The Mechanics of In Flight
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Another update of this:

A Familiar Fate 5

I had to drag my useless servant to the castle, and drop by the infirmary. Worst of it: When she woke up and I mentioned what I did she said it was a good workout!

"She needs the rest. You can see her tomorrow." Mrs. Longueville called from behind me. I left the room, but as I closed the door I heard the secretary say something quite interesting.

"You haven't told her about the runes." It was not a question.

"She has to master her power before learning something that could only inflate her ego." My familiar answered.

"So you're keeping it from her? Even if it could help?" Is Keiko denying me help?

"You said yourselves this only means there is no known magic in Tristain that would work for her." Well if it won't help, it makes sense.

"And you think wasting her time pretending to teach something while teaching nothing at all is better. How many spells did she learn?" Mrs Longueville asked annoyed.

"None. Why do you care?" I ran away, doing my best not to cry.

My familiar, my own familiar in whom I invested all my trust is betraying me, keeping things from me. Things that could help me realize my dream of being a mage!

"None. Why do you care?" I threw the best glare I could at her, which considering my fully bandaged (annoying nurse!) state was ridiculous. "She must learn how to control her power, and shape it at will before she attempts magic. If she doesn't she will never manage more than explode things. Besides, if no known magic works for her, we just have to create new ones!"

"You say like it's easy."

"I have created three spells in my life. Is more than most mages can boast of, and I'm still young."

She snorted. "Probably ridiculous things at best. You're good for a line class mage, but you're not that good."

"What's with the geometric forms?" I ask, genuinely curious.

"I beg your pardon?" She seemed stunned at my question. "That is common knowledge!"

"Not where I come from. Can you explain, please?"

"It have a relation with how many elements a mage can use, and how much power backs a spell. Dot is level one, Line is level two-"

"Triangle is level three and so forth so on… I got it. Sorry to burst your bubble then lady, but while I'm no average one, like my mother who could use all the elements…"

"All the four?" She asked stunned.

"Five." I corrected. Come on Ether is not the most useful thing but I can use it quite well.

"Fi-Ve!?" She stuttered.

"Yes, Pentagon class? Or would advanced level mean 3 so that makes… how would I call a fifteen vertex polygon?" I mumbled most to myself.

"Five…" She mumbled again. How annoying!

"Yeah, Five! One, Two, Three, Four, Five, nice huh?" I counted on my fingers as one would to a particularly annoying toddler.

"Impossible, you can't use Void along with other elements!" She finally snaps out of it.

"Void? You mean Ether? It's not very useful, or easy to combine with anything I give you that, but not impossible." I wonder if their views on magic are as limited as their social structure.

"Your mother was a Void mage…"

You know what, think what you will, I'll sleep this headache off. I'm tired of this mumbling idiot.

A metal corridor was in front of me. Damp, cold walls, the smell of sea, a wide room at my back, lined by hundreds, no thousands of tons of metal twisted into arms, legs and other parodies of body parts. A giant eight-legged lizard made of metal, a Basilisk as it's called rested in the middle of the room, visible damaged (or would it be hurt?) and metal crates all around it. I walked to it, my own body feeling beaten and broken, and picked a metal box with some funny attachments on the floor.

"It won't work yet sis. I told you I needed two hours to fix it at least." I turned to the source of the voice. A man around his thirties, long, rustled red hair and a white coat stained with grease and dirt continued his methodical work in the beast.

"But Karin, Kaname, Tessa, they…"

"I know. We're doing our best. We will find them." He gave a crooked smile. "Now, go rest before I call Chiyo to put you to sleep."

"Kay, bro."

"Kiri will join us. He said the Middle-eastern can wait for three days, and he doesn't want to lose a sister." I felt a smile forming in my face.


I woke up by instinct in the middle of the night. Something, no someone is in my room.

"Stop it servant, I'm in no mood for your games." I pointed the gun she made me keep below my mattress.

"Servant?" The voice was soft, melodious, and familiar. My eyes widened in recognition.

I put the gun down immediately. "Princess Henrietta!?"

"Louise!" I jumped into her embrace without really thinking… "Why are you crying my friend?"

"I'm not crying." I denied, even though I could feel my face wet.

The tower shook slightly. Then again. Then once more. It was a rhythmical sound, like… footsteps. Followed by a loud bang. Oh no.

"Louise?" The princess called my name. I ran to the window.

An enormous silhouette hunched near the central tower, battling with a smaller figure that unleashed eventual flashes of light that exploded in contact with the golem. I searched for my wand. Light came from the window, bright as a lighting bolt.

Left! My instincts screamed, and I jumped as fast as my reinforced legs could carry me. I knew I was forgetting something! The traitor, it was her! The secretary!

Right! Jump, run for cover. Shit! I stop before a hand reduced me to paste. I could hit her if I knew where she was, but I have more pressing matters to deal at the moment…

The earthen monstrosity towered over me again. I ran in between its legs, and bring forth the heaviest weapon in my personal arsenal. The Zeliska. Take aim, "Action open. Charge. Load and fire!" I let the broken steel fly and the things head explode.

Good things don't last, as the thing reformed its missing part instantly and I considered bringing Deinos to deal with it briefly, but a better idea presented itself.

"Es werde licht!" I chanted and traced a new bullet infused with the spell, and shot it upwards lightening the whole place with a miniature sun.

There you are. On top of a distant tower, from where the infamous Crumbling Dirt was directing her golem, she covered her eyes. The golem stopped instantly. I shot instinctively and got out of her direct sight.

The thing ironically crumbled into a pile of dirt.

When I found the damned wand, the golem had disappeared, and the whole place was in uproar. Word was that the infamous Fouquet had tried to steal from the academy vaults but old Osmond had stopped him with a magic so powerful that it recreated the sun for a moment.

I knew better. That was my famili- Keiko, in a serious fight. To think that she could be helping me get that powerful, but instead she was leading me around like a puppy.

I dragged myself to my bedroom and locked the door, throwing my cape aside I dived in the oblivion of the sleep.

I didn't cried thought. My tears were for those worthy of them.


Sorry about the triple post, but I'm not reformatting the monster in the previous post to post this.

5/20/2012 #1,411

@mu: Definetly better and I can understand what's happening a lot better now. Still a few typos though most of them are spelling/grammar and a few tense mistakes.

5/20/2012 #1,412

The blue has something to do with time travel... something about drawing on the past for prana, utilizing its end for destruction... I forget what exactly, but you'll have to check BL for reference. (Try p14)

5/20/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #1,413


So the Blue functions as an anti-matter/matter annihilation engine by taking anti-matter in the past and reacting it with the present if I read the posts right. Which in turn accounts apparently for the missing anti-matter in the universe.

That doesn't make any sense...then again maybe that's why it qualifies as True Magic and the Blue just a sh*t ton more broken imho

5/20/2012 #1,414
Servius Regis

Almost reached the end of this guys. I promise I'll get back to real writing soon. Just indulging a guilty pleasure, that's all.

Emiya TV: Emiya Effect 8


"Great" sighed Artemis as she gazed into the empty void from the comfort of her cockpit seat, "A bunch of space rocks, digital monitors that are picking up nada, and now we're out of ice cream." She shook her head in boredom. "Can't something interesting happen for on—"

Suddenly, she stopped, a cold dread passing over her. She wheeled around in her seat, coming face to face with…

"You know, one of these days, someone is actually going to do that before I appear" snarked Kyon. "Then I'll finally be able to retire."

Artemis blinked. "How did you get here!?"

"Class skill"


"Also a class skill" finished Kyon with a handwave. "Anyways, as you've probably realized, you've just invoked the law of narrative causality. If you repeat a line that proceeded a particular event, then reality will twist upon itself to repeat the event." He took a quick look out the window. "Have fun trying to survive this…again."

Artemis turned back to the screen to try to locate any hostile vessels. "Aren't you going to help!?" she demanded.

*Crickets…IN SPACE!*


She turned around, only to find nothing there. "Goddamn it…" she swore as all the alarms suddenly went off.


"Well, this could have gone better…" mumbled Artemis.

"Agreed" said Chiyo. "For starters, we could have found a roomier broom closet to hide in."

"Touma doesn't mind. Touma likes being close to people. It's warm and fuzzy." He squirmed a bit. "But Touma would have liked to have been able to use the bathroom before we ran in here."

"…The ice cream will melt" sighed Koyuki.

"Why the hell are we hiding in a broom closet when our ship is being attacked anyways!?" asked Artemis. "I mean, we have to be better than this at least. Don't we?"

"Well, seeing as how all of you ran screaming like little girls to get in here…except for Touma, who was skipping…and Koyuki, who wasn't screaming…but the point is, that no, you aren't better than this" snarked KARIN from the intercom.

"Shut up! I'm not the one who missed the enemy's warp because I was too busy looking up p*rn to be bothered with keeping watch on our surroundings!"

"Hehehe" giggled KARIN unashamedly, "I didn't consider how many functions needlenose pliers had…"

"You know what!? Screw this! Let's at least die with some dignity!" yelled Artemis, opening the door.

All the assorted breakfast meats in the area turned around to give them a look…and point their guns at them.

"Touma thinks that dignity is overrated…"

Suddenly, the walls of the broom closet were turned around, revealing a plethora of weapons hanging from the other sides.

"On second thought, Yay dignity!"


On a small ship in the middle of nowhere in a hypothetical future era, breakfast has risen from the trash receptacles.

"Fetch me their souls!" demanded the possessed bacon leader. "But ah…handle with care, we don't have a warranty."

But against the onslaught…

Half the army tries to go one way. The other half tries to go the other way. They all fall on each other.

Five brave souls…

"Ok guys have fun. I have a Skype date with some guy named HAL back planetside" giggled Karin.

Four brave souls…

"Can we go home now?"

Fight against the impossible…

"Touma is confused of which way the gun is supposed to go in the other person…"


"Thank you for flying with the Normandy" said Artemis, blasting one of the oncoming enemies with the shotgun in her left hand. "Please leave yourselves in the 'owned' position." She smacked another with the other shotgun before unloading it into its gut. "Have a nice day." She twirled the shotguns as she reloaded from the bandoliers across her chest.


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" singsonged Chiyo over the noise of the minigun. "And six thousand rounds per minute keep the bacon at bay."


"Commander Ki-Kun isn't available at the moment" announced Touma as he snapped another sausage in half with his bare hands. "Please leave a message at the sound of the crunch."



"One scoop or two?" asked Koyuki to the advancing horde. They didn't do anything but roar in rage. "Two it is then…" They were suddenly flattened by two massive balls of snow,

Call of Duty: Kitchen Warfare

"Okay…" huffed Artemis, climbing down the mountain of bacon bodies. "Did we rescue the crew?"

"Who?" asked Chiyo.

"We have a crew?" said Touma.

"…My score is higher than yours" mentioned Koyuki.

Then the bacon ship warped away.



"Great, now we have to go on a rescue mission" complained Kiri as Artemis related the story to him in the conference room.

"We do?"


"Sounds troublesome"

"Could we do something else?"

Over the chorus of dissatisfied sociopaths, Kiri raised his voice. "Listen people! We're going to go save our crew! This isn't just about stopping the threat to the galaxy anymore. This is personal. They've taken something important from us! Something that we will see back here at any cost!"

"Well, I sure as hell don't care about those guys."

"Did they have names? I usually start feeling some empathy for people if they have names."

"Mongrel, you aren't seriously suggesting that we risk our lives for the fates of a few random cretins are you?"

"You know, I hear Vegas Prime is lovely this time of year."

"We should take a vacation. Spend some time bonding."

Kiri gritted his teeth. "Guys! Just work with me here! We're supposed to be heroes!"

There was a small pause. Then everyone burst into hysterical laughter.

"I am really, really, reaching the end of my rope here…" gritted the embattle commander.

Suddenly, Touma popped his head into the room. "Touma just wanted to let everyone know. The guys who were here earlier took the Xbox on their way out."

The room went silent again. This time…





"Wow, why didn't I think of that...?" wondered Kiri, putting away the gun he had been planning to shoot himself with.


"You know…like wow…I kinda had an idea but I didn't know it would be that good" reminisced Kiri as he lay down in the bed. "I mean, I've probably done that before at some point, but I don't remember anything, so it's like my first time all over again."

The woman next to him didn't budge.

"I guess that I wasn't expecting it. It all happened so quickly after all. At least I think it did. It might have been all the liquor we were drinking."

The only response was a mumble.

"I get that it might take psychos to kill monsters, but did my grandfather have to assign me these particular psychos? Couldn't there have been some psychos that were halfway decent to work with?"

There was some shuffling of the sheets as she tried to pull the blanket further over herself.

"Honestly, I might just drink myself to death if this is going to be how my life is going to be. 'Kiri! Fix my checkered past!' 'Kiri! Stop my son/assistant/evil clone!' 'Kiri! Fetch me a shrubbery!' There has got to be a better way to live. Am I right?"

She placed the pillow over her head to block him out.

"I'm still confused on how we got into this position though. You have any idea—"

Two hands shot out from the other side of the bed, one clamping on his mouth, the other holding his neck.

"No" hissed a naked Artemis, "And if all goes well, I will never, ever know."


Halfway across the galaxy, Kyon cracked a smile.

"Oh come now, someone must have seen this one coming. It is Servius after all."


"So let me guess. There's a big, ominously red colored relay in front of us?"


"Hordes of well-armed enemies on the other side?"

"Most likely."

"…Bring it on."


5/20/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #1,415

@SR: Kyon breaking the 4th wall might be a bit too much...And I'd ask where Ulf [and Mae] would/could/will be, but get the feeling he won't show up at all. I should be used to it.

5/20/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #1,416


["Sorry, I spaced out here for a sec. What did you ask?" His twitching increased.] This just jumped out at me, The first one was probably a typo, but but the second word was definitely an improper tense usage. I hope this helps and doesn't come of as too condescending.


What has Minaka been up to since the clan got together? He has been listed as missing several times, yet he has shown up several times as well, (Such as in Season of Lunacy) What's going on?

5/20/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #1,417
lhklan The Unpronounceable

I'm currently realy divided over Servius's newest omake. On one hand, it's effing hilarious. On the other hand...

Why? Why is Kiri/Artemis NON_CANON? WHY MAXI???? *screams to the heaven*

5/20/2012 #1,418
Servius Regis


Probably with Zel somewhere. Trolling for the lolz

5/21/2012 #1,419


Knowing his personality, he's probably plotting the next Big Idea.

50/50 chance I say he is developing Moon Cell at this moment with Zelretch after he heard his son's earlier exploits.

Just for the lolz

5/21/2012 #1,420


because it is fun

5/21/2012 #1,421
Obiki Doragon


Let it go man. Maxi will give out so much ship tease and BST, that it makes the Takahashi Couples look normal by comparison.

5/21/2012 #1,422

Hi, here is the current version of Archer in EC chapter 8. Please give me feed-back for improvments or against missspellings.

*Chapter Start*

The Emiya Kitchen Wars have begun. The Counter Guardian EMIYA aka Archer challenged Shirou Emiya and Gilgamesh for the title of "First Chef". In the heat of petty arguments the three cooks have agreed on a contest proposed by the King of Knights, making dinner, the best menu wins the title. Since this means making dinner for the whole Clan Archer suggested pairing every chef with an assistant. Everybody agreed while Saber stealthy removed all traces of drool from her face.

The participating Teams are:

Shirou Emiya, clan-patriarch and longtime supreme cook. Partner: Sakura Emiya, talented food artisan and hard worker.

His hands are a blur as he cut vegetables into the desired shape, while the purple-haired beauty is preparing the meat. Shirou is focused in a way one would expect on in death-or-life situations, his kitchen being at risk turns him into a machine. Sakura is working careful and every bit as precise as her husband, but unlike him she is on could seven. She understands how serious her spouse is about cooking, being his chosen partner means a lot and this make happy beyond words. The couple works mostly silent in prefect sync.

Gilgamesh of Babylon, King of Heroes and Nannies, has tasted all fine food ever made(before 10000 BC) and knows how make it. Partner: Souhiro Aozaki-Emiya, Technomage and Scientist, PhDs in biology and chemistry(among others), you want a taste he can manufacture it.

Multi-colored flames dance high as a bull gets barbequed in a style last seen 9000 years ago, the species of the bull died out even before that, only due 'tasting good' being a very bad trait for survival. This half ton of long lost meat-treasure is the result of a cloning experiment, commissioned by Gilgamesh, implemented by Souhiro. It was supposed to crush Shiro, to prove the superiority of royalty over a faking peasant, soon it would have been fully matured, but now it has been used for this contest. The king regrets nothing, if anything the situation surpasses his hopes, he can best the faker and the other faker in one glorious move. Furthermore, he has already ordered another ancient bull.

Archer, Counter Guardian, future Badass, definition of GAR, the true limits of his cooking-skill a mystery. Partner: Kiritsugu Emiya, the younger one, son of Aturia Pendragon and banned from all kitchens because of… OH CRAP!

*Scene Break*

Archer finished his inspection of the kitchen. Clean as a whistle, pots are excellent, oven is a dream, the freezer is filled to the brim, and most importantly no traps or monsters or horny females hidden anywhere. He seals the door anyway, just to be sure. Now time to examine his partner's level.

"Okay, we don't have much time so let's stick with the basic. Kiritsugu, do like to cook?"

"I love it!"

Oh, good answer. If he loves to cook, he will cook often, that means he got practice and has probably tried out various techniques.

"How often do to cook?"

"Not as much I'd like, Dad or Gil always get to the kitchen first and when I finally get a chance somebody always throws me out."

First part makes sense, the second is strange. Does it mean he spends so much time in the kitchen, that his mothers force him to go to bed? Kid might need some therapy, but that can wait. For now it's time to make use of his passion.

"I see, then I shall give you reprise from merciless cooking withdrawal. Start with cutting cabbage, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes into small pieces, like for a salad. I prepare the meat. Whoever is finished first peels some potatoes. More after we finish that."

"Yes sir!" Kiritsugu feels happiness, nobody had relied on his cooking skill like this, ever!

Archer takes a moment to watch the boy pick a knife and some vegetables, in both cases he makes good choices. With his doubt dispelled the Counter Guardian turns to his part of plan, he needs beef, fish and chicken meat, some oil and a spice-mix he learned in Thailand. Just as he raised his knife to cut the beef.

"GRRRROOOOOOHHHAAAAAA!!!!!" A deep, bubbling sound comes from behind.

"Help!" followed by Kiritsugu's plea for aid.

"Of course, the universe let me be for over twenty minutes, time for something to ruin my day even more." Archer sighs and turns toward the source of the bestial growl. He freezes. Now in front of him is an abomination, a three-meter tomato, the bright red skin is studded with cucumber, similar to metal beads on leather-armor. It's armed with a dozen of long ribbons of cabbage (Archer refuses to think of them as tentacles) swinging wild, searching for prey and finally the mouth, a wide gap with sharped, peeled carrots. A salad-monster, should he even wonder where it came from or just accuse Shirou of foul-play? Anyway cutting than thing may prove therapeutic.

Kiritsugu managed to dodge the grabs, most likely due to reflexes that came from living in this madhouse. "Kid, take over the meat for me, I will need chicken nuggets. Meanwhile I deal with the salad."

"At once!" Not one moment hesitation in Kiri's action. Archer can't help being impressed with the youth's quick response, still he considered burning the whole estate down, a place where kids act like this by habit should not exist.

With the teenager out of the way Archer quickly traced his most trusted twin-blades and began cutting the plant-thing. Cutting down the monster proved both easier and harder than he expected, easier since the cabbage-tentacles and the cucumber-armor were very easy to cut, harder since that thing felt no pain nor did could he find any vital points, the loss of an appendage was ignored and it regrew quickly. Still the knight was used to far worse, this fight was actually relaxing. Quickly tracing a spear the monster got immobilized by literally nailing it to the floor. Maybe there were some internal organs after all, as the salad-thing stopped moving once pierced so thoroughly.

"That takes care of it, now how did it get in here?" The door is still tightly sealed, as are ventilations shafts, maybe a hidden door or a dimensional pocket? But then…


Meat? Something dark red flew by, missing Archer's face by an inch. Much like Kiri earlier the knight dove for cover, landing behind a solid-looking (and most likely solid-being) collection of extra-sized pots.

"What was that?" Finding himself next to Kiri, who apparently had lost no time to find cover as well, the Knight tries to make sense of the new problem.

"Uhm, a meat-thing?"

"Not just one!" Peeking over the pots Archer can see a swarm of dark red hornets, the site of pigeons and made of chicken-meat. Even worse, standing behind the swarm was some kind of skinless Minotaur, clearly made out of pork and beef, a female one judging by the pair of udders.

"So, multiple meat-things, we can take them." Kiri's composed reply caused another line of thought in Archer.

"Is that normal here? Getting attacked by unknown beast while trying to do some innocent cooking?"

"It's been actually really tame so far, Christmas that was an incredible event."

"Why do I feel such deep fear grabbing my heart?"

"You were there."

"I don't remember meeting any of you before!"

"It might be a time travel-thing, I was already there, but you will be there. You and a dozen other Counter Guardians."

"Sounds plausible, but then why do I suddenly taste eggnog and feel afraid of knitting?"

"Then it could be you suppressed the memory, happens to of the visitors we get and I think Alaya-ko had her way with you."

"...I refuse to think about that anymore. Let me cut down these things, I need to do some cooking, ASAP! You start with the bread."

Blades, black and white, dance around the meat- and chicken-beasts, a single cut even from these mystic swords barely slows them down, but Archer hits dozens of times, hundreds. Every attack is planned and analyzed, giving the red Knight more and more information, two minutes into battle he figured out his opponent's strengths, movement and vital points. Then he uses this Intel and the chicken-things drop instantly. This leaves the meat-minotaur. Or so Archer thinks until a cabbage-tentacle grabs his legs.

5/21/2012 #1,423

@neogoki: Being EMIYA is suffering, truly.

5/21/2012 #1,424


Cool snip. Good to see this one again, its been a while hasn't it?

Ok critiques. The flow is good but I think you made a few mistakes in the grammar at last part of Sakura and Shirou's cooking description. You also misspelled misspellings but I think that's a gimme.

5/21/2012 #1,425

@Ben: Not really, every help/suggestion is welcome. Thanks.

And I second lkhlan. Why Kiri/Artemis isn't Cannon!?

@Neogoki: Archer should have known better...

5/21/2012 #1,426


And I have yet to drop the big surprise of the chapter


couple of months by now, been a bit lazy


he has a plan and he got a kitchen, just for him. Caused some temporal tunnel-vision.

5/21/2012 #1,427
lhklan The Unpronounceable


I know, I know. Just cursing life in general.


Ah, even CG have repressed memories it seems.

Edited. Thanks shadow.

... And did ya have to mention that Immoral things?

5/21/2012 . Edited 5/21/2012 #1,428


Is EMIYA the new Butt Monkey of the Clan?

Love it!

5/21/2012 #1,429


I think you mean temporary tunnel-vision. Temporal is used to describe something that relates to time


I think you mean repressed memories. Good things its just an extra letter. Not like that Immoral girls blooper a while back ):D

5/21/2012 #1,430

Checked BL forums for the Fifth thing.

IMHO it borrow's 'energy' from the past, can make a temporal reversion to negate damage, or prevent something to have existed 'destroying' it entirely.

[edit] That sounds awfully like Orihime... except for the borrowing energy thing.

With me so far?

We know it was used to make indestructible glasses, explode things, and grant super-human stats. I think it fits.

5/21/2012 . Edited 5/21/2012 #1,431

IMHO it borrow's 'energy' from the past, can make a temporal reversion to negate damage, or prevent something to have existed 'destroying' it entirely.

Hmm, now that read that again, doesn't it sound like an event horizon or the singularity of a black hole? Altering material properties, unlimited energy production due to matter entering the singularity (no one knows where it comes from), absolute destruction in anything it touches....with it ending in ultramassive bang when the blackhole's lifespan ends releasing all that energy in massive boom when all that energy and matter accumulated in the past surpasses the limit of a blackhole's maw.

Note: despite popular misconception. Two black holes will not eat each other and vanish. No, the eat each and give birth to a bigger and larger blackhole whose birth is heralded by massive gamma and x-ray bursts which are several million times more energetic than the largest supernovas

5/21/2012 #1,432

Oh Sh*t!

The girl is a freaking BLACK HOLE in human form! No! Worse even! She can CREATE black holes at will! The freaking Blue should have been named BLACK!

5/21/2012 #1,433

Actually it could be taken from the fact that high energy waves such as x-rays and gamma rays appear on the far side of the blue-violet side of the spectrum. Given that Aoko only unleashes energy it could explain why the energy appears bluish white and it could also explain why most of her attacks are named after and is often compared to stars.

Plus I doubt she can create blacks holes, given the sheer energy requirement necessary to create even one is massive. She just...functions like a black hole...

Now having her team up with say...Zelretch who can provide said energy and say Eiko who can thin the lines of Space-Time fabric enough for you and the mass and energy manipulation provided by the Blue. Then you can create black holes but only then and even then I still think its effy because even then the size of the black would still be pretty small. Micro black holes have been manufactured by CERN after all so its not that farfetched but these micro holes only have lifespans of picoseconds before evaporating in massive burst of gamma/x rays.

Sides this isn't the first time black holes have been weaponized, Legend of Mana MC has a technique that creates one for a very brief moment after all.

5/21/2012 . Edited 5/21/2012 #1,434
Servius Regis

Wait, is this canon from Mahou Tsukai no Yoru?

5/21/2012 #1,435

@SR: What Mu said the first time, where he said "IMHO", is a basic summary of the 5th, as per MahouYo canon.

5/21/2012 #1,436

MahouYo!Canon states (according to BL preliminary translations) that:

- It deals with Time flow. (Confirmed)

- It can empower the user borrowing energy from the past. (also Confirmed, and stated that the insane energy output was what bleached her hair red)

- It can destroy things. (duh!)

- It can 'reverse dead' (Somehow, not very explained)

I just Kinda puzzled that it kinda gave the ability to reverse the time flow or 'reject' (like Orihime) an past event or create energy sinkhole in the past and direct this energy to empower the user.

as per Shadow:

Actually it could be taken from the fact that high energy waves such as x-rays and gamma rays appear on the far side of the blue-violet side of the spectrum. Given that Aoko only unleashes energy it could explain why the energy appears bluish white and it could also explain why most of her attacks are named after and is often compared to stars.

Micro black holes have been manufactured by CERN after all so its not that farfetched but these micro holes only have lifespans of picoseconds before evaporating in massive burst of gamma/x rays.

Aoko probably generate these 'Micro Black Holes' directly to destroy (like that island she erased) or manipulate the 'time flow' via wormhole (it explains why the Blue was never used to take of put something physical in/from the past).

5/21/2012 #1,437

inspiration is filling me right now, have to ride the wave!

more from Archer's Suffering Chronicles

Blades, black and white, dance around the meat- and chicken-beasts, a single cut even from these mystic swords barely slows them down, but Archer hits dozens of times, hundreds. Every attack is planned and analyzed, giving the red Knight more and more information, two minutes into battle he figured out his opponent's strengths, movement and vital points. Then he uses this Intel and the chicken-things drop instantly. This leaves the meat-minotaur. Or so Archer thinks until a cabbage-tentacle grabs his legs. Is the salad-beast still alive? No, it's still dead, but the two smaller versions of it are very alive, how did he miss them before? It's not like they just popped up from the chopping board… wait a second… Why exactly is Kiri thrown out of kitchens?


Ops? Alarmed the counter Guardian tries to look at the teenager. He finds him fighting snakes made of bread. Archer's sarcastic and logical brain-parts team-up to give a deduction:

First the vegetables Kiri cut, fused into some kind of Veggie-golem.

Then the meat Kiri prepared grew into skinless beasts.

And now the bread turned in snake-like aggressors, just as Kiri had turned his attention to it.


Kid has something to do with the food-fighters.


Somebody is sabotaging him or both of us.

The first point implicates that Kiritsugu is either working against Archer or has been less than honest. The second possibility means war. Open, merciless, dirty warfare only a disillusioned Counter Guardian could possibly image.

Just as Archer decided to wage that war anyway one of the Salad-golems lifted him above itself, giving him a good look at its topside which was dominated by an chasm-like, circular jaw (reminding him of the Sandworms in that 'Dune'-movie he once saw). The 'teeth' were carrots, apparently sharpened and solid enough to compete with their ivory counterparts.

Then the cabbage binding him launches the red knight into the red abyss.

*Scene Break*

Too fresh.

That is the first thought Archer gets after falling into the red beast's jaw. He has been swallowed before and the air within organic creatures ranges from bad to not-breathable. Yet he has no trouble filling his own lungs, it's also dry and cool, everything a stomach shouldn't be. He slowly opens an eye. Instead of a flesh-wall he finds himself on a wood floor, next to him are several desks and chair, older school-type furniture from at least twenty years before he stepped into a school. Gathering his courage he looks higher, at the front of the room is a blackboard, this really is a class-room in a school, or a good imitation.

Then he sees the sign. On a bright pink background spelled with black and white letters:

Einzbern Consultation Room

On some level it makes sense to him, he already met another version of Illya and now both of them are in the real material world. So it is possible, even probable that yet another version of the snow fairy took charge of screwing with him.

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Poor Archer and his tunnel vision...

...that struck again btw.

Einzbern Consultation Room

Not necessarily Ilya. In fact I would love to see Iri coming out to guide her wayward stepson in the ways of the Emiyas.

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Third Fang

i think its the fate zero omake place. There was a set of 3-4 (forgot the final number) omakes with Iri and , I think, a young taiga doing a small exposition series between seasons 1 and 2. The one with assassin coming to them for help was hilarious.

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