreams.

And then someone would make the dream of flying possible, and nobody would have to hope or wish for it again. As nobody needed to hope or wish for the dream, it would whither and die.

But just as there were hopes and wishes, there were also fears and despairs (fear of fire, monsters, sickness etc.). Nightmares also existed, though they in no way had any probs with dreams: most could live together nicely, in fact. (Dream of Flight works together with the Fear of Falling, to name one.) The main difference being that very few people have ever been in a rush to make a nightmare real (and in doing so kill it), and fewer still could ever hope to give up all of their fear/despair (thus ensuring that there's always some fear/despair around to keep it alive). So the nightmares would persist while the dreams would slowly die. So the nightmares would be walking around in the nasuverse, doing what they did.

The only problem I had was in finding an actual plot to go from there. Something to do with TATARI was the furthest I ever bothered to go. Instead I just labeled it as an interesting premise and left it to rot.

1/13/2012 #5

Did anyone put something on Master Basher's food? Those Naruto 'Epics' aren't really his style as far as some posts of his show.

1/13/2012 #6

@whodidthewhatnow: No be honest all of those feel way too convoluted, but it is Naruto, so it's bound to happen eventually...he gets written an infinite number of ways, most of the time into a Marty Stu or "god" Stu...worse than any other character, besides Harry...

But this might just be our mileage(s) varying...a few of the ideas sound interesting...but Naruto as every single Servant Class is way too...unbelieveable, at least IMHO. ^^;

1/13/2012 #7

Er, not worse than summoning EMIYA as every single servant too. The main problem is that in Naruto's world they don't place too much importance in mythical objects or weapons since ninjutsu can fu$k reality already.

1/13/2012 #8
Shioran Toushin

the legenay artifuck would disagree with you: Raijin or however the nindaime's sword was called.

1/13/2012 #9
Master Basher

Technically speaking, the 'Ninja Age' in Naruto could be a promising era for Heroic Spirits. Other than that, the 'Naruto is every Servant' is due to Huge Amount of Masters and Glitch Magic = One Class for every possible Naruto.

There's most likely more than enough Servants for Naruto to fight against, I even have a thought of having him at one point fight against "The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog", and for some reason I imagine said Rabbit being a Bunny Girl who has the Vorpal Blade as a Noble Phantasm... Also, I'd most likely referance all the Narutos at some point in the story, but some would most likely die before even having the chance to face off against Naruto (*Medic Naruto dying by an overdose before Round 1*)

Other than that, I've added the Fanon 'Saver' as a Medical class (instead of Proto-Saviour), now who else could be best suited for the role of Doctor, Twice Peaceman anyone? *Evil Grin*. His master would be... a Secret.

Other than that, plus the UZUMAKAI/EMIYA ripoff, my Naruto would most likely have to face off/kill a few versions of himself, ESPECIALLY the Gilgamesh that is CED!Naruto (which I promise will happen, and pretty much deconstruct what most God!Naruto's really are), who I'd write just like Gilgamesh if this is gonna be written.

As for the Naruto 'Epics', I technically called them 'Epic' just because they where various prototypes of a Naruto fanfic I want to see/write, that doesn't suck compared to most of the fandom. So they'd be lots of scrapping/replacing as I go along, especially as I further develop the idea. For that reason, they're not as expanded (though some could come quite close.)


As for food, the 'previous epics' where the undercooked versions that just reconstructed themselves into another version, up to present day idea. Other than that, I have quite some Imagination, and constantly get sick and just plain tired whenever I see another Fanon Cliche replicate itself and basically does the same thing all over again. I even begin to cringe at the thought of another bloody Wave Arc.

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #10
Shioran Toushin

actually Saver is a canon accepted fanon mae class, as TYPE-MOON adopted the ... NVM i confused servant Ruler with Saver (wich as a enomination of Prototype-Saber AKA Male!Arthur)

1/13/2012 #11

My Oh My Goddess! x FSN fanfic idea in a nutshell

It begins with a flashback, with the young Belldandy and the young Shirou meeting while Belldandy is on Earth for a tour. They become friends and meet each day to play. One day, they exchange gifts as to remember one another in the future. During one of the days, Shirou doesn't arrive in the designated location, opting Belldandy to search for him. She finds out that a great fire broke out in his area, and chances are he didn't live. The gods up in heaven are in an uproar at the destruction the Holy Grail War brought, and the Almighty's decision to overlook it despite the fact that it ended up being disastrous the other three times.

Fast forward to the future. Belldandy finds out that she is bound to receive a phone call from her childhood friend Shirou, now Emiya Shirou. However, she also finds out that he is participating in the Holy Grail War despite its violent history. The Almighty decides to give Belldandy the task of watching over the war while on Earth under the guise of granting Shirou's wish. When Shirou makes a phone call, Belldandy answers and arrives in his own, much to the confusion of the residents. However, Shirou does not remember her at all and he explains that he lost all his memories from before the fire. When Belldandy asks for his wish (much to the chagrin of Rin and Saber), he decides to leave it for later. Belldandy stays on Earth as planned. Meanwhile, Rin notices Archer acting hostile towards Belldandy despite her altruistic behavior and for seemingly no reason. The Grail War continues with Belldandy meeting Kotomine and trying to understand him, but failing to do so. Also, Belldandy confronts the Matou family, and solves their entire situation. She reminds Zouken of his original goal, and he is finally able to find peace and disappears, taking the worms in Sakura with him. She also makes Shinji realize his own self worth. Upon meeting Berserker, she single-handedly undoes his Mad Enhancement and the two share a friendly talk because of their divine status. Up in Heaven, Urd begins to monitor Belldandy's actions.

The entire story reaches its climax when things go similarly to Unlimited Blade Works route, with Archer betraying Rin because she commanded him not to attack Shirou and because he cannot stand Belldandy. After Caster is defeated, Shirou realizes its time to face Archer. Archer reveals his true identity as Emiya Shirou, and, even more surprisingly, to be the Shirou that Belldandy met as a child. He shows her the gift she gave him when they were young, proving his claim. Belldandy cannot understand why her precious childhood friend became a Counter Guardian and is so different from before as he admired superheroes even before Kiritsugu saved his life. He explains his motives like in Unlimited Blade Works. He fights Shirou head to head while Belldandy breaks down, unable to understand why he decided to solve his problem with violence and why she allowed such a thing to happen to him. Shirou defeats Archer.

Gilgamesh arrives and proves to be a very difficult opponent even for the goddess to beat, with his chain being able to bind her and become completely unbreakable. Things are resolved similarly to Unlimited Blade Works, but without the mutated grail in the background. At the Ryoudou temple, Archer finally finds peace with himself, and bids his final farewells to Rin and Belldandy as he disappears into the sunrise.

A few weeks later, Shirou announces that he doesn't want a wish granted. Belldandy returns to heaven, now knowing that her childhood friend has found peace with himself.

1/13/2012 #12

@Shioran Toushin

First, Raijin is filler only so we can't place too much credit on that, otherwise things will spiral out of control. The seven swords of the hidden mist aren't all that impressive if you consider what kind of shit you need to do in order to be considered a Noble Phantasm, and though good enough they are quite underwhelming by Nasuverse standards.

The only weapons of note we know of are the Regalia of the Sage, that with the exception of Bashosen and the other Seal-if-Answered giant pot, you need to use the artifacts together, the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi that apparently is bound permanently to Itachi likewise the Yata-no-Kagami. The Kusanagi of Orochimaru was incredibly sharp, but so far we don't see it doing much.

Really, as far as we know the shinobi doesn't give a shit to legendary weaponry on a general sense.

They certainly won't be trying to find another legendary artifact just to counter another one. Stealing, killing before it can be used, devising counters, they are simply way too versatile to base their whole fighting style on a /single/ artifact.

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #13
Shioran Toushin

actually Raijin is mentioned in canon, by the 3rd, and the sannin, especially Tsunade and Jiriaiya, the actual appeareance of the blade is, like you said, completely filler, and for being a 'legenary blade' it sucked big time. OTOH Orochimaru has the Kusanagi, the mist had their 7 swords and Konoha had the white-fang, not to mention the diamond staff of Sarutobi (wich is a Henge made from his boss summon) and the already emntioned Regalia.

the itachi amnifestations are byproduct of his final techniques, etc.

they like and respct their weapons made legend, but thheir are just thar, weapons made legend because of Who was wielding it and not because they were incredibly special by themselves OTOH the 7 blades are preety much Hax.

1/13/2012 #14

Where does they mention that in the manga? A chapter? Extended material?

And are you that dense on purpose? I just mentioned those weapons as being underwhelming compared to Nasuverse standards, and the fact that they DON'T rely on those weapons to fight for the most part. Hell, even the swordman of the mist that come back can deal a lot of damage without their weapons.

There is NO mentions of them respecting those weapons other than being more powerful than an average kunai, and it is mostly the reverence as "The weapon that Person X used" instead of "That super amazing weapon that just happens to be with person X now".

As for Kakashi's weapon, it fu$king BROKE, and it was considered nothing more as the favored weapon of the Legend White Fang. If He used a fu$king toothpick as a weapon it would be legendary, but on general they don't give jack sh!t to legendary weaponry other than the fact it is a weapon with a few nice tricks.

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #15
Shioran Toushin

no you sad litteraly:

The main problem is that in Naruto's world they don't place too much importance in mythical objects or weapons since ninjutsu can fu$k reality already

you did not compare their capabilities, but their IMPORTANCE and there were manga arcs edicated to freaking weapons, i mentioned that the weapons were important at least at sentimental value, it seems that you misunderstand the meaning of RESPECT with power or usefulness.

re·spect (r-spkt) tr.v. re·spect·ed, re·spect·ing, re·spects

1. To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem.

2. To avoid violation of or interference with: respect the speed limit.

3. To relate or refer to; concern. n.

1. A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem.See Synonyms at regard.

2. The state of being regarded with honor or esteem.

3. Willingness to show consideration or appreciation.

4. respects Polite expressions of consideration or deference: pay one's respects.

5. A particular aspect, feature, or detail: In many respects this is an important decision.

6. Usage Problem Relation; reference. See Usage Note at regard.

im·por·tance (m-pôrtns)n.

1. The quality or condition of being important; significance.

im·por·tant (m-pôrtnt)adj.

1. Strongly affecting the course of events or the nature of things; significant: an important message that must get through; close friends who are important to me.

2. Having or suggesting a consciousness of high position or authority; authoritative: recited the decree with an important air.


"The weapon that Person X used"

is indeed being respectful.

honestly for all talk about me being dense you are showing supreme idiocy by comparing respect and importance importance wit McGuffin plot weapons and power with legends, afterall ain't KNIGHT OF HONOR a fucking Noble PHantasm based onhe incident where Lancelot was forced to fight Phelot unarmed and proved his fighting prowess by claiming victory with an elm branch? what kind hax or reality breaking power had that? i mean he was the better fighter and not an OMG he is superman moment, but i guess for you respect must be using excalibur because with that:

"That super amazing weapon that just happens to be with person X now".

reality called and said: many of fictional, Nasu canon and more importantly real life legendary weapons are LEGENDARY becaus of the fucking person that owned them and not because they were magical crap, if you say important i understant RELEVANT and not McGuffins as you seem to think.

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #16

@ST: If you look up Raijin on the Naruto wiki, it's only in that filler arc and one game...

And the 7 Swords of the Mist aren't HAX as you seem to think... ^^;

@whodidthewhatnow: Have to agree with you on some of that, but not all...

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #17
Shioran Toushin

of course they are not that hax now, afterall it would be like throwing granadeds at Berserker!Herakles

@Lyco, you are right, i assumed that some of them would have mentioned something about Tsunade's granduncle at one point, but it's anime only.

and to be honest having either a regenerating blade, a fucking energy eating sentient blade made of razor scales, be able to feed you, merge with and loyal to you, a pierce aLL blade, a defense ignoring blade, an explosive blade, a cut trough all blade, or a multiform energy weapon do not seem Hax tou you (in any setting?, i mean it's like having a vorpal blade, that is pretty hax, but i suppose that we all are more accostumed to things lie wave motion blades lately)

1/13/2012 #18

@ST: Compared to what has been done recently? I'd say that they're only medium-to-upper tier on Naruto-verse power-scale, but that could be incorrect/wrong...

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #19
Shioran Toushin

that does not mean that the are not legendary or that they don't respect hose weapons, but yeah, compared to the power that is thrown arond lately they jut can't compare

edit: and i apologise to what because skimmed past his latter comparation of power between them.

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #20

Don;t mind me putting my old ideas here,

Shirou working in Midoriya.

First scene is Shirou on a date with Saber in the city of Paris

He wakes up from his dream and prepares to go to work

Nanoha and co arrives at Midoria (This takes palce during the Drama CD where the forwards came along)

Instead of the incompetent threat they have to get rid of, the threat came as a souvenir that Shirou bought from France unaware of its true nature (Though Shirou has been suspecting that it is a mystic code)

Your verdict gentlemen?

1/14/2012 #21

what if canon Louise summons a post hill of swords epilogue Louise

1/14/2012 #22
Shioran Toushin

HoS would beat the stuff out of canon Louise until she became competent using the Emiya Shirou School of Hadr Knocks (and maybe try to summon, or get tiffania to summon shirou and Saber to Make her fammily bigger)

1/14/2012 #23
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Seeing as we're posting story ideas here...

Shirou Emiya, Shiki Tohno and Shirou Takamachi works together to hunt down a particularly sneaky Dead Apostle in Uminari City, during MGLN original season. Then, when A's happens, Shirou T calls in his two old comrades for help, regarding the Wolks.

1/15/2012 #24
Beasts lair's Fraggle

For the MSLN/FSN crossovers, I'm so immersed in writing snippets for Mahou Senki Lyrical Days and writing Fate/ Night Sky that I find it hard to come up with material for such ideas without having the MSLD and F/NS verse telling me it doesn't make any sense. For one, Shirou is most likely a member of Nanoha's generation, not her fathers :P

I need my beast's lair fix T_T. Still can't connect to the site.

1/15/2012 #25
lhklan The Unpronounceable

@Beast Lair

Shirou Takamachi is in his MSLN's age. Shirou and Shiki are both around 20-22, a few years after FSN and Tsukihime ended.

I use them to keep a theme: All 3 have the word "Shi" which can be understand as death in their names (for those that don't know much about Japanese anyway)

1/15/2012 #26

@Fraggle: I know what you mean; I have a hard time thinking of Shirou E. as being the same age as Shirou T. ... XP

Yeah...BL being down sucks...

1/15/2012 #27
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Goddamn it Lyco, did you even read my post?

1/15/2012 #28

@lhklan: Yeah, I did; I know what you said there, but I do still have a hard time seeing Shirou E. and Shirou T. being near the same age or whatever...I blame those two fanfics Fraggle mentioned, one which is his and the other that he likes to hijack...

Sorry. ^^;

1/15/2012 . Edited 1/15/2012 #29
Beasts lair's Fraggle

in canon Shirou is17 years old around 2006 and Nanoha is 9 years old around 2004. But both my own fic and MSLD have completely distorted my image form the canon one _

crap, my crack pairings of MSLD has now also become squicky T_T

1/15/2012 #30
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