The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Imca and Riela's rivalry for Kurt's affections becomes well known among the squad 422 with Kurt oblivious about it.

6/10/2012 #181

Just thought it would be funny if Louise summoned Jiraiya as her familiar.

6/11/2012 #182


She will definitely kill him LOL


Shirou having girl trouble LOL

6/11/2012 #183

Anyone else want to see Shirou in Space Jam? And not just him walking in and trashing the mon-stars. (possibly cause he has to get the "basketball power" back to the players?) Just something random that I thought of while listening to

6/12/2012 #184
Zalgo Jenkins

A time gate opens between the Trinity Blood era and the Hellsing 'vers. Bishop Maxwell knows a good thing when he sees one, though. Soon, Section XIII works out a cross-time exchange program between their respective enforcement departments.

Cue Alexander Anderson, necrophobic, fanatical assassin extraordinaire, assigned to team up with the long-suffering Abel Nightroad (a "Krusnik"). As they investigate the growing Millenium menace -- or more accurately, Abel investigates while Anderson massacres everything in sight -- Abel begins to wonder whether he'll survive long enough to enjoy a nice, sugary cup of coffee. And who's this "Alucard" person everybody's talking about?

It would be like a really twisted, violent buddy cop movie. With vampires.

6/12/2012 #185

Adult Shirou/Pre-Archer as a brony.


6/13/2012 #186

AU Adult Shirou married with AU Arthuria Pendragon; their life in Japan or in England.

6/19/2012 #187

Recognize the knightmare frames from the Code Geass DS Game?What if they appear after the Messenger from Kyoto episode?

6/23/2012 #188

FSN mass xover where during conception of HGW no one knows what Zelretch contributed and after first it is assumed he "created" a variable class called "Fighter" where hero is known for their physical ability or hand to hand prowess than their weapons that could replace one of the other 7 classes in a war.

The first 2 wars have strange heroes that they could did not know but assumed that throughout history just as many HS's came to be, some may have become obscure for one reason or another but still exist as HS due to some still knowing their tale.

It is after third war that ppl realize that what Zelretch really did was make the grail summon HS's from alternate realities using a form of Kaleidoscope and that these HS's are known to us through manga,anime, and light novels that tell the tale of ONE of their many realities which is considered to be the "most common form" of their legend.

In 4th war:


Tokiomi: Alucard as archer

Waver: Whitebeard/Nura Rikuo as rider


Uryuu: Gecko Moria/ Aroneiro(9th espada from bleach) as caster

Kirei :Zetsu as Assassin

Kariya: Juggernaut Drive Hyuodo Issei/Super hollow ichigo/ Magia Erebia encrouched Negi Springfield as berserker

6/25/2012 . Edited 6/25/2012 #189

Valkyria Chronicles Universe with transformers Aligned Continuity.

Imagine Isara's tank is actually a transformer or the one in Nameless in the third game installment is actually a transformer in disguise of a tank.

6/26/2012 #190

I've had this idea in my head since High School. If there are any Pinoys here in the forums then you should be familiar with the novel "Noli me Tangere". It's basically a work written by our national hero Jose Rizal which basically is somewhat of a commentary about Philippine society during the Spanish Regime. The main Characters of the story are Crisostomo Ibarra, an educated "Indio" and his childhood friend and lover: Maria Clara. You can wiki the otehr details of it if you want to find out more about it.

Anyway, I've always thought about making a fanfic about it where an OC character (half Jap/ half pinoy) who is actually in fact the decendent of Rizal (our nat'l hero has quite the awesome harem based on what I've read about him). gets sucked in the original copy of Noli me Tangere Fushigi Yuugi- style. He meets moe Maria Clara. Befriends her. NTR's original protag. saves Maria Clara from her fate (its implied that she gets raped on a daily basis by the villain priest at the end of the book). All of this while dealing with his own personal demon's (his deceased lover who looks exactly like maria so he doesn't know if he really likes her or not) and also the fact that the world his in is basically a world of fiction so its not really real.

It's a pretty convulated plot I know. but I always thought that the idea is interesting. I'm not really confident in my writing though so chances are I wouldn't be able to pull it off anyway, that's why the idea has never made it past the inside of my head.

6/27/2012 #191

Type moon and Valkyria Chronicles universe

A Gallian general found dead in his office last last night, perpetrator unknown.

Assassin anyone?

6/27/2012 #192

Shirou in VC universe, here he's the son of the infamous Emiya Kiritsugu; the foreigner whose method shock the entire Europa during EW1.

(Bombed buildings, civilian casualties, war crimes in order to win the war that surprise even veterans from both sides in Europa.) are among the things Kiri did. Also, well known for the assassination of important people from both sides.

6/28/2012 #193
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Inspired by BajaB fic, The Substitute.

Fake or Real?

Lily Potter smiled. She had finally find the spells necessary to protect her family. Closing her eyes, she concentrates and began to chant.


"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!"

Not Harry, please no don't kill him, take me, kill me instead —"

"This is my last warning —"

"Not Harry! Please ... have mercy ... Not Harry! Please — I'll do anything..."


"So... I'm a fake..." THe imitation of Harry Potter whispered, before he began to laugh. It was not a joyous laugh. It was a desperate, broken laugh, one that should not come from someone so young "So they was right! I really AM a freak"


When he saw the 4 hostages, he hesitated. He should have just take his hostage and go. He should have just left the other 3 behind.

But that was not who he is. His conscience would not let him, his heart would not let him, part of his mind would not let him, and his soul, even if other doubt its existence, would never let him leave others behind for his own sake. Hermione told him he had this "saving people things".

And so he waited. Cedric came, and the older Hufflepuff rescue his girlfriend, nodding in the boy direction. Then came Krum, and the boy gave the older champion his knife, and the half shark cut his best friend free, offering a nod of gratitude. Sensing that the time is almost up, the young boy decided to free both of the hostage left behind. Apparently, the merpeople didn't like that. He had to blind them with a Lumos spell before he could escape.


"Then goodbye, little Golem. Avada Kedavra!" The green curse flew, toward the one once known as Harry Potter.

'Now I'm glad I left Cedric behind' Harry though, a wry smile start to play on his lips. He was about to accept his death, to be free of everything, when a thought struck him.

"Accio Macnair!" The Death Eaters were shocked, and thus no one did anything when one of their comrades flew into the path of the Killing Curse.

A tense silence followed, before Harry stand up. Closing his eyes, he gather his breath.

"If I'm dying... " the boy opened his eyes, and some of the gathered men had to take a step back at the sheer determination inside those green orbs "I'M DRAGGING YOU WITH ME!!!"

The boy charged.


I'm continuing this later.

7/1/2012 #194
lhklan The Unpronounceable

My idea above doesn't actually end there. Rather, the DE decided to dump the body into the sea to deprives the Unspeakables of a valuable specimens. Burning it is out due to the fact that the those guys have spells that can reconstruct ashes, and taking an abominations with them is out of question.

The thing is, the Golem stopped being a Golem, and actually became a human beings. Magic is semi-sentient and it's actually a bit merciful. So it nudged a Muggleborn Hit Wizard into finding the boy, and leaving him with a family of his friend.

4 years later, the 2 parents is killed during DE raid, while Harry was travelling with the HW to find out about his past. He went to London, and thus our story finally kick off.

7/1/2012 #195

Music Meister singing OST and music from Type moon universe when Zeltrech brings him there for the lolz.

7/2/2012 #196

VC Universe 70-80 years later after the first game.

Like a documentary, some of the characters still alive and well old.

7/2/2012 #197

Orion Pax (Teenager) and Megatron (Orion Pax's teacher), the survivors from The Cybertronian Civil war in VC Universe,

Here Orion Pax is described as Megatron's student while the same can be said to the latter. Orion teaches Megatron how to read while Megatron teaches young Orion how to fight; against bullies from school of all people.

Both have Tank alternate forms on earth.

7/3/2012 #198

Not sure if this is a stupid idea or not but... here it goes anyway

Basically it's a Fate/Stay Night vs Fate/Zero crossover or something. Any way when I was looking through Fate Stay scenarios I came across one of the endings of Fate hollow ataraxia where Rin some how manage to accidently revive all the servants and masters (except kotomine) in the 5th Grail War.

The plot will probably start before or mid-way through the 4th grail war when no servant or master has died but has been all summoned. For the concept of making it somehow believable we can always blame Zelretch some way or another. The ending of fate/stay night can go either way however since in my opininon it doesn't really matter. However a key difference will be that Bazett will be alive and Lancer's master and instead of the conventional Saber it will be Saber Lily since having exactly the same Saber will be confusing. Also Shirou should atleast some pro-efficiency of his reality marble since they would be summoned a few months after Fate/Stay night.

7/4/2012 #199

Medaka Box and Melancholy of Haruhi crossover would be interesting. Can't help but draw parallels between Haruhi and Anshin'in.

7/4/2012 #200
enigma calling

Alright a quick idea that came to me, out of nowhere really. The basic idea was that archer had to play bodyguard for someone because they were important to the survival of humanity and this is the prologue i came up with.



The universe is a very large place. So large, that not even the mightiest of existences can predict exactly what will happen in the future. Such is case with the Earth. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth itself, and Ahkasha the spirit of humanity.

Both of them constantly trying to out manipulate the other; Gaia to kill the humans that will one day kill it and Ahkasha to preserve humans against all odds.

But the universe is a very large place.

And it is so that far away from the earth, a battle was being fought, between two mighty beings on par with the Aristotles. But their battle is not important, what is important is that neither Gaia or Ahkasha had any idea it was happening. Thus when a fearsome spell missed its target and impacted against a great meteor, tainting it with power and altering its path into a course that would one day intersect with that of the earth. Gaia and Ahkasha had no idea until it was within decades of impact.

With this event plans were made, discarded and changed. But each had a single overriding goal, ensure that the meteor hits wiping out humanity and stop it, saving humanity.

There was a problem though. None of the Counter Guardians were capable of stopping this impact and no-one on earth knew it was coming.

Desperately, well as desperately as an over-spirit of humanity was capable of being, Ahkasha scanned the destinies of all of mankind seeking someone who had the potential to prevent the extinction of the human race. After this process had finished the spirit of humanity came to a worrying realisation, there was one person who might be able to stop it... in twenty years. Also Gaia would not be idle, and would send beings to kill him before he could stop the meteor, what he needed was a guard, one who could protect him and fit in with the world as it is for a long time. Direct control would not work for this, the person would need his will, options were considered and discarded until one was chosen and manifested.

The red and black garbed counter guardian, who was once known as Shirou Emiya, looked around at his surroundings as he realised his mission and then looked at the house where he knew his charge was staying, and sighed "why me?"

7/6/2012 #201

In SRWL, Hayase Koichi from Linebarrel and Shinji from Eva are best friends. Both are screwed up pilots. What's their story?

7/9/2012 #202

Valkyria Chronicles Non-crossover.

A OC character confess his love towards either The Edelweiss or the nameless tank as in actual love confession from a teenage boy in your cliche romance anime in high school.

Of course. someone was watching him doing it and rumors spred about him and his confession.

Riela, Imca, Alicia, Edy, marina, Isara

7/12/2012 #203
Cirex Review

This is an expansion of an idea that I had posted in the Sekirei X-over thread:

A Sekirei ship lands in Anatolia, about 8000 BC, when humans have just started to come together into primitive towns. A dozen sekirei become bonded to a young man, who displays frightening psychic abilities. With his sekirei, he begins a quest to unite the human race under his rule, not knowing that it will end in blood and sorrow, for he is not the only man with sekirei at his command, and the ensuing conflict will make ancient eyes turn their gaze towards Earth.


It is the Forty-First Millennium, and the Imperium of Man is assaulted from all sides by xenos, heretics, mutants- and worse. An Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, the "Alien Hunters", has dispatched a Deathwatch Kill-Team to the Feral World of Minerve to retrieve a xeno space and it's precious cargo; one hundred and eight sekirei and the Jinki; an artifact of immense power.

But the Imperials are not the only power wishing to claim this prize...

7/27/2012 #204

70-80 years after the events of Valkyria Chronicles. a young man encounters Optimus Prime with a tank alternate mode during modern day.

The said young man is like Welkin with the fascination for robots rather than nature.

7/28/2012 #205

AU Amuro Ray being approached by the Kids Next Door.

Here Mr. Amuro Ray is an adult; an owner of a toy shop and former soldier of a war among adults.

8/6/2012 #206

Anyone wants to hear this Gundam UC X Codename: Kids Next Door crossover.

Operation U.C:

U: Universal century and

C: Codename Kids Next Door crossover the world has never seen before.

Amuro Ray is a 22 year old shopkeeper for Ray's Toy Shop; well known for the store's original patented product: Haros. What people) fail to realize is that he was the famous pilot for the experimental You'll-See technology Gundam RX-78 Unit seven years before the events of Codename Kids Next door begins.

Here Amuro is kind to kids but he tends to be anti-social for a mysterious reason; something that Hoagie Gilligan never noticed other than being exhausted from working as an adult. In fact, his eyes look soulless like he's not even there with occasional daydreaming while work.

Seven years ago, there were two companies (E.FF and Zeon) competing for the innovation of the latest technology for the adults against kids but sadly, the technology is used against each other in the adult war which is known as the One Year War.

Now, The Titans (remnants of E.FF corporation) is reviving back the You'll-See Technology; something that shocks even the KND to take action. However, the Titan's Greed is now aiming for both adults and kids tyranny to stand on top of the world.

Amuro Ray is now being forced to fling back into the battlefield against his will; only to find himself being rescued by his number one customer Hoagie Gilligan and the rest of Sector V as he is brought to the moonbase as a guest or prisoner from the Titans.

What do you guys think?

8/7/2012 #207
Cirex Review

I'd read it.

8/7/2012 #208

@ WH40k x Sekerei

I have but 1 request. Put Cypher in it. Failing that please remember that Chaos Space Marines are not all evil. I know Chaos Rogues are all consolidated under the banner but their all not tyrants, pirates or Chaos worshippers. In the fighting that's all you would hear about as rougues that aren't likely to start shooting you don't make for good narrative. Admittedly I side with the 'Fallen Angels' of the Dark Angels (They were not the traitors the others where) so I am biased.

Speaking of my bias... your story could use CIAPHAS CAIN HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!!! *sigh* if there was only some way to emphasize that. (As that is the way you must refer to him). Oh and Jurgen- heh interesting to see how a blank interacts with him mwhahahaha and the inquisitor hehehe

@ Gundam UC X Codename KND

Sounds interesting... not my type of thing but thats cause I've never seen Gundam UC. My knowledge is limited to Gundam: Federation vs Zeon video game, The Black Tri-Star and the last fight of the Big Zam and one manga about 1 guy who disappeared... or was taht another gundam...?

Either way- limited knowledge limits my ability to be enthused.

8/7/2012 #209

Of course the battle of A Boa Que tales place on a floating Island on earth rather than in space. Yes, the name of the location is intentionally misspelled.

This is what KND from 7 years ago recorded before one of the recon squad was brought to the hospital.

The battle was intense and the reason why You'll-See Technology was never used until now is due to economic reasons and bad reputation regarding the battles and the usage of the technology.

8/8/2012 #210
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