The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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*sigh* Why is it that when I post something I'm really proud of, it's always at a bad time. Oh well, it is Friday 13th.

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At least our anti-virus programs can handle the Friday the 13th virus...

unless you believe that Murphy will visit almost everyone here every Friday the 13th.... XD

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@Sagi: It was a funny read, and I'm waiting for the next. Haven't read and replyied later because my home has under a blackout.

@OD: I'm aware of the Cracker/Hacker difference, but hacker is the most known term.

@Nitewind: Sorry if I sounded like an *ss on my last reply, I was just too cranky. I haven't had much time to write and I kinda rushed to post so it might have came out unpolished.

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Good job on the newest installation of Code Black!


I enjoy Aogetsu's first encounter with a Mamooru(?)

BTW, I was at school when it was updated, so don't blame me.

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Servius Regis


Cracker also happens to be a racial slur unfortunately. I've really never cared about it but some people do.


So I tried working on the next chapter of Paradox Sun. Unfortunately, my muse decided to be uncooperative.

So, after beating it with the stick known as Civilization V for a few hours, it finally complied and gave me inspiration...for a brief epilogue of the Clocktower incident.

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So I tried working on the next chapter of Paradox Sun. Unfortunately, my muse decided to be uncooperative.

So, after beating it with the stick known as Civilization V for a few hours, it finally complied and gave me inspiration...for a brief epilogue of the Clocktower incident.

Sad as it is, I can relate. I've been trying to write up the next part of Paradox Sun II for a while now with no luck. In the end, I just decided to focus on Aogetsu. Speaking of which, what did you think about the last chapter? I haven't tried writing a full length comedy in a while, and I could use as much feedback as possible. That, and considering you wrote SoL, you're pretty much the most accomplished comedy riter here.


Speaking of MGQ, does anyone have any idea when part three will be fully translated?

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Servius Regis


Eh, I'm not that good with eroge stuff. Things along the line of MGQ isn't my forte when it comes to writing.

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Gotta feel sorry for our poor incubus, once he realizes the slime girl is not anywhere close to unique, just weak.

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lhklan The Unpronounceable

I'm more worried about when his Incubus side finally took over.

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I'm more worried about when his Incubus side finally took over.

It'll happen. Gradually. The full effect wont hit until part two though.

BTW, I've been debating a topic wit myself for a while and I was hoping you guys could cast a verdict on it. For those who've played the game, I'm pretty sure a lot of you would remember the little monster bandits. I had this idea about them forcing Aogetsu to take them with him and train them, but I can't decide whether or not I should go through with the idea. Thoughts? Either way, I'm sure I can make the story work. Plus I can add a few more running gags in the story with them coming along.

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You know guys... I've got writers block so my brain comes up with random ideas... So is this a cool idea? Sword weapon- Yamata no Orochi: a blade forged by (insert blacksmith here) to fight against inhuman monsters, even if they have no magic abilities, the hilt has a hidden compartment that can hold various poisons that feed into the blade and turn even glancing blows into killing blows, the blade itself was forged from the scales of a dragon... Sword type: katana
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wrong section

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Wrong section?
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Lore questions go there.

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What does it take for an individual to achieve a reality marble?

Also would an original character be considered overpowered if they had one?

Because I would have expected a few of the clan kids to have achieved their own, especially since reality marbles have to be one of the most beloved/favored aspects of the Nasuverse.

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For a person to gain a Reality Marble their view of the world must be extremely flawed or different to that of that of a normal human. It is so difficult that only 7 throughout the entire history of mankind has ever achieved it, most achieve when they are not human anymore (i.e. Heroic Spirit, Dead Apostle) and with the exception of Shirou Emiya all of the users of Reality Marbles are insane in one form or another but you cannot consider him completely sane.

Also they are powerful, inside a Reality Marble the caster is akin to a god. It his world, his rules and you happen to be in it. It isn't unbeatable but the steps to beat it are as absurd as Reality Marbles themselves.

I personally have several reasons on not giving the children Reality Marble (several of those rhymes with Sue) but mostly because of the sheer difficulty of achieving it at all. Of all the characters in Nasu that has Reality Marbles only one is human the other three are not anymore.

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #4,036
The reality marble is basically the manifestation of a person's soul into the physical plane... It isn't something that is too easy to learn or master... It isn't genetic either... Plus there are some in the clan with a reality marbles... Shiro, Musubi, and Takeshi... They aren't considered overpowered ( please note that that number may be larger or fewer than what I said since I don't know what the cannonisity of those are at the moment
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Servius Regis


There is only one person in the clan with a reality marble. That's Shirou.

Musubi and Takeshi don't have them. Musubi is distorted but doesn't have one. Takeshi only has his little demon head illusion.

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@SR. Thank you sir, I read two stories (an omake and a fic) where both of them had reality marbles... I didn't know if at some point you could have made those bits cannon... I just wanted to cover my bases
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Servius Regis


I remember that there was an old omake on the first TFF Omake thread, but that was not one of the ones incorporated into the EC. I have no idea what this fic you're talking about is though.

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I may have misread it but the one where all of the servants in the holy grail war are replaced by the Emiya children (the fic itself is referred to as AU) and I didn't know if you would take things from there and put it into cannon (like the Kung Pow chicken) like I said I wanted to cover my bases... And I might of mis-read the story as well
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oh that, yeah I made a large fic on that. look it up in the collection I posted. Anyways, that 'Reality Marble' was more of Angra mainyu than anything else and they were already dead at that point.

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Yep yep... I wondered about that... And actually I have to ask... Who do you think is the most likely kid to get a reality marble... Cause considering everything having at least 1 kid with a reality marble (or heck one of the 3rd gen clan members if you don't want to) would be just plain awesome
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Servius Regis

The person in question would have to have such a distorted view of the world that they could barely be called human again. It would take a lot of development to create one. We can't just do it because it's "Cool."

I uh, actually plan on using one in the future.

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And I'm sure that several of the kids would fit that description (Shinra, Eiko on alternate interpretation, DaHaru, Alicia (Jkjkjk) and Sakuya if she goes nuts) so I'd say that the reality marble thing has a chance... Just not a big one
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Haru gains access to the Millenium Castle way into the future. Daharu already accessed it back in his timeline. Natsu and Aogetsu would be the most likely of Haru's children to even come close to accessing it as well.

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So there are cannon instances of kids getting reality marbles... Sweet
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All right here's a little snippet from the new series.


As of the current age there are five True Magics. While the Second, Third and Fifth need no introduction, little is known about the First and Fourth. Nobody really knows for sure what the First is even though it is said that it still exists in some form.

The Fourth's domain is 'Time-Space'. Not to be confused with some of the powers of the Second. It allows nigh-unparallelled control of time itself. While it's user can move through time and space that is one of it's more simple abilities. It can grant immortality similar to that of the True Ancestors, or it can be used to halt someone's aging, reverse it or even kill them by accelerating it. It's power are limited only by the user's own understanding of the universe.

It is a good thing then that the only person to ever learn and master it was a rather pacifistic man. He is known as Aeon. In his youth he was a friend and eventually student of Zelretch. Unlike his master he never was able to fully master Kaleidoscope. He was however fascinated by it's abilities regarding the Time-Space continuum and eventually he was able to master the Fourth Magic. Fortunately for mankind he did not inherit his teacher's sense of humor. Instead he is content to sit outside the flow of time and watch humanity grow.

Originally he had absolutely no contact with anyone other than Zelretch, but this changed the day that his mentor insisted on meeting him.

When Zelretch arrived at the meeting spot he had four children with him as well as the most furious look Aeon had ever seen on his face.

"Master is there a reason these children are with you?" He asked warily.

The older man was glaring daggers at his former apprentice.

"Yes. There is. These children are your responsibility now."

"What?" Aeon asked flatly.

"Their world's have each been destroyed by different things, things you saw, things you could have prevented, but instead you chose to sit idly by. If you don't believe me look into their pasts."

Aeon did just that. He kneeled in front of the oldest; a young boy with black hair and blue eyes, and touched his forehead. Instantly he saw several things:

A battle between a divided family that never should have happened.

A man in gold armor fighting against those he helped raise.

The child staring at the bloodied corpse of his father, killed by the people he considered family.

A woman crying over the mans corpse before being cut down herself.

The child staring at the bloodied corpse of his mother, killed by the same people.

The child staring down at the corpse of the man who murdered his parents.

The child staring at Zelretch before being taken from this hell.

And then it ended.

The vision left Aeon gasping for air.

"Look at the past of the twins." Ordered Zelretch motioning to the middle two. One was red haired with green eyes while the other had brown hair and a mix between gold and amber colored eyes.

Again he did as he was told, and again he saw hell. It was the same war the, same golden man and the same woman, except this time there were two children watching it all.

The master of Time began to weep. He had seen these events unfold, but decided not to interfere and in doing so caused these children to go through pure hell.

He stood up and made his way towards the youngest only to be stopped by his master.

"I think it would be best if you waited to see this one's." Advised the old man.

Aeon looked at the young man; he had silver hair and crimson red eyes. Judging by the child's body language it was obvious that he was also rather shy.

"Very well."

He looked at the the children. "I suppose you'll all be staying with me now."

"Please take care of us." Replied the oldest with a polite bow.

"Ya got a computer?" Asked the red haired twin.

"Or some cool weapons." Added the other.

"U-um th-thank you." Said the youngest boy.

"Well actually we won't be staying at my home. We'll be staying somewhere else for a little while just until I can get my home in shape."And in the space-time continuum for starters.

"If you don't mind my asking what is the name of the place we will be staying at?"

"I'm glad you asked...uh...I'm sorry what were your names again?" Aeon asked

"I can't believe I forgot introductions." Said the eldest putting his hand in front of his face. "Forgive me. My name is Akira. Age fourteen."

"I'm Ryunosuke, but you can call me Ryu. I'm twelve." Replied the red haired twin.

"Kenta. But don't call me that. Just Ken will be fine." Said the other.

"K-Kaitou o-or Kai which ever is easier. Eight."

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you all." Aeon said smiling.

"Now to answer your question Akira. The name of the place we will be staying is called Avalon."


Before anyone asks no Ryu is not related to Matsu Karin or Chisame he was raised around them but that's it. All four of them have the same parents, Gilgamesh and Caren, just different versions of them.

Also Akira, Ken and Ryu are from The AU where the clan wound up fighting each other (Pretty sure somebody wrote something about it.)

Kai's will be a secret for now.

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #4,048

So how much power does the Emiya Clan hold? I know that the family basically owns MBI and they Top ranking members in the Clock Tower, what I want to know is the Clan capable of acting like deterrent force?

7/13/2012 #4,049


All four of them have the same parents, Gilgamesh and Karin, just different versions of them.

I'm pretty sure that you meant Caren & Gilgamesh, and the AU Clan Wars was a Holy Grail War in maxi's BK fic...unless you are talking about the Grimdark!Emiya Clan timeline, similar to Eiko and Daharu/DA!Haru...

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